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Cherokee Daily Times Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 1

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Cherokee Daily Times (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Cherokee, Iowa Try Ettilee daily a Intro official county and City doily every evening except sunday the times How in its ninety seventh tear Cherokee Iowa saturday october 30, 1965 West Side 225-3183 East Side 225-4410 in Cherokee Call Between 6 of amp 6 30 of your paper is missed a 3 Quot rms per copy vol. 38, no. 25 How candidates stand on Cherokee City election issues Tho Cherokee daily times has forwarded questionnaires to All mayor and City Council Candi dates relating to their interest and the candidates stand on issues in next tuesday s municipal election not Alt candidates Rupli cd to the interviews. Some did. One ticket the progressive roup replies elsewhere today on this Pagas to its stand. The following questions were asked City mayoralty candidates 1. Why Are you running for office in the nov. 2 municipal election 2. What is your opinion of police department enforce mint do you have my suggestion for betterment or changes in methods of enforcement 3. Of elected would you give your personal representation on behalf of the City it Public functions and activities Here Are the replies by the two mayor candidates Thomas o. Booth by jr., candidate for mayor on the citizens ticket 1. I feel the City of Cherokee is the fastest growing City in Northwest Iowa. And it will take the Best of City government to maintain this growth so i am therefore offering my services to help Cherokee become an even better place to live and work. I have stated Many times before that others have developed Cherokee and provided a Fine Community for my family. I would like to feel that i could help make Cherokee a Little int better piece for our children the citizens of tomorrow. 2. The police depart men has a difficult Job to do and it takes men of the highest Caliper to perform the Ever in rasing Law enforcement tasks of our in i Ern Day problems. Tho a men must have Swiec jul school training to do it Well. I have in mind some changes in policy methods and personnel Lur the p Dice impairment. Hut would rather not reveal these at this time. 3. Yes. I Watt Ltd Herc Fedt the City of Cherokee at Public functions and activities to the Best it my ability. Floyd e. Enrich candidate for mayor on progressive ticket As a candidate for mayor in the Cherokee Noemi it or second election. I would like to inform everyone of my platform and acquaint them with their candidate. I was in Orn october 16, $26, Here in Cherokee Iowa. I graduated from the Cherokee Public schools and served two years in the u. S. Army paratroops. I am married and have four children. My platform consists of the following. I. Police Force As a citizen and taxpayer i do not believe we should try to put our Polit ? Force on civil service As yet. Once you get civil service you can to get rid of it. The same is True of the policemen who would be hired. If you ended up with a indict Man who you would like to fire you would find it next to impossible to do. Some of the Best Gold bricks in the army could easily pass the civil service exam. I believe the answer to be As follows i would hire a professional invite chief and he in turn would hire his own Indice Force. To acquire a Man capable of being chief we would have to in a a Good salary maybe As much As $600. A month. Now if a any of his police Force which a he would train were not doing their duty they would be replaced. These policemen would attend the police school offered by the University of Iowa. These policemen would answer directly to the chief of police and indirectly to the mayor. The chief would answer directly to the City Council. Tile chief of police would not in lured for the length of the term of the mayor but mor like the Foreman of an Industry he would have his Job As Long As he produced of he failed to do his duty be would lie released by the City Council. Ii. Curfew we need a curb w to get our Young i it eople Home at a decent hour. Iii. Dog ordinance i will enforce a dog ordinance. In. Civil Engineer list year Cher of e silent enough Money with Rock rapids engineering to hire its own licensed Engineer for a period of four to five years. V. Traffic and Diagonal parking our traffic and parking situation m ods immediate attention As to improve the flow of traffic. I. City Council As a candidate for mayor and As a taxpayer i thoroughly i Lieve that every councilman Ami the mayor should be Able to stand on their Owtis two feet and express themselves in terms easily understood by everyone i believe that every councilman should come to the Council from different backgrounds As this would give the Council a broader. All Over knowledge 1 have a definite interest in Cherokee having lived Here Over 39 years. I have no axe to grind or no personal gains in mind. This is the place i chose by live and raise my family and i will do everything in my Power to make Cherokee a latter place to ii \ and 1 11 do everything i can to keep it that Way. Use your god Given right As a free american citizen and go to the polls and vote november 2. Vote for the