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Iowa Free Press, The (Newspaper) - October 30, 1877, Cherokee, Iowa The Iva free Hook Hack am Independent Iowa news Johnson has been made a Money order it is announced that la of Mason will be a candidate for chief clerk of the House this win the dreaming the Beautiful work of Art by the butter which created such a sensation at the Centennial last i new on exhibition at the exposition in ides Hurshey has commenced the Erec Tion of a Creamery on his farm on the Island below the building will Cost from to one Hundred cows will Supply the Creamery with there Are 190 inmates at the state Reform school in 136 boys and 54 Charles pump Sho himself at Cedar rapids a few Days while under the influence of Iron and ties have been secured to extend the narrow gauge Railroad Twenty two Miles North of articles of incorporation of the Sac City Wall Lake Railroad company have been filed in the office of the Secretary of Capitol Stock general news Thompson tobacco commission new have liabilities estimated at from to Armstead wholesale tobacco have made an assign the assets consist of Worth of tobacco Ane of Mountain Worth very the suspension of the Market Street savings san is an the amount due depositors is Only James a Pacific Railroad Rob died at of wounds inflicted by sheriff while attempting to arrest his dying confession is to the effect that he was one of the men who robbed the express car at big and said that who was killed in planned the robbery that the names of the other men were Correct As far now known by the express and that All travelled 200miles together and then separated in squads of Berry leaves a wife and six he was very respectably connected in Calloway the Tow boat belonging to the Mississippi Valley transportation struck a at Platin about 100 Miles below and valued at a general strike among Cigar makers in new has some Are engaged in on the 16th of october a Larf e num ber of people witnessed the dedication of the Roger Williams Monument at Tweed testified before the Alderman committee positively that he was not the owner of any Money or property of any Kin whatever from which could be governor of on the 17th of removed capt Warden of the state the greatest crimes were charged against forged amounting with inter est to purporting to have been drawn on the old commissioners fund of have been disco they were presented for payment by of new last a careful examination was which has shown them to be a Roux and Hertz Cabi net new were burned with Over one fireman is reported killed by falling John late president of the West Philadelphia passenger railway has held in bail for further hearing on the charge of per in connection with the financial condition of the at oct uni Ted states Bonds amounting to and a Large amount of town and rail Road Bonds were a Gigantic swindle has been brought to Light at Kansas City by the arrest of Edmund Stevens and Miller on a req Ishoi from the govern or of on a charge of forging land titles and issuing deeds for Large tracts of land in the authorities at Washington were and special agent Foster was sent to Kansas who obtained the clue resulting in the simultaneous arrest of sixty persons in different parts of the country who be Long to the no less than thirteen court houses have been burned the past year to destroy the evidence that could be brought against the the Home savings Bank of deposits Joseph Street print Man fac of have failed i the print cloth manufacturers of fall River lose judge at new has issued a temporary on the petition of insurance commissioner restraining the National life and Trust and the Amer ican Mutual life insurance of that from doing alleging impaired the Texas land swin it is stated that persons in one of the largest banking houses in and in two Chicago houses Bank two real estate dealers and two at at Louis Bankers and two real estate in Indianapolis and others in Pittsburg and Ere to be or have been arrested for being connected with the is also stated that there has been a Well organized system of forgery in full practice in this Western country for the past eight or nine the came organization that is now forcing Texas scrip on the has been perpetrating some of the most terrible forgeries Ever the Mode of working by the gang is this they have agents in each with attorneys in the an old Man or woman of wealth Falls sick the doctors give him or her up As Likely to die in some places the have a doctor As one of their and to assumes the death of the at the proper a proper person having been assumed to die and the gang having examined the Noora of the property be longing to the doomed the were sought for and Dull examined by the then deeds Are prepared in due form and a woman and a Man each members of the gang appear be fore a notary or Justice of the Peak and the dying mans property is duly deeded away before his death his Nam was forged and that of his am the same was placed on the sow euro Falls Woolen a were partially Burnet october fully in a disastrous fire occurred in port two Hundred and fifty wooden buildings were burned two thousand people were burned out seven Hundred of whom were sufferers by the great fire of june insurance about Siv eral persons were fatally the fire is supposed to have i Een incendiary As previous attempts were made to Bun the building in which the fire orig iria is desolated wit Small pox 20 persons have died within a few Days travellers Are prohibited from entering the place All highways Are the Board to examine the washing ton Monument will report that the Monument May be safely completed if a certain addition is made to secure the assistant superin Pendant of the Burlington Quincy at Lias been