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Iowa Free Press, The (Newspaper) - October 23, 1877, Cherokee, Iowa The Iowa free Ecol track f an Republican 12 called the House to or he read the presidents proclamation convening and called the Roll of when he reached the state of Louisiana he explained that there were received from Liat state two sets of one signed by Kel As and the other by governor Nicholls and the Secretary of stating that the latter set of credentials were in compliance with the Law he had placed on the Rolls the names for representatives contained in they differed from the other ouly in respect to two in reference to Colorado the clerk stated that on a co unt of i formalities he bad declined to place either the name of Bel or his on the but left the matter to the House to determine after its a motion by Woods to proceed to the election of speaker was agreed to Kandall and Garfield were placed in by a vote of 149 to 132 Randall was elected Over Garfield and Goode conducted the speaker to the administered the after making some remarks on taking the chair the speaker administered the oath to Clarner offered a Resolution electing Asad of John of Ohio John of As James of and As j Ohn Hale offered an amendment substituting the names Jeremiah Horace Henry and the amendment was rejected and the Reso Lution was then adopted without Divis the oath of office was then administered to these Polk and Clark taking the modified committees were then appointed to inform the Senate of the organization of the and to inform the president that Congress is ready to receive any communications that he May desire to soon after the Senate assembled Stan Ley Matthews was sworn in As Sher mans successor As Suc Cessor to Simon resigned As successor of de members of the joint commit tee were appointed to inform the presi Dent that quorum of both houses had and then the Senate adjourned till noon the absent members were and Are now a total amounting to having been transmitted to both houses of Are submitted for your there is also required by the Navy department this sum is made up of due to officers and enlisted men for the last Quarter of the last fiscal year due for advances made by the fiscal agent of the government intended for the sup port of the foreign service due to the naval Hospital fund due for arrearage of pay to offices and for the the Marine Ferent departments of the government require their submission at the begin ing of the regular annual 1 deter until thai time any further refer ence to subjects of Public interest signed and there Citi Zens of and House of repro adjournment of the last Congress without making appropriations for the support of the army for the present fiscal year has rendered necessary a suspension of payments to the officers and men of the sums due them for the services rendered after the 13fch Day of june the army exists by virtue of statutes which prescribe its regulate its and which fix the pay of its officers and and declare their right to receive the same at stated Peri the do not authorize the payment of the troops in the a Senee of specific appropriations there the Constitution has wisely provided that no Money shall be drawn from the but in consequence of the appropriations made by and it has also been provided by statute that no department of the government shall expend in any one fiscal year any sum in excess of the appropriation made by Congress for that fiscal we an army in service authorized by Law and entitled to be but no funds available for the t it May also be said As an additional incentive to prompt action by Congress that since the commencement of the fiscal year the though without has been constantly and actively employed in arduous and dangerous in All of which both officers and men have discharged their duty with Fidelity and and without com these indy constitute an extraordinary occasion requiring Congress to be convened in Advance of the time provided by Law for your meeting in regular ses the importance of speedy action upon this subject on the part of con Gress is so Manifest that i consider it unnecessary to suggest the propriety of making the necessary appropriations for the support of the army for the cur rent year at its present maximum numerical strength of leaving for future consideration All questions relating to or decrease of the number enlisted in the event of a reduction of the army by subsequent legislation during the fiscal the excess of appropriations could not be the event of its increase the additional sum required for the payment of the extra Force could be provided in due it would be unjust to the troops now in service and pay is already largely in arrears if the payment to them should be fur ther after Congress shall have considered All the questions Likely to arise in the Effort to fix the proper limit to the strength of the the estimates of the appropriation required for the support of the fiscal year ending june were transmitted to Congo is by the former Secre tary of the Treasury at the opening of its session in december these modified by the present Secretary so conform to the present will also be needed an appropriation of to defray the unsettled expenses of the United states courts for the fiscal year ending june now