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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - February 27, 1916, Chicago, Illinois Rte i f x f. A. P xxx r up Wei up pop xxx jul less c?e1trud&. 7ie?/yp�l\ photo by Mabel Sykes by the Bowater a Lent Only a fortnight away social affairs Are setting into a grateful quiet which is very Well indeed for with work and some play though not nearly As much As usual we have been burning the Candle at both ends All this season. Nobody Ever admits gracefully Liat he does not know when Lent begins and when Caster is yet usually most everybody has to inquire. For the information of the. Unfaithful or unorthodox be it known that this year Ash wednesday will be very late falling on March 8 and easter coming april 23, is later than it will be again until the year 1960. Of course there will be Many sewing classes and the usual quiet Little assembling parties but the women who always do the things Are already so deep in work for Home charities and War Relief associations that it seems incredible that they can take on any More. O o o to his year the women s guilds of the different churches Are adding special activities for the need interest keen Safe for Quot kiddies Quot n Terest in the hat Sale for the Benefit of the a kiddies a to be held a in the Crystal room of the Blackstone hotel grows apace and it is expected a larger amount will be added to the Treasury of the children s memorial Hospital than last year when the Benefit was tremendously successful. Mrs. Harry Shearson has come Saak from the East with the very latest Spring models. The Sale is scheduled for March 2, and is to be an All Day affair. Some of the committee Are mrs. George Halleck Taylor. Mrs. Charleaw. Folds mrs. Howard 1 Martin beyond their parishes and each one is. Contributing to the foreign Relief funds As Well. . I c. Street Heads a very efficient class of women that meets tuesdays in the Parish Hall of St. Chrysostom a Church and in every other Parish or settlement it is just so. An especially interesting new element in the work for French wounded is the children and the women of the younger set who Are eager to help. Last week the Camp fire girls some thirty Strong. Marched into the shop in Washington Street and passed a generous half Day rolling bandages cutting and stitching with Little hands that simply flew with enthusiasm. The students of the kindergarten College too have come in and Are very helpful. One of the most Welcome gifts Ever received by this emergency fund committee was made by mrs. C. Morse Ely last week just before Ehe departed for California. It was a Large fat old fashioned Feather bed located by a Friend anonymously. / this was seized upon by mrs. Arthur Meeker mrs. Lewis Cochran mrs. Arthur Small. Mrs. Walter Brewster mrs. George h. Taylor and All that cheerful industrious lot and after a Brief conference that Feather tick was converted into Many soft pillows and with three Pillow cases for each Sells for a song and is packed into the hundreds of cases of comforts that Are finding their Way to the Battle Fields across the sea. O o o a phys must be the season of Young brides for some seem scarcely to have left school and Quot put up i their hair a it is undoubtedly the Vogue to marry Early if one wishes to rather than remain on the tapis As Long As possible for fear one would think of missing All the excitement there is to be found in the Beau Monde. The misses Florence Cudahy. Marie Hessert Virginia Pardridge Roxanna s Pomeroy and Marietta Chapin of new York though the latter is affectionately accounted a betrothal of interest Are announced the Rev. And mrs. George j Ellbey 5944 Erie Street an Younee the engagement of thei daughter miss Margaret Kilbey t announcement is made of the betrothal of miss Grace Van Persyn daughter of or. And mrs. Martin Van Persyn 522 Church Street and Ernest Pitman Clark. Or. And mrs. Reeves h. Lard of Atlantic City n. J., announce the engagement of their daughter. Ella Marie lard. To Laurence Morier. Son of or. And mrs. Mori of Chicali and mrs. Gustav pick of new York o or. Edward a. Levit son of or. And mrs. L. Levit of 3115 Homer circles is that of miss Alma pole Lan. Daughter of or. And mrs. Idgar .1 pol Einan of 2158 burling tree to Harold e. Winn of Dover. The Bride to be is a member f the Amateur musical club and chicagoan already married and Edith Harrison and Katharine Keith the first to marry Edson Manierre and the second David Adler Are girls who have been out Only one or two Winters. The newer and better fashion of simpler weddings has been observed with almost every one and every one seems undisguised by relieved. Miss Katherine Keith s Fiance or. Adler who came to Chicago about two years ago has made Many warm friends. He is a Fine talented a Ftp. Who is equally popular with men and women. The John Alden carpenters were among his first close friends and they or. Adler and his sister. Miss Frances Adler who have an attractive apartment at 11 East Elm Street have been much together. Miss Adler is in Honolulu now. Miss Keith is tremendously admired and is a girl of unusual culture. She finished last year a course in Belles Lettres at the University of Chicago and is accomplished in Many ways. She and her father and Mother or. And mrs. Edson Keith Are at Sarasota Flahart students to give Ilardi gras frolic the Art Institute which is the Center of much social Gayety aside from its collections of paintings sculptures and so on is to have a Mardi gras much after the fashion of new Orleans famous Celebration. That the Erent is to be no Small affair is indicated by the fact that the whole building has been turned Over to the Art students league. The Mauldi gras is to take place a ening of March 7. Dan follow the carnival with orchestra furnishing the a a x �11 str sol via Ida Koethke wedding in finds Intel in hit Frana marti., n the Bra 16 mar Laborti a a it. If 7sr�ss it ene Bright second Bible talk to be Given tuesday in tuesday the second of a series of Bible talks will be Given by Richard Green Moulton a. M., pm do a of the University of Chicago in that a Home of mrs. John Crerar 1901 Prairie Avenue. The hour is 2 30 p. Mrs. George Ingalis 18 West place Nas of the in proce a Sykes photo dance 6u Lopan Suu a Fiarito worker ;