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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - October 13, 1914, Chicago, Illinois Chicago examiner baseball and other sports tuesday. October a 19u.Little Dick of hell be in there to Day with his a amp to floaters and the athletics respect Boston fans Are shouting a Rudolph to Baker to Bench and a Bender to Gowdy to Fence 1% <�.3> Ltd it a it it it it Ltd amp a to a Ltd it Ltd it it 1it la be funny if Frank Balder turns out to be the Goat instead of the hero this fall revenge re i Evers is getting his revenge for what the athletics did to the cabs in 1910. Jut Stark Over a great fish National leagues practically Clinch the worlds title by j triumphing in twelfth inning of most nerve racking game of Ball Ever played. By Frank g. Menke. A Joston mass.,. 12.�?by winning out b Here this afternoon the Boston straight e athletics practically cinched the baseball championship of the world and drove this City into the final stage of madness. The Ball game staged in Fenway Park this afternoon was the kind that heretofore has been known Only in fiction. It was a Ball game that Boston never will forget and one which the present generation of bostonian will Ever vote As the most wonderful nost nerve racking and greatest Ball game that Ever was played. The athletics lost but not without Honor. They played the game of Ball of which they Are capable a wonderful game offensively and defensively. But the Quot Breaks Quot were against them to Day and Breaks and a Ball team that is playing a Brand of All around baseball that never before has been teen in a world series. Back a. 1 Forth raged the titanic struggle with the braves never in the Lead until the final run was scored. Fighting from behind they evened up the athletics Lead three different times and in the twelfth they forged to the front and won on a hit a base on balls and a horrible error by Joe Bush the athletics kid Pitcher. Game a regular thriller. The game was a thriller from the first to the last moment but the real thrills arrived with the tenth inning when the athletics broke the 2 to 2 tie by scoring two runs and the braves deadlocked the game again by a coring two runs in their half. Schang the first Man up for the athletics in the tenth smashed a single along the right Field foul line. Bush struck out. Murphy sent a puny grounder to Evers who threw to Maranville in an attempt to Force out Chang. The Ball reached second base a fraction of a second too late and both athletic runners were Safe. Old a ring went out Tyler to Evers to Schmidt Schang going to third and Murphy to second on the play. Tyler hit Gowdy hammered the Ball into the Gowdy now owns Boston athletics. Murphy of 5 oldring if 4 Collins 2b 4 Baker 3b 5 Mclnnis la 5 Walsh of 4 Barry is 6 2 2 4 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 110 11 0 2 2 0 0 1 1 1 2 0 0 1 0 110 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Bush .4111001 .5 0 0 0 0 .400 .250 .000 .000 1 .250 .200 1 .400 .250 4 .200 .100 18 .250 .250 1 .000 .000 0 .222 6 0 1.000 1.000 0 0 1.000 1.000 3 0 1.000 1.000 4 0 1.000 1.000 0 0 1.000 .924 0 0 1.000 1.000 8 0 1.000 1.000 .875 0 .000 .000 0 4 2 .667 .667 totals.41 4 8 11 3 1 6 .195 .15633 20 3 .946 .972 braves. Player and batting a. Fielding a. Position. A. R. . Ser. P. A. E. Game. Ser. Moran of. 5 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 2 0 0 1.000 .667 Evers 2b. 5 0 3 3 0 1 0 .600 .482 3 6 0 1.000 .944 Connolly if. 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 .000 .143 1whitted 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .100 2 Schmidt lb____5 1 1 1 0 0 0 .200 .308 17 2q0 lg4 a a Maranville i Gowdy a. Tyler a James a. 0 Devore .1 Gilbert. 0 5 Mann. 0 4 1110 4 13 8 0 .250 .400 2 1 1 .750 .667 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 0 0 0 1.000 1.000 1 0 1.000 1.000 2 0 1.000 1.000 3 0 1.000 .938 0 0 1.000 1.000 4 0 1.000 1.000 2 0 1.000 1.000 0 0 .070 .000 0 0 .000 .000 0 0 .000 .000 totals 41 5 9 15 1 4 4 .220 .255 36 18 1 .982 .922 a none out when winning run was scored. Devore batted for Tyler in the tenth. Gubert batted for James in the twelfth. Smann ran for Gowdy in the twelfth. Score by innings. Athletics .1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0�? 4 hits .1 0 0 2 1 1 0 0 1 2 0 0�?8 braves .0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1�? 