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Chester Times (Newspaper) - October 9, 1933, Chester, Pennsylvania CHESTER TIMESCHESTERPAJIQNDAYnnTOBER NINE Home Daily Short Story MISS DARROW By Copyright 1933 by McClure Newspaper Syndicate Dr Carr had said as he had tossed the letter on Frances desk Tills is a grave mistake Miss Worthington Whoever is responsible for it will have to accept notice Check it and bring the report to the board meeting Prances cheeks were as bright as hollies as she glanced through her desk file Miss Darrow had made that inexcusable blunder Miss Dar row of ail people Every day during the three years that Prances had been secretary to Dr Carr some nervetrying moment had arrived between Miss Darrow and herself If there was a mistake in the mailing list an unconsciously tactless voice over the telephone any error that might occur in the routine of the most efficiently managed of fice Miss Darrow saw to it that the blame was concentrated wholly and unjustly upon Frances Staring at the incriminating data Prances wondered why Miss Darrow hated her She knew only that the older woman had been Dr Carrs former secretary she did not know of course what being THAT had really meant to Miss Darrow the pride in ths title the modest boasting among her friends her im portance When Dr Carr conceived the idea of making Prances his sec retary and elevating Miss Darrow to the directorship with a raise in sal ary Miss Darrow did not consider t an advancement It was base in gratitude for tireless service an un endurable humiliation She was never quite able to convince herself that Frances hadnt maneuvered the whole thing Naturally she hated her Francess eyes were like blue crys tal as she inserted an immaculate card in the typewriter Her fingers dancing over the keys spelled Miss r jfWik V Clendenaogs Health Talks Logan deadening MD Darrqws dismissal from Carr Cor poration She typed Miss Darrow made the error relative to the attached corre spondence Busy for a change No novels tucked away in your lap or desk 1 JTrlet stressed scrambling for th You its card attachment and handed It to the beaming directoress j For a moment the deeply sunken eye rested on the carbon Is THIS it Miss Darrow asked Incredulous Marjorie leaned over the angular shoulders and squinted Sure Thats it A faint color crept into the virginal face She made a move as if to arise from her desk an indignant stiff lit tle move But instead of nattering out of the office she hesitated frowned and dropped back into her chair Her face drained of all color like the sand from an hourglass and the letter trembled to the floor Boy was that a mistake Mar drawer Miss Darrow closed tho ou ave seen door behind her and crossed to the ogled her OUCK t You should have seen th filing cabinets adjusted her pincenez I suppose Ill never find the right card if you filed it A moments silence Were you really ill yesterday or just off somewhere with that carrot top yours Jimmie Baxter would boil if he heard that Frances thought boiling Miss Darrows lips hardly moved We all make mis takes she said And that evening before the fore battled over the use of the one smal mirror above the washbowl Frances left Carr Corporation As she walke a little under the recurrent glare o the street lights he did not see th a little herself in outraged loyalty Sray tone of tne office building th Massive bronzed Jimmie with j 1Shts glorifying the Can products laughing gray eyes and the shock of iastead was conscious only of in auburn hair summarized as carrot nnite space of the tears that slipped from her nf Hmmie I was ILL she said with an j voice so intonation as calm as she could asgre5lmE sume Francess eyas blazed in a mighty conflagration at the tall gaunt woman Sarcasms clothed in anaemic wit Suspicions aired under raillery But suddenly the heat drained from her scare Miss Dar row was old Funny she hadnt realized that until now For all her brisk energy her face was tired marked forever with the strain of being in a certain office at a certain Listen Jimmie she said miser r llllJd ably stepping into the little car Irr fired I guess that means we have to wait ages to be married now She told him about Mis Darrow and what he had done But Jimmie was laughing the Irish in him crinkling his handsome face Wait he cried Heck no I gosh Fran I dont know how uuuig in a certain oince at a certain out I was rnad time whatever the weather whatever manager of the laundries today W her health She had started to work I can et married tonight at seventeen Frances had heard tnats if wlU honey Youll never about her invalid brother the two de pendent sisters She turned back to the typewriter her eyes fixed on the indicting card It wasnt pleasant to think of Miss Darrow at an employment agency her nervous fidgeting fingers her eager desperate eyes She had seen old women there bfore but never without her heart choking in her throat No opening for a woman over sixty todas maam the man i would say Gpd Why did life have I to