candidates of your civic a. Candidates for Council were asked the following questions i. Why Are you running for office in the nov. 2 municipal elect Ion 2 what do it of pro hse to do attorn the pal King problem in the City of Cheruk a 3. What is your stand on Continua funds for Cherokee s Sanford museum 4. What is your stand on Kis sible additional funds for Cherokee s Community building 3. What is your opinion on possible Extension of the Chook e City limits 6. What is our stand on the my a Sivility of expanding facilities at the municipal air sort Don a. Royer candidate for City Council first Ward i decided to run for councilman from tile isl Ward lie cause i feel that Cherokee is on the move a vacancy was left on the Council and i want to do my part in keeping Cherokee going and feel that this is one important Way of doing tills. I think some rial Good moves have been made in helping solve the parking situation in Cherokee. Several other Good ideas Are b ing now worked on. I Wall he for any constructive corrections to Liis problem after of course considering the Cost of such to tile taxpayers and the benefits to lie derived from Sacii expenditure. Tile museum is a unique asset to the City of Cherokee and although i understand that it is controlled by a private Trust i feel that its continued support by the citizens of Cherokee and the City of Cherokee Are essential. Having had some Contact with the Community bldg. While serving on the recreation Board. I understand it is difficult to Tell at this Limo just what funds Are needed to support and run the bldg. I am too percent behind the Community bldg and foil the progressive tickets stand the progressive ticket would like to remind All r silents of the City election on nov. 2 and urges All residents to vote. We of the progressive ticket trave approved the following platform and if elected will earnestly and actively suggest the following a i. Immediate development of better traffic control and off Street parking. 2. The need for a juvenile curfew. 3. We will Endeavor to hire a qualified civil engineers providing it saves the City Money. 4. Study Tho possibility of using Merit examinations in fulfil ment of future City employee vacancies. 5. The Agenda of All Council meetings should be announced in Advance and we encourage citizens to attend. 6. Tax stabilization by operating within a balanced budget. 7. Contribute to the support of the Sanford museum and the Community Center. S. Support the air sort and Park commissions. 9. Work closely with the chamber of Commerce the Cherokee Industrial corporation and tile Cherokee county Board of supervisors. 10. Our mayor will attend All City and civic functions. That tile City is obligated for its cd it tinned supper. I have never known the refusal of extending the City limits or have i Ever known that this was fore d on someone who did t want to come into tie City limits under Normal circumstances i see no reason to change from that policy. In a City the size of Cherokee. An Airport is very essential. I would take into consideration any reasonable proposals for expansion and improvement in either the operation of the Airport or the Airport itself after weighing the costs As compar d to the benefits to lie derived to tile City and us people Larry c. French candidate for City councilman at Large it is difficult to form a stand or a particular decision on the questions asked in your councillor no a interview until one knows the particular of the Proie Jems. The answers to your questions involve All taxpayers decisions not a particular councilman s i Nisi Bun. I will approach All decisions concerning Public expenditures with an open mind and do my utmost to Sec that proper value is received. We As taxpayers of Cherokee face Many prob i is our former Council has also had Many Quot new things to contend with. If we As residents of Cherokee Are going to continue to grow. Expand and demand better facilities we must insist that our Money is spent wisely. I thing that i. If elected As councilman at Large can help with the vital decisions that must in made. Thank you very much for offering this Opportunity to Dis cuss my kit sit Ion on our coming november election. Roger Minikin candidate for City Council second Ward 1. My decision to seek reelection to the City Council from the Sec my Ward in use coming nov Miler 2 election was based on several factors the prime consideration timing a desire to be a of continued service to the people of Cherok e. 2. Your present City Council has shown some results in the area of car parking namely the widening of fourth Street and the installation of parking spaces. And More of this is in the plans for the near future. Your Council has also discussed some other Means of increasing the Numier of off Street parking spaces and when details can lie worked out and funds made a Mahallie these too will become reality. More parking requirements mean More cars and Moi cars mean More traffic and this also creates problems which must be faced and solved and i believe this is being done quite Well. 3. Regarding the Sanford museum. I join with All other responsible citizens of Ute City of Cherokee who feel that this is a very valuable asset to our Community which must not be lost. As a member of the Council i f Al we must explore All Lite possibilities available to us for the continued operation of this unique institution. City and citizens must share this responsibility. 