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Cherokee Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 3

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Cherokee Daily Times (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Cherokee, Iowa Fear. Jul by Abigail Yan Buren dear Abby i sure get a kick out your column. I Don t suppose you really write All of it yourself. You probably have a staff of writers. And that picture of you is a Lulu How old is it ill bet your re really a fat old maid taking out her frustrations by telling other people How to run their lives. You get a letter with just one Side of the Story and you hand out advice like you knew All the answers. In a a 31-year-old Bachelor. And if that a your picture and its not 20 years old i might even ask you to marry me. How would you like to live in Salt Lake City Woody dear Woody i done to have any writers so ill take All the credit for what is printed Here. And All the blame too i done to give advice i express an opinion. To give advice one must know both sides but i do the Best i can with the facts i have and if i am Able to help in a Happy. The picture is mine and its comparatively recent. Salt Lake City would be Fine with me but in a 15 years older than you and very much married so i wont hold you to your offer. Be afraid to Tell him the truth. Dear Abby i am 24 years old and just had the most bewildering proposal of marriage. He a a Young Man i be known a Long time but i never dreamed he was thinking of me As a wife he said he would marry me if i got my nose fixed. Now do have a big nose but i accepted it As part of me and it goes with my face so i never considered getting it fixed. Frankly i done to think it would make that much difference. Its not As though my nose stands Between my and my being a perfect Beauty. This Young Man would make a Good husband but i wonder if i should take his proposal under consideration. Miss s. Dear miss a of your nose has paver bothered you and you be never considered getting it a fixed a Tell the Young Man that your nose goes where you a. And if he does no to want you 1 nose and ail heaven knows he a not for you. Dear Abby can you answer a few very simple questions for me i am the Kotlier of four children and this is very important to me. What is the Correct definition of Quot common Law marriage where is it recognized what does Quot Community pro it erty mean is that the same All Over exactly what is the Legal definition of Quot bigamy Quot and finally what does Quot extradite Quot mean i thank you. Getting nervous dear getting you done to need a dictionary a you need a lawyer. I suggest you got one immediately. Its his business to keep a Confidence so done to dear Abby please Tell Quot poor dad a a whose College freshman son borrows his neckties. To count his blessings. When Sonny gets to his second year hell probably do his Best to sever those Quot family tit so a you advised him to strengthen. My son. Now a Sophomore. Wears a Beard Seldom gets a haircut dresses in jeans sweaters and boots. And As a Point of Honor never wears a tie. The Day he borrows his dads ties will be the Day Well All sigh Quot thank heavens he a Back to Normal a a beatniks mom in Mich. Confidential to a no sucker in Newark better allow yourself something for most girls want to marry a Man who saves Money but very few care to go out with him. Problems write to Abby Box 69700, i s Angeles Calif. For a personal reply enclose a stamped self addressed envelope. Hate to write letters Send one Dollar to Abby. Box 69700. Los Angeles. Calif., for ally a Booklet. Quot How to write letters for All legislature stalled on new budget by William l. Eberline Des Moines api the Iowa legislature wallowed in a doldrums of indecision Friday Over How to finance the $265 million a year budget it has settled upon. Its drive to end the longest regular session in history boggle d in disagreement Over Money measures to produce tin Revenue needed to pay the Bills in the next biennium. Tho 1965 session was in its 345th Day Friday. The longest previous i Gular session was 125 Days til 1963. Thu proposed budget for the coming biennium starting july i is to be financed largely through Quot windfalls Quot to make up the difference Between the present win million a year Bud gel and the $265 million spending package that is promised. The House however dealt a resounding defeat thursday night to a Compromise measure to provide one of the estimated to bring in Mon than 111 million annually during the next biennium. The Bill would to vide for monthly remission to the state tax commission or Deposit in a bunk designated by the commission of sales tax receipts of Many merchant. The House refused 68-49, to accept the Compromise put together by a conference committee Between the two houses. The Compromise measure would have required retailers to collect More Titan $25 a month in sales tax to remit it to the stale or to a Bank monthly. As the House passed Tho measure originally it called for limiting the sales tax to be re ported monthly by industries having $2 million or More in grass sales unless All the business were done in Cash. For those businesses doing less than $2 million in Gross sales per year and collecting $100 or More in sales tax a month it would have made monthly reporting of returns optional if More than half of the business was done by charge accounts or other credit Means running More than 60 Days. The Compromise plan knocked out of the Bill these provisions Ana Lett it substantially As passed by the Senate in the first place. The Senate approved the Compromise but it ran into a storm of Chi Nisi Ion in the House. Rep. C. E. Hutchins a Belle Plaine called it a potential Quot political