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Chicago Express Newspaper Archives May 20 1882, Page 2

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Express, The (Newspaper) - May 20, 1882, Chicago, Illinois The stub Dat May its Story Tom in an interesting Fay by one f to knows All the Early struggles of a suf Fering physician after restored How he finally found it in the life preserving principle of common Aliat it will has and can do for Safe of Ink that the past has Given us All we can Ever know in my science or is so Clear a fallacy that we Bejoc Titre half stated and yet it is remarkable How Many Able scientific and professional men Are held in bondage by old theories which have been in As it into the very texture of their but which new facts and the application of broader principles have shown to be brighter and better aspect of the subject is seen in tie fact that in All professions there Are leading and Independent like feel them selves to be Only standing on the Shore of an illimitable sea of to these the world is indebted for nearly All the Advance ment which has been like most of the worlds they have bad too of ten to do their work in the face of oppose contumely and conservatism and self interest Are Quick to array themselves against All new or new applications which discredit old Theo Ries held or bring a profitable Craft into the higher ak1 More Active forces in that All the higher and More Active forces in nature Are Subtle and is a fact More and More clearly seen every steam is More Active and powerful than and electricity than both Are in the invisible air which surrounds the Earth is not Only stored up All the principles and activities of but the vital elements from moment by we draw the living forces of our if the air we breathe becomes or if from any cause it is robbed its due measure of disease or depressed vitality will follow and if these atmospheric conditions remain unchanged for any considerable death will be the considerations like these naturally Lead to the questions of atmospheric influence upon health and and the extent to which Modem investigation has gone in this and the results which have been All Intelli gent and especially whose profession leads them to the study of but experiments did not wholly in spite of All that either of the great schools of Medicine could the death Roll under the fatal shafts of consumption showed no rather a steady the victims numbering from annual Yin the United Stales what was to bed nov so Faras the Means possessed by the medical profession was con Little or nothing could be unless answering to closer and deeper gave a new secret of the Case was that nature held this secret Many believed but in what element was it hidden How get the Clew to its Dis covery it is now Over fourteen years since that Clew was and the secret of Healing Dis and from that Day to this Itcan be said without fear of contradiction that consumption has been stricken from the list of incur Able hundreds of grateful men and women standing ready to attest the fact in their own let us give a Brief and True history of this by which a particular combination of oxygen and nitrogen was made and devel oped into a practical and Safe curative agent and this after a Long and laborious scientific the great a physician who had suffered from an attack of which came near prov ing found his convalescence so slow and imperfect As to oblige him to relinquish his general practice and seek recovery in a foreign several months diligent Pursuit of his lost health ended in disappoint ment not willing to abandon the Hope of recovering his former soundness of he thought tomake available his scientific knowl that of like hundreds before Phinij he seized upon the idea that the natural stimulus of the promised the greatest Reward for re search and unlike the Many who had failed to win the he had a deeper interest in the Success of his labors than the love of abstract How Ever pure that May having possessed himself of the English and Continental literature upon the and profiting by the failures As Well As successes of european he entered upon his the Crown of All these efforts was the discovery above referred by the use of this new substance the doctor rapidly regained his health and has fully maintained it Ever under its which became quickly apparent in an improved appetite and Power of digestion and his weight in creased fort pounds in three and from a reduced weigh 10 pounds he went on gaining until his old permanent weight of 190 pounds was these Are the simple res but ask is this new substance it is a combination of oxygen and the two elements which make up common or atmospheric in such proportion As to Ren Der it much Richer in the vital or life giving causes in connection with know that the general health of any Community is quickly affected by a change in the Quality or condition of the common while it is almost impossible to determine by known chemical with any degree of the exact of any atmospheric change Jinan it is very Wen