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Chicago Eagle (Newspaper) - November 17, 1906, Chicago, IllinoisThe Ohio too h-a.ol.h3. Every department of our establishment abounds with splendid assortments of merchandise Tolu sylvely for the use of men. Athletic flood automobile supplies unfit and launches bicycle bar floods business stationery clothing cutlery Cigar and tobacco fishing tackle Rod and reels Lun recon ers ammunition Glo is Leolf goods harness and saddles hardware and tools hats and Cap incubators and Brooder jewelry and silverware neckwear net and seines office supplies pipes and smokers articles shirt. Collar and cuffs snorting goods tent and awnings trunk and suit cases l umbrella i underwear watches we handle Only dependable grades of goods our Prees Aro the lowest consistent with the Ecol Ltd of the article Chicago s popular shopping Center the fair Stltt. Mums a motor st Row id Oft 3 my a order f ilk Chicago 1870 Illinois must act. Government inspection a failure in the past is no guarantee for the future. Beef Trust warning. The Chicago health department tells the Public that Lumpy jaw beef causes appendicitis. The Chicago Eagle has made this Contention for a year and is upheld. The health department of the clip of cd Largo a finally upheld the Contention of Tiu Chicago Kagle maintained for Over a year Liat Lumpy jaw beef. Sold by Chicago packers to Consumers after the local ulcers had been Cut away was the cause of appendicitis. In n bulletin just issued by commissioner of health Charles j. Whalen the following warning to the Public appears in its re it Ort to the Council of the Chicago medical society last july the committee of the society appointed to examine into tho sufficiency of tho Quot instructions to meat inspector Quot of the health department with reference to tho Protection of the health of the consumer and of the Public health said As to Actinomycosis or a Lumpy jaw Quot a the Chicago regulation Are distinctly More severe than those of other countries. Tho committee holds that the regulations us to Coudy Moutlon for abscesses opening into the digestive or respiratory Trust ure unnecessarily severe in the absence of six Tudury symptoms otherwise the rules were the results of a study of Actinomycosis in the human being and in jul mugs by the pathologists of tho depart Cut laboratories had led the commissioner to supple Cut the original instructions concerning the inspection of Quot Lumpy jaw cattle with a special order Reading As follows Quot while is usually confined to the head and May lie said in one sense to to a localized disease and while sonic inspectors condemn the part involved. I believe it is safest and most practicable to Condo my tho Butlre cure As whenever tho Antinomy Cotic of a Cess of is into the Mouth Pharynx Larynx or buy part of the digestive or respiratory tract or when the Lymphatic gland Tiro involved or where there ure Antinomy Cotic tutors in the lungs or where tho lesions have become Gen Eru Lucil since generalization la Ucol a Mycosis appears to run u very at Pic course making the detection of nil Foci inside tho muscle very difficult. Therefore. The Butlre carcass is to lie Cou damned. Quot ill cases where the lesions ure posit Lovely localized the infected part May he Cut away mud the Remus Ducr of the carcass used. Quot the so instructions apply Only to Lumpy jaw there May tie other Rea sous w by you should want to condemn u carcass and it is then a matter of Jungui Clit for you mud your men Quot hut you should never he Stute if you believe the animal to be hot tit fur Huu Iau food a that the department regulations based Huju Tilo Palm logic study referred to Are not Quot severe not a additional proof in a recent undies and discussion before Tiu medi Al society of London lug., reported ill the lancet of october i lust Page Usu. Tho subject of the address was us an us Claunt of appendicitis and Tiu fuels adduced certainly Ludiene one probable cause of tho increase of Tiu latter disease appendicitis. The essayist t. Ii. Kolloch first pointed out How much More frequently Actinomycosis was recognized Quot since More Modrcin method of Exum nution bad been employed a a in tho studies of the . Ogo a put Lioto gifts. Quot Trio Alie wus formerly believed to attack the jaws tin liver mud to lungs almost exclusively in persons Whoso lives wore spent la the country it was now often recognized la other parts of tho body or la town dwellers. Tho Star or Ray formation was not always present and its absence must frequently have led to a negative diagnosis when the Uff Petlon might have been