due to com and for rent of court the support of and other a part of the building of the Interi or department was destroyed by Are on Twenty fourth Day of last month some immediate repairs and temporary Struc Tures in Becore Nec and the expenses for which will be transmitted to Congress immediate and an appropriation of the requisite funds is respectfully the Secretary of the Treasury will communicate to in connection with the estimates for Lue appropriations for the current fiscal Esti mates for such other deficiencies in the different branches of the Public serv As require immediate and without be postponed until the regular i take this Opportunity to invite your attention to t propriety of at your present the necessary legislation to enable the people of the United states to participate in the advantages of an International exhibition of the agricultural industries and Fine which is to be held in Paris in and to which this government has been invited by the government of France take this invitation was communicated to this government in by the minister of at this and a copy thereof was submitted to the proper committee of con Gress at its last but no action was taken on the the depart ment of state has received Many letters from various parts of the expressing a desire to participate in the and numerous applications of a similar nature have also been made at the United states legation at the department of state has also received official advice of the Strong desire on the part of the French government that the United states should participate in this and space has hitherto been and is still reserved in the exhibition buildings for the use of exhibitions from the United states to the exclusion of other parties who have been applicants la order that our industries May be properly represented at the exhibition an appropriation will be needed for the payment of the salaries and expenses or the for the transportation of and for after purposes in connection with the object a As May next is the time fixed for the Hexhi if our citizens Are to share the advantages of this International Competition for the Trade of other nations the necessity of immediate action is appear to enable the United states to cooperate in the International exhibit bit Ion which was held at Vienna in Congress then passed a joint Resolution making an appropriation of 000 and authorizing the president to appoint a certain number of artisans and scientific men should attend the exhibition and report their proceeding and observations to provision was also made for the appointment of a number of honorary i have Felt that prompt action by con Gress in accepting the invitation of the government of the French is of so much interest to the people of this that the subject might be properly presented for attention at your present the government of Sweden and nor Way has addressed an official invitation to this government to take part in the International prison to be held at Stockholm next the prob Lem which the Congress proposes to How to diminish is one in which All nations have an interest in and the Congress of Stock Holm seems to be Likely to prove the most important convention Ever held for the study of this grave under authority of a joint Reso Lution of approved february a commissioner was appointed by my predecessor to represent the United states on that and tie prison Congress having by the Earnest desire of the swedish govern postponed to his commission was renewed by an appropriation of was made in the sundry civil service in of so As to meet the expenses of the 1 recommend the re appropriation of that sum for the same the former appropriation having been covered into the Treasury and Beim no longer Avail Able for the without further action by the subject is brought to your attention at this time under circumstances which Render it highly desirable that the commissioner should proceed to the discharge of his important duties Congress pro Viding for detailed reports from tie Dif the world of alcohol from the african As we can be distilled from almost anything but apothecary major of the Che cell in some notice for find ing out that Barbary so will yield it in profusion and of excellent the St Oniest tracts of North Africa Are indeed dappled with the flaming red blossoms of the prickly pair or and the guarded by its thorny can be had for the oae ton and a half of these wild figs will give about sixteen Gallons of colourless at eighty de and with a Kirsch Wasser the same weight of beetroot yields but fifteen Gallons of the far weaker spirit in common commercial demand while an exhausting can Only be grown on the Best and most highly cultivated distance of the it is announced the telescopic observations of the last transit of in made by British parties in new and have been with a result of seconds of arc for the solar this gives about Miles for the mean distance of the Earth from the us the probable error is stated to be which is about Miles so in round num the British so far As give the distance As some where Between and the Only other result thus far published is one made by of the French giving some those of the american now being reduced at Wash Are not yet outsiders can Only guess As to what the re sult will an inquiry addressed