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Chicago Express Newspaper Archives May 20 1882, Page 3

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Express, The (Newspaper) - May 20, 1882, Chicago, Illinois The knights of educating tee order a College of office of Washta Tox May 10 to the members of the Bee tag believe that organization and education Are the immediate wants of the that they May be United and their forces made effective that they May know their learn their and have the intelligence to apply the work of organization is now fairly on we mus begin to educate in a systematic we have the Talent within our own ranks to Supply i propose to utilize it by forming a College of lec the business of the members o Send your also please Send copy of bylaws of the order and any other matter that will assist me in making them understand the principles and objects of the order and if you will Tell me just what to do i will use every Endeavor to get an organization Halley wishes it understood that he has no fund out of which to defray postage and Cost of constitutions and and that hitherto he has been incurring this expense at his own where Stamps have not been St Lilb county head sir i More about the knights have been a Reader of the saturday express for Only two but you can consider me a warm fiend the express and of the order therein set please information in regard to organizing a Lodge of knights of sen me instructions and copy of bylaws and Constitution and what course to pursue to organize i desire to know of by May we have succeeded in establishing an Assembly in this with of de As we were organized on the 28th of have not yet got into Good working order As our have not yet we started with Twenty four members think from present indications that we will soon reach there has been a Possession o the use of mans office now Busy placet j Stant t o alls Ftp brotherhood Joni and the usef lit eff Send o As me v pamphlet about the knights of labor for the enclosed three and which shall be to deliver Short lectures Oldrige yours in the local write and read and the acknowledged authorities in the District on the subjects assigned to several of those whom 1 have taken the Liberty to select know to be persons who have taken considerable pains to master their subjects and Are there fore Able to speak or write with Force and Confidence Aud i believe that All have the Zeal and disposition to de vote themselves to the enlightenment of the members of the and the people on matters borne of which Are As yet but mysteries to to organize and spread the Light is a i have there much pleasure in nominating the following members to be lecturers for on the subjects respectively assigned to them As of rows 1 labor ban d4l 5 Public Laws and their William 7 convict Labo Henry Sher arbitration and strikes Mark contract system May ton will please find enclosed Twentyfive Send me the Worth of it in pamphlets of instruction for organizing knights of is immediately Ai Are suit and adjoin the first uses was in last sunday second Assembly composed in securing signed for work it if Eyare a very con t of the quarters e rooms Washington if the sex were put to ably of d Pressman this is the of this William his May William i would like to have some information in regard to the knights of i am a locomotive Aud a working member of our and an admirer of the knights of and am anxious to Forward your work wherever i can do so Tell me How to go to work and what to and i will do my yours to Wake up the pod Tjing and mechanical May enclosed pleased find one dime for which you will please Forward Halley s pamphlet on signers for the Call cannot be secured in this aristocratic i want to try the knights of labor and see what i can do in that line to Wake up the producing and mechanical May i Send you three cents for knights of labor pamphlet which please mail to my we desire to organize an Assembly and await instructions As to How we shall in go we met last Gani Zed a pro Batory Twenty six from us soon night and or Assembly with you will hear a res objection and a birth pb01qsed new the following is from the pen of a Well known Reform and one of the gifted Irish world it shows that the Awakening is Felt in new Jersey May a bother Halley noticing that you Are publishing something by express i beg of you to Send me one or More copies by return mail enclosed find the dry Bones Are rattling even in this churchyard and we Hope to resurrect our dormant local and make a Rous ing big one in Jersey this will Complete in military parlance a Chain of posts from the Hudson to the hoping to hear from you with by return i am fraternally John Short time Tanner and id within its is John Estand in Erman Tan a pro on behalf of the workingmen of May Halley i was requested by a num Ber of workingmen of this City to procure information relative to knights of labor and ascertain being of the same order the first of the District Assembly washed there last wednesday the members feel quite pleased that they have now a local habitation As Well As local Assembly 1801 eng by speaking tanners was founded on monday night with about 200 100 applications for admission it is expected within every englishsr Currier will be Mel the master a very Grgetic local Assembly ners and carriers along it is initiating be tween thirty and forty members at every and will soon have in its ranks every German speaking Tan Ner and Currier who Vienot at Home in the English a demand has been made by this Assembly an and Vance in wages of from to per week for the beam hands of the and it is believed it will be readily Schwartz is the efficient master Workman of this organizer Kelly organized the blast Furnace men of Bridgeport they held a special