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Chester Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Chester, Pennsylvania Daily average net paid circulation for May final edition with All latest Anil beat news of the 54th 16696 Dally leased wire of Una ii press Ipi and the International news service ins Chester a monday june 23 1930 Twenty pages Price two cents mrs Lindbergh Mother of boy on 24th birthday Blond haired and Blue eyed heir born at mor Row Home in n j parents of boy weighs pounds no name selected by parents As yet kngu2wood n j june Sou was born yesterday afternoon to colonel and my Charles a Lind Bergh at the Home mrs Linda berths father ambassador Dwight Morrow in knt Lewood n j the event occurring on the mothers Twenty fourth birthday the Childs arrival was soon after 3 p m Anil later word was sent out that the infant weighed Between seven and on half and seven and three quarters pounds and that the baby and the Mother were doing Well both resting comfortably an attache of the mor Row household had announced the birth newspaper bulletins and radio broadcasting stations were sending the message to every Corner the nation and the cables were carrying it abroad ambassador Morrow his wife and other members of the family were at Home when the baby arrived mrs is Angeline Lindbergh the fliers Mother was expected to come from her Home in Grosse Pointe Detroit within an hour after the news of the Childs arrival had been sent out by the morrows congratulatory Mes sages began to pour in messenger boys carrying envelopes hurried up the Long Road and the procession was still under Way today a few friends drove in to offer their congratulations but Only those known to the guards were admitted through the Gate i Many residents of ankle Wood vent to the Morrow estate in the after noon while the world outside immediately showed an intense interest in continued on Page two boys club has Many interested temporary quarters at third and Kerlin its fills need Pierce Dies in electric chair vet Relief Bill revised after at Bellefonte Hoover warning Slayer of patrolman to in present state it Means Walski sobs As he enters death room tax disc president tells Senate Leader colonel and mrs Lindbergh org Charles a Lindbergh who was Anne Morrow daughter of ambassador and mrs Dwight w Morrow became the Mother yesterday of a son weighing 7yz pounds the child Bor vat the Morrow Home in Engle Wood n j colonel Lindbergh has not decided on a name it is reported is accompanied from cell to chair by Rev a e Mann of Media special to Chester times a june carried and halt dragged by two six foot policemen who escorted him John Pierce 31 negro of Chester passed through the Little Green door at Hock View Penitentiary at 7 a in today and six minutes later he Hail paid the Penally for the slaying of Krank Kowalski on december 1u last tottering on the verge of collapse since he was informed last Friday night that he must go to the electric chair this morning Pierce spent the greater part of the night in prayers of atonement for has act to being consoled during his last few hours on Earth by the Hev a Mann negro pastor of Media who accompanied Pierce in his walk to the chair Robert kill Oil the poker faced offi Cial executioner a Little Gimlet eyed Man Elyj can Tell of a milling out the life of Ruth Snyder and Jurod Gray without any sign of emotion stood near the switchboard in the Bleak Grey death House is the Little door opened and the Ohio a of the minister could be heard As the Vic Tim approached the heart beats of the six witnesses the state demands must wit Ness tie execution of the extreme penalty for a murder could be heard in the Loath like silence a silence commanded by a dozen signs the Only tilings that adorn the Walls of that terrible chamber Pierce seemed in a As he was half curried through that door lie didst seem to see the witnesses nor the state of Licals who were grouped near that chair his lust spark of courage left him As he glimpsed that chair the arms of which seemed to reach out to grab he tried to Edge closer to the Clergyman but the husky Guarda Reed writes new measure said to be approved by the White House Washington june i dip hurried conferences were called by lenders of the various semite groups today to decide what should to done about Ircul diet hoovers Stem Yurii ing of a veto against passage of the world War veterans pension Bill which s scheduled for a Vole before 6 p m the warning issued from the Louse lust night found More than n two thirds majority of the semite leaked to pass unchanged the Bill which or Hoover stated would in crease tiie expenditure for veterans by Igloo Oulu next year it was particularly disconcerting to the Senate because the president quoted his Secretary of