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Chicago Express Newspaper Archives May 20 1882, Page 8

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Express, The (Newspaper) - May 20, 1882, Chicago, Illinois The the motive of tee the opinion is rapidly gaining cur Rency that the landlords Are the murderers of lord Cavendish and under Secretary their agents Are the Phoenix Park the opinion is supported by the following facts the Defeated party is the one always to show ebullition of after a bitter conflict of three the land by the Force of Pas Sive was just on the event of gaining a telling and was receiving the congratulations of its mends when the terrible crime was it had won the Admira Tion of the world by its heroic action and humane methods it had forced a Strong and obdurate government to Grant it concessions leading directly towards the death of and something must be Dene to stain it with must be done to turn Back the great revolution and alienate from it the sympathies of the As nothing would so effectually accomplish this As fastening upon it the stigma of murderous so the crime was committed and charged upon the land the landlords have been sedulously Labouring for eighteen months to prove to the world that the land league was a murderous knowing that Mankind generally detest murder As the highest and that their oppressions of the Irish people would be overlooked and palliate if it could Only be established that the Irish leaders sought redress through such an their Opportunity name while the victors were celebrating their Victory the crime was committed and charged upon the land and the whole world was shocked at its and the British government again driven to a cruel and repressive having been Defeated in the Field of discussion and moral heroism the landlords took to the dark ways of the and they have turned the land leagues Victory into a have forced the government Back to its policy of coercion More Savage and vindictive than it has heretofore it is hardly reasonable to suppose that the Irish people could dream of murder in the hour of murder the messengers of peace and nor is the Irish weapon of vengeance the Dirk and that the landlords should be vengeful and Des Perate is quite rational and that they Are capable of the deed is put beyond dispute by the Clifford Lloyd circus Cavendish arid Burke came to Ireland As friends of the tenants and foes of the and they had scarcely touched Irish soil until their blood mingled with the the escape of the assassins shows that the deed was premeditated and carefully the landlords know ing the secrets of the had time to plan the deed knowing the habits of the were Able to execute it so and it looks As though everything was prepared for the occasion the of whom Dublin has so were out of the the landlords Only had the Means and the Power to fit Circum stances so nicely to time and and to accomplish so successfully the horrible if the Irish were Bent upon the object of their would have been the victim of their no the Irish had nothing to gain and much to lose by the perpetration of this foul they had no in the landlords had nothing to lose and everything to the Irish were gladdened by and he landlords disgraced by defeat the one was about to realize a Long Cher shed Hope and the other to lose a Long possessed and it is but reasonable to suppose that the losers would commit the if by the bloody sacrifice defeat could be changed to Titre May compact will be a Mas meeting of the Greenback party of All the towns in Green and Hook whose running Waters Are tributary to sugar to be held at Fishers june at 10 Oclock for the purpose of forming a permanent organization of the Green backers of those All persons interested should attend without further it is in tended to have the meeting of the most solid and Sterling we Are going to fight the Battle on the Jesse Harper line if it takes a generation to dont be Dis con raged by those who Are howling Down the Call the people Are Back ing it with All their the knights of labor give us great it was their compact organization that gave us the hint about trying to make our own More hence the pro posed meeting at there is going to be a smashing of the slates of politicians this the Milwaukee City election gives us great just think of Bluff old Hal beat for mayor by Over so Mote it the Tabut commission May Tariff question is at so far As this con Gress is the this by a vote of 35 to passed the House Tariff commission Bill without a single this cuts off any further discussion of the subject at this and it