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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - October 11, 1914, Chicago, Illinois Of d cooler i highest .68 the to est newspaper. Emont for the Best Homes. Price five cents j i vol. Xv., no. 15.�?a. M. Chicago october 11, 1914 Al Mcm or sur ill romanian King Foj at 1111 Dies rom hints Tlell i Iii at assassination demise caused by failure to induce Cabinet to Aid germans in War. C30 o clock 1 .1 Diamond experts Marvel As despised Boston playing greatest there world series game in history beats noted athletics again James conquers Plank in pitching Duel As Deal and Mann unheralded before get hits push in ninth that decided Day by Damon Runyon. Pm i l a Del phia oct. 10.�? old baseball men gravely wag their Heads and Tell you that 1 such things As transpired a t Shibe Field Here this afternoon Are the manifestations of Diamond Fate. An almost uncanny quirk in the Luck that came in the ninth inning gave the Boston braves another vie tory Over the Philadelphia athletics Roumania s excellent army on the by a score of 1 to 0, and the Gray Ide of Germany marked the begin beards of the game say that this Ning of the physical decline which strange quirk came because it has ended in his death been written that the Boston braves j when Ferdinand shall be the champions of the base Ball world. Glen Are still debating that play to i try Home at Sinai in Wallachia. His i death was like that of Pope 1 a us by the War it is believed. The most extraordinary rumours Are i circulating As to the circumstances of the King s death. It is said he was poisoned or otherwise assassinated. Reason to believe that his were intensely bitter. His refusal to abandon Germany enraged his ministers and subjects. Romanian representatives in Rome had denounced their King with unheard of violence branding him a traitor and predicting his banish that these diplomats went und was sufficient proof of the helplessness. King Charles since the outbreak of the War had been contemptuously disregarded by the ministry. His death seems Likely to project Roumania at once into the Field of War probably As an ally of Russia. Simultaneously with the news of the death Oomes a dispatch from but Harest that the russian Black sea Leet of eight battleships and cruisers and ten destroyers is speeding toward the bosporus cleared for action. King Charles As a member of the Hohenzollern family naturally sympathized with Germany while his subjects almost to the Man have favored entering the War on the Side is to rave Arre Drar 8arres�ed Charles f. Congleton taken to police station on former tenants complaint under almost forgotten statute. Official statements German. Issued last night by the general staff in Berli the stir fortress of Antwerp including All the forts is in our Possession. Issued yesterday by the Berlin War office our offensive in it. Hereof try be deemed a fill and opposed to Public policy upon the part of any of Tuer or agent in Ray dwelling House Flat or apartment desiring the state of Illinois. The penalty a a Fine of from $50 to Sloo for each violation. I dated and Austria delivered her ultimatum King Charles showed leanings toward Austria. In september night i for upon 1 a a ived the Cabinet to mobilize one of the ministers replied Are quite willing if it the King replied a i gave my word to emperor Wiliam and a Hohenzollern keeps Quot this country knows to replied the president of the Council. Quot it knows Only the King of Roumania who does not have to give his word to any King Charles next is said to have suggested a coup d eat in the arrest of All the ministers. He was told Quot sire you will be the first Prince Ferdinand the heir pre Eum Pulve is forty nine years old. And i married a Princess of Saxe Coburg Quot Rabbit Maranville was quickly Gotha. Retired on a roller to a Black Jack was first King. Barry accounted one of the safest j Charles i. Was Roumania s firs surest and steadies men of his time. I King. Do was a German Prince of then Charley Deal who got into the Twenty seven Vears and an Oft a Brave lineup Only because Quot red Eer of rank in the Prus Smith broke his leg just before the a Ian guard when the turkish prov jerle8 opened and who had done be inces of Wallachia and Moldal the Star of the american league Freems to he slowly sinking. Eight innings of a bitter pitching a Between Eddie Plank the Quot Gettysburg last of the athletics a old guard a and Bill James the Gian Young Brave from the far Northwest had passed and while it was Plain i be seen that the bostonian were a lowly cutting Down the Veteran from