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Cherokee Daily Times Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 4

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Cherokee Daily Times (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Cherokee, Iowa Historical business directory chapter 54 keeping up with the times. When Home delivery expanded. 1934 it Isis i i Orth Blini our loft in la or i a adult education Boen in matter of dats Cherokee daily time Loo a i i i Bell inc 1990 to urn nor real i Lair Miller m clint3ck�?Ts i i tile Vnker people Iowa ill vice mailman Convene Quot state convention of Rural letter carriers Quot did not sound like much to the people of Cherokee until carriers and their auxiliary began pouring into town. Nearly a thousand came and went Over the four a period of the meetings. Fortunately Many of them stayed Down at the Park where a real tent City was set up. L it s say right Here that we had nothing but bouquets for these people when it was Over and they were happily giving us verbal posies. If All conventions were like this one we could take it every week. The main speaker senator Dickinson was very critical of the Quot new Deal Quot Sayir Quot we representatives in Washington Don t have much to say any la it Cal Young people appeared on All programs to enliven them. One who received particular Praise was Darrel Olsen singing Quot Little Man you be had a Busy Day Quot accompanied by Virginia Horr. Local committees had worked hard to fix up the Rialto cold opera House for this gathering it has t looked so neat in years. What do Quot country Quot mail carriers talk about better roads naturally. She spells splendidly Quot holocaust Quot was the word that Cost Frances Jean Mcwilliams first place in the state spelling contest. With second place she was More successful than any former county contestant. An eighth grader in the immaculate Conception school. Frances Jean went on to the interstate contest with to competing she won second misspelling wish she would give our old typewriter some lessons. Man helps polio fund Tom Schoenborn Cherokee shoe Shine Man donated All the Money he took in on the president s birthday to the warm Springs foundation. Crippled by polio As is the president he could make his contribution this Way. Other citizens attended the card party at the Lewis or the dance at the Hillside. Lorn received a personal letter of thanks from president Roosevelt. A Holden Sells firm the Holden Monument company will keep the name of its founder even though it is now the property of Joseph Wostoupal. Chester Holden has sold the business his father started at its present location in 1882, and will develop his Lakeside property in Northern Minnesota. Quot Chet Quot has always loved the North Woods. New Fern Iti re store a Man by the name of l. Ii. Matt has come to town and established a furniture store where Toman hardware used to be on East main. Good Luck Matt West Point takes Ryan Dale Ryan 18, y youngest son of or. And mrs e. T. Ryan has passed All his West Point exams and will enter the Academy july 2,according to a Telegram received by his Mother. Ryan graduated from Vav ii son High school with the class of 32, and completed the two year course at Cherokee Junior College. An advanced course in mathematics at the College under sister Mary Emmanuel helped him to pass the difficult West Point examinations. Ryan played on the basketball teams in High school and Junior College. He is an All around athlete. No grass grows under the feet of superintendent n. In Mccombs of the Cherokee schools. When he heard that there was an Opportunity for our Community to Benefit from the state emergency Relief education program he began flying around. This adult education Deal is part of a Federal plan so by the time the red tape got unwound one had to take advantage of it Quot right tills very minutes or not at All. The object is to furnish temporary positions for unemployed persons who Are qualified to teach. Also to enable others who Are unemployed to better themselves while Idle any adult Over 16 May Register however. How does one get such a program going in a matter of Days we can Only follow Mccombs through the pages of the times to show How he did it mid january get the Lowdown on what a going on then look around for Good teachers of a variety of subjects that adults May enjoy. Wednesday Jan 17 have the press Tell the Public of this Opportunity and something about the Couto. I re people to in Roll immediately. Explain that matters of scheduling and course Content will have to depend on How Many sign up. Thursday Jan. 18 announce thai enough have shown interest for the program to go ahead then tear off to Des Moines to get final approval from the . Committee for the local plan. Saturday Jan. 20 Home with