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Chicago Commercial Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 16, 1878, Chicago, Illinois Till. Commercial advertiser. Tee win Ems. What our Western editor has to say of Northwestern Kansas. Notes of a week in the upper Solomon Valley heavy tide of immigration remarkable material Progress. Phillips county. Its farms and Farmers water Stone and Timber Supply climate Topography soil and grasses rare inducements to settlement a Day at Phillipsburg. With the representative men of town and county town and county prospects. The Kansas is in its glory. The tide of Prosperity flows in upon the land with steady increasing volume. For three successive years the crops have been enormous. Ceres has presided Over Bountiful Grain Fields Pomona has held Benignant reign Over Orchard and Garden pales has led the herds and flocks to abundant increase. While the Kansas people have been growing opulent by the development of native resource a steady and increasing Stream of wealth has poured in from without. One Hundred thousand immigrants made new Homes in the state last year and this year the number will be doubled. They Are not Idle visionary wanderers who have drifted this Way with the general Westward movement they have come hither under no sudden impulse but Are Strong practical working men who bring not Only their wealth of muscle and brain but for the most part a fair Stock of worldly goods. They come from All lands and Are the sort of people to found an Empire. What a vast augmentation of mental moral and material wealth comes of this mighty immigration. In numbers Aud character the inflowing population of 1878, would Start a Noble new state of itself. Added to the 700,000 people already Here it will give to Kansas close to a million souls by the first of january 1879 and make her the ranking new state in wealth and population. The readers of the commercial advertiser Are not strangers to the resources of this splendid Young Commonwealth. Its native and artificial resources have been often and thoroughly discussed in these columns for the last two years. A full half million copies of these Kansas letters have been sent by Kansas people Over the English Reading world in a Little More than a Twelvemonth. Evidences of the Strong impulse they have Given to immigration Are multiplying upon every hand our readers will remember with some interest the general letter i gave last fall upon the Solomon Valley. Supplementary to that i give herewith a Brief sketch of Phillips county which is drained by the a North Fork Quot of the Solomon and is one of the richest and most attractive portions of the state. It is great in territory having an area of 900 Square Miles or 576,000 acres its admirable location is one of the chief attractions of the county. It is in the North tier of counties bordering on Nebraska and 240 Miles West of the Missouri River. It is clearly within the great agricultural Belt and yet so close upon the vast Western cattle Range that every possible advantage of mixed husbandry is offered. A mean Altitude of 2,800 feet gives a pure and stimulating atmosphere with the Best resources of husbandry. The country that can raise prime wheat Corn Oats Barley Rye and the whole list of vegetables known to the temperate latitudes in addition to sheep and cattle and has a climate As fresh and healthful As the Heights of the sierras is a Royal land for the Homes of men. Here 2,500 to 3,000 feet above the sea is no atmospheric humidity no malarial influence not a Pond or Pool of stagnant water nor Long seasons of rain or Snow but one of the Mildest Healthiest and loveliest climates upon the Green Earth. They have rainfall and so too some Snow fall but tile storms Are nearly All electrical of Short duration and always followed by Bright fair weather. Snow rarely lies Over a week und the heaviest rain storm will not interfere with held work for More than Twenty four hours. What glorious Summers and fair Winters they have in this upper Solomon country a humid sultry summer night or three successive dark Winter Days were never known on the upper Solomon or Republican Rivers. The climate comes very near to perfection. Sick people and grave Yards Are about a was scarce As hens this Whoric Region is the i nest Refuge for consumptive asthmatics and dyspeptic. To come Here with any of these ailments is to be cured if the patient be not far gone in decline. Phillips county is full of material resource. Every Section in the county is provided with splendid deposits of magnesia Limestone of the Linest Quality easily quarried soft enough to yield to the saw or chisel and when exposed to the Light und air hardening to perpetual endurance. Tills elegant material is going into every form of building and is Fortune to the county the Waters Are pure As the Pearly streams and Springs of the mountains. They come from hidden Rocky resources in Clear fountains and flow from the great a Divide Quot northward to the Republican and southward to the Solomon by forty permanent running streams. I