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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives Jun 1 1934, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - June 1, 1934, Chicago, IllinoisJune 19 3 4 volume xxxvi1 number 6the Farmers wife the Magazine for farm women Webb publishing company St. Paul Minn a. H. Harmon and h. C. Klein publishers Dan a. Wallace directing editor of w. Beckman managing editor Field editors Bess m. Rowe Grace Farrington Gray Orinne Johnson w. H. Kircher Miriam j. Williams Carroll p. Streeter Art editor Eleanor c. Lewis perfect Days a and what is so rare As a Day in june then if Ever come perfect Days then heaven tries Earth if it be in Tunc and Over it softly her warm car lays whether we look or whether we listen we hear life murmur or see it Glisten every clod feels Astrof might an instinct within it that reaches and towers and groping blindly above it for Light climbs to a soul in grass and Flowers the flush of life May Well be seen thrilling Back Over Hills and valleys the cowslip startles in Meadow Green the Buttercup catches the Sun in its chalice and there s never a Leaf nor a Blade too mean to be some Happy creature s Palace the Little Bird sits at his door in the Sun tilt like a Blossom among the leaves and lets his illumined being o Errun with the deluge of summer it receives his mate feels the eggs beneath her wings and the heart in her dumb breast flutters and sings he sings to the wide world and she to her nest in the Nice car of nature which song is Best a James Russell Lowell. A Good Many friends have kindly taken the trouble to Send us the name of the writer of the poem Quot what god hath promised Quot published in our May Issue without the name. Annie Johnson Flint was the author. Until her death in 1932 she was for Many years confined to her wheel chair but she never lost her appreciation of Quot the blessings which remain Quot a the title of another of her poems. Her own deep Faith Good cheer Hope affection found expression in her Lovely verse. Through her gift for writing she gave her world something for the spirit s uplift. May Griffee Robinson we i be with us again in an Early Issue with her new serial Story Quot five in a those of us who have read it agree that it is the Best thing she has done not excepting the much beloved Quot immortal dream dust Quot for which Many an expression of Praise is still Tobe found in letters from our readers. It is a Story of the kind of folks you know and Mostof you seem to 1 i pc Best the stories of everyday folks who happen to be caught in the circumstances of Romance or daughter has ideas Betty Jane and her Mother were a bit put out with each other and they looked it. The daughter after a Busy year in school and club work had some new ideas about homemaking and wanted to try them. Mother a Good homemaker in her own right and proud of it was piqued a Little by daughter s aggressive suggestions. She held Back her consent. Quot old fog notions a and Mother replied with something about Quot half baked for a time it looked rather Stormy but tongues were held and in due time the two were saying they were sorry and wiping their eyes. But Mother went further. Quot maybe you re right Quot she said to Betty Jane. A anyway you shall have a Chance to try some of your and there followed a time of experimenting with this and that of finding that there was value in both new and old. They also found happiness in doing things together for the improvement of Home making standards. Wise parents they who know How to give children the Chance they deserve to express themselves and to become the individuals they were meant to become there is this old saying in the talmud which parents should carry in their hearts As they Deal with their older children Quot limit not thy children to thine own desire. They were born to a different the Home Safe statistics on accidents in the United states Lead one almost to the belief that it is As Safe to be on Public streets and highways with All their automobile traffic As in private Homes. The list of deaths and injuries due to automobile traffic and the list of deaths and injuries due to accidents in Homes Are of about equal length. In Rural Homes the frequency of accidents is especially great. That suggests the importance of a careful Check up on stairways ladders doorsteps floors walks tools and other equipment through which some Accident might result. I lome ought to be a Safe place for the Outlook for peace did you Ever dream that you were near a precipice and that you were drawn step by step to its Edge without Power to hold yourself Back from death on the rocks below that seems to be the situation in the world with respect to another great War. After a trip to Europe during which he visited great Britain France Germany and talked with Many men and women of prominence a Man of International consequence recently said Quot nobody wants War but everybody seems to think that War is events of the past thirty Days have not served to increase the Hopes of those who think War May be averted. In Europe Germany has demanded the right to a Strong air Force at once and Equality with France and other neighbors after live years. It has increased its army budget by 40 percent. France in reply has served notice that it would not disarm by a single gun in View of Germany s action. Military alliances Are being strengthened and smaller european countries Are enlarging their defensive forces. And so Steps toward disarmament Are halted. In the far East Japan has Given notice to the rest of the world that she must dominate China and that interference with that purpose will be construed As an unfriendly act. And so new difficulties of a serious nature loom there. In Washington there seems to be firm purpose not to become caught in any Drift toward War. And yet increased expenditures for armament have been voted. At every Opportunity Rural folks May Well express themselves against War and preparation for War. A Strong backfire of Public sentiment against War now will have an effect of no mean consequence. We need not say helplessly that War is inevitable and give up protesting against pictures they see f\0 you know what your boys and girls see when they to go into town to attend a motion picture show do you know that the chances Are that not one picture in five offered them is fit for children in their earlier teens and that barely one in three is wholesome amusement for those in their latter teens judging the pictures from the standpoint of self respecting adults not half of those shown Are worthy of the time and Money it takes to see them. Most of them Are sensual disgraceful or terribly inane. It is the exceptional film that makes an adult feel that he has seen something Worth while. The motion picture Industry has through the years had wonderful opportunities for providing decent entertainment and a measure of instruction but it has missed that Opportunity and its failure is a hear from aunt Mary t t has been some months since we be had any word from a aunt Mary but the other Day she took her pen in hand to express herself and before she got through she said a Good Deal. Quot i can t hold in any longer a she wrote. Quot in be got to say what s in my mind to say. A there s altogether too much crouching among the Farmers out our Way. They say that the new Deal of which they expected so much is not bringing results fast enough and so Many of them Are complaining and finding fault. Instead of being patient and giving whole hearted cooperation these grouches seem ready to turn against the leaders who Are trying to work out a sound Long time policy for agriculture. Uncle Sam has Given us new Laws that no one dreamed we d Ever get and he s gone into his pockets for More than a billion dollars already to help us in one Way or another. But they forget about that just As they forget that it Isnit possible perhaps to get out of a ten or twelve years muddle in a year s time. Quot it s an unfair Man who abuses his hired Man because he and his team make poor time getting a stuck Wagon and its Load out of a bad mud holc. Quot we need patience we need fairness we need cooperation and 1 Hope our women will help to insure the publishers do not accept advertisements without satisfactory proof of the reliability of the advertiser. We guarantee our subscribers against loss through actual fraud on the part of an advertiser provided the subscriber Mem ions the Parmer s wire when writing to the advertiser and complaint is made the us within 20 Days of occurrence of the facts constituting the complaint. But we do not guarantee against loss occasioned by honest insolvency or bankruptcy of an advertiser. Subscription prices five years for $1.00 25 cents per year extra in St. Paul $1.00 per year extra in Canada because of Tariff and postage 75 cents per year extra in All other foreign countries. When writing about change of address please give both old and new Post office addresses and sign your name As it appears . Published monthly. Copyright 1934, web pub. Co., member audit Bureau of circulation. Entered at the Post office at St. Paul Minnesota As second class matter under the act of March 3, 1879. Widows nun
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