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Cherokee Courier Newspaper Archives Sep 11 1969, Page 1

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Cherokee Courier (Newspaper) - September 11, 1969, Cherokee, Iowa Spotlight food Boycotts have again dominated the news in some areas. A Pennsylvania women s group staged a two week demonstration against meat prices. A new Jersey group picketed several supermarkets asserting All foods Are too costly. A Call Fomia farm workers unit continues to seek a Boycott on table grapes. Some Success is being claimed by the demonstrators and boycotted. The Pennsylvania homemakers say they have Given thousands of housewives a new insight of rapidly mounting cents. The women say they Are not blaming Farmers and stockmen for what they consider Quot unduly High Quot prices but they feel their Only Way of making themselves heard is by refusing to buy regardless of who is at fault. Its High time Farmers themselves do a Little More about absolving themselves from unfair accusations. As thing stand now partially because of the Brevity of to presentations Only a part of the whole Story is being told. The part housewives hear is the final Price they must pay. The part the women Seldom Are Given is that which shows How Little of inflated supermarket prices goes to the producer. / food prices Are higher than they were five years ago. By so Are a lot of other things including the salaries and wages of the average family breadwinner. Farmers ought to help Clear up Many misunderstandings on comparative in creates and their part in them. If the full facts were known few housewives would feel unkindly toward producers. Enlightening surprises would come to Many a homemaker of she knew just what the food production score actually is. Let s take a simple example. Twenty years ago the Farmer got 3 and 1/3 cents for a 13v� cent loaf of bread. Today that same loaf Sells for 13 cents and the Farmer still has to Settle for 3 and l/3rd cents for ills share. Returns from labor Are really the Only Way we can fairly judge the value of a food item. Ironically the Farmer of today a even Tho his living and production costs have been rising steadily a still has to Settle for the same Price he got for Many of his products a decade or to ago. Obviously then some Farmers Are actually receiving less per hour at labor now than they did a decade or iwo ago. An hours factory Tabor As of today meanwhile is not Only providing the worker with substantially More in terms of dollars and cents but it also brings much More in the Way of food products. Despite the higher prices at the supermarket an average hour of factory labor today will buy twice As much meat and three times As Many eggs As compared to 20 years ago. In 1950 about 24 cents out of a wage earners Dollar went for food. Today the average worker has to pay Only about 17 cents out of his average Dollar for food and what he buys is of higher Quality than two decades ago. Compare this to Many countries in Europe and Asia where up to 50 percent of Many a salary is used for food purchases. Beef prices have been the target of much criticism. Beef prices to Consumers Are higher than they were but Farmers Are not getting As much for their Slaughter steers As they have some other years. Seven times in the past 20 years beef has sold for less than the too percent fair Index for consumer and commodity prices. A Broad comparison of prices Consumers now pay for various products is most revealing a and shows there Are Mony other things besides food that could be boycotted. Recreation costs Are now 29 Points above the department of Commerce fair Index of to years ago. Medical cares 52 Points h i g her. Transportation 47 Points. Clothing 25. Home ownership 36. None of these items arc being boycotted but meat prices up just 16 Points Are the object of much ire. Strangely. Many housewives blame food costs for most of the budget problems. Actually Many items in the so called Quot food baskets from the Sujie Market Are not food items at All and most of them Are far worse culprits in budget shattering than meat or by other food item. A Glidden far wife has something to say on this. End is doing it by Way of a nation wide lbs network program. Thereby enabling television to help a Tell the other she is mrs. Frank West. Interviewed by the to network recently after she had commented on a Des Moines Register cartoon depicting a housewife loading a shopping cart with Many non food items a and termed it both Quot accurate and mrs. West wrote that in erne week s $24 Purchase at the supermarket she found that food items came to less than $16. She then checked the West family records for 1960 and compared them to 1968. She found $971 spent for food Iii 1960. Plus $347 for household items. In 1968 the food Bill was $975. Only a few dollars higher but the Bill for non food household goods obtained at the More and put in the Quot food Basket Quot was $725, More than double the 1960 costs. The Glidden woman says supermarkets today ire actually super stores. She goes on to defend the position that food remains a major bargain. She says that for the year ending june i 1969, food prices increased 4 percent but take Home pay went up 6.4 percent. She adds in 1958 the wage earner worked 28 minutes for a Pound of Steak whereas he must work Only 24 minutes for the same item today. Quot when it