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Cheyenne Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 4

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Cheyenne Daily Sun (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Cheyenne, WyomingIt ii k v r in e styx .1a Rali v a it. 18h, Cabb. Etta 0. It aim. A Mem j i nor till 3aird 4iii Ali Iii attorneys at Law Ufa. Al Alao let Ltd and Miti Tiit pm Tyr prank h Clark. Attorney a t-1 a Lungi t a Ltd to it Lamar Hlivko. a parlay a Lim tinn of Tran Iam of Flor Perl lip. La Rharles n. Pot t lir attorney at Law Tinninis 4 Btij i pit Hydak practice in All tic r Turu of the Terry torn a aces Van Devanter attorneys at Law a a a Laitila or Koch the cig Cotant of the Core for a . In Mutl to be Ilyin a of it Nolf. Vice per Alden Horton la said to con aider preen link Orer the Tennte the Henl it a Roth be Ever did in bin life. It in a Usk that Nikee him Ner nun and timid. Villers who Haa Hai upe Ami Nurna to Mufich to Whiten his hair and Huuki Hin face with wrinkles has Nota Trace of the treat con Lliott to rough which he Lias aed. Count Ilo the compiler of the new Jap Mase Constitution. A Alhem appoint Eil of the House of s Cut. Wlinich was own i recently by the Euini Erorita person. Sir John Pope be Nuiry the Vartti Camellite recently he flu ii to Parlia a neut. Is the Uri Tinai of Anthony Trob Lope a clan inter of pm locus Kina the the gentler sex it Mitt. A avids0n it Clark lawyers. M oks a Voch. A a wins. Don Zzltan attorney at Law. To i a a a a k. We amino. P Carroll attorney at Law am Justice of the peach Otnie Iota Aad Fermata a a hits am la. A. M u m., a few in j a. Matthews Archit set am s�oterintevden1 my him Wama met in isl in Miia a a Roaina. A Bur c. Knight Irish Mem tier de Wolf Hopper boasts of a Var Testa Ted ancestry. His father teas a Thrifty lawyer his Gramlin Tiit a Pinker abolitionist Refon Iier and his preut grand father a pirate. Quot Little Piil Quot Sherd no. Who is now just id years old is Siil to 1st a perfect counterpart of his father. He Tives Promise of exhibiting the Pluck and endurance of the great cavalry Leador. He or West Point Mcl Liing. Of Vale is Sciort and Stocky and Hiss Hirji feat Reil face 111-01 Oun Ted by a Attock of lag track hair this pro Iii intent nose and twinkling Black Eye give him in a football gome the a Jieu oct of a Wildonia Che Indian on the Warpath h. Senator Ingalls when his children were Small nse.1 to relate to them a tale Calliel a the Demon of the Black take it was a thrilling Story of Quot made no Quot As the author went Altig. And occupied count Leas win to a evenings George Kranda train has proposed to sued the new Vork faster that they bold a joint fast of 1�o0 Days in Rizig the worlds fair Quot Tell the he says Quot we can do it 1 Only want pure air. Remember t hic ago world e air sued and train tales of the tur mining geologist latent War a it Asur oses 37 sixteen i Sortet terms on application. A x. Irix r. M. N 20s i Fiti a 12 a. 16th Stufft Hull. store tale phone office tale phone be aurience j Ames 1. , Archit i x t and it or Leri Tex pent. During the see ii of 1�o9u nearly 1.000 Horve me real the 2 90 Liat tie futurity stake of the Coney Island jockey dub for Iii will in Worth �100.000 Alicante won for her owner M. Sph Rusin. In the Cambridgeshire f 1�?T2.v-O�i. And B. Diac took out of the ring Liy the Mare a Victory. yearling stake offered by the Imp Indence la driving parkas Loci Atiniz for its August mecking gives the Winner for in inv Stim it of �.