made general manager of the Hannibal Joseph under the new re at two men convicted of burning the Lebanon Valley Bridge Dur ing the have received a sentence of five years each and a produce commission merchant of has been detected in a series of forgeries amount ing to about on which he obtained Money in various sums from four City he forged the names of his father and his an attempt was made on the morning of october 22d to wreck a Pas Spencer train on the Ohio Mississippi rail the train was thrown from the track by an elevated rail Miles East of the rail had been raised with a Jack screw and the oppo site rail lowered for the purpose of throwing the train into the cattle but As the train took the opposite direct no serious results the deed is supposed to have been committed by discharged Section Mccoy an old Lum ber firm of has estimated liabilities the failure of the Carvill Candase san fran is assets nominal at a fire at destroyed Worth of at three sons of Dawney loaded an old gun barrel with powder and discharged the weapon killing two of the boys and tearing off the hand of the on the night of october a party f emigrants while proceeding Down the Mississippi River in two skiffs and a Small Flat were run into by a Tow wat with two barges 12 Miles below two and Martin Crowley were and Allie household effects of the two f Ami ies were party from and were going South to the Eastern a russian official dispatch dated at of the army of the Cau october says the russians joined a great Victory Over Moukhtar the capturing Many guns and turks have been driven from the Road to a two hours engagement resulted in the flight of Moukhtar Pasha in the Diree Tion of Kars or the rus sians the turks lost Many Cannon and and a Quan at of an official dispatch received at constantinople locates the Battle at the dispatch says the russians attacked from four and were falling Back As the Tele Gram was sent and the final result of the Battle was momentarily expect a correspondent at Petersburg telegraphs As follows the Fate of Mon Days Battle was decided by a flank St ack on Moukhtar pashas position from toe the russians captured some thousands of the siege of jars will recommence a 3ucharest dispatch says the turks Lave withdrawn their artillery from the second gris itza the russians fear the readout is according to russian official bulletins Moukhtar Pasha was badly Defeated october and the turkish army was utterly destroyed As a fighting the russian losses Are stated to be relatively the Center and left Der Moukhtar returned upon Kara pursued by and Jarr Assed in the rear by rat succeeded in gaming cover of the fortifications after a fearful during which the turks lost a great number in killed and several prisoners and four Aree divisions constituting the turkish had been in the meantime resurrected and attacked and driven from their fortified Camp with great at 8 on the evening of october the remnant of Moukhtar pashas army surrendered with thirty two guns and a great Quantity of mate Moukhtar Pasha is in a Petersburg dispatch states that there serious riots polish and that 470 persons were killed and a Bucharest Dis atch says the bombardment of Plev la was recommenced along the whole and decisive action is Che russian advices report Large num Bers of turks deserting from a Battle with the Czar Witch is momentarily a dispatch says Moukhtar pashas defeat makes further operations by Osman Pasha against id or out of the and if he does not Retreat from Plevna he May surely feel the Fate of Moukhtar Alega the rus sians at Arahan will not remain there the russian March on Erze Xoum May be tried again this a dispatch from tiflis says it is Estima de the russians captured in the Battle of thirty two battalions of turks from a brigade of of fice Sand 2000 among the killed Are the son of the circassian chieftain and the turkish general of he Mausisa the rus lans estimate the total turkish loss at together with great stores f ammunition and a Cor respondent at Vienna Tetef Nephi under Date of it was rumoured an assault upon Plevna commenced that a special from Gustova says the russian contractor has informed grand Duke Nicholas that the material ordered in England for the construction of Iron huts for the troops had been confiscated by the Iki tisk government us contraband of the russian report troops killed and wounded to the russians before Plevna have received a reinforcement of 1000 an Erze Roum dispatch says Kars is said to be already partially blockaded it is rumoured the russians have Ccu pied a column has been sent southward to keep tie Road from 10 the russians moved on Kars the siege stuff was Letl it Alexandri Nople for Sinae pashas army retired into turkish Ter followed by Ter Goukassoff the russian garrisons of the Arahan and Rion corps have been ordered to co operate in the general at bal Kiata a party of turkish sol Diers deserted Osman pashas declaring that there was so Little food in Plevna that men Only got a Pound of bread in 24 there were men in Plevna who could Only be made to surrender by russians have before Kara men Moukhtar pashas army at the time of did not comprise More than the ottoman Field army lost at least on third of its strength in wounded and the grand Duke Michael can safely leave men in front of and with the remainder press Forward towards Erzer russian bulletins from Plevna say siege operations Are progressing the fire is concentrated on one r Point arid appears to have considerable of Man Pasha telegraphs that the enemy attacked on the the attack ing Only one battalion and some was a Bucharest paper announces that the romanians thrice heroically attacked the second Granitza but were Suleiman Pasha is concentrating on the in front