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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - November 2, 1915, Chicago, Illinois 4 Chi Cage exam of a tuesday. Yovembe�2, 1915. Kami they face defeat m the East Pennsylvania champions of a votes for women expect to lose but will celebrate Odds of 4 to 1 against project offered in new York Boston to administer decisive defeat. Wal wishers delay arrival 3i0 i Lily s dispatches received up to a late hour last night from Eastern states in which woman suffrage will be an Issue Torday indicated that the suffragists would be Defeated in some i tates overwhelmingly. Odds of 4 to 1 against the suffragists were offered in new York. Pennsylvania suffragists admitted defeat. Boston declared the propos Luon would be rejected decisively. By International news service new York nov. 1.�?Odds of 4 to t that woman suffrage will be Defeated at the polls to Morrow were uttered to Day on the Broad Street curb. Even Money was uttered that suffrage would be Defeated in new York county by 75,000. The suffrage Campaign in new Tor 1 the i Bilous of the three just finished in the East. The Wisest of men political leaders refuse to make any a forecasts. No great state Ever did win a suffrage Campaign the first time but no suffrage state of much Money or so Maiers neither did it Ever have such enormous masses of voters to convert or such Strong political machines to crush. Leaders on both sides among the women predict Victory to night. Mrs. Arthur Murray Dodge president of the anti suffrage organization declared the suffragists would lose by 150.000. Mrs. Carrie i Hapman Catl chairman of the pm a a a ire state Campaign committee predicted they would win by at least . Moo mid in . Philadelphia nov. 1.�?sflffrage a doomed in the Ruffra gusts privately admit it. Amendment to give women to _ receives the affirmation of 200,000 of i he 600,000 voters expected to take Iriart in to Morrow a voting the suffragists will have considered themselves amply repaid and will in All likelihood hold a a Victory Quot demonstration on wednesday evening. Plans Are already under Way for such a demonstration with or. Anna Howard Shaw presiding. The idea is to offset the psychological effect of temporary defeat. An offer of $3.600. At Odds of 3 to 1, against suffrage had no takers today although the amount and the name of the maker were freely advertised in the newspapers. Organized political Power will defeat the Boston favors my Call. Boston. Nov. 1.�?betting on tomorrows election took a turn to Day when Samuel w. Mccall Republican candidate for governor became favorite Over governor Walsh. Democratic nominee and candidate for a. Third term. The betting favored Mccall at 10 to 9 and 5 to 4, with scattering Mccall bets of 10 to 7 reported. A Good Deal of betting is at even Money. The woman suffrage amendment probably will he rejected by a decisive vote. That at least is the prevailing opinion in political circles w Here the most general estimate heard is that the amendment will be turned Down by about 50,000. Nelson b. Clark progressive gubernatorial candidate insists he will win but the contest is clearly Between Mccall and Walsh. May land managers puzzled. Baltimore. Nov. 1�?there is every indication that a heavy vote will be polled in Maryland to Morrow. The registration is larger than in any previous year and political experts Are at sea. The democrats have a Normal majority of Only 12.000 in the state although it is 45.000 on paper. The party managers each claim they will win by 10.000. The republicans Are United and have the support of Wilson test in Kentucky. Louisville. By. Nov. 1.�?the strength of the National administration will receive one test to Morrow in the general election in Kentucky where a governor state officers a full judicial ticket and half of the state Senate three carloads of vegetables that would have gone to waste distributed to City a poor. Dyson charges Are dropped by states attorney prosecutor in dismissing indictment says politics is behind Case. And v the poor Baptist Church Twenty third Street and Michigan Avenue yesterday. One thousand families were represented at the Church and at least 300 families were Given Relief. Five additional carloads of produce will be received to Day and will be Given out where it is most needed. The gift is the work of the Rev. Johnstone Myers former pastor of the Church done through the Farmers of Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. In All that Rich farming Section fruit and vegetables Are rotting on the ground for want of a Market while in the poorer quarters of Chicago the people have not enough to eat. Appeal touches Farmers. Quot you have food going to waste and we have hungry people Quot the minister told his audiences on a recent lecture tour. A Why done to you give to us what you cannot use or sell a Quot you pay the freight and Well be glad to give it to you a was the reply. So the Farmers furnished the food the wealthy men of the Church paid the freight the Dixon Transfer company delivered the goods free of charge and last night 300 families had a better dinner than for Many a Day. The shipments came from Michigan All Over the country Between St. Joseph to Muskegon and South into