the o.k., announce that organization meetings of the various classes will be held the coming monday. Emphasize that there is no Cost to the student except the minimum for texts and materials used. Explain that no credit will be Given therefore no examinations. Monday Jan. 22 remind people of evening registrations and warn them that typing classes May outnumber the machines available. Thursday Jan. 25 adult education classes doing very Well. A minimum of to to maximum of 18 Are enrolled in these courses All meeting at Wilson High school except Home nursing psychology of the adolescent family foods business English business arithmetic Spanish commercial Law physiology and Hygiene world history sociology interpretive Reading costume design government current events and several typing sections. Main highways come Here Bridge built Justin Barry publisher of the times has Long been an ardent worker for the improvement of roads and highways. Now he is president of the West Iowa Highway association and Pill Ling hard for our county. Results have been coming through All year. First we Learned that Cherokee will be on the new Road across the state. Our immediate problem was to improve the Road North of Cherokee by building a Good Bridge across Mill Creek. Government Aid was secured and during the summer a Ltd Bridge to last for Many years was constructed. Cherokee on National Highway was a november headline. Our 321, later called state no. 73, became a part of Federal Highway no. 59, which will come from Winnipeg Canada through Minnesota Iowa Missouri Kansas and on Down to port Arthur Texas. Designation of this route will undoubtedly Speed the development of the Highway in All the states. It is exciting to know that it will bring people right through the Middle of our town. Ca v a Garfield a firetrap replaced Cherokee is proud of its modern one Story schoolhouse. The old High roofed Garfield building is gone from the horizon Only the Steps going up the Bluff to the build Ira Are the same. It is remarkable that the whole work was accomplished this sum Mer. Lyman Simpson school Engineer and his regular staff used Wood from the old school to erect sturdy enclosed bleachers at Tomahawk Field. George Hicks and some school athletes helped and All Are proud that 1,000 people can now see the games in Comfort at a Cost to the school system of about $25 for Cement Etc. Simpson is very Happy that the old Garfield firetrap is gone and says our schools Are All in Good Safe condition now. Boy scouts clean up ground around depot Over 150 boy scouts from All Over the District gathered Here Early in the year to celebrate the organization s anniversary. The program beginning with a Parade was most interesting. The local scouts did something very different this Spring and we should give them due credit. Ender the direction of one of the members of their Council Edgar Stiles tile boys carried out a beautification program at the Illinois Central depot. The open areas were cleaned seeded and Fine Flower Beds set out. North of the depot restaurant the improvement is Par historical area razed a fellow that used to live Here was in the other Day asking about the old Fountain House. Quot i went out Northeast and looked around but could t find it a he said. We had to Tell him that it was torn Down last summer and to admit that there had been so much going on that we had plumb forgotten to mention the fact. Quot How could you leave that out Why n. T. Burroughs built it Over 50 years ago and it sure was a grand place in tile eighties. Such Beautiful grounds and the hotel with the Fountain in front of it. E used to drive out there in a Carriage when i was a tiny id just to see the people Strol Luig Quot was the Spring water really magnetic and would it cure most anything a Quot my father held a knife in it and could pick up a Needle wit that knife for a Long time after. And the Baths and such they had there must have helped people or they would t have kept on coming. But the Springs failed later and the hotel was used for a lot of we told him of its last years As a sort of apartment House and How hard some of us had tried to get the grounds out there for a Park. Now it is All gone the Lake too and before Long few will remember where Cherokee s famous spa was. Titular by noticeable As it had become weedy of late. On the South Side of Tho depot the Cherokee sign made of rocks was painted and Flowers set around it. New shrubbery should add Beauty for years to come. Perhaps inspired by the boys work the Railroad made new permanent Crossings at All the downtown streets filling the old bumps Between the rails with Asphalt paving. Proud of their accomplishment the boys went off to their scout Camp up the River donated by or. L. A. Wescott. Girl scouts of America now has a Good Start Here. The