behind his breastworks of six feet three of Youthful Bone and sinew the Mackrain were at no disadvantage As the ninth came on. Deal hits to Center. Under this almost forgotten Stai Charles f. Congleton real esl owner prominent Churchman an. Member of the firm of Congleton amp Mckinnon restaurant North Wabash Avenue was arrested in his apartment at 4556 Beacon Street last night and taken to the town so far As is known. Congleton is the first landlord Ever arrested in the. Let for forcing a tenant to Movi the expiration of his lease recaps. An addition to the family during ten nay. The tenant who brought Abo Tir his arrest is of. Wai 472. Magnolia Avenue manager of the casualty department of the National life insurance company. A Waits year for trs to according to Isett he has waited More than a year to have Congleton arrested. During this time Dongle ton who is sixty two years old has been on a honeymoon world. He returned to Chicago Only last Friday. Isett immediately swore out a warrant before judge Uhlir. Congleton is not located until last night. After being taken to the town Hall station he obtained his release on �500 Bonds signed by friends. Quot i intend to make a test Case of this Law and will take it to the i est court a said Isett last night. Quot if e con but Tang up to this time drove a liner Over Amos Strunk s head to de Ter Field. Strunk seemed to misjudge the Ball. He started Forward then commenced to stagger backward As the drive kept moving Onward and gathering Force. Finally the Ball landed in the grass Well out of Amos reach and Deal reached second. A moment later As James a me to hat Walter Schang the athletic Backstop noted that the base runner was playing very far Oft the Middle bag mgt far. Indeed that it seemed to be a bit of base running foolishness. As Plank blazed a Side Arm slant across the letters on Bill James Chest Chang whipped the Ball Down to second to catch Deal napping and Barry took the throw. Instead of trying to return to second however. Deal Tore on toward third. While Many spectators thought this was a bit of stupid base running by Deal for taking such a Long Lead off second they forgot he had pulled that identical play earlier in the game and Boston players claim he has Beer pulling it on National league catchers All season. It therefore takes rank As a most Brilliant m and had much to do with the the game As it seemed to upset the athletics infield. To the amazement of every one Barry did not throw to Baker. He Drew Back his Arm but the throw never came. Later it developed that Deal was directly in line with Baker anti the throw might have hit the runner in the Back and ended the chances of the athletics right there. The spectators never fully comprehended that fact however. They were dumbfounded by Barry s hesitation. Braves score re n. With Deal on third. James fanned for the fourth time. Leslie Mann playing his first game in the series took a Ball and then chopped a Long looping Fly to right held Back of Sec tie Selvea Roumania. Casting their eyes about Europe for a foreign Prince to govern them since no native had been successful they took the advice of Napoleon Iii. And invited Young Charles to take the throne. At the age of thirty after three years of Success As the ruler of the romanians King Charles paid court to Princess Elizabeth of wed with w Hom he fell in love at first sight when he met her at Cologne and the marriage was celebrated on the Banks of the Rhine in 1869. Crowned with Iron. Four years later. King Charles captured a Cannon at Plevna and out of it the romanian people Iron Crown which was placed head in 1881. From that to my was acknowledged the Leader him a of 16th Page 5th c the sunny Side of use is the heritage of men and women who depend upon real Sunshine and the great outdoors for a living. Even the smallest farm Well managed brings peace Contentment and a continuous income to the the men who Seu farm lands to Day do not give just land in Exchange for your Money. They have studied the ways and Means of making the land yield the most and Send their trained men to teach you How to do the same. Splendid farm lands Are advertised daily and sunday in a Artmer build pred c May 1 Gleton for damages. A i moved into Hiing at 1351 Wilson her 1. 