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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1933, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - December 1, 1933, Chicago, IllinoisThe volume Xxxvi number 12 and Beauty slowly gain a Brown cocoon wrapped fold on fold rests Safe against my Lilac tree. In that close Home through months of cold there will be changes manifold until in springtime i shall see the Lovely Moth that is to be. So through these Days of want and Strain by dwindling fortunes close confined i too must change new poise attain new strength and Beauty slowly gain old Days of ease left far behind find now at Home new Joys enshrined. A Butterfly new York. A tie that binds dear editor Quot May i Tell you and your readers How i made a part of my last years Christmas giving stretch throughout the year Ana even to the far parts of the Earth Quot three of my girlhood friends Are very dear to me although i see them but Seldom. One lives in California another in Iowa the third in China a missionary there. I could ill afford to give them anything costly to express my love for them and i worried about it. Then came the suggestion that i Send them a year s Magazine subscription. But what Magazine i chose the Magazine that i Tike so Well the Farmer s wife. Quot and so every month our Magazine has gone to them an Ever new reminder of our Friendship. How they have enjoyed it their letters thank me again and again and that makes me Happy. I recommend that others try a this tie that binds a a mrs. M. K. R., Ohio. The Farmer s wife makes it convenient for you to make this kind of a gift by enclosing a Blank in this Magazine for your use and making a Twenty five cent Price for a years subscription. You have no other expense or trouble than the Quarter and filling the Blank. The Farmers wife will even notify your Friend of the gift by sending her an attractive greeting card. Or. Holland a on the air or. Holland s Many friends will be interested to learn that he is regularly conducting morning devotions by radio. Just tune in on w. L. S. 860 any week Day morning at 7 30 o clock Centra Standard time or sunday afternoon at 2 00 of clock. Ruth Sawyers Story a the Luck of the Road Quot made a hit with our readers in its very first instalment judging from comments that have come from our readers. The Story grows better with every instalment. Farmers wife the Magazine for farm women Webb publishing company St. Paul Minn. A. H. Harmon and h. C. Klein publishers Dan a. Wallace directing editor f. W. Beckman managing editor Field editors Bess m. Rowe Grace Farrington Gray or inns Johnson Carroll p. Streeter Mabel k. Ray Polly Johnson w. H. Kucher Art editor Eleanor c. Lewis december 1933 for Christmas thinking / a Christmas Means Many things to Many men but above All else it Means that Christ gave new emphasis to this teaching therefore All things whatsoever be would that men should do to you do be even so to them. And to this thou shall love the lord thy god with All thy heart and with All thy soul and with All thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it thou Shalt love thy neighbor As thyself. On these two commandments hang All the Law and the prophets there is enough in those simple sayings to save the world from its trials and tribulations and it cannot be saved from them except As these teachings get full expression in the doings of men. This meaning of Christmas we commend to your thought with our Best wishes for a merry Christmas. Her business a farm woman in Wisconsin pistol in hand held at Bay a crowd of seventy five men strike pickets who invaded her husbands farm to capture a loaded milk truck. I f you were to ask her whether or not the economic changes and adjustments of these times and the accompanying turmoil were any business of the farm woman she would quickly and emphatically give you Quot yes Quot for an answer. Farming is More of the farm woman s business than to help with the production of milk eggs and what not and to stand guard Over the products. It is her business to study and to understand All else that is a part of farming a to the last step. In the past she has usually allowed herself to be shooed away from the economics of agriculture and related subjects but no longer so. She is destined to learn about them and farming will be the better for it. Things Are moving even when you Are on the Way out of a deep j Woods it takes patience and time to get out sometimes As much time to get out As to get in. That is Worth remembering when most of us Are complaining that the governments program for agriculture is moving slowly. Believe it or not the general situation has been much improved. Let us recall a few facts mortgage foreclosures have been checked. The government is putting Money into the refinancing of