4. Tile Community Center Oigt ration is a new experience for the City of Cherokee so we Are of necessity learning As we go. The present budget for the Center shows Promise of being adequate for its operation on the present basis and i feel sure that As new needs arise this City will meet them. 5. Cherokee City limits have i teen extended several times in recent years this through the efforts of private developers. I am in general agreement that this is a continuing need which should be met in an orderly and consistent manner. Those who wish to Avail themselves of the City facilities should be willing to be annexed. 6. As i am not a Pilot and not in a position where i do much Hying i am not greatly conversant with the functions of the Airport commission. As a member of the Council i have no information As to need for an expansion Oft to Airport commission. It is my understanding that some changes Are needed in the operation and these will be dependent on budgetary limitations. Frank Wetrosky candidate for City Council third Ward 1. I feel a responsibility and obligation to the City of Chero Kee. And if i urn reelected i will continue to serve the Best interests of Cherokee. 2. I As a member of the City Council have Lier to instrumental in improving the City parking situation. There Are Mon parking improvements in the future planning of the Council the bus inc people Bere could improve this situation by using the off Street parking areas. I we All realize that Sanford museum is a great asset for our Community. And we. As a Council have Lieen assisting this cultural asset and financially when be ded. I feel that we must continue to do tin same until the museum gets to tie a self supporting organization 4. Tile City of Cherokee is very fortunate to have had Jie Ople like Myron and Ruth Bushlow who made identical lie quests for the Community Center. There is no doubt in my mind that the Council regardless of whom they might be. Would assist the in if the need should arise. A at any time the situation arises to extend the City limits. We must certainly go along with this expansion in order to increase our tax Revenue and further Progress of our City 6. In keeping with a progressive Cherokee a on Hie i stand strongly in favor of any improvements change or expansion in our municipal Airport facilities. Not so much interested in Hie Money collected from fines for sxqdin4 or for Fin for Over parking a in our Law offices boing Alert to and finding real offenders to eople and to damaged personal or City property if i had in axe to grind it would i the Denim Able conditions of oar Rit it dump since we done to have i tied Piper to Lead away the disease carrying or an Alt freshener powerful enough to cd run the smelly polluted from our Fleming trash. I would recommend a better safer Way to dispose it our garage such a a sanitary land fill not Only in the Dor unpleasant by according to mondays Des Moines Register a Survey taken in new York City a bowl the Day to Dav effects of air pollution Are a great Hazard to our health Cherokee is growing and some of our old standards need to grow to Ltd Oas i said Cherokee has always been my Home and As a builder i am interested in building a better Cherokee. I have always tried to to honest and fair above All else in my dealings with employees or employers and my felons Man and Promise to do the same w till the governing policies in opt Cit if i should Intel a ted Kiwi Ion to Philav Correctionville the Muni Pat elect a in Coffee to Onville tuesday w ii find no contest for either the position of mayor a it a for Council seats Daniel r a Lark i it the Van dilate for mayan Council candidate a Wayne Arm Burg t incumbent Leon Harrison Ila mid Jeffrey it a Ger Mead and la she Peterson Ray i a riders in a unopposed for the position As treasurer there a no candidates for the to year and t year terms on the Park Board Dills will to in tile mayors a Fife from h a. In until x p rn25 years ago Cherokee daily times oot u 13 to. 1940 Robert Ament City Council candidate councilman at Large Independent 1. Having raised and been in business in Cherokee for sonic time i feel very strongly Alnut the City and City government. Die City is now on a a Tho move a and growing and growing Ami having grown with Cherokee i believe the experience i have gained would be of Benefit to the City. 2. The parking situation in Cherokee certainly deserves More than a off the cuff answer. There Are i feel More than one Way of solving this problem. Ramp parking Over the present City lot or further condemnation could be the answer. However any answer on this would take More study and More facts than i have available at this time. 3. Sanford museum this is one subject on which i and most of the Jie Ople know very Little about. I do believe that the museum run important part of the City and should be Given consideration. 4. On additional funds for the Community building again i done to know the financial condition however it should be As self Suk it rating As to Gissible and done to know what this reporter Means by additional funds. 