organization meetings were Well attended with plenty of leadership anxious to help this movement. Excellent memory at the recent credit banquet our chamber Secretary big rained George Mantor pulled a stunt few could copy. Witha Hund red people present he started at one end of the Hall and introduced everyone by his or her first and last name. In a few cases he just gave the initials and last name. Try that on your piano we would probably go Blank on the Moniker of our Best Friend. Leading doctor Das or. Paul Allen 51, died at his Home of a blood infection. An Active physician Here since 1918, he found time to take part in Many local activities. Of these the Garden club meant the most to him. Ile had been its president and was a Leader in All its projects. His Lovely Peony plot and formal gardens at the Northeast Corner of Bally court delighted Many. Mrs. Allen four sons and a daughter survive. Teacher honoured the person largely responsible for the Success of student teacher training in the Cherokee schools is miss Edith Barber. Her work Here As a primary supervisor and critic of the Iowa state teachers College was recognized recently by initiation into a National honorary fraternity of professional education. Something new a enlargement of the Dally times Carrier boy Force now assures delivery within 45 minutes of printing. Carriers pictured standing above left to right for Aurelia Gerald and Roma Rapp. For Cherokee Lucille Bunney Edwin Bunney Ivan Mundy Charles Berry Billy Siple Howard Olsen Gordon Steele Allen Creel Laurence Ehrich Clinton Diehl James Barnes Glen Mccord Kenneth Wittkamp Eugene Olsen. For aute Hospital Leonard Wittkamp. And at rear is b. R. Larria circulation manager. New Airfield certain under Federal plan booze goes on Sale Cherokee s liquor store the 45th of the state opened october 5, with about a dozen thirsty persons waiting to obtain their permits to buy. Jake Heller manager and addle Sullivan and t. R. Ballah clerks will keep the store open from la . To 9 . Daily except sundays and Holiday s. Stock on hand is valued at $10,000. The store is located in the Griffin building across the tracks on West main. Prisoners mint Money the City profits by the mayors court. In March of 32, mayor Lawrey told the rotarians that his court had collected three times As much in fines in the past 12 months As it had the year before. In All 137 Days of labor had also been assessed the officers in encourage the prisoners by giving the Best meals to those who Are the Best workers. Oyer rails at Meriden Meriden has received a permit to construct a new Highway crossing the Illinois Central tracks. After months of sparring with the Railroad company Meriden is Happy to have a much More accessible exit from its business Section to new Highway 5. Cherokee had a Quot flying Field a but it was not Large enough nor properly located to meet the requirements of the new planes. Early this year the government offered through the Cwa to pay for labor and materials to construct a Fine new Field if the land was made available from local funds. Such justifications As this soon appeared in the press Quot considering that the government is subsidizing building of planes that will sell for $700 each local business men feel certain that an Airport will be needed Here in a few years. The air mail service will grow More general when More airports Are employment of local labor was a big Selling Point As men got to work to find a site. Eventually a site on the Highway South of town was approved and 55 acres were purchased from Steele Brothers $6,000 was taken from the water fund on approval of the state budget director. Just in time too As Cwa news pics invited Quot the daily times will be pleased to accept any Good timely photograph or snapshot for publication in its columns. We Are installing a Modem engraving Plant which will permit speedy use of pictures. Quot the times is also planning to install its own camera outfits and will take pictures of any interesting subject anywhere in the territory. Quot i it s go for More pictures and remember one picture is Worth 10,000 words chinese proverb make work criticized not alone in complaining of the wastefulness of ill planned civil works projects the times says Quot to put men to work with shovels and wheelbarrows is excusable for a Small Job but when the same number of men could be employed with ten times the productive results by using Power equipment then such primitive methods Are altogether too wasteful and costly. There is plenty of worthwhile work to be done let us demand value received for funds funds began to run out and no More projects could be approved. This county has permission Togo ahead on the Highway work the new school and the Airport. More funds will be available to civil works projects after the new