goes saying the next Seedon i too Short of permit the con of any report made by the vomit Mission appointed under the Bill it is generally understood that this is a Mere postponement of question and no one honestly chums that the Tariff commission will accomplish any other the Bill had previously passed the House by a vote of 151 the invalids hotel at rebuilt and again open to receive the this grand Annex of the widely celebrated worlds located at having been entirely destroyed by fire the Board of trustees took prompt Steps to rebuild it for the accommodation of the Large number of invalids who visit Buffalo from every state and that they May Avail themselves of the professional ser vices of the staff of skilled specialists in Medicine and who compose the faculty of this Model sanitarium and surgical As Well As of the facilities and advantages in treatment which such a perfectly equipped establishment profiting by the experience afforded by Sev eral years occupancy of the original invalids hotel which at the Date of its Erec Tion was the largest and most Complete establishment of its and in the they believe they have in the new building made great improvements Over the original in valid hotel for the accommodation of patients the invalids hotel is pleasantly situated on main in the City of just above and outside the business Anc Bustle of this Queen City of the it is easily reached from the Railroad depots by the Exchange and main Street car it is a substantially built Brick trimmed with and provide with a Patent Hydraulic so that its upper stories Are quite As desirable As it is Well provided with fire in nothing has been neglected that can add to the Comfort and Homelike makeup of this popular National resort for the invalid Anc great pains and expense have been assumed in providing perfect ventilation for every room and part of the the Yard and surroundings of the hotel Are very it being located in the finest Bull part of the unparalleled the founder of this institution commenced some years with Little to buildup a business in the treatment of chronic Dis and devoted himself diligently to tha his reputation for skill in his chosen Field of practice gradually extended his Fame and that of the worlds dispensary and invalids hotel is simply world As the business those Emi nent for skill have been induced to join the until ten physicians and each devoting his attention to a special Branch of constitute the professional the immense new building erected and occupied by the worlds dispensary medical association As a wherein Are manufactured pierces Standard family is not inappropriately called the worlds for within its Walls Are prepared a series of remedies of such exceeding Merit that they have acquired worldwide and Are sold in vast quantities in nearly every civilized terms of the terms of treatment at this favorite in valid resort Are regulated so As to be within the reach of All and of dependent largely upon the condition and requirements of and Only be made known on application in each individual Case those living at a distance and wishing to Avail themselves of the per Sonal care and attention of the will be provided with Good boarding accommodations at reasonable the general Rule is to treat chronic cases by the and a cordial invitation is extended by the proprietors to the and suffering to Call on or write if they cannot or communicate through their All inquiries and communications should be addressed to worlds dispensary medical thousands of ladies have found sudden Relief from All their woes by the use of Lydia Pink hams vegetable the great remedy for diseases Peculiar to Send to Lydia 233 West Ern for fit samples Worth ceo j terms outfit he q a easily costly if la outfit address in Large size new with name of Todd late Wise o k motto All 65 Obj names on 6 pacts a Large Chromo no 2 with Reed mention the Cal Beautiful Chromo Floral jul Bame Branford printing a All elegant Good name in Par Lair per week can be made in any o some intr entirely new for out Nril Tel can now grasp a outfit amen i x woth so address ride to All jul present with each we give the 11 us premiums Ever offered Nitrel Tel obtained for inventors rejected ill i flu i n a specially no fees until i n i i o Patent is refer to the officials of the Patent address Patent r wanted in every county to sell i goods from goods Staple As salary and expenses paid to a oomph 1 tent this paper is kept on at the office of overusing Philadelphia who receive advertisements Lor this paper aver sons manual shop bitters a not a contains an