-1 1 the newly organized club at Nashville will have two tricks 0110 Oval Slid to 10 other Kivic shit red. This will allow every trip Izier and Breiler out for re cords to take his i voice c. Ii. Nelson of Waterville me., and his Laii Loiis Stu Lioti Nelson have to in exp Pelleio Fri ii the Nalio ital trotting Nusso citation for conic Limity in the Nelson Alc Jiin Lurf to Alidal nut Wool is the you Negeet sire that has Ever had fifty Iier formers pm his Crmoil i he now Hue fifty one. Nine of which have records a tii Rahaii 2 20. However three of tin 2 30 lot Are layers. He was foaled in ibo j. 1, in lose it too have a old their one third interest in Glenn a farm to a. H. Win Eler and John k. Ure ii. Phal Las will now he kept at Hickory Urove i and his place at Glenview will lie taken 113 i by egotist �?~2 22. I Clerel tid turkmen were Gri atly inter Esteil Over the recent Sale of the Cidot i rated or hopi v Liu Widl 22lj. The How was sold at act Iii to satisfy a Clavin against Edw. D. . His owner knowing that Emery idol Lial his horse his Clit Ora Prcz Hansl to run him up. Mrs. Tad Stone has become a tit president of the children s Happy Eren. Ings is Fth in Terni. Mrs. Margaret e. Sangster the editor of Hiripi res 1 tsar Isa tall Well of Armeil woman with Pink Cheeks and Snow White hair Jura. Stanley a been spoken of on 11 Beni Ity. Latt it lathe keen Intel Genic that Silines in her great eyes which wins Lii a the greatest admiration. Or. Ida a in regetts a member of the Chicago society of artists has Etc Eihud a Cittoni Mission a gtd s route the ceiling of the music rcom in chief Justice Fuller s Hii Iise. Lilian Baird is the youngest problem coup Over in the world having is ten Isim at Tynemouth. England in october. 1s81. And Learned the moves when Only s years of age. Grace Denio Litchfield the Anthor of Quot Little he and Sha Quot is n Aister of mrs. Liaw Renco tar Buu who endowed the Turt Bull chair of literature in Johns Hopkins University and who is herself a Hosmer the sculptor is a Little woman who has not a masculine trait i mini her. She is usually attired in a Cosima of a Hack silk and velvet and wears u wide Luce Scarf Alsol her Throat. Linly a smoke distributes every year the nigh her Agency Over .1,000 inn cents of Gijo it. Ii enl Dur Ahlo materials in the East end. London real Destin Nylon is ing the Only Reid tired in the in pint Miaw Ellen Terry lion go not regularly is Ait Ifill has a Conn ten Unce of great Charm Ami really mks i Bitite voting. Her neat figure slender and Rolind but not in the least fat or set. Is a main element in her girlish appearance mrs. Eini Nons Linine Nee Mccormick to it night la a k for her new baby a Boa Siudut and Trousseau. Thu Fiir Nitura of the toilet Basket is Ivory Bunny. With the family Monogram variously inscribed in Silver Turi noise and Smitall Diamonda. Ooing9 of Royalty 76 Beatrice la to exhibit a picture at the next Salon. The Mineen Regent of the Netherlands Lias a face which is the picture of amiability sex Ein Perot Dom Pedraga throne was recently Sidd at auction in Rio de Janeiro for �40u. The Santian of Turkey Siks much Tike Jay thu still except that lie is somewhat taller than the Wall Street wizard and Bis nose is a trifle u 11 ire prominent. Prince him chinese prime minister is recovering from his Long illness which the tout Ives Lupsity a scrips to evil spirits that the a in he ror Fai Leil to have exorcised from tie House before it was built. The favorite wife of the Shah of Persia is Lizeh a Inlet 11 Bright woman who for thirty years has la Eit the first lady of the kingdom the never meddles in a lilies and a doses her husband so Well Itiat she icings Sonji retire in the court. The Ujiie n of englis Iida a we cling presents in i in Weess Victoria of in Nissia were a is h re the tid Atit of Ami Emer ims. A Piai Tity of Eliji Isit Hue three Indian Sii Uwin a Bale of stuff and half a dozen Large pure of silk for in a a it the Crown Prim i so of Denmark in Henits from her inn emn Grandfather is codes the entire wealth of her father the Lan King Charles of swe Levi her who lived in Liui is fit in of swish it and Norway was mile desire Clary the daughter of a Morsi Illyn Stoekli Roker who jilted Tonii Hirte. Jus to Victoria had two to a affairs before she Iii med it Itice Aust lord Elphin Stogie. A Liatis not Yozing Scotchman. Was or first hut reasons of Stata Forli Ude a Union. Victoria fell in love with Isirdo i Trahin a and dashing Young fellow who Aib nip isl to Ufarry a Liuni Aid Ami this Cunil the Royal lady of her Laisson. Railway notes. 