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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Chicago Examiner (Newspaper) - April 23, 1912, Chicago, Illinois Chicago and Vicinity a fair tuesday and probably wednesday with somewhat higher temperature Light to moderate Westerly winds. Range of temperatures yesterday High .62 Low. 42 average .52 Chira largest morning circulation. A Miner l the association of Amarle k9rw tiaras a examined and Oart Iliad to the circulation of this publication the figures of circulation contained in tha associations report Only Are go wanted. Association of american Advar Timaru no. 2300 Whitehall bldg., n. T. Sky circulation books open to All. R vol. X., no. 106�?a. M. A Chicago april 23, 1912�?18 pages. Price one cent Iii to compel t Road Grant corporation counsel reports move will be Legal and Council will pass a Bill in two weeks to Force it ups quits building committee in favor of Thomson Twigg gets no chief ship select chairmen the same Universal transfers Between the elevated Railroad lines in Chicago was practically assured last night at the last meeting of the old Council just before the aldermen elect took the oath of office and the new Council was organized. The corporation counsel transmitted an opinion that a Universal Transfer ordinance based on the one City one fare idea a would stand the test of the courts and the opinion was accompanied by an ordinance suggested Liy the Law department. The ordinance was sent to the committee on local transportation and probably will he passed at the Connell meeting i weeks from last night. The corporation counsel Points ont t the Syndicate controlling the elevated ii a the beneficial owner of All the Eleva lines and that the plan to keep each the corporations a corporate entity a imply a Dodge that will not stand old Council ended at 8 45. The old Council completed its business at 8 45 and adjourned. The new aldermen and those re elected were sworn and the second session opened with the Reading of the committee assignments As made by the a committee. Those new in the Council Are 2�? Hugh Potris a so Mayer. A i Ink Mcboy a a . Feu finders is a rets 83�? George h. Bradshaw. S4�?john Toman. There was hut one the list of committee a a Sass Demon Beo uhis. Democrat Ligmal she distinct Surprise in assignments As read although Many minor changes were made in the slate As prepared by the nominating committee in its recent tour of Virginia Battle Fields. Lipps quits building committee. The Shock came when Alderman Lipps announced that he would resign from his position As chairman of the committee on buildings and Civ Hall and give the place to Alderman Thomson. A Lipps made a hard fight in the nominal continued on 4th Page 2d column. Moors in revolt kill French soldiers and massacre 100 jews women a cries of a the French have the sultans a incite men to slaying and pillage. Fez april 22.�?the revolt of the popu Aee and the moorish soldiery began four lays ago according to delayed reports after a delegation of native troops had obtained admission to the Palace and complained to the Sultan of the new military regulations in connection with the French protectorate. The native soldiers pushed on by shrieking moorish women rushed through the streets of the City slaying All the French they could find and inciting the population violence by the false cry of a the Sultan a prisoner of the French and most be Vreneli Teleg Raphers were attacked howling crowd and made a heroic i. Defending their office for four hours in the meantime sending messages Headquarters at Tangier. Finally the Lee was broken into the Teleg Raphers killed and their bodies mutilated and the Heads of All t a ear moorish sol a and attacked t the trouble Paris. April 22.�?after anxiety Here due to Lack Fez where the populace an mutinied some Days Agi All foreigners some account reached Here to Day. It is known fifteen French officers and it Rev soldiers were killed in the fighting a Hile thirteen civilians All of them Rench citizens were massacred in their omes or in the streets. Besides these four French officers and seventy soldiers wounded and Joo jews slain and a Large number wounded and mutilated. 6ii.messkii smokes Pir has her hair Cut and assumes full male attire but her shoes betray her fools even the Barber Sarah Wilson of St Joseph to runs away from Home to see her sister clothing with a package of tobacco in a hip pocket of her trouser red Stem of a Small pipe e posed from the breast pocket of her coat Sarah Wilson fifteen years the Home of Hist. Joseph Mon a sunday was arrested in Chicago yesterday a Short time after so lad her hair trimmed in male Fatah o Barber shop near the Union station. Made one fatal mistake that ing her own shoes and her Small feet betrayed her. Her younger sister Lillian hair Short before Tevlo Joseph but the Job was a rough and she went to the Barber shop to Hare the ragged hair evened. The bar plated the haircut without else m isomer was a girl. Detectives became suspicious when they observed miss Wilson s Small Jeet. And they questioned her she admitted Ras a she was carrying to suitcases filled with boy s clothing and had $31 in her Possession. She a South Clark Street police she told of her escapade. One Way to visit sister. Is Wilson said that she was to visit her sister mrs. Ellen Gerbotz lives in Speed Kan. Y father who is a hundreds Stampede to new Camp in Llulu t want a get to make the she Rush follows Gold find Warner mountains California. Ort Bidwell cal., april 22.