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Cherokee Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 1

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Cherokee Daily Times (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Cherokee, Iowa 111. A yet Voiku Iselin official county and City daily every evening except sunday Thi t n x so i Ofili Cdr Cher. Acc i we n in Jav j if Undy 17, 1966 Iowa fair and cold monday no do Kiou 5 Lolo Ivlow Ori a a to Al Wisp Loii few is. Part h re tidy and tur it Day Cotis oud Mon of tha a Baravana Tim. Chi Rafiei a Ohlef a i he a 1ft Mil to Charoff let pm Rill. W,.hl,. In urn Opy Vujo i a of 12 below for City fluid Coul ski Akehi North weal Iowa and Tim Osland during the night and die rope or gig a ipod 12 t of jew Early today Thi City a on of Iowa eol Dett spots during the night and Early this morning. However Sibley was believed to have had -14 in the nighttime Hovirs. Bit warmer la Vyas to be a hit warmer today and tonight. The Wetherman was Hir lows of from 5 to Elna to 5 above in the Northwest. There a Chinee of Snow flurries in Tho Areg. Tue iday s forecast is for Snow flurries with highs ranging from 20 to 25 degrees. Washta had a Low of la this morning. Cheroke had .08 of an Lmh of precis in the form of Lingl i Snow Over the weekend a principally on saturday. Sunday s High was to above. Saturday s Peak temperature was 20 followed by a Low a if 4 above Early sunday. Band boosters elect tonight Cherokee hand la ? teis will elect their 1986 officers at a meeting in the washing tfx a i High pc Honl Library at 7 o clock. Discussion will focus on various fund raising prok cts and to promote or myth of the band program Chi rent officers Are Fassler. President Harold Crown vice president mrs. Ivie Raveling. Secretary treasurer. Iowa motor vehicle deaths by the afto coated prf89 Tan. 17. 1%6 .30 Jan. 17. 1%527 Iowa traffic fatalities by the state safety department Jan. 17. 1%r in Jan. 17. 28 View Strong budget role Sam Dawson a Bucl Ness new analyst York map. Husi newsmen had just enough of a peek utly Peom Frog Federal budget lot Ifni it w ill play a much larger role itt setting tire cd horse of fhe new Inotay lit Iwa than will Gnu Ilse la inner to so rates. An it j Hal course win in upward. Quot higher Hilere totes had then viewed As a poas Lilc curb on a rapid Advance of business Arlin Ity. Now increased government a Nimg seems Likely to pit vide a much Mon re Zweiful a Timur int. Pn8ment Johnson gave Only a Brief View of the Bilkei in his state of Tho to noun message. To full details a of hmm it will afle. T business Arlt set to la a week in it a no it a. Hut the round figures and tax plans the presi Dent divulged did show that Hie in Sturc will lie for Furill a economic grow in in 19tki. Increased gov Emiuel pm my ing k the Pep Pill. Only a Luke a of a a sedative is i prided by higher sex Oise taxes and earlier c4illection.s of cd a Aporale into in lures. A rising interest piles seem la Lely Tot slow Down thu economic a Mut Sci it Little the big que slums for individual commies and their in ploys Are yet to be answered. Tit budget itself will slow Iskiw the spending is to let a Alloe Atill a for Duit defense items Lor what great society . A week from now bustnes Sinen and the Mon recipient of Iten fits it government pit Jencis whether individuals or com my cities. Will have a much better idea of what 1966 and 1967 May hold for them. Subject to change Kven this will Ite sub Jed to change As the Loii Unes of War lit Southeast May dictate. Hut the proposed spending of 8omig,$11.1 billion by the Federal Gover Mient was immediately interpreted on the Stock mar Kef an meaning a Tansy Ani pro Erous year for Many industries a and therefore for the conomy in general. Lite president Hopes that the will take in Sui Bil a watch that Needle Doc was the it la it All dogs Ltd mum of him ii inn Feis dreaded. It was Quot do v imitation in Ite Rokit a. Nil i taller what their size or tent a Raitt enl Lwy Weir All Milihnk l to Hie , aiha4. Lint Hlensky Hen Lee. Howls his 11-ye.ir-old Lack Laih Rador. Quot. No it of it a. A sin ii inv t Al her shot la i a Init is reel in Low. Quot in a. A add a or a Ike owned Hgt a it in St. I Are jr., Doi Alai. Gels be Esdle Fioriti 111�?T. Long