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Cherokee Daily Times Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Cherokee Daily Times (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Cherokee, Iowa Ehatt Fitze daily a hues Westside Ca 5-3183 easts de Ca 5-4410 in Cherokee Call Between 6 00 amp 6 30 if your paper is missed the times now in its ninety third tear official county c to City daily every evening except sunday Cherokee Iowa saturday August 31, 1963 consolidation of the Chr Sokec times Cherokee chief Cherokee Democrat Washta journal 5f per copy vol. 35, no. 281 keeping watch during Rescue a . Military adviser right keeps a Sharp Lookout for rebel soldiers during Rescue operation in Viet Cong territory near Ben cat Northwest of Saigon. South Viet Nam. The downed chopper landed in a Rice Paddy due to engine failure and a powerful h-37 was called in to make the Rescue. A Sling is being fastened to the downed chopper prior to its being lifted from the Paddy. A wire photo sees More violence Over negro rights president Kennedy amnesia tendency has by James Marlow associated press new analyst Washington Palthe discipline and Tranquility of wednesdays civil rights demonstration will not the permanent condition of the american negro if he continues to be frustrated. As they marched and stood in the Sun for hours the hta Saive quietude of be ramps 180,000 negroes was amazing when it is remembered How much in american life has been denied them. But this performance was for one Day Only. The warning of Brief quietude if White americans continue to deprive negroes of equal treatment came from Tlle one negro who above All has preached nonviolent resistance Rev. Martin Luther King or. He said a it would be fatal for tic nation to Overlook the urgency of the moment and to underestimate the determination of the All hut one of tin in ukr it this Gigantic petition for Quot redress of grievances Quot talked with restraint a tout the desire for equal Justice and the negroes Hope that Congress will help Vliem get it. Llu exception was John a i the militant head of tiie student non violent coordinating committee. Bitter impatience he revealed the bitter impatience just below the surface in himself and others with Pliest words Quot it is nation is still a place it cheap Mai Iticia leaders who build their careers on immoral Compromise and ally themselves with Tjien forms of Xiii tical Economu and social exploitation. Quot what a Lotical Leader can stand up and say a my stt1y is do parly of principles the party of Kennedy is also the party of East land. Ilie any of Jovits is also de party of Goldwater. Wheat is our party a it is now 95 years and one month since adoption of the i4th amendment made tic negroes citizens beyond question and guaranteed them pro rectum Hom any violation of their rights As Citi Sens their rights have been violated Ever since. Kin lest White people assume that because the negro has endured this until now he is a per manent Patsy and wednesday s peaceful demonstration proved it told both the crowd and the nation a thus who Hope the negro needed to blow off steam Ami will now he Content will have a rude Awakening if the nation returns to business As usual. A wind of revolt Quot there Wui be neither rest nor Tranquility in America until the negro is granted his citizenship rights. The whirlwinds of revolt trill continue to shake the founds tons of our nation until the Bright Day of Justice he could not have Given a clearer warning of turmoil unless the wrongs Are righted. Not All negroes have accepted Kings philosophy of nonviolent resistance to injustice or evil. They have shown they done to by some of their violent outbursts since he first begun to use nonviolent resistance and successfully with his peaceful Boycott of the Montgomery ala., buses in 1955-56. Only a comparative few at any time have accepted this philosophy from a Leader. To Lelieve it requires Complete conviction it is the Only right Means to seek Justice. Millions of indians practice nonviolent resistance under the guidance of Mohandas Gandhi without believing it As their later violence showed. But even Gandhi himself Hadnot always practice it. In India in his time it just Haj it i a tied to be a necessary technique of resistance to the British when the British Hud Superior i Tower. When tin indians got their Independence thousands of hindus Ami moslem slaughtered one another. In this country racial violence was increasing until tie time for wednesday civil rights March Drew near. Tom a the violence Dis Sqq inured us if to Iet the March dominate the scene. Its Over now. But the discrimination against negroes Are not Over. Their determination to Hatter Down the discrimination us King pointed out. Are not Over. Therefore More violence can he expected perhaps on an increasing scale. School for Alta sept. 3 times news service Alta Alta g immunity Sci tool year with a full Day of classes on tuesday sept 3. O facials report there Are Send 750 students elected to attend classes thir year. A three Day faculty workshop it a. He id aug. 31-30 new instructors on the faculty this year include Nancy Galu riia Jirl physical education David by James Marlow associated pres news analyst. Washington a president Kennedy has a tendency to political amnesia when his democrats join republicans to do him in. He finds it easier to remember what the republicans did. He said once republicans have made Quot not a Fiol tical program but so have a lot of his democrats. I icy a a Ernie under the demo political parties a democrats Southern democrats and republicans a just because the southerners have gone against him so Many times. They operate Ander the democratic Label but can make the democratic party s Campaign promises look like balloons in a tack factory any time it suits them which is often to clasp hands with republicans. Two recent examples 1. Southern democrats against Kennedy a civil rights program from the Start Are expected to try to filibuster it. To death. 