known that Quality of the blood is and All the nervous centres depressed or rendered More Active by such conditions of the at mob in epidemic diseases which arise from some unfavourable condition of the the medical profession almost always finds itself at and treatment is More or less experimental one school of Medicine follows one line of according to its Best judg and another school of Medicine an in the but Little general Relief is found until the atmosphere is reduced to its Normal the crude and powerful drugs which in the Hist and too often in the were and Are administered so helped the epidemic to instead of saving the successful treatment of the its in these epidemic which gave a death rate considerably lower than the crude compelled the latter to abandon to a very Largo extent their heroic treatment As they boldly the gave How came it that their patients recovered in a larger percentage than those treated by allow atheists it was nature that they not the homoeopathic then Why not let nature alone Why hinder her de press her and clog her vital machinery with crude and poisonous which if taken by a Well Man would make him sick there was no resisting these con and the consequence has been a less and a less Reliance by the old school of medi Cine on and More on nature assisted by hygienic but As there were a Large portion of them which no treatment known to the most enlightened and skillful was Able to cure diseases which were on the and one of gave a death rate annually of nearly on fifth of the whole number reported in the Bills of advanced and progressive Mem Bers of the profession lost Faith in Pill and and turned investigation and Experiment into Tho Region where reside the More Subtle and powerful forces of the discovery by priestly of oxygen As a Dis Tinct that element in the atmosphere which enables All air breathing to naturally enough led to the among intelligent physicians and that oxygen ought to restore men to full vitality in cases where vitality had bean partially lost by for Many this conviction has been so Strong that experiments by the hundreds have been made to use oxygen As a curative agent but the result proved so unsuccessful Tii atthe Best men in the profession yielded to disappoint ment and became sceptical As to its having any curative virtue and if you ask almost any intelligent physician his opinion As to the Power of oxygen to cure he will tall that i4has been tried faithfully Over and Over again mid found at and Here let it be said that the use of oxygen in an uncombined state has disappointed and probably always will disappoint what would seem to be a reasonable expect turn of its has a mixture of oxygen with common air in various proper Irons to produce the Healing effects which bean looked for with to much element it is a preparation of which chemists know and differs essentially from All subjects used in medical it contains no unless the elements of pure air Are medicines and Ita administration introduces into the body nothing which the system does not Welcome As a accept Wiki appropriate As entirely homogeneous to and claim As its own Birthright but it is More than simply a com Pound of oxygen and in the Atmos phere these elements exist in the proportion of one of oxygen to five of nitrogen and the combination of them is that known As mechanical mixture and so neither ele ment is changed by being mixed with the in this combination the proportion of the elements is so altered that the oxygen is greatly in and in the manufacture of it the oxygen is which gives to it the Quality known by scientists As naturally the question comes How does Thih new combination or compound of oxygen and nitrogen cure disease we will try to make the answer the use of oxygen is to purify the blood which comes Back through the veins from All parts of the body loaded with this impure blood is sent by the heart into the where it comes so near to the air inhaled that nothing lies Between them but a Flimsy Mem so attenuated that the oxygen of the air is instantly absorbed through it into the Here it immediately forms a chemical Union with the Carbon which it finds in the thus generating carbonic acid Gas and this Gas passes As rapidly through the same to be exhaled with the As Tho oxygen did in Tho opposite thus the blood is relieved of its and left of a Crimson color and in this state is returned to the heart to be again sent on its life and health dispensing we can now see How a Bountiful Supply of oxygen May act to restore a diseased through purification of the to a state of healthy owing to Many customs and habits incident to our civilized modes of few of us get As much oxygen As Tho Best welfare of our bodies this continued deficiency of vital air is enough of itself to work indefinite the blood never gets properly purified in the simply because not enough oxygen is admitted to the blood to dissolve out the car the blood being thus sent Back into the system Only partially relieved of its in these not Only clog its channels of and cause