Treasury to the of tact that times would have to ii raised again next year it the expenditures wire made since or Hoover vetoed the Spiodi ish War veterans pension Bill two weeks no congressmen have known he intended to veto the pending Bill but they were arranging to pass it Over his veto a two thirds majority just As they did the Spanish veterans measure the presidents statement however May change the complexion of things it was in a letter to lie publican Moor trader Wal Sou of the Senate who announced he intruded to Lay it before that body at the opening of the Days debate the president summed up his ideas As follows we have stretched government expenditures in the budget beginning july 1 to the utmost limit of our possible receipts and have even in mayor Ruffu of a than tic City and three killed by Shore train at Absecon executive leaving party and travelling in automobile is struck at an two friends among to swerve Sedan from engines Rose from Barber to Power in new Jersey politics continued on Page two after several weeks preparation the new Home of the boys club of Chester has been opened at third and Kelliri streets this City with an enrolment of More than 100 boys j d Kari has been named superintendent of the new club and has direct supervision of the boys or 13wan was formerly connected with the Chicago boys club and before coming to Chester organized and supervised the Wichita Falls Tex boys club the third and Kerlin streets quarters arc however Only temporary it was announced and As tiie membership grows larger More suit Able Headquarters May be obtained the club at present consists of a Large Reading room a game room and a carpenters shop this latter department is proving one of the most popular features of the club and dozens of boys Are making Small articles under the Tutelage of or Ewan a Board of directors has been placed in charge of the building and Are responsible for the maintenance of care of it these men Are Charles p Larkin or president Gerald h offing treasurer and Henry s Barker Secretary the Complete Board of directors of the organization consists of or John e Eynon Clifford h Peoples Charles Garland George Boutelle a r Granger e Wallace Chadwick the Rev Herbert Weaver the Rev John Toner William Boyd George Thomson j h Ward Hinkson Archie Levy and Harry Fynes the club is associated with the boys club federation of America Andis nonsectarian in its work Tho main object of the organization is to keep juvenile delinquent at its lowest level and to assist Young boys educationally to Foster athletics and to keep the boys from Corner hangouts the local club is being supported by Public subscription and although no drive has been made for funds As yet any contributions can be made any member of the Board of directors especially needed at this Lime arc books and clubhouse equip ment As the growing number of boys attending the club necessitates additional equipment since the club open Dat third and Kerlin streets the neighbourhood has been the Mecca of boys of All Ages and larger quarters May be needed soon legion corps in colourful March Lancaster unit wins first prize in keen contest at Norwood upper Darby drive is off rum search changes into fining Mill is charge of Many with the same staccato cadence they displayed on the Drill Fields Chir ing their term of service in the War a decade ago 000 men decked Iii gaily hued uniforms competing in a drum and Bugle corps contest at Norwood saturday evening won the plaudits of More than 10000 who lined the route of the Parade the american legion Post no of Lancaster recently crowned Eastern states champions easily won the first honors this Well trained group of exse vice men also getting a cup for the Post having come from the farthest Point in Pennsylvania Lancaster and fifty two men in line second major prize was won by Greenwood Post of Philadelphia third honors was awarded the shoe maker Post no 95 of Bridgeton n j the Pennsylvania Railroad Post no of Philadelphia placed fourth and Delaware Post no of Wilmington Del was awarded fifth prize Silver Loving cups were also awarded to Bridgeton legionnaires for the most Man Miles for corps competing from outside the state and the Drill team of the Schlegel Post of West Chester this being the Only Drill team in the line of March the winning units were judged on continued on last Page playing on ladder boy fractures Arm h Feinberg inc wins window trophy a Large Silver Loving cup awarded by the Delaware county chamber of Commerce for the Best dressed win Dow during the second and final week of a window dressing contest in this City was won by the it Cinberg inc store fifth Street and egmont Avenue the judges composed of women of Tho Century club business and professional women club american