Indiana where Laporte sent a Carload. The food was distributed without regard to lines of race Creed or location. Cards were sent to All churches of every denomination offering food to the poor whom the pastor might Send. The response showed the need. In the Little table which the Rev. Or. Myers had made out was the name of one family in which there Are ten children the youngest two the old and the father out of work. Family supported a boy. The family is supported by a boy of sixteen who earns $4 a week. Another Man also out of work has in children the eldest fourteen. Still another family of seven children and a Mother has been deserted by the father. One of the five additional car loads food expected to Day will be sent Hull House to be distributed As miss Addams and her aids May think by International news service Springfield iii., nov. 1.�?ed-Lund Burke states attorney in a statement to night after he had entered a Nolle pro Sequi in the Sangamon county circuit court in the mater of the indictment returned against o. E. Dyson state veterinarian de dares he refused to become a party to the use of his office for political purposes. Or. Dyson was charged with failure a dispose of hogs used at uie state Laboratory in the Vianner prescribed by Law. Under a Law enacted in 1895 owners of hogs dying from cholera were required to Bury them. Subsequently a Law was enacted in 1999 creating the state biological Laboratory. Since then hogs used in the Laboratory where hog cholera serum is manufactured have been sold to rendering works and the proceeds ironed into the state Treasury. A it does not appear there has been Ren a technical violation of the Law in or. Dyson Scase. A declared Burke. A i have consistently refrained from permitting the use of my office in matters which have a Politico Al at film service. Inc a. Mrs. Adella Maxwell Brown mrs. Adella Mbrown new state president reaches Chicago and plunges into work. The Illinois equal suffrage association in that City last saturday found a huge pile of letters and telegrams awaiting her yesterday afternoon when she appeared for the first time in her Chicago office in the Tower building. Mrs. Brown spent the better part of three hours Reading her correspondence much of it being of a congratulatory nature. Then she had visitors who took up More than another two hours. Her first caller was mrs. Grace Wilbur Trout former president of the association. Others who came were mrs. G. A. Soden mrs. Ray. The new Secretary of the association and miss j. F. W. Johnson the new auditor. The new Board will have its first a House of representatives will be elected. Both parties Are claiming the election. A. O. Stanley democratic nominee for governor believes he will be elected by about 30.000. Edwin p. Morrow. Republican nominee claims the state by 20.000. From reports from Over the state it seems Kentucky will be democratic by a Safe majority. Mississippi in no doubt. Jackson miss. Nov. 1.�?to-i Row will 1 a foregone conclusion that there i. Be a Light vote polled and that the democrats will win. Wets promised Ohio Victory. Columbus of. Nov. 1.�?unbiased political observers forecast that tomorrow the state wide. A it was impossible for me to get Here before 12 20 to Day owing to the pressure of Calls from friends and other Well wishers who almost besieged me before i left said mrs. Brown smiling. A Many old friends came to the train to see me off. I shall retain my Peoria residence and return there week ends. In Chicago i expect to live at one of the Loop hotels to be near my work and at present i am stopping at the Dannenberg held in Pittsburgh in conspiracy Case former inspector wires the exam Ier he has been release i on $5,000 Bond. We Illarr Dannenberg former morals Insp Tor in Chicago for second police it put m. L. C. Funk Houser was held yesterday for trial in i Csibi Hargea of con Sijer Acy and Cor it . One of his employees w. L. But of Chicago also was d. Buts was unable to give Bond. wired the examiner last night mat he had been released on $5,000 b and. Danneil Lorg had been engaged by one fact. R of the City government of Pittsburgh to get evidence that the mayor other officials were getting to from the vice and Gara bling interests. He is charged with trying to bribe officials to permit a gambling House to open. Place your savings in the old established haitians shoot marines Washington nov. 1.�?two United states marines were wounded yesterday when a detachment was fired upon by haitians near Begon i a Ileal Caperton wired Secretary i e�s4ivw ii steel plants hire hundreds of men the great steel plants in the suburbs of Chicago Are making enormous increases in their capacity and Are putting on More men As fast As machinery can be installed. The Illinois steel company is building a $2,-250,000 addition to its open Hearth steel Plant at South Chicago not so much because of War business As to Supply steel rails and other material which will be needed for the reconstruction period when the War is Over. The addition will give work to 500 More men and increase the steel output of the Plant by 500,000 tons a year. The new York Central Railroad company yesterday ordered 6.000 new freight cars from the Standard steel car company at Hammond. The factory