in s. New state Law makes it mandatory or digs to have Lieen vaccinated against Indore Llie it can lie in Ensell. Staff photos lion a much larger sum Plum in Lite 1%.5 fiscal year. The increase Wotila come from larger Rolle clings from rising prs Ami. And corporate incomes. Carlist collections of some taxes my the forgoing Lof this years Cill in Serfi Lse taxes on my phone Calls. J Many Stock traders were vhf Ting that the it crossed Guzmn Nettit spending would Lac Asier to come by than the a tobit Ltd for higher revenues. Earlier collections it if Conj is rate income also Milti affect business spending. It could mein turning to leaders to pay for equipment ii Chust the Cash till was prematurely pm i Lineti. This could sent Rales still higher by Incila Silig the demand for klans. But most econ it mists. As of now a pm to hold to the opinion that rates will play a decidedly minor Rob in com Paris in to the boost to economic growth and business Confidence the it More a tending by was Iii ton will Foster. Produce Chicago a Huller steady wholesale buying prices or changed 9q score -4 pm a 90 h58 89 c 56�?T2 cars 90 h 58 i 89 c 57�?Ta. 0 by realm go Cherokee temperature sunday maximum a 20 for 24 hours preceding 7 a. In minimum 4 for 24 hours preceding 7 a. In Reading 4 at 7 a in precipitation for 24 hour period a is Inch precipitation. Monday maximum to for 21 hours preceding 7 a. minimum ill for 21 i hours preceding 7 a. In Reading a -12 at 7 a. In precipitation for 24 hour period a none. s Fiat la Iii hears Kuser lit or d n Koer san Akes the r Milai meeting of the ote it c Colin it Kate Agency Ami ret it 1 .91, ice Tju id Al Aurelia Friday warm front to believe Iowa fold by the associated p�es9 a Sliwi warming trend is expected to move into i a a tuesday and take the Bitte Quot Edt e off a cold snap which sent Lomi it Era Tures Hilum meting far Tiki of Zero Tuwain to shiver some Mace monday night Liow Ever with thermometer readings predicted As vex Rildy Asio lie Low Zero. Maximum Tom Stu Tor s were pret lie cd Hikiji to degrees Wanner than monday. The five Day for East railed for h me rallies ii tin ugh Ive raging four let a eight degrees Telow noun Al. It May turn colder again Ali us Vav Anil in i Way for Inosia the week. No a turn Snow is Ina Dic Ted for this a Ltd a. Monday morning How s ranged from 12 Ivow Zero in Mason City and Waterloo to 2 a those in s Aux City it to below at Dubuque and 9 h Low in f Edar rapids and was far from the n to Murk. High readings sunday varied from to above in Spencer to 21 at Council Bluffs and Burlington. Ave loin at Art . A see Ieti Oit of 120 of Quot Iginio work of Art by Navy will 4hkn to the Inion Al the Sioux City Art cd nut a , Jan. 21. Drive rally known is Quot Oil a Iii Ort the Fri my adn Tissino t sex his Ilion is so Leceil from among in it a than .3.000 action paintings and on tile scene drawings by spel Lily Art. S Fri i the Eaily Days of world War ii tit Tough the Konsmo to late 19y Many of Hesi a tajiks Are by Natt Mally known artists Are individually famous and been reproduced in National publications the entire eol fiction Valueff it Mort than one million Dollan. The exhibition Itas in in almost continually on tour since 1946, More .50 million m sons having seen it in the in. S. And foreign countries. That a paintings will to on display in la Sioux City Art cd Mitch which is open Wii i to it Chat be to the Public front to . To to . Tuesdays Thi it ugh saturdays and Fitim 2 to 5 . On sunday. Group tout s can to arranged by calling the Center Sioux atty 258-3747. I of Ocle on the to Atn Tenis a lid in administered Lor tip a. It Nim a of Pitt my Diate As . Eau c id injury air in �?T4 pc a ii next eau d by Irei ileitis. In get inti Hlatt it nor a u a i. Ile acc to named his talk to in i a Deitte Tel Ruthin Tat Rome f i in l Ite. To quinine it med in , Fer Tho the men a it the Porfila find it to Ament i i Vid 4tml exod noned their a uncut truck unit a a a . Go t the. Cd thirty site Riff ctr be Dees in of the Cruh it Meni Quot i m tonally feel that they Are i he c Ini in Nett it it Al Ltd a thus. To l of hard work and Jil tinning Hio e into this in a and the up Bike a Tould he paid to have it n in their Community that Devole the time and off to t for a thai what might