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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives Mar 1 1918, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - March 1, 1918, Chicago, IllinoisOne Hundred women testify that to their sensible Home advisor they owe a thousand and one practical inspiring benefits enthusiastically the women of Kankakee county Illinois pay tribute to their advisor. Their testimony Means much for now that the Federal government agrees to provide fifteen Hundred dollars to any county in the United states that will raise a like amount to employ a woman scientifically trained in Home economics we focus our attention on the counties already having an advisor. Kankakee county in Illinois employs such a person. The work of this county is especially Worth our attention because the work has been efficiently organized under the Home improvement association. Mrs. Jessie Edmundson Geer the advisor goes to a Ach township every month and gives to each club a practical demonstration in some subject pertaining to household problems. On monday of each week she is in her office to Confer with anyone on a particular problem. The office is in the county court House the logical place for it. Che has charge of the Many other activities of the association. During the Winter a six Days Short course is conducted. The Best speakers both in and out of the state Are secured. Last Winter three thousand. Women and girls attended these meetings. The Home improvement bulletin is issued every month from the office of the advisor going to All members of the association. It gives the news of the various clubs. Last summer seven vacation schools were conducted which were attended by eighty six girls. These school were taught by Kankakee county girls who had attended schools of Home economics cooking and sewing. Their leaders were under mrs. Geer s direction. They taught for three hours and the other three hours were spa ent in organized play. The courses were held in country schoolhouses. Because other counties now desire such an organization the University of Illinois sent questionnaires to the members of the association asking them to state specifically the benefits they had obtained from the Home improvement association. From the first one Hundred replies come illuminating information. One woman reporting that her attitude had been rather indifferent before the organization was formed says that the Quot benefits surpass the she has saved Money by Canning surplus vegetables which in other years have gone to waste. She believed the greatest value came thru the Quot better co operation Between town and in the club she made Many friends otherwise unknown. A housekeeping is More interesting by far a she says. Another woman admits she had thought the organization would be a failure but now considers the benefits she has derived far More than the Cost because she is Able to a manage her household on less the greatest value to her has been a the getting together of Busy housewives and the most valuable phase a has been the broadening of us farm the husband of one woman testifies that Quot learning to Cook Rice is Worth five years dues Quot to his wife. She feels that she is having a course in Home economics at Home for one Dollar a year. A i had a lukewarm interest until the first meeting Quot is the Way one member puts it. Learning a to use cheap cuts of meat and Quot co operation among housewives Quot Are the personal benefits she feels have come to her thru the club. A i joined to please the solicitor who was a Friend but learning to can and preserve vegetables is Worth More than the Cost Quot. Says a member who admits she was not interested at first. Another woman says that she was saved Money by oiling floors under the advisor s directions. Among these one Hundred women the following Are specific lines in which Money has been saved forty three Learned to can vegetables and meat one studied better division of the income two renovated garments eight now understand balancing the meals three Learned to Cook one applied the principles of household decoration four reduced the general Cost of Liv a these specific cases show that Home economics is not so scientific that everyday housewives can not make use of it in their own Homes As one woman admits she had feared. The acquaintance of All but nine women has been broadened. One woman formerly a total stranger in her neighbourhood says a it has helped me get acquainted More quickly a another woman in town says the association has been a the Only Means afforded her of meeting country to ninety four women out of one Hundred housekeeping has been made a More interesting than it Ever was. Before. Mrs. Jessie Edmundson Geer trained Home economist and advisor of the women of Kankakee county Illinois starts prom her office in the county skat for an inspiring Day s work. Her Swift car carries her perhaps to this spacious farm Rome of mrs j. D. Watkins on of the members of the Home improvement association that with the government and state employs mrs. Geer. Kerb the advisor May show mrs. Watkins How properly to Oil her Hardwood floors or she May demonstrate meat preserving