was never More surprised than in the character and number of the water courses of this county. The Solomon is in the South the Prairie dog Fork of the Republican in the North both with their dozen tributaries and in the Centro Are the Clear rapid Waters of Deer Creek and its score of Spring Brook branches. Wells Are easily made near streams at 12 to 25 feet and on the divides at 40 to 90 feet ready for use at 28 to 40 cents per foot. Water Power is abundant on the Solomon River Prairie dog and Deer creeks. Timber is found in moderate Quantity on All the running streams and will furnish All the fuel needed by the settlers till the hundreds of artificial Groves Are Large enough to Supply the permanent wants of the county. The Ruffalo grasses Are Universal. They Are probably the most nutritious and valuable grazing grasses in the world. On these native pastures grazing is perpetual. The Winter is no obstruction to cattle and sheep raising for both herds and flocks subsist and even fatten upon the Winter ranges. The Short grass dries up before the september showers and october frosts and retains its virtue through All the Winter. The North and rougher half of Phillips county is a very Paradise for shepherds the Hills and tables giving splendid Range for summer and the ravines canons and valleys affording equally Good Range and shelter in Winter. Cattle will make 40 per cent to the breeder and Grazer and sheep 35 per cent anywhere in the county. The North half of the county should Graze 25,000 sheep and the county at Large 25,-000 cattle. These added to Grain growing would make Phillips county a land of opulent Farmers. Only 30,000 acres or one eighteenth of the land in the county was in cultivation last year. About 100,000 bushels of Spring wheat and 50,-000 bushels of Winter wheat were grown last year. This year at least 50,000 acres Are in cultivation and the wheat crop will be doubled. Nearly 400,000 bushels of Corn were grown last year and this year the crop promises to run up to 600,-000 bushels. They used to think this country was too near the Clouds to grow Corn but there were scores of men who grew 50 bushels of Corn per Aero on the Uplands last year in this county. A crop review will give some idea of Grain growing out Here under the drawbacks of very superficial culture. G. W. Young the county treasurer raised 600 bushels of Corn from to acres in the Prairie dog Bottoms. Hon. John Bissell raised 237 bushels of a red May wheat last year on Liis Upland farm near Phillipsburg from eight bushels of seed. He grew 600 bushels of Spring wheat which gave an average of 19 bushels per acre and his Winter wheat gave a yield of 37 j bushels per acre. Charles Finch raised 76 bushels of Oats per acre on his table lands and Samuel Plotner also near Phillipsburg produced 400 bushels of wheat from twelve acres of second Bottoms. We. Mellvane harvested 24 bushels of Spring wheat per acre and w. F. Woodward 21 bushels of Spring wheat from High lands near Phillipsburg last year. Or. J. M. Gun grew 50 bushels of Rye per acre and Many others report 30 to 55 bushels of Barley per acre. Farming is made easy in this country by favouring seasons. It is not a hard task for one Man and a single team to cultivate 120 acres of wheat Corn and other grains and produce therefrom 2,000 to 3,000 bushels of Grain. Fall and Spring wheat do equally Well and seeding May be begun in september and carried on with Only two months intermission till the 20th of april. Blowing often continues through All the Winter months. The soil is dry deep and porous Lively and easily handled dark and Rich As a muck bed and produces it wonderfully. The children of the men who cultivate these lands today will not live Long enough to see them exhausted by constant cultivation. On the surface is the dark vegetable Mould 15 to 30 inches deep below is a Clay Loam full of sediment of Lime and underlying Ull the magnesia Limestone. Every wheat grower knows that such a soil leads the world in the growth of his favorite Grain. Four Hundred thousand acres of this Beautiful county Are adapted to the plow and will be turned to cultivated Fields within a decade. Immigration is enormous. To the 5,000 people who Are Iii the county to Day at least 3,000 More will be added in a Twelvemonth. They have a passion for blowing out Here in Western Kansas and the new settlers will keep on turning Over the native Sod till not half enough is left for the sheep and cattle. The Grain Field is a Good thing for the new settler who has very Little Means but by and by when he is Abler he will find that his wheat Fields have lost him the native grasses the grandest resource of his Kansas estate. Phillips county has the same general topographical features As most of Northwestern Kansas. Fifteen per cent of the whole county is Bottoms 50 per cent rolling Prairie 29 per cent table land and 15 per cent broken Buffy country just suited to grazing. The valleys Are unexcelled for native charms and for the depth and wealth of the soil. The tables command extended and inspiring views of the lower country