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Chicago Eagle (Newspaper) - October 27, 1917, Chicago, IllinoisKelly brass works founders w l of Ami i highs i Itoi Ami am. T in Amicon my Hon and. A. .n8 1iak Ami tred w. Iii it kit i s Ami 11am 1911 101 finishers manufacturers phone Superior 1122 226-23 2 w. Ontario St., Chicago stlmi9 Cyl Tiv Macii Ink . Am Manl m l Lnch a facial 111s1in 11, melt Lei stuck tools i arts 11ishop Trade Mark it stash i Loti ilits Mountain six , , Fri a Tim. Hua Cuirus t Ottri sit Tiona Temps 1.1,1.11110 i Ami 11msui.n0 automatic steam Ami hot wat lilt Aih Ami sit.ciai.t1k.s in am. or till iiiias4 let sinks h. A. Bishop general contractor building construction fire Brick construction 929-93 3 Continental and commercial Natl. Bank bldg. Chicago Telephone Wabash 6148- 9 w. F. Cummings established Engineer contractor phone West 3232 330-33 2 South Paulina St. Chicago Robert Tarrant machinery manufacturing of All kinds 323 to 329 West Illinois Street Chicago phone main 1084 a fluid mint factory and warehouse Sites Belt line service. Less than Carload service in and outbound. Good labor conditions. Low taxes. Factory buildings for rent and Sale. Clearing Industrial District 1005 first National Bank building Telephone rnndolphll36 Chicago C. Williams president Thomas Rankin treasurer j. A. Ohlin Secretary Chicago nipple manufacturing co. Manufacturers of Iron pipe nipples m chamfered and reamed office and factory 900-91 0 West Lake Street Chicago Telephone factory Monroe s99s office Monroe 101 phone Kudzie Geraghty & co. Badges and buttons Auslin and Oil cloth signs 3035 West Lake Street Chicago ill. Thuc Chicago e ague official publication. Iii Una n Riu to tin i Oto Imio l . I jul us tile l Nick t of cd Luigi Stu in tin i sir let of i Ilum Bui on on to in of Ito inbox. Lull made Ilu Niimi tunic it of Pluto of ill Limo up mint to . I capita i. Muou it of nil Tel Stock a mall up in Mill ?,, l l curl Wal thu trill $is0,9m.70intel t it. Min Mill 1iii1oih1h out on smile or Lii attn it of it Ltd pm so Linn i. Ii Otilit i entices total Lii Cim it Tsi ii its. Lewi. Ill Lii inn hits cur? 1111 1. Ill Villi lit out 8 i a ii i or much Moo. Ii ii it. U n Mill nil Oiler Zimik " t Ohio pm Dirks Wilt Mill i Ninoos 1 . Iii Stiim Mill to Len Llam pit Llev. Etc i., Mil chm ii Rurik Tui Mill ii iut i my ii Ink Lului lulls lilo lit l it and in Luik clips tvs Etc i Lii n Mill Miyoji Spilin Witul tubes on Mil i Ktal slate Uiti Nilita Tau and h Miri i h Mill Tim a. All Uller i.7u u33.79 7211. U5i.27 tul i l ill Kusiki inti ill $1 l to Itji or. My Jatul Ashish s 5s,1u-. S Miksik Millie or to ii is Lutu Mort Biko Liutik on yet to. Lutol Inatio of Lio mls mid of i Chi Mimi and Ltd Eric with balances Vivi Othi i in Albi l ii ski the Leilur a Fath $i2,siu.0s Assi to. Ittin a t mid to Calm duo mid us. 3,1.0.3. Mat kit of i Mil a state ii Onyx Tipul blocks Over Imok Miguil a l Del for total admitted no hem $ i a Wutika. k "., a 111 a Locum i of in huh Poi Iho i Luketi Eccl Ned j,2ju.uu Pelt let ,.$ju, i2fi.7s net Muou it of d lokcei.?. Re total line menu llui.l.u Intel est Mil mid Ai Mcd jin."., Sal Iuli Hilll -. Tin. Ete. I.? 1 t of ill and . Utu t Halll Llam " total m .$lll,r,r,s.i7 Sil Piluk at h kit Illik Pulley lu1,.l.l. total Hrs Xis in . Total link taken during " j ear .i.y.i.uvital pit ill Ltd lie Elved Del Lilik the Jar r Tsuri Potal i Koch paid a lit ii Kil i Turluk Trio. 5 1 " no in we l l pm e Den t. . K. , Seebe Terv. So lbs Ollk in and it toll to before lilo to Elk ,.v Seal to try official publication. Anni Isil statement or the Mutiny Izmir tie e i Lini Pany of . 1 ii Elmul in t lie Luht Duj or deep Pilici Lull Lii Ildi thu sup. I intend it of tile mate or Kivant to Law. Capita i. Amount of capital Stock paid up Ishii 200,000.00 . L lec Elved Ilu Luli to ,. 