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Cherokee Daily Times Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 3

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Cherokee Daily Times (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Cherokee, Iowa Emf Rokke daily times sat., sept. 19, 1970 p3 one Man s viewpoint by Tom Miller Ray comes clean with wide tie convention Potpourri. Ever time i get near gov. Robert Ray something about his attire catches my Eye. Back a few months ago when he appeared at a cop fund raising dinner it was a Hole in his shoe. Then a few Days Back at the Iowa daily press Assn. Convention in Des Moines it was his tie. When he stepped up on the platform just prior to the debate with Democrat candidate Bob Fulton he was just feet away from the front Row where Jean and i were sitting so i could t help but notice his tie which at its widest Point seemed to measure at least a foot. I made some snide comment about his mod dress he looked Over at my narrow Cravat and with the perfection of an executive did t move his lips but let his eyes flick a sarcastic message. Then smiling he held his coat open and said Quot at least it keeps the shirt would t be the first time a wobbly message came from your to some a turned on television set has become so much a part of the background that they cannot comprehend Why it bothers others. In All sorts of Public gathering places Airport lounges Barber shops cafes the sight and sound continue on whether anyone is interested or not. And usually they Are not. At the Severy hotel a Gaggle of us sought Refuge in a bar to talk Over a common problem. We were the Only customers. The television set was on so loud that we could t carry on a conversation. We had to ask three times before the volume was tuned Down not off though we expressly had said we did t want to hear it and the bartender obviously was not paying any attention to the program which happened to be a kiddie comic. As we left the volume was turned Back on even though the bartender was carrying on a Telephone conversation with his Back to the set. Maybe it s a thumb sucking Type Oft abit for those Young enough to hafe grown up with the omnipresent Eye As baby Sitter entertainer and Friend. Because of the unseasonable cold business places in Cherokee have been using heat off and on As the temperature warranted. So being used to such a modern Tjay of living i found the Severy air conditioner system chilling particularly since the Osunde temperature was in the 50s. I have always thought of Prince Philip of Britain As being a stiff necked humourless aristocrat. But a Story told at the convention hints at the humanness of the person. Teller of the Story was John Wiggins Fisher known As Quot or. Canada Quot up North because of his longtime career As journalist broadcaster and unofficial and official Booster of his Home country and More recently As director of Canada s 100th birthday anniversary. Touring the Prince through Ottawa in the frigid wintertime Fisher pulled up in front of the parliament building to better View a spectacular Fountain spouting water. Intrigued Prince Philip asked hut How do you keep the water from freezing a Quot Quot alcohol Quot Fisher explained. Quot but then it also creates a minor problem for the pigeons who drink the liquid. They have difficulty Walkiw and flying and sometimes fall off the the Prince chuckled. It. At the end of the first Day s sessions i hastily retired to my room and turned on the Radiator. But nothing happened. I called the hotel desk and explained that i was sort of mechanically disinclined and could they instruct me How to get heat. The Buck was passed to the boiler room where a polite voice informed me that there was no heat that the air conditioning system was operating As a last resort i asked How to shut off the air flow in the room and was told that could not be done unless the entire floor was Cut off an impossibility unless properly authorized. That s How come i slept with the Bedspread on plus a Blanket found in a Dresser drawer. When a particular dinner was served at a convention session a Newspaperman poked at the bread crusted meat on his plate. Quot i wish Quot he mumbled to no one in particular Quot that they d leave the head on so i d know what i m Community Calendar sunday or. And mrs. A lie Nordstrom of Meriden will observe their 50th wedding anniversary sunday with an open House from 2 to 5 . At the Meriden Community building. Relatives and friends Are invited. Stiles country schoolhouse museum will be open for the last time this season 12 Miles South on Highway 59 and 3 Miles West on the Washta Road. Monday historical society s Pioneer festival vow Hall beginning at 5 . Public invited. Afton homemakers will meet at 1 30 . With mrs. Paul Jones mrs. Dale Sleezer mrs. Harold Petersen and mrs. Earl Demaree As committee. Birthday party for Happy hour club will be held at 1 30 . At the senior citizen s Center to recognize birthdays during september. Tone Circle will hold its first meeting at the Community Center with a 7 . Potluck supper. Bring covered dish and table service Roll and Coffee furnished. Program Reading by mrs. Gary Leatherman and string ensemble by pupils of mrs. Millard Dubes. A Tan be club will hold a social meeting at 7 30 . At a Home of mrs. W. J. Schmidt. Cherokee Encampment no. 147 and ladies auxiliary Are to meet at 8 . At the l o. O. F. Temple. L. A. P. M. Ladies will practice for