Rax Pue St Judd Best Cali Treb of All Othre Xvi Allodi Sesseso and Veti especially i female j Sizoo in be paid for Case they will not Core i or for anything impure or injurious found in your druggist for hop bitters and try them before you take no Lian for cd Cupul i from the s me a remarkable a real skin there is Oslo one and that with simple beware of or any old articles Wutoh now Sud Dahl claim to be Hare been tried and found while to is Bas been proved a remarkable to pompous this curative needs no pompous or incomprehensible title of greek or latin to sustain but its simple English name appeals directly to the common sense of the and the people Are signally manifesting their appreciation of this frankness by selecting and using Bensons skin cube in preference to All other professed Benson has Long been Well known As a successful physician and surgeon and his life study has been the diseases of the nervous system and of the Akin since he has been persuaded put his new remedy and Faro rite prescription As a skin cure on the various things have sprung up into or have woke up from the sleep state in which they were and now clan to be the great Sydn a beware of or the various articles which have been advertised for years or struggled having no real hold or Merit on the that now to keep head above water by advertising themselves a the great skin none is genuine and sons skin internal and external two bottles in one Price get at your Relief for All cases celery and Cha Mozure pills Are valuable for school children who suffer from nervous headaches caused by an overworked brain in their and for All classes Bard brain workers whose Over tasked nervous centers need repair and Vervona and paralysis Are being daily cured by these they Correct but Are not 50 cents or six boxes for to any for Sale by All where the doctor ran be and letters of inquiry freely new is wholesale agent for Bensons Are not cured by Patent script Obb and excessive charges for the my Medicine but with scientific Bem Edlea a ski which have been often tried and value never Send your name and dress to for 2 sure and cheap cure of obstinate and complicated chronic by All who have examined it to be the finest sewing machine they Ever rival agents fear ladies want to exc age their old main inns far it tailors and Shoemakers like it Best because it will sew with any Una of thread and on any kind of county agents general 244 Wabish latest improve i most durable x Francc or i a a Bays the improved the Xanten 2k i k or Standard Singer sewing if m v attachments Box two drop Leaf if ton let your express agent order machine for Yon seed not pay until Yon have tried it not satisfactory return machine at my a warranty Given with each machine for five Yean agents wanted in every town in toe United division Ghitea Zub press in Ever prices Ticle for Fiona Randver quod incr at matter hity6utiiaavt Scad for our gust variety of goods in Anta wanted for sullivans i Ireland of it tells Why the people Are poor and Why rents Are High and famines it shows Bow the land was and the Mann Fao tories r it describes tie land act and the coercion Bill contains 32en cravings and map in Price Only 82 per sales Send 50 cents full outfit and begin work at for foil parties address vote exocet isell dry 1016 Chestnut k Fob Large Power the Only apron double Pinion world Buck Hawk a pronounced Otu Eft in 1881 Gmal draft t and eco nerf the Ferber in and or the the Block Hawk Porta and also water tube Vrtol Tore their Cicet in fuel Pitts sons Engin composed largely of powdered Mica or sin is not sur face the reducing friction lightening the draft the cheapest be cause it More than inferior anal one will do the work of two of any Ottier answers As Well threshing a guaranteed to contain no sold by s3t out pedal Codo Pydia work knowing malted 828 Hudson new 350 31 Michigan Iii 27 to sets contain 10 fall Golden Anngae 37 Wal nut or ebonized 5 Metal foot upright steel lamp pocket for handles and boners for beat re Patent Stop a new and sovet Beed Boariu enor Mous sales Over a month demand working Dat and by 320 Edison electric lights at Kight to fill delivered on Board 600 cars 9flu Tattoo cd return or fan and i Icell promptly refund the Money intercut nothing can be come and exam Ine the leave sew York bar Clay or Christopher Street 8 30 or 1 m Ocler leave ton at 1 or 6 Udo arriving at new York at 3 30 or 9 same Day for routes from see beattys exc Nion berate allowed to pay expenses if Yon Bur come you Are free coach polite attendants meets All other Orzais piano Fortes to ise