has placed orders for material and As soon As it is at hand 2.500 additional men will be put to work. A Owen done thou Good and faithful these words written in Joe menards record Book by president w. A. Gardner of the Chicago amp Northwestern Railroad marked the end of Joe a forty years of faithful service As a Railroad Man. They were inscribed yesterday afternoon at one of the most unusual gatherings Ever witnessed in the conductors room of fhe Northwestern station. For the last fifteen years Joe has had charge of the. A millionaire special a which leaves the terminal every afternoon at 5 10 p. M. Yesterday he was placed on the pension list not because he was physically incapacitated bit because he had reached the age limit for employ yes seventy years. Friends give him party. When the news spread Over the various divisions of the Road that Joe was going to be retired his friends who Are numerous planned a Little party for Joe. It included not Only Railroad employees but High officials who had started at the Bottom of the ladder along with Joe. And when Joe checked out for the last time yesterday afternoon they were All gathered in the conductors room to bid him Farewell. He was Given the seat of Honor at the speakers table and blushed under Bis withered skin while every one extolled his merits. Has Good will of All. A most men a said president Gardner a go away with the Good will of their fellow employees. Some go away with the Good will of their officials. A this Case brother Menard is ploys which is something he should treasure in his heart for the rest of his a i Hope you will get a High position with the strategy Board said vice president h. H. Aishton. A you know what the main duties Are. Go up in the general managers office and Tell them How much better the Road was when you were running Washington. Nov. 1.�?arizona�?Ts Antl alien la Bor Law is unconstitutional. The supreme court so ruled to Day. By its decision the opinion special circuit court which also held the statute unconstitutional is affirmed. The Arizona Law has been in the. Bublic Eye since several foreign governments protested against it. The Arizona Law was enacted by the initiative vote of the people of Arizona and made it unlawful for any employer of More than five persons to employ less than 80 per cent qualified electors or citizens of the United states. Justice Hughes in announcing the courts decision said it already had been established that aliens in this country were entitled to the equal Protection of the Laws. I has ordered Worth of casings for three Inch and six Inch shells from the Union tool works of West Chicago. The material has been ordered and 1,000 extra men will be put to work As soon As it arrives. It is expected that the order will be doubled when the present contract has been filled. Telegraph briefs. Rwe>ty.�?z�?z., Olsow in cd ution Mhoon Cai idled Host on 0<-Tol 1. to a port to Navy depart take Home Thisbe know 98c for one Coupon Mere Cost of handling anti alien labor Law of Arizona Seld void Eit Ablahed 2s year Samson Teeth 5 a 510 Gold a Scro it a a 55 10-year guarantee in the ringing words of Pinckney More than a Century ago will be echoed in the 64th Congress which convenes in Washington in december. Not since the civil War has Congress been called upon for such vast appropriations As it will be this Winter. More than $500,000,000 jul be asked for the Navy to be used in the next five years. Millions More for the army and More millions for the Panama canal and general preparedness. It win be a Busy Winter in Washington 1 big sums accomplish big things. The Baltimore amp Ohio spent $100,000,000 in four years for the betterment of its lines Between Chicago and Washington or $10,000 an hour for every working Day of eight hours. Lines were straightened grades reduced roadbed rebuilt new Ai l a steel equipment for through passenger trains purchased Gready increasing efficiency in service. It is the shortest line and the Only one running solid Vestibule trains a without change Between Chicago and the nations capital Washington through which All trains must pass to and from Baltimore Philadelphia and new York. Liberal Stop Over privileges. Far of $1 Cluro to i a vote Refon if Stopover is a tha new York Chicago at 5.4s p. M. Arrives Washington 4.45 p. M. Avoids All Day ride through the the Washington new York express leaves Chicago at 8.00 a. M. Arrives Washington 7.10 a. M. A the new York exp Rem leaves Chicago at 9.30 p. M. Arrives Washington 10.30 p. To. A ticket offices 236 South Clark Street and ail principal hotels. Grand Centori station. 5th ave. And Harrison St. Also St. Station. W. W. Picking District passenger agent. Baltimore amp Ohio where a Walling Ford will be shown in the Pathe motion pictures capital surplus and profits $10,000,000 open a Day on saturdays until 8 p. M. In n. W. Cor. La Salle and Adams its. 1�?c-m-�?�m i today a a Avon Heaters 33z7 Fullerton Avo. South b Neville a Namrow i neater Nii Waukee wis. Pastime theater. Madison we. A Fischer theater Danville. Iii. Wednesday e. 47th St. Tar theater Evanston iii. A hippodrome theater Peoria 111. Lyric theater Hoopeston iii. Crystal theater Hartford Mich. A varsity theater Madison. We. Issy a figure a set Irish Corn ;