legion and the Council of jewish women Weri unanimous in their Choice the prize winning window being i Lawn scene and very attractively arranged by a member of the firm the Twenty judges were also unanimous in making their second and third place pc sections second being Piven in the Nathan Smith store and the a w a Olson store received third likewise there was Only one mentioned for fourth honors it being bergers store the cd profit teen company and Sears Roebuck tied for fifth place four tied for sixth they being Carl Doub efs m t freed store the Ann shop and Wool Worth six were mentioned for seventh place and five for eighth place the sixth place winners were Speare Brothers Tollins Spencer stationery Cooley Lilley Gayley hardware store ind mailman the latter being it Fiol cd cont Avenue Murray Ell hip store Harry Mccoy Hiber Gcorge Turner 5 of 1212 Lafayette Avenue Prospect Park suffered a broken Arm saturday while playing on a ladder in some manner the youth caught his arms Between the rungs of the ladder causing the Accident he was taken to Taylor hos Pital for treatment Guy Kelly so of 5232 Wallace Street Philadelphia was treated in the Hospital dispensary saturday for the removal of a foreign particle in his Eye caused in an automobile collision at Crum Lynn Bridge Hidley Park diving from a boat while bathing on saturday William Henlon 32 of 10 Carre Avenue ass Langton suf Fer cd severe lacerations of the fee and Shock he taken to Taylo Hospital for treatment fair weather ahead says Weatherman director John m Goehring of upper Darby today withdrew his olice trap for motorists on the own shop highways following protests rom merchants and business men of hat Section the traps which had been Laid of ens Bly to capture rum runners hot High the township had been in existence Between the hours of mid night and s a m on every thorough Are through the township on Satur Day and sunday mornings instead of trapping rum runners t had trapped forgetful motorists who were put through a fining Mill operated by magistrate Reinhart had come out minus a great Deal of Cash virtually every policeman in township had been employed in drive which was to last for weeks and a dozen specially Icin Ted policemen were placed duty but today they were nil has Cox n june Anthony m unfit or mayor of Llano la City cml three other per is were killed Here Early today Hen their automobile was lilt by a at a crossing mrs Margaret so Ragusn Tho indy is Niece and or and Man John Llcy of Atlantic City were the ther victims was a Jitney car i Peelor stale troopers removed Tho bodies where the body of the the six a on Back it their regular work and Law suits rom disgruntled motorists loomed the chief lawsuit was to be instituted today in Media by total cd Daniels attorney for the Keystone automobile club i behalf of Lohn Conway of Moylan d e la w a r c Bounly or Conway was robbed of his owners and operators licenses last week and lie obtained a notice from a notary to this effect As he awaited receipt of new licenses in Larris Burg he was found to have Only this notice when police stopped Bis car on saturday but Justice of the peace Weinhart fined him anyway he was Only one of third two motorists fined that Day it was a Ricoli Day for the Justice for he received costs out of each line the sixty ninth Street business mens association the Garrett Koa ii merchants association and the Dela Ware county real estate Board immediately filed protests when they noted the Justice s action and declared that Reinhart was turning an effective police measure to halt liquor running into a fining Mill upper Darby township commissioners will hold a special meeting on Friday night to investigate the Situa Tion members of the commission intimated that drastic action including a police and a minor judiciary shake up May take place boy 16 Zigzag Driver three Hurt in crash Thiol some bootleggers have no hesitancy in dispensing lir Tuor to Boyi and girls in their teens was demonstrated this morning when Stephen Laskowsky 1g years old of eleventh Street near Walnut was arraigned before magistrate Berry in police court on the charge of operating a motor vehicle when intoxicated and being responsible for an Accident in which a Motorist his wife and Little daughter were injured the child three year old Yoni Pyett 124 Walnut Street who is i patient in the Chester Hospital my it is feared lose the sight of her left Eye the parents Albert and Annio Pyett sustained lacerations of face hands and arms and were permitted to return to their Home after receiving treatment at the Hospital Laskowsky was held in bail for further hearing next tuesday pending the outcome of Tho Pyett Childs injuries mrp Yett parked his car on ninth Street near Walnut about u Oclock saturday