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Cherokee Iowa Free Press Newspaper Archives Oct 16 1877, Page 1

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Iowa Free Press, The (Newspaper) - October 16, 1877, Cherokee, Iowa The Iowa published evj3by rates of court Ltd till ltu8 Lluc i rules Cor As per j prepared Todo ins and general Blacksmith be Nai aug promptly done and shop of in into Central tit Ashington Young Corner Maple and second new House Wiki furniture Finglass House in every Buooa stabling in eur Gehb House Ami sign country orders will transact All kids of in my prices to suit the Auretha y in our to gent Estiu be Lre Trig eclied to Hubbard Ross Comer of fourth and Pierce Sioux free bus to and from Good and commodious Sample booms for commercial business for and wishing to Buhls or advert plus against tue office cd jury passenger mixed frengut Goi Geast cd Cpl suck any 1105p except except going West 9 7 a except 2 to a except except loft sign carnage m Arsh Church direct of Justice of the notary collection collections and business in trusted to my promptly at tended j and James i have now located my office on Street and will do a general w tax payme land Able and t and scandinavian land for Iowa land Chero Good Mcconv motions for the travelling stable in t7telley John proprietor the entire outfit is and everything is m Best of barn for k Keystone w w Barnes have thoroughly renovated my House and am now prepared to accommodate the pictures at prices to suit gems at All lower than booms West of the Washington rbcnic08 a attorney at office on main Street a torn itt Law real estate office Over golds a attorney at the courts in the Kee mow lots for the subscriber offers for Sale on reason Able some of the Best lots and choicest in the Village of new Chero v John contractor and jobbing de to on Short enquire at press builder will take contracts on houses and will do general Job work or work by the Cherokee Arness manufacturer of and dealer in harness saddles and the largest and Best assortment in andal great y reduced prices i use none but first class All work give me a m eat dealer in All kinds of dried and also dealer in butter eggs Iain Cherokee highest prices paid for dress and also keeps la Dies and misses trimmed fringes Black Gro Gram ribbons machine sewing a Wakefield real estate office m Mia no a attorneys acc Kellogg Wade millwright and steam and Wato Mills built As desired will furnish from the Best manufacture ii classes of Mill also Nopre pared to description o Zinc for cleaning v la Seea and a tetters me at Cherokee will receive prompt Atten la Charles banking Law and Cicro be lows Exchange bought and Iii Fly Inri Iii v Riihl collections promptly Maui Ness entrusted in onit properly and promptly attended 20u office Over Chicago store of shoe practice Boot and shoe repair ing done on Sciort tuttell plasterer and Corner of Maple Aud third umber Hixon dealers in Mould inns and sheathing fort Dolge and Blacksmith be Yard and Ware House West of i take this method of informing the citizens of Cherokee and to Natl have a Complete outfit sinking and will Wark by the foot Day or Trust ing that in Case any of our citizens should work of this kind done that they will at least give me a for particulars inquire at the Iowa free press Tecc Dairy the country has in Milch an Nual product is Worth while the last Cotton crop was Worth Only the enormous sum of this Dairy interest which includes nothing of hides or will Surprise every one who has paid no attention to the fallacy which destroyed the Hay argument is partially want ing Here while Bur Leipor Hay amounts to nothing and hardly equals there is a great and rapid growing Export of fresh and Salt beef and live the sum cannot be accurately compute and carries the particular into the same valuation with for in All these interest the final appreciation does not rest upon the How considerable Soever that May which is consumed at and so lost to but upon the amount beyond which is exported and enriches the land by its equivalent in Gold or other needs and permanent the Gross value of cattle for la leather and other is susceptible of a vast addition and must necessarily expand with Western settlement and increase the returns shown in our foreign while sustaining labor at Home More abundantly and and so enabling every Industry to flourish in Competition with less favored coun and greater comforts and Lux uries to be enjoyed by it will not hold the throne it challenges any More than the Hay crop provided the Southern which has done so much toward restoring its Early holds the course it the Energy it is How but it and appear must reach a higer sum than any Farmer or any statistical has dreamed recovering its it has acquired the Best blood of the