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Cheyenne Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 1

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Cheyenne Daily Sun (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Cheyenne, WyomingThe Cheyenne daily Sun Emu Page. Iciey Exxie Wyoming. Tuesday. June a. Is1u. Piihl a u velt cents. T. A. Kent Mem fear then and 17th str tii poem a general banking Bual Nesa a ays interest on depicts foreign and Domestic Exchange bought and sold. Special attention Given to collections. Correspondence solicited r. B. She1.i>0\, . I it dealer in drugs Cheyenne. Wyo. Mail orders solicited. By ats Llie world has Krep see ii Iii Trio Liuo of Viiu it col Littig Tinti try Cuil show till a a thels lilt Purul Litts Ovi f Utill a or Liisu ills that Wii us Hui prism a Trotter. Cull tit this ski sixth Giitl flans t. A quiet puff. Lii Little flow islam Nlle fur Tuki Zigu Ilo Rizig Istir Tiit n Cigir Ift a Lii to it it Iii it it in or Lii it , it Ruidi lit Rihl of taif Vilt by Fiutem to Lulu Lluu Itu. Fur Fri grit ii tid a with Iliili liruii�?~1 t Lute i in our i Minoll. Frank Hoichi prop., a Haj Cine Cigar factory. Us Meci Ith strei.1.ahagked by brigands a tourist party held i i by a band of ital an Holt bars. Ransom . To Arr out their 1 Lon Ilia a plan or throw Berall to train in Wal Ali the party Flatt Tarp Long. . Junu 1.�?a party of Irrig Netla ii oar tip Lier ski i yest Orduz ii Phi an Obst nit Tiou across trip Railroad track Aud Der Nikki the last Chi express. They found Sevell German and English tourist among the . Cue of them has a banker of Berlin. The Trig aids Demmah a �4tltd a 1 ran Suni for the captives und Chancellor you Capri i Tele graphic a the Gennari ambassador Fiere Nihon Iii him to Addams a the ainu not. The remain aug passengers were desist isl of their to to Digings and then left alone. Till Plait ight be the act of brigand Agi St Iiri de u tween Titis Cit Yand Adria Tupie. The stand Tiiu Ibfred thirty men. Ill by the not isl Robler . When the express read anal the so met who re tie were rein vital. The engine Over on its Side dragging with it Ilie tender in Gage car Ami Tiv role Ovi irn it to Spatt Senj or conc Lios. Tie first class pass Miger cars did nut follow the outlier part of the train Init Reina Lueit Burely on the Trai a. When the train was thus disable Tel the brigands oils Insl Forward muttering lond yells Ami gnus in a threatening manner and Buard inf the Cara. Eveirl passengers res Steil the attack and one Man was dangeruii7, y wound the. A lion the brigands ended their work of mils by they Sei de War Greger Herr Israel a banker of Berlin Herr Mai Pieh a land owner of Bavaria Herr Oscar Butym h. Of Jor big in russian Saxony and Freudiger the Engineer of the train. Died wac her. Gales a 111., 1. Two Yoi Ith Fol lovers miss Ida Townsend and Elmer Foster in ing in Libish township tins Cunny con Milfeil suicide last night. They had 1shii out for a drive and returned late in the evening the girls Mother enter isl the room to Call Lier this morning and found both dead the to Imp limn ii it ii the bts.1 Ami tile girl on the Loor to which Slie had fail ii Hilier ague in they had taken str Valmine. The girl s fat Lier is we Liliy mid Tiisler was a farm hand and it is said lie parents oppose so the Imin. Tie Sunn i allure Tau ii. New Voitk june 1, a Hirsch Siiteri d Jit Dement fur Tom against Frank i f Chicago in favor of la Airiel Kic Hster. Growing Mil of the Faili ire of the a Rivall cattle cum Jinny _ two Chili Lrein Limin a Lis cols. N evi., dime i. Tin farm Hii Iise of Valentine Beek Beaver City big rinse to Day during the a sen ii of or. And mrs. Bis a and heir Tivo children a girl of d and a Lioy of 2 years in Ris Liml in he Lames. Ali Iii Levi Hull it a new , Hll. Lyell ii Essy jury Bri Jirs of Day plea Del nut guilty after a Den Frei in their cases Lead in in Silmi and overruled. Will meet Titi a suit i Nln. Imo Liim 1. Jim Corbett in Titis i a to in Eti Lack Sim a Ehul Leige says in will Light lacks ii again 1ml lie will ivc to wait in he Nils la i St and wants to learn the be Sidt of the Thaviu kill wifi Light before announcing Liis intent Iii. Ii Silti Rhi a tip i Isle Gill. Las \ , n. ,m., 1, i be supreme coi irl of the Genii Oil to Day n i died a Dis Isi Uii in Llie suit of the heirs of David Mil hell mid others to pm Uver sixths of tin Reut. Maxwell land giant. I pm Dis hum 1b against the Plai Gilill to Ket ill Iii sit lev. Kojiro i. Quot i he hip lace of the Corii anime of mister Binco in Sicily Rose in revolt to Dikiy against u in Al Tux and invading the town set Iii to several buildings. To sips ii Nelll the Disler Lalim and the Lii Aderi. A Vul Lumblo Ott t. Every to Fisekis just should have the Uhi Tel volume entity my Quot the Coin hot Munim of cookery had ibid Bible Togi liver with the Al in of know Lisle or i ii a Hoij inuit 11 ays of getting Kieh Quot u f presented by Ilse i Ophilar g Riss a 11. ii to every of Viorah of gigs is. Lobito a at Huunh b. Denver Durei. Apo isl rat Quot the him. Denver tune i can indy weather w Ith a chilling a vim held the attend Atu a of Overland in Ark to Day Down to Twenty five hand Rel. The different events were Well Mill d and All wore closely contest thl leaving Nuudi ing for the fretting stand to do but take in the Money of the crowd which had Placiel Money fret by to n u the Field. This Wols the first Day for the favourites to win. Tie Siroti Kemken got Back some of the stuff i hey drop de in the first Ihram Days of the Nici Ting. In the of Tireli Raee Rel Bird was the favorite but the crowd took of a Rosite views and the result which gave Firat Pence on the first heat gave in Tutti a .yjs.�t. The variola events Cloal As follows he first race from Handicap . One and one sixth hath Miles governor Aii Ains first. Fohir b is cond larg Helta third. Time a Rita. Sivonda race real estate stakes one mile first Elkins second my Ulerv think. 1 4ti. Thirty a it half mile Alt Bob Wade first Sam Iones its old. Eclipse third. Time Hgt fourth race 212 it class. Red bid the favorite but found few buyers. Result first Heit rim Liiri first Eki Marsh Sis Ond Lucy Alliott third. Time 2 27v is Amin heat bist birth , Bertie cond de Marsh third. Time. 22s, think heat his Bird first. Birtie .m.mvoml, Lucy Ibl Mit third. Time. 27. Fifth ruts fori year Olds or under 2kl claws. First heat Ellard first Gist Dixon Mihu Ovid Elsie s. Think. Time 2i17, Sei Ovid heat a Ellard first Elsie a. Mccomi. Geo. Dixon third. Time. 2 88. Third heat Ellard first Filsie its. Is Send Gim. Dixon third. Time 2 42. Minnie time Ages i ask nxi.i., ,. At him klan. It errors were cos by am the won after uti ii Itei Esting Buttle. Score a it in itts Lorg batteries daily Ami Hemming Fields mid Stratton at , Ortii pics had the sat Iii mercy while in Clious was hit just Eliot High fur Victory. Simaire Boston 2, Cincin Neil i a. Biittig Ries i Lipini Saml Hairrington Nichols and in ii Lett. At i i. A tile Chicago bunched its lists in his Delphin Miil list their errors