there about a week ago has yet yet been at present it does not seem probable that a collation of All the observations made by the astronomers of different countries will give a result that can be depended upon to within much less than Miles and if this should be then the time and Money spent upon the work will have been compar timely How the tides Are there has always been a difficulty in the minds of As Well As in the mind of to comprehend the theory of the tides As presented in our text this theory fails to give a satisfactory account of the cause of the tides on the Side of the Earth most re Mote from the Sun and Accord ing to this at the part of the earths surface which is turned away from the Moon or a less amount of attraction is Felt by the Waters than any where else on her surface and the whole Earth in away from the Waters on the far Side of and the water being left be a tide is produced on this As Well As on the site at which the Force of Gravity acts that so great an Absurdity should have been accepted so Long ago by our writers of text books is truly it so contrary to All known facts and Laws of if no other influences Are Felt by the Waters at the far Side of the Earth than there would be just the opposite effect produced on that alleged by this absurd this can be demonstrated by actual expert and As conclusively As any other fact coming within the reach of experimental it has been proved experimentally that All bodies on the surface of the Earth at Midnight Are heavier than any other hour of the Twenty four and when the new Moon occurs at Midnight this increase of weight or Gravity Felt by matter on this part of the surface of the Earth is still if this theory were Cor attraction would produce just the opposite effect that matter would weigh less at Midnight than at any other hour of the Twenty on the Side of the Earth facing the Sun and Vitoon the weight of the bodies is Dimin As it should according to the theory which i propose to establish in this science the Pope is past All the newspapers have his obituary written but he lives on in a Way that must astonish his five or six of whom have died since Antonelli All of them were men of fewer years than the and none of them in any such wearing Posi of the latest to go was representative of an old italian family raised to Eminence by a Pope three centuries and who had half expected to be the successor of Pope a san Francisco Maiden upon whose head Bloom the under whose Chin smile the and around whose eyes Are the Crow tracks of sixty five passionate has sued a Giddy boy who Only escaped his Moth ers apron strings seventy fleeting years for for breach of thus does the tedious Monotony of Law sap the fire of a cow giving quarts of milk per takes from the soil about fifteen pounds of phosphate of if the milk is that amount of phosphate of Lime will be removed from the but the amount is readily restored by the Purchase of 200 pounds of to it is readily seen that As far As exhaustion of the Mineral elements of the soil by Selling milk is concerned there is no serious trouble to since the phosphate of Lime is the most important element where cheese is made on tie and the whey is used for feeding to the the loss is still if Only butter is and the rest of the milk is fed to the calves and and the manure is the loss to the farm will be of no for in fact there will be no exhaustion of the soil the elements of butter Are Hydrogen and and these everywhere abound in the in the carbonic acid Gas and water which supports the vegetation which is finally transformed into fat and butter by oar the importation of the Best specimens of the draft horse to this country from Europe goes on and we shall soon be in a position to Challenge the world in Quality of our draft As we Are already in our roadsters and running this importation of the draft Breed is comparatively a new but is rapidly making itself Felt in the Supe rior Quality of the truck and Dray horses seen upon the principal streets of our principal very Early in the his tory of the american colonies the importation of the Best racing blood of England was and it has been kept up to the present so there is Little difference in the Quality of racing Stock of the two countries at the present Day but our draft Stock has been permitted mainly to take care of itself until within the last Twenty five since that time there has been a constantly increasing demand for the Best blood of foreign and importations of the choicest specimens of the draft horse from Scotland and France have been those from the latter country having taken the Lead in Point of especially in the Western we do not pro pose to enter into a discussion As to the comparative merits of these All have crossed kindly with our native and All have marked substantial at least in the size of our draft and some of the very Best results have been obtained by a com mingling of the blood of two or More of these imported National live Stock the bae the injury done by the Miller and its progeny of Worms can hardly be Esti Young and especially weak often become a prey to the while members of old hives Are greatly annoyed by but old stands Are rarely Iver overpowered or destroyed by they Are often found in such bub the bees gnaw them out and they do no