1911, taking Over a lease held by a former tenant. This lease ex-12. I took a year a month later we were blessed with a baby boy. A ten 1 attempted to renew my lease on May 1, 1913, i was told by Edgar a. Ransom Congleton s agent that i would have to move on account of the baby. Says Congleton barked. A to support his statement Ransom showed me a letter written to him by Congleton who was then in Europe on his honeymoon ordering him to refuse me a renewal on account of the baby. I obtained a copy of the letter then got put. Leon Danforth another tenant was ousted at the same time for the same cause. Quot at the same time Ransom rented one of the apartments to c. F. Hughes another trustee of the Buena memorial Church. The Hughes family brought a great big ferocious bulldog with them when they moved in. The dog still is in their apartment and so far As i know Congleton has never made any complaint about Congleton in denial. Congleton is a trustee of the Buena memorial presbyterian Church 4309 Sheridan Road. Quot the charge is entirely without declared Congleton after his arrest. Quot Isett was ordered to move because the apartment he was occupying was rented before he put in an application to have the lease re belgian Queen goes to London secretly Elizabeth crosses Channel to Folk Stone amid mystery. London England. Oct. 10. 5 48 p. Queen of the belgians is reported to have passed through Folk Stone from Dunkirk last night proceeding to London. The greatest secrecy surrounded the movements of her majesty. Strength and the enemy has suffered so tremendously in his attempts to arrest our Advance and outflank us that he has been compelled to withdraw from several Points about Arras. Though we have suffered heavily As Well we Are in a position to reinforce our lines whereas the French and British commanders Are unable to strengthen their forces to any extent. The successful termination of the siege of Antwerp will release Thi forces that have been besieging that fortress. It can be stated the the decisive phase of the War in the Western theater has been reached and the advantage is All ours. Orerg rvs in nv0s6es, Geronsin Doi Seii Edison submarine hit would make. Navy strongest vessel with Gills like fish can remain under water indefinitely. Sew Tork oct. 10.�? Aub mar which will powerful Navy in the world. The deep sea vessel will be proved with Gills similar to those of a Ilse. Ills experiments cover the past year and Are almost perfected. When he presents his boat for the inspection of Laval experts it will be possible for t to remain under water Indeli Nitoly extracting the oxygen for fresh air of Antwerp releases new army from the sea water. This was Learned to Day when in company with the Secretary of the Navy and mrs. Daniels mrs. Edison 37,000 Teutons killed in attempt Quot a a a a a Hutchinson chief eng. A. N the Edison laboratories it to capture Mountain passes Orange n. A. The words greatest in assaults on allies left Wing i ? a repulsed cavalry in Battles at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Ostend and Dunkirk threatened i by invaders outposts capture of Antwerp releases new army for Northern France operations. French issued last night by the War office in Bordeaux. T n e reports received this afternoon from general Headquarters announce merely co Natac tween to cavalry forces Southwest of Lille a violent engagement at the South East and North of Arras and very vigorous attacks by the enemy on Heights of the Meuse. The afternoon statement said. The Battle continues under satisfactory conditions. Our entire Battle front has been maintained despite violent attacks by the enemy at several Points. At the North of the Oise our troops have gained some real advantages at several parts of their zone of action. In the Region of St. Millet we have made evident Advance. Russian. Issued last night by the general Petrograd the combat on the East prussian Frontier continues with the same obstinacy. The German troops Are retiring from russian coat Yak and Are of arms. Blowing up the Bridges behind them. In several passes Between Iva Gorod and Sandomir artillery Battles Are occurring with the enemy which is approaching the Vistula. Austrian. Wireless Dis Paul from count Berchtold to ambassador dumb at Manchester mass our Advance i Galicia has everywhere attained Success ind gains ground incessantly. An officer of the general staff on returning from austrian coat the fortress of arms. Przemysla reports the Garrison in splendid condition and the fortress ducted with utmost activity and circumspection. The Garrison made several sorties pressed Back the enemy a lines and made numerous prisoners. The Carpathian mountains two groups of russians near Mara Maros Salget were mutilated and beaten. The town it again in our Handa. There Are no More russians West of Wysz Kow. Renewed fierce attacks by the ens a on prize Nysla were splendidly repulsed Many thousand Rustiana being killed and wounded. Special Cable to the examiner. Paris oct. 10.