giving the visitors a Lead which the Home team Contd not overdo Iii. Is Civ Chicago it i. In la Ludelphia 8. Batteries a Stein and Kiln Olgi Asper mid blown. At m w Vortik. By winning the game the giants jumped from fifth to m c my place in the race. The gone was Sling pm i on Lesti d. Score new York 8, Levi Laid 2. Batteries a a Luitisie and Buckley Young and Zimmer. To Lex Lull Tlell at St. Lons. St. Louis 2. At Siletic i. At i Oltz Allins. No game Bain. At a sol . Louisville i Washington 14. At it in Ati. No game Haiti. A Kii Rii , be at , my in it a silk a 7, is in aul i. It Lincoln Lincoln a Deiner i. At Uil Wai Uke. Milt Mckisi ii Sioux City 1, at cite no i me it Iii. Wyomie a a Blok 8t0be. To Tho Workingman id Oon Orul. Rifet Nevils r that tie Wyoming Shisz store 8 t7 Ikel Nih Strw to is in Sims and Shis a 2ii is a is it it ii chit to Iii any other Lions in tie whale. Call and is conv Iii isl. Gissla work Inge in n shoes Hilt Fine English thru Iii ji2 and Fine silted Sim Laid Schisl wide sole to Railroad Nii ii w mix Lin shins tp2 Ril Fine in is whih i Rio Rich calf hand Lewisj i and kit. Fine issus Ami Slem made to order. of All kinds Neall it Ami Pruiti aptly done at very reason Abl Liri Cisi icon t Folget the Llull Ullh it ski East six Immiti , workingmen Sless fid at s 1 Kin s. Can Triou Tor of Nunu at baath #. Spring Ohi Tiona at Loath tii its a downright outrage i trios Ltd k 111 Uil Wyolu Iii a Flat Rigi la a v in Broth of Texas a ship i a Quot a fit fint of tuxes Imp ish to Oisille Tisl from this so Iris the b Ida areas of Wyomi Tibig Ira Ting taints. .4 Bab Faith. with his i it itt it la Racks an i gel a Crofal of the i Yeti in the use the to to act there is go Al and justly so Union the part of resident St 1hkgrowers if instar 11 and Central Wyoming with the a Miner in which Texas cattle Desti Insl Hir Montana in ing driven Tim High the shiite. The do a in Merit of agriculture owing to the danger if Texas fever had an Ordi r that would have Given the a to Ile of the slate Al it Mohite Protis Tiomi against Texas fever tier Ainali the into deut e of Wyoming Nin it a orders were my lifted. It iming under Stroil at tie annual Tius Tibig of the a joining Stock growers association and through Ai Rangi Ine iils mate wit i an agent of the department of agriculture that cattle i Stimpl for Alo Tami should less ii it is to Milenesi la station the terminus of the or liw Estern system a Liili is Iuar he .8oiillieast c Riner of the state of Montana and other Texas cattle to the Mil a sad station no arcs the Range where Titt cat e Are to Licor Leoil. Arming events Wen Iii aide to carry lint this Siigri ement by the Denver Texas and Gulf cd Tyenne and Northern Ami tin Elk oni and Uri Valley railroads. It was the original intention of to Ruil Rouls to protect the on tin of their roads Ami it is but just to say to limit the for it a Ghl Asp it of the in Noii ii tic Railroad in agree ing Iii ii rates Laid All that was to protect tie Wyoming Siik growers from the herds of Revati cat in hit Iiri now being in loud isl at or Iii Junction and front i Lien i Larivi ii a no Milos Iti Folami ranges. Ytry Low nits win agreed ii Ion lie tween Texas mints Ami Mimisi to station. A protest was then made Liy certain iss of slip ii is in the v ii pity of station to the Nisi aug met at of the Fremont Elk Horn and Missouri i Alley in Iliad. Almy thai site died if i hat Road ship i a Texie Call to that Iki int. They tin Lief ship ions would ship nil of their b he of Over the i inc Vigo and