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Chicago Express Newspaper Archives May 20 1882, Page 1

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Express, The (Newspaper) - May 20, 1882, Chicago, Illinois New series about entering Tipon life Ilyin relation to the govern of parliament is about new coercion making the to enactment of the kind that been passed in the last eight two Law is More Savage of those that have preceded sulm few of its provision Are borrowed jurisprudence of barbarous for instance the Dis Isle its in which crime is committed the expense of the prose Ilion of the criminals and Index in 3 the parties injured in the per this Provis i is borrowed from the Barous from that of the of North this Bill provides Oahe establish til Anent of courts wherein or can be tried by Juhree who Are to be appointed lord lieutenant these judges Iare empowered to convict without the Aid of a it gives Power to search for Arras or explosives at any hour in the to the army or constabulary to enter any domicile at any persons who Are outta night without any justifiable reason for being beyond their threshold Are to be arrested and foreigners who Are suspected of being dangerous to the Public peace Are driven out of the membership in secret societies is made punishable by Fine and papers which publish or inflammatory matter Are and unlawful meet Ings Are to be summarily not Ore discussion in relation to rent or land tenure is to be but the most Savage proviso of the Bill is that forcing compensation for murder from the people Hoftke District in this her Brongs into the closest pos sible their wrongs became apparent to the dullest of them and that greatest of All a wrong to one is the con Cern of took not in their brains but in the Tropic Region of their Loving fed by Chewar impulses of generous it has grown to great in this which England fails to it is said that if this dastardly measure for her sup pression it will be because of too lenient when the egyptian on the sea Shore loosed the a flite from the bottle and it whole heavens were filled with its in his administration was too lenient to put it Back no less than is full of instances where such administration has been too in fact it Snart of the Law of growth that the cast off Shell is too lenient to Ever again encompass the full fledged England has called loud and Long of Ireland for that Wrath indicative of True manhood and it has responded at it stands before her today the most appalling object on which her Eye Ever like the old King in history besotted with challenged the appearance of the Devil is and the question is now How to get rid of the new ways of will Ireland remain passive in her resistance to this last and most Damn ing exhibition of English tyranny it is presumable that those irishmen who have organized under the land league will do Soj until passivity be comes but there remains Fowe assassins it has1 creep upwards sting some of its petted children the of this weeping world is heartrending aspect Chvat which the pitying planets leveling their opera glasses in silent the universe is in making the world men Are making the world Over Bead the article headed heat and Power at Little and yet the article is but a suggestion of what will be a Glimmer of Light out of the great Ocean of a fraction of Power out of the universe of stored All things depend on the mechanism1 of As his Genius in the elements Spring responsive to its there is nothing nothing either visible or in that brain cannot is the thing in since it has become apparent that mechanism is to be our redemption to from every in All the coming in shall we have More Leisure we shall be freed heavier and More sordid duties to those which Are higher and More those which shall not our but stimulate them to further invention and greater things Are very hopeful in deed in this men Are getting to be men they begin to scorn the to Long for absolute physical and moral they Are building pedestals to stand on while they work up still every in any department of labor Emancia pates a when enough of thesty classes Are emancipated to make them Combine and reduce All a system whereby the Benefit shall equally shared by things will by ans i de Din to toys of Power holds so article lie ago con of suit col is various t increase for As they Rio to they May Lee the for Bon of the of give life of Rand inde anti Ono to Hodge Ella an Artim toiled Over his he Laboured by night and by be struggled for glory and Honor but the had nothing to his Walls were ablaze with the splendours we see in the Beautiful skies but the world beheld Only the colors that were made out of chemical time sped and he and suffered be passed through the Valley of again he tailed Over his since in labor alone was it snowed not the splendor of colors of those of his earlier years but the bowed Down be fore because it was painted with a poet was gifted and he Sang and he Sang All the he wrote for the Praise of the people but the people accorded no o his songs were As Blithe As the As Sweet As the music of Biros but tiie world had no Firmage to because they weren thing but time sped and the through became like his suffering again he toiled Over his to lighten the grief of his they were not so flowing and rhythmic a Siose of bulb earlier years but the it offered its because they were written in so Ever the Price must be Given by those seeking glory in Art so Ever the world is repaying the suffering heart the Happy must Ever be Humble ambition must wait for the years Ere hoping to win the approval of a world that looks on through Ita creeds and aspirations May go by like friends that have betrayed us but we Sublime and Strong while one thing fills the heart Hope born immortal to us till we which makes Sach men of us that we with stand the wolfish years which crush us and depart whatever he Only cores the stroke of Fortune who better a Day of strife than a Century of the elements of s Success in fames Young let me for a moment address you touching your to be but this Man preaches right to that jest the i go to Church to hear other folks pitched i dont want to be rankled