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Cherokee Iowa Free Press Newspaper Archives Nov 6 1877, Page 1

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Iowa Free Press, The (Newspaper) - November 6, 1877, Cherokee, Iowa The Iowa Fli Efi a a Independent Republican Iowa msw8 the official vow of of the 99 coun rive8 Rish Stubbs and Jessups total vote Over Eoo persons visited the Exposi Tion at on an excursion train of the Keokuk de6 Moines in the next Day a Large excursion party arrived the West on the Bock Island the new sheriff elect of j0nu8on who 3s a crippled Union is the first Democrat elected county ticket in that county for 22 the love powders woman tried in the United states District court at on the charge of sending obscene circulars and letters through the mail has convicted and to one year in the Coal Toiney s strike at Dee Moines is talk of consolidating the two cities of Clinton and Lyons Willis a clerk in arrested on a governor of with the embezzlement of while cashier in a mercantile two years Mcvey through the heart and ii wife through the killing both his a Little girl Only other occupant the Wiig the jumped out of bed and the after ransacking the House for aet it on fire fire and escaped to the Louis and of Angl Alze on tue 27th of Ware a charged with embezzling 000 of county Mew plead guilty and was the Lincoln Iron at Washington burned the Kast Ken Russia has ordered the mobilization of All the cossacks not yet in Active ser these will amount to ninety one it i denied that cok Val Entine Baker and other Ealiah officers have been sent to an says Moukhtar pal Sis Tanee from Coo Trew to enable them to go to Liberia Aud Wake it their Perma nent saying a Large movement of of that sort going on among them it asks each to Emi Grants under the auspices of the colonization Cox presented the protest of White labourers against fixing the Legal compe Osaviou of government and leaving that of mechanics and labourers at the whims of Wright presented a petition of working men of the twelfth congressional District of for a government to Aid settlers on the Public do Kelly presented a petition asking Congress to so change the financial system As that the Labouring people shall not Appeal to government for Means of expatriation of themselves and their and that they May continue to live in the of their mid pursue the callings to which they have been Harris presented a petition from the letter car of and 850 Bills in All were i he following h the organization of the committees elections Harris of chair Man tur ways and new chairman a 0 Rob 0 gala a Titi Uduc san is and occupies a Strong pos Inera of Chicago Jor increased compel adjourned Unhul 13th of there were wounded in private Intro an referred As follows by Hen a Frt a Dee providing permanent form of gov Berlin dispatch says the russian loss to eminent Tor the District of Columbia the 18th of october is officially stated to by repealing the act establishing Hussian official dis1 a Imi Forin system of bankruptcy also providing for the appointment of m com Garfield o ills miss Tenn can miss Clyme a y Vul or pubm71hji the rules and pats a Bill authorizing the Point Mutof dollars of and Atkins moved that the House agreed to 101 to adjourned till the Folio i i were introduced and Pacific Potter n y can Tex Illinois official Dis dated before oct fifty miners from armed to Workin the Coal Richard member Congress from both Carolina arid a Fuu blooded coloured was pastor of the african jute theist at Muscatine Twenty years at Cherokee with a few thousand bushels of Burnt a few Days chief of the Des Moines a few Days of a fireman out tto agricultural society were Only Able to pay fifty cents on says after a desperate engagement of ten Kipurs Zourkas the subject of alcoholic tray no by repealing the sections of o cooperating with a revised embodying the ten captured a Strong Turnure of office by provide nor the engagement result Jor uniform certificates of election of a in the capture of Achmet Lewsi Pattie members or by Eames fifty cents on the Dollar of their the of the medical department of the Iowa state ten Aversit opened with an attendance of Abou of whom half were new Stu the homoeopathic class number sixteen r the court the United states refused the supersedes granted by Justice in the Case of the Cen together with Hia chief of staff reducing letter by Many other turkish pealing the tax on savings institutions toot soldiers and an entire regiment or by simplifying the report of four Cannon and a Quantity of and to reduce the rates on in Suleiman Pasha telegraphs in ported Mero Hanjis restore duties on Der Date that twelve rus and to enlarge the free Sian Batta with cavalry and Artill is Tor funding the no interest attacked the works of f trial Railroad of is a Defea of the Gate party and leaves the Road in the hands of the received b general news the Manchester sayings Ati