be like that to start But I have to work again honest The car chugged and sputtered anrl started off down the boulevard Prances snuggled under his arm She was all warm and glowing in the realization of this wonderful thing that had happened to Jimmie She Vvondered if it was her reward for doing the right thing by Miss Dar row God had a hand in things llk that and things retribution and when Marjorie Dickens told Miss Darrow that Fran and Jimmie UK jise inai jaiiuw inac rran ana Jimmie WeJli This card was filed under marrlBd the very night she was Ds Miss Worthington Miss Darrow i fireci and could she beat that the snapped thinlipped as she bsnt older woman just stood there calmly over the cabinet in her nearsiohtpri unpinning the paper cuffs at he wrists saying nothing thinkin Humph Pretty clever of HER get ting out of her years contract with Pretending she Just so she ness Strange place for a whose name begins with Z man mistake tlmfc And with that she slammed the drawer with disgust and walked out of the room At the door she paused Mistakes are inexcusable she hissed You are too careless Guess your minds mostly on that redhead laundry boy Then she was gone Laundry boy Jimmie the best laundry solicitor In Baltimore Laun dry boy Indeed Frances jerked the card from the machine You cant even be sorry for an old buzzard like that she thought At noon when the trustees filed from the board meeting Marjorie Dickens collected her pencils and stenographic pad and rushed down the hall to Miss Darrows office Frances Worthington has been fired she began breathlessly She made a mistake that cost Carr 000 Miss Darrow shot up straight and tall as a telephone pole She fairly bristled We11 Im glad of THAT Ive always said she didnt have a brain in that towhead of hers The little snit Marjorie was impressed Gee So neup nr if t j you did She fumbled with her pfle j of papers drew out the letter with tillery insignia ROCKET CARRIED MAIL MUNICHMail wasTransported by rocket for the first time recently in Austria from the top of the Hoch Troetsch Mountain to the village of Semriach a distance of a mile and quarter The designer of the rocket is Fritz Schmield Pulverizezd chlor HseL 1 thc The for overseas The rocket mail had special stamps GERMAN PIPE IS PRIZED LAUREL MontA fivefoot long pipe taken from a German dueoul during the World War is the proud possession of Titus Mauck The nine is capped with a German helmet bearing the Hohenzollern coat of four va decorated with a arms ar Corner The Happy Birthday list will be published in the Linldrens Corner of this page every Saturday Cou pons must reach the Chester Times Office by Wednes day noon to guarantee publication same week An If A1lare betwee the ages of 5 and 12 years fi 1 out this coupon today and mail it to the Chester Times Chester Pa your name will be placed on our membership roll and will be published Name Address Dale of Birth I was born on MonthDayyear Name of Father or Mother J soo oin Uy Ely Culberlson Worlds Champion Player and Greatest Card Analyst 8Z7 VIENNA COUP In the typical squeeze situa tion when a player is forced o unguard one or more stoppers in his hand thus enabling his opponent t o take tricks with minor cards he can usually free himself of the pressure discarding if j he can choose h i s discards after the squeezing hand has been forced to choose his The fundamental principle of the Vienna Coup is that De clarer playing a hand for a squeeze must sacrifice the mas ter card in one suit or more in order that the defense player may not have this great advan tage of time in discarding Al though this line of play estab lishes as the top card of its suit an otherwise secondary card in in adverse hand it frees com munication between the hands of the squeezing partnership S 5 3 0 10 8 7 98642 A Q 5 V A 9 2 0 A Q J 5 AQ 3 I played the above hand in a Duplicate tournament at a con tract of sis notrump but since every trick counts at Duplicate I was most anxious to achieve the maximum result West open ed the spade six I played the spade Knave from Dummy and it held the trick Now I played four rounds of diamonds taking the last in my own handwith the Ace On the last diamond West discarded the club Ten and be cause I knew him to he an honest player I felt sure he was not falsecarding It was therefore obvious that should I finesse for tha club King I vould lose a trick and make only and should I lead five rounds of hearts it would be necessary for me to discard the Queen of either spades or clubs on the last heart whereupon West could un guard his King of the same suit and win a suro trick with the King of the other suit I there fore played the club Aco at tho sixth trick and then played five rounds of hearts discarding my Queen and three of clubs on tho last two at which point the position was as follows After I discarded the club Queen West had to choose be tween throwing the club King whereupon D u m m ys Knave would have been high or the spade Ten thus allowing me to cash the Ace and Queen of