�?it is reported to night that residents of Ostend and other coast cities Are taking alarm As the fighting veers toward the North sea and that Many of the residents Are preparing to take Refuge in England or the South of France. Special Coble of the examiner. London oct. Assaults were made by the germans on three separate Points of the allies line in the Battle of seven Rivers to Day. According to the Midnight official announcement from Bordea Uthe French and British everywhere held fast at the same time according to Basel dispatch the French resumed the offensive in Alsace and swept the germans weakened by the sending of reinforcements to other parts of the line Back Over a wide Range of territory. The germans in unsuccessful efforts to storm the passes of Schluch and Bonhomme and others in the Vosges have lost 37.000 men in killed wounded and prisoners according to this Basel report. Flank movements fail. An Exchange Telegram from Ostend says the germans suffered a be Check this Morlong at Quac utrecht near Ter Monde whore 20,000 germans were repulsed by a Franco Brit lbs Force. In this Vicinity that a Strong body of germans were reported to a crossed the Scheldt under fire in Pursuit of the retiring Garry it a of Antwerp which was attempt in to make Good its escape what Ard. This -8 the first Timo dispatches have mentioned a Franco Brit Ash Force in this Vicinity. An Exchange Telegraph company dispatch declares that German Tun have been North of sols Bons. On the alone. And that 400 600 germans were killed. The overshadowing fact in the Day s developments in the North of France is the attempt of the germans again to carry their fighting to the Llang was reported to Day from Cassel. Northwest of Lille and Only eighteen Miles from the English Channel. Also and built at the department. Batteries heretofore used have been of a Type which gives off chlorine Gas when it comes in Contact with Salt water. This makes the men susceptible to pneumonia. It is next to impossible to keep the batteries of a submarine from becoming wet with sea water. It is announced his invention has met All j tests required of it and probably will i be adopted by the Navy. 1 the submarine with Gills interested i the Navy men. Or. Edison explained that he believed he had perfected the application of the principle and said that he had arrived at his solution by actual study of fish. A Vlf Hen he started on the invention or. Edison went to the aquarium at Battery Park where the attendants lifted from the tanks Many species of fish. These the inventor held in his hands As Long As possible without injuring them studying the action of their Gills As they gasped for breath. Ilene Between Cassel Labasse i f i mid m two thousand of England a marines flee to Holland and Are disarmed seek to make belgians fight All forts captured loss of life appalling 8.000 British helped defense. Amsterdam oct. 10.�?fears Are expressed for the safety of King Albert of Belgium. Refugees who have arrived Here state that the King was seen with his troops with his Arm in a Sling. Germans lose third of men at Antwerp belgian. Reported. 3 Antwerp armies released. With a great portion of the German army that invested Antwerp released by the surrender of that fortress the petted to use greater forces than in the last abortive at tempt to reach the English Channel which was foiled when British and Tion with the Bellani invading the British a t Ostend. The line from Turco Long to a men Leres the germans were driven Back fifteen Miles to Day defeating their purpose of threatening the northerly Extension of the French left. It now is definitely established flanking movements that of Joffre and failed. The Pace with each other in their Sid Wise grappling to the North and neither Wing was Able to Bend the other Back 1 any appreciable extent a correspondent of the Dally mall France telegraphs that he learns of refugees that the German bom i dment has worked terrible destruct cent need 1 Page 6th column. Special Cable to the examine. London oct. From Berlin to night say the German War office claims the Conquest of Antwerp Complete. The entire fortress has been captured. After entering the City the germans occupied each of the forts says the general staff. The press Bureau of the admiralty announces that three British naval brigades numbering 8,000 men participated in the defense of Antwerp. One numbering 2,000 men was Cut off by the germans and entered Holland where it was disarmed. The others reached Ostend. The Bureau says the British casualties numbered 