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Cheyenne Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 2

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Cheyenne Daily Sun (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Cheyenne, WyomingThe Cheyenne daily Sun. Kill to Van no who mix. Alt a. In m. Plikh Al Ive ten is. T. A Kent. To fun of 17th it�., Ohr Jiuu Dot i Getral ital Llma. Pics lot Erest of Depiola run in ui4 Doit Etc Exchange Laught and som. Special at Tea tits Irta Toloue Cioni. b. By Blob. Cml Umil Quot a. I in Dualeh tvo chef Tim wr�41l Bobbs solicit thu a at nearly Aprice having a heavy Stock of overcoats on hand. 1 am altering them for the next 30 Days at the Fol lowing prices to Rotker a rms ii Iron Geht 1 Las a Tois 3.85 a Skik t la 7 i $ 445 Geht n is $ 750 Geht t i s il2.t�t $ 8.25 a Klit its 9.76 go i Hin is flu of $10.50 Geht a $13.00 Ovelio a i s f22,.ft t $14.80 Velit a is $18.70 children s and boys diced Low prlc6 on Misof it toys. 1 am Selling the a a Cash . Marks. Real estate o a Oil Etc upon at Washington special Tel Pirrami Froin a a the nun to Quot a Gular at the capital. Ltd a rain in kick Tlona Rill Ute to Tarp Kip a Stipp Rrt inn sworn in other Nola oflnt4>ri�al� Etui th4toteh to the Hun. Jan ii a a Rauth in hit i to us lit to Coli ii liar it titi Ulim Ami Iii Iii on mini Fri urn coir it of a it Tiou. Uni Iliani of Tho it Ltd it it his he ii of a Ijiri Quot. Hyk i la Jimil Anil hardly univ fifty Tutor Iii i Lav Quot Vii Saiu a Ini it a Eliut Mii tii in f in 111 Tio in. Mont of Iii Timi lists lid Ltd ii Laki ii up with into a Peis Hift on tin out Ion i til i Ivy Iii i Houi Ino tiits of Irilli Lioi imm mrs Ili Torini isl to resist to till l it or a Iii. I Llu i to 1m <�h�?T�sih1 to Iii Fht i. A he Llis a it in my visa la to Jiro on the Iii Hiis by re sort Iii i l to lib lir no lion Rikl i Huck of a to in Lii a Llis Tuilio Rity l my ii ii till it or Ihu Nia Jority to to it iss at on a till mls Othina till it to Lii it. Till Attu Tiou of the nil Ilo Lutts is la a Only thin like in to a la it oilily wet la the a is Tio is Bill Giitl Orthor my Asci re Sinfori the so unto. It in Cluni Nuisl Eliut the Limo Riv Slio Vilii not Kimii Ialy to Nisi titi a i Witrol of bus Iii iss shut lit Viliy is Tompt to it. Most of till Alisi Iii Sui Torh Hiiva Arn thl Atul the re Al let Utthi pm no Iii m to Morrow. A to a i Ivor Laziu a Siili the i la i lulls Bill and few a Wynn re Man Fla nor for i Tialii Ial la Ris Lalion. Seu tor Milt Ouno la of Idaho took his Twat today Shoup Hartik Inhui Nailiu Itlo. Lad tails flu air la Ortii m six Yawara. Com pm intr pit March pro Wuu id his Cornth ii Tau but liw font Init top that Thoy lie Himi and not Acleta on until next Mea Brown. The Uit a Albu Ovalo Justin Henry b. Brown wan worn in to Day and unit Khia Rimml a the a it Neh. He Haa a hit oink Fai a det Iorii in Lelleon and will a lower Mirs n Hitri Kiuji of Bem Blai Ioa to senator it Ariate to air to Beard and huh dark hair relic holy Burin Koliai with Frey. Is six is t tall and weit Fps about a a Tab out ids. He Lia a Llop not a in Tate of of la it in t lha fairest Init dial of then and ii hard worker. A i lie Luolie Market shows a dts Ditl Jin Iron eminent Over a few Days to. The bunk i Are roue Oua ble aet to Izaal Borovi Era. Hales Are la Minniti Noniel Apiu 5aud tips Rit nil in new Ork and the ii Haik a Iron is a ii Mee Ali Ella. Caroy arrival Here Liis Nior Nin in time to at lend the eau Eua. Senator Warren Iti Eujah Teil to Morrow. . M. Me Alt a i Tkv to Kurwa. Waal Pautuk Jan. Amp. About Tuiai to i Juhl be Iuli Liean the Canoua to night. The Eauil a far a Inavie known waa that the pro Nio lors of the eur to Logia Bill gave Vou Tuit to the tie