comes to women Farmers Are that a the statement Booth Wal leucine of the Iowa farm Bureau information department makes in his most recent editorial the truth is All of us Mere males Are often cowards around women and especially so if the gals Are riled up about something a like food prices. Wallentine s Point is that Farmers Are willing to risk almost anything except irate women picketing a food Market. The need to speak up there it re is All the More vital. Now is the time for farm by Leau Nofu Farmers Union Grange and All the others to join forces and set the record straight. Surely on the matter of food costs and the Farmer s share of returns they can achieve some measure of agreement. Bill House president of the american National cattlemen a association makes a Point when he says average retail beef prices have gone up less than 5 percent but cattlemen a costs Are 125 higher. He adds that consumer after tax income is up 67 percent prices of consumer services Are 43 percent but retail food prices Are no More than 24 percent higher. Quot meat Quot he says Quot is still one of americans Best buys. In another Boycott the one dealing with table grapes some absorb and grossly unfair tactics Are being employed by the United farm workers committee whose at to o r n e y claimed California grapes Are being sold with an Aldrin pesticide residue 180 times that permitted for humans. The charge is totally false. The fact is no Aldrin is used in the Fields where the grapes were produced. The hog men so world series is being held at Austin Minnesota this week. The National Barrow show is now underway. Many iowans Are exhibiting a and Many purple rib artificial sweeteners have their limits too artificial sweeteners Are great great for those who need to restrict their sugar intake. Great for those who Are simply calorie conscious. So great in fact that As a nation we consumed 15 million pounds to them last year alone. But they do need of be used wih limits. Studies of people using artificial sweeteners show that there Are no serious Side effects with 3 Grams a Day. And the Fra advises that adults limit their use of artificial sweeteners to this amount daily that Means watching the amount of commercial artificially sweetened foods you eat daily As Well As what you spoon into Coffee or Tea or use in Home prepared foods. For children the precautions Are More strict. Children who weight less than fifty pounds should be limited to one Gram daily. That Means one bottle of diet pop a which usually contains approximately one Gram a and watching the use of other pro sweetened beverages you Aux for your youngsters. Applesauce from your blender Crisp fall apples can go directly to your table a refreshing applesauce without even a Stop for cooking. The secret is in using your blender. To prepare two cups of sauce. You need two Large apples a cup water i Tablespoon Lemon juice and i to 3 Aole spoons sugar. Wash Core and Cut your apples into one Inch pieces. You need Only Peel the apples if they re red ones in your blender put water Lemon juice and sugar. Add half the apples cover and run at Low Speed until pureed. Uncover add remaining apples and turn blender on High until applesauce is of a Fine texture. Serve immediately. If you want to keep the applesauce for any length of time it May be cooked and then stored in the refrigerator until you re Leady to serve it. V tapping Cream versus limitation toppings weight watchers who think Arney re winning the calorie Quot ame by using non daily whipped toppings instead of regular whipped Cream need to take a a a cond look at the two products. While imitation toppings contain less fat than regular whipping Cream they have More Mahx it hydrates. Thus weight for weight the calories Are about the same. Remember too. When you use the guide on the whipped Topping Label for your calorie counting they re talking about level Tablespoons a not heaping ones. Fabrics for the Home consumer Short course october is consumer month in Iowa and a three Day Short course has been scheduled in Caun county in the Sioux City area. This consumer Short course this year will Deal with Quot Whit is new in household this meeting will go into detail on Rug fibres floor coverings household linens drapery and curtain materials and other consumer concerns. The dates of these Short courses Are Ida county a oct. 3. To. 17 Sac county a oct. 6. 13. 20 Monona county a oct. 7 14. 21 Woodbury county a oct. 8. 15. 22 Crawford county a nov. 3. To 17 Plymouth county a nov. 4. La. 18 Cherokee county a nov. 5. 12. 19 greek the schedule and Reserve the dates which will be most convenient for you. The location of these meetings will be renounced later. Extension Home economists. Mary Kay Cable Woodbury county and Theda Nelle Scott. Cherokee and Plymouth counties. Will be conducting this series of consumer Short courses in the seven counties in the Sioux City area. More de Igns will be Brot Nack to the Hawkeye state. Sunny View farm near Madrid has an open House this weekend. What a so important about that in fact what a sunny View farm really its not important except it happens a he a Little place in Boone county your spotlight editor is frying to pay for. Each year we invite our friends and neighbors to come a and you. Dear readers of this column ire indeed Welcome Well hav1 we agon trains taking visitors by the hybrid com displays fertilizer and