und Are among the most valuable farming lands in Kansas. The rolling Prairies Are also Superior farming land. Indeed there is not an acre of inferior soil in the county. The roughest lands away toward the Republic us River would make Piem Lum farms Down in new England or Pennsylvania. Here the valleys Are first sought and settled by the Pioneer on account of Wood and running water. Next the neighbouring rolling Prairies then the elevated Plains or Mesa s where the soil is deep and Rich and the depth of the Wells is the Only drawback. But when it is remembered that an 80 or too foot Well May be completed at a Cost of $30 or $40 and the Supply of purest water is inexhaustible and these Plains Are every Whit As smooth fair and Rich As the a grand Prairie Quot of Central Illinois and that the finest wheat farms one or ten Miles in extent May be opened Here wheat Fields rivalling those of the red River of the North it is easy to see How readily these great plateaus Are absorbed by the new Comers. What a grand inviting country is this where Graceful winding River and Valley and Woodland Are charmingly set off against the grand Bluff ranges the limitless waving Prairie swells and the grand Plains or plateaus i came up the Beautiful Solomon in the glorious dreamy Days of last september when Phillips county was enveloped in Tho soft Blue Haze of the Indian summer and the muck atriss was singing his Sweet song in the great Cornfields. I said to myself a what a charming life these pioneers must Lead up Here where the Sun shines 350 Days of the Radiant year and the ratified air gives a sense of exhilaration to every form of now in these Lovely May Days when the wheat is breast High and the grass is waving in the West winds like the Waves of the sea and the grangers Are already cultivating their Corn this whole upper Solo a on country looks As fair and inviting As the fabled Eden. I do not wonder that the hundreds of new Comers who Are Drifting up Here with every new Moon Are charmed with the Prospect. This is a land to be proud of and the Man is fortunate indeed who makes a life Home and plants a roof tree under these Bright skies. The lands Abe cheap enough for anybody. If the Reader should a hurry up he May still find homesteads of value within the county. If he wait till july or August he will probably be compelled to go to Norton or Decatur counties. They Settle a whole township up in a month now. It seems As if the whole Eastern country were pouring out its surplus population into the trans Missouri country. Besides the government lands there Are hundreds of Homestead and Preemption claims of 160 acres in the Market at $250 to $500. These claims Are generally considerably improved and offer capital Opportunity to men of Small Means to go at once into Active and self sustaining farming. Better improved deeded lands Are Worth $5 to $12 per acre. There is no end of Opportunity for profitable investment in wild lands farms and a claims a for a full fourth of the Pioneer Farmers Are ready to sell and go further West. The social conditions Are for the most part a compliment to the country and would be to any country. Of the 5,500 people now Here 2,500 Are from Iowa Illinois Wisconsin Ohio Indiana and Michigan the Eastern states Are Well represented and there is a sprinkling from every where. Here As everywhere in the trans Missouri coun try the people Are intelligent enterprising and progressive. They have 51 Public schools in the county have All the churches Well organized the streams Well bridged and have a Hearty rational social life that is altogether enjoyable. A contented and hopeful spirit pervades the Community. No country is More prosperous. The crops Promise enormous returns to farm labor. Wheat and Rye Are very heavy and the Harvest will be gathered in june. Oats Barley Corn Broom Corn and All Tho vegetables Promise an abundant yield. Fruits Are in their infancy yet but peaches grapes and fruits of the Garden will be abundant with All the careful fruit growers. Railroad prospects Are Good. The Central Branch of the Union Pacific will be running cars into Cawker City by the first of August. A year later the same Road will be Landing passengers and freight along the North Fork of the Solomon in Phillips county. Other lines Are projected from the South and within two years a railway will be running up the Republican Valley hard by the North line of the county. Phillipsburg the county seat is a fair representative of Tho social commercial and material status of a county nearly As Large As Rhode i Luud Aud with agricultural possibilities three times As great. The town stands upon a commanding table with Deer Creek and Valley upon the South Aud Plotner Creek upon the West. It was located Here As the county seat in 1872 with the organization of the county has a population of 250 and is growing with the development of the surrounding country. Two newspapers u Tine hotel a half dozen stores As Many shops a saw and flouring Mill a Tine school and a Well sustained literary society Are among the things of to Day. Three