retail sales tax gets going in april. What do you expect from the times w hat do you expect from the daily times Well you expect More than you do from any other person or institution to which you pay the sum of a subscription. You expect the daily times to give you All the news. That s Why you pay for it but you expect us to take the Lead in advocating changes for the bet torment of the Community. You expect us to publish itemized accounts of All Public moneys spent. You expect us to maintain a High Standard of morality supporting things that Are right and condemning things that Are wrong. You expect us to maintain a High Standard of Enterprise devoting column after column to propaganda supporting the band Community celebrations boy scouts High school athletics school programs Home Talent plays and dozens of such causes and events. You expect us to boost for Good roads and protect your Community s claim to its share of Road improvements. You expect us to build up Confidence in your Home financial institutions and protect Home investors from making unwise investments of surplus funds warning against fake salesmen and other financial pirates. You expect us to combat the peddle nuisance. You expect us to establish Friendly Contact with the Rural readers so As to induce them to make your town their town. You expect us to give notice of All Public meetings Public observances conventions Etc. Y of expect us to urge support of poor Relief benefits Library drives red Cross drives Christmas Seal drives legion and auxiliary drives poppy sales and get crowds into town for sales events. You expect us to publish Church notices Church programs club news farm Bureau information demonstration unit news Market news weather news bring you the Market reports and cover All doings of the Many Semi Public organizations. You expect us to support every meritorious organization Effort for the City s Good. And you expect All this for the Price of a subscription. No it can t be done for that. The Money a subscriber pays for this paper covers less than one fourth the Cost of publishing the paper. The other three fourths must be paid by advertisers. Since the advertisers pay a Large share of the expense of publishing this newspaper Don t you think you owe them the duty to patronize them whenever they offer you equal or better values than non advertisers and you or. Advertiser Don t you think that in View of the Many services which this newspaper performs for which this newspaper derives no compensation but which mean More business and More profits to you we deserve your advertising and printing business the daily times Cherokee wrestlers another Cherokee athlete will Lead the wrestling squad at the University of Iowa. Last year Clarence Johnson had that Honor and now another of Bierbaum s boys John o Leary has been elected. New school head miss Irene Brooks of Quimby is the new county superintendent of schools succeeding miss Lulu Rose Orr. Roy Jensen stars Cherokee s Brilliant half Miler won the state High school event Roy Jensen also came Home with honors for the second place in the mile run. Just pure Corn Here did you hear about the fellow who went to a foot doctor and asked for a Corn loan sure we want an Airport. In this Day and age we must hop around to amount to something. Ten years from now Well All be flying or at least awfully air minded. Somebody s going to get the government s $25,000, so it might As Well be Cherokee county. Every time we see a new permanent wave we Are glad to know that Quot permanent Quot is just a name. A fashion note says Slit skirts Are Back in style. Dumb Dora is pleased for now Shell have some visible Means of support. Of the fire Siren did t blow occasionally and the truck Stampede up main Street would be a Dull Day Many a Day. At a picnic the other Day Aman ate a Sandwich and the newfangled transparent cellophane in which it was wrapped. Being a perfect gentleman he did no to mention it. Remember Back in 29 when it was two cars for every family now its two families for every car. Notice where Cherokee s population has increased 6.6 suppose Nua will get credit for this too. Roadside expands Charlie Rhoads has the second Quot Glass House Quot unit erected at his new Roadside greenhouse on East main. With the help of his family he formerly operated the Rhoads Ide gardens on the South Side of the Road before that he manufactured rugs. The new place has a Fine Brick showroom and More greenhouse space is planned. Love is a Flower Flowers Are a Beautiful thought for any occasion. Your taste in Flowers is Safe and sure in our hands. Quot your thoughts in words and Flowers will be delivered around the Corner or around the world Quot Roadside greenhouses 438 e. Main Call 225-5711 2 line service

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