obstruction to All the vital actions of the worse be come poisonous in their if Thev accumulate beyond a certain cause blood poisoned such As jail and putrid a plats and commonsense is it not Plain to be seen that if the which Are doing the Best they under these to get sufficient oxygen from the air to dissolve out and remove the carbonaceous could receive now and then a Supply of air More richly furnished with a More prompt and thorough purification of the blood would take and every Organ in the body receive new instalment of Igor and life All this would come from breathing the atmosphere simply Richer in crude but How much must this chemical action be enhanced As in the Case of the new compound now under consideration the air inhaled were not Only made Richer in but rendered More highly Active through its magnetic by virtue of this magnetic property All the great nervous centres Are first to feel its this proves an increase of vital which the nerves transmit to every part of the or Guiam with the blood purified and All the nervous forces normally Active disease is re moved and health nor is this All theuer Vous centres appropriate this compound As and there by becoming larger and More intense and and thus capable of continually generating a greater amount of vital which is this is the Plain and commonsense theory of the new which has already restored to partial or Complete health thousands of in Many of whom had been Given up by their physicians As the of test application of thib beat Dis and after this digression touching the nature and action of Thia which the air we breathe can be made Richer in its life giving we proceed with the Story of its develop ment and application to the cure of immediately on his restoration to health the discoverer of this new combination of oxygen and nitrogen began the work of extending its benefits to and opened office for Ite by Means of for the cure of to give it a name had now become a after due the one by which it i Jiow so widely compound was selected As the most As we have in the first administration of compound the discoverer did not propose to treat any beside pulmonary Dis but it soon became apparent that the new agent or cure had no limited or partial that it was not specific to any oho but acted As a Vitalizer of the whole Newe healthy action of All the life forces determined to that part an improvement in the general health of his patient at once and the diseases for which they had not sought the Aid of thin Subtle this was opening a wide sphere of and com Pound oxygen proved itself As efficacious in the whole Range of and what were called incurable As in med As the first administration of compound oxygen was by office Only a comparatively could Avail them selves of its How was it to be made available to millions All Over the land we shall about the year 1809 Starkey for some years professor of surgery in the Phila Delphia homoeopathic and a Phy Simian of High Chirac Erand personal integrity was forced to abandon a Large practice in consequence of failing circumstances brought to his knowledge the new and to was led to a thorough investigation of its chums and the results which came under his observation filled him astonishment cases As a he had come to regard As beyond the reach of All known were speedily cured and Relief from pain Given to patients who had been hopeless sufferers for he Well understood that if he espoused the cause of the now and identified himself with its he would come under the ban of his professional Breth and be classed by them with quacks and nostrum but he was grave and a thoroughly educated Phy and a practitioner of wide experience and he was Able to distinguish Between real and imaginary and be tween the True and apparent facts which Are constantly presented by physicians in their observation of clearly satisfied that a new agent of cure had been and that in its administration the physician could successfully treat a Large Range of chronic diseases for which the highest medical skin had been Able hitherto to do Little or he acted with the courage of his convictions in face of the condemnation and Ostra cism of his professional indent Ned himself with the new treatment a wide Field of it soon became apparent to Starkey that unless the now compound of oxygen could be made available beyond Mere office its administration would be limited to the denizens of and that the great body of the people could not share in its except at considerable Cost and much to fix this new com Pound in a vehicle by which it could be read ily transmitted to All parts a the and mencing year today treatment com it is a my Bitt nerve seemed ice arid Bot til out Thein Mouths i a review All knowledge licks the and every k suffering Allie could with How i Ever in Gentoo write the first it they were understand me i Nger 1 wish could retain such is j the like land pulling in opposite smoothed and for some Felt it except in the Back from which vehicle it could be promptly re leased and passed by inhalation to tie was a