recognised fit proper staining. As the fungus or Strep to lir in generally entered the body try the alimentary or respiratory tract mud Luid n great disposition to Lulu Auto itself along tho duets of glands opening into these it was easy to under stand that tho Vermiform upped la should fairly frequently to attn eked when the organism Hud True led along tho Ullin autury canal us fur As the cute Cut. From tho a uglier of Reid Artud cases Fetiu Mycosis of the Vermiform would appear to to a not very uncommon form of do sous of thut la tho discussion which eur such and which wus participated la by tho Anil deut president of tho society sir Lauder uru Uton tho conclusions of the essayist were fully us stalled and it was moreover shown thut Actinomycosis is not infrequently my Soukou for other disease of the Nubuo Mynal and a a civic organs to Tubby for tuberculosis of tho utes times of the liver the Puu croat ovaries Etc. By tho department pathologists it has been demonstrated in st Portem us the cause of Dutli in cases diagnosed during life As tuberculosis or Culcer of other or guns. Tho extreme difficulty of determining tho True nature of Ludlum Muntory affections of these organs is an additional reason Why the Llesh of Quot Lumpy Juwa animals should to sweep Longly prohibited for food. Inonu Loury conditions la Trio Stock cards were severely censured by or. Arnold c. Al com in n lecture on Quot con sum Pobo nil tie Home a Given la the Public Library under the us spaces of the Cli Lingo medical society. Quot some Day those insanitary Condl Clous out it the Stock Yards will cause i great upheaval la Cli Lingo a he said. They Are directly res a is Lille for a great Deal of the tuberculosis now prevalent in Cli Lingo mud i firmly believe that one of the greatest strides thut can be made towards stumping out this terrible disease is to bring shout pros a conditions lit the Stock the beef Trust will find it hard to get a resting place when the poo Plo of this country Rise against it is they Surdy Wilt. The in Polo of the whole world Are crying for its Exter us nation. An average of 50,000 pounds of diseased Niento 1 condemned every week by Chicago la Haltli department in he tors in Butcher shops and grocery Nuil department stores Quot Inaldo Trio i Ulun Loop Quot if this great amount of tubercular cancerous and Maggot material can be found by the inspectors and destroyed Quot inside tho a Small territory i a the River Van Huron Street with i and fifth avenues How Many in Lull Iii i unix Are sold to Tiu up Lilac and consumed la the vast territory outside tin Loop tills is a very Pertl Reut question. Thut 50,two pounds of diseased meat can to scape Stock Yards inspection every week and find itself into department and other stores Quot inside tin Loop a should suffice to Call attention to Tiu vast Nim unt of poisonous food that is capos inspection it tho stockyards and is sold outside tho Loop. Facts Are facts and figures never lie. If the beef Trust thinks that the people will abide by tho fake reports of investigations made by women a clubs College professors and associations composed of so called business Guiou it is greatly general Public Hae a Fine Opportunity to get All it wante of i beef writer Holde thie awful organization responsible for the spread of cancer health department finds cattle in Trust coolers with tuberculosis trimmed also says that it is Oulley of spreading tuberculosis and other diseases. If the Laws regarding the sailing of diseased input were enforced the Iteen Trust would now he in jail. The beef Trust must be downed. Tuberculosis in to Emmling epidemic. The beef Trust products with can lie sold without let or hindrance when past the school management committee of the Board of education took Active a tops to prevent children afflicted with from attending school. A report drafted Ivy superintendent Cooley and or. K. I. Dudley was adopted which provides that when a teacher Sun vests that any child is affected with the disease it shall lie made known to the us of schools by Trio principal. After the parents of the child Are notified the Pupil will be examined Ivy medical in he actors of the child study department la rents will lie Given not a mansion to have their family physician present it the examination. The poor children who got tho Culvor cd loss from meat must suffer. To can Sec from the health department reports that state and government inspection does not prevent Tulier cd loss Ivo of from getting into Trio coolers from which the Public is served. The statement that there Are 15,000 consumptive in Chicago was mud. It Trio animal