0 la i l Immi a Fol Llin Teicie and f of is Vij out All Atli it Fimi ceh. So Vii item died Fiu Tii Libouio leu. Tola income $2, dish mint. paid do lilo i or i tie Bikih of till Hett Melit of Ohhi h. Hell Tinl to Ollice. or btokeiako., Saint Ivy Feen mid All Chakeh or of Licely. Clelah i it Impi pc . Man Lnu Malta to Lowry pus dime Eto Zakhi Ope Wimch a Lider Walterh Kim lilo do pm meet and Hui Visiko Coix Feen Etc lu4pecllou Neil Hii Iveth. State Lii Innico Tuxen Mil Feen Othir Poi Inch Lien mid tuxes a Cath i Alancen charged Oft. All other Lith j or 1s7.02 sr.7.79 total t,ins,277.82 Hsi to. La Only alive of boil a Ami Hockx Rali in Oll co and Bank is. .,1 a Lith ill Imreh Hirt hum Lecel Pablo c7, in m.s3i.0j in Lur a whets $2,410,313.00 xxx Mido it . Intel i it 11,311.0 j Nhoth $2,130,021.09 Najih it Xot adm1tti7d. Juditth Balenci Over Eluee inon Slih due $ 29.2c8.c9 Nillah Recelia Blo mid on Emoneal be curly 3, Hook Leal estate. Bonila hit Iekha Over in mkt .92. So other Louail matted sikh Oil g8,s07.4 admitted Chheth $2,3ni, . and Ilii pull $ 01,522.57 111 process of adjustment in in suspense 029,903.00 $wi,is.7 deduct Len Surace. 170.329.00 net Moi lit of unpaid losses. S21,lr0, total Une Neil pie mums. 311, 410.52 s lcl7?.,.,",r,.,.,t 42.350.00 and Bloke into. 0ll, total Allahl Latles $1,271,183.97 Sui plus As re Kuril s 1,027,804.07 total $2.301, he in Illinois. Total Llsms taken do ilium to lion ear $33,102,323.00 total pie Willims levelled Iller Liu die ear 37.1s9.73losses Licu Siul Del Lilik the Eai 8,307.091ikndon cum Lulli. I noted manager. Subset bed and Mann to before to tills 9th of Imbt Tiai. Wl.ol is 11 May Seal to Tail i la hello. Official publication. Annual late int of the Itell Aneo in Kaiu t of 1 . In to Instate no 1 . On to 31st Day of december 1910, Ripide to Trio insurance of to state of Illinois Pill sunlit to Inu. Cai Itai. Of capital Stock paid ii in Chihli $100,000 00 Iacomi. I in Eelco dining Trio ear $c75,,.93 Niemi Ruih on Pei actual l,s9fl.6h ill Elest. It ills and Ideniah. 59,52.1.92i Lott on Sale or guilty Otle Iluff mussels 730.23 Kru All other sources u0.3s total in Dino paid Dill in thu ear. Impi lines of Ami hot Lleita i of losses Deposit h Etui in d., inti est or ill Elfiida to Stock is or Bro Koine mid All other cd ii Kes of toll cars Clicks m.4 its Neil employs Titenis Advie Tesluk printing Ami san to Viliy pos Timu. Eto i a Emie Isis furniture Lex tuns and , lilo do Mil Wii Vieiro clips fees Etc and Servo is Stern los. Expenses and taxes on real estate state insurance departments taxes mid fees other License fees and taxes. Agents charged off. All other . Total Allsbu sements i 7177c,y5 a 1, 7i7.s1 cltl.01 171.23 icily total Mitlow s3 total Reid to. Total Sokhom other mid 205,3j2.r. J 70s.s02.30 2,ir.9.27 1.5u0.u0 in.7h1.14 3,11 30, 162.0 1 , u other ii soil total Loans Valuo and Valuo 20, total total total amount Lepolt 111 fees $73s,2iu.0j $370,110.79 9.515.9c t,3bl.s4 21.000.00 158, 90,820,53 0,290,77 15.12s.71 4,131.85 11,253.88 9,200.20 3.19s.41 27,713.78 7,104.20 273.72 3,873,37 $762,382.72 in i u Millie of ten i in Litif. $129,327.01 Mort like Loans on it la of state 39.0uo.o. Hook Myltle of Bonds mid ,Lin,n2 2.1t Ali in Oll co Mil Bank 100,301.20ahcius 179.0033other it Lei assets 3,502.4 j total assets $1,500,729.43 , i Xii Una it lits duo mid us Ciul $ 13,912.10 my tilt Milne of Leal estate howls Mil stocks Over Book Millie 4,072.30other Loii Ledtje assets 1.010.0u Ali ois assets $1,580,353.55 Dudi it to Xot h $ 1,188.00 a Cath Balmick s Over tin ii Mouths due. 1,217.82hook Milne Leal estate Bonds mid mocks Oer Inai Ket value. 