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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1918, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - April 1, 1918, Chicago, IllinoisWow Sam. Fri amp i a woman s farm journal St. Paul minn., a Emly sly a of helping baby Gro while he busily plays the five wonderful senses nature has Given him can be trained Grace Hegger w m i. Ato usually baby gets its education by i it and often in none too xes dial bet tones. At first he wants to a. Feel everything but before he is two years old Little preferences begin to appear and it is then that the Mother should be on the Alert to Supply the needed materials Madame Montessori in her famous italian school has shown us How marvellously the five senses of even very Little children May be trained. Some of the Montessori methods can be applied by any Busy farm Mother without expense and at a real saving of time for baby will be Quot playing a in reality learning a instead of clinging to Mother s skirts while she tries to work. Numberless familiar household objects can help to train the five senses. Many children Etc Joy blocks and digging and mothers take it for granted that All children end amp a blocks and digging but children ate much Keener specie lists. Than we appreciate. One Small boy with a Nurser Ful of to a devoted hours a Day to string. All the veranda chairs became involved in complicated fastenings. Every package which came to the House found him waiting like a Little Robin for the bit of twine. By the time he was four he had acquired such manual facility in tying bows and making string Hailie amps that he was Able to apply his control to other materials and could do advanced kindergarten work with ease. Manual gymnastics and manual labor Are thus connected and can be led from one to the other for Only he who has perfected his own hand can produce a useful object. Another child to his parents disappointment took no interest in blocks. He wanted to make animals not houses. His father bought him some Peg blocks to broaden his interests and showed him How to make barns and cages. The child was pleased started to Quot work immediately and the parents were convinced that it was merely a Case of the child a interests needing stimulation. At the end of three Days the son had made an excellent Model of a a Rhinoceros parental interference ceased. This boy now at the age of five has an extraordinary knowledge of geography gained thru his interest in learning where different beasts dwell and Tho father and Mother grow Limp at the mention of natural history son already has begun his education in that subject even Tho he has not yet entered school. If however building blocks Are a child a chief Delight then everything in the House that makes suitable material and can be spared should be his. How Many Little boxes that would make Good bricks go the Way of the scrap Basket broken cardboard boxes can be re Cut for Walls and ceilings. Match boxes make wondrous furniture to fill the House a and spools were obviously meant for columns. The use of Odds and ends is much More thrilling to the Little architect than expensive ready made sets of blocks Are. Lest the Nursery or the whole House be in a constant state of disorder it would be Well to have a Cabinet wherein Are kept the homemade materials for sense training. One drawer May hold a dozen Mussel or Clam shells which fit each other in a nest. These the children enjoy spreading out in their graduated order and then fitting them together. At first they can not distinguish Between the larger and smaller sizes but the successful result will be to develop a Correct sense of proportion. A it another drawer contains paint Box crayons pencils paste and Blunt scissors a third holds paper scrapbooks in the making old magazines Cata logs and Post cards. Some Post cards can be Cut up into simple figures Are quickly Learned by sorting different coloured Beans counting Sticks and playing dominoes. This last is an excellent game with the Charm of blocks and the spirit of a game. A five cent Box of miniature ten pins supplies one of the Best games for very Little tots. Besides having the Ball element it develops precision in setting up the pins. can be la arned by a child Able to count up to ten. One wee a country Mother in War time Jota amp a re All at Home now for a few Happy weeks. Maud has graduated from the nurses course an has taken the state Board examination. She will soon have her certificate of registration. All registered nurses Are subject to draft for army service so she has voluntarily offered her services to her country in its need for the highest holiest work anyone can do. She loves her profession and is consecrated to it wherever it May Lead her. We Are glad to have her go albeit there is a catch at our hearts when we think of me coming separation. These Are hard Days for fathers and mothers As Well As for the Young registrants. Warren has won Many premiums. He won first at Lincoln and Peoria and third at Sioux City on county collective agricultural exhibits. He won Over one thousand dollars at each and two Silver trophies and dozens of diplomas and ribbons. A tin Warren and Duff eventually will enter army service. They filled out their questionnaires As skilled Farmers who believe their Best service at present with the food shortage of the world is to work of the big task of food production Warren in crops and Duff in Slock raising on the fifteen Hundred and forty acre ranch to which we moved March first and which my husband can not operate and develop without their assistance. There Are two Hundred acres under cultivation seventy five acres of Alfalfa one thousand acres that can be brought under the plow As