of the Czar Witch left with the intention of attacking As the weather eighteen thousand men Aud forty can non were captured by the russians in their great Victory Over the in the turkish reports of part of their army holding out in fortified Posi on Valadja Are the russian loss in carrying Adana Dagh is officially reported at killed Dud the romanian attack on the second Krivitza resulted in a loss to them of two officers killed and 200 men and Twenty officers Ana 707 men in consequence of the disaster of Moukhtar All troops n constantinople Are being sent hastily to Achmet Eyoub Pasha will go in immediately to take command at Suleiman Pasha Tele graphs that the russians have incorporated bulgarians into their and thac he expects to be he Jas entrenched himself so As to cover he is about to Send Valentine Baker and other English inv cers to s advancing on Kars is sur Aud negotiations for its sur Onder have been Lazar is marching against Ismail the turks have evacuated for tear the russians would break their communication with Rustchak and have retired to the rus Ian cavalry from the do Brudsche have advanced As far As late Tel Grams from Ras Grade say that a de each rent of the army has arrived at at but the portions at Loe Nicit Baditoi Are retained Tor the present by tuts it seems evident that a ret a Grade movement has Colorado Case was the Bouse refused to consider it after discussion several members were sworn in who had been objected the Case of of Lou was but no result the presidents message was Ead and referred to the committee of he the rules of the last House were a committee on rules was and the House during the morning hour numerous ills and petitions favouring an increase n were senator Beck introduced a Bill to re move All disabilities imposed by the sen Ator Thurman introduced a Bill Amend no the Pacific Railroad to create i sinking fund for the liquidation of the indebtedness due the government by he Pacific Railroad v Resolution continuing if the last session was agreed Mem trials of the Missouri legislature for he removal of the National capital to he Mississippi and favouring the Mississippi Gen eral Bills for Relief were senator Ingalls introduced a Bill Grant no arrears of the Bill to establish the territory of Huron ind provide a temporary government was also the Bill to establish a Branch mint at Howe introduced a Bill authorizing the instruction of Pontoon Bridges across he Mississippi from some Point in Bui Alo county to some Point in Winona the pres dents message was read and ordered printed and disputed election of the fourth Louisiana District was taken up on the Resolution of referring lie claims of Elam and contest to the election committee to de Ide o the Prima Facie Elam ook the modified oath and Robertson id the and after a Long discus Ion Pacheco took his seat with but ittle the Colorado Case went adjourned till senator Beck introduced a Bill authorizing the payment of Pacific Cus a Ems in Legal the credentials of of were presented and Laid a read ution was presented and Laid Over for i select committee of seven to take into consideration the passage of a Law As pertaining and declaring the result of he election of president and vice of the United and that Aid committee have Power to report by ill or a Bill was introduced repeal the bankrupt Law and All Lim to lie on the among lie numerous petition referred was one rom Iowa asking the passage f a Law making Silver a Legal tender or All and others of a similar Bills were introduced author izing the of Nerada and the territories to fell and remove from the Public Domain Timber for aiming and Domestic purposes to pre vent abuse of the Sale of postage Stamps and stamped a Resolution for filling vacancies in committees was agreed senator of Aud of were put on foreign relations of military affairs and Public buildings railroads and eurol lec Bills private Laud claims ferry was made chairman of the pos Tal committee vice who re maius on the committee but in chair Man of the committee on foreign re vice who remains chairman of the committee on elec the latter change was made at the request of Bill was introduced by senator evil arg ing the jurisdiction of the court of thur Maua Resolution admit Ting Spofford As senator was considered the pending question being a substitute referring the credentials to a committee the substitute was agreed 38 to and the credentials referred to the committee on a motion to instruct the committee was 31 to after a lengthy Sena Tor Thurman moved that Curtis a sworn in As senator from for the term commencing March the Resolution elicited some Dis and was finally decided out of the presidents including the report of the Secretary of the was it states the particulars regarding the existing deficiency in the appropriations for the senator of West submitted a Resolution appointing a special committee to investigate the alleged Dif alterations and discrepancies n the Treasury Davis explained that he thought there were forced Lancea ordered printed and Laid on the Davis will Call it up Early and submit remarks and were introduced by senator amending he revised statutes regarding vacancies n the offices of president and vice senator Merrill substituted a Resolution instructing the pensions committee to report a or and adjusting the salary and yes of pension senator Ingalis directing the committee to inquire into the expediency of abolish no All pension agencies and having All pensions paid in was agreed and the Resolution Thun nans Resolution discharging the Lection committee from consideration f the credentials of was taken he spoke in favor of Eustis of said he was not pre ared to and favored investigation by the Thurman withdrew he motion