months hence the town will have a Public Hall built by the associated Enterprise of its Public spirited citizens Aud devoted to literary dramatic educational and other Public uses. The social life is eminently hospitable and there is an unusual degree of personal Aud Public Enterprise to characterize a Community whose pioneers were disputing the ground with buffaloes and Savages Only half a dozen years ago i passed a pleasant hour with the officials and professional men of this pretty Village and have Only Good words for them. Or. Jul. Laird now on his second term As clerk of the county and District court took a Homestead Here in 73, has grown Luto the Public Confidence to an unusual degree is a Fine clerical officer a Noble Type of the honest Manly Man is fully entitled to popular favor and for other reasons than those named should have a life tenure of this honorable position. Or. Laird hails from Iowa and is remembered pleasantly for kind offices. J. A close one of the county commissioners came Here with the pioneers in 2, took a claim opened out a Large wheat farm built a saw and feed Mill which he is now operating in conjunction with tire blacksmithing and repairing business. He is a Royal business Man a prime officer and citizen has too acres of prime wheat for the approaching Harvest is a popular officer and like the rest of them believes in this country. He came Here with $10 to Start with and is now one of the Ablest men in the county. W. H. Pratt the county attorney is a new yorker came Here in 72, improved a Homestead and is now Well settled in the practice of Law. He is giving special attention to collections abstracts of title and tax paving is practising in the u. S. Land office for this District making Homestead Preemption and Timber filings for settlers contesting claims and making proofs of settlement for parties in any part of this land District. Or. Pratt is a Fine genial sociable gentleman the soul of Honor As Square a Man As Ever crossed the Missouri River and withal a Good lawyer. We. F. Woodward the Law partner of or. Pratt and a vermonter is another of the pioneers has been in practice Here since �?T72, is a Brave positive Legal style of Man has plenty of brain and knows How to use it has made Money Here makes farming a recreation and is growing 120 acres of prime wheat on his Large neighbouring farm. Like most of the people he came to Phillips county without a Dollar and likes the country better than any other. We. Bissell the Register of deeds for the county is a Hoosier came to Phillipsburg in �?T72, opened out a farm close by the town which he has finely improved with gardens Orchards and Groves. He is growing All the Small fruits successfully and believes this to be an excellent fruit country. Or. Bissell is a Strong practical Clear headed intelligent Man of the world an efficient officer and greatly attached to this county which he believes to be the finest part of the state and the West. A he came Here a helpless invalid has renewed his health and years and has acquired a Large business in real estate collections tax paying abstracts locating u. S. Lands and looking after settlers interests generally he is doing a Good business in every Branch of real estate and is a Strong Man in the county. G. W. Young the county treasurer came to this country six years ago and opened a Beautiful farm on the Prairie dog River. He has been one of the Best Farmers in the county is making a first rate officer May be put Down As a Strong practical sensible Manly Inan represents the Good old state of Illinois and is popular with the people. He came Here with $2 to begin with and swears by this country. Stinson amp Bradley Are a Strong Legal firm and do a Large Legal business. Or. Geo. W. Stinson of this firm is an Iowa gentleman a graduate of Cornell College a Man of Fine literary tastes of Superior discipline and unusual native abilities. He is moreover a Good lawyer conducted the first Legal Case in the county and stands High in the profession. Or. Whitney of Cleveland medical College an old and successful physician and like or. Stinson a most pleasant and agreeable gentleman has lately settled Here. Hon. H. C. Spaulding the county judge is a Wisconsin Man owns a Homestead near Kirwin came Here with Only a team and in poor health has grown heavy Hearty and prosperous and is one of the very Best men in the county. He thinks this country is a poor Many a Paradise and nothing would induce him to leave it. To is a sound sensible Man who will always be found upon the right Side of every question. The newspaper men nourish Here As everywhere in Western Kansas. The Alliance founded in 1877, by Charles Dickey a Pioneer of this country and now published by him is a forcible and effective exponent of Phillips county interests. My genial Friend Charley of Kirwin launched the Herald upon Tho journalistic Waters in the Early part of the year and is making a capital and influential local paper of it. The Herald like Many another Kansas journal is a Welcome visitor at the Sanctum of the advertiser. I had a pleasant