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Cheyenne Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 5

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Cheyenne Daily Sun (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Cheyenne, Wyoming\ Iii finnic is n. Tan Caim c. I in a the daily Sun la a a a a a i War to Ltd a Rit bar Ekht. Vine aski1 . Ii ,. 7 i a in it Quot no. 7 Iii Lin Quot Quot to p. Ill to Phil Kaht. Arrier Liri Iari. Mgt a. A ill a a no. 1 Kairi Quot hit n 1ui. To lit. N Roiva Murli. Set la to via Lime a a. I to. Iii. Of in it a a pm Hsuyi it Iii. Li16a.ni. To 7 la in a a 16 a. Iii. To 7 at Ltd a a a hey Filini. 1 4 int ice Oil a via Lii a it to Iii a a 6t�i h. In. U. A f la 11 Vrtar. K h. N 11 Irish p right it p. Re. So ii Rev a in in Var so he f it let nit Fin a he la we a \i�ri>lay4 a Kris Luyt. In pwt. 9 >0 l m. A Rev. 3 3 up Hairim fan mo4 i flip to air 0 a it pm ? Ajr. In a a a of f i Tinct top Lirati. 7 a �.111 Post office Houn. Ham it . Rol till a l Al at Loti a mrs or Lii air Ai Tow p Iii., and a Iruh Roii Iii ii. Iii _. A Sut til ii to Al a 06 i. In Kii rih i in it 7 1.7 i. M. Ihbe Burlyn Tod Al log of. M. Mariji air tvs. Rran twin anal a Tifton. It. Ind 1 m p. M. In if Alai at a4i a. It. Atut l a amp a. Do the Atid Meta Mort. Up Kittie it Al it 6�ji. M. Of pin nil la nil at Isoo a to. B u ii lint Hod m fro in 6 16 a. In to 10 . a mkt milk Rich. Wii , so 1, Iii Obi �?~1 in Lar it Wii at in mine Bhoj us Tiaa Ejinid a Tim Ineth to tilt. In butt John k. Wjk Frev. Rii Iii , flair orly. Wyoming Chat Kkt no. In a. A. H. Whiat Maui dec fall it gtd Ibe to film Thorn buy a emf Lulu with. R. A talk. H. P. It. W . T Heck Ink . I a. a. team Tab Hall on Ibe a Puitz and of Ortii rur Tay of a Ali Mittli Val Torii Taei innit at 7 Alli Lurk p. M. K. P. A talk. W. M. To. W Lill,., ii iary. . Ii a. P and a. M. Ottati at Mamo Iii Taitl on tie Wix Iuli and Tounith to Narhya it twin Iii Nikiti. I. O. . m 1. W. a tank kit a Reury. Ullius n0.4.-i. A a. A i it p. Manta Avn i tuna Day a Yenn at k o Kirk at ii lit Kaikin iian a Kady a i Ike. Via Tlok Bra Liffin Luft Lal to Alibi id. Tesla Lodr Enrka in Uci-0111. H. Null Olai Ataii m. U Juha Vulk. Kor Lary. v new Veairs 11.1 v. How t is celebrate at the White mouse. Tbs ital a i the Star to Lvi in to Isaik a Lull Quot lit till t a plat. Nihil Val apr urm , 1�?za i Cury Sinnk luuk no. 1,-a. U. . Svala Atli Wenj Hamaday Avaloi a Tim in Ilia till. A Lallona Moran omit Lilly old vat a i j. He Al a m. W. M j. Vat Krix . To. G. Misten us r�tl1 a Oftis a la a Avi sport to Cic avs. Car. Or lath tal Petya Ioa a a tii flu less a Wyoming. Imported wines and ales Boica bottled liquor a spa Claty. It for a Milf ankle Beer the finest photographs to it m Idt in the West for the i Sionil Money Are to be had at Sti suns. I you see his Woik you will he convinced at once of the fact that you will be just is Well pleased with his Wirk ill $5.00 per Doz As you would with work you pay a Bitici Irice for. 1717 Capitol Avenue John Myers in Lulli kill h hat of to to Oadby. Nepal plug of nil Kinda neatly pee used and promptly attended to. I07 weit is Street. shoe 81101. Cabinet Saloon. A Ahi club rooms Ito Eddy Street West Moyer proprietor to a be aa4 Bim Nua vines liquors d cirtus. �?�4 pm Lowr night fms a Anu Hight . J�?zrklftn.