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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1918, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - January 1, 1918, Chicago, IllinoisIris rishd7i �$3 pc Tea a. Ita of a a. Quot. Of a 3 Quot a volume Twenty. A woman s farm journal number eight s Quot Quot St. Taul minn., january,"1918 .111 from my pcs and chivas _ # i have proved that Breeding High Glass recorded Stock insures Rich returns in Quick so have mad a living for years ing properly balanced rations pure water 3s�u time Jisc t Jennie Conrad �?�a-�ss��8 of so Rcv from Breeding and raising Hun. Constantly on hand and the effective self up a dress of High class recorded hogs,1 feeding system promoted by John s. Eve woj i i have a Lwy is wondered a Why other Varoj professor of animal husbandry of. A Yomen whose need for maintenance is the University of Iowa. 1. Not 3 great Overlook this profitable and prac tir one. Cannot succeed without attractive healthful conditions of country life where pm a a us Industry which brings. The greatest advertising in the right farm papers his wife children and himself lean be h?�$3turn in quickest time from a the begin with illustrated big advertising Happy healthy and insured against future smallest comparative outlaw. Of a no Branch the first Price for advertising May stagger want or if he does work for us Why he one but it pays. The United states is dictates terms so excessive and exacting such a huge country that we who live in that if he had. The intelligence to figure up , clapping of a Pedigree often Duple i want some one to feed hogs Lhorne one. Eating the name of a Well known hog of a. A who will come Down to a seen tip is. A hog of web known v must be fed bedded and watered bya�ii5i� a it is a lifelong wonder to me Why the intelligent Man. Itris a he nth a think is working Man is unwilling to accept the Essary occupation and so a a / haul Init both must be done. What Isyl i Jamji flesh comparative Utlay of any Branch of of icus Tural a because the hog in numerous instances they has been confined to restricted quarters of Wypich became noisome and foul an almost a in a ineradicable idea has grown up that the Fifo Nisan unclean animal. I constantly manure. Wrong with doing them la a that in farming we mists amp a to Bedrock duties which in this Aie Oai Progress can always be lighten do a Quot 1 plume need by the Best devices. Fish a could show women my Sweet smell ring clean Bright coloured spotted Poland hogs which keep thei Yello w Straw Beds clean and in whose houses the Dain All tip St Clad could linger bringing away not Jpn a the faintest odor. Can one say As much a be of a fashionable dog cat or poultry show gel or pie woman of modest Means is foolish to neglect owning a pure bred recorded saw which she can buy for fifty dollars a psf Hose offspring coming eight to sixteen in can be sold for Twenty five dollars Quot a a Chat weaning time or thirty dollars each Ai three months and from then on at prices according to do veld pm Rit. To have seen six months old pigs sell for Quot two Hundred dollars each. I myself have Al sold hogs for three Hundred to Over nine Hundred dollars each and i can sell All i. Ski cd a raise for fifty dollars each and then be to fill every order. If one has plenty of Blue Garriss Alfalfa and Clover the question of feeding pigs a Fife amp fear la is solved for with these Only a Pijon moderate amount of Grain is needed until it lathe hogs Are More mature. A up. / Small pigs require milk mixed with their 4$ a ground feed therefore a cow and a sow will or Start a woman quickly on the Road to a Bank account have succeeded in hog raising do spite hard work mental Strain and drawbacks. In. Every. Woman in business must Center her a mind on the intention to win by Good work. So it to succeed in hog raising As in other businesses a woman must do exactly As , must not exaggerate must a amp a of produce the goods a never whine nor of Rade on sex. Avoid dissatisfied Cus in tamers but if when a hog is shipped to a / a customer he voices the least objection f / return his payment at once requesting fir the return of the animal paying express be charges both ways. Sometimes this re quest disarms him at All events it pre a vents his complaints and if the hog does come Back frequently it can be sold for Tiore Money to someone else. A Selling recorded hogs Money is re / Cei Ved by reputable breeders in Advance of shipping the hogs and those who ship on approval or collect on delivery Are i believe those who Are not sure of the Quality of their Stock nor of themselves. 1 raise now seven Hundred or More hogs a a year. My ambition is to raise one thousand a year. So far i have not had disease among them. 1 frequently ship a whole Herd Worth hundreds of dollars to one Man who fearing he May not get the Best contracts and pays months in Advance. By selecting the hogs myself i rarely fail to give satisfaction strange to say i have never seen hundreds of customers. The keeping of records and pedigrees is engrossing. I myself write All the letters several Hundred a month. I know what to say and i think the buyers appreciate this personal touch. A competent faithful Herdsman is necessary then Good housing not necessarily expensive Good dry bedding tight Fenc Rith tears in our eyes but Hope and courage in our Lydrus a the farm women face of 1918. Perhaps to no other class of women is the Appeal for service More important More necessary. A the production it and conservation of food Means the strength and life of the world useful and patient our lives have always Jiveh but it has been hard at times to see our connection with thei.,world�?Ts1 work. We often Felt an isolation and self pity often robbed self sacrifice. nobility now with the farthest regions of the Earth editing for our work we Rise to a sense of Crown dignity and order to respond with let it be our resolve to make ourselves fit for our. Wide usefulness. Not in a spirit of Drudgery but with . Our Utility gratitude