to tue solution of As a he set himself to and with an responsibility of the task he had no labor or expense were spared to secure a successful the crowning result was the production of a possessing the identical elements and curative properties the office but not in As Active a form it is now ten years since this import ant result was and during that time no Effort has been spared to Render the Home treatment As completely efficacious As that dispensed at the this has been a com Ana now nine tenths of the most Brilliant cures which have been made by com Pound oxygen Are from the use of the Home after eight Yeara of single handed labor in developing and administering this curative in Starkey associated with As partner in the a Man of a practical having Well trained Busi Ness and of unquestionable this Union of professional skill with trained business habits has borne ample fruit there Baa not Only been a steady improvement in the Quality of the and a rapid growth of its but a series of most remarkable cures so remarkable that it can be said without fear of contradiction that there cannot be found in medical history a record of such Brilliant results in and of ten abandoned cases As Are Given in a single number of Starkey Valensi health and quarterly record of cures and cases under the compound oxygen treat at Philadelphia Lor free Cir in this which has been issued every three months for two will be found in the language the patients stories of suffering that seem beyond human often run Ning through Long and weary and baffling the highest medical skill but reached at last by the almost miraculous effects of this new revitalizing and subtly powerful agent let us give the Reader a few of and in doing so it is Only fair to the Public and to the honorable and conscientious physicians who dispense this now to say that each report of a Case is verbatim in the words of the and that every Opportunity for the verification of reports is afforded to those who will Call upon Starkey it Palen at their office in Philadel or communicate with them by a Bema Kable the first extract presented is from the number of health and life issued we condense the remarkable report of a Case headed belief from almost incredible suf one of the natural inferences which every one must draw from a Case like this that if compound oxygen can act so subtly and powerfully in a system As fearfully Dis eased As was that of and give All the vital forces a healthier May not be hoped for its influence in disease of a Milder Type writing in this patient says Yon cannot Hope Yon nor no one else Ever i have passed what i am still that i write such hopeless pain and buffering i could endure and be but when this deafness and maddening pain in the head were i lost everything but Tho Power to stay in it and feel the noise is Hie the sound of and of All never Slacks a second i am and sometimes i hear it when How 1 Long for a quiet place to Lay my i never knew what it was to be free from pain and five Mouths after beginning the us of compound oxygen her Mother thing is she has been relieved Many and sometimes seems like herself in three Mouths the patient herself wrote i since the Middle of stayed with the family nearly All the time have eaten at the table with though not of the common of coarse have a Good and get real hungry at can oat my Tavonte fruity and for Many years a forbidden fruit can Chew anything not too which have not done for two years can do Many kinds of Light sawing and fancy take care of my House and play wit the and enjoy their company can Walka few Steps and stand a moment without support my face and head have been ered for three years with a painful humor for the last month it has been entirely and now the scars Are hardly Mouths it except in the Back and top of that hardly compar ate to for six months have had none of this unbearable pain in the fifth have Beena victim of sleepless less two did not average Jjon Sinthe i never used opiates or anything for though 1 did try to relieve it i preferred the disease to using opiates would not when the doctor advised Totake them for pain have take any thing for the first compound oxygen has and now 1 sleep nearly As Well As i Ever did sometimes fall asleep before Midnight and late in the and an hour or can eat nearly All kinds of bread or vegetables that like but have to be of but for have not done it with a doors two or three times once fifty feet by resting both i had the heart Dis ease have Able to walk without the support of the or Furni Ture but alone sometimes six feet or can wait of As to get a drink of water it i those and my that so despairingly has some impression on but not As on other Dis eases if it q could waited for the rest two of worst ones have except at rare and where i could not hear a foot from Mej i can hear some any one wishing to Terify this report will be afforded the Opportunity doing As the address of Tho patient will be Given by the if requested Ako toes Bema Kalb the next is also reported in the july number of health