2. Just lost week they a spooned him when the House voted to Cut foreign Aid $585 million below what he asked. Kennedy that same afternoon rushed to denounce the republicans for the blow. But they could not have done it if a big Bunch of democrats Hadnot joined them. The democrats have such a majority Over the republicans in both houses of Congress they could put through any program Kennedy wanted a a provided they stuck together a Ever if All the republicans voted no. They done to stick together. In the 435ea�?~. House with three vacancies. Democrats outnumber 256-176. In the 100-seat Senate 67 democrats foreign Aid in the House this was How the voting went against the Cut 188 <172 democrats 16 republicans for the Cut 222 66 democrats 156 republicans. If Only 18 of those 66 democrats had stuck with Kennedy the vote would have let Een 204 for the Cut but 206 against. The Over All Aid Bill then went to the Senate on a final 224-186 vote. There would have been no Cut. All but three of the 66 democrats singing up with the republicans were from Southern or Border states. This defection of the South has haunted Kennedy. There was a shining example of it last year. That was when the Senate with democrats outnumbering ref Iuli i leans 64-36, killed Kennedy s program of medical care for tie aged. That majority of 28 could have swamped the republicans on any Issue. But this happened on medicare the vote to kill was 52-48, with 21 democrats and 11 ret Ribucan doing the killing. All but 4 of the 21 democrats were southerner. If just 3 of the 21 had stayed with their party the bul would have carried. Kennedy made this n Campaign Issue in the 1862 elections blaming Quot nearly All the ref publican Ami a handful of democrats who joined them for his defeat it was More than a handful. It was almost a third of Alt the Senate democrats. Not Long before the medicare defeat Kennedy made an admin sum at a news conference which pretty frankly acknowledged the democratic party is not the single party it pretends to be Quot we should realize that some democrats have voted with tie republicans for a Good 25 years really since 1931. So we have a very difficult time on a controversial piece of legislation in be photo show at Sanford museum sept. 1 Anamosa Farmer operates still i Sioux City a James Russell Orr 18, Anamosa Farmer was indicted by a Federal grand jury Here Friday on five counts growing out of the alleged operation of a still on his farm. 1 Orr was arrested aug. 4 in a raid by Federal officers on Lii farm. They reported they destroyed 1he still. Orr is free on $5,000 Bond. The five counts of the indictment itt clouded engaging in the business of a distillery without required Regis the Sanford museum announces 1rn,0n the exhibition of 30 photograph by or. Klari to a jul sep Wilhour tember 1 through september 21. An outstanding Amateur photog engaging in the business of a giving i wind. Engaging in distilling and is. A. E Sion a a still where it is pro rather l r. is the Reg us tray of the University of Nebras a. He a had Ono Man re All 1? "i1 a peril Quot a the Jib uti Art museum and 1ic Riu Lintn. Kan a. City Art Institute Ami Hason a Quot it by exhibited widely at National and \ 0,1 11 Quot a l Quot regional Phr Raphy atom. Quot Quot my Law the photographs were made her. Hoover in Nebraska and Many were Laken in his i in Hack Yard the scenes and object which they show Are familiar Ami common j place but reflect an unusually imaginative viewpoint. Hoove states that Quot Moat of us see these things so frequency that we fail to notice that they Are sometimes truly Beautiful. So often when we do notice we Are so preoccupied with tint seem important at 1he moment that the impressions Are fleeting and an soon or. Hoover presents subject matter of extreme simplicity Asui his of a Prairie hopi zen or of vines Fence. Through pleasant readings for Holiday by the associated press except for Iio Sibly some Light showers in the Western counties late sunday night and monday pleasant weather appears to a get shaping up for the labor Day weekend. The weather Bureau said n Large High pressure system Over the Rockies will continue to feed Usk it a a wooden Cool air into Iowa and the mid medium of Cam West through the weekend. Gop asserts Juk destroyed foreign Aid Washington it a the Senate House Republican leadership asserted today that if bipartisan support for foreign Aid has Lieen destroyed. President Kennedy destroyed in by blaming the gop for drastic House cuts. The Nejiu Lioan leadership in a joint statement challenged Kennedy recent characterization of the House slash from $4.1 to $3.5 billion in the foreign a<71 program As a shortsighted unwise and dangerously the group headed by sen. Everett m. Dirksen of Illinois Senate Republican Leader and rep. J Charles a. Halleck k ind gop Leader in the House said 66 House democrats a a or let Retior than 1 out of 4,�?