he the saving of someone a Ile Eon timed Quot Marcus also Luis a Rescue i nil of this nature and i Hom within the near Futuik to see do Parl Teni in Toto to Only come Mil Vii thus same Afen thers decided to make area n a intents for a refresher cd Birse in first aul. A present there Are a a pin Mamie it 70 men in the who a had first a i training since the group was o Gani de two years ago Oil Ter business Sentei cd around Quot everyday Dean . Chairman pres ded with 30 me meters present. After the meeting lunch was a a Xvi d by the Aurelia fire depart rent the Nixt misting is to be held in it Rahee. Rev. Danvila to Post Rev. I. A. Gian Ville. Sioux City. Is acting As t Moor nov re pm Arentena pastor Al Asse Motly it god Church Here until Sonu Smie Clin lie found to take the put Tsi lion former pastor Rev. James Zello recently left the chinch store to take a position in the of god Church Jackson Minn 3 Imi slips on week Etui no injuries tile Liei i i e pm lice department invest to Gale d Tari e a a i do nos the weekend and at Iris used them to the in a a to Erk streets. It la to a in. Saturday t try in Esi ii ated an Accident a n niacin. Daniel Alo it sins Geog. Rut la Tiona Loe. Gid stolen i on the Bratge to pick up a past Ger. W in to a ear in via non John a id set. Rio Park a mile. Ai a no ached from the rear an i inhale los a it i. H Ott cars received unlit Mimir damage at 2 45 p in. Saturday. William Butge. Rii ral gab a was clinging out of the mental Kealoh instil note Dri a when Ihram boys Start d us Cne is the Street in front of him. In his attempt i a striking them his car Skidel a i of the Nawid and struck to in Quot. There were no . hot get a car received some damage at 3 15 sunday afternoon City Biol lip investigated a two ear ii rodent at the intersection of water Street and fast Linda Rose Mclaren. 632 North second was Smith hound in Waler Streit and Almqui to make a right Hall turn when her car was in collision with a or driven by James Arnold pkg Ger. Rural Oil a Tim the Egger car was in to found on Maple and in the process of making a led hand turn onto water Street when the Accident of purred i Kish cars received minor damage hut there were no injury it. Snow bpm Oval Herr Toni lil there will by Snow a Movil in Cherokee Long tit Laura torts for Snow it Oval work Are South fifth from main Lireet a ouch and an vend Itte Row court Stoutte building on main and sixth Ami Willow. Speerli it enl i Hie Tii Estia an Elint Natum a in a sch contest will be held at High school tue sol i it to find i hive Hest speak i it in pm it logo cat to the District contest on Friday and Sal inlay. Of a. 25-26 at a silk to is later. The following Stuch will enter tuesday Nigil s event dramatic Julie Ouk in. Dixie Foley. Jean isl Grey Donna Nielson Linda a Anil Cherie Ryan by Soimis Kieryl in re in. Peggy Brown. Gary Cunningham. Durta Lio Weltig. Ifs l Fuhrman Linda Lla it Den Virla How it and Kay i Itier font prose inter i Retalis Ai Julie Corken Linda Hayden. Linda Mcclaren and coterie Ryan poetry interpretation Linda Mclaren. Cathy tinier Man. Inman Ielson. Julie Ken Linda and Cherie r.\an. Judging will he done by two out of Lawn critics Assisi d by Lynn Phelps and Carole Ait Nathy of the Vas Huglon Angl he department. A the Public is invited rooms s and 9 will he Oigt in for i Sites beginning at 7 p. It. Boys club Job to iowan Cedar rapids a bandits took Ai a total s125 in two service station Hohl in Cedar rapids Early monday. Two men. One carrying a gun Hook $6.5 from in attendant at an Apo ,. And two hours earlier two men git $60 from an employee of a Clark service station. Tit la Muir yank Triipe in Viet by Thomas a. Reedy Saigon. South Viet Nam a the commander of in s. Of a a res in Viet Nam in n William c Westmoreland today order <1 All american Tro it if a to Cense firing for 78 hems Starling it not a this red to in Oil so to Anre of the lunar new year it Lidny. Tot Onu r Sec ind de Lite d cos him of the a Mph vietnamese government to halt fighting during the National Tel Ehra if a similar insinuations went to so nil kor Ejot australian and new zealand Tro a is i getting abet guide the vie names and americans. The Ina e More thin dough s the 3h-H�mr cease fire old served by Alln d forces touring the it Tristman