�, w,,.y, Jiin u n Law it Iii a Mility. A Al in till. To till Iii iia in Lull riot tit if int Rit. Hen Iiri Ihei Tiiu to ii . Of it Iii no of let i Giitl Low i . Atoni. Jenl Titi i rain Jpn Ceniu. Re i Reden Eutivi a clerks. Iner cd nth kit a Eri. Lnl>.,n re. Do Abw Iid a tii Alley pm Heridi Mir a a Only with Nail Iii ran pm lure All Rait u Fie i lie pita silent but Llie . Int Amii Piaf a Itiba ill the Blue . Zimlin Tonii his in Iii sati the White Iii ii on new Earv Tia fir Koto Illint like Kilty Yuri. An will pin bully a to. Tutu a it an for Lurice Ninn. There u in if pub lie Menet in Thea Iii t Plait in if the Cali net Eiri Leut Lem Nina if Ike pillar Conri Unity Erin Cenzina the permit Whit May Whitnee to lie a i Ati Kiil in the main Cor Richir of the in Daini Fai if the pre Iii it 1 Niitme that the Ilian Itrie have All in Neil Neil that min the Vonwil i. Viii Ilia a the it Iii. The . Ivery likly Ami , thir , their i Kiwi tie ate their Limite a line of them nit arum i thin a the Bui Tilina to the Enid live. Luel aw. Down tie Manl the Treel. In lie Blue Rimini tin in Epting Mill in Anmina at a Btea. rate. The pre Kiili it in Totina Hin Streith min bid bin tin Ulehake while i Marty u not at All Kven the tall mar Luu. Maj. Senift wat a no in Annovi Icinia the i Iii it inf the i Aller. Atn in nut Over a Irtie Nimir with in pin Iii. Viat Iuo. Or Jimm who a a Tenet it i try May be Hera me a or Hitie Niel or. .4iui,, the amiable vol tired who i Larivi it a b i Lart. In Hijii or Sun the hut Wight mutter what in in a Dii uie when the unit talk lire try iia to beat the Rei Urit of tarty hair it minute. With a line of a Tuple pity Yaril Luaa waiting it ill Yery funny ii. Whiteh tie Innizer in Lii he Ltd ple Are pipe Lueil Altit. Quot name. Put a i Quot . Quot Maitil or. Wili Paiuk Quot or Hinl mrs Wil nun Quot tin a Iii Vul Icett. to save a , lived i Fht Chi it a. 1 Liis Kerezi in Iii. Who shakes the linux of or. Am mrs i hums with a to Iii t. Ilk a Tureh. Ii111 up it them with pm uru int i pills. Quot i use . Plea a Ida Iii nil of the Mii Misiou. Am or Ami Are Willialms he Ifni. I firmly that the have shaken the Hall of the Preni Lieut. And that tin have Iii the Botier of i Wiki in Zmikly past mrs. Dunik ii am Tiu Ludi k of the Cabinet. Time one mute. Dir Voder. You think Yon Wii Ulen t tie �0 Fik Ilish slut Yon worm. Were you ill Wurmli Mitsuti Miklaj the Odds Are ten i one you d be in the White Hurise Tenn Iudici waiting with Lur Eulens Iii Waite Are in a Throat of Uever til to Niusami outlier ii Radok. Fur this Evanes Niit hopi air. pleasure. Why Ami Wuu lil net lie Able to Tell list Here you Wuu lil be. An the two two line slowly . Takimi a Short step Aikins Unee in three a a i ind a and Thris be Volk a a a Loti Liziie when this has lieu your rate of Ini to try for an hour or m ire i boo dentally overhear Iii ii str Murks Quot Liik a eleventh new vent s at the White kudu a tall to Iurii Wilb a face that told of sep los Nii Liu with Bubier am worry Alst rent Ilay. Quot and every year 1 Otue i vow it la in the last 1 Don t know Whu Levor Mattw me do it Kuismi it k a sort of annual in tool. Vation fur me Quot a a i re Only a it Ensi to Imp Quot reply Solher a fat wit i a Bud cuu Tib. Aud Tahiti this Sun her Rhuby Fik to. Quot Anil to Fonie Tisl. 1 Tiad to tall him a 6b. Last year i amiss it Iutuk in the Vul that 1 i Iii the a d mad fill void and he told me if i Ever Vine Imre a Atli on new Vear k Day Liem Quot a the line Forward Ulm 1 lust the ret Mitilier of her family tale thou Ali pm Esi Iii Aud Paul Abiy Rita holy. Liat Quot he Quot Washer us Lia Iid. But Lial Are in did Niue Iii. Tiny Jud Tyi stat Wunyu Tene Ralu Ami their Witiw Boltik in the but East room Ifni Verej the us forms and Kun is