mortgage debts at the rate of some millions a week. The government is helping Farmers to finance current farm operations both As individuals and As cooperatives. About $100,000,000 of government Money has gone to Cotton growers around $150,000,000 is going to wheat growers $30,000,000 has been made available to take surplus butter off the Market probably about the same amount went into reducing a surplus of pigs and sows now Steps Are under Way to put out $350,000,000 in a plan to reduce Corn and hog production and raise prices millions have been added to the tobacco growers income. As compared with a year ago the Farmers situation As to prices is improved. ? further the government is committing itself to new policies for agriculture such As were not considered possible a decade ago. Shout a Gid Dap Quot if you will but remember also that things Are moving. Search yourself there a bodily health and there s mental health. Both Are essential. It takes a sound mind in a sound body to give life its fullest satisfaction. If either one were to be rated As the More important we might find reason for giving first place to mental health and yet As we go about it to get Well or to keep Well we usually concern ourselves Only with the body and rarely with the mind. We regulate our diet we change our habits we increase rest and sleep we take special exercises. We rarely think about adjusting our mental habits. But in Illinois Rural women Are giving heed to mental health. They Are asking themselves a series of vital questions and then adjusting mental habits accordingly. Here Are the questions try them on yourself 1. Do i have a definite goal for my Job As a homemaker 2. Do i believe in my own ability to do the Job 3. Do i perform my work cheerfully 4. Do i have a Well developed sense of humor 5. Do i make adjustments easily 6. Am i generally free from worry 7. Am i interested and enthusiastic 8. Do i cooperate Well with other people 9. Do 1 find pleasure in doing a task Well 10. Do i like other people and expect them to like me 11. Do i concentrate on the Job at hand 12. Do people enjoy coming to my House 13. Do i keep Cool in an emergency 14. Do i cooperate in Community enterprises 15. Do i avoid Quot feeling sorry for myself 16. Do i a enjoy poor health Quot 17. Do i alternate work rest and recreation with these searching inquiries you May make a diagnosis of your own mental state and you May also be Able to make a pretty Good prescription for yourself if you need one. What would you Tell her what would you Tell a Young woman who wrote you a letter like this one that came to the Farmers wife from an Indiana farm Home i am a Young woman taught school for a time but am Home at present. I get so lonesome very few people come to our Home As Mother does no to care to associate with others and she rarely goes away from Home. If i go away i must go alone and i can to enjoy it. I have done practically All the housework cleaning baking and Canning besides taking care of the poultry As i enjoy working. If Mother and father would Only give me an occasional word of Praise and a smile How Happy i could Bel every evening i take a solitary walk my dog for companion a real pal. There in the Fields away from every one i commune with god whom i feel is always near. I am Given new Hope and the loneliness and the ache in my heart is alleviated. Possibly your word of advice would be for the Mother rather than the daughter. Evidently somebody needs some help in a Case like that and there Are Many cases like it. Write a 150-word letter expressing your Best advice and Send it to us. Well publish the Best letters we get. The publishers do not accept advertisements without satisfactory proof of the reliability of the advertiser. We guarantee our subscribers through actual fraud on the pare of an advertiser provided the subscriber mentions the Farmer s wire when writing to the advertiser and complaint is made to us within 20 Days of occurrence of the facts constituting the complaint. But we do not guarantee against loss occasioned by honest insolvency of bankruptcy of an advertiser. Copyright 1933, Webb publishing company member audit Bureau of circulation subscription prices five years for. $1.00 25 cents per year Eita fit St. Paul $1.00 per year extra in Canada because of Tariff sed pc stage 75 cents per y extra in ail other foreign countries. When writing about change of address please give both old and new Post once addresses and sign your name As it appears on address Label. Published monthly. If you do not receive the Farmers wife for any month by the 10th of that month notify us and another copy will be sent you free. I amrut entered at the Post office at St. Paul Minnesota As second Dass matter under the act of March 3,1879
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