for our sheltered surroundings and appreciation for the beauties of nature let us surround ourselves with serenity and peace. Let us further resolve to protect our Homes and families from the hysteria and frenzy of the world and give the i wholesome cheer Anco love. Let our inspiration reach from our own Homes to Wiir neighbors add bring helpfulness to others. With Wisdom and foresight May we a Ork for the Progress of our schools and the moral training of our Young people who will have burdens to Bear that will Call for Wise discipline. A it a a with still larger resolve let us become a part of our government which is for the Protection of our Homes and children. Then with boundless unselfishness let our sympathy and service reach out to the whole world and. With Mother nature try to combat the fever hate and horror that like a sickness have overcome our people. We the farm women face the new year As a vast army without banners without demonstration but with simple silent service that is irresistible in its strength and sincerity. Not in the eagerness of our own a Elf entered lives but As a great sisterhood having for each other a depth of understanding that comes from work in a common cause with a wealth of sympathy that comes from Mutual Joys and sorrows with a steadfastness of purpose that comes from years of patient toil we take up the duties that the new year will bring us As a privilege Safe in the thought a god s in his heaven the a mrs. Henry Bagan Wisconsin farm woman comparatively obscure locations must make conspicuous Effort to secure recognition. Attract attention to your products make Good and the rest is easy. Breeders should give prompt replies to inquiries should use Strong Safe shipping crates and have a personal understanding with the Heads of the express companies personally a. Dozen of my regarding care of the animals for Long a journeys. All record and Breeding certificates must be furnished free and without Long delay after shipments for customers Are eager to know pedigrees arid data. Above All have each hog ear tagged or ear clipped for identification. Many breeders Are careless bookkeeping is irksome and Many Are too ignorant to do the work so orders Are filled by grabbing i a b o r say a h go a 7 living in a state where Are few really a quran ibo rated even when actual Rio Cess to tace Asp me to develop a comparatively idl i i of soil into Fertile farms each family and equipment at my own a Pic pc a and to tie up capital in. A Small. Central Hamlet consisting of Church school Post office station hotel and Model cottages but i did All this. Or i have also had some political problems a not confronting the average woman. At the outset seven of the Public offices Iri in my two townships were held by one Fain. A ily the Heads of which were foreign Bornig and the head Over All a confirmed do Tirik and the head Over All a confirmed Sprik. Ard. A the questions of Public highways a and Public schools were complicated and needed adjustment. I was in a limited monarchy. The Andi Justement was not easy often it was funny. At present however we Are living under. A it the Laws of the United states and the spirit of my new England ancestors is comforted and appeased. A i live four Miles from the Illinois state l a line and this Short distance prevents my / having a vote however i am consoled by persuading each voter on my place to con Rexf Sider my Choice of a local ticket. Never v i the less to pay a considerable proportion of a / the taxes and not have a voice in electing a Road supervisor is ironical. A i the intelligence required by a Wpm a Nyji doing her own farming makes her so Selt to ii sufficient that granting she can hire Phy Sical Force for the hardest tasks she is equal to every emergency. The agricultural journals government and College bulletins town papers and daily Market reports Are free to All and the Selling of products is solved by attract / Tive general and persistent advertising. I / i have a Long list of women customers. A they Are particular and hard to. Please a but they get their Money a Worth and make Money afterwards. One of them v in Idaho takes her hogs to fairs and wins it / l the ribbons. Accounts he could deduce that his terms combined with increased prices of every commodity As Well As taxation would almost necessitate that the farm must be run for his maintenance Only. This condition in my District has caused Many ranchers to sow Fertile lands to grass and to increase the output of live Stock rather than to till the soil. Ultimately a decrease in Grain crops will materially contribute to the High Cost of living and the Labouring class will be and generally is the first to complain altho not easy to convince of the cause. Raising pure bred hogs is pleasing and profitable. I am ambitious to improve to expand to increase the output but am at a loss to find qualified men to do the work. I belong to two menus organizations a cattle and a Swine organization. All women who Are engaged in farming As a profession should belong to the associations in which they Are interested be Grain poultry or live Stock. They should attend the meetings and conventions and forget sex. You have the Sam problems to solve As men Farmers arid your difficulties Are the same As theirs therefore mingle with them As often As possible. It will Only be a matter of a Short time before women will unite with men in All farm discussions As they Are doing in other affairs to Day. A new Era has Arisen since women were classed with Quot idiots and children.�?�. Busi Ness Success knows no sex and it depends on the woman herself if she is willing to take advantage of her Opportunity. Thousands have already done so but the Field for agricultural Endeavor is so extensive and made so much More important by the existing War conditions that recruits Are needed. The prices for farm products never More alluring should encourage serious minded women to a do their bit along these lines
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