5 hits 1 1 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 1�?9 summary. Left on bases Boston 7 Philadelphia 10. Two base hits Murphy 2gowdy 2mclnnis Deal Baker. Home run Gowdy. Double plays Evers to Maranville to Schmidt. Bases on balls off Bush 3 off Tyler 2 off James 4. Struck out by Bush 1 Connolly by Tyler 4 oldring Baker Bush 2 by James 1 Baker. Umpires Dineen Hildebrand and Byron. Time�?3 02. How All the runs were scored in great world series game Boston. Second innings Maranville walked and stole second. Gowdy doubled scoring Maranville. One run. Fourth innings Schmidt singled went to second on deals out and scored on Maranville a single. One run. Tenth innings Gowdy smashed a Home run into the Center Field bleachers Moran walked Evers singled sending Moran to third. Moran scored on Connolly a sacrifice Fly to Walsh. Two runs. Twelfth innings Gowdy doubled. Mann ran for him. Gilbert batted for James and walked. Moran attempted a sacrifice. Bush threw the Ball wild to Baker in an attempt to catch Mann at third and Mann scored. Athletics. First innings Murphy doubled. Oldring sacrificed him to third. Connolly muffed Collins Fly and Murphy scored. One run. Fourth innings Mclnnis doubled and scored on Walsh a single. One run. Tenth innings Schang singled. Murphy was Safe on a fielder s Choice. Collins was intentionally passed. Baker singled scoring Schang and while Evers juggled with the Ball Murphy stole Home. Two runs. Decided Collins looked too dangerous and passed him intentionally. This brought up Frank Baker the a Home run once again a dramatic scene was spread before the eyes of the baseball world. Three then on bases the score tied two out and the heaviest hitter in either league at the plate. Balter Quot made he smashed a vicious drive toward second. It was too hot for Evers to handle and Chang scored. Murphy had rounded third and when he noticed that Evers was juggling with the Ball he stole Home. Mclnnis the next Man up was crowd Sticks with braves. When the braves came to Bat in their half of the tenth inning the game seemed hopelessly lost. Two runs needed to tie and three to win. But the crowd numbering s5.520, never gave up Hope. It Rose to its feet and it cheered it howled and it shrieked. It pleaded with Quot Hank Gowdy the first Man up. To Quot please do something a and Quot Hank Quot did. He smashed one of Bush a i shoots far Over Walsh a head and the Ball bounded into the Center Field bleach the scene that followed beggars inscription. Only two other scenes have been staged that equated it and one of those two scenes came later in that inning. The other came in the twelfth. Gowdy s Home run smash brought the count 4 to 3. With none out. Devore batting for Tyler struck out. Then while the crowd yelled with its full might and while the two bands in the Park hammered out the most horrible sounds that Ever issued from musical instruments in an Effort to rattle Bush Moran walked to the plate. Bush with 86,000 and More wild men and women Yelling at him began to balloon. And Moran walked. Bush get them Over for Evers but a Trojan Johnny Quot wanted a hit. He reached out for one. And it shot to right Field for a single sending Moran to third. Connolly the heavy hitting outfielder followed with a Long sacrifice Fly to Center and Moran scored on the out tying the score. While the crowd gave \ to its delirious Joy Whitted the r Batter was an easy out retiring Side. Eleventh a quiet round. The teams went out in order in eleventh. It then was so dark that the players on the Field were hardly distinguishable but Umpire Bill Klem after a conference with Umpire Dineen ordered that another inning should be played. The athletics got two n the twelfth but failed to score. And then the braves came to Bat win a Hank Gowdy to Start it off again. With the count three to two on him and with the crowd shrieking for left Field bleachers for a two Bagger Mann was substituted As a runner for him. Gilbert batted for James and was walked intentionally by Bush. This brought up Moran. Moran attempted to sacrifice on the third Ball pitched. The Ball rolled Down toward third in bakery a territory but Bush ran Over and made a grab for the Ball. Mann was dashing for third and Bush hoping to catch him threw the Ball toward Baker. Bush however was off his balance As he made the throw and it went wild rolling far out into left Field while Mann rounding Tiro merely jogged Home with the winning braves Given ovation. When Mann crossed the plate with the winning run he was hardly distinguishable from the stands because of the darkness that had settled Over the Field. But the crowd found Mann in the Twilight they found Moran and they