inspection. Potluck lunch. Tuesday country club luncheon make reservations by noon monday with mrs. Robert Ament 225-4214 or mrs. Russell Lawrence 225-5453. C. D. Of a. Book club meets at 1 30 . In the Leo Cosgrove Home. Iowa Theta Iota chapter no. 7699 of Beta Sigma i i will meet at 8 . At the Home of mrs. Chuck Mady. All members urged to attend. Prenatal class will be held at 8 . In the new dining room of Sioux Valley memorial Hospital. Topic a Anatomy and a mothers to be and husbands Are invited. Piane Colorado Springs. Colo a the to cur old i 106 Delta Dart is the fastest and highest fixing interceptor plane of the us. Air Force aerospace defense command which has its Headquarters in Colorado Springs ask. Or. Brothers How much do you know about marriage and divorce by or. Joyce Brothers almost everyone who marries wants at the time of their wedding to avoid divorce. How much do you know about divorce Here s a Chance to find out from some statistics compiled by experts. 1. In America the maximum number of divorces occur in the first year of marriage. True. False. 2. Children have a great effect on the ability of a couple to keep their marriage together and were Happy or unhappy and nothing could dissolve that marriage. Men and women equal 4. True. As women s liberation groups have noted there Are Many rights women Don t share with men this in t one of them. Men and women have roughly the same rights to end an unsatisfactory marriage and the most common ones Are incompatibility adultery barrenness or sterility impotence or frigidity economic incapacity or cruelty. 5. True. The no Faith or mixed Faith marriages have a Happy. higher divorce rate than those 3. Studies reveal that even in our modern world Many so Cleties do not make provisions for divorce. . 4. In general men and women have roughly equivalent rights to terminate an unsatisfactory marriage. . Religion and divorce 5. The More religious a couple the less Likely they Are to have their marriage end in divorce. . 6. The rate of marital dissolution is greater among Many preindustrial or primitive societies than it is in the United states. . 7. There tend to be More divorces in this country in periods of economic depression than in Prosperity. . 8. Even though parents object the Young love match marriages have a High rate of Success. . Answers 1. False studies indicate that in the United states the timing of marital dissolution reaches a Peak around the third year. After the third year the rate begins to drop. 2. False this is one of those popular ideas that just in t True according to statistics. Children have Only a Small effect on holding a marriage together. A family that is troubled with marital conflict or separation is More Likely to produce children with serious personality problems than is a family in which there is divorce. 3. False. Practically All societies make some cultural or vision to end an unhappy Union through divorce. The ancient incas were an exception of you were a married inca that was it you stayed married whether you in Cherokee where both partners Are religious and of the same Faith. The divorce rate is higher among protestants than catholics but if desertion and separation Are included the religious groups Are nearly the same. W Here there is Strong religious disapproval of divorce desertion and separation Are often the substitutes. 6. True the rate of broken marriages is greater among Many preindustrial or primitive societies than it is Here in the United states which has a relatively High rate among Western nations. 7. False. W Hile the Long run trend in divorce rates is upward it seems to continually fluctuate upwards in Prosperity and downwards in times of economic depression. 8. False. This May be another romantic notion that in t True. Marriages at very Young Ages from 15 to 19 have a greater likelihood of ending in divorce and if you add parental disapproval the likelihood is even greater of parents and friends approve of the Union the chances for Success Are better. Of you answered six out of eight questions correctly your knowledge of marriage and divorce is better than average. Copyright c1970, by Beli Mcclure Syndicate 2mh 9700 a How to Tell if you have intuition Quot is a leaflet by or. Brothers. For a copy Send to cents and a stamped self addressed envelope to or. Joyce Brothers in care of this paper. M o n d a y Over protective Mother is afraid of son s psychiatrist. Week end food savings Pepsi cola a 451 6 Pak to of. Bottles c plus Deposit Seneca Large Apple sauce 149 up groups pick their leaders stereo tape insurance change in guidelines Dos Moi Esidra Auto insurance companies doing business in Iowa Are faced with new guidelines for writing insurance for stereo tape players tapes and cartridges. Iowa and the rest of the nation has been plagued with people stealing stereo tape players and tapes or cartridges from automobiles especially those units which Are not permanently installed. State insurance commissioner in Rene r. Worthington has issued instructions that in writing comprehensive coverage companies must agree to pay for the loss of a stereo tape player plus one tape if the loss is caused other than by collision. However the restriction is limited to those stereo tape players that Are Quot permanently installed Quot which includes units installed by the manufacturer dealer or by the insured. Like radio those stereo tape players Worthington explained will be treated just like a radio or air