181b Kri Grihin Street Wivi Iii. A or. William stain a Seranton a p i. A 01&Quot it i in. A built a Haas Active two to outwit them. It u said i , mrs. Emery arrange ii with an old couo1. J. B. , fire Insl Ranc e real estate Agency y Turt a Fri Ibalio heft re steamship take l s to Aivil Niin Korn 11 i Orl. Try Uon to Dottie it idding or her while those who were known to to inti int with Emery bid openly. The Schemo worked to a nicety the lion it being finally knocking Down to the old Tuuu try Iurii fur �10,036 Crisp condensations Blank Fjoy is Niada to Only bus 1 a a oks a a i ref Nfn be Eddy Street Sun Llu Liling i r. Bresnahen Maola of Aston we to Kirk us in Galt heats Ulm both auxt by ukr Uii for to a a 8u. Of Tor tha world Over treat the Tor for nothing from the Rem Tuat Tito men saluted the �ui1. Louii and Atar Liy kissing the bail in Krawice the a Alviea on the railway line Wigt re under Umi Trellas in wet Wewt Ler the Man who live us ten plus in Clover put ale Luuri is to aunt m Lum in by. Vul. At Quot Prog remove dinner Quot the guest change Quirt Nett at every Courtais which cause a gust Deal of fun. The name of Wayn is tie title of Imatt of the title of tii uti place in the Bui Tisl slate than any other. A Tusalem Quot Iii movement Quot i to drop the 111 in the a And p a for example. Ii a. And i 30 p it 1 mid that the shows a of anime Are a inking a rapidly that 111 Twenty Keiit Iris Ilie Frein i Caj Dol will have be Niue Eul rely Kuh merged. A girl at a urns town a attacked with tool Tiia lie left the in Natty. And gift a big to a dentist had the o lend lug Wielar i tractor after which site ret Ruvil to of the riot of the in Lay. Riu Salt Al Doe us water on Earth u the Lake of uru duo. In Ivria situated Luuru than feet above the Aua level 11 i much Saltar Sihau the Deail sea the water i a lug oud us to cuu Laiu dearly 33 Vul of a All the new Ura Iid Central depot of Tui Wisconsin Cintrol and Northern Pacific rih ids. It Kittli Avi nue and Harris it a Kris a Chicago to owned to civilly with great ceremony. A Bear a Piekiel up i Gay the Pilot of a Lia Oua Tiv e on the Eldred and Gnu Thweat Branch Railroad. Near ulant Rini pa., and Yosei Igried into the station att Cul where it was shut while Attesi Petig to eau we the Swiss the zone tarts or Tuimaa Engen. Now that i Liesy to ii Rovi so such awful in Anatro Hungary. During the fit year of the Xone Tariff in Hungary the various lines Carr isl Over 13.lkai.txxi Tau Mengfei against to an Iti Saua a Quot a a 6.txkmiix Chinng the Prev Iii a twelve until. The total Nunila a of railway Etu ploys Iii the Iii led slates is j Nickii id whip h i minor 1116. In us re trainmen. ,11,. Milk Usu Hin ii Tim Linen and Wati Hii Init Ami 622. Tiki Are a isms a Quot other pm Pui yes Quot there uru trainmen Antis Tomte about w or cent of the us Cuenca Matvei Igilio of railway pm it Luyt a. The general ii Irvey id i lie route of the or ice died Plum Tariu ship railway hot Joist is ii i oui Delisl Olid Luce More build tug a a hip Carol or Shi Rall rigid la Lwis a the Georgia ii Lucy and Toronto til order la give Chicago a More div water route with the Ocean u a Iii Alier for serious disc Sciott. Ram it Rlou care. A Well c m come Frera bad in incite in which a confirmed opium taker waa entirety Carml of i Hiil it by hypnotism. The of Plum drunkard Wax Seiil need to the Ian Francixco