meeting of the visiting nurse association by or. Arthur alls chairman of tho tuls it a cell it Isle committee. I r. Sachs Sioke. Urging drastic action Ivy tie Board of health to stamp out tin disease. is a beef disease. It is not hereditary. It is not contracted from impure air. It is contracted Ivy eating bad meat sold Ivy sordid and conscience less men who think More of dollars thu they do of Hutanu lives. If any of your relatives have tuberculosis you know who to in Larne. Tie Bolinas saddened Ivy the deaths of husbands wives fut Bers Mother Brothers Sisters sons hid daughters tie Veople poverty stricken by Cou jump Tenn know who is guilty there is a Day of reckoning for these Barons of blood mud tyrants of tie Trust 1 tho Chicago Bugle will keep upon their truck until euro Ioas Well us America will he too hot to hold Thorn. The beef Trust May control government inspection. But tho insignificant number of City of Chicago inspectors Only 11 in All a although now strangely discontinued a was still sufficient to Call utter thou to horrible facts. Tho following from tho Chicago health department bulletin of october 38, 11 05, Scaks for itself the City los vectors at the Union Stock Yards comic med Quot five cattle found in Tiibi coolers with a past of the evidence of tuberculosis trimmed out. After havin been passed by the government Quot they Ulso condemned Ulm destroyed 3,01 3 pounds of Cut meats shipped from so Louis mud Kansas City having passed government Lausii Cattou it those this shows the sort of government inspection we Buve. If a few of the omissions Are rectified How a Tauy thousands Are not How Luzny Homes la euro be and America ure at this moment Huri Sii ing cuts of meat from tuberculosis cattle the above report of tie leu Ltd commissioners Saks of meat banging in tho coolers of Trust houses with Tulier ciliary tutors Quot trimmed out Quot ready to be Cut into steaks. Pc Klug of tie 8,0115,000 Pond Ais of food condemned in 1005 by Chicago health department los Iee tors or. C. J. A Luilean health commissioner Sui in ills i Inual report Quot eighty per cent of the meats were condemned on account of to a commenting upon this Ruml Etlou continues commissioner Whelan american Medl Elue december �1, says a one stands aghast it Trio criminal cupidity which will induce men to attempt to sell such dangerous foods to no usus dec Tang Community. It is now in order to go u step farther and Hud out who is res Kiu Sohlo fur this moral obliquity. Quot it is Well known that combinations of the larger meat dealers have existed in the past to the end of raising the Price of food stuffs beyond the Point to which healthy Competition would reduce them. The out cry has always Boon in protest against the increased Cost of living but Here for the first time Are the combinations which Fox Rol the food Supply brought Luto a direct relation to Public health. Quot a it is High time that the a matter lie taken out of the class of Mumn offences and the dealers them selves looked upon in the Light of Public dangers. Even War when All kinds of brutality Ara act loved. It la the height of Dis Honor even murder to Poison the water Supply of n country. Is it any bettor to is Lson the food Supply it is time that the Public mind should develop n conscience in this speaking of Iclef Trust read the following from tie health department bulletin november 4, 1005 Quot tin total amount of meats condemned during the Vurlod was 1.843,34 1 pounds. Of the principal causes of condemnation 85 per cent were for tuberculosis 13 per cent for Actinomycosis Lumpy jaw and 4 per Cen for hog health department bulletin dec. 0. 11 05 Quot a total of 147,t in is urls of meats was condemned and destroyed during tin past week under tho Sun Rvl Lun of the department inspectors it tin Union Stock Yard. This in a Ludes 4,083 Pound of govern meet i spec Ted Cut Lii its shipped from packing houses la the West for Chicago a Ity Trade and health department bulletin november 11, 1005 a although the condemnation and destruction of food supplies unlit for human consumption during tho past three months since the resumption of Stock Yards inspection August 7 ult., by order of tie commissioner have reached immense pro sir Leiis much unfit food still reaches the Market. Only such nil mils and meats As show Gross pathologic conditions recognizable by Trio nuked Eye Are new condemned. Facilities for microscopic inv oratory examination have not yet Beau restored. A the Union Stock Yards City in Rico. Tors condemned nil destroyed 3d parts of Iveel carcasses 8 hog and to cattle which had been passed by the government inspectors. Quot the total Stock Yards condemnations amounted to 176.8118 Quot i urts of beef carcasses Quot in other words it has been and is the practice to Cut out tho cancers and tubercular tutors and let the rest of tho Yaremis go to the people for food and yet we Call ourselves civilized. Health depart must Tull ctn dec. Id unfit Quot tho department has Mude a new ruling in regard to Lumpy jaw or animals. Herluf tar All animals that show on postmortem examination n degeneration of tho Iasi of with cavity formation containing pus will be condemned Aud destroyed. A heretofore Only those with a general infection were health department Bull Oulu nov. 30. 