Ami How is Fum Himmat in Many pretty pie Tun is Tami Alpina sub. Bua Sipiniu under pretence of Imi Iii Lemdi other Llie oui i i Meutz of the seas uni Kuimai Pitt Alhout mrs. Tler Risun s i Illume the White i the president a face uni Orvii Nusly Iti Ereau d Wei Fht Kine last new \ ear s. In Wallter the Nuiver of Suine of Llie in entry and alive All the Kue Ial was ii now instituted. Thia Nutley stat Herttua at the mite Hunt is inure than a in Era state Fly it in a Kii Fual a eur for Athu Pisand Inoru Fakhri unable. Muni rational Mure enjoyable mint a flu Iii at Tiv like in urn Rekaliu of Auu lety tills is a sort of Imi Libi Hatier Thimke in tie Rieur a courtly twi Tuitui Ihuken Nutley. The for leu. Ihu rivalry am to Futhie fast and furious. Krumn this Day to Tow ainu Luh of is us All theae will be in Uomino Tion. A a Hoff a a will have ii Anniuk. Aud polium nmn a take second Jillee u lha i to already the in Parati uus have u a mud Der Kuma Keni live Beon work Iii Ilay and i unit the Titi Gravem have tuii set Eramay a to i Lelide at a of Midi in. Oach Iurii and full Tutti have had their to brightened Uji. Am Many of i Wui. But of till now. Have found Gaul aim tailors Ilavu its a buy making Dow a tits or redial ring them and Lliter Ili Spiesl rivals. The Quot Gutnia Quot of a Vii Wear have but Lus u without vat utter. L Lurlia have Lial a i Luik Trade in i Ted Idaul for dining Root no and the have Linail i Ivy to do in Ute Way of Lofnik nth plug of evits not l in Fri Iehl a curio Reid servant Quot to Iii id and men have for two wis is t Tele d to daily let Tell a a on the e i . If their Varlems Ilu Les. At lie hot. 1 and big born Altig Huma Lieut. F 1.m. In Riveri and Olimb Eriika with �?o1 Many detain Ndu for use of Porlier hint if a Tsih Hiel thirty one in Viii it Mit All i onid lie it Crim univ to satisfy Aetius. Quot cot Nina ii Iise a i lie lilt Nam sir Viivi 1ms,u funded some 11 Whir Ain which mrs Smith ii tid mrs. Ii tiek Are to go ralling to Reitier to save cab hire Anil others Wii Iii 1.1. Tunny coven not that mra lir Tiwi Ami mrs. Iray who live in the me ill.11 1. Are to have third Quot Days Quot to Ohhi r and Iii the Kame parlor in Hupee of Ankim of the conceit ont of mrs la Iii k Slid mrs. White who funded a a Wirtner lip of that kind lust year and had so callers that they lie iraqi or dipl and Slack no. And convinced that they Wir it the Only genuine society ladies in that . Iii thu be Vays and Thoa Sanda of other Way a been preparing for i f nil rival social siege of which this it hernia it Tbs White Hooss is the bulb Emiil Ris Nimg Gan. In the East room one May so.,� half Huml Uvrl of the Moat Cui Ishii Iio is Partick paints and accidental. Overhear Luuy strange Whis Weringa them. Gnu Chru Nio ,, is Nure. Vows Nucy Sty in going to tiie Iluk Liec Aase if a no i Ivor a .7ir�, Whitney wan a Leader at nuttier for mrs. Cleveland a think Dos l there will be scandal and k flies galore if a certain member of lbs dipl i urge. At whom she Point As he struts Al big in full Imi Fonn. A Woania its King on his Arm. Quot has the a Idiu Ity to in Intro Sam Itig that Vrea Turi. Wiio no in in his wife than i am. Ashi Quot ,&Quot d i you know Quot i hear a pretty Wii Iii Sun to an Nanny Umbeer Quot Liat or fair sent Totive and mrs. Col a a of till Navy Fruin being ordered to it i m adult a Vos. The order Bill been made but the five is lire his wife has carry lug on i. N lit a rata that made him fairly wild. Her dec allele go Wiist at Xvi kill him. Anil then she wadis Gay and tiny with