word and a hand shake with w. Ii. Gray also of Tho Herald and formerly of the Kirwin chief. There Are four weekly papers now in Phillips county All doing Well and their publication is a Happy commentary upon the brain culture and Enterprise of the Phillips county people. Stock in the county and is one of the Ablest merchants and business men in Western Kansas. He is solid As Bullion Clear sighted conservative deliberate and Manly has invested a Good Deal of Money Here owns a Good part of Tho town site has made the most valuable improvements within the corporation is a candid courteous gentleman and is thoroughly wedded to this country. Geo. A. Spaulding late of Saratoga has just opened a general store and starts out with unusual Promise. He was bred to Trade under his father at Saratoga and is giving evidence of Fine commercial and social qualities. G. W. Young the county treasurer has lately opened a hardware store and is Selling farm machinery. The advertiser sends him a wish for a big Trade and years of Fortune. H. C. Spaulding the county judge is also in the machinery Trade and is entitled to All the a honors and emoluments for he comes of prime Stock and is a no. I Man. S. C. Cumings proprietor of the Iowa House is of course an Iowa Man. He has been out Here half a dozen years has made Money owns this House and conducts it like a born landlord runs a Good livery stable owns a Fine suburban farm has plenty of Loose property and is charmed with the country. Or. Cumings is a live Earnest Able business Man is in the front rank Here and would be anywhere for he has the elements of Success id Large measure. Or. John v. Close an old and successful druggist from Highland Kansas has recently opened a drug store Here. He will make a Success of it because he knows the business comes of a Money making race and has the temper to suit the people. His establishment is Well stocked with drugs notions and fancy goods and is like the owner a valuable acquisition to the town. Hon. John Bissell for several terms the representative of this county in the state legislature is in the Best sense a representative Man. Or. Bissell hails from Indiana was on the ground with the pioneers of the county and has come to be one of the most successful and influential men of the Solomon Valley. Or. Bissell has a half Section farm Little out of town grows too acres of wheat grazes too sheep is the most successful tree planter in the county and has upon his estate handsome Groves of Cottonwood Walnut Boxelder Cedar austrian and scotch Pine european Larch and other varieties. He is enthusiastic in tree planting and fruit growing Speaks grand words for the country believes it to be the finest sheep country in the world and the Premium county of Kansas. Or. Bissell is very popular with the people Aud has served them with ability in High official relations. There Are other men of whom i should be glad to write but the Reader will be better pleased to know of the land these gentlemen represent. No Mere newspaper sketch can do Justice to a country that is almost infinite in agricultural possibilities and the charms of whose landscape and climate Are beyond description. Some other Day i shall visit this Noble country take a look at Kirwin Logan Phillipsburg and other towns stay longer see More and write a better letter of the land and the people. Until then they Are the subjects of pleasantest memory. Egg and fruit Case. The favorite egg by fruit Case. Simplicity perfect safety and Economy of space combined. The manufacturers respectfully Call the attention of dealers and shippers to our justly named a a favorite egg and fruit Carrier. The following advantages Are claimed _ 1st. Strength Aud durability of construction. 2d. Its compactness. 3d. It in lighter that any other Case hence Cost of transportation less. 4th. There ate no Loose papers to get lost Bro Ken or otherwise damaged. 5th. It is Only to be seen and used to be appreciated. Our no. 2 Case 30 dozen is the cheapest and lightest Case Ever made hence especially adapted to heavy shippers use. Our a Farmer 8"_case, holding is dozen is a i in material and work in lots of too or Over. Wanship just what is needed by All Farmers Light shippers and retail dealers. Saves time and trouble it counting can be put under a buggy scat and will be found As useful As butter tubs or Market baskets. No. I Complete in Small lots.70 ots �?o2, a a a a a a 45 a a i a a a a a a. Fannery Scase a a a a 40�?o i a a it insides or . I 35 cts no. 2, 25 cts. A. Jim. co., sole proprietors and manufacturers 120 efts 124 Quinoy-St., Lii ago ii 65 cts. 45 a a 40 a a drug and Oil brokes. Henry j. Linneman broker in Oil and drugs no. 316 n. Main-St., St. Louis to. Special attention Given to the Purchase of Castor Oil lard Oil and Maleom a Leo hemp seed Seneca Boot and Gln Sang. Banking and real estate. He lost the Mohr. The lawyer who indulged in the following pleasantry must have had a keen insight into human nature in general. A client called upon his Legal adviser recently and told him this sad tale a you see i collected