Allegheny has stockholders Are individually liable and it is believed depositors will be Stock the announcement of the failure of Mccoy of is stated to be and they Are pre pared to meet every liability in Woods museum and Chica was nearly destroyed by fire on the morning of october the animals in the museum All died from Suff the loss to the museum and theater is estimated at to 820 a liquor store was dam aged to the amount of a Large Woolen at was burned on the night of october and 250 hands thrown out of employment loss estimated at Bunker liabilities to pos tors officers say they can show assets to amount of been sentenced at Pittsburg to three years in the Penitentiary for stealing firearms mid ammunition during the july Tom the was convicted of receiving stolen plead to the charge of Lar and has been sentenced to a Fine of and six in the Penitentiary proprietor of flouring Mill at county committed suicide by hanging himself in a supposed investments in the Bay state Iron of bos is at a recent was proposed to con to three in behalf of their who Are to carry on the not exceeding two the proposition is now under the liabilities of the the turks made a sortie Rand forced the russians to retire into their entrench ments with a loss of t 450 killed and to Zourkas pashas official dispatch claims that attack on Telic he was but admits the russian Cav Alry has posted itself at Dubai pc and destroyed the Telegraph a Vienna dispatch says Kara has been bombarded and a part of the City the place is provisioned for four months private dispatcher say that Ismail Pasha has effected a Junction with Jehar a correspondent gives the following account of russian operations derived from russian officials just from Jenna to Ishri vestment of no Complete the Imperial guard As they took up on the russian left thus gradually prolonging the line of invest ment across the Levatz Road to the the investment by infantry extends from the romanian position of to the Sofia on the West Side of the Circle is Zourkas which can Cut All supplies the russians Are every Day receiving the intend to sur round Plevna by a series As the germans dict russians win soon have troops enough to com Lete the infantry investment the Cor respondent thinks there is every reason to believe that Plevna is not victuals a sufficiently to stand a siege until and that the appearances Are that Osman Pasha will probably a Success to fight his Way out it is reported that the russians Pur suing Bakhtar Pasha had advanced As far As Kho Rassaw and that Moukhtar Pasha has retreated to be tween Kho Rassaw and Hassan Kaleh Erze Roum 13 preparing for a the inhabitants Are and reinforce Are hastening up from doubtless a state of famine prevails at giving Rise to All sorts of unfavourable a russian of finial dispatch from Purdin says grand d Nice Nicholas inspected the Battle Field at Gurney the troops Areg feat y their the russian loss was and the turkish loss eighty turkish officers were taken Aud a Flag and four guns bearing debt into Bonds at four per cent payable m forty years also to regulate and facilitate payment of import duties also to provide for an act to Amend Cus Tom Revenue and repeal Moieties also to repeal All taxes on state and National Banks abolish tax on Bank providing for prompt payment ofal judgments obtained against the government for refunding of overpaid providing for a reduction o duties on hand Nade laces providing for of All naval officers a where the United states appraise Ere departments Are by for the acceptance of the invitation to appoint a general commission at a salary not Over and o additional eight to be skilled artisans Aud scientific Arpa exceeding to attend the Paris exposition one or two vessels to be furnished o transport All articles for exhibition total outlaw not the exceed by remove political also for the of Silver Coin repealing the act 20 cent Silver by declaring the department of agriculture a executive department by department by repealing the resumption act by regulating Commerce and preventing the ois Crimi Tion of common by Maish amending the Constitution a the election of president by a Ohio tit header Chain Rob j w a ind Mich Mich Public chair Man ind Ark Ala y la neb a military chair Man a Del Dib Tenn Evans i a o a Misti amines chairman c Henkle Jud to Amend the bankrupt act by to fix the Date of the first regular Wasion of the upon 1st her for coinage of Silver dollars and for making Tbs same Legal by to establish territory of Lincoln and provide govern ment the Secretary or the Interior to declare forfeit ures of Railroad Grants in certain by creating a custom collection District in Utah and new by repeal in that clause of the sundry civil ser vice Biu which limits to the amount for paying mail contractors in Southern states before the by a Bill supplementary to the act for the apportionment for representatives to Congress among the several according