up just then the minister and with a dubious shake of the head he Cut Short his accounted a Good Fca tired and was greatly esteemed by the of the of the Potomac with whom he came in con having passed some time with Hartington slipped Over to general at whose Headquarters no doubt an englishman then Felt very much More at rib for Farmers become proprietors of the lands they Cul the government is making the same mistake that it made eighteen months the Hind Bill was preceded by a coercion and was rendered very unacceptable to the Irish people by this Savage enactment which went before in the same repression is to precede the measure intended for the Relief of the and will set them firmly against no matter How Bene the government appears to be afraid to make any Concession to the people of Ireland without first de Claring that it possesses the Power to coerce England gives very in graciously the manner of her giving depreciates very greatly the value of her the Wrath of the if the Irish people needed a stimulant to make them assert their Man Hood it is amply furnished in the Bill just the pall mall Gazette says it brings us to the Bottom of All that severity can do at its fail ure jul be attributed to too lenient and meanwhile it will be Well if the prophecies of Dillon Are unfurl Fate seems preparing All worst for England and failure will be attributed to too lenient not at it is the unexpected that no Man can predict what the result of this Bill is going to be but it seems a most reasonable to believe that the Irish people will never for one moment submit to even a preliminary trying on of the Gigantic prison garb Cut out for them and sewed into shape by their Arch the Irish nation is the standing Surprise of the she is the a Grega Teton All press her too hard in one place and she bursts out in and these bursts Are always the occasion of but Why look at her vitality look at the magnetic character of her intellect she is Irre a duller people would have been annihilated with what she has but she has resisted the most monstrous she has fought superstition and and All the time marched against almost crashing opposition up foe path toward the Freedom of a truer the time came when she teas sufficiently educated to see the of the she had suffered bore fruit in f and she Organ died her scattered forces into a impenetrable continent of passive i he who Directo and tempt to predict what the future May bring with this incalculable in unknown unrepresented is not to be thought Assassin is the Man who drives the stake that indicates the turning Points in it is a strange thing that the Fate of a race hangs on the whim of a single and the most Desper ate of his but it is it begins to look As if destiny oper ated through and As the or Derly projects of civilization were in his Power to be demolished or changed by the Flash of his even to at this very there Are Busy brains at work devising ways and Means by which through the Power of newly invented destructive they can match their own puny strength against the strength of England armies and events Are proving that the old ways of warfare Are castrated by these Cret thought in the assassins it is no longer a disguised fact that the Power of armies lies in the efficiency of their commanders and it is against commanders that the Assassin will the if there should be will be there Are men Des Perate enough to blow up the English House of and sacrifice their own lives in doing no vigilance can avoid the deadlines of the secret sex and there Are ways and not by which every ship in the English Navy will turn aeronaut and Start upward on a last if there should be War Between England and let the world look out for an exhibition of fireworks the like of which has never been the world in the world is to be commiserated in the intensity of its sympathy for the deaths of Cavendish and the world is in the worlds hand kerchief ought to be clean enough to weep in the most irreproachable the world has very Little need of this handkerchief lately it remained immaculately folded when children were shot Down in the streets by order of while women were driven out and starved to death on and men by the thousand went hungry and without a shelter to their and were further tortured by the cries of their helpless children for the world is an intensely respectable it weeps to order when its it turns frantic and it swagger and threatens murder when the capital has usurped the Mastery and leadership of labor is that it is thoroughly organized an governed by fixed and systematic How can labor profit by the lessons and examples of capital the knights of labor organization offers a solution of this it will go on quietly but until its assemblies embrace a majority of the it can then Frame and determine its eco nomic measures and Public and on election Day it will Hare the Power to choose lawmakers who will Transfer them to the statute and a chief magistrate who will execute them in their letter and when righteousness May kiss each but Sel defense at least is a when strife is the combinations for oppression must be overcome by combination for de Send a three cent stamp to William 91 Washington for a pamphlet with instructions for forming pro Batory Assem the it is evident that the whole guinean family Are More or less when in new York City a few nights Scoville appeared before the foot holding her Little girl by the inability to speak on account of family troubles and i have Given you the pleasure of seeing the sister of she furnished the key to the they All of insane for no they Lack the Power for Seli centralization to that extent that they Are a Labroad away from there is no centripetal Force to hold them in orbit they have broken off at a Tan gent outside of one of them at in a Way to endanger the Security of since this mania is for notoriety the world should cease to talk about because every mention of them whatever pushes them ahead on the Road leading to unimagined partisan or excessive attachment Oft organization and name of t party to which they Belo them forget demagogues and corrupt use the machinery for the moral and corrupt