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Cherokee Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 1

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Cherokee Daily Times (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Cherokee, Iowa Herx kit Bacilli is mrs official county and City daily grandmother bears triplets every evening except sunday the times Vul in it eights third tear Che Raker. Iowa tuesday june his 105 1 to in of tic a he .4. A f los it. T head Kef i of i in r copy in social Security aids 507 persons 16 percent of total benefits to mothers tots cited or Bend sales increase of 37 percent Over 1953 Aid n remit airily Iii Looi the Curdy of c i 1,3 \ a is. A i Anderson in in or it i Chi my n 1< i a ill. Quot it Quot a i i \ Ltd Fig i tit ii h the end it i if 5 a Kiltie % and Chil u f till i of til ii m rut ii manager in i of ,1 i., in triplets Mother born to nurse Clun 42 year old grand Al it i in holds ii i lift buy born to mrs in a i full/., or n vet a at tin Ephrata a. Hospital. They weighed 6 lbs of a lh., j a and 5 lbs. Tin family has six Otlien Box and i girls in e olde St is 25 and i the youngest ii vial s. I knit/., Echo was delivered by Section in one minute was not allowed by pin Loans to be photographed so has 3 i Rand children a wire photo newspapers National ads at All time Peak rate Argentine Union Boss resigns Peron supporter Quot National Nve re ors re cur tenth a a a p a i it Sluice at Ion ii ll-1 in ii i Ned ii of a ii i Hie i cum i year a Harold s hurtles de j a it tort the i in e net Advt Riv a nut. American no us a publishers . De lived Imlay i Quot while retail non t adv Ettis my a in same Lulu is in a i in _. I new highs a fun is aim c api Uit noting it ii Quot virtue x Ory to of Argentina it mum Jenera news amt Lilac ret n it it it. Confederation of worker t in Hook a is Blok n in it in by to the a kaon til pie Biden Juan lilt to w a Palm i s a Media Peron Lipport reportedly Hall re�2-< its Index it lame resigned j said that it tin rate if in hmm of Well informed source a id Mon in Tiro 11\ a on Ufuti a Ontina Day night that Eduardo Vul Tieh. Thigh tout Hie tie it a lot tar Tenet Ary general of the six Inch i urn member of Gam to mine 1952. A Steppe 1 cd Vii in of his Ossea ant her tor Hugo Del i to o i lie it in is fit Isit i Anil his late wife Eva \ Ole itch was a Leader in the i i nista Dux against the lieu Man Catholic ctr he which came out in of ii a n Las november when Heron aimed son it the a let by of working against his not ii Kik Hie. Bur h 1 nil the charge began Itta attacks in the Church tame to a sudden Bult after the unsuccessful Jim it. by naval and maim units la Hull his no critic ism of the Dei Gyrn the puss Sun triplets dad son former Alfa Tutor i special to the to mat Alta c onion a do Minn Rita new up per Nam wit wife f Ive hath to triplets m Gander new found land Thi week. Is la son of a former Alta school teacher. K4tli�?~� Mother is hic tonnes Hazel his or who taught in the Alta sell Sib volume of ria11-Mal new a paper advertising Viii reach a la Irhn i Thithi Hris a i in tit it i try a National medium a a tar proof terms Clar Quot of. A newspapers continued on Mai r Cage set committee sessions for state match sex Era i i Ommittee a i Aling w the the St be meetings blow my match set Hin for August is will la held this a it k. The aviation commit tee will meet wednesday noun with Burney Howell in charge members Ltd the program committee will huddle thursday noon on program plans. Ism Hughes will in in Chai if and Khants members a a a aiding in committee planning on Al id a Man the Banque t committee is s. Hill a to feet 11 a Waid Kiatt my members of Hony w ill handle it Plana a sessions a la to. If the so la ii lit. Ander ton pointed out that pay mint of Mother and children have a Taal significance to the Community As a whole because they help families to stay fog ther after the death of the by . Ill All. 5u7 people in Cherokee Clung a in re i a Edv mrs i fix. Of or month in i it. Nett under Iii old a and survivor insurance p o in i the end oth year. Iii s v i m met ease a 37 Pere id Over ?