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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - October 15, 1914, Chicago, Illinois Chicago exam of her football and other sports thursday. October 15. 1914. For Sale. If any of the athletics Are for j p Sale Comiskey says hell buy Collins a and Baker. Connie Mack is a Good loser after a he says the braves played better Ball it it Ltd it it a <s>4ki> a it it amp Ltd it it amp a the fickle Tan is always with a Winner Only thirty welcomed Home the famous athletics not a Flash the braves Are not a Flash in the pan Stallings says win greatest teams of past Runyon praises entire team but says bulk of credit belongs to Stallings regrets altercation betwee leaders the picture shows Captain Evers of the braves being caught off first base Shawkey to Mclnnis after the Little Boston Leader 1 had made the hit that drove in two runs in the fifth inning of the final worlds series game and which gave his team its fourth j j straight Victor Quot and the championship. Johns Nap therefore did not Cost him anything. Evers is shown sliding Back toward the bag. Is. R by Damon Runyon. I Tovy York oct. 14.�?one Way and another it is pretty soft for the posterity of our National pastime. Posterity will be Able to open baseball history at the chapter dealing with the interesting period of 1914 and see that the National league baseball club of that Era could play baseball. Posterity can gather this information in a few minutes by no More Effort than is required to turn Over a printed Page whereas it has taken the present generation some months 1 heaven alone knows How Many words to collect the same news. Posterity will read that the Boston National league club of 1914 and perhaps for several ensuing years was regarded As one of the greatest and games Ball clubs of All time but posterity probably never will hear by what devious labor and reluctance that verdict was produced. It is pretty soft for posterity. We repeat the words one of the greatest and games Ball clubs of All time. There can be no question As to the status of the braves now Quot. They More aggressive fighter than Mcgraw but whether conqueror or conquered they always quit with a Hearty handshake of Mutual respect. Every Dollar that Connie Mack has made out of baseball and every Dollar he owns and those dollars Are not As numerous As some persons think is invested in it. As a magnate he is no carpet Bagger of base Ball with a Eye t issues. He is in baseball and of baseball and the Money he has taken from and put Back. In the game is clean Money without taint. It would be a Good thing for baseball if All the stockholders of All big league clubs could say As much. Connie has always been a Good Winner and always a Good loser. It great thing to be a Good loser greater thing to be with to Ory of the Baltimore orioles the Selee bostonian the cubs the athletics and All the other great clubs that have risen to High Power Over the baseball world. Stallings is King. But George Stallings always regarded j Good As a great constructive manager who a never had a real Chance has finally come into his own. He is to Day the big commanding figure of the Diamond. Overshadowing All rivals with his record of four straight games in a worlds series and the defeat of one of the most remarkable baseball machines Ever assembled. Make no mistake it is to George Stallings that credit must first be Given. It was unquestionably his dominating personality that lashed Lucr mfr Ethen xenon i.�8 pen j St. Louis promoters charge Jack he had a Vav in with accepting Money under and the future of his club when base pretences a a a Jame Dillon arrested in bout with k. 0. Brown Only Felt sorry 1 med t him a had of r wanted to sell the club out and he finally converted a Ven the owner to his Faith. Job a. Eve Fra. Maranville Han Gowdy. Dick Rudolph the a Young master a and big Bill James Are ranked As the heroes of the series and so they were but without Stallings there would have been no series and no heroes. Evers and Rabbit great. The showing of Evers against the athletics merely added More Luster t o the prestige of a name already secure in his Niche in baseball history As one of the greatest players in the game but Maranville came out of the Battle classed As the greatest a Short fielder of All time while Gowdy Rudolph and James have risen to a Ank among the big Fellows of the pastime. The writer of this screed has taken occasion several times during the past season