William in Vanderbil engaged a lately in the of the Baroness de salary of a it being one thousand dollars a year less than the government pays to a Success in life and i Hope the Brevity of my remarks will increase the Chance stoked to heat and Power at Little scientific among the most interesting exhibits to be seen at the electric exhibition now going on at the Crystal is the new secondary electrical Battery of Sellon and the operation of which appears to Mark the opening of a new Era in electrical if All that is said of the new invention be the storage of Power by electrical Means is now reduced to commercial As we May soon of expect to observe some curious changes in the habits and wants of the i for anybody who chooses to put a Windmill upon his House or Bam will be by Means of the secondary to Light his dwelling at Supply it with heat and hot for washing and drive sewing keep electric carriages that will run anywhere about town without do his run propel and perform almost any sort of work that May be the rotation of the running Day or night steadily or costing nothing except will have its Power stored up and held in a secondary and by the touch of a Button to be in stantly delivered and put to use when wanted inter form of heat or Power the Battery forms in effect a Reservoir of which when connected with an electrical lamp yields or with an electric machine yields heat or motive the Battery is quite and May be placed in an Ordinary giving motion like a but there is no boiler to and no fuel or water to be women and children May safely use every class of from highest to every civilized will Benefit by its we Are Only some of the indicated uses and advantages of the new if All that is churned for it be Darwin George Alfred much comment is being made among the clerical classes at Darwin being interred in Westminster where it is said Huxley and Tyndall will also be a per Soa who knew Darwin remarked of him to englishmen Darwin was merely a of those who knew that he was the author of the origin of comparatively few could have told where he lived or what were his no famous Man has in such com Pete rarely coming to an then seen by few per sons engaged in no controversies never putting himself before the pub this was due partly to his which had been weak for nearly his whole and was so Uncertain even twelve years ago that he was then for Bidden to come to Oxford to receive an honorary lest the excite ment of an appearance in a crowd should prove too much for him no one cared less for popular applause or was More absolutely devoted to the Pursuit of truth for its own there was nothing or oru genial about Bis seclusion it was that of a Man who knew Fiere his duty and his functions and understood that stillness and concentration were necessary As for the prosecution of his researches As for his own personal Well a whose pleasures were those Best and simple pleasures which depend upon the affection of family and friends and the enjoyment of the lot Kiln cd Detroit free in opening the meeting brother Gardner stated that he would be unable to do much talking owing to the condition of his three or four Days ago he was advised to hold a brass overcoat Button in his Mouth to cure the in whistling for his dog he swallowed then Tony it will be some time before his Throat get Over the the Secretary announced a communication the John Secretary of an order Ai mat among Young people than that foolish one that by and by something will turn up by which they will suddenly achieve Fame or Young gentle men things dont turnip in this world unless somebody turns them in Ertia is one of the indispensable Laws of and things lie Flat where they Are until by some intelligent spirit for nothing but spirit makes motion in this world they Are endowed with activity and do not dream that some Good Luck is going to happen to you and give you Luck is an Ignis you May follow it to but not to the great who believed in his followed it until he saw his Star go Down in blackest when the old guard perished around him and Waterloo was a Pound of Pluck is Worth a ton ears they hear sensation they feel j of Young men talk of Ernsto tothe to be they go into unitary Vassalage and Call it Cabinet min men Are the greatest fools in the having eyes they see Congress has passed and the presi has signed the new chinese Bill making the period of suspension ten years instead of in other respects it is substantially the same Bill that was vetoed by the after labor shall have sinned and suffered enough to become it will have no difficulty in Eman instead of the slave of of wealth Are the pus cavities of civilization filled with the corrupt accumulations of the decayed and broke Down fibres of social or crime is the outward manifestation of social and political to seek the remedy is the duty of Darwin Ideal saturday of Darwin it May be said that his life was his method fruit his work in his own Way the life of an Ideal and the faults that ordinarily beset men of were not so much As none Betant in a singularly simple and generous Darwin was not Only a map of Genius 1at a uni Fli the that Trust is occasions cannot Wear Young if you expect to make you must win if you wish to you must buckle them to your own heels before you go into the any Success you May achieve is no Worth having unless you fight for whatever you win in of you must conquer by your own and Tehnitis part of your again in order to have any Success in or any worthy you must resolve to carry into your work a fullness of merely a but More than a in this respect follow the Rule of the if they want a machine to do the work of six they give it nine horse so that they May have a Reserve of to carry on the business of life Yon must have sur plus be fit for More than the Thirft Vozare now let every one know that you have a Reserve in yourself that you have More Power than you Are now if you Are not too larg forthe place you you Are too Small for the committee on banking and cur Rency who have reported favourably upon a measure to suspend the coinage of Silver and to abolish the Silver certificate came from the states of new Penn Missouri and