spades I therefore was suc cessful In winning all 13 tricks TOMORROWS HAM If East vulnerable has opened the bidding and South is plajing a contract of four hearts wbat is the most probable line of play to give him his contract provided East wins the first two diamond tricks and returns a trump East Dealer East and West vulnerable 4 A Q 6 j Q J 7 0 Q 5 A A K J 7 S 9 10954 K 9 S 3 S 3 4 2 N w A K 8 3 2 V 4 0 A K 10 I Z Q 10 S J7 A 10 6 5 2 J 9 7 6 63 The hand will be discussed In tomorrows article Copyright 1933 Ely Culbertsou Your Children By Olive Roberts Barton At the age of six the bruin is almost as IHIRC us It Is cvur going to be The active part of the bruin the cortex attains Us full thickness by the iiRc of 15 months No other part of the body reaches maturity so early Such rapidity of structural growth means great functional activity And certainly individuals lourn more in the llrst six years of life than they do in nil the rest of their lives put together To learn to see o fuse tiie livo ImtiKcs of he two eyes to Iciirn to hear to distinguish from which direction sounds romc mid wlmt sort of sounds they m to talk lo walk to undcrslnnd simple diivc liomjusl to think about the myriad imngs ihe child Jwiinn js exhaustinr No wonder then Hint ihc biun needs periods of real And liui only way the brain Bols rest is through sleep The digestive systrm hn periods of rest between meals the muscles are rested occustonally but noi until sleep comes ls icst for the And c 0f course vests many heart the eyes the Marian Martin Pattern A man cannot mnke pair of shoes unless he do it in a devout manner There are more proverbs about shoes than about the weather and this one dates back a hundred years I am going lo make up one of my own A woman cannot have a dc voijt manner unless she wears a de cent pair of shoes This is uptodate Believe it U you like but up to the time of the World War there was no such thing as the spike heel There were high French heels on evening and afternoon shoes and some modi fied Louis for the street but none of the stilts that women aflect now What has happened to us It isnt the fault of the makers Every man ufacturer makes what women they nre not educators Theyd just as soon mnke shoes with oneinch heels as not But women keep on de manding the others Look for Comfort I am neither a Susan B Anthony nor a Marlene Dietrich I dont think there is any more to be gained by copying masculine footwear than by wearing mens trousers I like femi nine things and I like particularly graceful shapely shoes But shoes can be all this and com fortable and hygienic too The ex travagantly high heel is neither Some day we will howl our heads off when we fish a pair of todays curiosities out of an attic trunk Out of every dozen mothers who are on their feet most of the day we almost certainly will find 90 per cent who take their scufled street shoes to finish out in the house And of these I think we can safely count that half have spike heels Very often they are crooked too It takes the very slightest angle on the heel to throw the whole body out of plumb Not only that but the weight of the body is thrown forward not on the ball of the foot where it belongs Harm From High Heels If you have studied natural physiol ogy you will know that weight power and fulcrum have to be prop erly placed to get leverage Nature has fixed that for us but we are balking her By shortening ths Achilles tendon back of the ankle After the first year of seep is the infains chief uucmn Ret discomfort or pain the hours for i sleep nre gradually reduced to 15 In tll1 JO Olirs in the 24 is standard Every effort should be made to provide the child with comfortable daaonppnipvitc S1PCPU1K datlonb In days of economic stress big lhls is dif ficult because ns nearly as possible children should sleep alone neguJarily is the primp condition islecip Go0fl seeping j Thorn the one Uie other sound K tho nrbltcr OI thpiil i n of i cnsturbances11 S a Is imTMS SKC uor nlow 10 am over because an in occupation Is In hand is a practice for the pence the entire np apt to J JLtb ijjnAua ft number of cte M as a drink lourset0 1S I varicose veins Are tlfey dangerous is there any cure for them comfort and ill treatment which consists ii GBJySs mUiar to all uptodate physicians ns it has been described frequently in medical magazines TWO NECKLINES FOR ONE FKOCK Complete Diagrammed Marian Martin Sciv Chart Included PATTERN 9731 This frock holds two big secrets One day youll sveur the frilly jabot tucked under the chin nnd look so bwcct and demure the next youll substitute he fetching little scarf and tie and friends will wonder just how you get KO many dothis its easv when both he tricky necklines are In cluded in the nattermt And youll love the divine back bodicn and smart new sleeves Pattern 9791 may be ordered only in sizes 14 16 18 20 32 3J 36 38 40 mid 42 Size requires Hi yards 33 inch fabric and i yard contrasting Send FIFTEEN CENTS In coinsor stamps coins preferred for EACH MARIAN MARTIN