night when the car of the Sedan Type driven by Laskowski after Side wiping bus mounted a sidewalk and then crashed into the Pyett car patrolman sural on Trail inc duty at ninth Street and Morton Avenue sent tic members of the Pyott family to the Hospital and placed Laskowski tinder arrest the youth was exam ined by or h c donation physician who certified he was under the influence of intoxicating Iii for continued on Pago fourteen restaurant Mager slugged robbed of two Well dressed Young men Fol Lowed James Collins manager of c Chain restaurant in upper Darby to the basement of his set n Early this morning Blackl jacked him into in sensibility and fled with Olio Tiv nights receipts Collins stopped in the store at sixty ninth mid Market str Kiln at a m this morning to collect the Money he then entered Tho base ment with the intention of a Cretin he receipts behind Tho Heater Mil he bunk opened vie was nth o leave the of Fath to bandits who had been eating i he place confronted him and ask or the Money when met with re usal Collins was struck Over the cad with a heavy Blackjack no for 10 Coul Call for Aid Blaze destroys barn near concordv1lle c of c group take kiddies to zoo thirty children from the Chester Day Nursery Are guests today of the merchants division of Trio Dolywa o county chamber of Commerce on a visit to the Philadelphia zoological gardens the kiddies were taken to the in automobiles and were furnished plenty of ice Cream and other thin that go to make life Happy for the youngster the chairman of the committee on the trip is Jennies m Hamilton the treat is an annual one j gets Demolay office the weather Bureau promises continued fair weather today and prob ably tomorrow with Little change in yesterday with 15 hours or 100 per cent of Sushine recorded the highest temperature was s5 the lowest go degrees and the average 77 degrees compared with a Normal of 73 decrees for the Date june 22 inst when the Mercury registered 05 degrees was trip warm it and the coolest Day of the Date was in is is when the Reading was 54 degrees Sunrise was at 533 a m today and Sunset a Jujj be at s33 p m reds doom Jurist Samarkand Russia june four men including former chief Justice and a prosecutor of tiie us minister plunges 12 John Sickman of Linwood Mas Ter councilman of the local chapter of tiie order of do for four terms recently was elected to the legion o Honor at the state conclave York a Malcom Mcwha and Howard Kulp of this City also acted an Delegate from the local Council clothing stolen David Wiley a tailor reported to the police saturday night that i establishment on Welsh Street Noa sixth had been entered Tho thie forcing open a rear window and tha four suits of clothing had been stolen fire destroyed a barn on the fart of Horace m Van a Jpn of Thorn on near Concord shortly after i Oclock this morning entailing a Ion at 7000 Trio origin of the ire was undetermined the barn and Frame Structure Burno a calf was rescued from the build Long Byone of tha farm help bit efforts at saving two Wulc Iverc in another Section of the build no were futile members of 111 7oncordvlllc fire pre Vonlo the flames from spreading to Adja cent buildings u s Treasury balance Washington tune 20 Treasury balance june 20 Szmuk no if expenditures s customs receipts Spuhl Sugi 2in another death in Pagan family death visited the Fagan family for the third Lime in Lens than Ono month Yukl Rilay and claimed the life of miss Victor Iii Fagan she riled in the Hospital where she had been a patient for months an aunt of the dead woman who was her name Sake in in the tar Hospital fighting pneumonia the same a Scase that in two Wicks accounted for Tho Catiis of Fin in Nln Fagan and his sister 1 Mabel Liotti formerly of 01g Walnut Street Victorine the Niece was afflicted shortly after the death other Mother a year ago meanwhile Edward Fagin Uncle of the dead woman lies in the Chester Hospital a victim of n breakdown he came from hous ton Texas to attend the incr Al of tic Njamin and a few Days later Isabel died miss Victorine Fagan was the daughter of the late mrs Julia Gan of the first Ward who died last year miss Fagan is survived by two Brothers he want Fagan former Chester High school nth Lola and by Thomas Fagan who holds a prominent position with the Havana Cuba Branch of the National City Hank of new families flee Homes when fire hits Oil Plant Sun company visited by Blaze tanks consumed four Plant and District fire men prevent spread of flaming Oil Anthony m Ruffu or he mayor was identified by the Cor Nier to terrific was the crash hint the Lyons engine was disabled Anil in Ilott engine from Atlantic City was Kalched to Complete the trains in mayor Huff was returning from n party Given in his Honor by in Lynn for Lynns at Trio