� joined republicans in cutting the program. It in tie statement issued Short july after Kennedy appealed at Hy-1 Annis port mass., for Senate res-1 t Ora lion of the reductions the Republican declared a if i Wirt Isan supine it of the foreign Aid program a now Lieen a destroyed to use president Ken it styx sword it was or. Kenne-1 by s own unwise statement which destroyed it. A it would have better become the office of the presidency had or. Kennedy at the same time noted that 66 democrats or bet Ter than 1 out of 4. Also voted to Cut the program. Instead he singled out Only republicans who Are outnumbered in the House 25h to 177.�?� after ordeal a Donald Blake Hanna Ono of 25 miners trapped for 27 hours after an explosion in a mine at Moah Utah rests in Hospital in Moab after ins Rescue. Hanna and Paul Mckinney two of seven known surviving members were brought to the surface in a bucket lift from the 2,712-foot-Decp mine. A wire photo . Males chins in Battle of the Blades former Harvard Era Lens and film he endows sunny skies and rather Cool these familiar scenes and object Tempie rallies were Over the state with significance and . Tow Friday. Highs during the after Dean in prison exhibit illustrates How completely noon were expected to Range Hoover has achieved his Aims and from the Upmier 70s in the North new York it a James m. Offers a rare Opportunity for Gal to the lower 80s in the South. Landis former Dean of the har Lery visitors to share his unusual highs thursday varied from 78 Vur it Jiw school was sentenced by Sam Dawson a business news analyst and stimulating View joint. Mate the lineup is 33 republicans on j 01111 a bib strikes again Dubuque it a tie John Deere Dubuque tractor works was shut Down again Friday when at Dubuque to 86 at 30 Ltd Yin prison today on in Clear skies and Light northerly a Quot Quot xxx charge w kinds allowed Renijio natures to i Federal District judge sylves drop into the 50s during the Ter j. Ryan ordered that tie term i zips ranged from 49 at Spencer to red immediately to 59 at Davenport Ottumwa let us a 3310 sooner tie serves the in Buque Burlington Ami Lamoni. Hence tin better it will tie i relative scarce and re gunk 1 by lows in the 50s under Clear skies �?Ti0 defendant the judge said. Some of its users As a status were forecast for Friday in Girt. 1-Antiis, who had held High pud Symbol. Clouds were predicted for we-1 ton in the Federal government i Yum. Stainless Uteri Blade and pm Iowa saturday. Generally fair pleaded guilty aug. 2 to a five j their older brother made of information new York it api beatniks Are tit. But every shaving Man is a target in the Battle of the chins. All of the big . Razor Blade makers Are now in the stainless Ste fracas started More than a year ago by a British invader. Tie Long lasting Blade Lias Lieen workers refused to go Back a conditions with continued cool1 Ltd a Una information charging that j Furlion steel Are now Likely to is work after returning Lor a total i temperatures Are on Tup for the failed to file timely inning i eni Zikel to More of an economic of about 10 hour thursday. It of the state. Tie weather returns for the years but tip. The struggle will lie keen the workers had voted we lips Rivau said tempi erasures a Twili trough 1960. Is Between or competitive Day night to end their Al wimpy j average 3 to 5 degree below fhe taxes since have in on paid american make and if Victory walkout and the Day shift worked in iat into the Nii Dille of next defense contended that May got it or to re Thun Way. The night shift came work. On in the after Mthm list worked a doubt action on Juk tax Biu this year by Joe Hall Washington a sen. George a. Smathers 1>-fla., said Friday he dts nto that die Senate will act on president Kennedy Lux Cut Bill this year. Smathers third ranked Denu Erst on the Pena inc committee told u Rempler Tow lung delay in the i Louse on the m l and tie a a in liability of a Senate Tice on civil lights legislator list him in the conclusion. A not Long ago 1 in might it was hours Isdore walking Independence the i Tutor killed Landis was so engrossed in Jsib-1 of Guj Quot pee or to cos of product cinch to go to rough this year a lie affairs and the affairs of tit tit Ami Demri Butin or to itis Ull in interview a shut in be clients be Hod a neglected i willingness of thu american Ramie i cd re Rel Niy own Fiji soul Matteis incl Hng to a fungi tits ways. Unlike Tom two higher ranked the income tax Veluma tin giant provider of tie older be moral on i committee and familiar razor Hon do ump git-1 c7ial�?Tiitan Harry f. Byril i>-va., Lette Gan Pany. With Tsau 70 or Russell b. Dog. 1>-1., Blue ribbon Winner during Iowa state fair girls i Competition Jean mammi who won tie dress revue Here during the Cherokee county of a air Placiti cent suy of the american Market it will enter the Stak less St in a Blade Eon teat in new Yolk Ami Philadel Folia next week and uni the nation try oct Olier merchandising Tom new mul Tipu