30,352,71 38,758.50 total admitted Sutts $1,517,591.99 i lusted mid unpaid $ 31,330.71 losses in a towers of adjustment or in sus Pense 100,020.11lenses i a sled 5, 77.77 of till $110,331.92 doll it oflus mimic. .v1.0s2.12nil Limo Siut or Unpi ild losses. S7.252.s0total Lilii it Mil pie Iulus 717.us0.3lamount Lelal Nabto on Pei pct Ual policies 111,138.02 Saulles. Pelits Bills taxes Etc. S.112.29omuril Sylous Neil Bike Ruck. 13.793.2j total liabilities $ 941,782.01surplus us Lei aids a c05.s12.3." total$1,517,591.99 Sirsi Knss in Llsms Tii Keti during the car $5,00. 118.00total pie Luins lec Elved Ilia Witik this j farm to ..Ossih paid 20,111.11 total losses inclined Duluk the i a a William clip ill , i is. .1. Visti it, Neil Hwo to be Foo to this21th Day of i Minimi. L u7. . knot let sol no my Public. Official publication. Annual statement of thu Peoples National l Lio Loisl Llanee company of i in the stale of dilantin on the Day of deep in a 1910. Made to the Llislet Auto of the state of Illinois Pursuit it to Law. Capital. Amount of capital Stock paid up 111 i Lisle $1,000,090.00 premiums received i Irli Trio veal $ 391,902.31deposit premiums of is s39.5s Loiti itt to Lens and .11. . 98,992.40 i Mill on Salo of of cd Lucr assets 1,893.76l l Mil All other Komi this 18u.o07.2u total income $ 073,77."i.27 distil isl . Losses Imil Ilu Istik the 383,120.12i lenses of settlement or losses 9,510.47deposit Piecuil Ellils . I77.5ucommissions or bloc Riidu. 81,951.30salaries, fees Ami nil other Chalich or Oll leis. Cleiv so ii Clits and employs 59,102.10 it tits . Pill Titi and Sta to lonely pos like Eti 10.53s.2r, expenses full Lilile Lex lilies mid Imph 1.972.c3i boards lire tie Par Metil mid Salv Auu clips us Etc 13.351.07inspection and suites 3,300.10licpalts, i minuses and Tui a f on Leal estate 12.s02.s7stale, Lusu ratico , Tim s Ami fees 33,91 8.90 other License ii tvs mid to pcs. 2.9s0.20loss on Sale or Matin Ity of Leiter assets 570.72agents balances hit. S99.m All other 5.u15.1iiloiromi d Money repaid and Intuit 109,19 total $ 731,407.93li d ii k Assi to. Hook Valuo of Leal estate $ 177,903.20 Mort like Loans on Mil estate. 5u0,250.00loans secured by Pulke of Bonds stocks or Othir col 7,000.00 Hook Milne of Bonds and stocks 1,020,175,17 Cash in of Lect Ami Bank a coils balances 13i.5g5.9j total letter assets $1,911,001.13 xxx of it and Lens Luu and Acci lied22,903.20 Mai lift value or Teal estate Bonds and stocks Over Book value 20,890,71 other assets 1.1u2.73 Irish assets $1,9s5,9cc.s0 Didi it Assi to Xot . Ani iils balances Over the Mouths ,.$ 6.0s0.g7 Hook Millie i till estate. In kids and Stock s o or Market Sahlu 18,930,07other As sets 2.i5s.33spit Lal deposits in Esce is of liabilities 10,297.75 $ 37,373.12 total Nelll Lloid assets r $1,9is,593.3s Liaholi tire. Losses and unpaid $19,511.51 losses in Plo Cesh of or in Sll spouse 01,599,91 losses Lesl sted 5,972.00 total $117,083.45 deduct 49,117.03 Xet amount of unpaid lossfs.,$ total unearned i Einius. Amount on perpetual policies interest and dividends due mid accrued salaries Lents Bills taxes Etc. Duo find to become duo on hot rowed Uinn 07,900,12 472,939.51 13,274.30 1,229.87 i.j95.00 175,000.00 total liabilities $ 731,705.19surplus As in Kidikis policyholder 1,213,,18 total $1,948,593,38 i six ass in Illinois. Total Llsms taken Ilu Ilner Ali year $3,289,9s0.00 total pie Luins lec Elved ill Lliter Tler ear 42,521.03 total losses paid 17,002,75 total losses inclined i Turluk Trio j ear 10,921.01 r. C. Stokes. President. .1. Is. Caxx1xo, Secretary. Subset hied and sworn to by four to this27tli Day of Jaii Toniy 1917. 