the at Taclik of the Lega Liotis Naitil tie army Ami Navy officers Klimt he Tum her last Winter if he did t Brace up he d i iut Oungre Saml take lieu k to her i Uit i Little Home iut Hocom try. She i it it stronger than Ever and hit kit ii i word and declined a re Quot Quot so tins is her last a Oak in Liere he Well Kia p All Eye ii and still Iii Wilher who Jieri d Fryml uie it a Del i was ill St Cli a Stew Quot h a tit a s wife to one of the Fureigh Ipri , Quot it Al Luries from the is Kestly Moiety we Liao Iti Tali noun try. Of know. Oti of the Tieuli Zehv Tysl from Tuy Kutui huge fur a wifi it won Tau Olio lined to Wash Dik Liek or to. She wan a Cui Ziely go it is girl a ii it re a dig hic and left Niy hoi Ike til marry u you Piug fellow who no one Ever Titi Iuglio would is a Congress Man. Yet Titak Liat he in and Kune Cihiy Khe la in it in own Liem and Call on iut it. And i la have la take her up i Kun Piuta Quot Quot Hui Why must you Nuu Lam of Quot in Juliet Llie dip Louuise. Quot because her Liuha mind belong to tin Koue Luis in Liat husband does and Law use he in Ulie it the Rik lug Lump ii tie slate which Ziy Hinkl mind not Irene its in lie Kei Valv and in w huh lie in a cuing Dale for n i Lection Ilo you Muf Kiel is u not Hurrier Walter they cleaned mi3 heart. A a Tiave agreed tii use the some Kurt kits and tie same lot of plus it and Tea tilings a 111 Tui in Thi a live near each Quot Tiit. And be rpt Fivi on amid Aud Navy Lay an 11 lie tit her on con res Rioual a Lay in urd r to save Iii Nae Quot Quot i it piis.iiilev i claim the old gos silk t til e Tail Etc. Who was a Ruve Man ill the Quot Well. I know a i Lum that Itiat von it Jiw Young lieu r 1 if Iii Rise you do. Well he Homie to a Penny in tie world except i pay. And i hit in t enough to Jay i tailor and Lii sixth in Saat the metro is inn club hut 111 1 Ipi Ite a cirit in a drawing room 111 Hii Sti. Riboud where Gistl Lis King to Tang Iii Fri Are Acari a and in Iii hard pits isl for Money he has agn de to he present every thu Silny in mrs. Sen Tui Ishii Ike 1 >.11 lord Khe is new Anil Rich and Smoli Tiou. Luff nit the West you know and mrs St air Blank Hak prevailed up>11 her hit Llanil to lend the lieutenant a1 dual a and Dill you hear what a dread Fui tune mrs Viator had keeping or. Out will la she Euril of it. And a a the door Dit Quot a was a big card for her drawing room Nti l in she Cut in idiot Hiliare him Ahe went to pith no right and left. In was task utter Tot me of stiff you. T it a Llie Gay ibs tur Lii Uliari 1jei?n on Rita i Lucy Tir nine years Aud mrs. Admi is awful Cut up Bei Tilko in d san t a Quot i Quot her reception it All. But mrs. Is Ciatur ran ajl Over town Fot inti Ietti i Oil her a Ido. And won the 6ghi tas Llor log 1-Lrnsfit of a Miff pm Iasi re Obi Nihil los i Nunt hrs to. Nit Rii in Kur Genn Quot hive it crr Ilif of being Mill Ilie Iii St Dir Iii in their hut Lii v do not Lient tin i or tii a Winil do 1 think of i at b Tript to Csc Iii a inn s Liepart f thin is Bluit wins ii Hurt Wiliie Sirlei Here in i Ranee tails i i a True Story i am tilling Yuri in . Twu tii Genii is i fluidly set to work to Cut a Iii a Tiati s Clit fur the Puri him of git Tibig it and Clemi Itig Lii tie Urt. Jow pm Dot Venn an ii Quistin it a Hod Lieen Skifte Ritzig for momiy.