~i.vi in the it f Huit is Al Ned by the Sius City Dis to Art office 11 old beneficial is i Seivi d $521,759 fur i h to Ember 19 it one reason for the Lar rent a Wax the pass re last september of the i la amendments to the social a a linty a t til a nil Ndem its pass at ult teased All Hen Lei la p by ments and mad i no a lbs far the Las to. ?.�i nit visors of ionic a social Security continued on Hack Haub Centennial planners will meet tonight Tea Cherokee Centennial committee my it subcommittees will meet Aie Day evening at i a p in in Sanford museum. A tubers it til i mini met is have been i i d through til Mads Arst have been asked to be present to discuss plans. Barnes resigns theater Post to join Public loan lion Humes in Cherokee a Anontine a his resignation eff so live july 9 w Ith la Pitin or Thea Lei pm j Vara k i Taine is manager of thai Row amt Corral la. It. Is t i la will to employed in the final dual t mini of the Public Izumi a Hso Tat Ion Ami also will As said it tin insurance department Barnes w is graduated from wit High school in i a i aral attended Buena it St ii College. I rim til a year s service in the army he worked at to Central Trust and savings Bank a Sun Cessor has Imen Namer to the theater a Ost baby Dies in crib Des i David All n Cook 12-da Yokl son of or and i Litchi i j. Cook was it an i dead sunday in his crib by Bis a Teilh tile a patently had Suftko i a i percent of Bond quota i to f ii in receive Bonds r. T St to loll lieu at Loison cent a. I Ecol Corfi Vicatos f it a it Iling im.4 Tju Ouis pm Bond sales the certificates were presented by Burge Singroy is to spoke to m noon on flu in tied a a e coi inti Steele state pres ilk4 it of Liu the Ami. Chet in t of tile is \ Imundo Tat Iii a Bond quo a la Ontic Toul of Mai n Mill crops need general rain of i 2 inches f he marked optimism in the textile Industry general in i rim of Iii is �f11 in a 12 21 i it help fug 1 some lispi a Al or com. Pustell e i i a a 1st k. I i. A arc rep re Ltd a a Ming a it to int \ ext Nalo i tax Lay he esp tilt a Lite a of the Gen lowered to a Uri of t Hota i reported some i Al is in it s Ever is h in thin an Smulin and need one to to inc a Rte lib dry i or n i of and m i t r. T to has a it Vik p in the ape aerialist Hurt when pole Breaks a Thum Suchy. Me i ail a d daredevil i Lei num i get3? of new York w its in i a can Ditton May with to Juri he it i i Vohu the o5-foot p on which Fie perform Nike and top old him Inte a owl la suffered two i in Tum let and p inside spin in june he our Spee a its at i y amused put w Wonju. Eli. Ii a i oud a Kin Nvart in a ?.� a i a i Wasto . To Ltd pet a i a i stand on a urn y year a to ii Pla k h atop swaying us it no i a fell capture Davy Cherokee county a record to Date 198 Days and no fatalities lets keep it perfect hold three on armed robbery charge at Osceola Oso oui a to three Young men were held tuesday in the aim cd Roche in of a is vie station her sunday night in which an Stan if a $150 was taken Clark county attorney w w said he a Mike 1.1 a Naicai Mist a ii it to a v to i stay against to Tilly ,1 k Tihy i Alii i be Tex prank w Ilion 21. Ilous-t"0. Tex., in Tkv nne in Hay me i fchi�ld j5 Shreveport a a Hith in in i opium by a posse a it about 75 men Mon Lay aft i Ink