and under the head of a Sapid decline arrested and the patient Beatred to is that of the wife of a Well known and influential citizen of san Anna who offers a Job Mary in which she says ton not that your treatment Beri matted but that it cured my symptoms indicated for seven or eight years i had been deep oppression in the throng the lungs slight me cough and spit up of 1873 a deep cold had a dreadful by sleepless flesh and mental Haemorrhages from the the continued for eighteen Ling i hid the treatment by this time i had lost most of the time in raised a Large Quantity after a Little part of the would nth night and so could not raise myself in a Little i began by husband and my is could not possibly Jour compound oxygen to on ily sent for it i stopped seines and began the treat weak at Torst 10 take it for two minutes but gradually increased in length and Andun Ltd leave such a dough ten sense that j Loy Eato in settled on my 1 accompanied i id Thia i Noti of Good phys All s coughed com of deep yello1 sleep in the la awaken drench prostrated that Bennt jihad to lose Lopes neighbors thai about this til treatment was husband the use of All i ment i wast As Long a time i the inh Alatia there atm son Conli while at i Niz Edmy Felt and i Inonu end of to i other year Navel in i trom the beginning of t1 begin to feel like a per walks found myself singing 1 work i scarcely recon m self my flesh and 1 id i used the treat months after that for several and at the to months from the time i began no sign of lung disease in i Well it is More than a i left off taking the and i no return of the re to this by i Paleu Eay the action of com 1 oxygen in arresting the Progress 01 tonary consumption hag been so Market constant in our administration of this treatment that we Are warranted in say if taken in Early eight out of every ten pardons affected with this disease slight be in this As every my is the Only hops of the patient lies in the establishment of a higher vital Condi is an agent u of that gives director this new and higher vital which Genera try becomes apparent at the beginning of Ita Thia u Manifest in Ai almost immediate increase of and in a sense of Ufa and bodily Comfort if the use of oxygen is a steady improve ment nearly always and where the disease has not too deeply a cure May be confidently looked cumulative from the numbers of health and life issued during the last two containing As they do reports from nearly two Tho Sam cases where great Relief or permanent cur was and in diseases for Thi most baffled Ordinary column after column of even More surprising thai the could be by space fill not permit All who desire to examine these cases can get the numbers of health and life by writing for we quote a few passages from reports taken a one lady writes there Are no words in the English language that express the gratitude feel for the Benefit i have received and the Hope have of possessing tolerable health Puli be ten years since iras takers and the mental agony alone has been i have twi Little girls who have never seen me this was in in december she wrote i am improving All have been out Riding every Day since Las my husband warms the Robes and i do not get though the thermometer has been sixteen degrees above Zero some of the i returned from the i raised in self up by the Aid of the table which stood near my and Walker three Steps All alone and sat Down in the such shouts of laughter As issued from our House would have made the most Melan Chol person have walked a Little further each Day since say i seems like a Miracle lady who had Boer a sufferer from asthma in some of its mos it is a year since received my fits Supply of oxygen and 1 do riot know How to express to you my thankfulness for the Benefit i have receive from you treatment have had return of Jast Mavet i to much shall keep Thi to writes my cough is Almos gun stand under my Blades better can sit up straight wit and can walk of the con not do these before using com Pound my headache Al Good appetite and can sleep All Nign without Congo Ink a thing i Bave not Bee Able to do for tear i feel to my per i can breathe evidence which Ahkoi be in Teatini i j country Orin tue immediate neighbourhood whare who have tried and prove the curative this new an who do not hesitate to give it their in these Are the who to you an thou who May do suffering i Wai daily Effi auras of is impel me to say and to to give any Degre of publicity i my that the use Oft oar at has so far restored of health that am not conscious of having do charged any Lood for More than a and that my the severity of which made me a fre sent object of has tanking you for renewed and the Hope of years of comfortable i main your grateful president of Wisconsin state Normal gives the following emphatic Testi Mony after enduring postnasal Catarrh or eleven at times greatly annoyed and sickened by the abundance of the Secco in the full belief that Catarrh is incur i procure your compound and after three Mouths steady application the secretion