to mention that the showing of the braves was the tip off on the strength of the National league and that statement seems to Call for a retraction. The braves proved that the National league had a lot of class to even hold such an aggregation fairly close. One Chap who seems to have escaped general attention but who in our opinion should be classed close of he top of the list of heroes is Charley Schmidt the Baltimore Butcher who hit .294 in the series and handled fifty six chances without a Bobble. Without Schmidt on first the showing of Maranville and Evers night not have been so dazzling. Ills work was nothing Short of marvelous and Schmidt More than any other Man confounds the critics. H Abr ii to be regretted. The Only regrettable incident of a he series was the quarrel Between Cornis Mack end George Stallings Over in Philadelphia when Stallings claims that Mack refused to let the braves Nave the use of Shibe Field or practice before the first game. Mack says that he waa willing to let the bostonian use his Yard at any Lime except Between the hours of 3 and 4, when he had ordered the athletics to workout. Not every one not even Many of Stallings Best friends agree with him in his stand that Macks refusal Vas unsportsmanlike. Bather they a a card Stallings request As surprising. Because he could have used the i h Ladelphia National league Field a Lis Contention that the athletics Are familiar with Fenway Field where he braves play is True enough but the braves Are on Fenway Field Only by Courtesy of the american league a my without that Courtesy the braves Only have been in sad Case this series. All american league clubs Are fax liar with the Polo grounds but the american league is paying a Good a Rice for that familiarity. Some managers Mcgraw or Griffith for in Sta need would probably no More i Hank of asking a rival manager Tor the use of his grounds for practice just before such a series if there was another ground available than hey would think of asking for his signals. George perhaps Hasty. He May have been infuriated by something Mack said to him but it not sound Well for Stallings to invite Connie Down to his hotel to take a Licking for Stallings is a marvelous physical specimen and Mack is elder a word Here for Connie Mack. He As been ignominiously beaten and re world seems to rejoice thereat but he has been a great character a i baseball and he is still a great he 1 ways new York fans have no reason to love him but they have always respected him and the Mack teams. He has fought Many a hard Battle with Mcgraw and there is no harder or St. Louis mo., oct. 14.�?the a fight a Between k. O. Brown of Chicago and Jack Dillon of Indianapolis claimant to the middleweight championship was stopped to night when Dillon was arrested in the fourth round by the police on a charge of obtaining Money under false pretences. He had been Given $750 in Advance. Brown was not arrest As he had accepted nothing ahead. The referee warned the men at end of the third round that the fight was too tame and to a go to when they did not heed his advice he declared it no contest and the club Mai gement called for the police we took Dillon and his manager to to police station where Dillon a locked up. Dillon and Brown have met Many times that the fans have lost track of their fights. They through now however. Laurel results first race one and one sixteenth my a ssh a a amp u8ht�?Tftxc second Rucel five and one half furl Otwa two hand 18.#�. $8.60. A inf Eua j�n2to� 100 my tart. $3.80, third. ,e--1 change f Hulee fair Helen Andromeada Brit Bri i la Mami Quot race six Furlong band a soon added housemaid Ilo t &60 and �2.30. First l Isidora 1 and Sil Meleda Aho ran. A a later sir fourth race five and one half for Kris Han As Tena Kisk $ Fife 8&mi is of an Del fifth Bara one mile three rear of Selling no sri 90r?tto Lolff a i ld�03�fe -5 Early Rose rotund and hrs jelling pure Foo unde b veil. J13.40, first j. H. How line$3.50, second the ram Buxton. .�20. Third. Tim.�?1 47 1-k g2ffei.s�?~v�?oosrisofi Proto Goris Charlea v. Grainger Louisville results. Of dts m Ai ass few a ,-p.i.tfertt�?Tk??�&0 sofa Jsse a ass a est $8.30. Flat foxy Griff. 112 rice$10.10, $6.10, Lafeber r erd so a Day and third race six furlongs the Trier e Dicapu Leo chares 118 coffins10. 4.40 first Hodga. 107 Small. 8.