to discharge the committee rom further consideration of the claims f senator Merrimon Intro a Bill to alter the times for hold no elections for electors for president vice and for casting the in the electoral it pro oses that the electors shall be appoint d on the thursday next after the first monday in instead of novem and that the electors shall meet and Ive their vote upon the first wednesday a january next after the year in which hey Are instead of the first wednesday in As they Are required to do by the present senator Merrimon also introduced a ill to repeal of the revised so As to restore to pension oils the names of All stricken therefrom n account of senator me Jarry submitted an amendment to the ill introduced by him to repeal the bankrupt As follows that All cases pending in he District courts of the United states and docketed on or prior to the 20th of May be tried and deter mined under the Law As it now t was ordered that the amendment be printed and the Bill be taken from the and referred to the committe one with the Senate were Intro used and referred As follows by to repeal 3 of the act to pro vide for the resumption of specie pay approved repealing the act providing for re by Jones to authorize the coinage of dollars of grains Standard and for other by to Kansas for repelling Indian invasions granting pensions to mexican War soldiers and by mat authorizing the adjudication and payment to certain claims created by Congress regarding the distribution of he Geneva by for Ivi Diug Nebraska into two judicial at the request of senator of West his Resolution or the inspection of the a ounts was postponed for the Shaffe submitted a Resolution directing he Secretary of the Interior to trans Mit to Senate the lust annual report f the government directors of the onion Pacific Railroad greed after the introduction of iveral other Bills the Senate the Colorado Case was it after some debate went Over with it definite a Resolution was Green to for a select committe of Elev a to consider the subject of civil ser ice and measures to promote its Effi also a Resolution Lor a select Ommittee of eleven to take into con Ide Ratum the state electoral and o Confer with a like committee on the Art of the Cox offered a solution directing the Secretary of the Vavy to report to the House what a Ion had been taken by the Navy Yards n regard to hours of and action has been de oratory or m compliance with the Evis eci statutes that eight hours shall Institute a Days Cox also resented a petition for increased compensation to letter the Art of what a blessed thing it is that we an forget i today troubles look but a week hence they will be forgotten and buried out of says lie writer you would keep a and daily it Down the things that worry and see what becomes of it would e a Benefit to you allow a thing o annoy just As you allow a Fly to Ettle on you and plague you and you late your or rather get for when men Are a recharged with temper they Are mid to have lost it and you justify yourselves for being thrown off your balance by causes which you do not Trace but if you would see what it was that threw you off your balance before and put it Down in a Little and follow it and follow it Aud ascertain what becomes of you would see what a fool you were in the the att of forgetting is a blessed Art buc the Art of overlooking is quite As and if we should take time to write Down the and outcome of a few of our it would make us so ashamed of the fuss we make Over that we should be glad to drop such things and Bury them at once in eternal life is too Short to be worn out in Petty Wor and Good the experience of a lifetime teaches most people that the most desirable Quality humanity can possess is Good How much influence is there not in one of those wholesome tempers which neither makes troubles where they do not exist nor meets them Halfway when they do where others might be inclined to fret peevish by Over this Petty annoyance and that Small the Good tempered per son makes Light of the and bears with patience what cannot be denied of the is the dinner and found to be badly cooked when it is served Good temper makes excuses for the Ana covers the More glaring Evi Dences of the it exerts for the entertainment of fellow suffer its launches into its liveliest to divert attention and give other causes for thought and so leads the rest Over the bad half hour which otherwise would have thrown every one out of and makes the Best of All that was less than the ill tempered one of the on the makes bad worse by grumbling All through the meal at everything How much misery May a bad temper cause offence taken at airy impatience under unavoidable Small things made into great ones by the magnifying Powers of sus ill humor can say this has no influence you might As Well deny the stinging Power of a Midge or the penetrating Quality of As deny the depressing effect of ill humor wherever it is and the corresponding Good in Juwence of Sweet a Camp fire not the least of Charma of Camp ing out is your campfire at what an artist what pictures Are boldly faintly outlined upon the can Vas of the night every every attitude of your companion is striking and you see effects and groups every moment that you would five Money to be Able to carry away with you in enduring How shadows and and hover about Light and darkness Are in perpetual tilt and with first the one then the the Friendly and cheering what acquaintance we make with it we had almost forgotten there was such an we had so Long known Only its dark heat now we see the wild Beauty unchanged and note its manner and How surely it creates its own draft and sets the currents As Force and enthusiasm always will it carves itself a Chimney out