�?a Stampede which promises to rival the famous cripple Creek and Goldfield rushes has 1 Een started for the new Gold Fields in High Grade Camp in the Warner mountains. Several Hundred prospectors Are making their Way Over the Snow covered Hills and others Are hourly taking the Trail from Here. The mine is believed to he one in Best discovered in California. If Lindred sacks of Ore taken out through the Winter averaged $300 a ton and samples of the tale from the Shaft assayed As High As $23,200 in Gold alone. Sloan says he wed family a too much Mother in Law Quot excuse of Julia Sanderson a husband. Taris april 22.-Tod Sloan the sex jockey in speaking of the suit for i filed by his wife Julia Sanderson actress which was filed a week ago said As strange How Many mistakes a advised woman would make. The charges against he said absolutely void of foundation. Let Julia try to get her divorce with such trumped up charges if she wishes. If she wer Wise she would divorce her Mother. That where All the trouble lies. She is absolutely controlled by her Mother s Badland just As her father says she be Able to free herself from baneful influence. Told i in Olieen to go . �?�1 just said o id lied t. Nake i v e ask the attention of every Reader of this paper to Day by j. R. Hamilton. It behoves every one of you to learn to read this paper Day by Day with two purposes. One that you May Post yourself upon the general news. The other that you May Post yourself upon the advertising news. The time is past when any of you can afford to Overlook this second feature. It is the Road to Economy in every Home. There Isnit a Day goes by when Money cannot be saved or when better goods cannot Quot be bought for the same Money simply by following carefully the advertising news that is published Here. The reason for this is very simple advertising is the cheapest quickest and Best method of salesmanship that has yet been found. Therefore the most progressive merchants advertise. And naturally when you want the cheapest or the Best article of any kind it is fair to assume that the most progressive men will have that article for Sale. Every shrewd merchant advertises in this paper because there Are 212 thousand of you families eager to see his advertising when it appears. He knows that you Are looking for whatever Good merchandise news he has to offer. And if he so far discounts your value to him As not to advertise in the paper you read you can equally Well afford to discount his value to you. If any merchant is so careless As to Overlook the great combined purchasing Power of 212,000 of you readers every Day the chances Are he is overlooking Many a Good merchandising value when it comes his turn to go into the markets and buy. So learn not Only to read the advertising news in this paper every Day but learn also to rely upon it for everything you need. There Isnit one family that cannot reduce its Cost of living at any time simply by carefully Reading and buying entirely through the advertising pages of this paper Day by Day. No As a boy. I knew my father ask the police to search for my an if 1 wore Hoys clothing the police find a i bought the package of tobacco and the Little pipe so i could smoke and make people think i really was and i did smoke some too. It the train. It made me sick but i just smoked miss Wilson laughed As she related How her eleven year old sister had assisted her in a making no As a �?o1 had taken some Money belonging my father and when school was out i Friday evening Lillie and j bought 1 boy s clothing in some stores and then Lillie Cut off my hair with a pair of scissors and i made no like a boy. Uhlie went to the depot where i got the train. Sister did no to Cut hair straight. �?~1 had a Lovely time on the train. No one dreamed i was a girl i just took o my pipe and smoked every once and while and i guess i looked just like boy. My sister Lillie did t Cut my hair straight so As soon As i arrived in Chicago i went to the Barber shop where i had my a amp in trimmed Nice and i Barber thought i was a boy. Laugh when i got through. It funny sitting in a Barbera a chair. Before going to the Barber shop miss Gilsou had purchased a Railroad ticket Stockton Kan., which is not far from the Home of her sister in Speed. She was 1 o the Union station to Hoard train for Stockton when the detectives i rested her. She said she came to Chicago before going to Speed ivan., to a Puzzle the police a As she thought detectives Ould be watching the trains at Speed. Her parents will be notified of her detention in Chicago. When arrested miss Wilson wore a Light Gray Cap a starched Collar red four in hand tie Blue coat and Brown trousers. The latter were too Long and were tamed the Bottom. Her male attire was Complete except for her own shoes. Robbery costs a life or. E. W. Hervey 301 West Chicago Avenue was beaten and robbed by two armed Holdup men at 2 of clock yesterday morning while on his Way to the Home of mrs. Mary pot Soto 1117 Milton Avenue who was dying of pneumonia. Or. Hervey turned into West Elm Street at Milton a when without warning two me sprang ont of a hallway and one of thei struck him of the head with an empty Beer bottle. Before the physician could defend himself the second robber felled him with his fist. Or. Hervey staggered to the Home of mrs. Pot Soto hat reached the House two Uii utes after she had died. 75 special policemen sworn to prevent Battle Between zealots and a sinners a prayers for prisoners mayor gets Black Eye As a result of meeting party of Voliva a crusaders a grief killed Clara Barton <$�?