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Chicago Express Newspaper Archives May 20 1882, Page 4

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Express, The (Newspaper) - May 20, 1882, Chicago, Illinois The Satt Obday May Axl postage is paid by the Veokley express one Dollar or sixty Monte for six eleven copies of the weekly express one xes for ten in ordering Cluba the fun number of with the Nast be sent at one Tima Money can tie sent at on risk by Post office or express Money registered or draft on Chicago or new no subscription will be continued beyond the time paid and none that Ere not paid for will be entered on our we have no terms to agents or canvassers different from we cannot accept punched or mutilated or Canadian Tampa or postage for fractional parts of a Dollar where the fractional currency cannot be Wal be received by us at face nine when sent in two or three sent where Stamps of a larger denomination than three cents Are sent to or for a larger amount than that we will re turn them at the expense of the subscription Blanks and addressed envelopes furnished free on Adte Tising Batea Ordinary 25 cents per Agate line each insertion 14 lines constituting an Inch of beading 40 cents per line in nothing inserted for less than advertisements must reach us by saturday to insure insertion in following and All electro types must not exceed Ems mud must be on solid Eastern office foe 202 new 93 Washington do Campaign we will receive subscriptions for the Campaign edition of the express 4 pages from this Date until the first of november next at the rate of thirty cents for a single or one Dollar for four the Campaign of this year will be of the utmost As there Are members of Congress to and Legislatures and state governments to be chosen in most of the now is the time to spread the on trial we will Send the express on trial two months eight weeks for ten cents for a single the club Price for trial subscriptions is Al the same the friends of the express will Confer a favor on us by sending As Many trial subscriptions As they can procure at this the Gold tide is during the past two or three years of Gold inflation and increasing Busi Ness which the specie basis advocates have persisted in attributing to specie the express has from time to time warned its readers that it was Only a question of time when the Gold tide would cease to and commence a which would bring Shipwreck and rain to every american interest and Enterprise float ing upon that time seems have the Gold which has been ebbing higher and higher for has commenced a rapid be marking upon this the new York Tribune of the 10th says yesterday in Gold went to on tuesday went and on saturday within four Busi Ness a sum has gone poured into the Market in has More than once averted terrible this Reserve is no longer at the command of the Treasury or the business it can be called if need Only after two weeks in one Lack of needed resources May break any and Render widespread Dis Aster sow Muffi More Tail go no one can the one tiling certain is that tji Erc is a with Small Chance of stopping it for the next three until new crops How has it come to pass that can be answered it is instead of sending unused Silver getting in Gold for and putting the Gold into we have bought up the stored it in the and put into use paper promises to pay Silver with Neh conditions that the Treasury can be forced to re deem them in this sort of thing has been going on for As Long As we had Large crops so that Gold came to the evil consequences were not much Felt it was a waste of resources to pile up so much Idle Silver in Treasury but that seemed to be the worst now one year of Short crops takes Gold and there is if we had More of instead of the Idle nobody would care whether some of it went abroad or not Here is an admission which amounts to a plea of guilty to the most important and serious charge Ever brought against the precious metals As a Domestic medium of it proves their treachery and unreliability in cases of and should awaken in the Public mind the absolute necessity of adopting a cur Rency that cannot be and of establishing depositories that cannot break in one Day for the want of needed the fault is not in the but in the uses to which it is in requiring All the mighty structures of Amer Industry and Enterprise to rest on this floating and shifting Gold is not a circulating medium in any but a ebbing and flowing Between commercial Why then should circulation be chained it there is but one if Domestic currency is chained to the Gold when the tide goes out it will drag labor and production Down to a plane that will in Duce its and out of the mar gins Between the ebb and flow prices of International gamblers become Bank and commercial Stock fluctuation is the life of Wall should prices remain steady and unchanging As Lega tender notes for one the grass would grow in that devils the Gold tide makes Money and monies obligations and securities during this period the gamblers Load up with stocks and other monies then when the tide Money and monies obligations become dearer and dearer As the flow runs out not Nomi but in relation to labor and then comes the goodites his Money and securities will command twice or thrice the amount of real that they would when the tide was with a Gold basis both currency and property lose their value when the basis is and it is for the Pur pose of destroying this value for the time that these financial brigands and Freebo Oters would