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Cherokee Daily Times Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 2

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Cherokee Daily Times (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Cherokee, Iowa A la rink a Hatty Simra weekday except published every 111 St 2nd Tom Miller editor and publisher Frank Buckingham managing editor w alter Brenner advertising director Don m orig an Mech superintendent Wayne Batterman printing Delores Pedersen accounting Dwight r. Clark publisher emeritus Federal holidays phone 2255111on guard protect yourself against the criminal i Cherokee daily times Box 5, Teaneck n j. 07666 enclosed is $. Send me copies i of on guard _ i address City state zip i make checks payable to the associated press i he sure to add state sales tax where applicable m Sarfo Cherokee daily times sat., sept. 19, 1970 editorial notebook on guard Al the following material has been condensed from the Book a on guard protect yourself against the criminal a authored by associated press crime reporter Bernard Gavzer. The Book can be ordered through this newspaper for Only $1 per copy by using the accompanying Coupon. Key to car theft Protection May be in your pocket Forion s non about four out of five automobiles Are stolen by non a professionals and it seems that ear owners just can t help tempting these thiess or making it easy for them. Protecting this valuable piece of pro certs is spelled out in part in this article condensed from on ii Chi. Seventh in a series of to. Is hims Chi Gay i r a writer unless a professional is after your car. You stand a very Good Chance of doing something to prevent its theft. Y of Don t have to buy anything and you really Don t have to do much beyond using rare and commonsense. Ii you have to work the equivalent of Soo to hours to get the Cash to buy a car. It ought to he Worth the minute or so needed to at least discourage a thief. Though you be probably heard this or read it seventy dozen times maybe this time it la sink in. Here Are the Standard. Simple things to do 1. Turn off the ignition and remove the less 2. Check and make certain the windows Are rolled up securely. 3. Lock the doors. 4. Of parking on a Street try to Park in a lighted area. 5. Of parking in a Public parking lot. Select one that has a single ent Rahee and exit. Park it and lock it. Ltd of parking in a lot that has attendants leave Only the keys necessary to operate the car. Get a claim Check be vague about when you will return to get the car since in some places insiders May move your car to an out of the Way spot and loot it in such a was that you might not discover the loss for Davs. 7. Of parking in your driveway or in some residential parking area even though it seems just outside your door lock it. S. On returning Home at night raise the garage door and then lower it immediately. It a thief is hiding in the garage this May flush him out or frighten him away. 9. Always lock the garage door. There Are two substantial location and condition of cars at time of theft rom a private residence or apartment dwelling garage. Driveway. Or apartment top Street Parkin. Aria from a Public Street in a residential area from a Public Street in a commercial or business area from a shopping Center or other free parking area from a Public Wrage of parking lot Ahi re fee Paio other used car lot. Etc. Total 50% 34% i 42% 47% 55% 46% 42% key in car or ignition unlocked no key in car Ano ignition locked a Fri Chart reasons for following this adv ice. I thieves themselves especially the amateurs the beginners and the sort of crude operators so frequently involved in such thefts admit that these kinds of practices give them second thoughts particularly when they can figure on finding easier prey among people who ignore the precautions. Fri studies and analysis by the National Auto i heft Bureau show that one of the main reasons cars Are stolen including yours is because owners make it so tempting and easy to do. Their studies show that a. In half the cars stolen from private residences or apartment parking areas the Kev was left in the car or the ignition was unlocked. B. Almost half the cars stolen from free parking areas such As shopping centers unattended thieves of course have makeshift As Well As professional tools to open locked cars. Wire coat hangers Tablespoons surgical tape and so on have been used to illegally enter locked automobiles. There a a tool called the a slim Jim Quot which affords Quick entry to car doors that have no vents. There s the slam Puller or slide Hammer that professionals use to open car trunks or Compromise ignition locks. A i can open a trunk lid just about As fast As you can with a key Quot says