new Jersey the banking and Railroad monopolies control All of these states per Michigan and while Blaine controls these committeemen have to be elected next either to go Back to Congress with a popular endorsement of their woo Juv o with the patience of Genius he was also Aman of Genius so placed that his t Genius iad the freest possible play wits own special that the universe is the order of a supreme mind work ing silently and closely through and not any nubian accepted idea of civilized the theory of Ivine general accept Ance of this idea no Xref contributed so powerfully As although he contributed less elusive which Ausve Efty Newton contributed to the acceptance a St be harpers the generic word How is being gradually superseded by qualifying terms Halfbreed and those who recall antebellum politics will remember that when the democratic party which had bean so Long Dom was divided in new York into Hunters and and the whig party into Silver Gray whigs and Seward in Massachusetts into Cotton whigs and con frees oilers and Webster it was a sure sign of the a of new and controlling Yearance she the others new Haven excellent Sermon this said Deacon Goodwill to his As they lingered in the Vestibule to Shakei ands with the purty Good purty aint quite no to old Parson m Day several about the size of soap boxes were com Moore an electrical in connected an Edison lamp with a series of by Means of and on turning a Button the lamp shone inthe boxes electricity is to be drawn off As the electricity was stored in them april he they were then taken aboard the on april 29 we lighted some electric lamps from we have been lighting eight lamps from them All the Way across the and have drawn off Only a Small Quantity of the electricity stored in the apparatus is the Faure its function is to store up electricity for use when it is the Accuu is placed in circuit with an electric Dynamo and the electricity transmitted to it is stored the packed up electricity can then be sent kept any necessary length of time and will be gradually and equally discharged along any circuit that May be attached to the the fact that the storage of electrify is Possi ble has Long been Twenty years ago Gascon Plante found that Lead plates frequently charged with electricity acquired the Power of storing electricity and parting with it but he could not get his discovery into a practical this was done by Camilie Faure Over a year a Faure company has been formed for the United one of the promoters says we Are going to sell Force for any we can drive or trains of and Light streets or the Grants losses in Wall the talk in new York is that the Root and have been badly Hurt in Wall a Friend of the family is reported As saying i tvs inc that Grant and All his sons have been losers by their from what i hear i doubt if Buck Grant otherwise now possesses any other Money than what her father gave his for a Little while things were booming with him but Grant and his sons and All their associates were terribly Hurt in Louis Ville and Nashville Railroad i have always liked general and i am sorry he Ever went into Wall he thinks he has a perfect right to do what he but that atmosphere does not become an sex the aggressiveness of Grant rather makes Wall Street at Tractive to but he has not finesse or dishonesty to succeed and it would have been far better for him if he had adopted his original idea of buying a farm near washing ton City and settling Down to Stock raising or pursuits respectable to sons of libero cd Tea to abolished fifteen years ago fart pose of encouraging coloured men to speak with a grecian accent its labors were a failure from the and a year or two since the society de by a vote of fourteen to that the coloured Man of America would have to get along with his own at its last regular meeting it was to wind up affairs and apply to the Limekiln club for brother Gardner ordered a vote and the members were absorbed As follows Charles John Dick William Cole Ben Hill and Alonzo Pizarro Guiteau gradually giving Chicago the guards at the jail find Guiteau Verv sullen and taciturn of and it is their opinion that he is gradually giving away under the pressure or his As he styles physically he is not so robust As a month and is losing instead of gaining he spends the greater part of his time in Reading his new and has even discarded the of which he was formerly so he appears to realize fully that Only two months will elapse before he pays the penalty forms an the Prospect is not at All cheerful to lately he has shown a disposition to find fault with the manner in which his food is cooked and claiming that so distinguished a person merits the Best that the Market can he used to give it to pm he preached agin wickedness in the Cavendish and Chicago who was killed in Phoenix was in America during the civil accompanied by his lord he was can this last a twin with a year eats the whole fruit of mens labor through a for you can get As put Spades Man to work and maintain him self for the sum of thus we have private individuals whose wages Are equal to the wages of or other what do those highly benefited individuals do to society for their wages kill Par can this last no by the soul that is in Man it and will and shall not the perception of the the the perception of the comic is a tie of sympathy with other a pledge of and a Protection from those perverse tendencies and gloomy insanities in which Fine intellects sometimes lose a rogue alive to the ridiculous is still if that sense is lost his fellow men can do Little for somebody somebody Chad is with tha flush of Hope on his Young and some body Mother thinking of the time when that dear face will be hidden where no Ray of Hope can brighten there was no cure for if the child be your take this comforting word to the mothers heart before it is too Tell her that consumption curable that men Are Irving today whom the physicians Proi Nonnce because Al most been destroyed by the pierces Golden medical discovery has cured hundreds surpasses cod liver hypo hos and other medicines in curing this sold by

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