300. King Albert of Belgium is reported to be in a critical situation at the head of the vanquished Field army of belgians which he led out of Antwerp to save it from being Bott Leil up when it was seen that the fall of the temporary capital was inevitable. He is being pursued by a Large detached Force of the German division of the besieging army under general von Keseler which is attempting to Cut him off along the dutch Border and Force him either to face Battle in the Field against overwhelming Odds or seek Refuge in Holland there to be interned during the War. Germans Cross Scheldt uner fire pursue King. The Pursuit of the King and the Gallant defenders Antwerp developed when a body of germans in Grei strength essayed a crossing of the Scheldt River near Ter Monde. They threw temporary pontoons across the River and despite the raking fire from the belgian trenches succeeded in establishing themselves on the other Side where they were hastily re formed and took up the March in a northeasterly direction toward san Nicolas Twenty six tiles Southwest of Antwerp and but five Miles from the dutch Frontier. The germans evidently were Bent on turning the rear of the retreating belgian column and either forcing a Battle or driving them into Holland and in any event preventing the belgians from effecting a Junction with the allies in France a who Are pushing steadily toward the belgian Border. Should the belgians appear behind the German line in France they would be Able seriously to harass von Kluckas forces. In their rear the flying columns of belgians and pursuing prussians left a once Beautiful City the Pride of Belgium two thirds in ruins. The evacuation of Antwerp came Only after it a was seen that further resistance would mean the utter destruction of the City by the ruinous fire of the giant howitzers which had been pouring Thier deadly rain of shells into it without sur cease for three Days the Climax of a Tea Berun claims capture leases Royal Home to fall of Paris the capture of Antwerp in ten Days carries the germ of the capture of Paris a says the Deutsche Tage Zeitung according to a Reuter dispatch from Berlin by Way of Amsterdam Quot the fall of this fortress a adds the newspaper Quot not not Only Means the overthrow of the belgians but it is a most serious blow to England. Quot it proves that it is Only necessary to break Down a Large Section of even the most extended fortresses in order to Render the remaining part fires still rage unchecked in Many parts of the City. The loss of life has been appalling. Scores of Beautiful buildings monuments for centuries have been razed or scarred. The hotel de Ville a wonderful architectural example of Renaissance Type dating from 1561, suffered severely. Some reports say the notre Dame Cathedral dating from 1352, and a mag is estimate casualties o opponents at 40,000. Special Cable to the examiner. London oct. 10.�?a dispatch to the observer from Ostend says thai at the ministry of War just established there after removal from ant a Rerp. It is estimated that the German loss incident to the 8leg� Tver up to the present i 40,000 out of the 125,000 engaged. Their infantry advanced in solid masses and was decimated by belgian fire. But those were merely a food for powder Quot deliberately re faced in order to allow the big brought up to begin the work of destruction. Belgians were in for seventy two preceding the fall of Antwerp. Woman hears Robin whistle Trust tune lecturer also declares a rooster crowed a the mrs. Jessie l. Daggett lecturer of la Grange 111., spoke on Quot Birds and Bird much cd at a meeting of the Cal ago kindergarten club in the Art Institute yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Daggett raid a Robin in her Back Yard tied Marguerite a Quot spinning song Quot from Faust one morning. Quot the non person to whom the Rose is Rose does not heed these things. They have to be listened for Quot mrs. Daggett said. She also has heard a rooster Crow Quot the Young Robins she says eat seventeen feet of Worms in one Day. 4 takes country House of Prince William of Sweden. Stockholm oct. 10.�?Ira Nelson Morris of Chicago. Minister from the t United states to Sweden has leased the country House of Prince wll Liim of Sweden. It is located at Oakhill near Stockholm. German destroyer sunk by submarine British boats Victory officially admitted at Berlin Berlin by wireless via Sayville n. A. Oct. 10.�?it is officially announced that the German torpedo boat destroyer Lla has been sunk by a British submarine boat. First pictures of world championship serums on pages fourteen cd fifteen ;