1vsi, my Kwh Seal to try Public. Clin los h. Dull loll Prosl dont and try auror alien Rio until tool Firo worlds do play con my was for Many years Wos torn Slano ror of Trio pain s fire works display company of am orca Ami was assistant to ii. D. Thearlo president of Trio pain company. In 1011 Trio pain com Pany Suff Rotl a disastrous fro and of Ploskon it Ono of its Chicago warehouses at which Elmo presi Dent thearlo lost 1.1s Ulfo and shortly after Trio company discontinued Busi Ness. It was then that or. It Mold organized and incorporated the pres ent thearlo in Fillol d for works Dis play company. This company Pur chased the spot Taco property and other Tangl Blo assets of Tho pain com Pany and have since conducted a most successful business in High class for works displays and Mam Moth a conc for works spectacles and Thoy secure Largo contracts from Tho Groat majority of Tho leading Stato fairs throughout Tho United states Etc. Marx Beer Tunnel and restaurant at Tho Cornor of Dearborn and Madi son streets is Well Worth your Patron ago. It is Ono of Tho Fine old Stylo restaurants whore Ivory thing is Good and plenty of it. Tho cooking could not to hotter. Just Sample it. Tho management under Tho guiding hand of Fred ii. Marx has won encomium for this Fine eating House in Tho Hoart of Tho City. Thy neighbor by Loio Wood. Lishu him mined int., his inf Violor Ilmi iils on hip huh of the Luil Lutts ii Salto Low ii Uleu la. Alvo i inti in i Mumic when Alston & i. A Judi Lilin Trio order for u Book. It was to Slont with new York Ulfo on lip kid Uii Aye loin Sipi Mizik How he City was divided into Little ii Illume unions to poor. Tiu ii Alston Linin Tikko Tlell unit he in Tju Over to the Kust ship nud slut by conditions unions the Suli Pierel Lelli at first Limiel. It Hail not it peeled to Lynnelle. To was not of Hie Trump Poe t variety. Hon while he liked to be ii Denizen of thu old Vil Lage still his quarters were on the North hide of the Sii Urc. Hut it Wiinie to pass Tomt he became i he would not cull it resident of the Dicks . At some time or. A inks Hud Felt the weight of millions Prev inc upon his mind and had placed Model apart Lenl s for the deserving poor in their midst on the Kust Side. After the third tiny in his new lodgings to Monotony called on hint. He had prowled around the neighbourhood and made the alarming discovery that instead of being in the midst of thugs and night Hawks be win in the midst of highly respectable old Sellers. In Stead or their being Peculiar to their kind they regarded Lilin us u a Rii Avis. Lie was buying teen nud fresh Toni aloes front the Little greek Mirlo tit the Corner and answering his questions idly when he became aware of inti i customer who seemed highly Timtim d it Bis . You Sony very Long tasked Mario. For what do you do for a living write Piny the music paint Sculp no just professor huh it Titelle Felt ills fuck Redden As thu girl smiled. one give an excuse for living Heie he asked. And Mario let it pass. Hearing the Gill give her address for the delivery of goods Innelle realized hint he Bud a neighbor. He caught one Swift glance front big Gray eyes that mailed at 111 i to us he passed on. When Bis own goods were delivered via thu dumb. Waiter there was nuo Lher Basket Ebete on. Just us he was sinning to write Down a new idea ills Telephone Bull started to Ting. It was Bis neighbor. Mario had told her be had left her goods with or. Liliu Kllc impart meet 1 would he lie kind enough to let her have to smoked savagely on Bis re turn. She had been smiling at him Titi la in that Cool Gippri Ilsung amused Way. To plunged at Bis work with avidity to banish the memory of a slim Young person in a Roso Linen Smock with curly dark hair. He flu the discovery the next morning that from his windows on the inner court he could look Over at Bur windows. Quite against Bis instinct of Good taste he found himself doing so constantly. Sim Hud window boxes where Spring bulbs bloomed profusely. She Mauiu twice