a Man who has used this device. There was one teenager who invented a do it yourself ignition switch that later has turned up As a protective device. The kid mounted a toggle switch on a Small Block of Wood with two wire leads which he spliced into theater sports restaurant and. The ignition wires. In this Way. Bus train terminal areas and so on. Likewise were left with ignitions unlocked or the key in the car. C. Forty two per cent of the cars stolen from Public streets in business or commercial areas were also left there in such tempting condition. He could Stop the car and kill the engine by flipping the switch one Way. Or Start it by flipping it another Way. It had a Magnet on one Edge to hold it to the underside of the dashboard. As a cheap probably $5.00 a device a toggle switch with leads to the distributor and civil can be attached to some hidden place under the dash. When you leave your car you flip the switch in addition to killing the ignition. Now even with an ignition key the car can to be started. The thief would have to know about such a hidden device or spend time searching for an answer. And time again is something the thief does t want to spend. There Are dozens upon dozens of devices on the Market bars cables locks latches and so on which supposedly do the trick of preventing car theft. No thorough impartial product testing has been made so far As is known and professionals tend to sneer at almost All of them. Hut it might be said that a device which might make the steering wheel inoperative or make it difficult to apply the brakes without veering sharply could tend to discourage the most Active of car thieves the Young and inexperienced. Next the Home robber. For a Large illustrated Booklet containing this series in expanded form Send $1.00 to a on Guaro in care of this newspaper. Re sure to add stale and sales tax where applicable flips comedy fizzles Early by c Cynthia Lowry a Tel vision radio writer new York a flip Wilson whose antics have brightened Many other stars shows arrived on Abc thursday night As Star of his own show. The responsibility of being both Host and resident comedian seemed to get in the was of the fun. Instead of the usual opening dance number or standup monologue flip began with the announcement that since a production number would Cost $104,000 he had decided to show us the Money instead. He did and a monologue would have gotten the series off to a better Start. T avid Frost was stiff awkward and had a tendency to Giggle nervously in flips sketches. Wilson a comedy just was not working. None of the sketches was particularly witty or Bright. The hour needs some emergency treatment. A a Nancy opens a a Nancy later on Abc probably should be called a woman a show and has a lot going for it including Charm. Nancy played by Benne Jarrett is the daughter of the president of the United states. We meet her when she is visiting in Iowa training a Saddle horse and encountering a Young veterinarian another newcomer John Fink. Its love at first sight but he does not know who she is. W Hen include 3 n. W. Cities in Airport improvements by lorry Alexander sounds of hammering came from the workshop yesterday and investigation revealed Mitey mouse making a sign. A you helping Duane in the gallery i asked. Looking up from the piece of Wood he was banging on Moses replied a nope. Pm fixing my doctor sign. I looked at the Board he had on the work Bench and painted on it in White scrawled letters were the words ,,�?� a what s the m. M. Mean i asked. Sighing disgustedly he said a Medicine Man. What do you think a a what kind of nut Are you anyhow if you re supposed to be a doctor where s your License a us Medicine men Don to need no licenses no How a he said still banging away on the sign. A we Don t even have to take the hypocrites oath either so a and just where do you plan to open your office i inquired. Dragging the sign behind him Moses headed up the stairs. A pm taking Over your office that Way pm get the people coming and threats of another stretch in the county jail convinced him that he would help Duane with the exhibit preparations. Purpose and proc Edi re this recent medical enthusiasm came about As a result of some Reading i did with Moses last week. The recent Issue of the Navajo times had this to say about the Navajo Medicine Man. A it is vital to emphasize the role that Medicine men play in the lives of the Navajo people. Through their Sand paintings Herb medicines interpretations of dreams and detailed chants they help cure Many of the diseases fever broken Bones wounds and bad spirits that Are encountered. A sometimes the method of curing is successful because they employ the proper techniques and medicines other times they use persuasion to