wholly and has not yet re six months having elapsed since i ave used the William Perm publisher of the inter says n was in very poor y system had been much and cold contracted in the Spring seemed to have Aken permanent hold on my i had lad several slight was troubled Rith a and was much reduced in was and my family alarmed at by a Friend in Boston sent my wife one of your Little strongly rec amending your i was Besought o order the Home and did a i followed instructions and in ire months was a new my troubles lad almost entirely the improvement bad been quiet but and ure from the time i first began its i eel very grateful to you for and wish that could persuade All suffering in a similar Way to persevering by use your very simple and effective business is very con Ning and when i take cold and Eal myself running i resort to com found and it is always prompt in Ita Arthur writes As follows i o not think that i can say anything stronger n favor of your oxygen treatment than i Lave your Starkey knows Ion run enervated and exhausted i Jad and with what reluctance and ack of Faith i at last yielded to his Friendly efforts to induce me to try the new agent of ure which had come into his at that As i then told i bad Hud Down All Earnest literary and never expected to take it up my friends gave me but a Hort lease of lift but within six months my pen was and before the year closed i hid completed one of my largest and most earnestly written closing the last age without any of the old sense of exhaust since then there has hardly been a Day n which i have not been hard at work in my to fit from three to five hours and All this without any return of the weak and tired Eeling from which i had suffered for so Many two Vears after the above was he Saya Benefit received from he use of compound Oiven has been per manent the testimonial i you Volun drily two years ago is As True in regard to my general As when it was the number of people who Are neither lick nor As the saying make up a Sage proportion of nearly every f you ask what Aila you get no Clear for they do not know Hoy Are not sick enough to be classed with and yet they Are not Well enough to enjoy life Nord any physical or mental work without a wearisome and exhausting Effort Fostof the time they feel miserable and for Orn every task is a they have no zest in life and Little Hope a the among business and professional men Thia state of Low vitality is too often produced by excessive and prolonged and by the confinement and anxieties which exhaust Anc depress both body and another class suffering from depressed vital action is that of the weary co Vales cents who have had a it May a Brief encounter with some acute in which they have barely won in the struggle tween life and and out of which they Lave come exhausted and some recover to a state of invalid ism More or less to nurse their broken Powers it Many pass Over All these cases Medicine is re sorted to in Vav though Large in their search for Relief and try Many while others spend All their for something More than Medicine is there is need of a new Force at the Centre of if the mainspring of a watch 30 too weak to drive the movements the whole machinery will drop out p the right and All efforts at repair wit to an agent that can restore this vital activity in the very nature of things give Back health to the suffering i must act As a new and stronger mainspring would act on the machinery of a tha such an agent has been discovered is no longer a matter of doubt and this new com which acts directly on the great Ner Rons rendering them More efficient vigorous and and capable of generating More and More of the vital is tha agent the results which have followed its administration during the past twelve Yeai establish its claim beyond the question o in the revitalizing of the Anc great nerve centres lies the whole secret o the restoring and Sourati Dapower of the treatment but we have said enough and Given Evi Dence enough to satisfy All but the persistently that a most remarkable discovery in the Healing Art has been made and that a now Era has dawned upon thongs ands and tens of thousands of suffering in valid who were ready to give up in despair those who desire to get full information about this remarkable treatment can obtain i by writing to Starkey Phila for their treatise on com Ponic oxygen its modes of action will be mailed free of Cost a shelled the relation of these gentlemen to their patients is that of observant and experienced this relation is bes stated in their own they say every one who procures a Supply of oni oxygen treatment is regarded by us As oui is under or special Ani May consult us freely in person or by letter we give to every Case submitted to As our intelligent and the Bene t of All the experience and observation which have come to us As the result of Many years spent in the Active work of on proves for this no extra charge is we do not sell on oxygen and then after getting the purchasers put Bun away from thought or physicians in the