1005 a stockyards inspection of meats for Chicago retail markets was resumed by Virder of the commissioner of health on aug. 7, ult., with two do. Apartment inspectors employed. On oct. 7 three Udilio Ioune inspectors were put to work mud oct. 10 author Ltd was Given by the finance committee of the City Council for the employment of six Mure. Quot to tween aug. 7 and nov. 30 a grand total of 3,781,107 pounds of food supplies were condemn cd Aud destroyed As unwholesome diseased or otherwise unfit for human health department in Ulleton dec. Id unfit a following is s summary of unfit food Houdei Uund mud destroyed during the week Quot at tho Union Stock yards�?l�?o.3 Cuttle weight 153,500 pounds id hogs weight 58,838 pounds 15 calves weight ,15 pounds 13 sheep weight 355 pounds 10,113 pounds Cut meats. Total 33i. To pounds. Quot at City retail markets�?18,030 pounds of fish 30 calves 4 hugs 3,-1mj0 pounds 8 Cuttle 1 sheep 038 pounds of poultry and dressed meats Anil vegetables 1,401 pounds. Total 21,114 pounds. Quot aggregate condemnation of unfit food during the week 253,444 the lice Trust will to investigated by thu next legislature. And Eliut u showing up there will be the investigation of tho insurance companies by the new York legislature will not be a circumstance to it. Chicago s Multi grown Rich Selling disease and Poison to the people will get their just dues then. The Chicago Neva Spiver Trust cannot save them. Tho Eagle will keep up its fight on the Cuttle und packing people until the Aale of animals afflicted with cancer und tuberculosis is stopped entirely. Tho most amazing stupidity conceive j Able of any people with foreheads is that they should allow Thor Supply of food to pass into the hands of one speculative interest says Charles Edward Russell in a powerful article written by him in the Appeal to reason. You can understand How a Enre less Community might tolerate a monopoly of some things How it might endure to have its transportation for instance or its electric Light controlled by one ownership for men can live without sleeping Enra or arc lumps but that it should Tolento n monopoly of tho primal necessity of food is beyond comprehension and without precedent. Even a nod Savages have uniformly been too Wise for that and the Only nation Flint has Ever submitted to such a monstrous condition is our own. From n thousand illustrations of the injuries we All suffer from this idiotic let us cite one. There is no Way of communicating disease to the human body surer than through infected meat tissue. Home of the worst and most destructive Bacilli that prey upon Mankind Are common Ninon the nil mils he eats for food. Cows have tuberculosis and spread vast quantities of it through the in Man population. It is so common among cows that tho Wise and the forewarned will use Nono but sterilized milk. What is Quot hog cholera Quot among Swine is merely typhoid fever Lumen. Trl Culnon in hogs poisons human beings. Both these diseases Are common among Swine. Worse Tenn Alt these and More deadly is another fact that is Seldom commented upon because it is too appalling to dwell much upon. What la called Quot Lumpy jaw Quot in cattle is simply can car. The germs of cancer Are communicable. Many cattle have Quot Lumpy any nil Mil with Quot Lumpy jaw Quot is unfit for human food. This opens n Field that demands the immediate attention of tie government. Cancer is the most terrible of All diseases. After it has reached a certain stage of development it is absolutely incurable. Its Progress to that stage May to without tho patient s knowledge or suspicion. Its a dunce beyond thut stage in not even lie checked. It slays its victims with Trio most horrible torture. In this country the recent increase of this most terrible of human of fictions has been something to alarm us nil. It was once rare it now threatens to become common. In the Muc Lunati Hospital in the year 1870-71. The us tuber of cancerous patients was one in 587. In 1004 the number was one in 373. In 1870, when he total population of the City was 210,-230, tie number of cancer cases reported it All tho institutions was 42. In 1000, with a total population of 325,002, the number of cancer esses reported at All the institutions was 108, and in 1003, with about the same population the number was 217. I append the table that shows this astonishing increase. Here is a similar report from two Well known hospitals elsewhere Roosevelt Hospital new York. Year. 1878. 