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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1935, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - February 1, 1935, Chicago, IllinoisFebruary1935 volume Xxxviii number 2 the old neighbourhood by Winnifred j. Molt they want to know my business in the old neighbourhood. They give advice about the things i should t do or should. But All the while i sort of feel they mean it for my Good. And i can to get angry somehow at the old neighbourhood they borrow How they borrow in the old neighbourhood but when it comes to lending they Are of so kind and Good and do a favor quicker than most anybody would for they fee 1 an interest in me in the old neighbourhood there s a Little world of sweetness in the old neighbourhood. And i would t move away from it no matter if i could. Bless their hearts i say sincerely. Bless their hearts with every Good for with All my heart i m grateful for the old neighbourhood Ruth Sawyer s Story next with the next Issue of the Farmer s wife we begin publication of Ruth Sawyer s new serial Story. Quot hillmen s Gold Quot is the title she has Given it. Ruth Sawyer herself thinks that it is perhaps the Best Story she has done and we Are inclined to agree with her. However we know that Many of our readers feel As we do that Ner earlier Story a four ducks on a Pond Quot was very Good and that Quot hillmen s Gold will have Quot to go some Quot to surpass it. We suggest that it might make a Good feature of your club programs while the new Story runs to read each instalment at a club meeting and discuss some of the interesting questions that the author brings out. Drop in and see us almost every Day friends of the Farmer s wife drop in to see our country Kitchen. Several of them have come from As far As Montana on the West and Missouri on the South. Always they find the Kitchen interesting and they often express Surprise that it is thoroughly practical. It is practical because it was planned so that it might fit readily into the work of a farm Home. We renew our invitation to readers of the Farmer s wife to drop in and visit our country Kitchen whenever they can. Out of the country Kitchen came the two leading food articles in this Issue of our Magazine. One of them Quot in red and Gold a is illustrated in colors. The food was prepared in the country Kitchen the party table was set there and the color photography was done there. The other article equally interesting has to do with the timely subject of casserole cookery. Farmers wife the Magazine for farm women Webb publishing company St. Paul minn., a. H. Harmon and h. C. Klein publishers Dan a. Wallace directing editor of w. Beckman managing editor Field editors Bess m. Rowe Grace Farrington Gray Orinne Johnson w. H. Kircher Miriam j. Williams Carroll p. Streeter Art editor Eleanor c. Lewis give them the Best \ Tore often than is Good we hear these two things -lv1 a a a a a i about Rural education Quot we can t afford to keep up Rural schools that Are As satisfactory As town schools Quot and Quot our farm boys and girls Don t need to go As far in schooling As other Young to both statements there is this answer if agriculture and Rural life Are to hold their own in the future then the youth on the farms at present must be schooled and trained More efficiently than any generation that came before them. The fight for More satisfactory returns from farming in the years ahead will be won or lost now according As farm boys and girls Are fitted for that fight or not. Agriculture has always had too much leadership from men and women who were not of agriculture but lawyers financiers and what not. It needs to grow its own leaders and the Way to do that is to begin with the boys and girls. To say that excellent schools Are not needed for farm children and that these children need not go far in schooling if they Are going to farm is to say that agriculture and Rural life Are not Worth while. And that is not True. Farming will offer the Best if it demands and contends for the Cooks and Good poets it is quite the common thing for a successful Farmer to say that behind his Success lies the cooperation and inspiration of his wife. Farming is an Enterprise in which husband and wife can work closely together. But it is not quite As common for a poet to say the same sort of thing. So it is news when America s grand old poet Edwin Markham declares that he believes the secret of his Success is Anna Catherine Markham his wife. He has said it in prose Many times in private and in Public. He has also said it in verse was for example when he wrote i never build a song by night or Day 0 breaking Ocean or of blowing Whin but in some wondrous unexpected Way like Light upon a Road my love comes in. And How does mrs. Markham help poet Markham most the answer of those who know the Markhams is interesting by directing and maintaining a Home that favors the creative work of her poet husband. Plainly she is a Good homemaker and skilled Cook. She is also a writer in her own right and her literary judgment is of value to her husband but at Bottom her homemaking is her largest contribution. She herself says so with Pride for she believes that Quot creating a Good dinner is no less an Art than creating a Good unusual record no other government anywhere Ever went As far in providing convenient credit for Farmers As our own Federal government through the Federal farm credit administration. At the close of the year 1934, Farmers had received More than $1,830,000,000 from this Agency in Loans on farm mortgages and for production and marketing credit operations. That is at the rate of about $5,000,000 per Day in 1934, counting every Day of the year including sundays and holidays. Not every Farmer profited directly by this great Extension of credit but indirectly every Farmer gained something. Particularly is every Farmer the gainer because the government has set a sound precedent for putting agriculture on As Good a basis As far As credit is concerned As other business and Industry. He has in years gone by been badly discriminated against in the matter of credit. But probably that Day has now passed. It is also deserving of comment that this great Extension of credit has been so efficiently handled. Of course there were cases among the Many hundreds of thousands handled in which individual Farmers found ground for complaint. In the very nature of things there were bound to be some but they were the exception. Farm folks need to make sure that the enlargement of agricultural credit will be something More than a Relief measure. It needs to be made of Wood to saw the new Congress now in session in Washington has a considerable Job of Wood sawing ahead. Here a re some of the bigger and knot tier Quot logs it has to work on Soldier s Bonus. Reducing the National budget. Public works. Public Relief. Taxation. The thirty How or week. The n. R. A. Currency. Power projects and utilities. Provision of greater economic Security. Every one involves a great Issue. Your woman s club can find no better feature for its program than to follow what Congress does with each Dan cupid on the Job once upon a St. Valentine s Day we played the role of an inquiring reporter to go out into the highways and byways to ask married men and women if they were still sending Valentines to each other. What was the answer most Likely you can guess it. By far the most of them said no. Occasionally the reply was so emphatic that it was almost indignant. Some were amazed that anybody should ask such a question. A few said Quot Well now that puts a Good idea into my head a and then started for a Valentine counter. Why should so Many folks assume that St. Valentine s Day has nothing to do with wives and husbands if any one needs a stirring of romantic love within the breast they do because they Are usually too much inclined to take their Mutual affections As a matter of course. It would do them a world of Good to buy for each other one of these Lacy Valentines with an affectionate message printed on it and Send it by mail. In fact the government might Well set up a new Quot administration to promote that sort of thing among married couples and put Dan cupid in charge. The publishers do not accept advertisements without satisfactory proof of the reliability of the advertiser. We guarantee our subscribers against loss through actual fraud on the part of an advertiser provided the subscriber mentions the Farmer s wipe when writing to the advertiser and complaint is made to us within 20 Days of occurrence of the facts constituting the complaint. But we do not guarantee against loss occasioned by honest insolvency or bankruptcy of an advertiser. Subscription prices 6ve years for $1.00 25 cents per year extra in St. Paul $1.00 per year extra in Canada because of Tariff and postage 75 cents per year extra in All other foreign countries. When writing about change of address please give both old and new Post office addresses and sign your name As it appears on address Label. Published monthly. Copyright 1954, Webb pub. Co., member audit Bur Ruof circulation entered at the Post office at St. Paul Minnesota As second class matter under the act of March 3, 1879
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