Luau Oil Bill Willi the Tipu Latsiou that it i Lui awl with the a Moat Kilili Geueke Tea la Citow a a a a a a tape Ahab. Jan. It. The Ai Tiomi of the Neil ale ill Dia glueing the Ehn i Josih Bill with a die Hilum Ial Bill was a Btij Pleu sir Price to the friends of the fori Uei measure and am eral he Imp Lieari Silver sew Alom who Votral Lor the motion aay it we a without a prior know Liale on their a Arr. A i far As Waii i Learmel the Arrari Gereid to Dia Idaias Lam Silver Bill was not Deti Rilely two until Vinie time after the see ale met. Though there had Ireen Stottm Elisul Ulim prior Tou Day in ill subject. It is tide Ratoul that Stewart and Teller were tie a principal Iii overs in the Boheme. Divitiis Nita Are rejoice Iii Over Tho Lisp Aei Rise it of the election a Bill and think it Litia ii Eivet its Ltd it ath blow the Fiti tii Ial Bill mint now tie Din Plue Eil by a direct vote and Han the 1�?~oign of Viiu tage heretofore occupied l v the a a a Tiona Bill. It has the night of Way Tine of the Silver a Natura said to Day it had Lieen decided lost wok to bring on a fight Thia week but it was kept Uriel and a decision As to we Iii to Diane the motion and in whirl form waa not arrived at until the Senate convened this morning . A Waie , Jan. 6.�?the Senate held in executive Sean Ion and when the Disis were re opened the elections Bill was taken up gis Irge resuming tin a Liker to Coutil Mehia speech Cou my Dussl last Wenc slay. St wart Iii ovral to take up the see Al i Lili to a provide against contraction a Currie Iii ii sir a Aid he would yield for that . Hour Mph ieans sir Priseila and asked tii Sirgy a Ledger he had Alt Andone to Lii to Tohir. Irs Irge said he merely Yin a Shi. Have the motion made. Hoar Rieti to say something mor it it bit i Orin an insist is i that the a ii est ii was in get Deti table. Hoar a Sirsi cited but tto Rinan so Tuisl to Solval to allow no disc ii Quot Jiuu of the subject and insisted i l it his a Aii it of order that on toni Iota Iii Pix Sussi on of a lieu i Lorte is not in order. Their do i understand that the of Viator from my ssh nmn Iio considers Liim six of at Lili erty to Yin in to this motion after an at Tangi to Lieut in twee ii him std tid Tny to to r a a what was that a Morinan 1 Yusim upon the Point of order. Till in iding officer or. Harris the a Siitia is Well taken. I Sergt i ask Luaui Ivous consent to i Iak in airy of the senator from Massif i uset la several anti agora of Jis Tysl. The i it a chiding officer the chair will entertain no a proposition thai Ami oils to or tends to delicate. The i lie i ions will the Senate Pru eed to of the Bill to pro Vida again is a a non Matiun of cur Rucj. The vote was taken by yeas and miss and the motion us Nail to Yea to nays. 29, Long of Nevada Mcconnell. Shojii i. Sauford so wart. Teller. and Wolcott voted you with the in Locrata the announce ment of the result was ring died with in cations of sur Pristu and Ilisa to a Timnit of the he Public Uii Aidi of the Chamfer. The Clis Bill having us thus Dis Plain isl and the Liua tibial Bill taken ii. The latter was read by the clerk and Stewart moved to Ummel it by adding his free coinage provision. He air i isl in ship flirt of Hie attend Merit w hic i. Lie said would Reiou Etic Sil vat and it Lake it Lack where it had Issy ii is fore it won excl Disi from mints of the uni led stat. Atul Nunns. Sherman said the sudden and in exp my la he in Teauge of scene and the in of a new topic of debate. Slim us not allow the i measure now pro domed stewarts Saniei Idini Giitl to puss without Suriou and soit attention of every to Maloi. Hie fact that then had Lien Une i Mhz bal Dehnic Tiu in the it arty would not relieve the Miuor ily of this Tessly