Absecon Duck Arm one Mirter mile from the scene of the Accident and eight Miles rum Atlantic City morn ban 11000 persons and Politi Cal lenders had gathered at the fete to any tribute to their Leader who my just survived u political storm which was climaxed by ills Neq Uuttu n criminal charges about 12do n in the Hist attend ants of Trio party left in three Auto mobiles two of the cars Ono of them driven by Frances j Huirt Nett preceded the mayors car the Lurhl two cars were less than 100 Yards in front of the mayors machine when they sped Over the Mill Road crossing As the mayor approached the Cross us which is ii lighted and has no safely Gates bolls warning of the approach of the train began Kou Ndang according to witnesses apparently or it uffizi did not hear them to continued lit comparatively High Speed toward the tracks Frank ii hires of 200 heading no nuo pleasant Lluc Engineer of the express saw the car approaching and was the Only person to obtain a Clear View of the Accident i noticed a car 200 feet from Tho tracks to said i blew Tho whistle but Hie Driver kept on turning 1 thought to would Bent Tho train across hut to swerved apparently believing he could not get across he turned up tha trucks with me Ami Thon came Tho crash Trio trains spend was such that it travelled Hill a mile before hires could bring it to a Stop Tho front a hauls of thu locomotive and been driven out of line by the crash meanwhile the automobiles which had preceded Trio mayor car continued on choir Way their occupants unaware of Tho Accident the mayors car a Sedan Twenty panic stricken families in a number of Small children in Trio Vicinity of fifth am arc ii streets Marcus Hook led their Homes with what belongings the of Silil carry when an in note in an Oil tank at Tho Plant of the Sun Oil company shortly m today causing a he that later caused damage estimated at you Occo Dlug to firemen four Toni go tanks of mutely 15000 Gallons cull Theo of which were tilled with and one filled with crude Oil Weie melted in Tho Lamch which shot ski u Aid for hours and spread a smoke pall Over the southwestern Section of the county that coulis to seen for Miles kill Clcil work on the part of the company own fire deput mint and the heroic efforts of Volunteer fire men from Tho Marcus Hook Viscose Trainer and Linwood companies prevented the flames spreading to adjacent tanks find the task of the fire men was so thorough that not one casualty resulted shortly before 1 a m the to Poison believed to have been caused by continued on Page fourteen final plans for Morton program minute men to reenact ride county towns to observe Day majors of the army of minute men who Wilt participate in the pageant on Alorton Day next wednesday met yesterday at the Home of stale representative 1011 Wood j Turner at Moylan when definite plans for the Celebration were completed Morton Day will conclude the Campaign for 15000 for Tho erection of a Monument to Tho memory of Lohn Morton this drive having been launched morn than one month ago by the John Morton Monument association the mesh cry of which Are hopeful of having Tho Monument dedicated this fall a spirit of patriotism will prevail throughout the county Day old vials in every Community having issued n proclamation calling upon the reside Nib to display the Klaus Anil stripes and enter into the spirit of the occasion Rind Aid in bringing the Campaign to n Success Ful close motions historic ride to Philadel phia will be on we docs Church schools hold exercises prizes awarded diplomas v preset cd to parochial students continued on Page two stories to death grapple for body of Sailor then find him asleep on san pile Chicago june in quest was ordered today Irto Trio death of a Man believed to have been the Rcv Clarence Edward sin Gleton who ended his life last night by plunging from his twelfth Story room of the y m c a hotel Here before leaping Tho Man penned a suicide note filled with Many biblical references and then pinned it to i Bible in his room the nolo indicated he had been in ill health the Rev slug Luton a Baptist min ister and a boy scoutmaster for Merly lived in Faribault Minn apartment robbed Lewis and Kerins supreme court were Ware sure the Park Pauli shop death yesterday after con und Dejohns were awarded eighth Victon of favouring the Kulikof or place certificates rid peasants in court proceedings during the temporary absence of James l Davis saturday his apart ment at so2 a egmont Avenue was entered am so viral articles of jew Elry including a watch and Diamond he pin stolen investigation by detective hard tit revealed that Force had not been Seil to enter the apartment by the intruder 2 2y Earold Mcmoor the tank steamship John Martin of the Crew of Pacific Sun consumed liquor saturday