Nauful illustrated address or Call upon Daniel 16mtob wid he cok8taot use for 12 he demonstrated oar nun i better than any other Nour it win a Imp Liah about twice the irk of other wind Milb o 1 Bronze pedal Wai awarded Iltha Ameri can Institute new York in 1879 also at in and at in Over 20o Vint premiums i awarded at state Fain in the United states and Durine the Oast twelve sold than any o ther first dam agents where there Are none already to whom we will Send Oner Mill at wholesale Send for teau Moniale and address steaks manuf stirring Box a bad cast Iron Field rollers in two 30 inches in Dlamater 1 9 Long Over All 2 7 feet lose Over Al weight 1100 to Farmer can afford to do who one Section Rolls Lor Ward the other Back Kab tearing of the Man blounts prolific Best in produced Over 150 bushels of shelled com per to six ears a whole Field averaged six ears to the stalk one stalk had seven pounds of shelled Mont perfect Corn to the Fod Der Worth three times that of other very Small for feeding cattle and All other per 600 50 cents by egress or 6 Send by Bank order or registered letter to Tea Gazdek us itus which Means All interest of considered inthe Light of revelation and and the Freedom and happen Emo Man land written la the interest of truth and Tot toilers of on oppressed by find Little or no Light the Battle of life for it a sent Forth on its Hission invoking the candid Coda Deratto of toe header and the gracious favor of almighty by member of the Southern Benoia annual Confor sent offer the following seven and Fri handsome with secret Washer Torivo the a lifes the Sassy action new for a nation about the tit most exciting which Are Verv and Fyon can make Coburn Nett maj gel pianos w s1oo in Ore c a ims 6 immense Stock of second hand pianos and in Good great a r n Shyu started Cata log lbs mailed Horace Waters pc 826 new Tork Etc manufacturers of and All kinds of my Lical 182 and 184 Wabash Monroe and Adams steams Silver steel violin warranted one if broken within that replaced free of gives sweetest is a great improve ment in every respect Over the old the Lull set Worts wonderfully our o and d Are different from any Price 25 cents full set for 90 postage address Ste ass a Challenge h i to ant physician we will Send one of Scotts electric brushes my to test it in every of headache and mi2l Chance and if it fall to care a Louin a few of Cthery ten let we not a test in any Case of we is fair and every person Reading tyls May brn ii on As is explained further Many people Are about advertised Rem while we have received thousands of letters enclosing the Price of no doubt a Large number Are and hesitate to buy it through fear of in the pall Hall electric association introduced this new invention in the now Eiten Sall Over it soon won its Way to Koyal out of a mass of letters from persons benefited we have selected three from people of sensible person think for a moment that men of position for our natures and addresses were we at Liberty gentlemen whose names Are known har Monette Sun test tit la plays Uon condensed and cheaper than any Hebach Ocean Ufa Filbert order to dues our Tiona where they Are not we will Seno by upon receipt of Only six three cent 47 pieces of our latest and Best consisting of they Are elegantly full the usual Price of such music is 35 cents per piece at that Price the above 47 nieces would Cost the High Cost of music is due to the few pieces sold to this Opportunity will not occur Jones Box kidney wort he creat cure t rheumatism As it is for an diseases of the kidneys liver and Nfn of Trio Poison that Dre Odail inf Ferini which Lily the victii3h it can r thousands of cases of too forms of terrible disease been to icky in a Short time perfectly liquid of Richardson via kidney wort the invaluable Domestic phenol Modique externally it is used for All kinds of re Lieving Spain and rapidly Healing the wounded gives prompt and permanent re Lief in veto move Strinyi or cuts and wounds of every to Scarlet and Otter in Apostil it tid discharges from the of the cancerous affections it is a Boon to both physician and for sickroom and All impure and Nhea lofty local and to prevent the spread of it is the Bent disinfectant wherever introduced it establishes itself As favorite Domestic it emed proprietors Nasce Brothers Tor Sale by dog Vista and general merchandise mention Tho i ladies Only hair solvent per1 superfluous Rostand i in i Floore i to proportions of perfect always Suei Cess Ful Send 2 Stamps for tint Wilcox i 603 Spruce the of Saratoga president of the Bank and qua thus