from its if it Supi Sirtie a that measure. He a i a so Uhul to the a nest Senst of n Stem Sili Ivity on the deems nitric Side of his a Iiams i against this measure Lii he he regime is As evolutionary and la Tigi Roizis and the Elti ail of w his to. If it should is Voine a Law would b Mori it lost relive than that of any measure Tiro Histel for years. If tie friends Onil Vei Hud Only Ialie lha Iii id would wait until the can sent of time Aetis on the Silver Law of last Sessi ii. The a Kiili y of the in Pittsl stub i gov Eri Ideiil Ami of the Prelich Piver ii Melit together with the Nae of he bar in i ouch american states would lilt i it Silver again to the Gold Htun Diing Ulm trial would give them u Gold value for 1 heir Silver. Sherman went on to Auy that Llie Silver act of the last sea iou Ami sgt Iid ing the coinage if ail to doll ant tend Iscon Sunity i adv Amat the Price of Silver Bullion and he had no Douai that if Speculator a Savl not Eute Osl the Arena and if the Ordinary worse of business Hud lieu allowed to Deal with the Muana of Silver and o have oui Eusuf Silver Puro Haisl monthly the Price would have ims ii slowly enhanced until in a few years it might have Lear Hosl Gohl. But Sissy elation entered and an and vane ill the Phat of Silvei Hail ism Forral by a dumb Inatio until it Hail pm up to 17 1, and then of More and Luor Silver Mauiu Riun Hun Racket build Eddy the Price Luni fallen to showing Llinat the Rise and fall Hud not taken Wilmai in the natural eouts Tol in Siuess but us thief Fisit ofas Langgle i Elween the balls and Uijun. Lie hym my to hts my with thevis Wsol the Piej Lent Ami a unitary of the Tria Sirry and the general our tag of Hep Bacun a motors that shul stat Tuaau Isuf Toliaf Wii ibid 1st to per Elise the 1.ooti.rtk Omi Imis of Silver Oil i lie Iii ret Ati Dtho first Sis Tiou of the Bill hotel made Foll my. The tii Isicc commit tsp a missis cd to take off that Load from the Silver Market and put it up at its Market 1�?~riee, and then let the Law of the last Sessi Dii tahe its Cuury Stewart it plied to a Shermain s Virgir Seiil and insisted that it was not the Silver men it the Quot Guild ring Quot that had tampered with the Standard in de monetizing Silver. Keagan also ail is a cd steam to a Imie rident. Adjoin rms. Laass Wasi Noton Jan. Ii. In the House Torlay in of Illinois introduced for reference a in 11 to convert suited slates Legal tender notes from a government Promise to pay into Legal p Lidor government i promises to receive and to restore to circulation the Solil held in the Treasury for the re dem Stiim of i Uibel states Notos. The noun shall dec an on their face Quot this t Nitts slates note Lor dollars will in receive Tel and a a Aid out at All Golem meet offices and depos it or is for All a Lay cats which Are not by Law is paired to is made in i oin Quot after the passage of a few Public building Milfs the a adjoin rms t a Kiln by Ltd it , neb. Jan. It. The Twenty is find a Sisom of the Nebraska legislature is Gius to Morrow. The Iuda so us Anta or Alliance Kop a have control. This Van tsi Jip Mairig the i is Tori of bold for to Lovemore Ami there is a Poasi Iliev of their unseat Iii not Onha him hut All the other state of Iceni elect All of whom Are . Dueber a work t aim Paliv i at. T tvs Insari Jan. duels a watch company whose works Are at i a limn Ohio and who have an office 111 this City assigned this evening for the Ismeit of the credit Ore. Nominal assets Jat Bililies. Irelnd ing a i references Delier also made an individual As Signi nent. Lialiilitiesf2r>2,, assets �2t l tilt. I a Pitrea harpers artist. , Jun. 5, set vial from White River a. D., says Frederic Remington harpers War artist was captured by a Small Larty of Hostiles yesterday. Remington was unmanned and the indians to Metal him lost and told him to go Home after taking his to Lioci of and sketch Skik from him. Wanna i Tatj it a Erie 19l i2l Lake Sli and Xhu Cliville Emma Abbon dead Atn Ertray i Nwe Tegt Ninger Russel away at Salt Lake Cit Yafeth a Short illness rhe tied an the atm Ivenar of her by Baad Heath the remains will be sent to nos Boeh naretto. The it a rho to new Yob Jan. 5.