meeting at Finucane s Aron Avenue anode eng on Friday when a Large number of Nef members were Carlotta you say that i love my life and it May be so i love Ita i love its Ita its its the the oceans the tiniest Stream that sings the Robins that flit across my the Flash of the eagles i am glad when the Day is and glad when the Day is done i kiss Ray hand at the Rosy and smile at the setting the Blossom will fall to that i Wear on my breast today tomorrow trill give me roses just As fresh and fair and Loving my life so von think i must dread to go to the strange beyond 1 Teli just As Hong to know All the f ullness that can betide this life of mortal All Joy and since men have i too would taste of it is Worth ones while to just to look in the sea and sky and just to know what death can it is Worth ones while to children and correspondence of the saturday May live in an age when every feeling seems to be at the High pressure every thought and every act seems so people Are suggesting All sorts of remedies for All sorts of a few who Are More thoughtful than others or have suffered More have gone deeper and tried to show the causes of the existing to my come to the real they Are so engrossed with their own share of the suffering that they have not touched the key i have thought about it for were others who were better fitted for talk ing or writing on the i have but the time has come especially the piously misrepresented what the subsidized press of today has spent its time and paper to cover Competition is the Vampire which is slowly but surely sucking the life blood not Only from american but that of every civilized nation on the face of the it is fact that ignorance Breeds it if Alap a lamentable fact that ignorance1 is on the in the state of the very Hub of the there Are 10 per More who can not read and write than there were five years be this is the Banner state for the state which sent Down South in chattel slavery times More teachers than All the rest of new eng and it Only takes a Short time for the boy of 12 years to be where he is a Only a Little while for the girl of 8 or 10 years to become a mothers dare you think of the terrible effect of child labor on the next generation Are these Little girls with tired dwarfed bodies and stunted intellects fit to become mothers Are these to nothing but the Treadmill of con Stant labor and intellectually capable of no higher enjoyment than the become fathers and Law pay for equal Helen eight hour Par to Laws of the 17 18 labor literature Edward Shes of the lecturers e understood have an Opportunity for testing their tastes and capacities to their own Safas fat assemblies will make Choice of subjects and Send their plications accordingly who will communicate their pleasure to the respective Frater May Hal Sra in search of information i write i earn my living by daily and through the Chi Cago express i see a remedy for us poor Labouring i have talked with some of the Labouring men Here about the knights of they the great strike at mus on a there Are strike in for ten hours instead of these men work at the lumber the Muskego Boom company is endear Aen in through their this is to warn men to enter into no contracts or Promise to go c work the Union is Strong and will hold until they carry their All Good men in Chi Earo will Aid to defeat the Boom men and let foreigners know of the Situa any information May be sent to president of the workingmen a Mich ten hours or no sawdust is the cry of these two car loads of men were brought from Canada under delusive promises but when they Learned the True condition of affairs they immediately joined the Union and would go to work Only on the conditions demanded by the most of them have been sent North to find work in the governor of Michigan has visited the scene of action and ascertained the condition of affairs for Tso troops willbe the county officers should demand but the men Are conducting them selves so Well that no mob violence is knights of labor Cor ill organize at on my dear sir i Send you some Stamps please Send the Worth of them in your plans of pro Batory also Send me a Blank for signatures with proper we will Call a meeting at once and and we want to have everything ready for a meeting the necessity of writing to you not knowing what to ask for i leave the matter with i re member your speech on our court House i have Confidence in the knights of labor 6 May sir i wrote you think we can get a pro Batory Assem Bly and they have requested me to write and get the necessary info inquire it would Cost tog Tamanio come Here and or Laud teach Usho to we want to know whether the funds will All be kept in our own Treasury or sent to a higher As Tours David it will depend How near you Are to an organizer what his expenses will you will have control of your own from one who has a High opinion of the dignified Chaba teb of the knights of labor Sioux May Hal Sib for some time Back i have been anxious to the organization of the labor Elemen of Sioux City and Woodhull county having a very High opinion of the comprehension and dignified charac Ter of the knights of labor Organiza i wish to try to Start at least an Effort to enrol the people under it for such a enclosed Isen Djou postage stamp for your pamphlet con the the necessary Steps in order to effect the organization of such at this while i am not a wage yet my heart is with them in every Endeavor to elevate themselves and throw off please Send me your hoping Success to your i am county school Post wants an As Post May the Chicago express of May 6 i saw an in regard to knights of labor i would like to have information so i could get an Send me the ing the Aud any other will be very yours with from an ohioan interested in the knights