�<8. A a it a a it its it Hgt Mabel Boardman is blamed seized red Cross is charge miss Mabel t. Boardman confidante of president and mrs. Taft whose social ambitions Are blamed for hastening the death of Clara Barton. The state militia with ii a few hours and gain control o already is regarded our that has Ever Community. Aay he called upon o Rush to Zion City in a situation that s the most danger risen in the Dowie fact and pitched Battle Between the vol vaites and the independents is expected at seventy five special policemen equipped with revolvers and ammunition have sworn in for emergencies. Meanwhile acting mayor Miller was speculating last night on the question whether Public praying can be classed As a Public nuisance. A i believe it can be in this Case said. A the Voliva people in their prayers Are not Only noisy but will forcibly prevent smoking. Armed with hymn books and pit the vol vaites have announced their determination to enforce rigidly the City ordinance enacted under the Dot ministration prohibiting the use of tobacco within the City limits. Smokers have been held forcibly As prisoners while hands of a crusaders Knelt before them and prayed for their redemption. Fearing serious riots and possible loss of life nonpartisan residents of Zion City yesterday appealed to sheriff Elmer Green of Waukegan asking him to take charge of the situation. But chief of police Jopp and acting mayor Miller declared they were Able to keep the peace. A boy Alvin Rushe is declared to have suffered a broken Arm As the result of an encounter with Captain a. A. Walker Volivar a lieutenant who caught the lad smoking a pipe. A warrant will be sworn out charging Walker with attacking the boy with a Pitchfork v mayor Miller has two Black eyes. Acting mayor Miller has two Hluck eyes As a souvenir of his meeting with a hand of singing and praying a a crusaders saturday night. And Voliva himself boasts that he has mayor Millers Cane As a reminder of the same encounter. The anti Hollva party which controls the machinery of government has taken precaution to hold in Check the religions ardor of the vol vaites. And the employees of the Cook electrical company the real Center and cause of the fight have prepared to resist to the last ditch the activities of the limn singers. Trouble plenty of it Quot said Voliva. A the Cook company Lias undertaken to bring into Zion a lot of wicked men from of. They smoke in the factory Mike on the streets and they make at our women. Vent in and told Cook that he and in were not wanted in Zion. A you la to get out of Here and you May Nek up i told him. He said he would throw me out of the place. Kill i said to him a but it will he a Quick Road to heaven Foi Quick Road to hell for that s what 1 Voliva was asked about the Story o boy attacked with a Pitchfork s a lie said. Coal strike end in sight the bituminous and Anthracite Coal min is Are expected to be All Back at work the Anthracite mine owners and miners ave practically agreed upon in Advance a 3 per cent in wages and a plan of dealing with employees instead of recognition of the Nylon. It is believed the settlement will permit the resumption of work May l and the Indiana and Illinois operators pet to adjust their local differences this week. The miners of Kansas Missouri. Texas Arkansas and Oklahoma remained at work and the operators have signed the agreement made at Cleveland. Count swindles pastors got Money from three ministers who ask police to find him. The Rev. W. S. Plumer Bryan pastor t the Church of the covenant 840 Bel Den Avenue asked the police last night search for and arrest a Man posing As German count and giving the name of William von Der Wanczyk who he declares has victimized a number of ministers. The Rev. Or. Bryan said the Man had obtained Money from the Rev. S. B. Edmondson of the Evanston Avenue methodist Church and Bev. Samuel v. Skevington of the Belden Avenue Baptist Church. Von Der Wanczyk the minister said appealed to him for Aid last saturday and a telling a Story of hardship he was g $10 and through the minister obtained ploy ment yesterday Rev. Or. Bryan said he suspected he had been victimized when he was told by tie other two ministers of aiding the Man. Woman and babies evicted Mother appeals for lodging children taken by friends. Mrs. Annie Zetka Mother of two children who was deserted two years ago appealed to the police of the West Chicago Avenue station for lodging last night when she returned to her Home a North Halsted Street and West Chicago Avenue and found that her household goods had been carried to the Street after the children had been driven out or the place. The children were taken in by neighbors. She was taken to the Northwestern University settlement Noble and anon or Hubbell declares social schemes drove founder from organization. Washington april 22.