�?the Slock Market Mintu Iniel a to Strong tone. Sea lugs showed a j rum it undid broadening out of the Market Ami some stocks which have in cd ii Egu it a is fur Mont Lis were traded in and the activity in the i ural list was Greatt a than at Auy time since the in seut Riat Allegan. The Market closed with most of the it at close to the Hig Diest Points. Love moment bunds Dull. Money on Call easy closed offered at a a a is it. Closing Juu Halioua rain gel As follows Pacific Atchison 29ji american express 11 Canada Pac i tic 723 i Canada Southern 49 it neral Pacific 29 Burlington 911 , h i Leuver Ulm Rio Urai Ide j Kansas and Texas Hore it Tel Ishii Villu and Nusis Viii 74michigan Central 91 Missouri Pacific fill Northern Pulitic. �?~�2it do preferred 17j� Sot Lewt Stem ill do prefer nil Dili sew York Central of 2 on Gou .l Oregon Suvi Gati ii i9l Len gon Short line 21>l Pacific mail,h.h\ heading 99ji Kasji Lalind. Tt9a St. Paul r>2i t ans la a civic Llyl i Nim Pacific 44 Fargo express Xvi in lipid St Btu sex in is i�7 Western i Niue 77 american Cotton Oil. 1. , Jan. It. Cattle receipts .s.trnil. Marki i motive and it had Ling lib a. Slis is t.2ii if.ftl a tui Ken it slim it i arts i its it talk. Market higher. Nulin a d.h7 f/4.9d West urns i exaiisa9. t4jtft. Bitting a Vii. The old chief Haa bet roed from the Happy Bunting around and Hob and sued Hla follow Era and the ult Uena of Cheyenne to okla at the Washington Market Shtob la Beed Quarter far Tea beet , Mutton and veal Turkeya. Oklok eni duo a geese it Tuou and Pruni Rte Obio Kena. Treab Salmon amur Geon Bounden sea Boot a Kite flak and Trout. Vegetables. New la Ralpa cauliflower to Straw berries lettuce Radis Bea and zelary and other tki Uga too Nui Seroua to men Uon. Remember the a Abington Market w Here to a Lay and will not be undersold in our use of Good. A Talky taken into . Leave your order for poultry of the Boudrye. Huli Orelbe lot the is m Salt Lake Jan. It. Emma Alil Xit. The great american it Rima a i this City this morning of Pic no Tiia. She was taken ill Wisla mesday night list in spite of her physics Una so Iroles persist we in going on the stage and singing. Sino then she Raj idly failed until this morning when she died. A singular Ciuci do acc Coni jts Tud with the affair is that she Dussi on the anniversary of her husband s i a at. Theissl w ill is Emiil Truisi and taken to Gloucester mass. When her Hustind is buried. A miss Emma tji Ott was one of tin we Ulley women of the l Uil a states her estate is Itig �stiinat4sl at i1.�o�ou. A Princi silly in real estate it 1. A re Ril it of bclli�?Tvr4 ,an. To. Col. Forsythe has Ash n re livid of his command at Pine Ridge. Otisi Derabin can ism a he uni against col. Forsyth is suspension in the War . It seems to by Ili rectal ii Gums the i Ulicy of relieving ail off is r during to lib a ingress of a Campaign inst cud of Iva iting until after the trouble is sett its 1. As to the charge that col font Yah. Ii lowest his men to kill women Aud children it is Stu two it would is Inis soil be in the hurry and confuse Quot us no eiss cited fight to a Stam a sly and Pursuit to detect the sex of the Sioux. One Olicer remark isl Quot it is pie Misut Rous to soy it is in an Lidian skirmish to Slop firing Long to find out just what Mirt of Iii Ian Yon