of May i am a Reader of the saturday express i have become much interested in the knights of la the i the Iron Ore Torii have formed an knights of seem to fully unde and duties of in master Workman of Talkin sharply t Tennuce no attempt the men w the Joliet Dock Aga have joined the is initiating new i made a demand wages in a polite circular addressed they years of Bridgeport givers at this rate How Long will it take us to degenerate into a state worse than barbarism be advocates of Here is a Field of labor in which you May not Only Dia but accomplish you have been do not yet stand the scope and the been under the them somewhat order will Conn a monopoly of were at work on the wish of the of Artusy As any other it has just an Advance of worded printed the Arice of 20 per but in wages asked kept when must place themselves on record on one the other of the labor it is time we dealt with instead of child with its attendant evils whose name is is the thing which has lain near my heartland it is from the fullness of the heart the month child labor has been the cause of More More Drunken More robberies and murders has destroyed More family than All other evils put i do not pro pose to go to foreign or even to other parts of our own Chi Iago furnishes evidence enough to awaken All hearts to immediate in this City alone there Are More than boys Aud girls employed in the rolling packing Linguish yourselves the end for which striving so believe it is of no use to fight the rum seller who makes his Money on the Poison he while you cannot affect the husbands and by the love they Bear and the duty they owe ought to let it emancipate and educate the children and Yon will surely elevate the next generation out of the and when there is no longer a Call for them they will cease to be teachers of religion and remember that so Long As Man to wages fettered men starve their Christ and bind their Savior so Long As human lips remain men starve their Christ for Lack of coarsest bread and while one orphan Only or lives Imp Guiteu in your like old King you again condemn to death the infant lord of we Are rapidly approaching that deplorable monies aristocracy and an abject and the Many charitable institutions and More Are being constantly endowed show that our oppressors know it and Are trying to Compromise with their con science by giving to Charity what they have stolen from so Long As we have child so Long shall we have its Dunn insane asylums and Reform orphan asylums and Penny soup tee importation of Chicago from new York a Telegram announces an importation of five thou Sand europeans in a single a Large proportion of which were skilled the object of whose coming to America is to enter into Competition with american skilled labourers in the american labor thus Amer ican which the Protection doctrinaire assures us is protected by High Tariff duties against the pauper labor of is brought into com petition in its own workshops with the alleged pauper labor against which it has been falsely told High Tariff duties would protect this importation included an instalment of Diamond cutters from Amsterdam and an instalment of lace makers from the former brought Over by a Boston locally noted for the loudness of preaching that a Tariff duty on Dia monds is necessary to protect tie american Diamond manufacturing Industry against the Competition of european Diamond and to protect the labor of the Amer Candia Mon Cutter against the rivalry of pauper labor of Amsterdam Dia it is Safe to How that the Boston Diamond manufacturer has never been heard to advocate a High Tariff on imported dutch Diamond cutters for the Protection of the labor of Boston the gospel of protectionism does not go to that it is Nat possible that these frequent and Large importations of european workmen by protected american manufacturers after a induce some deluded american artisans to inquire Why it does and wherein will Protection protect american labor if it does not Pennsyl Tania the Pennsylvania be publican convention nominated James Beaver for governor Daviess for lieutenant governor Henry Bayle for judge of the supreme and Thomas Marshall for congressman at the Independent leaders announce that they will place another ticket in the the master of isl has been victimized by is behalf of his the Shoemakers Assembly Taining information about the and any other document you can spare Likely to be of use in this i wishing you and your no ble cause unlimited Success i am yours Aid for Kansas May Liam see by the Chicago express that Yon Are an organizer of the knights of and As we Are in sympathy with any organization that has any tendency to relieve the useful classes from the capitalistic bondage to which Weare now attend to i j to q Bor and being desirous of i enclose stamp for your from Cooper Assembly of Columbiana was reorganized april former members coming in on the same footing As new it is a mixed and now has a membership of Over the prospects Are most encouraging for a splendid and effective a Large delegation will go from Here and neighbouring assemblies to the grand demonstration at to take place in a few let us push the glorious work every our order is the Promise of future Light and it is most encouraging to know that our Southern Brethren Are embracing the Universal if proper information i address the m give All the Din my Power for its i learn you have All the information necessary to a thorough name of the organizer for to concentrate their s0mmit May Halley is a three cent for which please Send me a pamphlet containing information re Garding the order of the knights of i see in the saturday express your name As the Laby ring classes Here Are so completely under the hand of oppression that we see the