-second the widow Moon 100, $5. Time�?1 13. Longfellow Prince herons. Water Bass and Buckhom also ran. Fourth a acre one and one sixteenth Miles of Var ii Sec pm of fish a a Riteno and Furlong also ran. Fifth race five and one half for songs set a a a is or he. S. 8<- 55. To. Third. A rth rare a a a a Phy. 3.30. Al second May d a Quarter Selling oxur feet 105 mar Mack Dartmouth. Hanover n. Ii. Oct. 14.�?Dartmouth s practice Wab hold during which a Long scrimmage was played. De Curtis was Hurt again and my be out of the Vermont game and to Gnu pm Ca we a to a a us. Tse Hosp Tai ust iowan maroons get practice with the ghost Ball fearing Iowa trick plays Stagg works men Long after dark. By James Clarkson. Coach Staggs justly celebrated ghost Ball game made its first appear the year at Stagg Field yesterday along with the arc lights and other paraphernalia of mid season Gridiron conditioning. The cold rain and the miserable condition of the Field did no to curtail the work of the big nine champs a cent s Worth for the Pale spheroid was distinguishable in the Glare of the artificial lights Long after the dinner hour and the old Man did no to Sanction let up in the practice until nearly it seems the Are expecting Iowa Hawk eyes appear saturday and the Midway people will not feel Safe As to the result of the game until they have Given the South siders As much preliminary work As. They can crowd into the next two Days. Iowa Long on tricks. A intricate attack with a profusion of the latest and Date open formations s have in store f squad of v plans. A the Lowns gave us quite a tussle 1 they re coming this time playing us to a stand Iowa coaches scold team for poor work. According to Stagg by watched the 1 week. Fearing sense will Puzzo result in a setback. Iowa City la. Oct. 14.�?coaches Hawley and Adams excoriated the Iowa eleven at practice this evening and Adams who saw the Maroon eleven meet the Evans tonian aggregation recently told the local team that it would be Defeated by a bigger margin that last season if the men continued to play As they were play ing at the time of the the coaches were irate because of the festive use of Chicago formations against the Iowa line by the Hawkeye yearlings. The linux against Chicago looks like that of recent games with -i&Quot-1 the exception of Wilson who is at the i guard since he recovered and Brueck store ror me locals Ner who has taken the injured bar information brought a Rolls place at tackle his emissary who Utah the fancy of purple braves rain it Torfs a needed practice. British billiard Champion at eng recovers consciousness in Hospi Lish game takes Long Lead in Tal but May quit football pre a pare for notre Dame. Been devoting the greater the practice periods this Wees to checking Radical attacks. Yesterday practically every minute of the Drill was devoted to this purpose. With every detail of a number of the Hawk eyes Best plays thoroughly understood the preshies yesterday were sent against the varsity linemen with orders to do their time after time the Iowa dazzlers were unleashed and sometimes the Midway boys were tricked but they gradually Learned to diagnose the formations and Check them. Stagg. How entirely pleased with the Northwestern University football players demonstrated to the satisfaction of the coaches yesterday that they Are not afraid of water and after two hours of practice in a Darla Ling rain they ran to the training quarters with football togs soaked the varsity lined up against the freshmen for a Long scrimmage prac Tice. Rain fell shortly after practice started but the men worked through the showers until time was called by coach Fred j. Murphy. The player were Given signal practice and were a Given individual instruction composite Box score on worlds series Moran i. Mann of. Evers 2b. Connolly if.______3 Cather. If 1 Whitted cf.4 13 2 3 5 0 1 3 7 7 0 1 2 9 11110 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 .071 2 0 1 .667 .285 1 0 0 1.000 Schmidt la. Gowdy a. Maranville is. Deal 3b. Rudolph a. James a. Tyler a. Devore. A Gilbert. Totals. .4 17 ,.4 11 3 .4 13 1 .415 1 6 14 0 2 5 .000 2 0 0 .230 5 0 0 .294 53 2 0 .545 30 5 0 .307 6 12 1 .133 6 11 0 .833 0 3 0 .000 0 5 0 .000 1 4 0 .000 0 0 0 .000 0 0 0 .2 4 0 0 0 0 0 .1 3 0 0 0 0 0 .1 1 0 0 0 0 0 .1 0 0 0 0 0 0. 133 16 33 46 2 10 16 .248 117 62 Philadelphia. Bat. A. Field. J g. . , ser. P. A. E. Ser. Look 1.000 1.000 1.000 .946 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 .977 2 2 0 0 1 110 11 2 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 .187 .071 6 0 .214 9 12 .250 10 15 .143 52 1 .285 3 0 .333 Murphy. Oldring if. .4 14 0 Collins 2b.4 14 0 Baker 3b.4 16 0 Mclnnis lb.4 14 2 Strunk of .2 7 0 Walsh of _.,2 6 0 Barry is .4 14 1 Schang c.4 12 1 Bender p.1 2 0 Lapp c .1 1 0 Wyckoff p.1 1 0 Plank p.