cure what is actually an emotional disorder. When they Are unsuccessful the White Man says it is because they do not use the Correct techniques but the Navajo says it is because the patient does not have the right attitude or enough Faith. A ironically both the successes and failures of the Medicine men sustain people s belief in he finds out girl loses boy. Then boy and girl Are reunited and there will be wedding Bells a couple of episodes hence. There was some amusing stuff about the Ever present secret service. Celeste Holm plays a Breezy companion chaperone and has most of the funny lines. C bsds thursday night movie started its new season with a made for to thriller called a the brotherhood of the Des Moines Gap a the Iowa aeronautics commission has announced its 1971 Airport program which Calls for spending $900,306 in 14 cities. More than half of this amount $511,185, will be prodded is the state and Federal governments. The remainder explained i rank w. Berlin director of the aeronautics commission must be raised by the local communities. A greatest need Quot the aeronautics commis Sion Quot Berlin said Quot spends the Money where it thinks the need is the greatest and where the state tax Dollar does the most Good for the states Overall Airport state funds which total $252,-750, Are derived from the unclaimed Ponton of the motor fuel which has been used for aviation. Since the motor fuel tax applies Only to vehicles using the highways pilots May obtain a refund for tax paid on aviation fuel. The Federal governments share of the 1971 program is $258,435. A new municipal Airport at Sigourney is being added to the Iowa system bringing the total of municipal airports to 122. Cost of the Airport at Sigourney is placed at $55,000 with the Federal government providing $27,500, the state $13,750 and the rest pledged from local sources the big demand today is for hard surfaced runways this is where the bulk of the Money will be spent. Six airports Are scheduled to receive funds for hard surfacing runways Marshalltown total Cost of project $68,089, with $25,000 in state no Federal Money and rest coming from local sources. Maquoketa total Cost of project $210,000, with $105,000 in Federal $25,000 state and remainder local. Rockwell City total Cost of project $90,000, no Federal and $25,000 in state funds rest local. Algona total Cost of project $46,000, $23,000 Federal $11,500 state and remainder local. Independence total Cost of project $23,000, no Federal $14,000 state and local providing $9,000. Iowa Falls total Cost of project $126,674, with $62,935 Federal $25,000 state and rest local. Five airports will receive assistance in hard surfacing taxiways and ramps red Oak total Cost of project $80,000 with $40,000 in fed-1 eral Money $20,000 state and $20,000 local. History preserved a it is through the Long involved chants that the history of the people is preserved and reiterated to remind the Navajo of his heritage and relationship to the universe. A the Medicine Man is one of the few ways that the navajos Are related to each other As a whole. It is through the rituals and ceremonies that the common language ancestry religious beliefs and customs Are preserved. These men Are the key figures in rituals and through them the tribe retains its Unity a it requires years of intensive study memorization of the chants movements Sand paint Ings and cures to become a Medicine Man. This is usually done by a Man starting out As the Medicine mans assistant a the old Medicine men insisted upon strict adherence to the conventional ways. Occasionally there were misfits or fakers just As there Are in every Field but care is taken to prevent this As much As possible. A a Medicine Man costs and the Price depends upon the Cost of the materials used and the assistants employed the complexity and length cry time for the ceremony As Well As the financial ability of the doctor will see you now at closing time last night Moses asked to borrow the flashlight. A what for a i asked. A Well i m pooped from working so hard with Duane today. After supper Mirelda and i Are going out to find some Mug wort. A Mug who a that shows How Little you know about Indian Medicine. Any Good Medicine Man like me knows Mug wort Tea relieves fatigue a Moses boasted. A Well while you re at it be sure to round up a goodly Sui ply of Monkshood Chokecherry bark and Jimson leaves a i suggested. A what s with that stuff a inquired the know it All. A some Medicine Man you Are. How come you Don t know the remedies for nervous exhaustion. By the time this exhibit opens you re going to need All the help the Medicine Man can give you a i cautioned. A a going out the door at quitting time i heard the old boy muttering to himself. A will get