strongly suphii1ed Only two i Friday. Official of in Vii 94 of United Auto workers said the walkout was unauthorized. They Independence api said tie walkout a i i urgently was Rural it Mii teacher driving to tier a continuation of tie original Din classes was killed Early Friday Pute started Wien its company when her car collided with a ear took disciplinary action against driven by a farm imy going to some Winker a twi Al legally made High school. Errors on their Junece work time i Hunt was mrs. L. A. Jacket j among Tow Blue rih Bun Winnet i is. Sr., 56, of Lyle in mkt nce a Fri girls receiving red ribs is ,. Pickets Walleit in front of thei taught school North of Here. Ing included Lueler of a a k Toul Mahpary of Kvegis Turpi Toi Many weeks it will tie division of Ruiqi Ossiah in tie finance Coni a Mittie to make any tie Litway with Tux bearings 1m said. Sward maker Smathers estimated the Public starting tie whole thing on this bearings on die tax Cut might run of the All Uitich was a British Aux a eight weeks with Suddit bail sword maker Blade made by i we weded fur committee action on the measure. Smathers a a tax Cut. Tin key to tie Senate lax situation i the civil lights inti smut Beis said it debate on that measure starts shave item since february air a expected in oct Olier and is pro Plant Friday and trucks did not her car was struck by a car Mundy with an individual Demon amt Kaz it a Cross die lines driven by Robert Frye. 16. Son or Trafon Ami in veiny Rupp and Bai there w a no immediate state or. And mrs. Wilbert Frye of near hot tra Laid with a team Demoi Umra ment from company officials. Inder Indence. Tori Philip Morns. Side Hebrink mathematics am so curing a working nce John ind commercial a Al Stude and Aisis ant Cecii. Robinette mar Rove. Sixth g ale Overly Kirkholder. Fourth Grade Jolien Lyster a to birth Grade Lucille Lieuw nuts second Grade and Thelma stump music. Stores close on labor Bay Tow chamber of Commerce retail Trade Bureau has made the recommendation that All business houses in Cherokee close in Observance of i Abri Day an monday. Jay Yaggy Bureau chairman made the recommendation and urged members an Dnon member to close for the Day. Came the elections. They did t change much. The Democrat retained just about tie same huge majorities although Kennedy had asked for even bigger ones. He i ruefully admitted any time he offer a controversial Bill hell win or lose by three or four votes. Still Kennedy wont fight with Congress. He never a. He just j complains occasionally particularly about the Republican. He said a there if no sense in raising Bell and then not being this week after his complaint about die republicans part in cutting foreign Aid Republican sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona Cuhl some of Kennedy s own record on foreign Aid when he waa Swift Airliner mock up takes shape a a mock up of the fuselage of the Georde Jet liner takes definite shape on the floor of die British aircraft corporation Plant at file taxi England plane is being developed by a British and French Combine to Fly at about 1.5uu Miles per hour carrying 100 passengers. Tie plane expected to be flight tested in 1966, could Cross the Atlantic in 21 hours. Ship has a retractable visor which can be lifted in front of the cockpit area to Cut Down aerodynamic drag while in Suje Personic flight a wire Imioto Wilkinson sword Ltd., a Tut in England were Fust Ini Miick in March and sold by american outlet for its better known product Garden tools advertised by word of Mouth they caught on fast and were hard to find but american production method May Oon make them commonplace. Performance ultimately will lie judged by the american males each Oik doubtless convinced that his own chid is a special Anil in Cubat problem. Price differentials at least at tie stain of the front to Are these Wilkinson usually sell at five for 75 cents or 15 cent a Blade stuck and american razor s Personna double edged Blades Are regularly priced at five for 79 a ends. Gillette says it will retail us stainless steel Blades at six for 89 cents making them tie Cheam to at 14.83 cents a Blade. The older Carbon steel double edged modes Range from 3 5 cent to 6,9 cents a Blade production Coats Are the secret i of the competing companies to. He stainless steel Blades Are More difficult and More Exien Ive to make tie american firms already bail been making stainless steel Blades in the Mills of their european subsidiaries. Their new or converted american Plant Are reported Caf Abie of turning out Many times tie number of Blades that Wilkinson a Lieen allotting i to its american Market. Based on past Cefi Prience tie committee exp sects to hear about 200 witnesses on tie Bill. Byrd always a followed a policy of Seti Edmung every applicant Al though he has asked some industries affected by a lilt to consolidate their testimony. Normally by meeting morning and afternoon the committee bears Almut 10 witnesses Ltd Lay. Hut during the civil rights fight it Wall be Able to sit Only in is morning and not even then if tin a Senate convenes earlier than the usual noon meeting time. Hurry time is running out save $1.05 off your subscription to the Cherokee daily times now through sept. 1, 1963 Only

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