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Chicago Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - October 25, 1861, Chicago, IllinoisCluj Otago a Tribune Friday october 25, Itti. Talk with a . We have a very indignant letter from Rural subscriber calling our attention to the present prices of Grain in the West and asserting that the depressions due to the Morrill Tariff we need not waste bsds words allegations like chess in the minds of Menth understand the files of the Case but for Tresat Isaac Tion of those who do not take time to thin about the question or who Lack the data open which to reason we May say that the exact reverse is True that the markets Are yet governed by the condition of things induced by the country slate approach to practical free Trade and that though the Tariff which bears or. Morrill name May meanwhile remain in full Force its effects will not be Felt Fer Halfa dozen years or until the manufacturing establishments which it will Call into being Are in operation and in Competition with each other. When Illinois mines heroin Iron and Copper manufactures her own textile fabrics of the com Mon sorts for Domestic purposes and does Lor herself the thousand and one offices which that she now pays others for doing we shall know what the principle of pro Section Means. But before our correspondent goes off on another rampage we invite is at Tenti onto certain fact connected with the Trad of the West a study of which will we Are sure modify his censures of those who favor As a measure of expediency the Morrill Tariff. He will admit no doubt that As our commercial Matte Snow shape themselves the Market Wimch regu lates prices in Illinois is England that the Lon Donand Liverpool prices current Are the authority by Wimch our dealers buy and sell How let us see How that Wimch we find ourselves serves our interest. For this purpose we will Purchase a Bushel of com at Bloomington in the very Cen tre of Illinois and Send to the maket to Ward Wimch our free Trade theories bid us look. 1bcctiel Corn at Bloomington freight to Chicago storage late freight to in lilo i eating at in lilo canal freight to new in 2few Yolk. 10c. 11c. 2c. 22c. A. in. 2c. 23c. S9vfc. Liim Rance from Ocean freight Cost of com at Liverpool is Clear then hint we Are feeding men in Europe to work for is with com at 89j cents per Bushel which we sell at 10 cents and that to Correct this abnormal condition of affairs to bring the producer and consumer nearer together to dispense with the army Hofshi Persand middlemen who add nothing to the products of the country to withdraw a portion four p eople from agricultural Pursuit Sand put them to mechanical employments thereby Rais ing the Price of Grain and by durability to furnish Low priced food for labor cheap Enin the Price of manufactured articles is or should he the object of All our com Mercial legislation. At present the farm ers of Illinois have their workshops in Europe sending thither food for the labourers therein and paying the Back freight on the articles that they manufacture. The Mechanic who should put his forge or workshop four hours distance from his residence so that going and re turning would consume four fifths of the Lime devoted to labor leaving him but two hours a Day in which to Hammer or plane would not be More foolish than we. The Day is coming in which on correspondent will see that Eree Trade is the pet of those Only who make commissions on merchandise or put Money in their purses by freights in the carrying Trade these and those whom the May delude Are the opponents of the Protection that our manufacturers de Mand. N Ibsh Benj reference Fob Siar Xii. The reverence for slavery exhibited by Northern people is their most singular trait of character. They seem to regard the system with superstitions we which to touch puts a mans soul in peril. An example of this feeling of veneration for the Peculiar institution is related by our Cairo telegraphic correspondent in these words get. Esig is ee5 to under command of2, s embarked on tie Steamer hem go the a Mdse and landed on tie ?smsui"2r led t1 t0 016 Plantation of of the rebel army expecting Toa f Liucc of Sec Esb who were the Rod on Turners Plantation Tuton Magog at the place no enemy teas found. Aes js4 the Abca which resulted to the discovery of numerous letters Conur Minatre treason of col. Turner and implicating other parties among whom la Goy. Magoffin. Ito arms were found but in lace of the evidence presented Raa deemed proper to arrest the Ore seer an take the Miles and horses forty in number which was done. The expedition returned Herat Zeyen o clock this evening with their prizes. There is Little sunlit hut the expedition also helped themselves to whatever com Oats and Hacon that were found on the premises. But Nota Nigger was touched. Here was a Plantation Well stocked with slaves one that would have filled the renegade Mitchells heart with Delight the owner is a rank traitor and his House was a rebel rendezvous. The evidence of his guilt was confirmed by numerous treasonable letters found on the premises. So guilty was this slaveholder that major Weed had no hesitation in confiscating the horses and Miles found on the Plantation. He even went so far As to capture Theoter Eer. But this was the nearest approach made to the divine institution. The exp ? Dilion scooped out All the moveable property this rebel possessed save the human chattels which made him a rebel. The cause of his treason was too sacred to take away. Col Turner never became a traitor this country on account of mules horses Bacon com croats. The property of which he was deprived was innocent of causing his great crime. The tempter was slavery. He raised his Patricial hand to destroy the most Bellfi Cen government on Earth that on its Niusia slave Empire might bereaved. He seeks to endow slave holding with untrammelled Dominion and to place the keys of absolute Power in its hands. The immense Rivil Ege Shis class has enjoyed Are not enough to satisfy his hearts cravings. It was not sufficient for him that slavery was pro tested by the government and supported by the Hort. It must be made the Auto crat of the continent. All Knees must Bend before it and do i homage. This rebel tur Ner doubtless dreams of a reopening of the african slave Trade when negroes will he imported by the cargo and sold cheap for Cash and approved credit and when the whole american population shall con Sist of the favorite Southern Trinity slave holders slaves and poor White trash the latter to he employed As a police to keep the niggers Down. For the Sake of greater present Power and absolute future Dominion this Man Turner committed the crime of treason the penalty of which is confiscation and death. If major Weed had