watercress too incas someone comes Down with from acute dehydration and exposure after living off an algae and spice soup for seven weeks Winfred b. He Ringhoff 28, Laurene l. Kokx 21, and Julian Ritter 61, left to right Are treated aboard the Niagara Falls after being rescued from their 42-foot Sailboat Northwest of Hawaii. The trios boat Galilee was two months overdue on a voyage from Tahiti to Hawaii when they were found near death. A wire photo cd so a lawyers likened to a Mode by Cynthia Lowry a Tel vision radio writer new York a if one had to put an identifying tag pm cd so a new a storefront Law years a it would read a a mod squad with Blackstone a three idealistic Young lawyers protecting the poor and underprivileged. In the first broadcast wednesday night the Trio concentrate on saving an elderly Man who had walked into a cocktail party and killed an important financier with plenty of witnesses. The Young attorneys who Are employed by a Rich conservative Law firm but operate out of a make shift office in a tenement area valiantly resist pressures from important clients and even a member of the firm. They finally dig up evidence that proves the old Man a robbed of his Home As he claimed. It was part of a big complicated get Rich Quick real estate scheme. The principals including of course one girl Are As attractive and vivacious As the format of the tories is derive us and fatigued of no overuse. Wei i. Pro in Cef Quot Mccloud a if prs Mincer Ries in Abc is a four in one a bowed in with a sleekly produced policy action Story which achieved its individuality from the character in the title role. Dennis Weaver playing a drawling Deputy sheriff from Taos n.m., studying police methods in new York makes Sam Mccloud a forthright Friendly fellow whose shrewdness is concealed under a country boy manner and a 10-gallon hat. When he hot ars a woman scream in a Hoel room Mccloud investigates and from that Point the Story takes off on a murder Case. Presumably Mccloud will solve six crimes in the six episodes to be broadcast during the next month and a Balf. Then a four in one moves to six episodes of a san Francisco Airport a starring Lloyd Bridges. If viewers warm up to Mccloud he undoubtedly will return next season with 24 shows. Elevators lose million from transportation snarls Audubon total Cost of project $14,001no Federal Money and $7,000 state remainder local. Charles City total Cost of project $14,000, no Federal Money and $7,000 state remainder local. Fairfield total Cost of project $26,000, no Federal $13,000 state and $13,000 local. Sioux Center total Cost of project $52,000, no Federal $25,000 state and rest $27,000, to be raised by local Community. I he commission also set aside Money for runway relocation at Osage and Onawa. The Osage project is pegged at $32,000 with no Federal funds but $16,000 from the state. The Onawa improvement is estimated at $57,-600 with the state to put up $25,000, but no Federal funds committed rest will have to come from Onawa Community. Min Nea polls Lack of transportation equipment or inadequate transportation service Cost Low county elevator operators Abou $5 a million in 1969. Or. W Illiam la. Thompson head of the Industrial administration department and professor of transportation at Iowa state University Ames reported the Cost estimate to the mid America gov nors transportation Council tuesday. Thompson represented Iowa gov. Robert i. Ray at the meeting. Thompson said the extra costs to elevator operators resulted from the delay or failure to obtain transportation equipment of All types rail truck and Barge. The costs included penalties for delayed shipment additional interest paid while shipment was delayed spoilage due to inability to ship Grain in time and losses in Quality because Grain was stored on the ground when transportation was not available in addition elevators reported extra costs for the rental of additional storage extra handling cleaning and repairing transportation equipment losses of Grain in route due to faulty equipment and lost business because the elevator was unable to handle Grain when a customer wanted to sell Thompson said. The estimated costs of transportation problems were obtained in a partial Survey of Iowa s elevator operators conducted by or. C. Phillip Baumel of the Psi economics department. Gov. Ray arranged financing for the study through the Iowa development commission. The largest costs to elevators were interest expense on delayed shipments about $1.5 million and business lost because the elevator was full another $1.6 million. Other costs to elevators obtained in the Isi study included a More than $800,000 from physical losses in transit. Nearly half a million dollars from Quality losses while storing