real before the Advent of the Bee it was comparatively easy to care for then weak swarms could be saved and nursed in Good while now they Are quite sure to be destroyed by if a hive becomes destitute of a or reduced in num it is soon time and trouble May be saved to the bees by looking out and destroying every especially in the As they have four generations in one sea every one destroyed at this time sensibly Dimisher the num Bers of them hide in Patent Moth and it is a Good plan to catch them but so Many Are allowed to Hatch there by the careless Bee Raiser it is useless to recommend to indolent Bee keepers they Are worse than and painstaking ones do not have any use for when a hive contains More comb than the bees can the Millers have a file Chance and when a Large hive has but a Small Colony in there is a Fine shelter and Rich Harvest for hives should be made very tight and when the Moth enters at this Point it is going to be some trouble to get rid too much care cannot b 3 taken about this if they once get a Start a a it is gone beyond recovery in a Short the industrious Bee Raiser finds the Moth the greatest trouble and worst enemy of anything else pertaining to the How to Jirm in under the above heading a correspondent of the Montreal witness makes these As applicable on As that Side of the Border stating the fact that Cana a is essentially a Grain raising he says such a state of matters cannot last Long the Farmer of Canada will soon find that he cannot produce any Grain for and scarcely enough for his own such husbandry has proved the most lamentable calamity to Many a european and we would feel deeply grieved to see the same thing repeated Over while yet there is let us draw All Possi ble Benefit from the experience of other and let us not trespass on the Laws of but acquaint ourselves with them and be guided by the most important of these Laws is to never Export from the soil More than you can every Farmer knows by experience that continued Grain crops make the toil poorer Aud poorer he must return certain articles of Nutriment if he wants to keep up its Fer but where will he get them from he keeps Only a very few and has consequently very Little buy it is Good advice if they Are to be bought and the f arum can afford but How can he be expected to have any Money left for such when he forces Grain crops he must spend a great Deal of labor up on his hire Many keep a uselessly Large number of and notwithstanding the yearly increase of expense in cultivating the the re turn grows smaller and this will continue for some until within a comparatively Short has succeeded in bringing his land to com plete to bring such land to Fertility in most More than the land is in trav Eling through the North of Germany and Western parts of Large tracts of land May be seen too poor to grow even the shortest these Fields Tell the most sorrowful Story of i Providence and and will probably remain a sad warning for another generation we most sincerely Hope that every Farmer clearly understands that a continued cultivation of Gram crops invariably must Lead to his Corn As food fur the use of Corn As food for in heretofore been very re attention a turning that and we glean the Fol lowing from our foreign letter of recent Date of veterinary sur Geon to the company of is the strongest partisan of Maiza it is one fourth cheaper than he and lessens the mortality of the animals by fifty per the Maiza must be always crushed to assist mastication must never be Given in the form of As that would produce gastric of and the Straw which forms the remainder of the ration ought always to be Klein considers it Bast to have a Little Oats mixed with the feed of the station minister of War has condemned Onaiza for the the Artil Lery horses lost All their spirit and much of their Energy intense perspiration and the hair fell the ardor necessary for cavalry is not necessary for Dray or bus in warm Maize is not in favor As a diet for the Carrier company of tried Maize versus Oats on 490 of their horses the experiments do not appear to have been conducted with precision Loewenfeld is of the opinion that Maiza rations did not interfere with the vivacity or Power of endurance of the and which in Many instances displayed a marked superiority Over casual horses fed on Oats and hired during the great pressure of contrary to the Gen eral he employed the Grain the animals in crushing it secreted More which penetrated More completely the thus preventing fermentation when in Contact with the gastric juice of the and consequently Loewenfeld never gave More than 30 per of and ceased employ ing it altogether in As it produced profuse perspiration and an excess of in the South of France the population View Maize As a laxative and debilitating the omnibus of have not been shaken inthe use of Maize for Oats in feeding their they have economise Money by the and the animals do not suffer in nor is their work less efficiently there is the evidence of a French marshal attesting that in Algeria the cavalry did As Well on a mails As on a Barley and the former was the Only Grain employed during the campaigns of Spain and the bus of has found that the Maize deteriorated so much when stored in that henceforth it will be Magazine in immense Western farm Kurt