herbicide demonstrations Etc. It s a Low key. No pressure Field Day with s400 in attendance awards and a lot of Nice farm people to meet. Be Happy to have you with us saturday o sunday. Farm Outlook further slowdown in economic activity is Likely in months ahead Futrell says the nation s economic activity has slowed Down somewhat during this summer but not As much As was expected and indications Are that it will Slacken further in the next few months. This observation was made by Gene Futrell Extension economist at Iowa state University. He pointed out that a larger portion of the increase in the nation s Gross National product that is the value of the output of All goods and services in current dollars during the second Quarter of i96s was due to higher prices. A Small Rise in unemployment during july Little change in retail sales in recent months a decline in second Quarter corporate profits and slowness in housing construction also indicate the Economy has slowed some he added. Quot the government has been trying for several months to Dampen demand for goods and services to relieve inflationary pressure on prices. Demands for goods Anc services have been growing faster than their Supply thus pushing prices the administration has at of tempted to tighten credit availability by raising the Federal Reserve Bank discount rate and by increasing Bank Reserve requirements. Extending the income tax surcharge was and so aimed at reducing inflation the farm Price specialist said. Quot these measures while slow to take hold Are beginning to slow the Economy. But there is some concern that once the optimism la curbed business activity will weaken too sharply Quot Futrell commented. Futrell said business forecasts for later this year and 1970 generally Call for a definite slowing in the Rise in economic activity possibly with no real growth during much of the year ahead. But despite this expectation upward pressure on prices will probably remain Strong for several More months the economists said. He pointed out that for Farmers and especially livestock producers the Strong expansion in the to conomy has had both Good and bad impacts. Strong consumer demand has figured importantly in improved cattle hog Lamb and poultry prices in the past year. On the other hand he said the Strong Rise in prices for goods and services have boosted family living expenses and farm production costs. Quot in general demand for meats and poultry in the next several months in t Likely to be As Strong As in the first six or eight months of this year. While a real slump in demand in t expected cattle prices May weaken a Little further but should remain above year earlier Levels. Hog prices Are expected to decline seasonally in the next few weeks but remain above last year s prices. Tails can be obtain a from pc i a county Extension office area creative crafts scheduled organizations which Are looking for creative crafts ideas Ere invited to Send representatives to the Iowa state University Extension service sponged area crafts meetings this two Day Short course Lorn to to i p ti., will be hold in the Community building in Aurelia on sept. 16 and 23 each Dav will be a different program. Representatives from the commission on aging will assist. Demonstrations of various Craft ideas will be resented tyls is the second year this pro pram has been presented in the area More information can be obtained by calling your county Extension office. Carp the Carp have been biting in lie River and it a Bobby Burke of fade Jim Dot it nce had proof of this statement a 16 Pounder w hich he landed recently. He was using a Doug Hall for bait and it took the 7-year-old Angler 25 minutes to land it. Dates to remember september Llu meeting of leaders of agriculture 4-h clubs at amp . In the farm Bureau meeting room important that every club be represented to discuss change in baby beef program. September 15�?older 4-h meeting in farm Bureau meeting room at 8 . Judge Archie Nelson will present program on some of his experiences working with youth while serving on the Bench. Sophomores juniors Ana senior 4-h members Are urged to attend. October i a a 4-h records to be completed and turned in to your Leader. October 15 a meeting for organization leaders in the farm Bureau meeting room at 8 . This includes both girls and boy a leaders. Nominations for county 4-h Council forms have been mailed to the 4-h leaders for nominating candidates for county 4-h Council. Members should be 15 years of age As of Jan. I 1969, and be juniors or seniors in High school a. The present time. Also they should have had at least two years of 4-h club experience and held an office in their local club. Of course they must plan to be an Active 4-h member in 1970. Each club May nominate As Many members As they desire however the interview committee will select about eight girls and eight boys As candidates for county election tentatively scheduled for oct. 25. Any 4-h member who meets the above requirements should see their Leader and fill out a form As a candidate. All forms should be in the county Extension office by oct. 3, and plan to attend the interview session scheduled for oct. 7 tentative. For information about the county 4-h Council i suggest you Contact one of the present Council members. They Are Monica Eischen Linda Crane Gloria Graham Julie a ment Joyce Peavey Steve Perry Bob Berglund Brad