land hold a closer relation to keep one reminded o their patients than we or watch their Progress toward health More a care Ful record of every Case is made when sub and the record is continued As Eari report of Progress comes to so that w know tha condition of every what the oxygen is doing or has Dona for am what advice to needs to secure the Best re sults of on treatment these records o patients under treatment already cover Manv thousands of and give history of cases and cures More romark Abl than anything to be found in medical history we do not sell on oxygen cure to the Trade As an article of you can not procure it from the Corner druggist w As already directly with on and As regular physicians who a to be and who carefully Wate every Case that comes under our a visit to the Large establishment of Dre Starkey and and Girard with its hand Somel furnished office and reception rooms and extensive would be a Surpris to those who have known nothing of therapy growth of the new and the Exten of its three with their several assist Are closely engaged in examining Case and corresponding with patients in All Parl of the give them a if the thousands and tons thousands weak and Eiry sufferers throughout thelast in spite of care and Are steadily def Ting could have the Benefit o this Subtle and singularly vitalizing Agen and obtain the Relief which so Large a Nam Ber have already the help and was and Comfort it would bring to wasting Bodie and depressed spirits a Blessing beyond you have Ani Valit or or or any be who is under and dependent Pon end to whom life has become a Arden through weakness and consider seriously whether Yon Are not bound in both Ove and duty to give this sufferer a Chance f at least the Blessing of ease rom you Are peered the amp est Means of in formation in regard to this new if on can examine testimony and can weigh evidence with judgment and you can hardly fail to see that n compound oxygen there is a Healing Power Nat is simply the sick and whom you Bare for and and for whom Yon have not Een Able to get Hage a trial of this new it can do them no harm being what it has done and is doing in so Many thousands of All the probabilities re in favor of its doing them but the people of Kentucky Are Agi ated considerably in these Days Over a charge that Captain the democratic nominee for clerk of the ont of was recently Dis race fully drunk in Patterson Louisville courier our Nal makes the bold plea for Captain Lenry that getting drunk is no offence in in illustration of this original theory of the the courier journal tells this Story Captain henrys misadventure re alls a Story which went the rounds Wenty Lve or thirty years and is old enough to be it illustrates he embarrassment which a Glass too much sometimes occasions the beet of there lived in says colonel whom Burton credits with the a circuit Edge by the name of a Man of of inflexible integrity and beloved and respected by All the Legal but he had one Sis social qualities would Lead despite his into occasional in travelling the circuit it was his the night before open no to get if he succeed while operating upon his own he members of the bar would generally turn in and help it was in the Spring of the year taking his wife in the old fashioned the judge journeyed some Orty Railes and reached a Village where court was to be opened the next he took quarters with a rela Tion of his better by whom the presence of an official dignitary was considered a High after sup per he strolled Over to the Only Tav Jan in the where he found Many old collected to the like on important profession Al and who were properly glad to meet said the tis quite a Long time since we have Joyed a Glass together let us take i drink All of Sterritt addressing the you have Ietter liquor than you had the last me we were Here the stuff you had Thrett was not fit to give dog who had charge of the pretended that everything was and so they went to it is unnecessary to enlarge upon a drink ing bout in a country will quite answer our purpose to state thai somewhere in the Region of Midnight the judge wended his very devious Way toward his temporary about the time he was How some Young fond of c and not much afraid of the transferred All the Silver spoons of Sterritt to the judges coat it was 8 Oclock monday morning when the judge having indulged in the process of ablution Anc and partaken of a Cheerin and refreshing he went to his room to prepare himself for the duties of the said he to his wife i feel much better than i expected to feel after that frolic of last a said she reproachfully Yon Are getting too ought to leave off that whats the use of talk ing it was at this precise moment that the having put on his was according to his to give his wife a part ing that he in thrust ing his hand into his to Lay hold of Sterritte he jerked them an expression o horror he exclaimed my Polly what on earths the matter judge just look at these spoons dear where Dye get them get them dont you see the initials on them extending them toward