Jui icy in Iliad. The Frei non. Elk Horn me i Missouri Valley Railroad mined Calely withdrew the Agris Neil so fur us joint rates were co Iii i died with the 1 no on Baclic Ruil Riyad. To Mintesi la station thereby come Selling tie driving it if All i exas i utile from that Point to Moi Tanii. In All ten in will is driven mcniss Converse. Weston and Nasik Coli lilies it Estitia Teil ii Mizii Lead of to it was cattle or which neither the Stati. I Onny or town will derive one cent of tax a. The a drives seriously of feet i lie Stock Industry in Jio less than or six Connie in i Nirol and no Elliern m coniing cont tics that Are d a Eudell i by largely ii Ion lures Dervisi from Mem a grow is. Tim Drift of Earth from Johnson a troika. Weston Crook Ulm i die Winter is towards the cast. During the past Wilt a of dollars wire Jaivid by tin slow a growers of the stale to tvs p tie in Eittle out of the late of Nebraska. Now the new will fiction is Tsing and led by hav ing Tom grass eaten off the ranges no on Vav Liichi lies i itch Are afire to Drift ill 1 he Stoi ins of w mtr. Tax is n cannot Enid to Rali All of the men and tie leads of Eutte is ing seriously Emu Agneil by i he Way the Cali Tirc Hiim led. If Texas fever be elks out it will ire in Mim sible to fix the liability airy where. These Texas herds Are is my driven across tin ranges of Ai Homs a Glover. Midi at Tun cattle con Miny. Kis com Paziy j. W Hani Imil ,101111 ii to litmus j. I. Curey \ llro., Carlisle cattle conic air 1 Tgu Lula t a i tic Coin puny in Uei Ivi to Tidle Ixam Jimiy Biu i to i idol cattle coins univ e. M. Ulna bomb Luki \ Hii Liis a Frank Wolcott la to. Lilii Ali Lesof of the slate ate us Ling Dpi magi it 71 Lient one of the liar Gecsi in tin state was Forrs d to h the swis a Winter con lit by on this account mid go to Montana. Tin same May is said of tie Henl of Durbin mid it Nativ a list Herd was one if die Largi St in to Iii v swim t water Imu it by. Colorado has prot Cal so herself from these drive Ltd and. Not wit fist am Ling what die Devivi r Liuis is have stat Oil die in Bis to i Verv and sick Kmim of Coutrado is Puli ohling thews re tiry if in his order which Dois Mil Ler Niit Texas i itch to 1h driven across Thi it state id Colorado. Time have in ii Nainis but a Snell idler of the Stiv growers Olio Are a rumbly in Pinsl. Vartini s pay old thou Samis of dollars for Lalmer and ship Grilii s i l ten v shod to have iss ii Piotis Ted is Tori the intents of Hosi it of other slate s Weie i Onsi he Reil by tic Ollie als of Lilis stale. Not Anoton it a state in the Rivion Woi Ilii a Iuit Texas cattle to to in Riveri across i c Ikiri is exc pm so fur As might in Iii Ess Irv to Supply her own Zingis. That the go tier Al Fri ight big not the Fremont. Elt Horii Ami Aliss Niri Yale y Rai Trixil has tas ii in Sisia term there can in nolo nil. His a i uis in u to Quot is ,1 s i la. I so it we aging Many of the ii sunmers of his mid and in depriving Liis it it omit Smiy of m least in freight which Widd in it mid into the tri us try of the Sompi Iii by those w to lie Sivi to ship Texas cattle to Mit Liina an inv to Field. Till Smuha b i of the 1st inst a a loses Iii Able Enlil Mirial upon Wyo a Lilly s Bright Ilos a ets As follows with i area Liiri r Olimi Hilt it it a England , Wyoming Simsw ssi soil and Imler the in Rifaie All the Essi it ii tits to rear 11 Iowa i Ful Idns trial com i not i Weald i. In Ariti it in the i Slat in the Union. Sixl Stu Neil Loii Aeres Are in be Midili it of Coniti vation mat irrigation yet to leaving a vast Domain i or Stock raising. Its vast Emiil tin surpass if re Pilisy Iva Iii and Prillm eat i ins time Tom an a a i Ion of the Loid tii Ca . Air is the i is Torii Similt to i. to by timing in Evte tit of Oil territory or in tall v of the find. Lii evil ire prot Luck Ive Oil urea Ltd i l Vinsy i v i ill is Oliie Iidle givt�?