-------1 2 0 Bush p .1 5 0 Shawkey 2 0 Pennock p.1 1 0 totals.127 6 22 30 4 2 12 .173 111 69 3 a a Devore batted for Tyler in tenth inning third game xxx Gilbert batted for James in twelfth inning third game. .071 6 23 0 .167 17 4 1 .000 0 3 0 .000 2 1 0 1.000 0 1 0 .000 0 1 0 .000 0 4 1 .500 0 3 0 1.000 l000 1.000 1.000 .981 1.000 1.000 1.000 .955 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000 Boston hits. Philadelphia hits. Score by innings. 0 3 0 2 3 3 0 1 .1 1011000020 .3 2143212220 summary. Two base hits Gowdy 3baker Wyckoff Schang Deal 2murphy 2mclnnis Baker Walsh Shawkey Moran. Three base hits Gowdy Whitted. Home run Gowdy. Left on bases Boston 26 Philadelphia 23. Double plays Baker to Mclnnis Schmidt to Deal Barry to Collins to Mclnnis Bender to Barry to Mclnnis Bender to Mclnnis Evers to Maranville to Schmidt Maranville to Schmidt. Bases on balls off Bender 2 off Rudolph 4 off Wyckoff 1 off James 7 off Plank 4 off Bush 3 off Tyler 2 off Shawkeya 2 off Pennock 3. Struck out by Rudolph 15 by Bender 3 by James 9 by Plank 5 by Tyler 4 by Bush. 1 by Pennock 3. Wild pitch Rudolph. Passed balls Schang 2gowdy. Umpires Byron at plate Hildebrand on bases Klem in left Field Dineen in right Field average time�?2 10. Melbourne Inman the Champion English Billt Ardisi outplayed Willie Hoppe the worlds balk line Champion in the fourth and fifth blocks of their International match at c Gress hotel yesterday. He afternoon contest which was at English billiards 602 to 253, and the night game �00 to 130. The result give Inman a total of 2,036. Hoppers total a 1,494. At the end of their fifth Block in the new York match Inman had 2,103 and Hoppe 1,925, the invader leading by 178 Points. Now Inman is to Points ahead with 1,200 Points English style and 2,000 at balk i yet to play so it appears the finish will be much closer than in the new York match. Briton Clever player. Inman gave a Fine display of English billiards in the night game scoring runs of 170, 160 and 140 unfinished. He averaged 37 8-16, the a he has a shown Here and but for r rules of Tough leaves from the tenth to the fifteenth inning he would have gone much higher. His big re variegated in their making second big total after making thirty Points he got the balls at the top of the table and then by pocketing the red and alternating with cat oms he carried his total to 99 before resorting to a miss. The rest of the run was made up of carols and losing hazards and he kept the balls under excellent control. He missed on an attempt to pot the red Ball Hoppe starts Well. Hoppe started Well and it looked As if he were going to have a Good j night. He opened with a Well played a id followed with 9 and 18. In second big run gave him a Lead j new Haven conn., oct. 14.�?atwood Violett jr., of new York one of the most promising substitutes on the Yale varsity was injured during practice this afternoon and May not be Able to play again this season. Violett collided with Carroll i Knowles the big half Back and was knocked out completely. He recovered ral Hospital j saturday a a a i because of the number of wounded Camp Stagg did no to counter i that they would a fancier offence with greater skill if they hoped to Down saturdays opponents. Stagg imparts new plays. To Aid in the discomfiture of Hawk eyes Stagg gave the Maroon regulars a few More new formations to be studied. With the plays in which the locals now Are versed Captain Des Jardiene a men Ball and if the Lowans threaten spectacular Battle is to be looked for Clabby and Chip to meet in 20-round go Ted to abandon foot the practice to Day i preparation for the not next saturday. The varsity through two fifteen minute halves but the lineup was changed frequently in order that the substitutes might be tried out in the new formations and plays. The work of the first team was satisfactory. It scored four times while holding the scrubs pointless. Ainsworth and Knowles were in the lineup for the first time this Lage yester. Low his first string line my the yearlings but Only to the extent i trying to solve newfangled plays. Captain Des Jardien was at Center for the regulars in this practice with Albert at guard a position he probably will keep As Long As a a shorty is available. A number of changes were made in the varsity line from time to i us action championship