Hanse of correction. To hate there of course opium Wax Deni d to him. He underwent fearful torture in Conoe Guetice till the jail . Or Brown be arcs he would go Insari it occurred then to the doctor to try the hypnotic euro. He hypnotized the Quot opium victim who fell into a refreshing deep the first he had known in years. From the time he Oil awned that but a Imit Steep a rapid change took place in the in Fortinate victim. He gained fish Anil lost All desire for opium. So completely did the taste leave him that a fellow prisoner who i l not believe in the Genus Tienpaa of the care offerell him some gum opium. He Nick it and it made him deadly sick that Lead Nevi a happened to him before. The cure was Complete. Other instances Are on Nicoll of care Kiln most Ripi ally important. Inveterate smokers Liao Lieen Alired by simply putting them into the hypnotic state Anil informing them while in that state that Riley could smoke no Moniat it would Iisaku them sick if they Ever Attesi Tisl it again. The result followed exactly As the hypnotizing physio Pacli Ceisl. In Heidi the subject came to Bis i format Afi Ite and atle rapt Elt a til usual Pijie he was Una do to smoke it an 1 became sick. Immeasurable pow Chilili a Are of Pentyl for reputable physicians in the Iipp Noti lied. If the opium an l to Bougio Hai its Call la cured by Rupi Tiabl Quot and Steen Tilc Iha tors then Tbs Atco Quot Faa hot con but inn Al Bax moreover in physicians in new York and san firn Sicocan work sni i reit workable cures Phyia Biaua Elee lie re t Iii do the same. U Mem pm Tait t Lannen prop. Fresh amp Salt meats Opall kinds. Vegetal in of Ull varieties in season. Fresh a stitch butter a Spei is Ltd. Jul Otu Rantee satisfaction. Kent Block 17th so i Eleoie Transfer coins a a Al Murat. Prop Etor Otic i lib qii�wol4 h Oom Imo Rural ii in Coal ice Stone a nor a mum and Colorado Coal. It Roeii Profil to Anne for Baglby a. Act Erht Sie a a. King Kalakau s vol Satin. How would it Eleein b Liao the state of Hawaii one of the of the re the l Nitiss a Tab a f it has been that the main a i amp it of King Kali Kijuu s Mission to this country is to h11 ibo Sandwich or i hawaiian Island to the i United states. Ori i deliver them Over Lusty und Irmes Viii anode mount us is i file Savage lets f. Heathen up is Kitiona and All to lie a Lart and in reel of Tir com Tutti ill wealth. I out Iii Mou Talmi. Sireci places vol cd Iii k and Coral reefs Al my a with Fer tii Plains and valleys the hawaiian t is am Millhof Sorf ice. Much of it is Exi t singly Fertile Nisi it vegetation of the Bema Tropic to Cut ii in is ill Rich incur Lancit before the m Lii Iiley Law a tactically rut off their a i Rocity swis it a numb r of planters w it i i. Milking fortunes in mar culture. Cli i intr Hii u Nutil i Zed to a lit rec client for this Pur one. The is Ticomi Strahle in Temi Grature at Mon Lulu averaging 7- legs. If i he twelve hawaiian should by Quot Mie part of this rep Lilic to Sli Oxild it l Sisino or so i in Laen and by Liri ii added to the 01, Block Iid White is that Aln indy make up out Hai Liv family. The Geti to soit Dwick Are a hand Onn Well Fonteil sri who Smill. Ate fruit and a Iii naked before the go i Missi Narit a Tiiu lil them to Wear tin White Man s cd Liles. Then they die-1 off rapidly Ai d to a Niwell their Wisul Toale. That veracious historian Mari Twain say thy Are most devout Fri Aliatis till anew a Lii Zahit shuck scar. Them. Then till at once begin to Pray with All their his tit to their old a Cali Nogoda the White Many gel will a i very Wall for or Iii iry Wear but not in cases of pm i Eticy. An organization of Arab Tow latest thing in sri Ligate in the in United Sulu. Thi rear already in new York a number if wealthy Arab and Syria Ortiz end. Thir Cociu Trymer Are coming to America in Large number. To