Holiday. Hut la Falls 18 i Mirs a Lvii of the tet truce proclaimed by the Viet Cong. They have promised not to attack front la to i pm. Sunday a total of four Days West no ire i a in i ordered a cease fire from noon thursday to 6 i in. Sunday. It was assumed the allies agreed on different hours to ovoid giving Lite impress Kat they were amply reacting to the communist proposal. on or said Quot All . A Trees in the Reft Uhlly will not fire at or on the enemy except in s of defense Quot their was no sign in the Saigon sector of any setup in fighting in Foi e the Holiday although a be who re in Lite count by military act vieites cont Nueil at a slow place. Diversion in i it Hining Sonike. A Viet oath Cut Many attacked a Gnu i Omeitt int ant a it and Armor Schimil at thu i it us to Miles North of Saigon Al i . While one part of the guerrilla forts fired Toto Mot tar shells As a do Vei Siim another hit part of the ctr Etmund with automat in weapons. The guerrillas Pierc d Lite Hartko Wile of the officers Civ a Date a toil Ami Rnka a the till let. Kitling five wives and three children of vietnamese Pilicer candidates in their ties. Thiee other Chi Khan were Psi Undt cd. Armoured Troolis fought Back and kill Dio to the vie Cong. A gov emm it spokesman said. These in ties were left tie Hind. Bul the fleeing Viet Cong were seen to the Carr it Long other u of or wounded. One vie ctr no was . Twenty six civilians were kill bal my four were wounded when h of Civili ails hit a Viet org mine on the mad from Moc Iloa to Cai Lay. Near Ken Tuong. 35 Miles South of tile capital. Northwest of sat a in. A View a my attack on a . Troop Convoy backfired. Supported a it planes roaring in Over the tree lot the americans turned the bitter fight 20 Miles Nort Twe let of Saigon into a drubbing air the Guet Rillas. The communists Ligated up the ebbing a Day . Sweep on the Edge of their Iron Truing in by spraying the Convoy with automatic weapons As it roiled to Trung Laip carrying the 2nd battalion Ltd the . Isl Inhui to it division i2th regt nent Hack to brigade Headquarters. The infantrymen shot to it ack to the vehicles slowly inked on toward their destination. Over head the planes pinpointed their fire at the communist Poa Tione. The barrage Cam within Iso feet of Lite Convoy. When us fighting Quidd Down after 2 s hours a . reported to Viet Cong to Ulles counted and Many More possible comm Inlet cad Mikii int very Light Amert can Consi Virties. Five guerrillas eap Iun a including one who was taken with a flying Tarkof by sgt. Dwight o. Baldwin of. Oak and. Calif. Tenor tossed a grenade m a jeep Quad of american Aoi diet in Saigon this morning. The americans jump cd from the vehicle hem a it . For the first time the . Air Force bs9b front Guam joined the a Leteany use army in an opera on unloading their Soo and 7so-Pound bombs on a Central coastal area in Miles Northwest of que lung Ngui City. Launch chamber drive tuesday tote 1966 Oteis it Kee Haiti la r of come three Memler shop drive he launched Tucklay and c a of c officials have set their sights on in Overall budget of for the concerted drive. Plaits for the Kicki Iff at 9 Iio Al hotel a. Is Are Complete Kaiui every i96.�?Ti Inether is to attend. In order to s4ive Sau Sinen vol Ruhh time each Nti Nyber is expected to turn in has signed phage for 196 i. None in Hussine it it in Altero a a a in l a member is a to inv i Ltd and Uigh d to Alie Itil l in Coffee and donuts Sion. It is iiomm1 that 1965 members who have Ali Ltd Ltd it made their pledge a a Rii Cipale in Lite session. High sent earlier in the month each Ntembi r i Etc i Eiju ested to again Hilt fair to maintain the climber of Commerce of a lion. In cont telling on the drive Tmekei. \ ice i resilient and Init Hershm Quot than. Said it a Tould Bec Oiin Ila Verso nil re six tonsil it Iraj of each Quot Quot a every Cne to see that All acl Quot cities of Ila r Are pursue to Lite nto to sati Raciot v essential tote c of c vice president pointed out that a Strong associate la Ila t Liam it us it in a Stuie till to Lite Voit fined growth and pow in Riby of Chen Kee As a . Tit 4 Hairian continued to Iii Itig out to Hie me meters i tul this Eon in try requires your Meriu Bers Iii to j keep the Tamb a a set ii. Organiza Lio t Woi ring Tor and