Best herds of Europe has Given practical attention and study to the manufacture of cheese and butter has Given tie leather interest a new Power is conquering Oregon and All the new and is Arron sing wonder and drawing Money from Europe and Asia at the same sew it into a Forro Ratcli like quilt ing but Cut your rags in strips from half an Inch in Width to three quarters of an according to the thickness of the Havva Hook like a Crochet Only larger mine was made out of a parasol did the work and is Good for a dozen More press the Hook from the up per Side through the cloth the strip of clothing your left underneath slip the cloth Over the Hook and draw it tip to Theep with the right leave the 166p the length of an Inch slip Down within two threads from the first and draw up and so it is better to fill up the Patr Tern a person must exercise taste in shading to look after the figure of the pattern is the ground work can be filled up with Brown or ought to be All one color for a solid designs can be drawn As in imams or just As fancy after the whole wort is completed and All the spaces filled which can be ascertained by looking on the under take a pair i Sharp shears and Cut off All the and then Shear off All the ends it will Ito like Brussels and wich proper care will last a after few if the colors Are Rusty and it can be sheared lightly Over the entire surface and lock As Bright As honest is mighty and activity is the ruling element of life and its est luxuries and conquests Are the result of labor we can imagine nothing without the noblest Man on Earth is he who puts us hands cheerfully and proudly to honest labor is a Busi Ness and ordinance of sus Pend labor and where is the glory and pomp of the Earth the and and the fashion Ingson for which men strive and War let the labors Corner look to himself and learn what Are the from the Crown of his head to the sole of his foot unless he is a naked As the beast he is the debtor and slave of the labor which he scorns has tricked him into the stature and appearance of a where gets he i Gar menting and let labor which makes music in the the fur Row and the of scorn la do Man who earned a morsel of bread pities proud and laughs you to you shall pass to but labor will live on glorious in its conquests and Jour umber of flick Fiirst door West of upstairs main qui Jik office Kiuei mails drug All Calls St Ever dealers in Mould g Audbur Lomg at Bottom and see our Stock before purchasing Marcus not main Hill physician and Cago Kocsi Deuce on cast of Railroad Pritchard May be found it any hour of the Nigl by calling it the upstairs m Gold burrs Banff mid a aka Vine horseshoeing and repairing a special it East of dickeys lumber Pic franc Ticlao Hows polish mul warranted to also or of Tho Diamond spaced n shop West of dealers in Staple and fancy dry goods notions Kead made Fine Gro at popular Here is a Story which coxes from the in the Little town in which the scene is the Squires lady in the handsome old Manor House interests herself greatly in the sunday and is rather proud of her not Many ago she took some friends with her in the afternoon to give them an insight it into her she choose As her Les the Story of Ananias and the children showed great intelligence in answering the questions put to and finally their lady asked them Why god did not strike everybody dead who tells a lie this seemed rather a but suddenly a very Sharp child because there be anybody j Ivery feed and Exchange Yaw first class furnished to All at reasonable horses bought and sold on commis a Cherokee j regular sessions every tuesday evening masonic Cherokee i i is prepared to give attention to All Man nor of thut comes under Tho head of fraying look out for the Grey Tho Best outfit furnished for nil kids of goods handled with Ami do he Rcd Force can handle any thing from n toothpick to it la there any Joy greater than that which is experienced by one when he helps another there Are some men so Low Down that it is said they cannot Bear to have the smell of their Clover go in to the for fear that other folks will get something that be Longs to them without paying for it there Are some men who Are said to begrudge bees the Honey which they take from their Flowers with out leaving anything but that is doubtless a Man whose heart Doos not respond to an act of doing Good or giving Happi Ness is no longer a he has passed the line of manhood and should be ranked among Bug a correspondent enquired recently for a Way to make lugs of very Small a Nice Rug May be made by cutting circles of graduated Siz which place Witlin one another in the form of a Rosette and sew on a if tact is exercised in combining colors a pretty and serviceable Rug can be say for the first or largest then a then a lighter and then a tuft