strip the country of both Silver and Silver certificates As Well As greenbacks just at the time the basis is taking its de the Assumption of the Tribune that the danger of a panic is increased by the hoarding of Silver in the Treasury and the circulation of is the most transparent its argument that the presence or of Gold which we might have had in Exchange for the Silver might save the breaking of some Bank in one Day for the Lack of needed and thus Avert widespread is neither logical nor there is not a Bank in America that any Lack of Gold need break so Long As there is an abundance of Silver and Greenback Legal both the deposits and the notes of the Banks May be paid in these cur not a Dollar of our Bank or United states currency but May be redeemed in the Money Jay Gould would destroy to Avert a so instead of the endanger ing a panic it will be an important Factor in the Means of preventing and had we a thousand instead of a Hundred millions of Silver Coin and certificates we might look with As much careless indifference upon the flow of Gold now As we did in during eleven Over was exported without causing a Ripple upon the sea of or eliciting a passing notice from the Why be cause we had a Domestic circulation anchored to the and not one floating on an International All International Exchange should be of and if Gold is essential to balance the difference be tween the import and Export of Arti cles of let it be used and regarded As a but not As a currency grapple to drag Down and out to sea the labor and Prosperity of the people every time it leaves our the dependent i depend All things Are Are Are for nothing happens As it ought this is the reflection that is now uppermost in the minds of the Penn Sylvania doubtless they feel most keenly the irony of for having assumed an inde pendent position in and then allowing themselves to be tricked into one of extreme it is All the result of their own stupidity and cupidity after entering the Arena and announcing themselves As political reformers they soon Dis covered that the Way of the reformer is politics As an employ ment is easy and profitable Only for those who perform the work by a if pos to secure an interest in the Reg ular political that then work might be lightened and their profits they affirmed in positive terms their harmonious relations with the regular Republican machine and protested Only against the Workings of the Cameron Crank and As the feeling that their position was neither pleasant nor profitable gained their protests even against this began to it soon came to be understood that they were anxious for they were ready for a conference was and the independents promised recognition by giving them a place upon the state their was promised the position of lieutenant governor or they were to become sharers of the a part of the regular As soon As the convention at least this is the Story that gained Wolfe was to abandon his Independent position for a position with the machine he was to be made one of the chief and doubtless several of his subordinate chiefs were to receive remunerative positions in the but when the convention the independents got nothing but empty platitudes and glittering the least friction performed its work without grinding their they were now the Yare independents fighting the machine with their usual but without their former now they Are independents no but Mere they stand now before the voters of the Keystone state As disappointed spoils they May renew the but much of their Power to injure the machine is gone it was Given in Exchange for empty official lying and we ask Labouring All classes of persons who obtain a livelihood by Means other than those who reap the harvests of labor by controlling the Money volume and gambling on the productions of the to read and con Sider Well the following Washington dispatch to a Chicago paper May sub committee of five members of the House committee on banking have made a report which the majority have adopted and expected to introduce into the House but Nave deferred until the return of of one of the subcommittee and Active in the preparation of the Mil the measure tries to meet the views of the president As to the Issue of Silver under the Law of was to be issued but Only out of an Issue of is in the presidents recommendation was Tea to fixed amount be issued but Only a Quan Tity sufficient to meet the demand shall be the committee report favourably on this general the fact there Are but two Mil Lions of Silver dollars in the Treasury belonging to the United there Are Silver certificates in circulation among the people amounting to add to this the of Silver dollars the sum in in fact or by amounts to leaving but to Burden the and even this it can dispose of any Day in payment of called Bonds or Why not abolish Gold Coin or suspend its circulation because there is much More of it in Deposit in the Banks and the National Treasury than there is in Cir when tie people Wake up to the fact expressed by general that whoever puts his foot in the Treasury department stands on British they will cease to vote for presidents or vice holding the views of or for the material out of which to construct a committee that will Warp their and ignore the interests of their constituents to meet the views of a British Republican exec this and the presi Dent to whose views they be Lieve in a paper currency based on three dollars of paper to one of and when the Gold is drawn but of the there must be a three Dollar paper