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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - December 31, 1917, Chicago, Illinois Local new this Section contains local financial news classified advertising and editorial Chicago. December 31. 1917. 1epledge All 10 win War say zionists Max Shulman president of Federated societies promises support to Wilson and u. S. Annual meeting report shows gains branches from 76 to 115 members 4,200 to 6,500. Five thousand Chicago jews came together last night in three great mass meetings to celebrate the dawning of jewish nationalism. Little old women wrapped in shawls bearded orthodox jews scrupulously retaining their Skull Caps Young reformed jews of the second generation All found themselves United in a fervent belief in the practicability of the establishment of a twentieth entry hebrew state. The three meetings were held in the Assembly Hall and gymnasium of the Chicago hebrew Institute 125s Taylor Street and in the Ashe be Resseth synagogue Douglas Boulevard and Homan Avenue under the auspices of the Twenty first annual convention of the Federated zionist societies of the Middle West. Al Dimxce sings a the twice the audience at the main meeting in the gymnasium of the hebrew Institute burst spontaneously into song once with the ancient jewish National hymn a that Mikvah a the hop and the second time with the words of when Max Shulman chairman of a he meeting passionately asked the audience whether or not they wanted Palestine with one Accord they leaped 0 thei shouting we do a governor Lowder Speaks. Governor Frank o. Dowden was the chief speaker of the evening at the gymnasium and the synagogue. Following the orthodox jew ish custom the governor did not remove his hat when he spoke at the synagogue. Governor Lowden dwelt upon the contribution that the jewish Conception of god had made to world thought and contrasted it with the German notion of a cruel deity delighting in the doctrine of governor Lowden said in part a i saw How wonderful was your response to your chairman a address and i reflected on How deathless True nationalism is. If our enemy wins the Small nation is doomed for All Republic of Palestine. Judge Hugo Pam made an impassioned address ending with a Long live the Republic of Palestine a other speakers at the various meet is were or. Shmarya Levin Jacob i car n Aaroon of f judge Harry m. Fli her judge Joseph a David and judge p. P. Bregstone. The committee in charge reported a meetings that 516,000 had a tribute to the funds of the societies. Afternoon meeting of the Federated zionist societies of the Middle West president Max shul i said a permit me on behalf of the fed item zionist societies of the mid pledge to the govern dle t of t e Champion. _ presiden of and social. Woodrow Wilson unswerving loyalty unwavering allegiance and the full support of our fortunes o the e Lall be waged to i usion on behalf Equality Libert vement n of i triumphant con of the principles and ining. E Zion last year in the Middle West. His report Sii owed a growth in the number of zionist societies from 76 to 115, and a membership growth from 4,200 to 6�500. Telegrams were received from prominent american zionists including one from Nathan Straus new York philanthropist. Auto owners ire minus machines Bureau in the. The victims Del 1214 Sherwin ave Eorge. Fischer. 1831 to Robert David Avenue. Here a your official prescription for a healthy new year to it a Happy new year a declared health commissioner Robertson yesterday a must mean a healthy new then he wrote out the following prescription for Chicago to follow in attaining both re. Sleep. Food and drink. Fresh air. Exercise. Recreation study. Work .8 to 9 hours and Mode Ratum and Infin Tum Regul Atim and Libi Tum 8 hours and 24 hours cheerfulness q. S. Misc. It Fiat Mist ram. Signa to be taken daily with courage and complacency in air at 70 degrees fahrenheit and 45 degrees relative humidity. Policeto fico Ninnis saloons and morals squad Busy while detectives round up alleged criminals. One Hundred and seventy persons were caught in a series of raids on thieves disorderly houses and saloons yesterday. Major Funkhouser Snow vice Bureau reported that Many places muted As disorderly were visited Mcl were found to be closed or operating lawfully. The vice squad was unusually Aeve and its biggest catch was in the Lii hotel Lull and Sheffield avenues where seven women and eight men were arrested. Herman Melich was booked As owner. Saloon Man gives Battle. Detectives raiding open saloons had a Battle when they tried to arrest mrs. Charles s. Zver Nock in her bus bands Saloon at 954 Lake Street. Zver