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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives Jul 1 1934, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - July 1, 1934, Chicago, IllinoisJuly 19 3 4 volume Xxxvii number 7 a patriotic prayer to radiance heavenly fair floats on the peaceful air that Flag that never stooped from Victory s Pride those stars that softly gleam those stripes that Over us Stream. In wars grand agony were sanctified a holy Standard pure and free to Light the Home of peace or Blaze in Victory. Father whose mighty Power Shields us through life a Short hour to thee we Pray bless us and keep us free All that is past forgive teach us henceforth to live that through our country we May Honor thee and when this mortal life shall cease take thou at last our souls to thine eternal peace. A Francis Marion Crawford you will like the array of material set before you in your Magazine for july. We Are quite sure of that because the authors of the fiction and of the features Are All Well known to you. The fiction is of the kind that you approved wholesome and about the kind of folks you understand. It May interest you to know that in selecting our fiction we read hundreds of manuscripts for one that we find that is acceptable. Many persons write but not Many have sufficient understanding of your interests and tastes to write the things we believe you want. As the serial Luck of the Road came to a close Many readers wrote to express their appreciation. A a the Best investment i Ever made Quot wrote one of them Quot was when i took a ten year subscription to the Farmers wife and 1 have been particularly glad of it these last few years. 1 like our Magazine. I like the covers and everything inside them. I like Ruth Sawyer s stories. I want to express to All of your staff a thank you that has been in my heart a Long Aman Reader in Northern new York wants to ask Lynn Bogue Hunt the artist who painted our june cover design Quot where in hang he found bluebirds As old As the fledglings in Apple Blossom he suggests that maybe the a old lady Bird hatched them out last fall and wintered them Well or. Man bluebirds Are also found in climates where Spring and Apple blossoms come along considerably earlier than in Northern new York. The Farmers wife the Magazine for farm women Webb publishing company St Paul minn., a. H. Harmon and h. A Klein publishers Dan a. Wallace directing editor f. W. Beckman managing editor Field editors Bess m. Rowe Grace Farrington Gray Orinne Johnson w. H. Kircher Miriam j. Williams Carroll p. Streeter Art editor Eleanor c. Lewis fill their lives with Good i unless your Community is an exception it will have a Good Many new Beer taverns with dance Halls to compete this summer for the Leisure of your Young folks. All of them will try to make a show of having Glamor and some will try to Wear an air of respectability. But. In the end they will All be cheap tawdry Gross unwholesome seeking Only to sell More Beer or other intoxicating drinks. Not one has any purpose to help Young folks to a recreate Quot themselves in body and mind or to make them better fit for tomorrows tasks. Many letters come to us about the situation. Usually these correspondents express themselves As being helpless. But Here Are extracts from a letter from Quot a Mother of four Quot As she Calls herself which Points out a sensible course for both Homes and communities what can we do about it not much directly. Forbidding preaching add to the dance Halls attraction. But indirectly we can do a great Deal. We can fill the lives of our boys and girls so full of Good wholesome activities that there just Isnit room for anything else get them into the 4-h clubs the scouts the sunday schools the other organizations that May be available you can if you Start Young. Cater to their talents their tastes their love of clean sport and diversion. Quot but Quot you say Quot these things Cost listen All that you earn All that you own your p. T. , your Granges your Home Bureau clubs your Farmer s Union groups Are not Worth one cent to you if your boy or your girl goes for thought t n one of the Public papers of a distinguished presi Dent of a generation ago Grover Cleveland May be found this Pithy saying which has in it food for thought though the people support the government the government so would not support the people. President Cleveland was not referring to the contribution of Federal funds toward Relief in emergencies such As we have had in the past year or two but rather to a trend that was evident even then towards increased government intervention in the business and personal affairs of the people. While the saying May not be the last word on the subject yet it is Worth thinking about As government seeks to go farther than Ever before in controlling regulating and regimen Ting the activities of its the Way club work program for Rural Young men and women with the backing and support of the Extension service in Washington seems to be on the Way. The Extension service recognizes the need of a suitable club activity for Young people who Are too old for the present 4-h clubs and too Young to fit into other organizations with their fathers and mothers. It is now seeking a Way to provide such an activity. The question of exactly what to do is being discussed by the National 4-h club leaders in Washington. Of the need of such a program there is no question. Young people will not sit idly during their spare time. They will find something to do something Worth while a if they can find it but they will find something to do. It is common sense to help them find a sound activity through Well organized club work. We say All Success to plans to this end whence comes your strength a thence a pipes your strength to meet life a demands a upon you especially when those demands Are very hard As they so often Are from on High perhaps through a communion which to Many is so real ? or perhaps from the Ever remembered inspiration of a life which was close to yours or perhaps through a few rules for. Keeping life on the right Way prompted by one of or. Holland s Sermon ettes on sources of Power a Michigan homemaker sends us three simple rules that have helped her own life "1. Do hard things willingly and pleasantly. "2. If possible do hard things first. "3. When the Road is rough arid the going difficult be exceptionally considerate of each other. A perhaps you have just such simple rules that have helped you. If so Tell us about alive the Faith t f we were to make a fourth of july speech to our farm women this year it would have this text a keep alive the Faith of our there is need of renewing Faith in America and its fundamental institutions. Discontent always turns to attack things As they Are and it does not always see the difference Between what is Good and what is no longer Good. There is discontent everywhere today and it bodes ill unless it be met with deep Faith and a High courage. We need to renew our Faith in the fundamental values of our institutions. The declaration of Independence contains a measure of social truth that is by no Means exhausted it is adequate to the need of these Days. The constitutional basis of our nation has not yet been proven to be unsound in any of the storms that have assailed it it is also sufficient to our needs. We need to renew our Faith in the lands that lie within our Borders. There is still in them a wealth of soil Forest and minerals to sustain unnumbered generations with intelligent management. Droutas May come and go but the Basic Richness of our resources abides. We need to renew our Faith in agriculture. It May not bring a satisfactory return in All years alike but in the Long run it offers a Way to sustain a comfortable life and to find a Good measure of happiness. It is a Basic Industry that the world cannot do without. We need to renew our Faith that ours is still a land of Opportunity a for those who Are older but especially for the younger generation. It is still capable of giving incentive to honest Effort and reasonable Reward therefor. We need to renew our Faith in the Rural Home. It offers a Way of life that is sound and it has lost none of its Power to produce citizens who deserve the heritage of a great country. Our speech would urge women to keep alive the Faith because they Are peculiarly the Conse Vors of the spiritual values of life. They have the Power to help men to hold fast to that which is Good. It is their duty to Wield it. Ryphe publishers do not accept advertisements without satisfactory proof of the reliability of the advertiser. I we guarantee our subscribers against loss through actual fraud on the part of an advertiser provided the subscriber mentions the Farmers wipe when writing to the advertiser and complaint is made to us within 20 Days of occurrence of the facts constituting the complaint. But we do not guarantee against loss occasioned by honest insolvency or bankruptcy of an advertiser. Subscription prices five years for $1.00 25 cents per year extra in St. Paul $1.00 per in Canada because of Tariff and postage 75 cents per year extra in All other foreign countries. When writing about change of address please give both old and new Post office addresses and sign your name As it appears on address Labe. Published monthly. Copyright 1934, web pub. Co., member audit Bureau of circulation. Entered at the Post office at St. Paul Minnesota As second class matter under the act of match 3, 1879
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