contraction to one Dollar of Gold Export the same Issue of the paper which published the foregoing dispatch contained the following new May Gallia takes out Gold at this one Hundred Days would strip us of every Dollar of Avail Able then greenbacks would be gathered up to draw on the National Treasury for its redemption and As it has but about one Dollar of Gold to three of greenbacks outstand it would either require a few Mil Lions of Silver to meet demands or it would carry out the theory of John not to reissue the Green backs after they had been whenever such reissue would endanger resumption or this condition of things is coming As sure As water runs Down and the British policy demands but when it does come the More Silver certificates there Are in circulation with the Dollar for Dollar of actual Coin or Bullion behind them in the vaults of the the less disastrous will be the and the less severe will be the pressure upon the Labouring and productive forces of the England is interested in pulling Down prices in America in order to provide herself with our surplus raw material of meats and bread stuffs at a Low an american panic is a British and he who aids or abets the policy of the present administration is a traitor to his family and the country which harbours and feeds James a Gibs Plain talk about politics and politicians of with pacts and figures concerning the state expenditures being an inquiry in to the causes which Bender the taxes higher before the state debt was is a curious work and full of As May be gathered from the title to at least ninety nine out of every one Hundred voters of this says the the manner and extent of the Public expenditures is a sealed they Only know that they aggregate they Are not aware of the thousand and one Petty tricks and Gigantic frauds that Are inaugurated and perpetuated to get Money out of the most of them perhaps within the Pale of but Many of them that would consign their authors to the darkest Corners of the Petty tricks and Gigantic frauds Are very ably shown up in the pamphlet before every one interested in finding out How he is being swindled and How t Are being foment of nine eminently gift has bests and 1 subject 1 Belo Nadj five cents x be i i our hid children Lis hould Send for this written Docu Page from a Man the revelations he in is one of Bur is a Pioneer in re on the Hii Book that can Send Twenty the Reader will not i address feat Madison anal Slaughter poor and worked out oxen have to be fed and fattened before there is profit in their it is the same with in 1878 american labor had Down to skin and Bones under the financial Bur Dens and hardships of the panic of then the Wall Street packers and butchers commenced the stall Breeding they stopped the further con they remo fenced the i 000 a month make these the paper winged has enabled on of Silver and com of at least Ingry to circulate More mounted with certificates which every one coined to float Side by Side with Gold and Legal tender they also in creased the National Bank circulation by Over All this was boiled Corn meal and stewed potatoes to the old of it has fattened him now he is ready for the his death will be the Harvest of the Slaughter Gold is leaving the country at the rate of a million or two a the Slaughter j of Industry must be sudden to be profitable to the the edict has gone Forth that with the departure of gom the coinage of Silver dollars must the certificate sys tem be and the greenbacks retired or then the Only currency available will be the National slaughterhouse and As they do not possess Deb paying Quali and being wholly under the Contra of the they will be issued Only in quantify sufficient to Parchue fat after bankrupt strangulation Atwall have caused the life of Enterprise and breath of Prosperity and who is to ers and Butch an eminent be deny but1 the to the said if depart from e not the pack Tohn York did not onal Banks were denied that were to e put saddles their own ask me to i am not to blame for accepting the the the Are alone responsible for this process of working Down the poor and fattening no again for Benefit of the banking slaughterhouse and it will and ought to continue until labor learns Wisdom from its Swap six the National Banks Swap their notes for the notes of the people and get 8 or 10 per to Why this difference because notes Are better backed than the who Are the Banks backers the of so the people loan credit to the paying them from 3j 6 per per annul for receiving then borrow it Back and pay 8 or 10 per per annul for the smart Missouri the Greenback state convention of Missouri will be held at Moberly on the 31st of general Nicholas Burrows and other prominent men will the friends of the cause in Missouri Are not Only in but urged to attend and to bring As Many of their friends As pos no Effort should be spared to make a great Success of Illinois state Cental committee National a Benback Kabob party May the members of the state Central committee Are requested to meet at the Palmer at 12 Oclock on the 1st Day of the meeting is called for the purpose of fixing a place and basis of representation for a state convention and the transaction of such other business As May properly come before the the meeting will be a very important and if in any Way pos should toe the editors of Greenback labor speakers and friends of our Good cause in a parts of the state Are earnestly invite dub meet and Confer with James a dead Abt Miyabe taken at liver and with Keroes pleasant