in the All Day Long the Fanner May stand Between Bis turning the yielding roil May endure the Burden and heat of the Day May be burned by the scorching rays of the or be drenched by sudden but by and by the Sun urls his Banner of Light the Birds cease their singing avid Fly Home to their nests the eventide and tired Man and weary beast Flud All Day Long the Smith May ply his Hammer while huge drops of perspiration Roll Down his smoke be Grin med he belongs to the claw that must toil for their daily and with has become second a he likes the my Woof his and the Clink of his and As the huge Sparks Fly off of the re hot he can almost imagine he is a Jove forging thunderbolts and reveling in the forked lightnings As they wreathe and twine about but As the Sun goes Down in the be lays by is leather apron and washes the soot and smut from his and goes Home to enjoy the society of his for him there has come rest at the even All Day the patient Mother May toil for her Little sympathizing with them in their childish calming their fears and soothing their until she is worn soul Aud body but As night approaches sleep touches their eyelids with its magic for weary Mother and tired child there has come the rest at and for All there will come rest at it matters not what our occupation May nor where our footsteps life with its pitiful Joys and bitter expert its feverish dreams and empty its Hopes and its will be ended after awhile As we grow older our Trust As one by one our friends fail us and our expectations Are Cut off the apples of hesperides turn to dead sea fruit within our and the idols we All at times so wildly lie shattered at our the follies and of this life the lessons we have to learn and unlearn no wonder we grow Wea Many of Long before the end of the j Jurney is but All we do is to possess our souls in and press Forward for the Mark of the prize for the faithful worker rest will come Ere though he May have to pass through the Valley of the shadows and the gloom of the grave first but to the upright death should possess no it is Only a compassionate Friend that opens a door through which he May Pasa to grander work and sweeter rest thaa he Ever dreamed of then let us not falter in our Onward or look having put our hands to the but press on and strive to earn a Sweet rest when comes the a plethora a party have just returned from a Hunting excursion to Mason some forty Miles in a southeasterly direction from this they report that there is abundant but nothing larger than a Rabit the Rabits Are so numerous As to be considered a As they Are destructive to the growing the ranch men kill them wherever they find them also trap them and feed their carcasses to their in trapping them a Box is sunk into the on top of which Are from two to four bait is suspended Over the Center of the and in trying to reach it the animals fall these traps Are often found to be so filled with Rabits that there is room for no occasionally a Hun Gry Coyote comes and finding a Bonanza of digs it the indians catch the Rabits in Quail Are very abundant in the Val and Are considered almost As great a nuisance As the our Hunters did not regard them in any such the turkish the title of which is merely personal denoting the official Aris civil and of the Otto Man is derived from two per Sian signifying the foot of the in former when the chief territorial divisions were called san ruled Over by the larger san or two or More smaller were put under a and called the military governors of who were Only subordinate to the grand were styled or Bey of european Turkey was divided into two and the latter included Servia and the constantinople and Wallachia and Moldavia Wece not included in any of these jul the archipelago was under the Captain the Pasha of called an and in that capacity commanded All the Asia minor troops in the Dia Bekir Pasha was also a the pashas consisted of three and were distinguished by the number of Horsetail borne before them custom brought from tar which is said to have originated with some chief having lost Bis Cut off his horses tall and displayed it As a the governors of the larger districts were i by virtue of their insignia were the abroad the pole of which was surmounted by a Crescent or consist ing of nine nine seven and four cymbals the of three artificially plaited one or Green similar to that of the and two Large ensigns called other pashas had but two tails with the other i Sig a Bey had Only together with one the sultans Standard counts seven and the famous Ali Pasha of Janina arrogated to him self no less than at the pres ent Clay All this is much the civil or governor of a District is called a and his government a a the grades among the military pashas Are marshal it general Field officers Are called an economical Breal fast Small pieces of one Tea cupful milk put in the frying with a Little Salt and Pepper Small teaspoonful but six eggs beaten Aud stewed in with the there was silence in the says the Danbury the teacher had struck the Bell calling this was a favorite Opportunity for the spread of and one of the Little boys perceiving it raised his what is Johnny asked the teach Tommy Miles fathers cow has got a shouted the excited Young the the teacher
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