to the ninth it gives Nebraska an Addi representative from March the president presented resolutions from the Wisconsin asking increased postal facilities for the pj1 for Illarion to improve he Oneida Thurman submitted a Resolution instructing the com Mittee on patents to report whether any legislation is necessary to provide for preservation of the models saved from the late fire at the Patent agreed the Senate went into executive session and soon after circuit company Are a few nights ago a woman and a male in the Chi stole Worth of diamonds and other James Ofsan was and All the stolen goods with Many others he confessed the the woman Mas not been the Fos Irtha officer Che has been arrested in new York on the charge of stealing the Strong room of the package of Dia monds valued at the Kennebec factory at was burned october v the vitriol ship of new Haven chemical 850 000 a movement Ison Louis to Call a convention of All the Railroad ticket country at an Early been sent to All ticket dealers inviting an expression of their views on the the removal of the indians from the lied Cloud to the Vicinity of the has com no dissatisfaction is evinced by the spotted will not move for a few at the in Riiff of october a Smith Hung himself Inja tooth at the United states a spool of cot ton into a rope and suspended from a Nail m the Wall until death re the Bosto nand Alban Railroad has declared a dividend of eight per cent on a capital Stock of i Ive men have been indicted by the grand in Philadelphia on a charge of conspiring to defraud the Market Street railway in that out of another indictment charges three a them with embezzling belonging to the and the other two with receiving the t on Thoenig Henf unknown person entered the House of Tollgate Circleville 0 Miles North of i tote sat among the Bills introduce were the following by Vav Al provide a lawful note and Coin currency for the also a Bill the Issue of Long Bonds for the investment of by la a Bill equalizing soldiers bounties by of amending the revised statutes to make the annual Propri Tion of to provide arms the whole body of it court supervising jurisdiction Over the District courts in certain and also abolishing the Iron Clad oath of by Goode for the restoration of wages in the govern ment printing by Mak ing United states notes receivable for import consolidating the Public and reducing the interest refunding Money to North and repealing the for bidding Che payment 01 claims to Reb by abolishing the tax on liquors distilled from by Scales refunding direct collected in insurrectionary and refunding All taxes paid by distillers of fruit by reducing the tax on spirits to 1 r Tyr Ilese Groham gives us an account of a wedding which he attended in Brandenburg a Little Alpine Hamlet in the Valley of the same he had to traverse a narrow which with Snow to the depth of naval Tenn v Good Eva y h o a foreign Man y ind Ala Texas a i a 0 we territories chair Annn Texas Turpa Ala miss me ills Ohio Maginnis i0tiunary pen8ions and War of chairman invalid chair ctr Poat Offles and Ark Texas Wmk Harris Vaga Sten a 0 to 12 cents per per the either 6y Purchase or by by bul to enable the indians to become i ung presented a petition from citizens of new York against the repeal of the bankrupt and praying that it by amended7ref senator Spofford a Resolution for a standing committee r on banking and senator Mitchell submitted a Resolution authorizing tie committee ii in thee self Kellogg and to Send for and and to administer oaths senator Bernari by re introduced a Bill reestablishing the court of Alabama and for the redistribution of unappropriated senator Gar land introduced a Bill authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to Settle the debt due the United states from a senator Beck introduced a Bill for the Relief of refund ing their deposits f or Tice senator Thurman introduced a Resolution directing the Secretary of the Treasury to furnish Senate with copies of All reports made under the act of Congress to Aid in the construction of railroads and Telegraph lines from Misouri River to the Pacific it was ordered to lie Over to allow the Secretary the inter for to furnish any information on the subject that he several unimportant Bills were and the Senate adjourned until House along debate took place on1 the col Orado and the papers were finally referred to the election committee by a vote of 137 to or Willis presented1 a petition from the National Rifle Asso citation and about a thousand other an appropriation for the encouragement of Rifle practice in the regular army and among uniformed militia of the several a Petit Tion was presented for the removal of he National capital to the Mississippi Garfield presented a Poti won from 210 coloured asking As 48 on tobacco and cigars to allowing tobacco producers to sell Sid Worth to Consumers without tax by to abolish tie ten per cent tax on circulation