i. Wilson and milk Milf were found a n a Hay Field on the Tom James farm not Tim est flu. As tin v Wim brought to the 11runty jail he i e i Wally was a Ugto hiding in an Orchard by two Highway p Dolmen about Fri be qua item of a mile bom the i i where the Othet s Wert Nat it Al. He was jaded at Charit in none of the three offered any , a pistol Vav As of Illel Oil one it them Hie county Dorney said Ili was of mid on til three men Dib to Utt i of a als., found on tin men were Money sacks fit my Hie i a s till co where the rot th-1 y Peelier Tai hey nol it i it it a said in the Holdup three a Moi men?T>�?�<1 Lei Ald Sadden att Jdant at the station then a gtd them Ltd a into Dei in off in ii ear the e m was found abandoned a Alday neat my j ame Tai in pastor sees a too much of brides by sum Daw on it j Niv York 1 h it >11 in i in if j Ine inc ill t,.ti Mefi s and j women s i lot fling industries it ureter production into sales Are any i indication the american family is going to Spruce up is look tins tall and so the textile Industry is getting ready to take off on its ainu i vacation period in a a Eer Fui mood in the women apparel us t i t hem manufacturers of Pott that orders by department aral a ii to mores Are markedly heavier than last year i h i nuns clothing in i try on i rations id a i i ill at Xii per i Quot fit a a Ipa Eity in Mas compared. In 11ti 72.p< i Ernt a year ago j and tin rank is of in n sip i lain u sport Wear including walking Short say that Ord i my s was Omu h bet Lei it la t we i Soma Lur that i h St business i a Industry Ltd a Back i Ade. Light rain along Iowa s West Border by the asset ated press i Iglus Lam Tell along to. We ? a in Iki Nier Early to a Alay an sinus City re mii1 d a i Nill of an him a up to to it a. M. A Oun ii Hal los had a Trade Hie weather Bureau said Northwest Iowa might get some him Der show its dining the Day that More general rum ill for Iowa was not Likely sirs ii later in the week on i tin next la it Dayi. N a ii averaging about a halt Inch want i edict for Low a High i mph a atm. Monday a it Erno rang from a at duh tic to Al at in s m Ait i m Jim Early i us Day a 55 at a a ii a Pat Bill to Senate for military Public works Washington it my room at to the Kenai met Flay a Lull Anthol i in i $2 jux of a Huixi military to title Cork pro Gram to flu to Tai Ting j 1 v i w in mail Iii in m o i. A approx Elf i. A a ii a Hie House est ii Itutti f Iii Don to the Lull i n sir Ore at tile port to appt opt late Ograin in i in Lions Pic it j la n to a aired Ali a tag i a Rifle Sot Lim a an Tho % d. Usu of i Sioux if. Alioth. I ii v cd me pal i i in to i Imit Iii. In in the mix it i i of i a i ill to. ,1 e hem Siut Ila Al in Al jut to ids u i. Al it s Himi has an St a in is h. Do. A. Mon set i m Are urn Good a Alt is e from s ii. .1 Plant in a Mot no a int i to Pfordt of he , try , Natl to i a. I for the d i icon with How i in is to f violent storms kill 5, injure More than 20 property damage i Tio Hites him to Haft million try Fri Axton cd press i ii Quot of violent Thunder in the it in k Ai pots of the a ii it Ai in id. X Aith Ai Al ast left a in p on it id. More than a n a Ai a i in i i Ivy Pici get to i u. Of i la 1 in a Man and a women were killed t to monday in twitter i Mill cd. Heme at the he Terege Hout no or v r Prmt no Thratt of a . It neb iwo a is it us were kilted try Liggim neg in terms if swept parts of i x i and a \ mls Tro monday night ?