found turn Erand a Force of Sucesh on the Plantation he would have promptly opened fire shot the said Turner and sobered his Force and Lien seized and carried off All the valuable property which was portable except the slaves the came of All the mischief they would Hare been left behind i bondage to tempt the heirs to . I makes ones heart sick witness tie manner in which this War is conducted. On people Are putting Forth such an Effort As the world has never a to save their Union an government and crash the slaveholders revolt but they waste their strength inflows aimed at effects not causes end for which the Waris waged is declared to be the preservation ofor nation and government but the most effectual Means to accomplish that desired end Are not Emph cd. The people grow at the army an complain that such vast forces effect so Little. And yet they will persist in abut Ting their Eye and ears to the reason of the failure of their mighty efforts. They allow the enemy the use of four millions of slaves. The permit the Rehela to work these slaves against them to employ them in the army in the workshops and in the Fields. The slaves Are permitted to be made the Power Fol auxiliaries of treason and the Active allies of the rebels. Hence our soldiers Are obliged to fight the whole Southern population Black and White Bond and free. We offer no objections to the rebels employing the slaves to fight us to help destroy the Union but shrink Back aghast at the Bare thought of our employing those slaves to fight the rebels and help us to save the Union. And this too notwithstanding we know that the slaves Are Loyal at heart and Are coerced into supporting the rebellion and that they would ten thousand times rather work or fight for Uncle Sam than for Sereah. We murmur because Gen. Mcclellan with his army of a Quarter of a million of rave men Are held at Bay by the rebel forces but we refuse to reflect that if a column of ten thousand deter mined men were landed on the coast of South Carolina and would raise the ban Nero emancipation proclaiming Freedom to All Bondmen who would come and strike for Freedom that a panic would seize the traitors and the rebel army on the Potomac would melt away like Snow before the Sun and leave the Road open to Richmond and As much further As our army choose to Advance every rebel would have important business demanding his immediate presence at Home. The insurgents would quickly sue for peace and make their submission to the Union. Slavery might be wiped out of South Carolina Georgia and other Cotton states but the rebellion would be crushed the Union saved and peace restored to the ration. The haughty slave Power would be humbled crippled and the remainder of the system placed in Processo ultimate extinction. But will any such effectual step be taken doubtful. Kor them reverence for slavery is too ingrained and deep seated to permit any interference with it Fiven As a Means of putting Down the rebellion. Many people would rather see the Union annihilated than be consid ered abolitionists than to touch the divine institution. Gentlemen slave preservers Tow Lon do you expect that it will take to quell this slave holders rebellion while Yon preserve the Emu of the revolt Beverly and cheat Campagnat cheat Mountain i has dosed and the troops Are going into Winter quarters. The rebels have withdrawn to the mountains and Are blocking up the Staunton Road but on army May move in that direction. They have wholly abandoned the Green Brier. As an evidence that nothing furthers expected in that Quarter our troops except enough to hold the fort on the Summit of cheat Mountain and to guard the passes of the Elk water Are being withdrawn and in camped at Beverly or Huttonsville. The hos Pital has been removed to Huttonsville for the Winter and contains quite a Large list of sick and wounded including some who Are Down of the most malignant Type of typhoid fever. There has Beena great among the troops arising from a Lack of warm and comfortable clothing. Eve now after All that has been done by of in Diana and after All that has been Saidof the shiftless Nesa and criminal neglect of the quartermaster having charge of the matter the troops Are hut poorly supplied. The we theron the Mountain u raw cold and Rainy. Sumo of the men Are destitute of overcoats the majority of the blankets do not weigh a Pound and Are poor at that. Of shoes they have a better Supply but still the Lack of Winter clothing the Moat of which Wae or dered it should be borne in mind As Long ago a August is painfully apparent. It is understood that some or the troops will bellowed to come Home on a furlough for the Winter but this cannot be allowed Only in exceptional cases. The troops on the Summit of cheat Mountain Avereen ordered Tobgui Lewinter quarters which the boys say Means freeze. The state of things among the troop is truly deplorable. Kansu politics. The Lawrence ask Mureon Leavenworth con Unali in and other Kansas papers hoist Testate ticket bearing the name of George h. Crawford for governor. The claim of a right to elect this fell be based upon that provision of the Constitution which provides for an election once in two years and gov. Robin son was elected in 1850, although the state was not admitted until a year later. The question if therefore whether the two years begins with the election or the admission of the slate. The Lawrence be publican says right of the people to elect there Anbe no doubt. It Isa question simply of policy and in View of the recent position of the governor Gamst the people of Kansas Andre Brave defenders there can be no Don otitis the Onty of the people right and they ought to dolt with such an emphasises to make him ashamed to contest theriac Uon. The supreme court will have to Settle the question if a dispute arises. We shall speak fully of the ticket next week. Military graduates. Below we give table showing the years i which some of the most prominent military chieftains on both aides graduated at Westpoint and the positions in which classes rams Sis. Position graduated. In . T. G imn Mcdowell 183st. W. Sherman i egg Icharles e. Stewart 3346ablerloublcday 1040general revnolds Viss insane Ith ?2stnry Isar 1l-Aac j. Ste Teia Issaq j general eoe Crana 1111842 i a bebbl3. . Jeh Seton 111.1529 8alktrt Johnston general Lee Iraq ,3 8p. G. hllb3b 8 . 