Grain on the ground. A about one third of a million dollars for cleaning and repairing equipment. Nearly a Quarter of a Mil lion dollars from Quality losses while storing Grain month ground. A about one third of a million dollars for cleaning and repairing equipment. Nearly a Quarter of a million dollars in penalties for delayed shipment. A More than $100,000 for Grade changes of Grain in transit. Thompson and Baumel report Iowa Grain shippers historically have had difficulty in obtaining Grain transportation at Harvest time. But the equipment shortage now has become continual rather than just seasonal they said. One of the major reasons for the equipment storage they note is the dramatic increase in the amount of Grain sold by Farmers. Train sales by Iowa Farmers increased from about 400 million bushels in 1960 to about 700 million bushels in 1969. At the same time the number of Railroad owned Box cars declined by 42 percent. While there has been an increase in covered Hopper rail cars with larger capacity the Supply of Grain carrying Railroad cars still has declined at a time when demand for rail services was increasing. A third Factor contributing to a shortage of transportation is a decrease in the availability of trucks. Rail rates on Grain movement have generally declined since 1965, making Long haul truck transportation less competitive in Grain movement. Consequently fewer truckers Are interested in moving Grain shippers report they occasionally have used substandard equipment such As Coal cars boarded up cattle cars and Leaky Box cars to move Grain but with losses in Quality and Quantity. Another alternative shippers use to ship Grain is to sell it to itinerant truckers who usually haul it out of the state and resell it. The Lac study indicated elevators sold about 35 million bushels of Corn in this manner in 1969. Almost 85 percent of the Corn sold to itinerant truckers moved to four states Missouri Nebraska Minnesota and Arkansas. Grain sales to itinerant truckers also were greatest in areas of the state where elevators reported the most transportation difficulty. The Kun study also revealed that extra costs due to transportation difficulties were relatively greater for larger elevators with 700,000 bushels of storage capacity or More. Costs also varied greatly throughout the state. Elevators located along the Missouri River South of Sioux City and in a 6-county heavy Grain surplus area entered around it. Dodge reported the largest costs averaging about $10,000 per elevator. Next largest Cost aver aging about $7, incurred by elevators in the remainder of the North Central part of the state. Elevators along the Mississippi River averaged around $1,000 in extra costs the lowest in the state. Statewide average costs due to transportation problems were slightly Over $6, Looper ele Vator. The isl study also showed that elevators within to Miles of the interstate Highway system were More successful in Selling Grain to itinerant truckers than those further away. While elevators close to the interstate have an advantage for this Type of marketing volume was Large enough at other elevators to indicate those More Distant from the interstate still can develop a Large truck Market for Grain the isl experts said will lift martial Law Iii Greece Athens a new Liberal measures and the lifting of martial Law Are to be announced by the greek military government within the next two weeks the English it language Athens news reported today. Quoting informed sources the paper said the measures will include restoration of articles of the Constitution still suspended by the 41-month-old regime. The newspaper said the matter was discussed last week by . Asst. Secretary of defense g. Warren Nutter and in remier George Papadopoulos but it gave no details. % the government had no comment. The Athens news said the Reform measures were originally scheduled to be announced at the end of october but that the decision to Advance the Date was prompted by president Nixon s planned trip this month to Europe which includes stops in Italy and Greece s next door neighbor communist Yugoslavia. Nutter who visited Greece last week was also reported to have discussed the resumption of full military Aid to Greece partly curtailed when the Junta seized Power in april 1967. The scrambler select words meaning the opposite of the words above the squares arranging the letters in the two words to form a new word which Means inclined from ii direct line grosses o lass the scrambler word is a to Ani Iwer to in revious scrambler of i was the opposite of Quot free of debt All a the opposite of Quot none. The scrambler word was old. I Opy Ridin iwo in flu it lure synodical 581

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