or hat Makino or the use of a steam cooker or any other of a Hundred practical devices to two score neighbouring women assembled there ing one knows How systematically to plan housework eleven Learned to use cheaper cuts of meat and know How to Cook them so they become palatable one makes use of meat substitutes she did not know before two Are Able to buy better for their families nine Learned to make their own hats seven Are making use of left overs which formerly they threw away two Learned How to preserve eggs one can better select dress materials knowing How to recognize real silk and Woolen goods now two who could not make Good bread have Learned How aided by her advisor another has renovated old furniture another has beautified her grounds with native shrubs two Are preserving meats according to the process they Learned in the club meeting another is using health hints two have Learned to sew and one has dried fruits and vegetables As directed by the advisor. Soon the women of the county will have another reason to be thankful for their advisor mrs. Geer is now making a new drive. She is organizing egg Selling groups thru out her county. Mrs. Geer says a we have started a very satisfactory marketing scheme based on one that mrs. John Schott has used successfully for three or four years. Mrs. Schott is one of the most enthusiastic and valuable members of the Home improvement association. Quot i secured the names of a group of women in Highland Park Illinois where patrons Are willing to pay for really Good products and where local prices Are always High. I sent a letter from the office to Eracli of these women enclosing a printed slip of our Selling plan. In this Way i secured enough customers to Supply the women whose names As producers 1 had filed in my office. I have ordered a stamp. Member of Kankakee county Home in a if a s pro vement association to be used on egg. This will standardize products beg cause i am convinced that some country., women will hold eggs too Long for. High / prices. So far we have had no trouble Btij this kind since we know personally the character of the persons who Are doing the shipping. Quot Jan acis a we have found express most satisfy Ltd a a i tory for shipping. Several customers become butter customers and dressed chickens altho this does not see Jim to pay unless they can use a barrel. A so much for our marketing of cd know in works. We have also sent Sugges Greg tons to women to buy eggs when we have Ign a plentiful Supply and directions for of water Glass. This has been Joy Fulte be into mrs. Geer s Businesslike letter that. Brought immediate Trade from Park went a Sheet of. Paper containing the Jig egg marketing plan of the Kankakee county Home improvement associate in of a Price three cents a dozen above the producers local Price. A express to be paid by consumer average eos one cent a dozen on a thirty dozen crates consumer and producer each fur a Guj wishes a crate empty crate to be by same express Man who brought egg Crabe this saves ten cents express. / complaints first complaint to be made producer second made directly to the office of the county advisor. How was this efficient organization a which can win the High Praise of its Mem if Bers brought into being a in the Spring of 1915 some Broad minded and far seeing women of Tjw a Jgr county assisted by miss Mamie Bundi Fth it state Leader of Extension work in Korne f �8 economics University of Illinois organized the Kankakee county Home improvement association to which any woman or girl in the county was eligible for membership. The units of the the townships. All farm and Village the township formed the members of a club. When the townships were too Large More than one club was organized. There Are now Twenty three women a clubs and thirteen Young women a country clubs. The association is financed by twelve Hundred dollars from the Smith lever fund appropriated by an act of Congress in 1914 five Hundred dollars from the Kankakee county supervisors and a Dollar membership fee from every woman or girl belonging to the organization. These funds pay the advisor s salary the office and administrative expenses of the six Days Short course held in the City of Kankakee during the Winter. The Board of directors is composed of one representative from each township the president and one Young woman who represents the Young women a country clubs. The past and present presidents of the association Are practical farm women. Who live on farms. Because the women of Kankakee county Are Well organized food conservation red Cross work and the employing of a tuberculosis nurse was put before All women in All parts of the county almost immediately. In the recent registration for women one township composed entirely of country women made a record for a perfect registration probably no other township or precinct in the United states will equal it. Such a spirit of co operation can come Only thru Thoro efficient organization such As the women of this county have perfected. Kankakee is an average county and what its women have done the women of any county in the United states can do
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