night and As a re suit of his Oneman Celebration gave the police and particularly Harbor patrolman George Pierce some extra work yesterday morning a pedestrian walking on a egmont Avenue pier discovered a mans forgo suit hat shirt tie underwear socks and shoes neatly arranged on the pier head in one of the shoes was a piece of paper on which i wis writ ten Syd leave Trio Money with Helen and she will give it to me in the morning i went Home with Joe Bob r concluding the writer of the note was the owner of the clothes and thai presumably in n fit of Despon Dency he had been accidentally drowned or had died a suicide the Podur Trion telephoned to police head quarters detectives Feeney and for Mulh and patrolmen Owens and pice Wenc to the pier took Possession of the clothes and took them to City Hall Pirrce procured his boat and Grap pling Irons and in about fifteen Man tites was engaged in dragging the the River Bottom in Tho Vicinity of pier suddenly he glanced toward a huge Sirl pile on tie property of the Pennsylvania Paul apr company nil Tho nude form of a Man lying in the Sun Pierce Casco ascended to Tho top of the Sand aroused the Sleeper he proved to be three arrested in alleged Shakedown an attempt of three men to Shakt Down Mih John Rucka of i caper Ville in did in the arrest of the Irti let night it the Kucha Home and us an Ani Climax to the whole affair mrk Retika was placed under arrest for posses Slick ill gel intoxicating lion the information which led to the Irrish of the three Mon came from Kijyu Gherty a Ridley township Dougherty first gained ils information lie said through ilk hard of Ciji Orvillo who Midei Voi Oil to gain the Confidence of to of Alcor to work his plans Dom Roherty protom Loil o to inter Stod introduced two More f his workers who when taken to yesterday gave their names As Thomas Henderson 24 of and Smith no address Tho Trio informed twin Ollie or they Ivory going to appear at the Ruska place it 1 a m salp Nlay morning chief of police Charles Mowbray t Paul Valentine chairman of Tho to Jinn committee and scr Grant halt of the Ridley township police Force went to Iho Rucka House and awaited Tho arrival of the men they failed to come but told Gnu Sherry Tho next they would to on hand at 2 a m sunday morning were going to appear it Tho Rucka House and this time their efforts were rewarded the Trio upon gain ing admittance toll mrs Rucka they wore teral prohibition a onto uni one of them flashed Tho police badge that formerly belonged to a former member of Tho chef Tutor police depart ment now Dovi and demanded As Lush Money Tho officers Slep pod from choir hiding Placo and quickly covered Tho Mon Ken Rohed them and found a re Volver and Handcuffs and then Matsu n thorough search of the House they found a Twentyfive gallon still fort five gallon of liquor and other paraphernalia mrs Rucka will be arraigned today when the proper warrant is prepared the men arrested will be Given a hearing today before magistral Henderson of Ridley township thirteen students of Tho St to Hort High school were graduated at the annual Comyn Cement Cher held in Tho school last night six of the graduates completed fou year courses in academic work and seven finished four years of work in commercial courses Beveral Plyes were awarded to various students for distinctive work Catherine 1lriuciuic received the Al wants or Lee for obtaining the highest average in the academic course others awarded were Paul Carr religion mat lie my main Gal latin miss Finucane equal Merit nines Kin Nannc mathematics miss Kinucan King Lush miss Alc Muir Gal equal Merit Katherine Kuncl equal Merit Dorothy a Cunningham received the Al wants prize for achieving Tho highest average of any students in commercial work other awards were Margaret Welsh bookkeeping pins for the same distinction Dorothy Cunningham Dorothy i Ray Anna Poleshek Gertrude Hamilton los Kunkel for up intr miss Bray miss Iel Csick Gertrude Hamilton and spontaneous combustion in one of the tanks rocked a Section of Marcus Hook screaming children and crying women ran from their Homes in their nighties men carrying what personal belongings they could the shooting flames lit the scene brilliantly Anil women and children were assembled then removed to the Ball Park at sixth and Market streets where improvised Beds were arranged for the women and children several fahd Ilich which remained behind were t forced out by police when officials feared the Blaze would ignite Tho Framo Homes on the Fri Nus of Tho company property f Kes Lenth of other sections of Marcus Hook attracted by the names aided Trio police in making the women and children comfortable and Gallons of steaming Coffee wore furnished Tho Tiro originated in what is known an Phat no 7 he Viil