rapidly As we Are Able. It has a silo a Dairy barn for thirty cows everything ready for big farming if the boys Are with us. Var a a or for a ii a but if they Are More needed in the army we Are willing they should serve there proud in our conviction that they Are True hearted Loyal men who will serve faithfully wherever duty places them. If they go we shall do our Best without them and produce and save As much As we Are Able. I enrolled last june to teach food conservation. I had More Calls than i could answer. I reached Over eight Hundred women and girls teaching and demonstrating cold pack Canning. I am precinct registration chairman and township pledge card chairman. I helped the chairman for the Liberty loan work and americanization and i have aided in some Way in nearly every Branch of War work being done Here. Our Christmas gift from or. Deming was a red Cross service poster with nine crosses on it so we Are All members of the red Cross. Grace and Lyndall Are knitting. Most of All i am trying to keep the Home life Normal and Happy. We owe that to the children. At the Best they must know More of sorrow in Days like these than Happy free rollicking childhood Ever should know. While there is much to Sadden us and give us heartaches we try to reflect Only the High the Good and the Bright and to kit sep the children mrs. Walter h. Deming farm woman member of the editorial Board of the Farmers wife. Picture puzzles or jigsaws. A set for Quot the smaller child consists of Post cards Cut in two to be matched. The Cata logs of paint companies that have color Scales become valuable material to educate the chromatic sense. In the beginning three Strong colors should be chosen red yellow and Blue in pairs. These six should be pasted on separate cards and the child asked to match red with red and so Forth. More colors and their finer gradations follow a simple color game is played thus a i see something red in this room a says the Mother. A is it this Flower your Belt my ribbon a queries the child. Quot yes dear your one drawer is devoted to number work. Girl who put her counting Frame to every use but learning to count was in veiled into Quot doing sums after this manner the Mother was the Trainer and the child the wonderful trained Pony who could count by tapping the floor with his Hoof. The Trainer would say Quot if i had six feathers and two blew away How Many would i have left Quot and the Pony would tap out four usually. To add interest the Mother should sometimes be the Pony and the child the Trainer. One child Learned the alphabet by Means of Large letters Cut from heavy cardboard. With these a Story game was played. Mrs letter a would live in one chair mrs. Letter b and her daughter miss a would live in another mrs. Letter d a pull come to Call and so on geometrical figures were similarly used Anft Heiji few i of special value in developing a bsh rent Iii for almost immediately the Chi dim Oric of that tents were shaped like a trip Ngy Uipi Quot Quot Hunt the thimble is an Exceen Tob ser vation game. The smaller the children the larger should be the object hidden gig should it be too Well hidden at first. Tvo of de fully instructive is a the placing a table of a few and asking the child them in another Robov aft i he a has taken a two minute took. Of a Nursery window Ful in teaching form. A cams old enough not to eat be edits old enough to collect them. Sinif collection will give him an adj citation of form1 which is mtg resp fied when these seeds Are Jal no a and the different types ply a a begin to appear. 1 the scrap bag supplies Means for developing the in of touch. Choose in the. Beg Ning five pieces of widely differentiated materials such As a a a Vett Satin Chiffon Cotton have the child win Tell him thei. ,11 names. In ctr Ety of Materia a later he can 1-� ii this helps Hirn to concentrate i a creases his pit proud of having been Apie. Us guess under this More difficult condition. A Ifju Jpn a sewing cards May be Mhz do a he in Home by piercing Large cardboard in some Simpri by a a line pattern. A Long coloured shoestring makes a Good thread up and Needle especially As valves no eyestrain. Small Bitic a of Macaroni Are excellent Biado a la i making necklaces of buttphf5%g� from the family Button bag is a ai.?� soul satisfying Industry. Clean Quot paper is valuable material the Foj l will be put into Many uses be a sides drawing and cutting. Plain tearing if the interest lies that Way will evolve perhaps at first into the folding of it into most elaborate shapes. When there is a constant desire to draw a blackboard should be supplied thereby lessening the eyestrain. So Many of these occupation seem to have upon a fractious child that direct quieting effect for which the tired Mother frequently yearns. A Little boy who was subject to violent fits of temper went to visit an aunt on a hot Summers Day. Something displeased him and a storm of temper arose. The aunt filled a bowl with a Little water and put into it a few shining pebbles and a Little cup. She placed the bowl in the Middle of the floor and sat Down to read without paying any attention to the Scrani ing child. Curiosity soon overcame him and he investigated the water. He put the pebbles into the cup. He poured them out. Over and Over again he did it and soon sighs of rapt satisfaction filled the air. Presently he went Over to his aunt and throwing his arms around her said Quot of i do love you Quot a child who is past the spilling for fun age May be Given a bowl containing some Kitchen Salt a Small empty bottle and a spoon. A Little coarse Salt makes a delightful miniature Sand pile and will help to keep Happy the child who is ill. Urn m a it
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