found the other braves. The crowd jumped onto the Field almost As soon As Bush a throw shot past Baker and it grabbed every Boston player in sight trotted him around its shoulders and went through wild antics antics that were indescribably wild. Royal rooters band broke a Field formed a rapid proces-1 with at least 15,000 of the crowd following in line around the Field in a snakelike formation. Had the braves lost the game in in tenth inning to Day the loss would have been chargeable to Evers. He pulled a a a Bones Quot to steal Home while he held the Ball after recovering it. Bakery a drive was too hot for Evers but he knocked it Down. When he picked it j not having a Down into his Glove in that Murphy dashed for safety. Tyler a work erratic. Tyler a pitching to Day was erratic and the athletics been less anxious of slam the Ball had they waited Tyler out they would have won the game in the Early innings. But As was the Case Friday and saturday they were too eager to demonstrate that they were sluggers. They reached for nearly everything Tyler pitched in their direction. High or Low close or far out made Ference to them. They reached and reached and when they did not con Bush pitched a Good game. He had tremendous Speed. But Bush never should have been permitted by Connie Mack to have remained in the Boi in the tenth inning after the athletics had grabbed their two run Lead. The crowd was bound to get after Pitcher and get after him Mack inserted Bender int it Tine at that critical june of hundreds of Diamond Battles a matchless Pitcher when the excitement runs High would have been Ible to hold the braves in Check. But Connie Mack did no to. The Wisest Man in baseball a figured that i kid twirler could stand up under the terrific Strain of having 35,620 spectators Yelling at him and Connie figured wrong. And because he did t figure right because he fooled in his judgment the braves to Morrow will be the next baseball champions of the world unless a Miracle happens. And the Day of miracles seems past. Naps make Western trip car sch Jones and Olson miss connection with Lajoie. Iowa City a la., oct. 12.�?touring from Cleveland to the Pacific coast Carisch Jones and Olson of the Cleveland nine were guests of Iowa City a Day. Their wives accompanied them hither. The party missed Napoleon Lajoie who left town the Day before the other Clev Elanders came. They will follow the Santa be Trail from Kansas City. Mora than Likely that the 1 Why fans in Boston worship a Hank Gowdy his series feats. First game. Scored Whitted in the second inning with a double. Opened the fifth with a triple and scored on Maranv Tlley a single. Singled in the seventh sending Schmidt to third from where he scored on a double steal. Accepted ten chances without an error und did not allow an athletic to steal. Second game. Walked twice in four times at Bat. Accepted eight chances we thong an error. Allowed but one stolen base. Third game. Scored Maranville with a double in the second inning. Walked in the fourth inning but was ont on a double steal. Opened the tenth with a Home ran we Loti Cut the athletics Lead to one run and enabled the braves to tie the score. Doubled in the twelfth inning and Mann who ran for him scored a great Mack machine crumbling a says Obb a braves have out gamed athletics and i now figure them a beaten b by Tycobb world s Champion batsman and the greatest Ball player k Oston mass., oct. 12.�?the athletics Are what i Call Success Worms so satiated with successes that when they met a nervous Young team which was upon its toes in this series and found that the Boston club could stand up against them they did not have Reserve Force enough to rally and stave off defeat. Tonight for the first time i figure the athletics a beaten club in this series. As i have said before the athletics went into this series full of Confidence and shy on Pepper As develop i ments have proved. The Boston club went at it determined to fight to a finish and it has out gamed the ath i Fetics at every Start. Up until to Day i figured that once the Philadelphia club got in front it would not be caught but what the braves did to Day exploded this belief. To Days game was the critical one of the series. If the athletics had it they had a Chance to come Back to Morrow like a House afire with All their old fight and vim and by winning to Morrow a game tie up series. But that Chance is gone and i count them a beaten team. I believe it Marks the crumbling of the great Mack machine not because it has worn out