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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - October 9, 1914, Chicago, Illinois Sun Fields. They Are hard to play in the 1 autumn and athletic Park is one of the worst. Chicago examiner a football and other sports Friday october 9. I9m.all�?Ts fair in baseball As Well As in love and War thinks Connie Mack a it it Ltd it Ltd it it a it it it a Ltd the braves wont know until to Day How the afternoon Sun looks in Shibe Park fight. Stallings will see the braves do Quot that now that his ire is aroused before the Battle. Balls to Day with teams bitter foes Stallings Mack Row and refusal of quakers to join players fraternity makes the athletics and braves sworn enemies. By Frank g. Menke. P Philadelphia Ott. the eve of the first Battle betwee Quot the braves and the athletics for the baseball worlds Champion j Frank Baker of the athletics and his worlds series smile at the top and Little Dick Rudolph the braves Pitcher who intends to foil the slugging Baker the feds Box score Chicago. J Kansas City. Saaf a i h is is 1 is <231 0 . La. 2 0 Oil his �s.? f Jug pc a amp so is packers. 8 to 3 Black is hero of game in which goofs get Chance 400 fans in at curtain drop. By James Clarkson. Heavily reinforced by goofs Chi feds wound up their season Al North Side Yard yesterday by Sec Geoge Sto e kid Southpaw Chicago and Dis played great form against the Guys i who recently trimmed the locals 1 three straight and beat them out of the Flag. Black was particularly effective against Gilmore who whiffed Silgaro first annual Cook county fair order drove Many of them to cover Syssa ass wars Ilvess sly i one Philadelphia fan bet $50 even oth South . A and1 Issue fewer bases boy us to ease up a at la Siock _ Woltze a City series sidelights they delivered. And they a 11 do before it is All in the sixth. And Joe s Only Chance hut Hae kicked Zorn a made a beaut of a play. Joe is a the cubs. With the by go gigs Gaggia Post season games. Standings. Chicago series. 53 w. A pet. We a slip yesterdays results. Chicago series. 3,v#�3"h. Cobb admits braves have Chanc tyrus says a i look for a tight series with Philadelphia the ultimate Victor in by Tycobb. The worlds Champion batsman n and greatest All around player Philadelphia pa., oct. 8.�?i wrote George Stallings after he had cinched the National league Pennant. He and i have been friends for several years and our Homes Are close together in Georgia. A what have you got to say about the series George a i asked him. A nothing a to a a he answered in substance Quot nothing except that we will give them a fight. The experts have us beaten already but we surprised the National league did no to we Well done to be surprised if we repeat on the the athletics Are still my Choice because i know the battering strength of the club and the Best that the braves can do is to go into the series with a prayer for the Luck. But even Luck likes to run with a win so i am afraid that the athletics will get the Luck too. The Boston team has just a Chance and that Chance lies in the Marvel a a a ssh a trim the braves by1 rules and he will find two men tid the crowds ure liable top ayn a part in this series and in Quot facts on worlds series capt. Ansons players will duplicate worlds series games at Philadelphia for first time. Chicago a second largest baseball crowd to Day will gather at the coliseum to see the duplication of the worlds series Between the Philadelphia athletics and the Boston braves All doubts As to the interest being taken in Captain a. C. Ansons latest project being removed by the keenness shown by fans in All parts of the City yesterday. The City series alone will outdraw the event. For the first time a real baseball game will be copied play for play by actual players who Yiem solves will be wrapped up in the contest As it comes Over the wires As much As 6,000 and Mclnnis to play with mashed fingers. i apathy in amp much concern is Felt Over a the pc it it no a St appearedc\nns�yeraldofblecogamesai1 i5lt.iie, an it Rea thing 1spe�ianafter&Quot the gone the doors to the big coliseum will Baa after that Uwel be a Constan Bat showers May prevent game in Philadelphia. A a e of clerks to Cut oa1heavebigehallp while h a Tny a a a ski n0 in vhf lisrofthe1 sox cribs baseball t tickets see Ernie Young Morrison hotel see the worlds baseball series Philadelphia is. Boston coliseum ssssj2 a hits runs errors Fielding plays Bonehead plays All actually reproduced by Ball players. Games staged by capt. Adrian c. Anson under auspices of the Chicago examiner admission fifty cents to All parts of the Hall. Doors open at 12 30. 1 ;