purgative mid yet certain in operation and there is none of the reaction in Benent upon j taking severe and f extracts from Mac Sotu Haij 93 the Power of the opinions of Mankind Are being the immunities of the the sacred privileges of the Oneman the aggrandizement of corporations Are now being questioned by nine tenths of the civilized thought is Awak ening with a Fervour and a Potency quite unknown to any past its quickening fire is pulsating from continent to nothing can stay its thrilling nor break its up heaving thought is the lev Eller of the destroyer of and the regenerator of by what a world of useless antagonism the foreign potentates and our own capitalistic lawmakers Are waging against it it is said that corporations have no therefore it is useless to Cope with but thought is a thing All to which every form of soulless matter is sub thought is that element which has the capacity to dissolve and hold in solution every coarser from whose admixture new forms of crystallization Are constantly projected for the improvement of human con thought is being evolved from the human brain with Ever accelerating rapidity every new idea is the prolific Mother of a train of other All of which have started on endless missions of even the lowest strata of whom a few years ago the reformer said As was said of he is wedded to his let him is beginning to arouse and shake off its the signs of the times so Long prophetic Are beginning to be actualized in tangible hopeful Ireland is solving one of the greatest problems of the she is struggling with the gordian knot of she Means to untie peaceably if possible but she also Means that it shall yield even the swords Point if May god help and god Speed May she never Compromise a nor relax one Iota from her position until by her her integrity to the noblest of All she sets the brutality of her English keepers in its proper Light before the nothing in but All in is the thought thrown up with the top wave of the present yet when we see How the european gov the regenerated so called need and How thesalone Are utterly impervious to humanizing so foolish As to bewail the necessity that must eventually be forced upon compelling them to an acknowledgement of mans equal rights in All things when the sky Light of human intelligence is knowledge must be forced through the sense of then let England and Russia meet the destiny they Are let them keep Pace with the age or accept the War is a horrible alternative but the crushing Burden of everlasting in Justice is not to be borne at any it is not alone in Europe that the Power of thought is forcing authority into Here in these states the monies that has for years be ii growing in size like a iridescent waxing thinner with its has already been pricked to its mortal collapse by that in tangible though essence before whose touch All baser substances must yield sooner or the old parties Are becoming the frail est of frail props to our iniquitous monopoly system Mere Rotten supports of a Rotten fabric already doomed beyond the Succour of or the giant now slumbering securely in Delilah is already Given Over to betrayal by his mistress a few years More will see him shorn and today the whole world lies pm Bosomed in a new and thought element whose diverse and winding current no Man May whose results no Man can but whose source and Fountain head is the great underlying Ocean of truth on whose breast the very foundation of life itself that we May Trust to it who can doubt then let us work on in the firm of knowing that the world and the fullness thereof belongs to Universal and that his restoration to his natural inheritance is no longer a question of but an acknowledged shaping itself into speedy it is time our cherished illusions were dispelled time to know that we have no help but in la vain our prayers and i Call on the world to witness that for every tear Man Sheds he receives a i Call on it to witness that god never yet interposed a hand to i Call on and find answer in his silence louder than any that men must save themselves that there is no salvation in nature but self is o Man has found his right Voca Tion until he has found that on which his faculties concentrate themselves without an Effort on his Energy expended pleasantly is strengthened and generates fresh Energy All the it is distasteful work that and enforced work that Villa it is better to think wrong than not to thought is the quickening of the seed of All if the roots shoot Why need that alarm but for mans shortsighted Ness this very fact would Prophesy the opposite and upward new York City has social chips thrown off by the Legisla Tive axe which squared her million spread the Light furnish these sheets in assorted pack containing eight or sixteen different at the following prices 80 sheets for 25 200 sheets for 50 500 Sheet for one All postage prepaid by the saturday express a Large eight Page 56 col at one Dollar a or two months on trial for ten All postage prepaid by 93 Washington in spread tie Light sleet Post tvs tie people can Beai questions and Black Hole of was the Black Hole of and How Many captives were thrown into Iti in while England was waging War against so Raja commanding the native recaptured Calcutta from the taking 146 these prisoners were crowded into a dark room or Twenty feet with Only two obstructed by a during one night of awful suffering from want of air and 123 23 Only the Ghast Liest forms Ever seen on since this the term Black Hole of Calcutta has been applied to