1870. 1880. 1881. 18s2. 188 3. 188 4. 188 5. 188 1. 1887. 18s8. 1880. 18110. 18u1. 1802. 180 3. 180 4. 180 5. 1800.,. 1807. 1808. 18110. 10 10. 11 01. 1002. 100 3. 100 4. A no report. Pennsylvania Hospital. Year. No. Treated. Cancer. Total no. Of patients. Cancer. .1,655 23 .1,617 40 .1,474 20 .1,655 22 .2,106 26 .2,132 35 .2.248 37.2.372 22.2.501 i .2,738 77 .2.487 65 .2.754 70 .2,815 78 .2.704 a. .2.788 a .2.884 103 .2.7k4 05 .3.264 102 .3,118 85 .8,134 08 .3.452 06 ,.3.1 03 73 .8,251 to ,.3,770 114<.3.874 110 .3.856 i8r.4,236 106 187m0. .2,104 6.1,027 8 a �2.�7� 8 .2,155 18 a e sese be .1,038 17 .1.074 17 .1,814 22 be in it it .1,778 16 .1,052 20 if 18 1880-8 1.2.170 18 1881-8 2.2,184 15 1883-83.2.130 17 1883-8 4.2,180 14 1884-85 .2,200 27 1800-07.2,801 37 1807-11 8.3,241 08 1808-0 0.3,807 64 1800-00. 1000-01. 1001-02. 100203.4,005 07 1003-04.4,387 61 a from 1885 to 1800 tho figures Are missing. These Are Sample Page from the dreadful records. The trend of medical has been toward the conclusion that the origin of the human cancer infection is to be found in meat. It in no longer bold to lie possible that cancer or 11 tendency to cancer can lie inherited. Tho Lufcy Ron is due always to no Active agent taken in some Way into tie system. The meat of cattle afflicted with a Lumpy jew Quot would tic such an agent. There Toiuo to tho Slaughter houses of the Trust week Liy week Many cat to afflicted with Quot Lumpy what becomes of them 1 Don t know you Don t know nobody knows outside of tie precincts of tie Slaughter houses. And yet there can to no question to a Man who desires to live that is of greater importance than this. Tho operations of those Slaughter houses Are conducted behind closed doors. No outsider is allowed to glimpse what goes on there. No representative of tho Public Ever gets behind thut curtain. You Cun go there and be entertained with s fake exhibition of fake slaughtering conducted us n Public spectacle. That amount to nothing. The real work no 0110 Ever sees but thu employee. What becomes of tie diseased cattle theoretically they Are burned and converted into fertilizer. Who sees the burning who knows that it is done or Bow it is done nobody outside of Trio employees. All to know is thut Quot Lumpy Law Quot is cancer that Many cattle have Quot Lumpy jaw Quot that Quot Lumpy jaw Quot is communicable mud that Culcer frightfully . The London lancet the lending medical journal of Europe sent u mini to to hic ago to investigate so far us to could the Slough Torling processes of the Trust houses. 11� returned with u revelation that should have called for government la Vest Igat leu. Lie declared that the methods employed were most . That the work was Dono in a hurried cureless Slipshod Way that there was to tolerable inspection or sni Itury supervision that the bulb of the world was menaced by these conditions. To this Seath lug indictment from s great medical us Holt a 110 serious defense was Ever made. Subsequently Liuro appeared in Jamestown n. Y., a remarkable Book Quot thu dark Side of the reef tru i Quot i apparently written Hyun expert supplementing the charges of the lancet Flint enforcing them with such details As could hardly Hugo been supplied by Niit Lillig but per soul knowledge. Tie whole process of in the Trust houses was Folk cd with minute care and the charge wus explicitly made that Cardes Mes Rel Gued everywhere that impure put uitts were habitually sent out for Rousu Matlou that 1 meat it Only for destruction wus habitually worked up with spices mud drugs la disguise us taste mud sold to the Public. To tills extraordinary array of Spe. Clue assertion no answer was Over made. Here then Are two witnesses that solemnly declare that the conditions in the Trust Slaughter House Are exactly such As would allow the meat of Quot Lumpy jaw cattle to be sent out As food. J suppose that we take of the matter the most charitable View possible. Suppose we assume that the Trust gentlemen Are most scrupulous about nil the ways in which they make Money. Suppose to forget about the soldiers poisoned by enl