5mith.1111 is i Mansfield Lovell 3042 3 Rhumphrey Marshall 16ss pm. Hardee 3333 re Merton Bra i s. B. Backs mfg 1generalvan Bora g i the Louisville mends and admirers of or. Georged. Prentice who would testify their appreciation of the work Ehas done Andis now doing in Kentucky Are in Man of on Northern cities getting up clubs of subscribers to his paper. We have a lab Here in Chicago. Other cities have responded. And now we see 107 names for his Baity have been obtained in Pittsburgh pa., and the Money sent Forward 707. Heavy a Kamot Alai St new Long litigation a verdict of 49,500las been rendered against the City of in Tavor of Jacob Sharp who after obtaining from the City a Wall Street ferry privilege ten years ago Fonn himself compelled to Compromise a claim of Obert a Walker in an Angle of the slip which Angle was essential to the full use of the ferry rights. The leave was originally at the rate of 20,000 a year subsequently reduced too,o0o and the verdict rendered leaves to the City a net profit of Only five Hundred dollars Forten Jean of one of its most valuable ferries. No wonder taxes Are exorbitant in new York. Outlast May the government loaned 5,000 Rutt of t0 thu Adelphia Home k. 3s now calling them in and them me other arrangement Coarm the Force. T it of the Newyork metropolitan police department the next year i ant Down at a Little ova two minion dollars. Iwo amount of forage use d by the government daily for Nae in Washington an Vicinity is of Bay 215 tone of Grain Iso torn. Vow Japan. A letter from a Nagwa dated Jelv particulars of internet to those already received though the Tela no later. News of the bombarlmemt1sumter bad reached Japan and it waa feared would produce evil effects especially Vas no american vessel of warhead visited those Waters for seven mantra. It was suppose that the port of Yanagawa thongs opened last january finally on account of its insufficiency in depth of Waterer. Harris bad been informed that an pm Betel won id soon be Bent to England. France other tre by Powers. Be was Alro re he Flat. Of Caslan government of tha lists infer dem a rejection of h made fora treaty , be Siwz How the party would gom selected Hittos is Aano Naly look Vii Iii. I of r4tofl two the naval expedition from our own correspondent 011 b.?, 5 Miles from Annapolis i 5. October sold is6i. Jon have Benwell aware that a grand Navales Pedron was about to sail from thispoint.?4a an old resident of Chicago i take a few spare Momenta to give Yon a brie account fall that i know concerning it. The both Mich Iga regiment waa ordered fro Washington where we had been hot eight Days in Camp last week and found at Annapolis number of regiments who Are now inboard the Vari Ous vessels of the Fleet and we shall soon sail Gen. Sherman in command. As to our Desti nation we know nothing except that it Wii be southward. As nearly As i can estimate about 80,000 Menwill compose the corps. The Well known vessels Vanderbilt Gen. Sher mans Headquarters Daniel Webster Ocean Queen great Republic Atlantic &0., &c., Are already Laden with men horses provisions and ammunition and Areall anchored within a mile of the Vanderbilt i have justcounted15 of these Large Estela and several will joins on the Way Down the Bay and at other Points. Do Sticks is with a As Cor respondent of the new York Tribune. The York times also has a correspondent with the expedition. Sherman is Battery also the Newyork 79th, oth Connecticut 7th do., 50th Pennsylvania the roundheads a41h new Hampshire 3ddo., and Many others Are with us. We Are so Faras i can observe in goo health though necessarily very Mac packed there being for instance about 1800 Menon the Vand Obilt 7,000 barrels of flour full rations Ofchar bread pork &c., for fifteen Days with a Large Quantity of shot Shell and ammunition. A few Days will show us what particular work we Are to engage in. If Fithyou Peculiar interest in the Northwest Yon have a vacant line for news from the sea coast Isham be Happy to Post you an occasional word from the expedition. While i was writing the last line word comes into the Saloon that Gen. Sherman is coming on Hoard and the return transport will bring to port this letter. When it reaches Yon we shall be Well towards the South. Long lice the be Public Tours saudi Ion. Constitutional convention no. 9, 8 of these series the idea Wasa danced that no person nominated by a caucus convention or mass meeting should be Eligi ble to the office to which he might be elected. The reason Why this amendment of the con Stitt Wonhas been proposed is 1. That in the earlier Days of the Republic our fathers were elected without being compelled Mohave an endorsement from caucuses or conventions. Washington was elected twice without opposition and no convention or caucuses intervened. John Adams was unlike manner elected. So was Jefferson on two different occasions. So Madison was twice elected. So of Monroe. Monroe at his the unanimous vote of the electoral College. The country during allow these elections were progressive for eign wars was prosecuted successfully the population increased the finances of the nation were placed upon firm Baste the territory of the nation was extended Commerce expanded manufacture were inaugurated and general Prosperity existed Why upon the Sam principle cannot the country continue Toad Vance without Thea id of caucuses and conventions ? the first caucus known to the history of the unite states was the congressional caucus which nominated William h. Crawford for the presidency in 1834. The caucus system did no obtain a foothold until 1833, when Yaa bureaus edit to effect his nomination Toto Nice presidency at the time Jackson became candidate Forre election. I repeat again Shatina Muchas the Pedera government was successful from 1789 to 1832 without the intervention of caucuses or conventions the Sam results May he reproduced by ignoring or abolishing such Means of nominating officer by theart apolitical parties of the country. Another illustration. Prom Theroga Nizet on of the Vincis territory in 1809 until1818, be Illinois became Union and from thence until the lec i fixative session of 1835-6, we had no caucuses or conventions. Candidates were elected because of their integrity and fitness for the offices to which they aspired or to which their friends called them. Illinois was never better represented in her councils than when this policy prevailed. Cannot the same Statel official duty an responsibility a Ain to inaugurated. No county conventions were held in Illinois until 1840. Prior to that time we had competent officers. Cannot the same state of Public affairs exist again ? this much for precedents National stat and county. Can parties intervention of caucuses and conventions1we answer emphatically Tes and will give the reasons in the next number. Illinois person 1. Or. Williame. Forster the member of the English parliament whose Liberal and Gener Ous views of on War we have already published Isa Youngman and took his seat in Parlia. Ment for the first time at the opening of the last session representing the town of Brad Ford. He is a Woolen manufacture rat Burley a town about 10mues from Bradford hols a Radical not quite in