but because it has lacked that extra aggressiveness and spunk which the braves have carried. Braves pull the athletics have not done anything radically wrong in the series they done anything radically Brilliant. On the other hand the braves pulled Quot Bones to Day and then came Back with the most spectacular work of the series. The Boston club has evidently directed its game at Collins in this series Stallings figuring him rightly to be the most dangerous Man on Macks club. Once to Day the braves passed up Collins to take a crack at Baker. Yet it was Collins and Mclnnis to Day who seemed to be holding the club together. Outside of Collins Schang Murphy and Mclnnis there has not been much hustling on the Philadelphia club in this series. The failure of oldring and Baker to hit has Hurt the athletics Chance to a great sex each has had several opportunities to win games. The first half. He did not figure the i am not trying to detract from the Boston club had a Chance to tie the great showing by the Boston club. I score and he did not work on Gowdy have never seen a team show so much i the Man who had been stinging the Backbone and nerve As the braves did Ball hard throughout the series As he going into these should. Gowdy was waiting for that Ries reckoned As a joke club they a fast Ball and Bush have commanded the resp a j Quot a a the baseball world. I look Post season games. Standings. Worlds series. W. L. Pet. Boston 3 0 1.000 Philadelphia .0 3 .000 Chicago series. .400 w. L. Pet. Giants.3 1 .750 Yankees .1 3 .250 yesterdays results. Worlds series. Boston 5 Philadelphia 4 12 innings Chicago series. White sox 3 cubs 1. New York series. Giants 6 Yankees 1. Games to Day. Worlds series. Athletics at Fenway Park Boston. Chicago series. White sox at cubs Park. New York series. Giants and Yankees at Polo grounds. Boston makes Gowdy greatest hero in history of worlds series games band plays for him at his hotel because his three hits beat the athletics for third time. Continued from first Page. I after athletics lose in four straight games. Victory intoxicated braves. The braves Are intoxicated with Victory and will play their Heads off now. The athletics acted very downcast at their hotel the Copley Square to night and refused to Dis defeat and prospective loss tie. The Philadelphia team will be half beaten when it starts that game to Morrow. Most of the players feel As if they would be glad to see the series Over to Morrow and get the whole thing off their minds a feeling which has attached itself to them As a sort of Nightmare. In passing i want to Point out that the game to Day clearly demonstrated the honesty of baseball and the men who play it. Just before the twelfth inning began Klem and Dineen had a conference and the players of both sides realized that this would be the final inning whether the tie was broken or not since it would be necessary to Call that game on account of darkness it. When the athletics failed to score in their half of the inning the Brav it knew they could not be beaten the game had been a tie. It would have necessitated the playing of another game in Boston sure and this would have resulted in about $63,000 being added to the receipts but the Boston club went in there and fought for that extra run necessary to win and scored it. This meant that there would be no play off game of the tie and it Cost in Money about $63,000. Tie would cause talk. Personally i am very glad that the game did not end in a tie although i have naturally favored the american league club in my preferences in the series. If the game had resulted in a tie a lot of croakers would have declared that it was framed. This is Only one of the Many proofs to the game is honest to its Core. In the first part of my article said that the athletics were Sucre Worms and that they were Caret about Little details to which they had paid so much attention in previous years. Here is a that game to Day in the twelfth inning Gowdy the Star of this particular game and the entire series As Well. Led off with double. Gilbert was sent to the Bat for James and the athletics Board of strategy at once decided Bert to get a Chance to make a Force play at third it was Good baseball. They figured that Moran the n Batter would bunt to Advance a who was running for Gowdy. The whole thing worked out they had planned except for one Little detail. Bush neglected to hold Mann close to second base so that he would not get a Good Start and they would stand a better Chance of making the play to third for him. Moran