football because it made no requirement that the state must Call in from the Banks any of the Money at any specific times. He reminded the House that a few years ago the state was found to have millions of dollars resting in various Hanks Over the Stute and earning no interest. Rep. Kenneth Robinson. A Bayard called the Hill a a Hor raiment of the the House vote on the measure left Uncertain the financing of the budget. Another conference committee was to lie Ajo pointed. House majority floor Lander Elroy mauled Onawa said the ways and Means committee had ready to go a Bill to authorize a three Factor formula collection of the state conjuration income Tux if other Revenue measures failed to produce enough to cover the budget. Earlier the House Hud refused to agree with the Senate on a measure to re Teai the use tax exemption on goods not readily available in Lovit. Tile measure which also would Ila pc subjected to the sales tax admissions to athletic contests plays and the like so ctn so Rcd by religious charitable and educational institutions was amended by the Senate to Knock out the re Joal of the use tax exemption. Tile Bill would have products about $6 million a your in additional Revenue its sgt onnors said. Without the use tax exemption repealed its exit Entill Revenue would by reduced by a Ishii $1 million annually. Nollier Hill to extend the sales tax to hotel and Motel rentals Barber and Beauty shops and laundry and dry cleaning establishments also was a subject to disagreement. The Senate amended it to exempt Barber and Licu Uty shops and laundry and dry cleaning establishments from Tho tax. The House countered with an amendment to enclose the tax on rentals by hotels and motels of banquet rooms meeting rooms and Tho like As Well As sleeping Ooms. 9 Steps to disaster recovery they la do it every time by Jimmy Halo list december felonies hit up a no Vav service station operator for crept in an emergency a a a a Here s been a lot of tomorrows since then so Topaz the Oas pumper Remi Pep fee in person a even at disaster strikes. Red begins its Job Ai have Beta no a red oms helps meet your immediate needs for food do thin. Sheller Tad after the toaster. Your Aru step toward recovery is to see what is needed and what your family can a for itself. Of you need help go to the nearest Rad Cross disaster office to seek assistance and guidance. T the ant thing you will be asked to do it to Alt out an application for assistance. Red Cross reviews the situation with your family and helps Sou to develop a practical plan for recovery. After your family recovery plan it approved red croat will advise you. Your family goes to merchants or contractors of its own choosing tot merchandise or repairs. Red Cross nays Ida merchant by Check upon his Pivko Taxon of us disbursing order. With rid Crosa Aid and by doing what you can for outsell your family can ret it a to Normal living. Red Cross assistance is an outright gift to help you get Back on your feet. It Bridge the Gap Between what you can do for yourself and what you need. Assistance May include food rent clothing medical and nursing care household furnishings repair or rebuilding of Homes and replacement of occupational supplies and equipment. For information Ano immediate help apply at Reo Cross disaster Headquarters Bills in legislature Des Moines api Bills in Tho legislature tuesday. Passed by House sf601, to appropriate $27,-268 from various Stute funds for settlement of claims against the slate. Vote Komi. Rill goes to governor. Sf626, to appropriate 11.039,-340 a year to the state conservation commission for its or tettion during the biennium starting july i. Vote 102-4. Rill returns to Senate for action on in amendment. Sf628, to appropriate $859,070 a year for uprating lenses of the Bourd of gun tool purim the 1965-67 biennium. Vote 104-0. Bill goes to governor. 1if679, to increase exemption to a surviving spouse under the Iowa inheritance Tux Law but increase inheritance Tux rates. Vote 90-22. Bill goes to Senate. Hfto5, to exempt from taxation buildings of nonprofit organization h while under construction. Vote 102-5. Bill Goe to Senate. 1 1716, to enact a state stamp tax on real estate transfers to go into effect when the Federal documentary stamp tax is repealed scheduled for Jan. I 1966. Vote 86-8. Bill goes to Senate. Iif713. To provide a method whereby the official next in line for succession to the governorship us Fadly tile lieutenant governor could take Over As governor it Lite governor becomes unable to discharge his duties and to restore its governor to office when his disability is removed. Vote mini Bill goes to Senate. Hf714, to authorize the governor to declare a state of emergent y on the highways in Cauxx of traffic condition and to designate state employees of other departments to aet As tem Horary pea it e officers to Aid the Highway patrol. Vote 78-29. Bill goes to Senate. Sf629, to increase membership of i in legislative research committee from six to 16 and give it authority to upturn study committees and make recommendations for action also to increase from live to 20 tile Numier of legislators who May request a study by the legislative rest Arch Bureau. Vote 1u5 0. Bill goes to governor. 