favor of Universal suf Frage but a very Small rental qualification. The North has no warmer Mendin England in or ont of parliament Lian or. Forster his first motion there was in reference to on affairs and he was prepared with a Strong speech against Gregoios motion but Liberal English men did not dare vote for Gregory and did not want to vote against him so the motion was withdrawn and on advocate could not say what he had intended and what would have done on cause Good hade spoken. His father came to Thea country Many years ago Ona Mission from the society of friends in England to the governors of the slave states to petition them to abolish or ameliorate slavery and he died in Tennessee. Or. Forai Ter has mad american slavery and our Lawson the subject a study for years and there Are few men in this country better informed on the Constitution of each of on states particularly of the slave states. Or. Forster is married Toa daughter of Chelate or. Arnold the historian and head master of Rugby. Got. Magoffin of Kentucky has appointed John , to be adjutant general of Testate troops vice Brown resigned Dudley quartermaster general vice West and Thomas n. Lindsey paymaster vice Hodge. The latter Hodge has turned traitor against the Commonwealth , of Ohio has subscribed so Roooto the National loan. Miss Florence Nightingale is so seriously til re to preclude All Hope other new York Tribune says major Robert Allen lately general attached to Kjor general Fremont was on squatters on the Mariposa estate and of the proprietor of that state for his rejection with unequalled bitter Pertinacity. _ it would seem that Emust have been appointed to his any knowledge of this it on the part of the administration Forit can hardly be supposed that the War department would intentionally have assigned to service on the staff of Gen. Fremont one of his worst Cne Raics unless indeed the intention was not Toad but to nullify any a flirts of his in thesera Iceon his country. Dewitt c. Littlejohn of Oswego Nomi. Rated for reflection to the new York legis lature has declined the Honor. He has been a member for Soma seven years and three or four times speaker of the Assembly. The rebel colonel Turner Ashby killed at the Bolivar fight was the democratic Post master at Alexandria vs., under presiden Buchanan. Col lately in Commanda fortress Monroe Lias Warren Boston Harbor where prisoners of War Are hereafter Tobe accommodated. The court of inquiry which has been granted to com c. A poor late of the Frig ate Brooklyn upon the escape of the rebel Steamer Sumter from new Orleans la com posed of captains shul Brick Stribling an Sands Geo. , judge advocate the commissioned officers of the Onon Daga regiment 13th of Syracuse have nun in Onslo chosen Hon. Geddes of that City for colonel in place of Wolrath. Desertion has reduced the number from 7so to two or three Hundred available men. The Young southerners in Europe de Pendant upon their remittances to get along Are thrown into great distress by the Paris correspondent of the new York world writes one Youngman from Mobile whoa said to have a income of eight thousand dollars year is in the debtors prison of Clichy at the suit of Taekee Profan Young Man of a wealthy family Baa been obliged to Entera store Asand still another Baa obtained employ intent in theoffice of an architect. But thew Bich has come to his of �.? a from one of Iff Houious Ern by the stoppage of Ltd raid a i left perfectly Diestl hem it the worst of it.�, Cen for 80me thae engaged to is Joung Udy of Boston and the Fer put 4? a vet for of septem Lover the unhappy Zaiz a. Three thousand mile of briny his Belot aisle Treumon the Charity of his friends the census of Canada the revise re Toms of the census of Canada Giro Paiada West i a Tot a the population of the principal cities it a follows metres#0,498 , Slid spes. 44 748 Hamilton 19, 06 ottawa15,669 Kingston 13.743 Hafiz letter correspondence of the Chicago Tribune Louis Taluk october23,186 la am daily la expectation of having to write Monthe partly flare of a Railroad i easter in whichever altar leads of soldiers win Ere Cipta ted from the Bridge into Bolling for Felver and Many drowned or killed. The hastily erected Bridge at that Stream already threatens the coming disaster. It is painful to cries it a Man draws a Long breath when knows the train is safely Over. Crossing on saturday heard several sighs of Relief and not a few audible thank god. Jas ulcer simple Justice would require is to Praise the Ridge that carries us safely Over. Pas sengers however appear to think the builder should have Justice first and him. I had imagined that the Camp of general Ward at Greensboro afforded matters of More interest than that of general Mccook fro which last wrote and on saturday Hur ried to Lebanon but found there waa Little Prospect of a Battle. I was advised Togo to Campbellville and horse which like the Farmers Donkey of the song go. .1 slowly made my Way to hat Point where i was again satisfied there Wjk plan engagement. The fact is kit the rebels have neither the disposition Orthe numbers to fight and Are Content to he marauders and not soldiers. Fonad on wednesday last the rebels 2,500 Strong with a Squadron of Cav Alry were five Miles Distant attempting to Cross the Southern Stream of the Green Elvelana his reinforcements no coming up he or pared to full Back to Campbellville to which Point he ordered the reinforcements . Here he Tooka Strong pos non Southwest of the town where i found him with about 2,500 men waiting for the enemy. He was encamped on the Side of on of the Man Hills in that Region and had sent Coj. Grider Forward to examine the on saturday and reported that Only the cavalry of the enemy had crossed Green Eiver and entered the Tow after its abandonment. They had remained but a Short time and then the whole Force had fallen Back to Munford Suhle. General Ward does not contemplated attack and will resume his old position. On my returning to the City i fell in witha mend who adjust returned from the South and who had penetrated the Federal lines at vew Haven. He gave me some in regard to the South and Testate of Bucklers army. In Richmond Awee Smee the talk on the streets and in the political circles was the rumoured withdrawal fall Confederate forces from Kentucky the representations of Gen. Buckner by which Herubel authorities were in invade the state have teen shown to Bernese and has lost o the conf Dence of the seceded states the Ultra Dis Unis Omste the sticklers for the doctrines of state rights and stale sovereignty under the Lead of gov. Brown of Georgia Aud trumpeted by such organs As the Charleston whig and new Orleans True Deua have built up a Strong opposition party which is making itself Felt and heard. So Strong has