bunted and bunted almost perfectly but Mann was off for third with the bunt and Bush had no Chance of getting there if his throw to the bag had perfect instead of eluding bakery a hands As it did. Had Bush held Mann close to second base the play might have worked out As the athletics figured it would. Bush is careless. Another instance of Bush s carelessness developed in the to Edith when Tbs athletics had made to my a him first pitch. Gowdy pitched it into stand for a Home run. Nothing could encourage a Ball club More a team which a few moments before had considered itself beaten. It was like a Quot shot in the army to Lem. They went Back after Bush and tied the score. This was carelessness and the Boston lameness took advantage of the opening. After Evers had let Murphy sneak Home in the tenth while he held the Ball he showed lameness by coming Back with a hit in the tenth. That is the it it of stuff which wins Ball games. As i have said the downfall of the athletics has been due to overconfidence and weak hitting. The team As in a batting slump before the Sigular season ended and it has continued in one throughout the series. The failure of Baker and oldring has broken up the old scoring machine which has smashed up games. They in the Quot a a order. Then the athletics have not been Able to cover up their plans and Spring surprises As they have done in the pa3t. When the play was to Hunt they would Quot Telegraph it and the Boston team was prepared to break it up and generally did. The athletics have played a Peculiar game All the Way. Macks can to get signals. Another thing which has disconcerted Macks hitters and made them look bad in the series is their failure to get any of the catchers signals. Several of their hitters Are very weak when they Are not being tipped off from the coaching lines and the clubs that Stop the athletics from picking up signals in our league always give Macks club a rousing Battle. Tyler pitched a Nice smooth game but not a sensational one. The athletics would have beaten that kind of pitching ordinarily four times out of five. He weakened perceptibly toward the end of the game and it was then that the athletics made Quot we deserve to lose now Quot member of the athletics a game to night Quot after the Chance we kicked away copyright 1914, by the Wheeler Syndicate inc in Honor of the Long lad from Ohio Quot Ohio a Foremost he was called this afternoon by Quot Honey Fitz a the picturesque sex mayor of Boston when he presented a Plank Hank with a Gold watch. It is Small wonder that Boston is temporarily demented at this moment a Plank Hank Quot is the chief reason. If it had not been for Gowdy there would be no cause for rejoicing and this Story would have no hero but it would have a villain of considerable baseball prominence. It would be featuring the redoubtable John j. Evers accounted the shrewdest and quickest thinking baseball player on the Diamond in the role of Quot Bone head a which is a role John j. Evers created for another. A mental lapse by the Captain of the braves would have lost the game for them but for Gowdy. Poor Fred Merkle is avenged. Johnny himself failed to do certain things around second base at a critical moment to Day. Joe Bush feels badly. Just across the Street from the abode of Quot Lank Hank Gowdy in another hotel is a lad As Young As the tall Backstop of the braves and who has also known his hour of Trumph but who finds the revelry to night Only a mockery. He is Quot Bullet Joe Bush the boy from Minnesota conqueror of the giants in another world series and who fought a Good fight for the Mack men this afternoon Only throw away his game under a crushing attack led by Gowdy. Darkness was shrouding Fenway Field when the braves went to Bathe twelfth. The Sun had Long s gone Down on a magnificent new England autumn Day. It would have been impossible to see a flying Ball a foot away in a few minutes another inning could not have been played. The Dapper Bill Klem and the Burly Dineen had conferred Gether with Many a glance at i gathering dusk and had decided Call the game at the end of i twelfth. Gowdy was the first Man up that inning and Quot Lank Hank fouled off the first Ball pitched to him the stand behind the plate. Bush a next delivery was a Ball and on next Gowdy Ralfred another foul the stand behind him. Then he smashed a line drive into the t Horary stand in left Field where picturesque a Royal rooters of Boston headed by the silk hatted frock coated Quot Honey Fitz a were seated thirty five thousand