or Button made by gathering a bit of onto Bias and picked to a fringe on the for the Cen crowd closely in so that the foundation will All be Cov very Small bits May be Cut in Strung on and sewed into Tufts on a canvass if Yoa a design Road be marked out on canvass and followed or they May be made a correspondent gives this Mode of making rugs of strips of flannel or other soft Wool tear in to coarse or Fine As you wish and Crochet together in a Square of round using a Large wooden line with a foundation o canvass or other coarse a layer or two of wadding on the foundation covered with Callico i an addition when a warm ring is we find the following direction for using old thib ets or old in an Exchange a coarse piece of hop sacking of Tho foundation with some pretty do sign marked out on is Tho frs for a Rug hem Tjw sacking an aptly itys s of always there Are some men whose fail ure to succeed in life is a problem to As Well As to they prudent and economical yet after a Long life of old age finds them still they complain of ill they late is always against but the that they miscarry because in Mere activity for con founding two things essentially Dif they have supposed that they were always Busy they would be certain to be advancing their they have forgotten that misdirected labor is but a waste of the person who would succeed is like a Marksman firing at a if his shots miss the Mark they Are a waste of so in the great game of what a Man does must be made to or it might almost As Well have been left everybody knows some one in his Circle of though always has this want the distemper j if we May Call it exhibits itself in Vari Ous in some cases the Man has merely an executive capacity when he should Hare a directive one in other he makes Acari Tal clerk for when he ought to do the thinking of the in other cases what is done is not done either at the right time or in the right correctly is activity proportioned to the at the highest style of being at Home grows ont of a special state of in affections rather than of the in who has not met with individuals whose faces would be a passport to any and whose the unstudied and Spon a Iveous expressions of their inner make them Al say Welcome wherever they and attract unbounded Confidence toward tie non via Meyer they undertake they Are because they have no thin to conceal affable because their natures overflow with Benev Olence be Cavise they dread nothing always at be Cavise they carry within themselves that which can Trust to itself any where and of soul with fullness of such Are our Best guarantees or feeling at Home in All society to which duty tates and in every occupation on wooh it obliges us to they who live least for themselves Are also the least embarrassed by flavor in Good milk can be bad Only from Good there a natural Dif Ference in the flavor of milk of Dif Ferent the flavor of the Breeds is and that Melindi visuals of the same Breed the must be properly to begin both judg ment and taste Are required for then the conditions must be right and kept the cows Mustbe properly fed and cared they must neither be reduced by starvation or made Plethoria by overfeed the Quality of the feed must Only from Fine Flavoured other As Well As turnips and flavor Quality and As Well As vary the and even with the age of the foul air affects whether it conies from Carrion the Field or droppings in the stable or barn Sweet is indispensable to the production of Sweet stagnant water carries its impurities into the blood of the cow and into the secretions of the system Nihof the cow is incapable of straining out the spores of alga in stagnant these develop Annasten the putrefaction in the when exposed to the Atmos so that the cow does not get worried ont in reaching nor because of her dread of the As to make herself feverish from Over drinking when she does reach the in the health and Comfort of the cow must be provided for in every particular if the Best results Are to be a Young lady in charge of a mis Sion school in new York has de Vised a plan for instructing Young children who attend in House hold such As table Dis washing a whole volume of songs have been prepared in which the rules for spreading the Clearing disposing of the and so Are set these Are and Are accompanied by the actual operations referred sets of All the furniture of the brushes being placed in the hands of children for the lessons Are instilled and actions Are rendered which enable them to perform such duties in an attractive manner to and by its frequent repetition and the pleas ant instructions the various duties Are fixed in the mind in such a it is As shall enable them to perform such services acceptably in families who May wish their Aid us they grow
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