-ar from Fritty i lege nerd Ion of the Curt. The Jessir Man knew that he Laid not Long to live yet he to. Only to yen of ago and saw no Misti Why he should die Monsive the do Tom Low Liviu they ilium Iglitz Tiey might possibly Cunt him. They Persia need Linin that at least he we till he doing invaluable a Ervick to a sienese Anil that be was bound to Dia Kiron at any rate if nothing was Dune Walteri As till might prove the ii Luis of curing of a Atteree Bei Titi bit self. Quot and to Quot the Story in gravely told in a Rren ii medical journal from Lii Eli i trans ate Quot poor h. Lavenne con rented to place he welf under their then come a lot of tech Luul de script join of Fth opem . Which a person died under water while the patient a ill a condition of Oniest Yiesla. 1 won t give All these Sci Entink words it is quite unnecessary to Tell in Scien Tilc How the cil Tiete a rent ii vet. The pectoral Muselle Ean fully dissected of nit the Riba theearta Lagineu of tie rib and a tedium the connected and Itie Lieari aug lungs in to Weir Dej Icente Kli ining covering Luem branes e sgt sign a to View. To to Tybik Point Tho patient Tiu lived the Liepart however had not yet been read lied. Hut to Ibe two Preneth surgeons Lytik woh a Iii end detail a Tiili their Kiive would Speer ii Over dime. They did Over Uuie this Mere Dii Lail very rapidly. In less flan a minute More one of Theiu Imd m. Davi Itne s Liepart in his hand and was icily Eti gigged Sempen from its surface tie de visit with which it was chive red and which so impeded its ppm St Aci Iun. Quot hold on a moment Quot Exella tried the surgeon. Quot the Man is dead Quot and so he was dead a the door Nail Liteh Dickens has made proverbial. How they Enid have expected anything else is not recorded. They a however taken the precaution to live m. Lavenne sign Seal and deliver a paper to the Elict that the o it Erato in a person died entirely at his own risk and that no person hut himself waa to a held in any Way whatever Esponal blk for ills death a Tould it Paris Cor new Fork world when list a a i vice president Morton to help h a 1 venture to say the Ductor does ii 1 gut Isea Tor nine Yean More unless lie gits and dues t live i Villi Ilik wife and cuts up. Anil Torii Liiva ii Liu Udle him off in i in at Irither Curcur of the Isis Psia i overheard 11ns sad on Wash in tuii Sis ii to "di�?~1 you linear Why uld cough Smau of declined re election i la Tell yen Arel it s a go Pike. He gave it i it that lug wok Tirril of Public Kerr Lee an 11 wat Teil to travel Anil i trial a Sinel cur Epli it be. I was Eimi ing up town in a Street car recently when there entered evidently from one of the Neight siring rally ferries an old gentleman Drc wed rather carelessly in an uld fashioned Way who bad a Good sized Sachel in his hand. He sat Down and rested the a a Hel on his Knees. The conductor who Rejiri iced in a Bull Neek and a Square jaw very much in need of the razor came in for Bis Tare and said Curtly i Quot put that grip sack on the Quot i prefer to carry it this Way a replied the old gentleman calmly for which nobody blamed him. As tie it air of the ear was carpeted with mud. Quot Are you Goin to put it Down say Jem aided the Impi Burtor with a scowl. Quot no Quot replied the old gentle Iau lot Ike Tig Limiti Kuji rarely in the eyes. The Kiwi Undrel went to the rear platform muttering curves on what he de nominated a the old a the old Fay Quot was one of the most lawyer in the you Wilry an i go error it a great state and a secular of Universal renown. A new York cur. Plata Iorg bulletin. Whf fit Trmal Hotd or Rimpf Cao to it a. The talk draft s to the Elt Uez to on of the sense to a Lii glut Thi Gria than Eum Uijun. And Mic tii Aii Siirid Quot it u Reti Zarit ahle Lieuw Well a Mufu