spectators by into a wild tumult. The crowds in the bleachers and the Distant t facts on worlds series contestants Boston braves the champions of the National league end Philadelphia athletics champions of the american league. Place to Day Fenway Park Boston. Prize at stake organized baseball champions of the world. Present champions a Philadelphia athletics. Game starts�?3 of clock Eastern time 1 of clock Chicago time. Yesterdays results Boston 6 athletics 4 12 innings. Probable Bette rules to Day Bender and Schang Philadelphia a James and Gowdy Boston. My by 1 Ron National league. Weather forecast a Clear not much change. Yesterdays figures. Paid attendance�?35,520. Total receipts�?$63,808. National commission s share $6,380.80. Players share�?834,456.32. Each clubs share�?811,485.44. Series totals. Paid attendance�?76,674. Total receipts�?8163,086. 816,308.60. Comi Horary stands loomed up ghostly through the evening Haze As they waved newspapers and pennants. The Quot Royal rooters a band broke out with Quot Tessie a the War song of the Boston baseball fans. It played without cessation until the finish of that mad inning. Mann runs for Gowdy. Under the ground rules Gowdy a blow went for two bases and Hank stood on second waving his arms at the Boston Bench. Soon Leslie Mann who drove in the run at Philadelphia on saturday raced across the Field and took Gowdy a place As base runner. Stallings wanted the advantage of Mann a Speed for Quot Lank Hank is no Mercury on the base paths. Gilbert an outfielder who came to the braves from Milwaukee of the american association approached the plate swinging a Bat and was announced As batting for big Bill James who had succeeded George Tyler the left hander when Tyler was removed to let a Pinch hitter Bat for him in the tenth. Gilbert has not played in this series but has the reputation of being something of slugger. It May be because he had no line on the youngster and did not know How to instruct Bush to pitch to him or it May be because he Felt that Moran would be easy but in any event Connie Mack instructed Quot Bullet Joe to pass Gilbert and Schang stepped Over to a far Corner of the catchers Box while Bush pitched four wide balls. The tumult increases. The tumult steadily increased in volume until it was a riot. The Quot Royal rooters a a band could hardly be heard above the Roar but it was grinding away at Young Tyler pitches an erratic game but Mack men pass up several chances to score a Victory. A a Rabbit Maranville was Rushing Back and Forth off the Coacher s Box off first base and screaming like a crazy Man. Then the crowd had a hazy View of the despised Moran suddenly dumping Down a deft bunt from the tip of his Bat off toward third they saw Mann and Gilbert leap Forward in a wild race around the Diamond they saw Joe Bush Rush Forward pick up the Ball and make an awkward throw to Baker at third in an Effort to get Mann. The Ball never even touched bakery a hands despite a desperate grab by the big Marylander. It went on out into left Field and Mann scored. Gilbert too could have tallied had it been necessary. The rest is a confused blur. Out of the Haze popped a great Bank of people tumbling toward the Boston Bench. Behind them in ragged rushed the Quot Royal rooters with Quot Honey Fitze proudly stepping along beneath his silk tile. And then the Boston Bench and the Boston players seemed to be blotted out entirely under a mass of people most of whom were demanding a Plank Hank Gowdy. A Little aisle was opened to let the Philadelphia athletics March out and they went in single file. Silently they went in single file silently and soberly not much different in defeat than they have been in Victory. They had Little to say until they reached their hotel. Wendell Phillips in tie score with Evanston High at Northwestern Field ends 6 to 6. Wendell Phillips High school and Evanston High football elevens battled to a 6 to 6 tie yesterday on Northwestern Field Evanston. Left halfback Cook of Evanston and quarterback Haggerty of Phillips made the scores for their respective teams. Both missed goal. Wendell Phillips scored in the third Quarter Ami Evanston made their touchdown in the final Quarter. Lineup Evanston 6. W. Phillips 0. A be sss2u a a a cd a Ajse Brubaker a. A. Derry Falcon t m a a a Euins fwd cd a a. A i Al in 1 cok. Kirkbride. Substitutes Garney pc Carney. Carney for be u a for e Haggerty i it. In. A Hutty ire a Gre. Head Linesman the mayors Piea. Register to Day. 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