provide for till new Arr Ivida tha Rich Rab who Are a or try familiar with the Way of the Noti itry will punch one x Large tract of uui�?T1 ind Settle their com Uii riot thereon. Tai syndic aug will go into the in oink of fruit Radii a cd silk growing thus adding to the Ogrinc Turol a our a of the country. The members of the synd oat it have been looking at land in Ari a int and la Peana Yvonia. If there i on Yah no in Physia geography the soil of Arizona will probably seem Mure familiar to the dwellers in a clime of mid and Sun. It the Bill that lax been Ogreid on Gix through the apr a it Huttt Loti or Tiu not Tui Yuam will 1k one Iii Ember to 173.1101 people cd the of to mists of the House will is i if ins Leim of 33j on at product. Under the new a or Iouin tit a agreed on. Of the Soti Hern a tubes Mahaulu. A Kayiira Zibil Missouri Willach gain one chug is Titan White Tiiu will gain two. The r Gre lest gains Are in the . Nehra a will gain Titre us mgr a Ooin and min Iii Hiya two. Of the orb 1 Natiw l Eimy Ylva Puiia will gain two lieu Luei Ulieru. A Sti is t car prols Llinat by eight a foul chemical to Lihz Ilc let Alerte it claimed to ult fur running it in duty live Milow without renewal of the a hem local a Las it Pul la a i vice on the North l he Cru railway and High i ins Aro of the Ruidl by Thuu kx.4 iter. A 1 u Ruiu la Uiva to it Lee ii Iii an Hunt i Buyvid tur. I it True that in thu of a Hearil of oui ii Mariag a or Tiu world air those who do Iho work that will la exit Tusi a a gut ii s Lucid Croft have Lani Igi inst and a few Rich a Iuliu who doll t know a Frnia a Lurich lug machine who ii Vur lid a Day i work Iii to Weir la vast hut whue Quill he Ait i h thai ii have in Iron id if Iuliu have put in shia Hoard to Rupi tamil the Mill Lex of indu Artal wimm of ainu Mica u ii be Truu tto to the Quot Udy Buard of Mamara a a great Oahu. Printing o printing. Binding ruling. the daily Sun Job rooms. Blank books county records a specially. Pm Droit tra jct it Boca we Wol a lat paid Tad of fit Tref Tadj a a def print of Tad Tiad Teg a�4r, us at in a a Lovall Aftel 11 Bubon the music is a Little fast it win homr exp up with the. Proc mood ii it kill it How. A will 01�om he a Laak after the health a few Aalam a a Bonner to be Able to to atom to tron pm we oin to Uloho Oad Otic air he Koe Pinr coi Huntly of Hoad Thi of feet Lino of mean Niho Vega Tablet Etc to a food i Cabej Enno which Wall at a profit lift Dently Moll to Nahia m to Ploit the second tint. The Ari net at ill Iii below coat Tad Imam Iii a Fortune it yet unknown it of. We would perhaps Havi Lyen the matter a get study uni a he entire army of competitor we Thoro urholt indent Ltd it Tad Art Tow numbered among thab gone advice w not to. Steer beef a Worth More thu cow beef to i i Dotoli Worth More thu Yenta. Buy of the old and reusable and Jou will buy right the Phenix him. Isaac Pitman a Ketie shorty 1 Awta temp lbs us it glut Taat Buka a Mamle it lmhkli7 Lai for a Capitol building Cheyenna. R h. Repath it to off abhor. Electric lighted and steam heated ves tf1 ,1l&Quot via 1 ilk Chicago. Milwaukee. Amp St Paul by Hie agn. Council Bluffs and Omaha. Uii a Tim Milf in Atli imn a ski in big a Urx Mill tin Fin it it i Piini Hurtt in tin world. For ii Thui iof Nfn Tiu thu Iii adv to Mitchell. Cotini Sicri Ini a genl i1�1riith Ghitl is rid suit Luke City Hokman. Kiiko Hickman. Hofman Bros. Wiott Lukk of soda Mineral water Ginger ale Anheuser Busch Beer. Finest Llott leu a a Eek in the . I Cato Fri Sliwi supp incl i i Timir a. By the. Doron or cime Tell in n to i it i of Iii lager mid 1�?Th�ll�d Zai Iii a Ctibor t. In Tunizi Hutiu Nind he Vul Mimi to a. A a trial tale phone a. Fill. Ulvi he fat Lulb the daily m commercial printing kinds. Color work a specially

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