tins party become that its influence has reached and affected Hearty and Strong his been the opposition to entering Kentucky the Georgia regiments positively refused to invade Kentucky and the South carolinian asserted that they would abandon the cause jul Al thus seen that the false doctrines Are dividing the government established upon them. Tennesseans have been indic a Tenter Kentucky through fear of an invasion of Theiron state we he the Arkansas and Mississippi troops have been mainly induced bythe same reasoning and same fears. Go Brown and his Ultra doctrines find great Lavor among the Rich planters Ana in tie army while the weary at heart Union men in the Southern cities adhere to him and clamor for a strict Observance of the doctrine. No consolidation is a favorit cry among the people Aud the papers. The latter have shown Ina series of articles How completely state lines Are being obliterated and How absolutes the control of the army much distresses being Felt in All the Southern cities. The blockade which they laughed Tosconi has proved too stringent for them their favorite schemes have All failed. The Hope of capturing Washington has gradually died put and the ability of their generals i questioned. Their scheme of Privateer Smetana a piratical Navy has exploded. They have Given up Al Hope of foreign interference and Milisa schemes of Alex. Stephens failed. The Cotton loan affords them no Money and the Winter prospects look gloomy a Shiu listers with which the country is flooded will Purchase Othin the comforts of life cannot Bead. The slaves Ore becoming a error to their masters an they seem to think Eura one is revolving in his mind whether he f All eat or be utmost care is taken that they shall note allowed to meet in any considerable num Bers. They Are Idle for want of work Aud lounging about the plantations Are a terror to the Lone women who Are left there. Tumany parts of the country it is known the White men do not average two Toa Planta Tion. and appreciate face situation of affairs. The More ignorant Are kept in terror by the representations of heir masters in regard to the abolitionists but those Oread Are a terror to the White the least information is denied to such an newspapers denied them of Gen. Buck nerds army my Little information save what he saw Aud heard. The most reckless Aud vindictive among the rebels Are those from betrays their extreme hatred of Louisville people and the City. The doom it to destruction Aud pillage. My in Formant heard Many of them whom he had known to be citizens of Louisville sneak of prominent families Here swearing what punishment they would inflict on themen anyhow they would treat the women naming Sny of the mos Beautiful of the Man Beau Tifful Here. He saw old acquaintances Bare footed and ragged among the Motley was Suro rifled to find the feeling misting among the Mississippi and Tennessee troop Tobej do their duty As to essay More in Sor Row than in anger. They regret already the step and would willingly retrace it. He is the entire Force of Buckner at 6,000,and think there is certainly not More. Thereat instances of apparent destitution of cloth ice but Bowling Green and Southern Ken Tucky have furnished Large amount of Good but the present Supply sent the Arcand cannot be answered sati fac a vill 616 no Conte Dielt collector at is Nueman irate Here who left Lexington and Camp Dick Robinson yesterday noon and morning. Those from the Latte place report that Dick Robinson the ancient do i bus Nueman on whose farm the amp la situated entered their rooms Earlyon tiday coming shouting that Gen. Zolli coffer Hambee rented and giving glory Togo and col Garrard a they report that the Swo Miles beyondrockcastle2 of t3vhotthe. Tom Pike Road irom. A T Ndon where col. Gar lard with about 2,300 men not 1,200 As re Bement a a w-a3 the country in the Vicinity of the Battle Issimil Rhi character to Western Virginia. I maybe imagined when i state that pm tee cd Garrard made bits do m a Tatry him in time though five or Sis inn we l \014 rides and rom he aided in the defence. On the morning of monday at an Early hour the a c Gal a do Coffier appeared in View and mad preparations to storm through entrenchments. His Force consisted of six Reri -2ste, re lev 0m? 50do Theohara Cherof the country however the engagement of the whole Force at one Lime and the first attempt to storm the entrenchments Otcel. Garrar was made by a Garrard 18 represented have restrained his men until the fore had approached within a distance that would i ton e7t piece when a word the Small pieces poured a deadly Volley into the ranks of the enemy. The in Bels instantly sought shelter in the Woods and in i Frics were engaged for Home time rallying them. It is thought that forty or if persons Feu the charge. Again Una time in stronger Force but second and third round is said to have again repulsed them. A third attack resulted m the attacking Force withdrew. La the rebel loss will reach 100 killed and 160wounded. It is not thought that will renew the attack but will Fallback to London sixteen Miles Distant. The artilery eighteen pieces and two regiments col rss Assofe n a Hedford Andl. Garr re will four up the rebels Man Elly advancing his position until he farces a at or Retreat. It is not im40 the rebel general an Opportunity to entrench himself in the Kentucky spoofs16 be 6111111 hate Cic Etc and a minute details to Morrow the Pennsylvania brigade of three Reed -1 Battery under the command of god. Negley arrived Here on monday after Noop and Are now encamped waiting transportation to Gen. Mccook army. It is com--010 i ,.7bih 8114rath Pennsylvania the respective commands of a a 1v Han Bright Stambaugh an the Batter is commanded Bya Cap Tam who in Europe commanded a Battery to sort Sige he Psi Cagen Igel very highly an appears to enjoy his Tri Nophan Tanara advancement the United states. To Tegi Menta Anin Dianand Minnesota have also arrived and gone into Camp a la comin regiment is expected Here & a Day or i 0 be held to Morrow by the ladles of Thi City to devise Means to of the soldiers in Camp there. Tie a la editorial Josf the ladies to attend this meeting an yesterday had a Call from an India my be f6 it 1women of Kentucky Shote be Good care of India nays soldiers. Well Kentucky ladles May take care of them. Tiisto Illnois Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania an Minnesota men that they most look for safety from the Kentucky traitors who Are la oar midst. It is not at All Likely that the kentuckians in this Region win Doit from the Louisville Eurmal 230. Affairs at Green Bubo. We have received a highly interesting let Ter from a correspondent at ,ky., i reference to the state of affairs in that Region. The letter confirm us in Themeli Enthat