lined beef the games of gouge and robbery practice by the a Trust cur lines the Imi Ulp i us Nylon of 11 thousand markets for profits the tribute levied by this Coin Linn thou upon All households in Rio country. Let us forget that they Aro Law Breakers nil Motiey Mill mud assume that not one of them would touch a cent of questionable profits. Kalll tills question stares us in tho face How do we know what beco nos of the Quot Lumpy jaw Quot cattle How do tho Trust gentlemen know their employees Are employed to Muke much Money for the Trust gentlemen. How do we know the ways in which the Money is Mads How do the Trust gentlemen know Here is s Stream of the Moat terrible infection passing Dally within a few inches of tho nation s food Supply. How do we know that Suffle Cocat Proa it ions arc taken to prevent a a a nation allow do the Trust gentlemen of Crawf they inform us that what Gata on lie hand the Walls of their plants la their own affair that is their harness they will Ninn nge it As they Aro fit. Whose affair is it then if the nation cats diseased meat. If Assi Isi soned by Trichina if Ranero terrases other countries Are not so Dan As we Are Al out these things countries understand very we monstrous perils involved in the oils of this monopoly Anil try to exclude american meats. To quiet their objections the usted Utu tos is sup met cd to keep an Imp Star upon meat intended for exert and in place upon it an official stamp 4 lug that it is fit for food. If. Alien to desc Are the 1 Tearil. To Export beef about there is nominal los meet inn what 4s you suppose Are tie methods a Hunt meat for Domestic consumption in which there is 110 inspection st nil Why was the reef Trust allowed in is on year after year violating tie Law and no it tempt made to prevent of Why Are tho news inert against this criminal organization Why la n san sent to prison for five years Flor forging a five Dollar 4-Licck and throes an go fret for swindling a nation Why do to contribute year after year to swell boards Why Are to Content to food prepared for us in 1 conditions that to nay sane 1 to Only suggest fraud nil 1 to Are not obliged to Bare thugs if to do not Wunt them remedies Uro simple cough. As to the Quot Lumpy jaw a Tow i lost nil the cancer put a Stop to private slaughtering. Lot All the Slang to to ring of food animals he done by Ihn state in the Light of buy without any of this dark lantern he Suesa on a Graf terms for All. There Are very Fow private Slaughter houses in England. Tho cities and towns run their Slaughter houses under medical inane Cattou. Rut in England tho people do not sow to to poisoned la their meat and to need not worry about the objection that publicly owned sing mar houses Are 11 u invasion of Trio or Lovshi rights of business. When it comas in life und Deuth Thorn ure to rights of business. No Man has a 1 _ to saved profits Flint be makes by a Proa Dlug disease. We Buve gone Baa far of to Roud to Public Stii Atsusa in turn Buck Licurse some get lamps a profits Uro Breu teed. The huts will not allow you to go a round with Swail mix or to co Coul Scarlet fever in year House us though each May be strictly your own a Fuir. Compared with est cer smallpox mud Scarlet favor Sot nothing. If the state Cun take Radical measures to a Tump out cholera it Eon take Radical measures to stamp Oak cancer u million times Worso than cholera. If it Cun provide pest i for Public safety it cuu provide 1 Tor houses for Public safety. And is duty la the Cue Cuse is it least of ctr or us la the other. Health department bulletin do 23, 11 05 Quot at the Aulon Stock Yards Tbs Fol lowing Buve been com Lemuil Sod Ltd strayed "280v4 cattle weighing 148�l pounds "�150 bogs weighing 40.475 pounds Quot Cut inputs weighing 5,1/34 Pou udi "15 calves weighing 855 jimmys. "7 sheep weighing 3 10 pounds. Quot to cuty one Cuttle Niue hog an 5,031 pounds out Moats were it it a Domrud after passing government la health depart Lieut bulletin Novas her 35, 11105 Quot condemnations of unfit food during Trio week Quot at tho Union Stock Yards m.7w pounds of cattle hogs calves and Ihns Quot at retail markets 66.731 pounds of beef Luiu and the beef Trust will lie stooped an matter How hard the Chicago Trust press und fake committees Coli of up Nita Quot try to save 1l thirty years Ugo according to i Cli Lingo health department the n Jorty of the Deuth to Chicago w4 among infants. Now thank to t reef Trust the great majority of Pauple who die Are adults the Sean nge of the deceased having banana from infancy in 1878 to is Ynaga 10061

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