5. City limits like any business that grows so shall the City limits but like any business it first must be determined what benefits or services that the City will receive or give. 6. On helping further a progressive Airport commission i believe a City needs modern facilities depending upon the need and availability of funds. Any further comment on this subject would need More study. I am a builder in Cherokee and for Cherokee. I am proud of Ament construction co., and the buildings we have built in and around Cherokee. For 15 years i have tried to build Homes that people would be proud to live in and i have been proud to build several of the Fine new commercial buildings for this Community. Because i work with people and for people with supplies with land and the problems of streets and sewers and other utilities and All the physical properties that make up a town i feel i have a knowledge of what is going on and what needs to be done. I feel i could serve Thiis Community with understanding and fairness to everyone. I grew up on a farm near Cherokee and graduated from High school Here. Now i have a glowing family so i am very interested in our school system and All civic affairs. I would do All in my Power to work with the mayor the Council the police Force and any interested citizens to find a preventive solution to the mounting juvenile delinquency rate. But just As important is enforcing proper punishment on those who break Tho Laws. I would like to see a stronger police Force with policemen who would command More respect from our youths and from habitual troublemakers. I am braves to hear Connor monday Cherokee s 1%�?o Washington High school football squad and the coaches will he guests it Honor Lier monday ii a it at the annual rotary Lull banquet. Featured speaker will tie Georg Connor former notre Dame and Chicago bears fit Ball Star. The event scheduled for the new caravan country Kitchen on Highway 3 weal will Start at 6 30 . Connor was inducted into the National football foundation a Hall of Fame in december 1963. On television he is now a color sportscaster for lbs to doing Chicago bears National football league games. Connor played tackle and linebacker for eight seasons with the bears. He won All league honors six years and was ranked As one of the most versatile linemen in football. While with the bears he served As co Captain with de Sprinkle and played in the pro bowl game in los Angeles four years. Following the 1955 sea son Connor retired As an Active player and was an assistant coach for the bears the next two years. Born in Chicago Connor played his prep football at do Lasalle High school. He made Many All America teams while a Sophomore at holy Cross. Returning after service with the . Navy Connor Cap tamed notre Dame to National championships in 1946 and 1947. He was Winner of Tho first lineman of the year award in 1946 presented by the Phila George Connor Delphi sportswriters association and also the initial or. John outland trophy in 1946 As the outstanding guard or tackle in the nation. He has captained every Loam with which he has played. Connor is now Chicago District sales manager for Hoer nor boxes. Inc., manufacturers of corrugated shipping containers. He also does Public rein thins work for the firm in the form of speaking engagements. Cherokee sportsman George Hicks will he master of ceremonies for the event. Fathers or other interested persons May Purchase tickets to the athletic banquet at the superintendents office or at the Washington High school principals office. Ii Airm \ n i i in m Brasser Cherokee lab a Elim i men named of Nom it fund drive by mix Motte Tiemen it Fth Chok it it Ltd minty a a lilt in to ret me children the do u it to Gin sunday null w i in open House it Iii Community Cen let at 2 p in Puhi to invite i drive will font into through n a 2> other Assoria lion Are mix Peter Dykstra. a vier Prest Dent mix Alvin Smith mar ens a Secretary mrs. Kart Flanigan Cherokee a treat. U per.s212.50 per acre for special to the times Peterson a the Forrest Muling estate of 60 acres of land West of Peterson was set Al a at Public Lerion it let 28 with k a Murphy of Peterson purchasing the so Tor $242.50 per Here Forrest mailing died on aug. 2. 1965 his heirs Are Lair to Ling it Silencer and Don Marting <1 in youth to Eldora school Sieve Shell 16, Cherokee was Senle need to Servo a term in tin state training school in Eldora until ins 21st birthday by judge Edward Kennedy Iii District court Friday. Shell charged with breaking and entering by James Mcdonald Cherokee county attorney. As a result of an incident at the Cherokee country club on thursday. Oct. 21. Shells defense attorney was Mary Miller. Shell and two other youths Wen apprehended by the Cherokee county sheriffs office and the City police. Shells brother Charles 20, was sentenced to five years in the stat reformatory at Anamosa in District court tuesday As a result of the incident. Another Cherokee youth Ronnie Reznikov is was released on Bond and will he tried later. Shell will lie delivered to the training school in the near future. To of it Tun he if cd. Rial Tori Nice tin i o Chnat Crown of Cleg i Quot i ted president of a i Zed Tok e min her cohic11 fit a Inlet it it room jct. 