-the str pending Ever since the death of miss Clara Barton broke to Day when or. Julian b. Hub Tell of Glen Echo md., made the serious accusation that overweening Tion on the part of miss Mabel Boardman to make tie red Cross a social stepping Stone drove miss Barton from the presi Dency of that organization brokenhearted to her Grav miss Boardman. Prominent in Washington society confidante of president and mrs. Taft and High in the councils of the red Cross for Many years is the daughter of or. And mrs. W. J. Boardman formerly of Cleveland. She is the Persona grate Sima at the White House. Although miss Barton lived to see ninety one years envy and malice shortened her existence according to or. Hubbell declares that the founder of the red Cross might easily have lived one Hundred years but for the stigma placed upon those who for selfish purposes East her out of the organization created by her philanthropy. Gave miss Barton Home. It was or. Hubbell who gave miss Baron a Home in her declining years and his Home she died. It was pointed c that the red Cross has taken official notice of her death. Added significance is Given to the Eulogy delivered at the funeral services of the founder by mrs. John a. Login her Friend and stanch defender who said a alas envy and jealousy fanned their flames into White heat. Death had removed co Peers and finally like without guile she too was crucified physically upon a wooden Cross but Ler soul and like him who died upon the Cross she cried a father forgive them for they know not what they a those who knew her Best knew that when she was smitten on the right Cheek she turned the other humility characterized her spirit in All she the application of this language in the Eulogy was made Plain by or. Hubbell Sie leaves Asylum rearrested charged with threatening life of banker Bell gives bail Washington april 22.�?after spending four weeks in an Asylum charged with insanity because she accused Mhli Tuair Charles. J. Bell brother of the Telephone inventor with being the head of a a a Sci mafia which conspired to bar her and to Beautiful daughter Margaret from Wasi Lugton society. Mrs. Harley Calvin gag was Rej Sefl by a jury to Day. Immediately following the verdict or Gage was rearrested accused of making threats against the use of banker Bell. She gave Bond and hurried to her luxurious Home in fashionable Dupont Circle. A i intend to remain in Washington Quot Laid mrs. Gage to night a a and i Hope to win my Way into society. 1 am so glad to be free that All i can do now is to rejoice. I have never imagined that being in an insane Asylum could be As bad As it is. To be obliged to see All those poor people most of them plainly of unsound mind All Day and to have to eat with them was most terrible part of All. They threw the food on the floor and walked about muttering and staring into vacancy. One woman who sat next to me the table constantly took the things from my plate. A the nights were horrible with the groans and the ravings of the lunatics. It wonder i did not really lose my continued on 6th Page 4th column education. Women urge lower fares reduction in Street railway and Elev al ires in order to permit More children Vail themselves of technical and High school education is asked by the school committee of the woman s club of which mrs. W. A. Evans is chairman. The committee Points out that under the present circumstances the warfare is High in Many instances to permit children of poor parents who have graduated from schools to attend courses of wireless messages and rockets failed to halt liner whose lights showed plainly As Craft was sinking. Titanic officer testifying tells of vain trip in Lifeboat to catch the mysterious vessel speeding away. A Cable my wife am returning on Cedric a Ismay wired Franklin according to latter before investigators. Yesterday s developments in the titanic disaster that another steamship was almost within hailing distance of the titanic at the time of the crash was brought out at the investigation by fourth officer Boxall. He swore that Captain Smith had sent up rockets and wireless Calls to attract her and finally had sent Boxall in a life boat with Pas sengers to attempt to catch her. Mrs. Henry b. Harris whose husband was lost in the wreck declares that j. Bruce Ismay did not leave the liner in the last Lifeboat to be launched. Vice president p. A. S. Franklin of the White Star line before the senatorial investigating committee admits he held Back the news of the disaster from the Public. That j. Bruce Ismay planned to return to England on the Cedric a established beyond a doubt by Franklin testifying before the Senate investigators. Franklin also swore that Ismay ordered an officer and fourteen sailors to meet the carpathia at quarantine and remove the titanic thirteen lifeboats at that major Arthur Peuchen of Toronto a titanic survivor appeared in Washington of his own volition to testify against Ismay before the committee. Twenty five bodies in the Cable boat Mackay Bennett have been identified. The list sent by wireless does not contain the names of any prominent men although one name that of a George w. Widen a i probably that of George w. Wide Ner of Philadelphia son of the multimillionaire traction magnate. Washington april 22,-five Miles away from the sinking titanic was a mysterious liner her officers seen or heeded the signals of the Mammoth ship in listless might have averted the worst sea tragedy in the history of mod this startling fact was brought out in tie testimony of fourth officer Bochau one of the surviving executives of the titanic before the Senate investigating a subcommittee. Foxhall declared that on the night of the disaster just after the titanic crashed nto the iceberg be saw the White lights if a ship s Masthead on the starboard Bow if tie White Star liner. He immediately Loti fled Captain Smith himself on the Ridge of his vessel directing the work of the Crew. No answer to wireless. Captain Smith not fled wireless operator Phillips who lowered the radius of the wireless Waves so that they could be picked up by the ship Uear by. Pm lumps called repeatedly but received no answer from the mystery ship and then reported j the Captain. Bochau was next instructed t own Masthead Light by the Morse c which every qualified officer knows signal the most common of All n als at sea was also ignored. By this t ill lips called answer from reported dip h a Morse ;