need of an organization to help us Couce trate our yours John 1790 has shifted quarters to Corner of la Salle and Lake ithe night of meeting is changed fro Friday to has been made in organizing the packing House Sembly the Corner of Ashland Avenue and fort seventh Street on last sunday the Assembly 1771 is the largest in the num Bering Over 600 is carry ing on a Lively warfare with the Yard Bosses at the present and will bring them to terms but has been no harm done the weather has to Buck Donovan is the master Workman of this the Chicago Tribune of late dates has been publishing articles accusing the trades unions of preventing american boys from being apprenticed to at the meeting of the trades Assembly it was shown that not the but the the use of the division of labor and the importation of foreign labor ers Are the causes Why apprentices Are not a gentlemen from has been to see Halley and invited him Over there to found As he said that one could be organized in every town in his local and the people were Ripe for trades and brother Halley is so engaged at in putting the Chicago District in working shape that he cannot leave Home at this is the reason Why he has not responded to his numerous lecture and organizing engagements set Down for factories Nastoi Efrom 8 to 14 hours a Day and this Iuie Jace of a Law on our statute books which every child is entitled to an education at the expense of the and shall have children Are working for All sorts of from cold and starvation to a the Nazarene bade us care for the for of such is the kingdom of heaven and yet in the tobacco factories of this City Are Little children existing not living in an atmosphere which would choke his botanic the Law expressly says that places of education shall be it Here in one District alone 28o children applied in vain for admission into the and in consequence of there not being Many were put in shops to and in some costs men with families to support being discharged to make room for showing your compulsory school a dead letter on one hand and of Meeta at 91 East Washington District of Cater George Thomas a John William j Robert William Boa sizes William general Boom 91 East Washington Richard grand worthy Mitchells senator Mitchell expresses his views concerning the Harrisburg ticket in the following dispatch May bight is mighty and Ever i have done All for but War was upon but upon the candidates who have lashed them selves to an unrighteous cause to Curry the favor of machine and the use of the spoils system to bolster up the Stalwart i am against this everywhere and for it is a patriotic duty to put Down this Stalwart oligarchy at any that True republicanism and the Republic itself May live and organize work and fight to the John l 231 North Wells St Vrotny Vioa Wurm George District worthy 57 West Polk St 799 West Twenty second St Andreas 234 West Henry St Thomas los Centre Avenue West Albert 025 West fourteenth St s17 West twelfth St 292 Blue Island Avenue by time and places of every second and Law the prohibition of child labor a dead letter in the in some places Here children Are kept at work Tiu 9 Oclock at night and in one place the father threatened with discharge because the Mother brought the Little one a lunch at b Nevlock Labo saving machinery in tended by the great master Mechanic As a help to the Workingman in economizing brain and muscle has been seized upon by the capitalist and 11 of May in my last number o the saturday express i see it stated that persons wanting information about the knights of by Send ing you a 3cent will receive a pamphlet giving the necessary info i enclose a 3cent for which please Send me one of those and also please give the name and address of the organizer for this one of seeking whom to confab May so i enclose you a please Send me pamphlet containing information with regard to the knights of labor also the address of some one in this state with whom i can with address the grand and used As a Urther Down the at at Box eager Home time ago for information in re Gard to necessary Steps to be taken to an Assembly of knights of did not hear from myself and others Here very anxious to Start the i am confident if can be the interdicted to May dear Sib i am interested in the anti monopoly move and would gladly participate in any organization that will tend to Check the aggressive Power of monopoly if the knights of labor can accomplish this i would Lika to Contri Bute my might to assist in the please Send me such information As May be communicated to the at Tomt Titt tee bricklayers and the brought before the workingmen we get a Strong Assembly Here please find please the Brick Yards of Chicago Are now closed on account of the refusal of the Bosses to the wages demanded by the Brickl borers the men claim that the Bosses want to make Brick scarce and then Boom up the at a meeting of the bricklayers held in Greenbauml on the Lith the following Resolution was adopted be it that we offer the follow ing proposition to the Boss build ers Deab the month of the knights of have been expect ing a visit from of this for some he is engaged to lecture there on the arms of the this Assembly is presided Over by Irwin with much there Are fifty members in the and it is constantly one of its latest acquisitions is the probate judge of the but he is not a Halley received about 40 or Ders forms pro Batory tract during the last the demand for it w in creasing Send him a scent stamp and get a there was a Large turnout of the labor forces new on the 29th of Panl in the procession twelve assemblies of among them was that of the Button an imposing and exhibited evidence of growing itis Tiow Sai Tobe capable of employers generally Crusher to Send us i Steens of degradation