of the fluid and horseless a a ministering Angel in subjection a a a ready to devour the if by Day it birr rows in the ashes and sleeps at night it bees sits upon its throne of rude and rules the Camp a sover eign near Camp stood a ragged yellow its partially castoffs bark hanging n Crisp sheets or dense that tree needs the said and shall have a Call from him so after dark he touched a match into t and we saw the flames creep up and Wax in fury until the whole tree and its main branches stood wrapped in a Sheet roaring it was a wild and striking and must have Adver our Camp to every nocturnal Orea Ture in the what does the camper about when lounging around the fire not the sport of the of rhe big fish he lost and might have saved of the Distant of tomorrows an owl hoots off in the Moun Tain and he thinks of him it a Wolf were to howl or a Panther to scream he would think of my the rest of the As it things Flicker and hover through his and he hardly knows whether is the past or the present that posses ses certain it is he feels the hush and Solitude of the great Aad wlm ther he will or not All his musings Are in some Way cast upon that huge background of the unless he is an old camper out there will be an undercurrent of dread or half my companion said he could not help but feel All the time that there ought to be a Sentinel out there pacing up and Down one seems to require less sleep in the Woods As if the ground and Theu temp ered air rested and refreshed him sooner the Balsam and the Hemlock heal his aches very if one is awakened often during the As he invariably to does fed that in pfc mind next Day that when the same interruption occurs at Home the boughs have drawn All out of a 8cri1hmrfor useful bulks Aki Mea Sukino Hay in to find the number of cubic feet in a multiply the Width Aud depth to five Hundred cubic feet of Ordinary Clover and Timothy packed under Ordinary will make a so Many things have to be taken into consideration Cal Al attn the weight of Hay in it makes it difficult to ascertain it precise for Fine Newtown Hay like red top or herds would prob ably not require quite 600 cubic feet for the ton Timothy requires about 550 Clover 030 coarse Meadow Hay 700 or after being stacked 30 the bulk would be decreased from five to again Hay will vary somewhat in measurement according to the time it is the government Standard for a ton is feet this gives 422 cubic to find the number of cubic feet in a stack multiply the area of the base by one third the perpendicular to find the number of Square feet in a log of the for reducing round Timber to Square Timber in almost Universal use is this add together the two extreme diameters of the that the Diame Ter of the Large and Small and Divide by 2 for the mean sub tract on third for Side of the Square the log will make when Square the Side thus and multiply the product by the length of the log in and Divide this product by 144 or by 12 twice the quotient will be the cubical contents in feet and twelfths of a suppose a log to be is inches in diameter at one 24 at the and 45 feet in then by the Rule 18 added to divided by 2 is the average one third then and 14 feet 3 inches tie following table showing glance the number of Square fee tin logs of Ordinary length is taken from Scribner lumber and log Anil is compiled by Means of the above Rule feet lit 25 23 30 3v 40 hit 50 diameter 12 inches 22 18 20 29 30 40 11 Teet Sincli 17 4 18 3 0 3 0 11 7 41 73 125 133 1g2 Matrimony and a gentleman relates to a news reporter a singular through Twentyfive years in the past history of Jefferson coun a gentlemen in that town married a lady of the same neighbourhood about Twentyfive years after living to Gether four or five years they separated on account of of tem and tie husband received a a couple of years after the divorce parties again the As in therase of the first did not get pleasantly with the second and in a couple of years after the second mar Ria Gehe applied to the chancery for a divorce from his and the coveted divorce was and he was again then two or years when the doubly divorced husband pined for another wife and seeking among the fair women of that Section of the he finally succeeded in finding one Well suited to his after a Short he was married to thus coming into Possession of his third a few years later he divorced from the first wife of the much divorced Man lived with her second husband very happily until five or six years he sickened and arid now Cornea the singular feature in the history of the widowed her first and three times divorced pined for As he cast about for another Parlier declining he Bethought himself of his first and no sooner had his thought taken Lodgment in his mind than he hied himself to the pleasant domicile she occupied in her widowhood and proposed that they once More take passage in lifes boat the old times and the old Between them were talked and that tie flame of their first love was kindled a not at All for do not the poets say that first love is Ever enduring and so they agreed to again j and soon thereafter their nuptials were the intervening years have glided Prosper and delightfully for and they live lovingly and Are not Only Happy but make All Happy who come under their hospitable a slow fellow of a Lover asked a lady to whom he was feebly paying his Dila tory what form of marriage she thought the most never mind the form i she exclaimed the substance is what i care the invitations Are now being issued for the said the realistic 1when you drop your contribution into the you May drop it in gently from beneath your to that the collector cant Tell whether its a Dollar or a Nickel but you cant cheat the
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