~iopeitv 1 Gnu i a a was exp it a to Tun in tween $100,000 and i he irm Daniel Williamson la. Little Lea in i i Sehell Piater w i t killed by h a Fang a at Camden n pm t us i he an 12 other toys to it under a or during a storm. T to nth youths soft re Shock Tiffin la Bolt a Delhi i of Hail arid rain entitled to \ Ere nip damage in Greenwood in cast Central in a pm vol m i Emu inches of ram fell in one hum Cui 1 in the. Nebraska Toms do a in two thirds of the state oat. Top where most Are Fence High with Long i and in in ill White plants a j Over the Fields Ai Cair i. I. A it la Ippie Tutti i to i d an am. a. My Navy Quirt in t it i is. I w i la go a. I to a a defend haircut Prici a l l l l Al Al. Of ii i ii i imm d to eel in in $1.50 i la i a i ill u i i i to w is in a i 50 mot1 in i. A a w As approved by Buta i s ans Are in and of rain Ltd to yen most fit til a St outs arc a Chi pm in a a in Sis Ney in in the Triin Kin vim v ii a in ii Ciglio x inches t f vhf Lett High Woi is an working a tin and an4 Erjie ted to in tin n until july i com bids n e also Atta King Orn making the. Sny How and stunt isl. Icon it w nos lignin a mix Rig soil in. Cli id int the Oil mimed it by to w in we our toot olm Mil loot aphids be ails thet Tiv in is Isi him i. I urn hint an cont ruling laying eggs throughout the. County i Al Small pm n a not being to i1i%rl tall Citra a i a to hard in this county kit ack Fixl % a flu not re Coth in. Ini praying unless flu com mans t i put re it fit in if fee no a a Over j egg in i. -. Per too a Alk. J a Herd to if a w it i. It until july i tor first. a a leave for conference storms iconic Bucu on rack pics labourers will work to Benefit crippled children \1 or labor Union have Volun acc cd to Organ i i no to worker to go into Lorn to id throughout i. Of of Loo a Liuding thl 11 minty Folk an tag the regular Harvi t to a Ace urn remaining on to ground tot the to so lety for crippled flu Al i in i no plan was made Public and a it a try ii Harold a Vienna 11iv, Din for of the society. I Cadet it the a k. Al u end i of Mon announced j they Wui i Alc with the plan. I to Kern be to he organized on the j to. Of too is i mis tot my of six in number Cherokee county Chih to i i Ivie groups Wilt a in a i by to Juii wife it i still med unit two hip a can 11 k up approximately 55-40 acres More to Xvi a will to provided piled boys and girls As a n ult to it the plan la Vuther in i Ley i Mig and in i he i up Davy Crockett police Chiel Laurence Schmoldt and policeman Nils hold up a Youthful Davy Crockett last us Elk before the Parade Here. A a Dawn is mat k Martin son it get mrs. William Martin it Cherokee. A a Davy is live years old. Big Leslie Ait i n cd inphi.n1 t 1 1n that in a a a far Loo Iii i.-1 of?�xf.iiii of i his it Tius girls win ii go of married i to Trout. Cute 37 x. Ai old an g lean j extol exp Ane t ii a let i s to pal i i nones the Lim Cut of Manx by add gown is m my of a i re i irk a a 11 i a ill ill a i. I ally rent is i. He Illy i a to Gyman was a. A it s la in a in How the it slav up a Mio. R a a a a. In i Hind it must lok a Mough some i ides have Noth no i ii Ais in e Iii xxx a i a i nun the cot pm a v the i is Iowa mostly find Thunder to n Bon tuesday at Ltd and nor Lim ext i Iii i a a i in a i a hang i div 77 is Xii stand 1w<. Steps below Iii a it s ail terribly Embarrassing?� la. It nor Auk. N ii in of a Bride must we it a revealing dress she should cover up a in Iasi tor die ceremony. Cherokee temp Rater s tuesday maximum x2 if 21 pm isling 7 m it minimum til e pre.c11rig 7 in it a it dog i at 7 to at but min. Lutheran i Burn and Chai Aik the lev to d the i heft la la them i Iii x lit i anal a i alg by they will attend v Juth could Unco the augustan lutheran Church june july 3, to he group left sunday from hotel i Evv s at 9 a. In they plan also to \ sit the Black Hills Yellowstone National Park and Lake Louise. A staff photo

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