Izier learn to recognize a went. In testing a Sweet Iii Elting liquid he wets the base of his left thu Iii Willi a Little of it. Then to Rit lie the Tiu in rapidly with his right Llanil. The Uli Chol in Wilch the a Sei Ift Dum veil in Altig tile More Vula tile. Is at once Ami Llie sule Stanuch which i iils the slur remaining lie Lind lie Ciui Slidell in it it per Ltd. It in Nurmi it is Tui a ii in thing to Ria Ognie the pro incl iat to slim that Are in use. But when several Arcinue of is i Hiki ask the Stoma More ill id cull vet u skit gtd Man Roii Siut Only toll you Wight three or tour in it fume enter into the of Itie on he is test Uig. But also Rou Guity the relative pro Hirt luus of eos York Tribune. The t in use at tie Luhti Llop Iii University is i Iown of professor bowl said then Omeler and u vol Sikl at Limmy. It in in Koiku lately a r two and the graduations of the glow Are us Hue that it 1� Idieo esd v to use a Mici us cupe to recoil them. In the Imus facture of gtd thread fur Esubi Oldey k hinder of a Ilver u Cut i of d w Lulli guld and after Una drawn Mill Wini this w Hgt us ounces if Gold Hiis Laski made to yield Over ii i Lush of Gill wire p. Bergersen 4, 8, 10, a 14, 16 a to sauce. Cisine u. M. C. No. 2 primer. Guns pistols cartridges. Field classes. I i Shinju tack anti sport info Joftis gun Tiia Cic and rep dirt a he a Clos a pair to keys made to order razors sly is is. Tati it knives knives and Lawn Man volts repaired and sharpened. Eddy Street Cheyenne. Wyoming a. G. Mcgregor. Groceries i Inest line of Staple and i Anvy a oods to be found anywhere at reasonable rates. 111 Doe for Yogi Seif Vallino at place of business Orner seventeenth and Eddy its Cheyenne s. Boist of. Pioneer shoe House leather and findings a goods said at living in kicks ont if Quot _. 816 weal si7ii�enth Street dug is probably Tho Only dog in thu worhol that Cun u la the Ilif Goromio tit Louii a american Dollar and a or mesh an Dollar. However thik May seem to Iii try it is Liever thelerise True. Any the oboe Tat Emiil can is Ike vim etl try mailing at like in weary store of too w. Or Wii six via iils Ritli Hans i who carries a Iti Splete line of wat Cloa 1-Inoiiiu and jewelry and a macs a sets Salty of Adjis Littig and re i Grinj f watches. Us Zukows Sevet Siuth Storai. Choice acreage City ranch properties. A a Stuis editor recently Lead his queue Cut of. And Lead to lot a Tia it of Tilly yen suture be added an Gunuf Friml v to lbs us inc of a Couri fungi Munary. Thu Leiua Kalile Alp Lizabet ical Quot and Quot ups it Arvd in an Usui of the Isu Idon ten ii a lung us ago of lht3i to widowers and Wautis. Try a Haly a Sliu Atton to a us ring Enid the Lious Eliud it a preside it Lillile hic is agree Alile becoming careful i so Ridic Kii Gish. I Aceti uus. Ii Deroui holiest. . Judy l mils keen. Lively Kerry nutty Henl. I allow Ophic to Riiel Ite Gular. To i Iii Hie. Tasteful. To a tul. Al Vartoui Wuhu Onidi. Guntli it up i oui Hull. Zeal Uuk Etc adj via x v. Ynhu Uund Library. Lilac smut Rood Ioma it itch Buu bargains in Jeffrey addition. A Idelman. A. Id Luam. Idelman bros., ihportii18 and Bolde Lipor and gip mercy Lucy King Wyoming. Sun wit a agent or Carl Upman Ciesin new Yore of w. Cd Ken new York we. Bloc Cut k so new York Deri in a Marc ice new Yorki Lozano palmae amp co key week fun Hie i Lurien of Avaiu Cilani Wyoming Agency to fetal it re Wii g company Milwaukee i the wily pc Niue Liu Berteil lit Batree Mitten. Corkk8pon�oencs toll Cleu

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