contenders i in the Light and middleweight div within the next month were Ai ranged for Here to Day. The first contest will be a four round affair Between Willie Ritchie former Champion of the lightweight division and Johnny Dundee who Hax just graduated from the ranks of the Quot will meet on the prior Mage c t addition a Lerz stay signal Drill in which Speed was Paramount. Stagg followed the eleven on his motorcycle and continually urged More Pep. Good game predicted. Joe Welling Larney Lichtenstein s j Quot the game will be Worth going i on crack lightweight and Jimmy Mur i Miles to see Quot declared coach Pat Phy have been matched to Box ten Page of the preshies discussing sat j the Gary opera House of i urday a Date with the Hawk eyes. I Welling recently returned a match Welling and Murphy ight of october 23. Jimmy Clabby and George Chip will be the principals in the second half of the carnival. They will travel Over the Twenty round route either on october 30 or november 6, and the Winner will be proclaimed middleweight Champion of the world. Rounds Tober 21. From Australia where he Ned a coach Hawley can be relied upon to i Iny j pull off some fancy stuff for he is j i Strong f t the end of the fourth so of 354 score of afternoon game inm�.-�?27,0. 18, 16, 0. �.103 15, 0, 58. 89, 14, 67, 0. 0, 1 a tenure. 31 19-19 sigh res 103, 93, of Ere a Leon Aei Howison Montara score of evening game. 0. A 5 of 7. 140. Total�?50w. Penalty by Foppe. 1. Average 87 8-Ltf High runs. 170. 60, 140. Hoppe�?30, 9. 18, 8, o. 0. 0. Of 6. O 5. O. A 3, 14. Total is. F penalties by Inman. Average 810-16 High run 30. Referee Leonard it Urtson. Montreal. Horace lean of Chicago Defeated Charles Mccourt of Pittsburgh 50 to 43, in the opening game Here at Flen nerds room in the interstate three Cushion billiard league. Lean went out in 87 innings getting High run of 5, Mccourt. Who had one inning less getting High run of 3. Patterson of the Terra Cotta room Defeated j. Chapman of Petersen a rooms 127 to 89. In the third Block of their pocket billiard match at the Terra Cotta rooms last night getting High run of 37 to 21 by the loser. Patterson now is leading 375 to 339. The final Block will be played to night at Petersen a thirty fifth Street and Archer Avenue. Trots Are again postponed ,an�e8 of in amp to Najr the trots again being i Only stakes May be raced if weather clears at Lexington. Lexington. Ky., oct. 14.�? the heavy rain which has continued for s again being postponed. Rain is still falling and there is hardly any Chance of racing being resumed to Morrow. It is probable r but the stakes will be e week. Notre Dame sends big squad to new Haven. Notre Dame. Ind., oct. 14.�?the Gold and Blue men to Day took their Fin. 1 workout before they leave for new Haven at 10 20 thursday morning. To night coach Harper announced the lineup to Start in the Yale game and also a list of substitutes who will accompany the the lineup is As follows Mills and Al Ward at the ends Captain Jones and Lathrop at tackles Bachman and Kiefe at guards and Fitzgerald at Center. Cofall will be at Quarter. The Choice for halves is Between Pliska Finnegan and Kelleer. Eichenlaub will play full. The following substitutes will go Ward. Sharp Holmes Voelkers King Larkin Bergman h. Of Donnell Bau in Duggan and Berger. The men Del be accompanied to the train by be student body and band. Chock full of Money making opportunities for solicitors and i a Esmen the help wanted ads in the soc Ember 12,1813. Quot it was mighty Stormy last evening too Stormy for Bob and Tom to get to the taverns fireside. Wasny to to Stormy for me though and i guess old Overholt Rye is company enough anyhow old Overholt Rye a same for 100 years has proven Good company for five generations. Its pure Mellow flavor and rare bouquet make it the first Choice wherever Good whiskey is appreciated. Aged in charred Oak barrels distilled and bottled in Bond. Robert m. Smythe 5623 Winthrop Avenue Chicago representative what Jones found out last night j x e s k n e w nothing of the pleasure and Utility of motorcycling. He had never investigated. Last night he Learned something to his advantage by visiting the National motorcycle bicycle and it Essory show at the first regiment armory. And he had a Good time. So would you. Hundreds of others have. It s a big show. Eve r y t h i n g that a new in motorcycles bicycles and accessories for 1915. All this week Day and night. Come motorcycle manufacturers association a ;