Are shooting at. The w Onieta and men look very much alike in their Blanket com tums and the former Are quite As tier lighters of the men. A Sioux n Law is of Bud an enemy As a Buck at Tina. Tbs Little Wys. Too. Can a Isit quite As Well of their fathers and what a a a is Tacle it would be for soldiers on seeing a lit Vear old pointing a loin a gun at aim with As True Aii Piui us 111� is St Luar Smau in the army to Stojin his Addams and cry out Quot my Sou you must drop that gun. For Yon Are a minor and 1 am not a nowt in to Hurt you another officer said this rate the Sioux troubles will grow to is just As bad As the events of the first line years of War when every officer with an Index it Nde it command had not Only an enemy in front of him but a court martial a ii nil still i Iother officer said it was a j rave Ernie to order the Relief of Cul Kors the at this slate of the proceedings and thus hold up a warning Finger to every colonel in the Little army around Pine Ridge to Tell them that the death of i Ali Shux must sex Njaim a. A t Lailaa \>ter4a i Viiu aug Jan. It. I p to a Lute hour i night army Headquarters Rev need no advil i s it Garding the re minted Buttle in Llic Vicinity of Pine Hadgi Ulm officers Ile Dart a their a lib of there was Wolbing in it. , Jan. It a dispatch Smi Ivill by Gen Schofield from Gen. Mih n at i Utoft t his Vuu Itig Iii Catt a then Lias iss ii no Battle with the in Diasis to Day. This was the Liitt is i Sisich its Elvisl not it i Midnight. To vim Ian. It. A sons in from Chadron. Neb., says the res its of fighting in that Vicinity during i lie 1s St two Days Are . No milians Are within to tily Xvi Miles of that Pluis. Coveris to Ironsh their in inti friends of years stated Iii Liniai a a till and massacre Havelos u full Dis idea to sin and in atari by Plain Naif. To in. Miles is thoroughly Luti Versall wifi All Thene facts and himself says that stir situation is excise i Italy critical Liere Are has than t Al Solidi cars Here now All told. Midi brew is Liere have Assn info ii a i by re Aliven and friends whom Sola of them have among the Hostiles that to my had letter move their fair ii a Long distance drum the Agency As a great raid and massacre was Iurii Iii. Half bras is Are ii Wing is what tiny think of tills by getting their families out of Here with a Rush. A re eight this Lura Llanil. Ghana jail it. The Tkv has the follow ing from in stuff Corn upon debit Pink Remsik s let a a via a Nashville the sch he Sion a Nimms men of Gen. Forsyt i Cuiyue like a Flash and creates Aina Vincnt in Lumn minds. Lucial in myths Are Ciompi to Allen quiz ii of the Hub it. It will a inulin Bly Ussine known to the general Public later on. The Dis swi Tiomi of to k a making it Ini Mai Sib i or them to do with out killing each other. Grimsl the greater a wit of. For Gen. Foray lha a Lusiam Sioui. The tax i Onset is of the Ai Nalion is whorl Iti ill the Liuding hostile Elief w 1 0 has himself All along during this trouble by never or a in unsent Iii Onidi ring any overt Urtis its Kinig to an Amic Uhle Millen Keiit and Olio Lias now assign so coins find of the great i sly of his Tiow told oui Apia last night to jul lie would take Thisa Geicy if it Cost Eter Warrior lie Hod. Love Rumen Herder John hover and Issue clerk Hugh have both tha Hal fall Hill a a a Mia Kwh. Lincoln inn it a col. Cody Buffalo Bill will leave to Momiy morning on an Ini dirt ill a Iwason among Hie it indians being sent by governor Thayer. Tim later is lines at pres-ii1 to make known the nature of the Mission. Tar Indian to inc Tana Law. Was Iuni ton inn. It. Secretary Nelile was iui�?