the Dungeon where these poor wretches note new if i present a National Bank note to a National Bank and demand a is the Bank required by Law to furnish me with the Greenback in Exchange for the Bank note if Yon present a National Bank note to the Bank that issued it and demand its red Emp the Bank is required by Law to give Yon its face in lawful the Bank having the debtors option of payment in the kind of lawful Money it chooses to allot in Gold what is the Alloy in our Gold coins on tenth of the weight of Standard Gold com is composed of or Copper and but in no Case can the amount of Silver exceed on tenth of the the Ira were the present Bonds of the United states expressly provided to be paid in lawful Money or currency other than Gold and Silver the original which were refunded into the present outstanding were payable in lawful without specifying either Metal or the inter which was expressly provided to be paid in from the fact that Lega tender notes were made lawful Money by the same act which authorized the Issue of the and declared to be in payment of All Public and except interest on the it is evident that the principal of the were payable in but the credit strengthening act of 1s69 placed a different construction upon the act of declaring that the Faith of the government not the Law was pledged to Coin except where currency was especially provided As in the Case of the Pacific Railroad under this new All the old Issue of War Bonds were refunded into Coin Bonds by act of both the credit strengthening act and the refunding acts were frauds upon the people and repudiation against the tax tre l is there any Legal evidence that the chinese Are brought Here As commodities if where can it be found has there Ever been any doubt of the veracity of Bayard Taylor As a historian what the churches made in Christian izing the chinese the evidence that the chinese Are brought Here in bondage is found in the re port of the California state Senate special committee issued in the evidence of Bayard Taylor is not and is sustained by Boas another american who was our first american to China under the Burlingame no Progress has been made in Christian izing the As they have no they go to the some of to learn the English language and obtain the favor of the Oscar Wilde of the Kansas City behold in me a Man perceptively in whom the Lily and the Sunflower beautifully blend although it May seem More or less i lapses into i does it As a i soar in wild delirium of real transcendent Well Flavoured with the florentine and Botti Cellian i represent the principles of meaningless and stand a highly blessed and quite an utter do not mock my and turn with manner sceptical to treat me from a Une thereal Point of View it is refined and is not a Throe which bids me cull the Fly and impart its Bloom to i tread the Mystic path of those who form the inner transfigured by heart hunger As the Funda mental Law recumbent on the Mossy Bank i seek poetic and listen to the washing of the mad and swirling grasp Ore it be too fair these fitful bursts draw nearer to the the fleshly modes that you May Wear the grecian the Sweet Flower and sport a Halo round your friezes similar to but if in these Valarious haunts Yon meet with your forgetting for the aesthete and his a kissed kiss to fair Lily of the Kaw and the immediate life will be to your crushed old do Yon know what Itrato suffer with piles if you you know what is one of the worst torments of the human the most perfect cure Ever known is kidney wort it and then its tonic action restores health to the diseased bowels and prevents recurrence of try it without in dry and liquid both sold by should you be a sufferer from or you can be cured by Browns Iron Ceni Mertl amid 1 in Marfal us i Jyh a gait the Price reduced Ann mention the violin outfits consisting of Bott nand unt to any part of the Boltos Antrin 1 before at it Send stamp of wort Lenl 36 Page catalogue of bin am very glad to say i have tried hop and never took anything that did me As much i Only took two bottles and i would not take for the Good they did a i recommend them to my patients and get the Best results from their 1l few complexions can Bear the White morning Light which exposes every Spock of every pimple and the slightest spotting of in Bensons skin cure is from the annoyance of these blemishes on the Cheek of 100 card sign acknowledged Uia Best pact Ever else Aai Send for our k new Price list 10o of the handsomest yera Ever saw ind nine Feather Una que Lurine of Rafy card Etlea Giren As Complete Sample Book induce menu to Matenti punters and dealers my liw Blank Vorih lord if the victims of opium no who read this Are Erer corals via be it Leslie Kukurs doable curl Dwarf Gold opium cure at Home in 3 to Jio suffer Najj Core permanent same Price to has finally cured Many who too hastily endorsed so called testimonials and tisw8 u every exh3bi pro Juals business for a Man Elul Mol Avro magic Ila Sterns for Home 116 Dage tuns rated 49 mention the hxdrea3 in cheapest forsake combination of pro oxide of peruvian bark a palatable the Only of Iron that not Blacken the so of Pover shed condition of the tills Peerless has in my made some womb Erttis cases that have baffled some of our most eminent have yielded to this Mcreat Ana incomparable i prescribe it in preference to any Iron preparation in such a compound u Haki eks eos toxic is a necessity in my Bouett St 31m Wash a Harter Medicine main

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