conditioner in a car. Quot we be had a problem with a lot of thefts Quot he said Quot and the premiums have not been geared toward the kind of losses the companies have been experiencing.1 since there is no increased exposure Worthington reasoned that there should not be any increase in premiums. The action also represents a major charge for companies writing insurance to cover the loss of tapes or cartridges. Only one tape or Cartridge must be covered under the new policy. However an insurance company can provide coverage for additional tapes or cartridges. Notice clean up week for All residents of Cherokee sanitary services announces the week of sept. 21, 1970 will be clean up week for the people with monday and thursday service. The week of sept. 28, 1970 will be clean up week for the people with tuesday and Friday service. We will take anything and every thing that you set out and that 2 two men can lift. All Loose materials must be bundled or boxed to be picked up. Hurt Mermore Worthington has issued orders that homeowners policies must include coverage of movable stereo tape players and one tape or Cartridge. These portable stereo tape players Are used both in the Home and the car. A question had Arisen As to whether such units should be covered by Auto insurance or the homeowners policy. Worthington said he was taking this action to make certain there would not be Quot Gap Quot in coverage for the person having his homeowners policy and Auto policy with separate companies. Coverage will be available on additional tapes or cartridges. Worthington conceded that these movable tape players which Are not permanently installed As an integral part of the Auto have posed a real problem because they can be stolen so easily. This change he said puts the portable stereo tape recorder in the same category As a movie camera or some other item which might be stolen from a car. When asked if this would result in an increase in homeowners rates Worthington replied he does t know at this time. Kingsley the class and club organizations of Kingsley Pierson Community High school have their officers at work planet activities for the new school year. Elected class officers for the seniors Are Paul Marty president Scott Hess vice president Don Althaus Secretary and Brian Michaelson treasurer. Rick White Janet Cole and Blaine Kuchel Are student Council representatives. The Junior class installed Bill Cave As president Rose Willer vice president Wally Resner Secretary Barbara Johns treasurer. Wally Resner and Roger Schmid will represent the juniors on the student Council. Bill Mockler is president of the Sophomore class Donna Lay vice president Frank Page Secretary and Jennice Saxen treasurer. Student Council representatives Are Noel Para and Ray Cole. Karl Bahrke is freshman class president. Vice president is Mike Woods Lynette Burnham Secretary treasurer. Cd Page and Jerri Jean Barthole Are on the student Council. Fra officers include Marc Christensen president Mike Feeney vice president Myron Hirschman Secretary Darrell Sitzman treasurer Terry Pratt reporter and Jerome Wondrak. Sentinel. President of band members is Hospital notes sanitary Box services 799 pm. 225-2313 inert Low sept. 18 births or. And mrs. Roger Kroll Cherokee girl or. And mrs. Robert Nelson Quimby girl admissions mrs. Melvin Reinert Cherokee Randy Kreisel Cherokee Carl Miller Cherokee Herman Mckenzie Cherokee Herman Friedrichsen Cherokee dismissals Robert Burkard Lemars Oscar Williams storm Lake David Anderson Cherokee Brian Cronin Holstein John Rohweder Peterson Henry George Cherokee mrs. Gilbert Clow Cherokee Arthur Ruge Cherokee Ber Jamin Saxton Quimby a a blockbuster musical Geom a a alive stage for all1 the family in it in it it i Al Lata George m.c0han Michael Stewart John and fran Pascal Tupta Ai Yniol Immi in mar Cohan thursday october 1st a 8 30 . Sioux City auditorium tickets $6.50 $5.50 $4.50 Phons 255-4222 Box office opon 12 noon to 5 . Lbs. 89 it Morton Cream pies flavors Dalton Aire blankets Brian Michaelson. Vicky Mccain vice president Luanne Gates Secretary treasurer and Linda Resner student Council. Pep club officers Are Janet Cole Patty Bahrke Leslie Bardie Mary Kniseley and student Council representative Janie Spooner. Rick White was chosen president of up athletic Calles is vice president Chuck Bardie Secretary and Tim Timmins treasurer and student Council representative. My Alpha Theta the math club elected Dan Mahnke president Ann Meissner vice president Janet Cole Secretary and Tom Berens treasurer. Brian Michaelson is student representative. Sandra Henry was selected president of Library club. Other officers Are Sandra Puttmann Cathy Henry Jodene Kabisch and student Council representative Danny Mahnke. Mixed chorus officers include Scott Bess Larry Kenealy Richard Puttman Patty Bahrke Kathy Marty. Roxanne Rector is president of glee club. Other officers Are Greta Roepke and Barbara Johns. Fat officers Are Tom Berens Ken White Paul Marty Patty Bahrke. Chuck Bardie is student Council representative. Linda Resner is president of Spanish club with Wally Resner Janet Cole and Larry Kenealy other officers. Udai Choice Chuck Steak 79 a la. Wilson a slab Bacon 69 a la. And prices effective sunday monday tuesday september 20, 21, 22 free s 1 h Green Stamps offer excludes Beer amp cigarettes with Coupon and $3.00 or More Purchase limit one per family expires sept. 22 a 4 1

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