there has Bee Nat no time any formidable rebel Force at Greensburg we Are assure that after Gen. Ward bad evacuated campany Johnson near Gree Amburg the place was visited by half a dozen rebels who stolen number of mules and made their escape. We have the Moat glowing accounts of the part taken by col. Grider and a Gallant five Hundred men in this Grec Nasbarg Aflalo. He As encamped with his train of Nineteen agon Aat Columbia Adair county when her a i ted a a Ward Sorder to fall Back to his assistance. Colgro draft once called for Feu Hundred Volin distance of one Hundred and fifty Miles Over while Many of them other articles of clothing they Toa Man resolved to follow their the Rescue of Gen. Ward. It was with difficulty that a sufficient number could restrained from going to guard the at Columbia. On saturday night Colb. C. Grider in com Pony Wither. I.twymanand , Rode into Greensburg alone and sat Flea themselves there Wasno enemy inthe place. The remained in Greensbury Sev Era horns and on sunday Mol nor col this regiment that they had taken quiet Possession of Qreen Eurg an that they could hold it without reinforce Agunat any enemy that threatened to immediately after col a riders return Tonis command an amount of Money necessary to Purchase an elegant word was subscribe Dpi bib regiment and the presentation Wasto take place at Campbellville before the departure of his regiment for the original Monro Fez Sousi near Tompkinsville it was reported to col Grider that the rebel colonel s. S. Stanton witha Force of several thousand had during the absence of colonel , marched upon his late Campana that the traitors were Etil hovering about the Vicinity awaiting the. Arrival of of know the Metal of which col Gri Derand his regiment Are composed will no entertain any tear that Hia train will Ever tall into rebel hands. Colonel courage amounts almost to indiscretion and he asunder his command beat fighting material from the states of Kentucky and to Nessee. The Greer River Bridge. We have already stated that the River has been destroyed Bathe rebels who sough by that Means to Dela the approach of the Federal troops. A have just Learned that tee Bridgeway destroy Dun Der the direction of Frank tron without the knowledge and against the wishes of the Tjoa Tod teen ordered to1 i j the Bridge upon an attempt being made by the Federal troops to effect a Cross ing. He became. Alarmed however report to the effect hat the federate were approaching and near at hand and caused the premature Des Timcan of the Structure. We have Good reason to believe that Buckner is now engaged in repairing the damage done by theft Olin and timid on volunteering in Kentucky. Relearn from the Maysville Eagle that on wednesday a Large meeting was held at spy Srun m Lewis county bythe distinguished congressman or. Wads Worth in that fervid Ana eloquent style so Peculiar to himself after the conclusion of speech a Call was made for vol 7ten Forward were sworn into the unite states service for three years and were marched into Camp. Interesting from Bebe Udoji. Union men in Norfolk an Richmond. From the Baltimore Patriot 22d. Behave hid a Opportunity of conversing everal persons just arrived from the in % a Hel Sutra some of whom of tie och of allegiance tothe new confederacy and others because heir business was broken up by reason of Adl re thu or one of these ties left Richmond where he had been since february on thu Issy last and spent Friday he informed is that there was Etui a fierce enthusiasm seeming to pervade the secessionists throughout the South women and children As Well As men in their ability to maintain their position that there were to his personal ? the Many Union men in Richmond a especially that the Counti Esol easter Virginia As Well As the towns were swarming with soldiers that almost everyman Korea uniform and was attached to som military organization that the troops were Inman cases ragged and in Yeiyu few cases uni formed that their clothe were of Homespun dyed with the Walnut bark or some rim Nap substance to secure Trof color among those of the same company that they were very badly off for shoes hid very few blankets still Tower tents and Perewe alarmed Only in certain places As at Manas Sas and in part of Tennessee having brought each Man Hia Squirrel gun or fowling Pis a him fuck Astyre a he coul4 provide at certain medicines were very scarce handsome it was impossible to obtain. Come lag Worth fifty cents an ounce and Ardivan to be bad at Richmond. Quinine there we 2 the h4 at an drags Are thereon wednesday. Ipecac Canha and Idoine Fpo Assiut and opium particular in were Al of fir attainable. A found some Opi mat nor lick but neither of the others the Tredegar ironworks were said to return ingot one huge inn a Day. The armo Ries wer Busy and As guns were much needed As last As they could be manufactured the were Cut Tother troops. I Richmond there was not much disorderly behaviour in the streets and no drunkenness that he saws on the soldiers. Among the operative Send mechanics especially the Union feeling was Strong inf Ito one Conid dare to give expression to it. The Union men however knew each other and were objects of ans i s�,2 t i be Tho led and those who that amm still adhered Toile Union was sufficient to deprive Jim of employment and take away customer omit atom Many Union men Olio could get away had left but the great mass of course could not get and they were wait ing in Hope the arrival of the Federal armies to release them from the oppression Hichwa exercised Over them .l-12? would undoubtedly join the United states Flag As soon As it Conid redisplayed among them. Thousands would neck to it who now were silenced and who nowhere actually Lecce to Bear arms again tit relative actual strength of the parties there it was impossible to car. Poteet could be had no election Weldund circumstances in these states wonld??,2s?i7idedceaeten itt Fere possible.5 n nonesuch could show himself Norton edit be Safe Forant voter to vote Lor such. The Dis unionists wellj�0 a Wen m 016 it that there Are thousands of Union men and their fear of Al lows these Union men to Fiad ont their own strength causes them to forbid and crash oat any attempts a demonstration. The secessionists were in Many places into Entenor beginning to be entirely sick of thin mate of affaire. Coffee fifty cents around hardly any hotel now gave Coffee seme had Tea that too was High. Bacon Twenty five cent a Pound Salt eight Dollar a sack flour eight and nine dollars Worth Carolina where one of the parties with whom we conversed had been Stavia irksome months wheat was Worth in a country a e eighty five to ninety cents a Bush a and the storekeeper told a Farmer in Hia Hrang that shortly it would Bea tora Pound of Coffee. Gold