in National and enforcing a uniform rate of interest by Herbert bashing the Iron Clad by improving the Mississippi River and appointing a coma is Aion to inquire on what terms treaties May be made with Mexico Brazil and one Central american states by repealing the Law forbid Ding the appointment of sex confederates to the army and also trans Lerning Indian affairs to the War part tent by reforming the civil service and providing for pensions to commence Trout Date of or Lisa by making import duties payable in Legal of Paiik circulation an red cig the whisky tax to 50cents by the state of in Fuiaua Tor expenses during the by with drawing the nations dans currency and bearing treas my notes making them Legal by Hunter rate of iut Ereat on National Money six per cent also equip Piug the Arctic by Tor of Silver dollars and making them a Segul tender also Mak ing duties on imports payable one Quarter in Legal tender by Mern Lou to revise and simplify tue exist inf Laws impose Dutily on Auu lettuce by pro Klint Lor the count of the presidential vote by relating to the vote of Siresi sent and Tor the Issue of National savings Banks for u National saving do Pusatory As a Branch of the Post office by Tor the res or the bankruptcy Aud the Renio Vai of the National capital and Aid for the Southern Pacific by Curt appropriating to deepen the War chairman Cabell a Cal a Keifer o Public to chairman a and private land manufactures Man Tenn a Ala Fla ills or lit ills t n chairman Mova n t c Stelle n Indian chair expenditures of War chairman Navy department expenditures Post of Bce department expenditures Interior chairman i at itch lock ung for the levees by Tor the re to out by cons Titu tonal amendment relating to the presidential by promoting immigration revising the Laws for the Pio Teuton of note on steam by providing for the payment of congressmen mileage during the sex Tea by reimbursing Lexas Lor expenses in defending the Frontier repealing the act exempting Isar mrs Banks mom by Lut authorizing payments of duties on imports in Legal Lender on National Bank by prohibit ing the immigration of by reimbursing Kansas Tor expenses in suppressing Indian admission of i3y Lor the admission of Dako w a land District inthe and organizing the Territo y la expenditures on Public expenditures in the department of chairman Dun by Iii y Mali reforms inthe civil and Mississippi la Ali Sirinan to miss Landeis Conn w a a wis mass Bisbee mines and n y education and a r revision of chair1 Man to and weights and measures chairman Vaky a c ills Jim a me h Kab Public buildings and Cook expenditures of state expenditures of Treasury depart the speaker Stephens a Ohio mass revision of the Law counting of electoral South chairman a y Tenn ind Ala by bit mass ind Bro Din c s chairman enrolled chair of declined to serve on Texas three and in some places four and five it was a seven hours Battle with the show before he reached the inn of the in which the weddings Are always he was moved to Over come these difficulties because he had promised to Honor the wedding of a charming Young peasant girl and a spec Ial wot Egee of his countless out stretched said Brawny and Small and clean and were immediately stretched out to Greet and the eve of the wedding Day the or Gast filled with Young and fair and ugly it Isno Tuuu usually the custom to dance on the eve of at his special re quest his old the Herr vicar soon put the musicians at in the dancing room he was immediately surrounded by a group of Young Fellows offering As a Mark of Cour brightened finding a Choice he was soon dancing the Pat one dance around the while the other couples line the Walls and fall in at its in and in some other the male dancer encircles the Waist partner with both while she embraces him with both arms for the first few min utes of every dance the motion of the whole group is and the floor trem Bles beneath the Iron shod shoes of these immense suddenly the music and with it the entire aspect of the the a letting go his a series of gymnastic tapirs and jumps heavy frames display an unlocked for one of the is to throw ones fold both arms Over the and Bend backward in tithe Back of the head touches the floor and gives a few sounding raps on the hard with one Jerk the Man regains his erect position without touching the floor with Hia in another movement the Man kneels and with his Bare Rise is beats a sound ing rata at on the to jump nigh up in Theair and come Down upon the Knees with Tull Force is very All Capers Are accompanied by and Peculiar smack ing sounds of the lips an imitation of the sounds made by the Blackcock and Capercaillie the sound ing slaps on the muscular thighs and on the Iron shod soles of the heavy shoes by the of inter with shrill whistling and f Uri dus stamping of the feet with the great est possible Force upon the produces a prodigious in Brandenburg two Tirolese valleys which Aye a