professional men amt women in Cherix tree. Taker concluded Quot Teji be ave i serious in aught end a Tsige Nikii Money amt efforts Tor 1966 it Ila Prue tomorrow. Go Iskin ii Steele. Ire Sulett it of the giant la f have Quot a tier Oke la ing to filed about ail Owr tie country we cannot a lord to even slow up. Quot we be lir ought new industries. New , a. la Popli and last Oil is Loqa Thuv ice to live in Fob to Sci every tiling pc Suile to Kip our Community servicing the let Jile is Well As i pro in go fur own Busi itts and Way of life. A a remember we re Raisian Money to sup tort a program Tjui a ill do lust t lat of Evelynna invest i fair Shiro in Cha Fri in fat and give of tune to the destroy some of Viet Cong twin Nils Bow yanks uncovered reds underground world. By Peter Arnett .s.aigon, South Viet Nam apr an underground world of tunnels and subterranean rooms where Viet Clong eat. Sleep and plot to take Over South Viet Nam was uncovered and partially destroyed by Allied forces under the Hobo Forest 20 Miles Northwest of Saigon i St week. The intricate Complex reaching Down three Levels at some places stretched a distance of 8 or i in a fort ugly line. Num Rolls subsidiary tunnels were discovered. Some observers believe Tho to bit tunnels Are the main part of a system that stretches Omni Saigon to the came Indian Tor Der. Quot wherever they go they in Eil resent a tremendous amount of work a said it. Colonel . Preece commander of tile Ait italian regiment that found Many of the tunnels. Quot there must have been millions of Man hours of work in it into Hoset Cav to said. The . And who Pustie l into the tunnelled i Gion met n lat ively Little Piki Sirion. Greet e said a we were damned Lucky we got in there when the tunnels wore . Of had text n Mannol. We w Tolci have h St a lot More As it was Hio australians kist 8 killed and 29 Vav funded. American wore listed us Light. One australian died Iii t id air 3u feet Down in a Tunnel. Jul. Proce said Tho Soldier f tinted because of Hie Lack of oxygen. By Tho time Hiey lift etl him oui int ugh the narrow Tunnel Xii in was dead. The tunnels Wen desc ill d a defense Vilh narrow openings for Macline guns at la Quot outer Edge of the hoho f ores and leading in to deeper and More heavily fortified clunkers. In the Middle of Forest the americans and australians discovered Emma it hunk is 7 eel underground made of con Crete and rein hired with steel. These con Civit rooms were up to s or 9 feet Square. The Lui Titel system Vii Rich linked the rooms Hie Hunters and the machine gun holes of Ning into the Forest measured Al out 2 to 2 a feet in void in. There was on a main Tunnel Syslo with Numen Ous Suli Sidi any tunnels leading Frem it. Some of the undergo Van rih it Nis were Ai a frenily used As Kil Ehens others As and . A Well a Villi a Concrete cover was found in Doi ground. The australians found a Cache of 50 Wea on in one Sunru l. Ammunition food and clothing were found in other Launiu is. Quot these tunnels Are As familiar to Hie inhale Vitants Hie streets of our Home , said la. Colonel John f. Tyler commander of the isl battalion of tote 173rd air Lhorne Fri Gate. The water level in the Tunnel six a a was 40 fiet below the ground level and the tunnels were Down to a de eth of at least 30 feet. Most were eight feet to ten feet deep. Tote whole area was in the process of but ing expanded by the Omitty according to the australian regimental commander. Work on some tunnels Bact not been i nip lated too big the Allied to nips had difficulties in searching the Tunnel Aisa in cause they were Lix it Itig to get Ihm ugh some places out out for the smaller vietnamese. The australians us a a dog to Sisi them. The Allied officers believe the Tunnel system a. To Een git dual in developed for 5 Loio years. Altey think that the Viet conf Over planning to Man it with a maj it a to be. Probably two but la Lions were in Toh re when the allies hit. Hut the Viet conf Choso not to fight Uio hard. Hov Vever. Alten the allies left the legion they were still under h Cas ional snip r fire. The Allied forces say they in fuelled considerable Damare on the Tunnel system. Quot it will talk them a Long time to re bulb them Quot colonel Tyler said

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