i stole them stole judge stole them my dear it cant be pos sible from whom from Over there his name is on Good heavens How could ii happen i know very i was very drunk when i came Home want Yon know your old habit when you get among those but was i very drunk you was i remarkably drunk got Brown drunk As a Anc forty i thought said the drop Ping into a chair in extreme Despon i knew it come t that at i have always thought tha something bad would happen to that i should do Sineth ingery wrong somebody in a moment of Pas i never imagine that i could be mean enough be guilty of deliberate larceny but there May be some mistake no i know very Well How it All came tha the meanest or of Anda ways enough to make a Man do any sort o a mean i have always said i was mean enough to make a Man but now i have a practical illustration if the fact and the poor old Man karst into dont be a said his wiping away the tears go like a Man Over to Sterritt Tell him it was a Little bit of a pass it off As a joke and open and nobody will Iver think of it a Little of the soothing system oper ated upon the As such things usually do his extreme mortification was finally and Over to Ster Ritts he went with a tolerable of he had but Little difficulty n settling with aside irom he fact that the judges integrity was Sterritt had an Ink ing of the joke that had been the judge took his seat i court but t was observed that he waa subdued and and that his mind frequently wandered from the Busi Ness before there was a Lack of he sense and intelligence that usually characterized his several Days passed and the Busi Ness of the court was drawing to a when one morning a Tough arraigned on a charge of after the clerk had read the uric tent to he put the ques Ion guilty or not guilty but answered the whats that plea exclaimed the who was half dozing on the he pleads but save he waa replied the whats the charge against the Man he is indicted for grand larceny whats the Case May it please your said the prosecuting the Man is regularly indicted for stealing a Large sum from the Columbus he her and he he pleads but drunk the judge was now fully Bat drunk is a most extraordinary Young you Are certain Yon were dranic where did Yon get your liquor at did you get none nowhere eke not a you got drunk on his and afterwards stole his Money said the do me the favor to enter a Nolle pro Sequi in that mans that liquor of Sterritte is mean enough to make a do anything the court got drunk on it the other Day and stole All of Sterritte spoons release the sheriff i adjourn the Henry has the advantage of the though he was not a lecturing Archibald Forbes in the it is bad enough to realize that you Are up failure but it is quite too was rowing to be told Soto Tyrar and All the More harrowing when your in Formant does not know whom he is Long i gave an isolated lecture in on the Carlist War in from which i had recently it was a poor it was a bad and it was a works i Felt rather miserable As i stood in the Audi trying to Converse with the Secretary while the fag end of the audience slowly a Young gentleman sauntered not recognizing me As the addressed the internally poor this Friendly creature dont you think so he asked of the that official remained dumb in dont you think sir said addressing i quite agree with was my made in sad of course it he we All know the fellow can write first rate but he ought to stick to his and not try to for he cant lecture Worth a Blank int that sir again addressing As a previous again i expressed agreement with and he was proceeding with de tailed criticism of an emphatic Char when the in a cold clutched hold of dragged my to one Side and whispered something to the next thing i saw of the Frank and in genious critic was his fluttering coat As he dashed headlong from the he could not rally himself even to apologize what had he to apologize for preparations for Limekiln Admiral Gulliver Green now offered the following preamble and Resolution Dis Geutry am liable to Sass some f Orrin Nashun any Day in de week an git a War on its hands an in Case of War wid some european Power our water Mellon patches could easily be bombarded by de enemy As de Case now stands dare Ore Dat it am de sentiment of Dis club Dat Dis Kentry be at once up raided with Anavy powerful nuff to afford us Security and protect shun from wars de Resolution will be Laid on de stove fur de next six said the As he calmly in Case of War it will be just As cheap to buy de enemy off As to build a an de plan wont offer half As Many chances fur stealing de people Stone Dis Nashun has had fight nuff to last it fur fifty years to if Jim Elaine or any odder Man indulges in Sass he will find no backers among de we have got Navy nuts to take de president to Long Branch an any increase would be a waste of de Public Twenty three years ago Flora ple the world by cheating would it Ever be beaten was the since then eighty four horses have and quite a number have come within a fraction of

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