particularly muscular fair the the conclusion of her partners catches him by Liis aided by a Cor responding hoists up the balancing i of both hands on her treads the lot room the her dance round the the men Are and it Moab be mus Cular Young Fellows who can perform this there Are sometimes four or five men hoisted at the sin Gular spectacle adds much the strik ing appearance of the the girls Aldaire seen of the with a Cigar or Pip Between did you steal the complainants coat asked the magistrate of a Ual who was arraigned before i decline to the curiosity of the re plied the seedy scorn Ful glance at the Tut Tel to a solution of Borax a heaping Teav poof us of pulverized Borax into a pint of boiling water let it stand until the solution becomes but not allow it to get so Cool that the Borax will crystallize dip the eggs then keep in a Cool place the Borax will crystallize around the egg keep out the air and preserve the Kentucky Corn quart of Cornmeal and two Tablespoon Fuls of common wheat flour not pre pared add Salt to and mix thoroughly with a sufficient quantify of Buttermilk to form a next melt a heaping tablespoonful stir in with the Batter bake on a hot Grid pouring them by this receipt the full flavor of the Cornmeal is of unmixed with the taste of molasses which Many people Mist kingly deem necessary to cause the cakes to bake Pickle Corn following recommended by the new York cooking school boil four Gallons of water with one and one half pounds of Brown sugar or two ounces and nine pounds Salt until All Are dissolved skim As fast As the scum rises Cool the Bride or Pickle thus pack the meat closely in a pour on the and keep the meat under it by Means of a weight this Quantity sufficient for an Ordinary barrel of two Hundred closely cleaning clean coat and to take out grease from a floor or carpet and to clean paint and White Walls cals mined take half a bar of washing soda and a Lump of Salupe Ter and Sal each As die size of a add two quarts of boiling soft stir Well and let it stand till then add three ounces of bottle and Cork tight will keep Good a it is Best to bottle when Luke and add ammonia at any Way to Cook Best Way to boil eggs is not to boil pm at All put them in a tin dish and pour on boil ing water cover the dish tight and set Back merely where the water will keep hot let it stand from ten to fifteen min according to the size of the eggs or the preference of the eaters for hard or the egg is quite different that produced by both the Fla Vor and texture of the being so Superior to any other Way of cooking by Means of hot water that those who have tried it will hardly be Likely to return to the old scalloped the cauliflower until clip into neat clusters and pack the stems downward in a buttered1 pudding beat a cupful of bread crumbs to a soft paste with two tablespoonful of butter and three of i earn or season with Pepper of bind with a beaten and with this cover the cover the dish and bake six minutes in a Quick Brown it for five Send in to the table very in the dish in which it was a simple cure for when a person finds he must have a let him take a drink of water say two or three often As the thirst or craving May let him continue this his old chums will laugh but let him Perse and it will not be a week before the appetite for stimulant will disappear and water be taken to quench the natural if at any time the victim should feel a let him take the first Opportunity and obtain a Swallow of and he can pass and Repass All when he goes Home at night he will feel and be sober and have Money in his artificial sugar two Taf Baric acid half an essence of Lemon thirty essence of Almond Twenty dissolve the tartaric acid in two pints of hot and lastly the Lemon and Alimonds stir cover with a and leave until cold put two Tablespoon f us into a and fill up with cold this it is will be found much More refreshing and More palatable than either Ginger Beer or the addition of a very Little bicarbonate of Potash to each Tumbler just before drinking will give a whole some Ever vesting buckwheat the season for buckwheat cakes will soon and our experience is that the tender est cakes can be made by adding Little unbolted wheat or Graham flour to the less than a Quarter will mix with cold sour milk or fresh not Sweet which is Best the soda emptying Are dispensed with when put in cold will not act sat bake at the heat will Start the and As the paste rises it will the s preventing it from hence the Point of lightness is the Bat Ter rises slowly and and the package will swell to almost undue i absolutely the lightest and tenderest that can be with not a touch of More must be added than to counter act the too fresh when soda alone is thus Iho bother of emptying is All dips used pancakes in this Way can be baked at any and on the shortest we keep our flour the Graham with the buckwheat ready for
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