~rt1ioii so til Day As to shul action Hail is wit taken on the Llda Tion of Gen. Mih Ltd that the italia ii agents of South Vukota agencies is o Lier isl from further duty and that their Daw s is Iilah a with Luil Loury offices. To lib Sis relay said he Dill not car to the Nellit further than to say the subject had not is in my it Toms to him Brand one with Niitani Rita to i t in the emitter. It is is lib Wal however that Hoti lil Gen. Miles is submitted o Linin Liy the president for Ilia views the sati tary would strongly opt comr such Transfer. The a cart Lary no see with if nos is that had Assn in Ltd a cilia Tiomi is entry to the Effis t that the Iti Liaise we ii in a starving condition and that the is lid Iii trouble gnaw out of tie fill that the government had not kept its agn i Lieut with the Sioux but. On the Iii tray had Al ready is gun to Cut Down rations in Vio ution of All treaty obligations. The Stati tary de nuanced tense Nalale merits Asun it Ualifi Tlsty false. The Story of starvation Ati Doug the Sioux was a pure Fliri Culioli. For ten Long years the government in Ful Ull Merit of its to aty obligations Hud t is it 1 Fis a i 11 g r h i is Oil 1 i n i Dien i Sii. Some of 1 hem. High we ver. Were Thrifty Farmers and Gossl i Leizens hut the Greab r pro Kirtz it were a Ihry fleas. Indole in set. Perfis Fly willing to spend i air time in idleness and in finding fault will the on every Concis i vault Imi text the Truty of Towt Secretary Noble said obligated the govera Tienlu to furnish them with a Vertu in amour it of Fislid. Clothing simple Mesils Homes ,Etc., until they should lie tone sifting. Alter ten Yeara had in Law miss during which time the a Erti trient spent Lull runs of Dollar w Ith the View of placing the ind atm on a Milf supporting Lias is Melliere of very a Tropi Ray is Gutu to inquiry whether it was the Piir it Ohe of the Ogieru Merit to continue a Iules quite in and fore i r the policy of of Tsnling Fin limits who a lers stud in living in idleness. They thought it i Siut thi in ability to Hup Kirt theist leu and so the was rvs mss one Liui Idu a to Tousand Drillars not a very Largi amount alien Iskui panel with the vast sum which tic usual a Cal owl for. To nth Uhm the Indian imams Liutala is Gan us Milain lint made a Effort Towall Fis Ding i inst of. The indians is cup isl vast territory Loti Laining Khoii satins of acres of pin a Active lamp. La it it was sup it Lisl we Illi everything a in scary to improve it and rails in Iii but pie Ferris to do nothing and let the government you Tilini tout Lihsi ill ills Iii Iulah. It was time lha Sis Relar thou Gill shut Hesi mop1e should is Tomt so Loisl to d i something and he Hud lost Patio Niue with those who Uphill ill Lui Lialis in thi in idleness am he signs Rev re grelt�slthei�?~�c�n1 action of the military had Ren Ribisl in Ami he hims it a Lintl his part in evil was in no is Iise of Isit Isible for it. _ till. Hilda Ivel lbt. L . It. In the. I As it to Lay tie i Nion Pacific Tutor Ivey arg inst tin ii ii Iii it w Ith the1. Paul a Iii was act Civ a lease or at Ali Suie. In is. Paul actor Kiev insist it a con rate. Iii dig bund held the 1 Ilion Pacific must show ii i to Indio w Why they ate hot in con Cupl. T i to Law s thus Rvl in a a Igat at Nim in k is Ian. It. A num sir of in film is of i Lio Elund s Colo Rel Mimi ii con Amy got into a tight with Lou men on tin Missouri i to ill la its ii St cd Semih and atchious last night titi me ititus the Irinco it Al Counihan. And a beak eau Wen it dirt. Tin Cun Decuir and six ral it the Negrini were bruised More or less. The Light was Cuuthi by tiai Linen Hying to East from a Chuili pm a null us of ii gnaw win Wen Misin. H dist Tiitma croup we mining migh and Bru Whitis Roli evil by Shiloh Civ. For Dole at a f

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