a Day to water her plants. Then Shu would stand for a Long while looking Steadl Astly up at thu Square Patch of sky live stories above lie used to wonder if Shu could he n Stinwon shaper. The Shaft of Sun Light just struck her windows As it Shitu slant Down thu court and she drank it in even As iter Lowers did so passed the weeks and their ripened. Ills Book was hearing completion to Ward the Middle of the summer. He had dinner at a Little turkish restau rant on Twenty sixt h Street. It will nearly nine when to put his passkey in Tho lock of his own door. Of i or. it was mar Jorl Fraser her face Palo and anxious. I wonder if i could ask you to come and look at my window. I just got inline myself and it looks As if some one had entered Tho Lin Nell followed her Down the Hull. In her Little living room thu to Krliu curtains and Daffodil Valance Lay in u crumpled Heap on Tho floor the upper window pane had u ton my Bolu through its Center. Do you think anyone is Here Shu asked standing in the doorway. Fot answer glanced around quickly and picked up a baseball that had rolled under thu steam Heater. There s your burglar he laughed and Laid it on Tho table. Ill to so glad when this is Over she said. I be soaked in local Atmos phere until i m sick nud tired of it and i want to go hoi Itu. You see or. Lii us Lac i m an actress and i Honvo a perfectly Dandy part in can tubers new production children of Clay i Only Camu Down hero to live and catch thu spirit of the Kust Side. If it had t ii Pii for you living so near to to i d Havo been seared to if it had t been for you living so near to me i d Havu been bored to death returned Lynnelle. Contu up to the roof. I want to Tell you and they went on up thu live flights of stairs together. 1917, by Tho Mcclure be Usu be r synd into seized farms for tillage. A representative of Tho Irish depart ment of agriculture visited a number of farms in county recently Mill took Possession of them on be half of the department on thu ground that the owners had not compiled with the tillage order. In All j acres in the occupation of six persons were seized. Loudon times eucalyptus outgrows Cedar. A Cedar tree requires Mora than a Century to grow Largo enough to yield a Terleph Osif pole. Thu eucalyptus will attain a larger growth in 110 years and its Wood is quite us history of the Bracelet. There is nothing very about Tho Bracelet. According to it was first invented As a badge of insanity. In Almu it was used in Eastern climes As u capital Means of investing Money i Telephone Randolph 1g21 Thearle Duffel d fireworks display company pm Opp Nihil High class fireworks displays & spectacles Headquarters for Campaign supplies 1110 North american building run off iii36 South state Street it haul ill. All phones canal 2948 Lawrence ice Cream co. Ice Cream Quality and ices Twenty fir St Street Sangamon Street Canalport Avenue and Peoria Street Chicago Melvin h. Sykes photographer the original and Only Sykes making pictures in Chicago. Stevens building 13th floor 16-2 0 North Wabash Avenue Telephone Central 342 Chicago Alain not Harrison phones it Samv Gyvis pc Complete of office furniture 410 St. In Chicago new and used Lynchburg foundry co. Manufacturers of cast Iron pipe and fittings for water Gas culverts Flange pipe end special Ca Ting general sales office no. 816 Peoples Gas building Chicago phone Harrison 5429 Jay h. Emerson specialist Trust insurance partnership insurance income insurance 30430 North la Salle Street phone 128 g22 623 a line office hours 11 30 to 12 30 Miller Gas & vacuum engine co. Manufacturers of Marine vacuum and automobile engines Itta Smission and reverse years 2331 North Talman Avenue Chicago phone Humboldt 4943 of

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