Nock rushed in with a revolver but was overpowered by detective Otto Sci Okenfus and his squad. Among her salons raided were Joseph Stroska 8520 Green Bay Aveno. Five patrons also arrested. Jacob Winarsky 1768 West forty eighth Street. Four patrons also arrested. Mrs. Sophie Bonk 4527 South Hermitage Avenue. Two patrons also arrested. Take 75 criminal suspects. More than seventy five men Many with criminal records and All suspected of being thieves were caught in a net thrown out Early yesterday by chief of detectives Mooney. All of them will be booked As vagrants and an Effort made to run them out of Chicago. Lieutenant Joseph Loftus led the raiding squad which operated in four automobiles. Among places visited was the nineteenth Ward democratic club where a dozen men were rested. Divorced millionaire engaged to heiress the engagement of miss Martha Ruddy of Aurora Beautiful Twenty three year old heiress to the $250,000 estate of her father James Ruddy to w. A. Leet millionaire sportsman of Manning la., was reported yesterday in Omaha. Miss Ruddy who since the death of her father has been living at the Home of John loser in Aurora left for Omaha on Christmas Day. Leet was Winner of the Amateur automobile races in Chicago two years ago. His wife recently divorced him and got $45,000 Alimony. I. , escape from fort Sheridan jail four i. W. W. Escaped from the fort Sheridan guardhouse where they were held under the espionage act Early yesterday. With a pair a of , stolen from the cobblers shop they snipped the lock from the door. Company a Fortieth United states infantry organized posses but did not find the men. It is believed they received Aid in getting away. Sisters escape death As cars crush Auto misses Mildred and Annabell Randall narrowly escaped death yesterday when their automobile was demolished Between two Street cars at sixty ninth Street and tale Avenue. Both were slightly injured. Uliey Are daughters of Charles Randall 7530 Stewart Avenue an accountant for Swift amp co loll police Lahihi bumped citizens declare Goss and his Force of five Lack interest in reports of burglaries. Even rejected captured thief and mass meeting to Day will seek to Correct conditions. The residents of River Forest Are p in arms. During the Holiday be of fifteen Homes have been broken Ito and in most cases All available Money jewelry and clothing taken. Police Protection in the Village they is on a Par with the Street lighting and that has been highly pleasing to the burglars. Roy c. Goss whose official capacity is that of superintendent of poof whom there Are five has roused the ire of the Village by declining to take seriously the complaints. A mass meeting will he held to Day to demand an investigation into chief Gosse methods. C. H. Grier president of the police Board will preside and it is hoped a solution will be found for extermination of River Forest crime. have burglar. There had been robberies a plenty to warrant this movement but the actual occurrence which incensed their for estites we As when g. Allen Goodison 363 North Ashland Avenue caught a burglar trying to break into the residence of his neighbor. Douglas Pettigrew 359 North Ashland ave he found it impossible to interest either the policeman on the beat a chief Goss himself. Finally or. Goodison said last night the Man was held under pro until the next morning when or. Goodison was told to take him to the Desplaines Street station Chicago. 3, of course was no place to try Iver Case so he was finally taken Back to Oak Park where nother night s lodging was found for him. The following Day or. Goodison again called upon to do police duty and take his Man Back to River Forest where police magistrate w. M. Oliphant held him to the grand jury under Bonds of $2.000 on a charge of robbery. Policeman is sceptical. A reporter for the examiner discovered last night the night sergeant f police was also Engineer at the lower station. His name is o. Kam nera and when asked about the re ent robberies commented a there ainu to been no robberies since Heck As a when confronted with Imes and facts he admitted there ight have been a few. Some of the residents who have a celled recent Calls from the Burg is Are Herbert s. Baldwin 335 Clinton place b. Hanson 352 Clinton place Frank a. Bell Oak Avenue and Clinton place Edward Topping 291 Bonnie Brae Harry j. Gardner. 