pm ploys were in the in Cinley and immediately spread Tho alarm sum moning1 help from near by Tours Trio company Turpin i Tho fire immediately arid soon h id Oral streams chemicals Ali Jung on adjacent tanks in an attempt to pre vent the spread it Tho flames Bojt Tho heat grow so intense than the live race Wor eventually Druen Bicic and the three additional tanks to j Camo ignited the companies from Mai Cut Hook and Tralnes Zero Eracli Sta j cloned at strategical Points and tons t of chemicals were Nomad on Tho flaming ail and gasoline which cop lined the flames to where they wore raging officials Earl h us the four 3 tanks wore doomed and instructed i Tho firemen to do exec j Shinshu Manely Poh Siblo to keep the lanies from the arc was still burning but under control Cai i this i afternoon tills is the second Rolls Alcious Firo lit tiie Plant within a Jedi Lister i a ire that originated in the stills caused damage estimated it Over Sion non Tomt bins Bolus fought by several county Companick and Sev eral from this City no official Al Greg on the loss were available this morning As Plant of Fly inns were on the scene Asci slant in fighting the fire the figure mentioned being estimates m Idt by Firo Foll class continued on Page fourteen in River at Essington Odd Fellows at seashore Kort Yono members of the degree staff association of Trio Upland Lodge no 253 i o o r left Chester sat urday afternoon in a special coach attached to a Pennsylvania Railroad express and went to Atlantic City for the annual weekend Outing of the association during their stay at the resort they had Headquarters in the Apollo hotel the committee in charge of the trip comprised Janilyn now orc George Statis and Lohoy Jefferis Tho Delaware River at ass Langton was dragged today for the body of Jimr lord 19 of Reading who drowned Early last night despite Hie efforts of his two Brothers Shel Don Anil Dill and a German police blog to save him lord visiting his Uncle and aunt or and mrs s a Lam Shtrom at Knat Lansdowne lost his life when seized with cramps while attempting to Helm from a motor Hnat anchored 120 feet from Shore his two Brothers and pal the pollen dog went t ill assistance when ills shouts attracted their attention but jord disappeared beneath the surface of water before anyone could reach him topics of times in upper Darby cops Are search hmm autos nightly for liquor perhaps its just a move to encourage Mora walking a car that contains a lot of lick uni int As noticeable As a pedestrian with a Load soap Pierce dragged the Dela Ware yesterday for a fellow that was supposed to be drowned but found him ashore asleep but thoroughly saturated negro arrested in stolen motor an automobile of the Sedan Type Tho property of Francis Francis local dealer disappeared from a lot adjoining or Francis showrooms on ninth Street near the Bridge Over Chester River saturday night a few hours later the car was found by sergeant Lanley and patrolman Rosen at second Ami Market streets and in Possession of Lewis Robinson negro of Morton Robinson was taken into custody and when arraigned before Magis trate Berry in police court this morn ing was ordered held for further hearing tomorrow boy steals boat Hoover used six pens to sign Tho Tariff Bill on the Assumption apparently that write makes might Germany has recommended that in Elk instead of Coffee to used in army what you might Call carrying the liquidation program to an ex7 Trocme n y Clearing House continued on Page two Yolk Juno Clearing ii ouse statement a Loncek Fedr Rel link in Vlince frenchy Mas Oyha a member of the Crew of a dredge engaged in River operations rowed from the Craft to tills City last night tied his Rowboat to the pier of the Delaware River steel company foot of Highland Avenue and went to a store on Sec Ond Street to make some purchases when he returned to the Pirr it was to discover that his boat had disappeared investigation revealed that Tho tiny Craft had Bosn taken by youth living in the Vicinity search for him has proved unavailing Kitty Makiri says some people get i rubber in Bridge by peeking at Tho other Fellows hand if that horse on West seventh Street that tells time is entitled to a lot of publicity How about the Telephone operators at police head quarters a new work cop arrested a newsy the other Day for Yelling panic on Wall Street sounds like another kind of Bull movement the weather Eastern Pennsylvania partly Cloudy with showers in North por Tion tonight slightly warmer in Northeast portion tuesday mostly fair moderate to fresh West shift ing to Southwest winds hourly temperature record r Midnight s t a of n a m 2 a 111 70 10 atom j s a m71 11 a in 4 a m 6s soon 9 r n t p most i a mc6 p ms4 mrs

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