Chicago Examiner Newspaper Archives October 14, 1914 Page 9

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - October 14, 1914, Chicago, Illinois Chicago examiner baseball and other sports wednesday. October 14. 1914. Effective Stallings pitchers fed the athletics slow balls. They were As effective As highball. Statues of Stallings Evers and Gowdy will soon be erected on Boston common a it it it it a it it it it a a a it a it a it it it it it it a it Ltd Greal Sie Triumph of the braves and humiliating the defeat of the athletics i the Trojan. His hit won that game yester Day. Chicago rings with his Praise. To single Stallings is not surprised. I i braves Victory helps game that Settle world series Johnny a Pinch hit sends some 35,000 Boston fans Home Happy Menke says braves Are deserving of title they won by Frank g. Menke. Boston oct. 13.�? a Quot Trojan John by George Stallings. 1 wont say anything now except that the result does not Surprise me. I knew my boys could and would deliver. In my experience As a baseball manager i have never seen a team like the present braves team. They Are wonders and the baseball Public will hair More of them next year. The braves to night Are where they rightfully belong at the top of the baseball Heap and unless i miss my guess they will stay there for seme time to come. Braves giving cil he May have thought the braves predicted such a thing As has come to pass the doling out by the braves to the athletics of four successive beat by Tycobb. This Victory will be a Good thing for the interest in baseball from the standpoint of fans club owners and players. It will prove to players on second division teams that any one has a Chance to come through and will make these men fight harder and keep on fighting when things look the darkest As the Boston club did last july. It will increase the fans interest in the game and this will be profitable to the magnates. The result of the series also shows what a bad betting proposition baseball is. Personally i never bet on a baseball game just because 1 know something similar to what has just happened in this world s series May happen at any time. Mack a hard loser defeat a bitter Pill Connie fails to congratulate Stallings but his players shake hands with conquerors. By Tycobb. Champion batsman and greatest All around Ball player Boston mass., oct. 13�?the upset of the athletics is now Complete and a team which went into the worlds series the biggest favorite Ever to go after a Derby event has lost four straight. It is the first time in the history of modern baseball that club has lost four in a Row in a world athletics like loser in poker game show no spirit in the final combat what Connie Mack says deleted by censor continued from first Page. Wave. But Long before that thousands of the grand stand spectators had started digging their Way toward the exits and they viewed the antics of their Brethren on the Diamond below impassively. No one seemed the athletics quit. As the athletics batting end of the ninth came on the former world champions could be seen slipping o their Blue Mackinaw and gathering up their gloves and other Para her Nfn stand would not 1st Hil 6geconfidence. Then they slugged in. Bop Dsida Voeurt s Gam Ida a a times they Ive Quot played the final inning the exuberance of and double squeeze. A s right Fields and Moran let a the Bali go non court a my Fetics nand that i braves co fld wbk consistently from the athletics in a syedsnatchigexthe\rntof0foneeomr any other second base pair in the Ixo a for a Quot do hex the King Quot Ian de a Long love the copyright 19-Uby the Wheeler syn of the series came in with his Cap off and he was Bel bored about the head with newspapers in the hands of fans hanging Over the railing of the grand stand Back of the Home team Bench until he was glad to hide. George Stallings disappeared Early and hurried to his hotel to avoid a demonstration. It has been said that the Swarthy chief of the braves is planning a Small demonstration of his own. It has been said that he has vowed if he won this series to Hunt up ban Johnson president of the american league in the most Public place and Tell him a few things that have been resting heavy upon the Stallings memory for some years. It is a matter dating Back to Stallings Days As manager of the Detroit to presi Dent of theme in an league has from carrying out his Plum. Facts on worlds series were even Cocker and More confident and More impertinent to Day than they have been at any time before. The Luck that has Clung to them throughout the championship struggle was also with them. Baseball men will be telling through the years to come that this is the Luckiest club in the history of the game even granting them the highest possible credit for ability. A the Boner Quot by Johnny Evers yesterday that would have placarded him in headlines from one end of the country to the other had it not been lost in a Maze of subsequent events the base running Bull of Charley Dell when he was caught napping Over in Philadelphia Only to have Walter Schang commit a greater error of judgment that turned deals mistake into a Brave Victory and gave that Young Man great glory these Are samples of the Fortune that has followed the Boston club. Nothing goes wrong for the braves but then nothing Ever goes wrong for the Winner in baseball and the Stallings youngsters must to Day he Given full credit for what they Aro Evers Breaks up game. It was Johnny Evers who broke up the game on the athletics in the fifth inning to Day and there was even then More or less of what baseball people Call Luck although to the average observer it seemed More another manifestation of the spirit of the braves especially the spirit of the Captain of the braves who was pafit0 come right j1&Quot a �?o�3111 Center. Up to that i the of base bad be Asch the Arrow Collar ,. A o. For if a Tew overcoats specially priced at $15, $20 and $25�?overcoats tailored in America from imported Novelty coatings in mixtures of Grays greens Browns with velvet or Plain collars with wide lapels Satin lined sleeves Plush lined pockets. Altogether about the Best Coats we be seen at the prices Only 200 of them All crave netted rain proof a sizes 32 to 44-Inch Chest measure. $15, 20 and $25. Carson Pirie Scon amp co ;