and sending with every new invention or hundreds o men out to and urging the introduction of the machine with the potent that a child can run it or a Mere boy can manage in the tin shops hot e girls do All the Small work at 25 to 35 per cheaper than the their employer giving As a reason for employing the work Are easier managed and do not ask for time and on half if asked or required to work Over the Rolong Mills and packing houses Are filled with while the country is filled in the cooked meat fourth sunday at 3 5o North Clark at la East Washington at 2 first and third sunday each Iron and steel at banquet South Chi every sunday at 2 to at Gid South Halsted every sunday at 2 no 1 molders and stove counters at 105 fifth Avenue every sunday morning at 10 no at 2ilia South Halsted Street every sunday 4 every monday Corner Liberty and Union no 1 and every monday evening at 432 Milwaukee no Corner la Salle and Lake monday every tuesday at Blue Island no 1 every tuesday at 554 South Halsted St at 34 West Lake every tuesday night that we hereby agree to work Sib we have a City Here of about ten thousand and to wish nothing but the bricks Man fac Turere by the Boss builders provided they agree to make their own Brick and refuse to buy from the present the Price of pro Batory tracts is changed in order to cover postage tis Ingle 3 cents 1 cent a co pump to copies 40cerits 60 pos Tage 91 East Washington Street or this office Vevil Mekin houses children live and toil in an atmosphere so dense with steam that one cannot see ten feet before ones Little girls from 8 to 12 years of age working from eight to Welve hours a he father of one of an honest and industrious was Dis charged with 200 to make Way or a heavy convict ornament of civilized kept in existence by the free Andin depend Dent voters of this free and the whole Christian world is in the same Chicago is no worse than any other the cheapest thing in the labor Market is childrens and cooler contracts Are Nora re dangerous to society or civilization than convict women of America look at it think of it save your children you have talked and written on dress forms politic everything but our Chil Avren it does not require the Wisdom of a Solomon to show us what the wis men an the lawgiver have so sedum no 1 of Mace wednesday at Kastner Comer Archer Avenue and Locke Street no i every thursday night at 208 Blue Island no 1 789sewing girls meets every thurs Day night at 554 South Halsted it no 1 machine workers every thursday night at o4 West no 1 Ore Corner of Archer Avenue and Locke every thursday 1 at South Halsted Street first and third thursday of each no at Hall Corner in Diana and Lincoln every Friday Naglit no 1 every Friday even ing at 2525 South Halsted St no at Malhias Hall Canalport and Union Street every Friday night no 1 Friday at even Ings Corner Archer Avenue and Hals Tea ateie835harnessmakersmeet3 at 20s Blue Island Ever Friday night at 8 no every second and fourth saturday night in each month at Northeast Corner of Randolph and Clin ton Chicago new May steam ship which will sail Tomor has engaged for the Gallia today took out Over Large outflow of Gold naturally attracts much attention in financial and there is no Little discussion As to the extent the move ment will assume before it just previous to the late Boom in the Stock Market Large amounts of Sterling were borrowed against Stock Collat this Sterling will mature from May 16 to May and the importance of Gold shipments in the future de pends to a great extent As to whether this borrowed Sterling will be renewed or paid if it is then the effect will be to Check exports but if it is paid off further considerable amounts of Gold will probably be this Gold movement is a powerful lever on Stock and the position of certain operators in the Early future will undoubtedly decide the question of renewal or i George Alfred Townsend it looks a Little against us to see More than two and a third millions of Gold going to Europe on one ship and another million on one ship tomorrow and will go with foreign James Boine has Given to a new England senator positive Assur ances that he will not be a candidate for a seat in the House of represent woman and her diseases a the title of an interesting treatise 00 Post paid for three address worlds dispensary Dull feeling heart Burn and general ill health relieved by Browns Iron deaths from heart disease Are use or Graves heart Book free of f and sold by Fuller no 1 at Railroad state and fourteenth 1st and 3rd saturdays of each no 1 first and second saturday each Comer Archer Avenue and Locke St no 1 every saturday the existence of this paper we have never seen an advertisement so calculated to win the Confidence of our readers As that of Scotts electric brushes in this weeks please read it build up just where the pulling Down began Are you an aged person then assist the vital forces with the Ever continuous nerve tonic found in hoi mans it will sustain you As nothing else elegance and ladies who appreciate elegance and in Rita Are using parkers hair it is the Best article sold for restoring Gray hair to its original Beauty and Pound at saturday evening Centro Pruene a a reliable harmless preparation for the extirpation and removal of superfluous it does not bum the hair with Caustics or As other so called specifics but dissolves Root and thus ensuring permanent j a i thus ensuring permanent a Tyuanna Satt Irav i in Avenue Overy saturday night 1 at in Waukee saturday no 1 801 at 01 North Ozark saturday recording secretaries will fiend changes of place and time of Berlin and one of the Ablest chemists in the All the preparations preparation five Way the company Are in every

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