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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - October 12, 1914, Chicago, Illinois Chicago examiner baseball and other sports monday october 12. 9i4. Popularity there is a head of one of the Boston braves on every cent that we braves did practice in the athletics Park in spite of Connie Mack it amp it it it a it a amp it it it a a it they practice on Friday when they won 7-1, and then played a real game saturday cornered the athletics Are backed in a Corner to Day. Let s see How they 1 can fight greatest play of the worlds series by a a Rabbit Maranville this photograph was made while a a Rabbit Maranville the diminutive shortstop of the Boston braves executed a play that resulted in the final outs in the second game of the worlds series at Shibe Park Philadelphia. In the last half of the ninth after Walsh who was sent to Bat for Plank had walked Murphy smashed a wicked Bounder that was neatly picked up by Maranville who dashed a with the Ball to second reaching the bag a fraction of a second before the sliding Walsh who is Here shown veiled behind the dust his slide raised. The picture was taken just As Maranville his feet off the ground was starting the throw to first that completed the double play and retired the Side winning the game for the braves. Whaling to catch if Tyler works says to by Tycobb worlds greatest player and Champion Batter do St on c 0 hold a Cradle of the National league in heavy perspiration of excitement Over third series game to Day. By Damon Runyon. Boston oct. 11.�?on the Long Island Sli ure of the j great South Bay not far from new York dwells i a tribe of patient and prosaic Wen who follow a the Waters of the Bay for a livelihood fishing Clam a digging Hunting and guiding. Some of these men have known no other occupation for rising forty years and their fathers and their fathers fathers before them a followed the they i Boston braves Are for the most part a gnarled and weather beaten t coat of arms. Clan with Salty eyes and straddling step and their knowledge of the world has demonstrated his ability t athletics and to use his head Ana keep his nerve. Stallings May decide Ime Back with Rudolph to mor and if Rudolph wins to pitch s tuesday. Should James lose Stallings would be forced to proceed to Start Tyler in Philadelphia after his club had tasted defeat. Should Tyler lose to Morrow the players would figure Quot Well we be _ a a a to pitch Back and both Are Well i look to see Tyler work to Morrow. 1th both Rudolph and James in re Rve with an extra Days rest apiece in the event of a reverse to Morrow. Mack faces just As hard a problem. Plank pitched a wonderful game yesterday and this showing May make the athletic manager believe his opponents Are weak against left hand Bressler but he no his Faith in the cult who has had Little would be pitching the face of rooters that will do All they can to upset the Pitcher. The overthrow of Macks two veterans has been a great blow for he probably figured on using a youngster that he can master any of that t the prospects Are that a match Between Clabby and Mccoy the conqueror of Chip will be staged in Milwaukee by Tom Andrews very shortly. Sig a re it6d Epe mls 5 what Yapp Mitchell says. Yapp Mitchell is the coach of the Boston or s Box off third when the braves Are complimented him after the game de ish he a even sen tie i Esi skiers an Quot Eser Feal Ltd pals be something must be or opinions to Stallings and a. Stall stowed upon him. He is a valuable i m with the Umpire loud and his opinions to Stallings Quot and g. Stall a a owed upon Ings then pitches Rudolph Tyler or Man for the 1 2e& Ciery a Siht a sss.rsve�?T. I wrong. Long the National pastime. When i was Young and in my prime and it was hard to raise a dime i often risked my Youthful Frame to climb a Fence and see a Ganie. My blood grows cold with passing time. But if i did no to have a dime. I la bet i d risk my ancient Frame to see another baseball game. Norman the new Arrow Collara for in Here Are the Best clothes finest suits overcoats bal macans at $30, $35, $40, $45, $50 t hese suits and overcoats will show you How it is possible to get clothes of the finest Quality at reasonable prices. You la see a very Large presentation of these highest Grade clothes Here and you la find no limit to your Choice. These suits overcoats and bal macans Are the difficult to secure sorts a the exclusive sorts the actual last word of fashion. 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