~11 a Fly dins St Jimart Miles. I Ai Tisil is Ivov 11 Iii i i Oil tii mag Lielie in Myn tiling and tests of in i Mill prove 1i sep ii Ozity Liolu is i Illihi Mitor Ami in Iii Ait. Ill Wildt Tiomi to Del prism Aniis in Las Linw Iii i Lail Iii in Quot i item Sli Iii of at Tendon Ami tie great Coal and Quot it in tei a Sis the All on an Inex lians Lible snippy of i in a id my Iii tei Ial front Mii dih Granite and am Siom Iii Iron Tox it Ami Iii ten a with i Waigli Mineral paint to coat the a Piilini it. And kids. Sod ii Siil Plain Gypsum ins ninth Grain Hill. Arts Stos Ami Lios Iii in great Idail Alaric. Coll hire Moll inviting Lii he for Cap tial mid Energy in Frimd la Irens res of Gold Hill tempt the i 1 i pet or mid Niini r. The whole Stati affords Iii Iii Merit to ii i Ranisi ill All Liam ties of Pinili Istrail aet Ivriy. Willi tie raw m id Erial in Stieh lavish Anni Iii a Willida it Eit Nai Iii Iii evil a Liili Stati Lionil siiri a who Ming is Ijes Himsl to is it Conie Ai no Distant Peri in tin Iii Sanelive Piv d of Llie Eli Ippie. Of Cour Iio you do your Boot and 8hooh. Every Mai. Woman ail child ii is and us the shoe Lull is a ing item Ltd 1 a y tir s a him Psi it a Isie want to know Wii be they can Gil lie Liest g urls for Del least Money. We i Miti la you Ami Slinn Yon Shis a dial fit Well Slish s dial Wear Well such a that Uri easy Ami Somloi Liilie and have a lie right pried on Annii. Let is sell von your Sim s and we will save you Nom a. A bos. Killke w i lion tier to Lioi in. A Stril Tinga Lvi Otis Nii it will ran Tia Gani it of Hiya tur Aitchie Ai Atel a Quot a list i the air Lik i i a Iii Lar Sai Ailva Roeii a Lith Lifavi iia pin liar i Lio Jit our Ltd Kiel Brinnum Ltd no a Ali la eats Long Uller Ili a lad i i it Aiji Star it i Ironi min Sim a c la ants Riiel id to raining tall a ski Iii. A Tiu will i a Ltd Iii get Tiu Ignjatic Quot to t iut a. It 11&Quot lunge it a 1&Quot san in print nut Nyji Ai Lull , Lail Lilii Iii Iii of hip Wilid it a la rus a Cuini to Mimi wit i i ice to. Loel it in of to Ritli of it Wiir two Iii lev t Yeam it i Vii Pri a Alai Hilt in Wii Ilu Ihu Estl Quot it Iti a hardly at try to Olaui Itiat Lii--1-Wur la , tic a Lia Vii brs-11 a i Wii Lely t id Aid urn Isi taking Aid Xuy Sharae Saivii of at ahoy Liat every sly just saved his neck fax Cithie Fri int a Onur Sli int Idy Iii Iti A Nitis. .1 rabbi a a 1k we. Lascoli Tia Liburt filth ill Sli Nils Atalic St Clarr i ital Ames near la eng l.y111-til Llu twit t i Lelei Iurii save i Iii. St. Uni is time i. To Excilia Sei tie in Curn d i see Nlay at the close of Enid pirate is i Monics attendant to Iii the Lay ing of tin Corner Silicic of tin Stein Glen re i Atli old Liti Reh. Fost pm still Girt. Lifter Ai Narri i. Slit and fatally Alois Steiner. ten it go nit Luis Dii r of is pm i n Seiil in Gim to shout Quot hang him Quot Quot bring a in a Antoini it die praying Pri sols mid he smile him were f logo ten. So in one Iro Are l a to a it. Stoit girl was be i ii Rihs the right the pm i d Aro Siml his Myk. Mid in Molln r Nio ment he would Liivi is ii Iii Nging to a lamp sit when Tim Imiri cited a Hilicki ii Ieti i Isle in lip mid w scan ii him. Sriri Lull