All the Money i could and turned everything i had into Cash with a View of giving creditors As Large a dividend As possible. I had a Large Roll of Bills which i put in hip pocket and i lost a you lost Tho Money the whole of a every cent of a Well i believe you but i done to think i could find another Man in Boston who would believe it. The fact is Friend of judge Lowell should decide that your loss was a reality every bankrupt in Boston would want to borrow your a the present immigration to Western Minnesota is in parallel in the history of the state and it is accompanied with a Rush for Public and Railroad lands which is also without precedent. The same statement applies to Eastern de Kota. Morrill Csc Janes Bankers amp real estate Arents Hiawatha Kansas offer 25,000 acres of Choice lands in Saline Nuckolls Clay Filmore and Thayer counties Nebraska and Marshall Washington and Republic counties Kansas at from $1.50 to $5.00 per Aero in lots and terms to suit. Correspondence solicited. Geo. A. Bowlus general manager. J. H. Richards attorney. The Neosho Valley land Agency Iola Allen county Kansas. George a. Bowlus general manager. Authorized agents for the Sale of the i., i. So go a and m., k. So t. Railroad lands a Large list of improve lands made. Correspondence solicited. Loans negotiated taxes paid for non residents and abstracts Xlo-6 Kansas and Missouri real estate amp Exchange Agency or w. Hutchinson Kansas City Missouri agent for Leavenworth Lawrence amp Galveston and Missouri Kansas amp Texas Railroad lands situated in Tho Beautiful Neosho Valley Tho Garden spot of Kansas. Those lands Range in Price from $1.25 to s5.00 per acre on from 5 to 7 years time 7 per cent interest., with a Largo discount for Cash. Also agent for some of the Aurist improved farms in Kau Sun Aud Missouri prices ranging from s8.00 to 330.00 per Aero. I Havo Marie combinations with the leading read estate agents along Tho Railroad lines of Southern and Eastern Kansas who have placed their lists of real estate it disposal so that i am on blod to locate emigrants at any Point they May select. Also agent for a Large and desirable list of Kansas City ., property. We make a specially of exchanging Western farms and lands for Eastern property stocks of goods e i address g. W. Hutchinson Kansas City to. Office opposite main Entrance Union depot Ami room no. 4, new limes building 5th Street Kansas City ., and j w. Hutchinson amp , Kansas. Correspondence addressed to either office will receive prompt attention a Xig-12 36f�?osend for maps Aud circulars. Surgical instruments. The commercial town merits a word and a Good one too. There Are some Strong Well managed houses Here and the volume of Trade grows with the growth of the country. Fred a. Dutton a live enterprising Vermont boy came Here half a dozen years ago empty handed began Trade in a modest Way and has grown into Large stocks and a splendid business. His first Kansas venture was a Homestead in Cloud county which he sold out for enough to Start Tho machinery Trade with. He is now one of the strongest dealers in this Region is a Man of great Energy bravery and Faith and will never Stop Short of a Good Fortune. He is also postmaster and clerk of the District court and one of the most popular men of the country. Fred Winship his Friend and cashier is one of the happiest brightest boys that Ever left the Green Mountain state for a Home on these Radiant Prairies. Or. It. Rogers an old Bedford Iowa merchant has been lit general Trade Here five years has Tho largest general a Mil he i Iii. A huh Kanji p4 a o a cud it Zia is co h a i to i Kissiy t no go truss. Ball and socket truss. The simplest Aud most effective device of the age for treatment und cure of hernia or rupture. It is new und is having a great Sale. Agents wanted to sell these instruments at wholesale or retail address Turner amp Roehm Hiawatha. Kansas Marshall Cott itty real estate Agency Marysville Kansas. Office at the Exchange Bank. Offers for Sale from Large lists of Laud improved farms Choice Bottom lauds containing water and Timber and Fine Prairie lands situated in every township in the county upon terms to suit buyers Aud at Low rates of interest comprising the lands of Tho Central Branch Union Pacific Railroad state agricultural College and 12,Gou acres belonging to private parties. Ari and buyers invited to Callum correspondence solicited. Frank Schmidt. Chas. F. Koester. H. J. A tent real estate agent and negotiator of mortgage Loans office Over the Bank Hiawatha Kansas. If you think of coming West write to him for circulars and Price lists of lauds. Building and printing paper. Rock River paper co. 140 Lake Street Chicago manufacturers and dealers in All kinds of building paper. Moth proof carpet lining roofing Felt Cement and pitch Book print Manilla and wrapping paper paper Ware barrels paper boats and numerous other a useful durable and novel articles made of paper. Send for circulars and samples sent free. Wholesale and retail. Special terms to Tho Trade

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