1ie626, to allow City councils in commission form cities to set their own salaries ult limit pay in reason to no Mort than 25 per Cut in one year. Von 76-2. Bill Gies to Senate. Sk625, to allow cities to set u ipod limit it 50 Miles an hour on interstate freeways through the City limits sublet t to approval of the state Highway commission. Vote 77-7. Bill goes to governor. Of 167. To provide for Lieuena tag and set rules for using auxiliary axles Ltd truck. Vote 85-13. Bill Giss to governor. Sf330. To rewrite and Ululati Iva Law defining narcotic drugs and making certain thut a narcotic agent is a Arace officer. Vote 103-1. Bill goes to governor. Sf582. To authorize municipalities to sell and deliver Pul it in improvement Bonds whether or not notice has been Given and u i so Lief orc awarding of the con track vote 78-18. Bdl goes to governor. Kf6u0. To provide for withholding of Stute income tuxes ginning Jan i. 1966 and re Quirt that to it Ial Tux due a paid it time of filing of return. Tills rim als present Law permitting a taxpayer to Jay in two instalments if his tax is $5o or More. Vote 92-22. Bdl goes to governor. Signed by governor hf412, to create an Iowa water pollution control commis Sion i exert is through tin state health department general Nufler Visioni Over state Waler pollution Law. Hf229, to increase from 50 cents to 75 cents in amount retained by the minty on each motor vehicle License issued. Jif691, to extend until june 30, 1967, the time in which u $20,- Pmj appropriation May in used for buying land at Swan i Ake Stab Park ii gym to appropriate $3ou, from the Stute Genera fund to in National guard arum state guard Lur the construction of armoires arum repairs replacements and alterations Neidnig $75,000 for improvements it Camp Dodge. He695, to increase from $120, pm h v Fri Vav h Vav ssi of m in Lull in. In. My children in the Street at this time of year we frequently see news pictures at a broken bicycle and beneath it a broken child. When children too Young to read or write Are trusted in traffic the actuality of the Accident is just a matter of time. This generation of parents seems to want to Rush its children into growing up so the Small sized 2-Wheeler is the Vogue. Little i or 5-year-old youngsters who should be Riding a tricycle safely on a sidewalk or in a driveway Are Riding on Busy streets the Kinde Gartner May seem to be Well advanced to his parents but that child of that age lacks co ordination. And no Cid id or Man is a match for a sit Oeding automobile. Of you Are a a Lent who is anxious to have your Little youngster develop an Independent spirit and you allow him unrestricted Freedom on the Street try to visualize the newsletter picture. That broken bicycle could Iterong to your child and the broken body could belong to him too. Mil -144 1 cd your Ilia monday through Friday 6 00 sign on 6 02 news 6 10 Coffee club 6 30 farm news St Market 6 35 Coffee Chip 7 00 news headlines 7 05 weather summary 7 10 coffin club 7 45 a torts Corner 8 of news 8 15 Coffee club 8 45 moments of Devotion 9 00 news 9 10 Quick a Mae 9 30 problems amp solutions 10 00 news 10 10 quilts quotes St Handy notes 10 30 morning melodies la 00 living word d is luncheon serenade 11 30 Hospital Newt f 12 00 farm report 12 a news 12 30 sports 12 35 i Ai n he Eon serenade. On tuesday and Friday on and about the form. 12 40 luncheon Serotte 1 30 merchants Money matinee 2 00 news 2 05 music for listening Only 3 00 news 3 05 bargain counter 3 30 country Crossroads 4 00 top Ames toe teens 5 00 sports special 5 10 1440 club 6 00 news 6 15 Sunset serenade 6 28 sign off too to $210,000 the annual allocation of Road us tax Money to tile Highway Grade crossing safety fund 11f661. To authorize issuance of completely reflector a de License plates for motor vehicles in ginning in 1967 Aud to charge an extra 25 cents for the plates Fixx tit a Creuse the Cost of obtaining a Dup it ate Driver s License from the present 25 cents to $2 and the Tost of a chauffeur duplicate License from 30 cents to $2. I ik�i34, to authorize the state pull in safety commissioner to establish equipment safety rules and regulations regarding motor farriers. Iik109, to forbid h iving a vehicle with Only los parking lights on. Hut excepting running lights. Hei 19, to allow cities of Mon Ullin �?~20,oui to uti Muse fee schedule Tor collection of refuse and Girt tog and for use of a City dump try private or commercial haulers or try contract with private companies for collection of Gay Bago mid refuse within the Cliv instead of a mfg City tru Ltd and pc i Sonne i ii Kuo. To allow in a a jointing authority under civil service to Transfer an employee with his coils it and with out coercion nun one department to the same classification in another department policemen und firemen i leu. Jie 116, to extend from i a m. Until �?~2 a in the Legal time for in i Ling liquor by the drink in a licensed establishment on monday nigh through Friday night and to extend from Midnight until i a m. The deadline for mrs sumption of liquor on licensed premises on sunday. Of in i to allow los owner of a Mobile Home to pay tits License fee and Toth instalment of prof tarty tax do on the Mobile Home 1 the same tune. Hf540. To create a governor s committee of at Toast 21 members on employment of tin hand upped All aplomb by the governor and serving without pay und to appropriate $15. Mai yearly for an executive Secretary und office help hem/7, to enable Iowa fit enter into the interstate Driver License compact with Littler states and to designate the state safety Ommie loner As die Iowa administrator of the paid. Phone classified ads 225-5112 Bennis the menace ruffs a private detect avg cog that Hix a 90uci too. Only Noo Opy knows it i Quot 0 gov ooh Ever go mop plan with a to Speno Tel Khou w xxx wow Buzz Sawyer aug mow wout p you ski to 6tt i of 6 with the i til of who mm5�5f�?Tcw�?~c toe Nui Oion a death Ano who Tepplo off Tsi arum who Cau sip your d0wnfau.anp it of ath of Rancho a a tour own bks Tufeg in nah if Only i a no jul a. Or i r the Yankee Cha map Bux Fay off rear 15 so if you wish you Caw att thin aame m me of i Maut to 6ft my Mauds of that Guy

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