Maii in Boston Liilie 1.to ret m v Mill a mrs. Blaine Arri Vihn this uti rms ii. Blaine Lizik a Fis Lito and was i Sei irked to his Carriage he a driven to tie hotel we i Iii will remain Mitil in Norrow Ami then leave for by Harlair i mme is Hor a mid \ in a. A luit tie a r a t to. w lieu Hail Uhi id Itou it ii Utho a. Liis a a vows rare Law ing alike lit Jerimy of whom me lax Jayeo ill this state. Gwing o the 11 riving of slits a from 1 in in Lii Irgin ill Ata i Lin thurr Iii hmm. I , t he., Miille 1. A a a Hsy Itil i l a lion to in lir limit. A i i Ort mid Iii l Albina the ii Leil by ii Guirgi Mijoi Ity Lonnitt it Imler of it Eity Roveti Ideiil by inking in the two Suli Zirbs i�?~01 Lima i Luis a Mill 2r>. Iii in soph to i i Thiim Latiin. A Al kor i Kiriu rail Moi i is in ttex., i. A t. Boytle local Slit or of Thi Titus co Tinly / Imit. Was limit diet no this Moni Iii with ids Dwinal i Lii. Hgt in sub i tuii of Lii ing ten i it of a Scuri Ilona Paier in Dishi in ill Kansas City lint it is not known la a Viva Killil on that eco wild. 4 Hii Nik a Jitu Lyrik Ftp. I. A Alt Mingli eleven Cire lit it lilies were to is Cle Tisl in Leago to Liny i it Ali for a i uni of six Yiirs. Liei i via Pacl Eidly no eight a ii so i Xhelil fur lie eleventh i Pii Iii in met de Aioli Tali a magi Sowko i re i Midi tiles Lorle i Lih Tion Hail ii i Lant k to walk away. Tin i ii veld i judgeship was i up Tiik d by a i Lieis a Luiis Cali late of the i Iii i thai 1 i wins its ii it a Elt a Iii ill i Piil it ieans Quot a Traigle Quot ruts in mating up a Lull in Kel of Eli Ven Jii incs simply seat i in to Weir Iti Ngali. I be i Urpi. New a l it Iii me i till Fon Noti Silivi Alizai was again the Only to Viii for it e ill that Stoik Mokil to Dav mid it was i x Pleil in an unfavourable inti or. Till Closi was fairly m and weak at 1 lie Lowil iries of tin Day. I Iii Tai i Lic Ifie is Down 2e, i. I Aili if Anil Nair Dierig i tie Ilii Png Bili l 1 i Over my ii Iannis steady losing Piolat Loiis Rigl As follows i Ai die Sixes a ii. 211�?T Ami Rickun express Panaila a Eilie,7ll Maidli soil i i Ilg a a Giitl ii i Ceil i811 Nili halon g i. I Sekii i Iive mid Bio irmide Al i -. Lidit inns mid Texas Luj Enk Quot Liioi i info Lalii Vilh Ami Nas Vilh 7 1 Mie Gimi i neral the Missouri 1�?~aeilie. Id Nolt Leall i Teilh 21 Ilo Peteli ire i. A l not 111 Western lilt Ilo pret Einal 181 new York Cintrol it to Gobi improve Pietil. 2h try gon Nativi 72 Ingon a Horl Eim 2ft Racite Luil 8fd Kending 8il� in he isaml.7ti St i my b2i Bacilli. 18j i lion i Zeilic 18, ego sex Risa 1 id Cut 8 tides exp Ess cd Western Cnnon no american lit toll i fill 28. Money of Edlea a closed Oil i Tisl at 2.1 or cent. Ulalla Lluc Clivi Cut you. .1 i t Alle re Leipis 12.1 kill. A lift Attivo Mill Lii Liei. In my la ext Iii steers la 2d oilers i i l ori.7is textiles �2.�idio i a Sliekers . .81lt i til i i i in -. Market i Hill. Natives. .<1 in or Fiji a i Exair Quot ,8 Figi m Ester . A it 11 t Lima i ,1, a Viola 8 la Ili Iii 1 tin Eily and i enily was visit in to Day to Lleni first slur id Sci ass u h i a is Tho Fis t Ilei a on the m i Lilje l Mill a a liar Imd lit to a of i i in a it Btij Ulses Over Llo Wisl. Bail was Talfie is i is in d. I lie loss will ii in b Teleai and of Dolim cult Uttz. Dave a re Iii s inn a is a to Noni Loisl Uci i is. He in. A Nice Carriage Amsl Lioi is Naif Nii Piile and misfits Calls Nom ply i debt it a Dav. Nil 11 is his Lele ple i Quot a data ii facts pair oink be

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