it always cures my head a Lacsina few and is an excellent Well Worth the aside front its Bra Daman writes from never before gave a but am use of an honest it cured my Bald and my wife finds t a prompt and inf Al Ilc cd refer her head to lion speaker of he House of represent Little a this if my first 3ty wife cos get Tony Bald the entirely Stop cd the falling ind started a new use it for a Milru of works like a several friends ume bought and used them for head anal they have lever failed to cure hem in about three poner uses it wit like re this the strictly Given by me Olun Sarilu without so Ible remedy for curing Leural Gla in five min sled Leal in the highest circles Europe and Amer threaders of this paper would be astonished at the remarkable cures of fault of this Hng you Bald or afflicted with or premature gayness Are you troubled with any kind of headaches or neuralgia do you wish to Ward off and prevent these afflictions no doubt you doily use a hair Why not try this one satisfied with it you May return the Brush is made of a Beautiful material resembling Black handsomely carved and filled with the Best bristles not this material is permanently charged with an Force which immediately acts upon the hair and always doing never any it should be used in place of the Ordinary there is no Shock or sensation whatever in using while the Power can always be tested by a Compass accompanying each the Price is and no better Brush can be found if you wish to try please Send is that and we will promptly Forward it on should you wish to return first write and we will Send Back the if we fail to keep this pro the publisher is authorized to return the Money to you Ana ctr rare the amount to is not this fair when All advertisers offer these honorable will show proper Faith in their and the Publio Willie Quick to cannot do More to invite your and Hope you will give is a if you Yon can obtain it on the same terms from any drug or Itacy but accept no and see that name is on the and electric on the Back of the if your druggist refuses to let you have it on these terms which we authorize him to write directly to remittances can be made by Money cur or payable to 843 broad1 new and mention this Scotts electric flesh sure and Quick remedy for nervous impaired circus malarial sent on Price Scotts electric every lady who i and wishes Wward i off and cure should use sent on free for a beep hog Al Iron is bed barring a skin of Beauty is a boy Felix Vocea teds Oriental or magical Bea Ailiff Ftp fall skin also to Mot patches and Exerv blemish on Cha stood the test of thirty and a we taste it to be sure the prep oration s properly accept counterfeit of similar Tho distinguished said to a lady of the taut ton trill use 2 Gou Rauder Tarnof Tiff least harm Poudre Subtile greatest agricultural invention of the Ace Kemps by ail and it the United Ca saves 9o per cent of the and doubles the Valna of the one Load in the time benefiting the crop As As two pitched out by indispensable As the Mower and in the Cotton sections it trill save the labor of half a dozen spreads Cotton broadcast or in for illustrated Cata for Sale fall part Irolas address the a Nanni goods a dealers s one k the Ake coming Uncle Tive i he Mikei thousand i a new Cam Paifon words and by publisher of the in Dinapolis pronounced the Best Campaign song yet song and music address i would in in j rather be the author two Are copy than to have a thousand Deland for safety grocers general ask f it Box manufacture is of Chicago combined pate2tt flexible Harrow and Grain my steel Best implement in unequal de As a Sod works equally Well in growing wheat Pota toes or Youngr adds o to 10 Buhrts per acre to the 25 to 50 acres per oar cultivated by one if m pay ror to one Send for illustrated Price Street sole proprietor and 80 to 86 Illinois i1l the Dingee Cokab cots Beautiful eveebloom13is chemical a Keg on baking powder is made from grape tartar and pure soda thing we Are the pioneers in Mau powder without i eing absolutely it a Fol go on third Arther than other brands put rip in and 3i cans Send f for our set of advertising Mew Stag or Ebony handle Long As carefully made As a All our goods Ara forged from razor and if soft or our Farmers i Stranc Page lilt he rang much 40 most reliable food Inch Ewold v Carpenter and much knot machine for taking atones front hones Rimmert Stout Small h and a wide it flu Tizor tire Irth Blades we bought 100 dozen of these half their Julie Adoner knife Foo Granteed exactly my or Bates

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