pattern Be sura to write plainly your NAME AD DRESS the STYLE NUMBER and SIZE of cncli pattern THE WINTER EDITION OF THE MARIAN MARTIN PATTERN BOOK shows all the new style highlights This book will guide you to a dis tinctive wardrobe nt littlo cost SEND TOR IT TODAY PRICE OF PAT TERN BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS Address nil orders to Chester Times Pattern Department Chester Pa EAUTY HINT By Gladys Glad One of Americas lending coiffure stylists recently announced that the revival of the glamorous fashions of the Gay Nineties might bring in Us wake a return to pompadours paychrs and profusely curled coiffures At nny rate lie contends soft curls nnd ringlets will be really essential this season in order to harmonize with the femininity of the new styles That wont make mucn ufrcrcncc to Hie uvcrasc woiniin however For as I told you yesterday a good many females have Curltlocks complexes And theyll do most anything to pro cure ringlets and curls in their tresses However as I mentioned In my last nrtlc c there are plenty of safe and effective methods of curling the hair without resorting to harmful prac tices The most satisfactory way of course is to have the ends of the hair permanently waved But there are other methods too The method you adopt for procur ng ringlets depends somewhat upon the length of your hair If you have a very short bob the best way of curling tho ends is by making tiny snail curls To make these take small strands of your hair moisten them and twist each of them into tiny fiat ringlets Then pin each ringlet In place and permit it to dry when all the tiny ringlets are en tlrcly dry remove the pins and comb encli one softly about your finger If you have ft medium bob it is best to use the snail curls on the sides of your hair For the back of your hair however you may use the same methods that arc designed for the long bob To make soft ringlets in hair of these lengths you may use those round aluminum curlers or the oldfashioned kid curlers In this process the hair should again bo di vided Into small strands and mois tened well Then one of the pre ferred type of curlers should be placed nt the bottom of each strand tho hnir wound around It and the curler fastened When nil the strands hava been rolled on the curlers the hair should be permitted to dry And when dry each ringlet should ba combed softly around the linger This will train the hairends into attrac tively soft youthful ringlets ANSWERS TO QUERIES Mrs S J The reducing course outlined in my New Figure book let Is indeed guaranteed to take off eight to ten pounds n two weeks It is to my knowledge one of the most healthful reducing routines in exis tence Sister Marys Kitchen October is the harvest month foi delicious vegetables of many kinds Homely comfortable and substantial the autumn vegetables are R hearten ing group Turnips prepared in the following manner become decidedly aristocratic Ing housewife i Turnips DC Luxe tender adding 1 tablespoon lemon Juice Let water cook awny and add turnips to a sauce made by meltinp remaining butter stirring in flour and when this mixture is bubbling slowly adding milk and cooking until thick constantly Remove sauce tvnn A HTU i spoon lemon juice and minced parsley Scalloped Onions With Cheese small white onions arch and enlarging toe joints we have the best recipe for agony I know No not for awhile the process is slow but insidious and sure Agony of feet means agony of mind Nothing shows in a womans face or disposition as quickly as sore feet lame backs and grief teaspoon white pepper i s Pare and cut into cubes turnips to make throe cups Dron into cold water to which 1 tablespoon lemon Juice has been added nnd let stand thirty minutes Cook In boil ing salted water until almost done Melt li tablespoons butter in sauce pan add turnips and shake well Add 1 cup boiling water or chicken stock it aliti cheese 10 or 1 tomatoes Boil onions until tender in salte water Let water cook away end ad iintll liquid is absorbed Arrange in butter Stir well and cook slowlj n single layer in a buttered glass plat tcr or pie dish nnd pour over whit sauce Sprinkle with grated chees and put in hot oven until cheese L melted Put tomatoes which have WOW SHELL NEVER SCRUB ACAIN IM AT THE GROCERS MOTHERIS THERE ANY THING YOU NEED HELLO MOTHER HERES YOUR SOAP RINSO SOAKS OUT DIRT IT SAVES YOU HOURS OF WORKAND THE CLOTHES LAST 2OR 5 TIMES LONGERTOO KNOW IT ISNT BUT 1 WISH YOUD TRY IT IT SAVES SCRUBBING YES BRING ME SOME LAUNDRY 100 on clothes WASHDAY How to save RUTHMY WASH IS 4OR5 SHADES WHITERAND DIDNT IS CERTAIN WOMEN everywhere tell us theyve saved up to c washing clothes the safe scrublcss Rinso way No wonder Theres no scrubbing with Rinsono washday abuse whatever Dire is gentlysoaktJout Clothes last 2 or 3 times longer And how wonderfully white clothes come from a Rinso soaking Youll see for yourself that your towels shcecs table linens come ac least 4 or 5 shades whiter 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