29. Ice ceded mins Irene in it it re it t until an �?25�? a d c in Isen. Pas a mortal presbyterian Wael tied president a Kelt ministerial also Al methodist parsonage hot in sue ceding Rev. Dailey of Church of a a a minister Rev. How re end train of retitle ii it l Ith in Church was Cho it to a erect by treasurer. To get tin churchmen planned a Union thanksgiving service. Program for City wide Childe halloween party at armory tit night were completed. Party was to feature an Amat i Talent show and All Chil do n were invited to attend. �?25�? c n Derby was named president of be brotherhood group organized at Washta oct. 2$ Xvi Eubank vice president and Charles Kissinger Secretary treasurer. Or Derby was brother of mrs Ray France. I uni2i<c in Allision a parked car owned by Pell Van motor company received minor damage Friday afternoon when it was in collision with a ear driven by John Edvard Vaughn Cherokee. Vaughn was eastbound on West Willow Street about 3 30 . When the Accident occurred. There w As no damage to the Vaughn car hut the Peterson ear Rorri Vod left rear fender damage. The Accident was investigated by Cherokee City , be astronaut Washington apr a Navy Imp had is considering the application of la. Frank k. Ellis Olio lost both legs in a plane crash for nomination As an astronaut. A Navy spokesman said today the Board is still considering a current list of applicants for recommendation to the National aeronautics and space administration. Ellis a native of Painesville. Ohio lost his legs in a horde Light to keep his disabled Jet plane from crashing into a housing area at Point Mug calif., in 1962. Area elections slated tuesday towns throughout the area will hold municipal elections next tuesday. On some ballots there Are several persons running for one position and on others there is no cont is for any position. At Meriden there Are three persons running for the office of mayor. They Are Roy solder. Lloyd Robinson Lavern priest. I hero Are six candidates for the live positions on the City Council. They Are Kenneth j Gordon Ronald Sechler Norman Fredrickson d Lbert Johnson Donald Sechler and James Hughes. Ai Sutherland voters will go loth polls to cast their votes for a mayor two councilmen find a City treasurer. There is no contest for Finy of the positions. Candidates Are m. C. Krakow mayor g. C. Bidwell and r. T. Clayton councilmen la Camery City treasurer. At Calumet there Are eight candidates for the five Council a miss. The ballot includes the following Leslie Fischer George Kummerfeldt Ernest Menke Harry Rehder re renters Walter Riebesell Gerald Schmidt and Oscar Vogt. Calumet councilmen serve a two year term. Harry Riebesell is candidate for mayor. Incumbent Delbert Jurgensen did not Iii for re election. Aurelia the Aurelia ballot finds three persons running for office of mayor. They Are g be Kline the incumbent k. O. Hirleman and Edwin Engdahl. Ii. La. Declo i is running for re election As City treasurer. The two Park commission posts have no contest with Harold Brownmiller and Lyle Whiting running. Six p i sons Are candidates Tor the five Eity Council. They Are Irwin Stutz Clifford Bruce Baul Stieneke Bill Fox Alvin Peterson and Gilbert Bowen. In the Marcus election non of i tie candidate s have any opposition for the available posts. John Dunn is running for reelection As mayor and Wylie Satterlee for City treasurer. Candidates for Council Are Robert Ames Laurence Bass har old Bolton John Mckernan and Loren Stowater. In the Quimby election the incumbent not court right is the Only candidate for mayor mrs. Keith a Orrington is candidate for trouser r. There is a contest fur the Council. Candidates Are Harold Fox. Clarence Saxon Howard Mccoy Richard Stevenson Clarence Pinkerton and Ben Saxton. Five of those six will ii elec ted to the Council Cleghorn voters will have nine candidates for the Council from which to choose. They Are f it. Ducommun Rob it c. Thompson Elrod Pauling w. K. Nafziger. Erwin Morgenson Harold i Smith Sylvon Schuk Neetch Stet spot lit and Niels Nielson. Two persons Are running for thu mayors position. They Are k <1. Goodrich and Francis w. Treptow. The Larrabee ballot finds All incumbents listed. They Are mayor George Cochrane councilmen George Puhrman. Kenneth Roethler. Russell Parks Melvin Fessler Leonard Stanford City treasurer or Gil Bert. At Washta Roger Clark is running for re election in his past As mayor. Councilman candidates Are Earl Cipperly Earl gum Daryl Kissinger. Donnie slovene Paul Ritz. At Holstein there is no contest on the ballot. Running for reelection Are Ernest Carlberg mayor Council Theodore be gut Ann. Claude Conover jr., Earl Kller Butch Vernon Green and Wilbur Wiebort treasurer la r. Knuth. Paullina voters will elect one of the two following candidates for mayor Carl Kracht and Lawrence Miller. There is no contest Tor councilmen. Candi dates Are Shelby Tuel and George f. Sail. Reinhart mass main is candidate for the Park commission. In the Alta election there Are three candidates for the two open Council i lists. They Are John f. Chappe Lwillis d. Anderson and Robert sump Era. John Lane to the Only candidate for mayor and Lowell Jones is the Candida for Tho Park commission

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