and Silver never seen. Bank notes of the different lab t and i Confederate Money of the de nomination of five dollars and upwards Al change consisted of Corot to p3? Fate and ten cents when of waa presented i Virginia Money. Or thu ??.tfcrn mountainous Region of North Carolina and especially in East ten Nee see Union men dared Etili to gather to Gether and speak out except in those Points do3d? occupied a Jeff Daviss Jug ithe 5 1 too about Hunts Vule and m dior theaster Mississippi As Well Pinters along the River in v Ion plus waa rite and Strong Cay at a gatherum a i he could Only see the old stare midst Peshe would cry Tor Joy Obj account gave men in and around Norfolk and 110,0c0 at and about. ? oth account stated Norfolk served out 38,000 rations daily. Twas quite up foible to know anything exactly of posit Lon or number. The confederates did newspapers to publish Teniente on our aide vow of Alm l St immediately at Richmond Rollah secret traitors an government offices he could Nottell Anda perfect Confidence was Felt that Teh Baa.3 would Mairit Aln their1116 Fleet b a Are Embling a Hampton roads gave great uneasiness and they Are alarmed and perplexed. Such Are the main Points of seem Tous very Fairand Cin old. And reliable a coming from men who had neither interest nor wish Testate other than Cli Aile Sumer on uie Fiad in the Boston traveller a briefs etch of Charles Sumners discourse on the rebellion delivered As the opening lecture of fraternity course in Boston on Friday even tog Epe ail log of the origin of the War Hev 1 in it preventions of disaster. J Gen Mcclellan Aad Bis envy Era from the Philadelphia inquirer 23d history records no instance of great of that which los commander of the army of the Potomac has displayed without also recording the envy it has excited and the rivalry which it has induced. We have had occasion within a recent period to reproach certain of cur contemporaries for an inclination by faint Praise to injure the Grea Confidence of the army in Gen. Are indications no Tobe misunderstood that he is the object of envious suspicion to Ceram narrow minded but powerful individuals in Washington and that there Are even re More Ofa design to curtail his command Crip pie his Power Ami repress his wondrous ener h �-8 can Thisbe la impossible that Euch spirit really exists ? we recur to his magic touch in Virginia transmuting the base Metal of demoralize new troops into the Gold of a real army. Weddell upon the fact that Hia soldiers know him and love him with a Devotion like that veiled Amoe the army of Italy. We find him cd Cerfoy bearing Burden of responsibility which would Crusha Ray a Sll � military Genius Andes Rerigh and weak with astonishment what con warrant Euch a course ? he has done a much Trust him to the is the Battle of the staffs. Around theol hero general Scott is collected an Abl body of filters condemned to comparative inactivity mid eyes of Mcclellan is staff. The mis Chim which is found for comparatively Idle Ards to do assumes this form Mcclellan is erected Fiatoa rival in the Art of War and i command and upon the parties Are beginning to form. But they count with out Thev Host there Isa larger party Natien is looking on with eager and inter ested eyes. They want to quote the lines of Byron they want a hero an uncommon want since every mayor two bring Forth a new one and Mcclellan in the words of a greater than Byron hat Home Hia faculties to Meek hath Benso Clear India great office has so elicited the commendation of Friend and Flea he that the people of this country have taken him for their hero. They will Takuie matter into their own hands and expression Thunder tones their disapprobation of Mili tar cliques or civic adversaries who would unworthy motives refuse to allow his to reach their Onsum mation if such causes have operated in Favori exc mint let them reason d fort Iori in therase before is. The marshal Duke of it gnat himself fighting Man and an Able. Commander after enumerating great generals and dwelling Wuh enthusiasm upon the rite combination of rarer qualities which they have displayed closed with the following emphatic words government give the command fits armies to him whom it deliberately con eiders the worthiest and then let it , . This is More than a Mili Tarlap Otheim it is such sound sense that on Mustbe maddened by jealousy or lost to Allt reclaims of patriotism to deny or ignore it. Seg Laiing in to Earmy some Washington humanitarians Are weep ing Over Ona Dragoon Back from brother Soldier Tremone Shehad Given him for a watch. Saidara Goon had his manhood insulted by being Marche around the Camp under Ball Hainan drive Label thief every other hour of the Twenty four for thirty Days and then Marchebout Toa tune More merciful than the verdict of a jury for while pronouncing him ? re it consigns him to Freedom instead of r mercy mongers express no sympathy Fortis physical injuries but for Hisim Ilal if Ennis his moral degradation now the Eoll tres vulnerable Point of All Points Isth Sens of Honor and if that is too weak to rest ram him privately from crime the Only Way both to reach him and to save other from contagion by Hie example or injury fro similar crimes is to publicly disgrace Hishon or. Philadelphia inquirer. If Alt is Winter open a pkg of millinery. Pm is of bar 4,114 Harrow mrs. Carts 90 Lake Street opposite the Tremont House. 0c24.g&17-3t Chicago glue works. Or Luje bosluvaT11 of sol be at wholesale and retail 60 South. Well Street Lloyd s Bloch w?h7pej a Cha edit � ext More glue factory Oft leg leave to invite the Trade Aid con suit 1? of a aet fat of Oil Sand i Aper. Bones two Hie manure to his store. So South ?3�at Thole Aaice a paid for i Thall we dealers Atten c4nTpto a i Clas i maa Chicago dailies at office prices audio Chabre made Fob packing. New York weeklies foreign periodicals andean goods in oar line forwarded promptly at the a octet wholesale prices. Jew a order Mart be accompanied wit the cart. 6hcau c0 m w o ,. O08m��w wholesale Dey goods p. False 112,114,116 Lake Street 500 Bales domestics. Bought before the late a Dyance Tad will be sold from a the one cent per Yard less thin can be bought elsewhere in this Market. 50 Bales Stark sleeting Hie 50 laureate sheeting Hie. So applet of so. Hje. 50 Indian head do. Hie so of Stark Bui bags $27.50 per Hundred. 20,c00 Lewiston bags $25.50 a. 15.000 Cohoes bags $28.00 do. 15,800 Manchester bags $24.50 do. 20.000 Ozark bags $23.50 do. 60 cases Herr mat prints. Jet 25 Imer Taa print works. Gee. 25 Richmond works 9t, 50 St bleached Enslin under Price 20 Cotton flannels 20 c Benias 20 Bales strip and tick of Batts 25 cases american be gains 17to 18 Eti h o Sieb a notions. Shawls Silks also. The above at retail. Carpets Oil cloths car Tala goods bedding and feathers. P. Palmer 112, 114 and 116 take Street. Ses is sat top p i w i Coll i Chicago. 