371 Lathrop Street Robert a. Gardner 402 Williams Street Lynn Wheeler Franklin and Park avenues John Mcclintock 366 Cliton place Lee b. Vastine 315 Clinton place Meyers 339 Clinton place mrs. Bryant 410 Williams Street and c. J. Michelson 341 Clinton place. Girls accused of theft after loophole party Lucille Dailey is a manicure by Day. But becomes More predatory at night according to detective sergeants Mcgurn and Mcdonald. They arrested her and Stella Dodge an actress y yesterday in the Grant hotel Madison and Dearborn streets. With them were arrested Samuel t. Oswald a Salesman and Higgins l. Totz. A photographer who claimed the girls stole $75 and a Diamond from them and George Barton Albert Schiml and George Farnum. Who Are accused of no to help the girls escape. The actives were called in after an All it party in the hotel. Gosselin five others Hurt in Auto crash Louis e. Gosselin Deputy comptroller and his wife Thomas j. Tubbs president of the Knapp furniture company and his wife and or. And mrs. Charles a. Wuster were bruised in an Auto collision in Lincoln Park yesterday. They were returning from i soldiers reception at Medinah Temple when the car driven by its owner William Kubel 641 Buckingham place i collided with a. Taxi. The Kubel car was wrecked but the taxicab sped away before its License number could be ascertained. Lieutenant fights for his life with negro policeman declares intoxicated officer pressed muzzle of revolver against his body. Movie heroes Are paid from $5,000 per week and Infin Tum to perform such a trick As was turned Early yesterday by police lieutenant Patrick Kelliher. Yet he was paid nothing. The scene was the Desplaines Street station. Enter policeman William Mccall negro late Star witness for Depriest alleged graft investigated. He was intoxicated. Witnesses say. And proceeded to become exceedingly noisy and obnoxious. Lieutenant Kelliher in charge reprimanded Mccall and ordered him reported. Whereupon bystanders declared the policeman Drew Bis re-$l,000-a-week style and pressed its muzzle against the officers body. At this juncture Kelliher won his right to movie heroes laurels if not stipend. Without hesitation he seized the gun barrel and slowly turned it in the negroes grasp until it touched the latter a Chest. Quot now pull the trigger if you desire to do so a the lieutenant remarked. Mccall was identified by mrs. Sylvia lev 1364 West Lake Street As having attempted to attack her last Friday night at Paulina and Fulton streets. All holders of foods must file inventories three agencies have been established in Chicago to Aid in the National War emergency food Survey by the Bureau of markets of the Federal department of agriculture. These ire at 236 North Clark Street in charge of h. P. Henry 817 Exchange Avenue in charge of s. W. Doty and at 59 Board of Trade building c. F. Wood in charge. Schedules or inventory questionnaires have been mailed to ail hold of food or feed valued at $250 or e. These include wholesale and retail dealers manufacturers Public warehousemen hotel and restaurant proprietors of schools institutions Etc. Later a door to door canvass of the country will be made to include those failing to receive the Blanks. A severe penalty will be imposed by the government on All who fall Lupin Given parole Over Strong protest a horse thief Max Lubin known As the a insane witness in the trial of police Captain James of Dea Storen and two detectives on graft charges was paroled from Joliet Penitentiary saturday despite the protests of attorney Patrick h. Of Donnell and other Chicago lawyers. Lubin also was a witness on con piracy charges against of Donnell and he latter a associate. Attorney Charles Erbstein which grew out of police trial. Soldiers Given drink at Ball report says Law including sales of liquor to Ltd a Diers and sailors were reported j erday by the juvenile protective a location following a tour of Dar Halls saturday. Violations were a legend to have been discovered at t Honor link benevolent Assoc la to Ball in the school Hall at Honor a forty eighth streets. Copies of t Hent Hin Baugh and chief of police Schuettler. Roy Sebree weds woman wife named Roy s. Sebree son of the former owner of the Saratoga hotel has been married following his recent divorce in which miss Violet Marsh was mentioned together with other actresses. Miss Marsh is the new mrs. Sebree. They were married yesterday in Crown Point Sebree is said to have inherited $85.000 from the estate of his father the late j. K. Sebree. He has been living on his farm near Downers Grove. Youth hit by car Dies of his injuries Thomas Conroy sixteen years old 2325 West forty eighth Street died at his Home yesterday morning of injuries suffered saturday night when he was struck by an eastbound forty seventh Street car at Western Boulevard. The Crew of another car following found him in a Semi conscious condition beside the tracks. He said he had alighted from a West bound