1 Cincinnati Ohio. Hayden Kay a co. Boo. 238 Randolph Street Chicago tix.,.2tnow rec Evans fro their at Auburn n.t-, Newark n. J., and Columbus 0., Thein fax Stock of Saddle harness and Carriage materials which together with Complete assortment of hubs spokes Felloes shafts bows / Springs and axles they will often to the Trade Yob a by at prices that will not be undersold Hayden Kay & Cal have always a hand the largest assortment of Patent dash and enamelled Lea ther enamelled Carriage and Oil cloth skirting Bri dle Collar and six a Ltd Hemlock my Jess leather horse collars horse blankets ac., which together with everything pertaining to the saddlery Haeb Wass live they will tenant Price which cannot fan to give sadegg6i2a action. Money saved. A. G. Downs & co., will . Bleached and Brown sheeting bleached skirting Cotton flannels cat a Skall Adt Asce fbo3i old prices. Another Case of those Choice Shaker flannels just opened. A c. Bowns & co 150 take Street. Poster & hard sub sigh ship Chandlers sail makers and dealers in twines and Cordage. 242 South Tater Street Chicago id have for i Leattle lowest i Norket Price mass Aad tarred Popsa Hay Laid yarn bags and bagging canvass oakum spun Tarn pitch . Blocks 4c, 4c. Cotton flax and hemp twines a. A lids tents Tab patches awnings Wagon covers flags Amade to order at the shortest notice. . Of clߣf�7 to it. Sati a. Porch asked the sole right to manufacture and sell these lastly celebrated tent inthe arid territories Ulz Llu nok Indiana . Fumes cat Kansas and Nebraska we Are prepared to Amish them Lanny Quantity and at Theano. Test . Posts. Oca Ggaer . Stand up Foi Uncle Sam Smy boys. A spirited and capital song for the times. By Geo. F. Root �ce3 35 cents. by Ozark so Owca go. A rain bags or eve St known Brand at few Tore prices at the gent Exchange bag ican factory. Hart Asten & co., l.soatli Waterstreet cucaeo.l oils Glss pm t he practical singing a class Belag first of the festival Chimes is jus published and willbe seat postpaid to Tarp it of the country upon receipt of the Price. Forty am mls Fer. Toi Deltca h. M. Higgins Ecsi ge26 to. 117 Randolph Street. Chicago m. Gabiuck a who of oat of order or drop Ott Tubeo. Duncan get the Needle for it Caj Storbo a Acyl Lldean omit and a Elbe heat Werthe hem to the Feht aide. It win do ,-u8ewl h8 but intr. They Are made2fssucjfes,el9a they never Tail to Girot Grovr. Saranc Diozt Guam atsed of mob to re ovum fir?c4, Tou or tvs i 4 care Elk or Call and Milwaukee Mill furnishing establishment. Reliance works of Edward p. Allis & co., formerly broker a tar to Fol d 0 T Sutton & Burti t 41 a Sot. Wabnum Brothers 138 Chicago u.l., importers sad wholesale dealers la toys and fancy goods fax 07 ba3bbts, German and american Drums bed cages tbatoj3g gags worsted and Tarn Yospa and perfumery and Yankee notions a tit minion and at Peics to suit the times. Babonn Hobs. A so Lead and Oil or. Clito and Fulton sts., West Side. Lend Kje ballets bar and steel Lead Mso Oil what Leci Lett and fifth Sega omm and Hudba Ulicia ottes atm to bids . . Suit a ?. W.bit4xcaroso. Great carpet Hall. Hollister & Wilkins 135 & 137lake St 135k 137 carpets Oil cloths matting a drugs curtain furnishing and upholstery goods. We sell the Best a soda at Low prices prime live geese feathers. Hollister & Wilkins great carpet Hall 135 & 137 take St., .135 & 137 a cd Koto i list of a Nigier & by oxur _ 77. W. Weight quo. 8 weigh of Cleveland. Ohio. Formerlyg3. Wright a of Cia Clauio Bra Lubbin Exchange Gold and Saak note. To. 86 Clark Street cd Cago list of Illinois Bank far blk of Bloom jilt ii City Bank of each. Hardin. Egipci discredited. 1 value 98 be Hub. Kne Coaty Bicic to 2 value 92 cents. Sosa Sassy pm no. 3. Halos 85 a Shes. . E. L test am. Cons St matame Bauc bars of isi to. A value 80 Bant of America. International bant3�nk� it s,deitllit7. Linoi River Baa Pittsfield bask Otic River mantra Fiat Bant. United its 77 egg to. Sussi saw mrs Crai full curl try. Fac _ 80. 7 value 65 of Commerce. Kankakee Sank. Jackson county olympic Bant Sisser ass Sass of 8 Tjitte 55 of Bankoff Fri a Asa Sesate Gsg a St t a Sta Bank of Miaow Kan prep Bank Prairie Bonk Continental ii Bank of at eco Ballroa-1 beak Sra Nlle 3aakis we is. Sauk of canal. A banners . state bark. A Sec a. 9 value 51 cyst Sausana Bant a More Barraer of lilo it. Vora planters ribs Cai a be Baa Farmers tank of acts Lav b if3t sssft.fl2k. Ass of Bank of Bonton. African 10 value 48 gejtt3.Bank of Aurora front cd . Grand Prairie Bank. M Couslar Bank Quincy m Hsiu Ptiip Bank citizens Bank Fank n. Eta Betti s it scatter Hock Eland faille onion county Back Farmer 3 a old. Wisconsin currency. Oki Iest .98 cats. In current i of. I70 Osur Radank two Rivera its Covaia Valter Bank. Idaho rent Bank lib Nrec Luna by intr Baaker Bank. Stock Bank blk to fear Iii risk Sio Reass 3-Udpptwa Back Southern Bank of ?,t7i? k a Rubant t. Of Anamara country raw Uty Bank of Beaver dam stood county Baak. Jet Citok i i Iofi i cwt so born Bank Western Bank to. 6., a it Ipanto Beaver Bam Clark county Ball a Bros Bank of us Bank mechanics Bank Tuens Bari. Tradesman Bank. Rooney Woltma 5 cents of Milwaukee Madison net the Wisconsin currency Wei in a 4 Brots Sarem to tiny a uncut Rosst Alena of United states express can do Goat cur Semon contract Wrt Zirtie ser we a a alike . Ten we do Well Givens s Call before Medinz elsewhere. Ocit-s#39 la l. D. Olmsted. Lyman bated. Loan Agency collection and insurance office or 1/.3. Come Lake Andla Rahe streets. ,3?j ,ltt3nsd larr4n?ei2 ellt3 t0 connect wits our business & department for the Purchase and Sale of so strop in Oasis Isoif. Our extended facilities Sci enable it sell a Ducc Zeltner in Chicago or Roart Philadelphia As preferred by cup cob Tor pledge on states Mno wet buy Orsell product but Inalle Preu Fotopo Meitlon tract impartially for the a to Hosp a who May mayor a with their consignment. Woe references Mot ass Stew. Amo b Eno Esq. William Lillie Taij sirs. Geurt Biles emptor Iowa tree i to invent is avd a Tek Teeb a o hating held for fou years past personal with very americas intact Ora. the duties fan Slamin or it cel Lefas a Max Orr of the Oard of Appeal la to tin it states Patent office a Roll i the capacity of chief clerk acting Coj Asili. Signer an examiner for irony to the Board of pc Tocan Croce to them Ard to patentees id or re oaf Tofee and dermal at a professional a to Ness la waa Fig a Robert w. Fenwick Esq Nuho f fifteen Yean Haj been engaged so for up Gnu. Or granted Adire aed a eats already urn mat it Wiki free ofe Kui by Witt . Superior co Art u. Blofsky Street. I Story be Jumbic ?

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