car and stepped in front of other miss Ounim a suitor sough As bomber doctor connected with intelligence office of italian consulate scouts Black hand theory wife foils attempt to put bomb in Coal pile 3 inquiries on neighbor Iii May succumb. The Warren Avenue police were searching this morning for an italian physician on the Northwest Side whose arrest is to Clear the mystery of the bomb explosion Early yesterday at the Home of or Camillo Volini 2929 West Washington Boulevard. The explosion was told exclusively in yesterdays examiner. Or. Volini admitted to lieutenant William Ambrose of the Warren Avenue station receiving a threatening letter two years ago from the phys Clah. V3hom miss Cecelia Volini had refused to accept As a suitor. Threat to Kidnap. The letter contained a threat to Kidnap miss Volini Twenty and prominent socially and in War work if her father refused to approve his suit. Neither or. Volini nor lieutenant Ambrose would reveal the Doc or. Volini believes a German aus Trian plot was responsible for the explosion and cites his connection with the Itaman consulates intelligence Bureau. A three cornered investigation has. Been started by the italian consulate Federal operatives and chief Schuet service Flag unfurled. That the bomb explosion occurred a few hours after a red Cross service Flag with eight crosses had been Hung Over the Volini door was a coincidence the police assert. Be crosses indicated every one of the family was a red Cross member. Is. Volini told the police a few Days ago she had found a bogus insurance investigator in the cellar. When she threatened to Telephone the police he fled. Since the intruder carried a handbag or. Volini suggested he might have intended to place a bomb in the Coal pile. The doctor formerly headed the White hand a National organization formed to stamp out the Black hand. He said he had received no threats from the latter source however in Many windows broken. The Volini Home is the biggest in the Block on Washington Between Francisco and Sacramento Boulevard. Others Are those of Roger Sullivan James p. Connery Norman d. Fraser or. Orlando Scott e. J. Hibner and d. R. Fraser. In Roger c. Sullivan a Home Twenty two windows were broken and in that of Norman Fraser thirteen. In the Homes of Connery and Hibner. Between which is the Volini Home All were shattered and More than half the glassware broken. Or. Volinic a residence is three stories High and of red Sandstone. The bomb is believed to have been made of dynamite. Paintings Are destroyed. When it exploded the stones in the front Wall of the House were loosened the heavy Oak doors were splintered every piece of Glass in the House was shattered and much antique furniture and several valuable paintings in the front rooms were destroyed. E. J. Hibner who recently had a paralytic stroke sustained a relapse. It is feared he May not recover. Or. And mrs. Volini and their children Dominick Twenty two Cecilia Twenty Cut Myllo or. Ten Virginia five and Lolita three years were asleep. Sees mystery Auto. The Only Clew Given by mrs. Hibner. She was waiting for a maid who had no door key to return Home. Site heard footsteps on the sidewalk hurried to the Entrance and saw an automobile pull away. The footsteps evidently were those of the Man who placed the bomb. A few seconds later the bomb exploded. Imperilled by German bomb or. Gamillo Volini attached to the italian consulate below at left his daughter Cecelia and son Dominick on the porch of whose Home a bomb was exploded supposedly by German agents Early yesterday morning. Miss Volinic a photo by International Dominick Volinic a by Mabel Sykes. Seven families driven Many lightly Clad into cold flames destroy residence. Clad in night apparel. William l. Kelly president of the Kelly Atkin son construction company 189 West Madison Street his wife five children and three relatives were driven into the Street Early yesterday when fire destroyed their residence at 5677 Washington Boulevard. Occupants of a six Flat building adjoining also fled to the Street some As scantily Clad when the flames whipped by the Strong wind threatened the Structure. The loss was $35.-000. The Flats Are occupied by mrs. M. E. Donley or. Edward a. Oliver mrs. Fenton Lawlor p. I. Molyneaux mrs. James Maher and f. L. Fairchild. Fire starts where Horan and men died adventure of Lena or Moranzano a plot herewith the Romance of seventeen year old Lena Manga 1612 Gerard Street and Joseph Moranzano in four reels. Reel one kidnapped Friday by Toranzo As is the want of castilian courtship. Reel two truce offered saturday by kidnapper to family of Kinda pee and accepted. Reel three returned Home sunday. Reel four married to Day. The fifth reel Hasni to been released yet Pioneer vaudeville manager and noted horseman succumbs after Short illness. George Castle Well known theatrical magnate and horseman died at his Winter Home in Miami fla., saturday following a Short illness. News of his death shocked theatrical circles Here yesterday. Or. Castle was of the Kohl amp Castle company which open ates the Majestic olympic and other Heaters in Chicago. He also was president of the Western vaudeville managers association. He was the first theatrical agent in the Middle West and one of the sab0ia6e, Babyc fails Andis Hoyne to place secret records of producers association before hoovers Chicago commission. Continuation of methods used in 1916 strike urged How dealers were forced into line told details hitherto kept secret of How the Illinois milk producers association gained control Over the dealers in fixing milk prices will be offered to the milk commission wednesday by assistant states attorney Nicholas Michels. States attorney Hoyne charged last night that the producers representatives on the commission a seem determined to Saddle on Chicago unjust and exorbitant milk p rites and that or. Michels virtually has been Quot excluded from the hearings. Certain expert University professors and Quot so called farm advisers als9"are assailed. The 1916 report of the association s milk Board seized by states attorney Hoyne in a raid on the producers Headquarters forms part of the evil Dence. It was before the october rapid jury when indictments alleging a a conspiracy to fix the Price was voted. Letters in evidence. Letters to show a nation wide conspiracy existed also will be presented. Some show close relations Between Illinois. New York and Minnesota. A number were published exclusively in yesterdays examiner. Others Are presented in to Days Issue. The report touched lightly on the strike in the Spring of 1916, but in details minutely How producers organized and refused to sell milk to dealers who pay fixed prices. During the strike the prosecutor charges sluggers were hired to picket refractory dealers plants milk wagons and attack the the e began it ended april 14, when the i dealers surrendered and the ones fell in line Suris Are dismiss Ted. Injunction and damage suits been filed by the Borden and Bow i companies and the producers with held delivery until these had been . The Price then was $1.5 Hundred pounds and prevailed unti age lad pall. A Public meeting was held augus 28, but the committee reported i would be unwise to Public 1h vote and held an executive or a. September 8. A Price of $2 Theu established. A the dealers were notified in Price would be insisted upon to to tent of repeating the Spring fight fads a portion of the rep Rrt. It re lates hat milk was not releas.-, Are i. The dealers had signed up. Then follows a graphic. Be of the fight in sever dealer called scud to where refused to a is won. S Profita re a i Auden 3 who the fatal boxy no. 2162�?was pulled last night for a Small fire in the engine room of Morris amp Plant in the Stock Yards. It was a Call from this Box which summoned chief Horan and a score of his men to their deaths several years go. Widow claims body of Man found Frozen mrs. John Mullaney 1844 Vest to sixty third Street yesterday Denji Earv fied As that of her husband the body he Sei found Frozen in a Prairie at so Heth arrange Flud South. Robey sheets Satur in. Water. Iia nagers diced this attract As a horseman air. F. Known throughout the you try. I owned a stable with a la be code. Tion of fast harness horses. And a loved this sport that he always dro3 his own horse. He won Many to it pies on the Grant circuit. Or. Cai he was Smitj in Syracuse a by his x Idow Nelia Castle it a years old born he is survived his Mother mrs. Cor ind a daughter. Mrs. 3t.f r f Detroit. Home in Chicago is at rth state Street Lyman j. Gage former the Treasury. The body will Here immediately. Funeral will announced ret Long and the milk a a Iveese manufacturer u Icard i ice was adopted Arlington on september a a of the Wisconsin Many Quot refused to discuss Vith your milk Board Ami 1 to a very bad piano. Matter Vliem to s they did i pickets Are effective. The following monday the company signed at the producers figures after the Plant had been picketed a whole Day. The evening of september 30 a committee organized Spring Fiell. Thu members had Learned that a dealer had arranged to get milk from that City at a lower Price. After the plty.? it. Lured looking after but expected til. N to fall in tin. T in report closed with the recon Jne nation a that the policies in Vogue ;