Carlson Doug Goodburn and Lowell Steele. National 4-h week "4-h Opportunity for All Quot is the theme of this year s National 4-h week Observance oct. 5 toll. Emphasis will be i 4-h benefits being available to boys and girls of All cultural racial and economic backgrounds also to youth who live in town As Well As country. Latest figures show that the cooperative Extension service now reaches about 3% million Young people. Of these about 2hmillion Are enrolled in 4-h, including 35 percent from farm Homes 33 a percent from Rural nonfarm Homes and 32 percent from towns cities and suburbs. In Cherokee county 630 boys and girls Are enrolled. We have about 500 Rural members 130 from towns mostly girls. During 4-h week appropriate activities will be arranged nationally and in each state county and most local communities. A major aim will be to broaden the understanding of 4-h everywhere to enlarge the Quot image Quot so the Public realizes the head heart hands he Aith programs Are no longer limited to Rural areas. The boy with his calf and the girl with her Garden or poultry Are Fine but in most places today several dozen other real life Quot learning experiences Quot or projects Are open to 4-h ers and make up the organization s modern flexible program. Other Aims of National 4-h week Are to encourage More youth 9 to 13, to take advantage of 4-h opportunities. Urge More men and women to Volunteer As 4-h local leaders and to enrich their own lives in addition to serving youth. Recognize the important contribution of parents of 4-h, and influence their continued cooperation. Acknowledge the support of 4-h friends and express appreciation to them. Report the year s accomplishments and consider future needs and plans. 150 attend Barbecue by Mildred Smith about 150 persons attended the Barbecue monday night that wrapped up the Cherokee county beef and carcass show. Sponsored by the Cherokee county beef producers the program was oriented to acquaint members with the kind of beef they Are producing and help train them to recognize this in the animals they Are raising. The county beef producers participated As a group to secure a wide Range of cattle from undesirable from present Market standards to Ideal beef cattle. A picture was taken of the live animal the animal was slaughtered the live animal s picture accompanied the carcass As the producers came in to View the carcasses following the beef Barbecue at Suring Lake Park monday night. Animals graded the animals were slaughtered and carcasses Hung at Wilson Plant. They were graded by us a grader the yield Grade showing conformation and Quality of meat thickness or thinness of fat cover and size of rib Eye were posted on the carcass. Information was also posted on How Long fed. Those viewing the carcasses could see for themselves the Breeding and feeding combinations that came closest to meeting Ideal consumer preference. The beef producers pronounced the event a Success proving to be both informative and educational. Earl Mobley area Extension livestock specialist and Bou Turner us a grader presented and interpreted the carcass information As the folks went in groups from the Barbecue to View the carcasses hanging in the Wilson cooler. Beef for the Barbecue was fur rushed by the four county Coop elevators in Marcus Larrabee Aurelia and Cleg Horn Cherokee. Joe Lundsgaard c Cherokee was chairman of the carcass show. Kenneth Engdahl Aurelia headed the Barbecue. Luverne Gustafson Aurelia is president of the county beef producers. Phone 225-2336 Cherokee Iowa Larry Elrod Agency manager Gus Ohlson Aurelia Iowa phone 434-5944 Arnold Hibbing Cherokee Iowa phone 225-4601 William Palmer Quimby Iowa phone 446-2901 planned financial Security for Midwest families Frfd Bureau Momi Erick Oil Moini. Iowa a beef Barbecue held at Spring Lake Park monday night was fitting Climax to the county beef producers carcass show. Approximately 150 persons attended the Barbecue and Chc Bikit Benion by chm % a Chester Kohrtz a comments by Forrest Kohrt t we hog show the Cherokee county Swine show is again history. We had 29 exhibitors showing 63 hogs which is about the same As last year. Arnold Rogge and Howard Tveitnes had the grand Champion. Live individual which also took first place in the carcass class. The animal was a crossbred Gilt which Cut a 7.2 so. Inch loin Eye. This loin muscle that makes up the meat part of the pork chop was nearly twice the size the housewife gets Over the counter in Many meat counters. The largest loin muscle was 8.6 Square inches measure on the Reserve Champion shown by Henry Johnson of Aurelia. Second place in the carcass contest went to Ronald Wolf with a Hampshire Barrow that scored 160 Points with a 6.3 Square Inch loin Eye and a Ham that was 25.7% of the chilled carcass. We noted that Only two of the 2s carcass entries were disqualified for heaving Over 1.5 inches of Bac fat. In last year s show 16 of the 32 entries were disqualified with Over 1.5 inches of Bac fat. In 1968, three entries were disqualified for not being at least 29 inches Long. In 1969, we had five entries too Short. In both 1969 and 1968, one animal did not meet the 4 Inch loin Eye required. Following Are the exhibitors and How their Carca sentry placed. 1st, h. Tveitnes and Arnold Rogge 2nd, Ronald Wolf 3rd, Kenneth Franklin 4th, Wolf 5th, Henry Johnson 6th, Jay Wolf 7th, Larry Florke 8th, Star Kohrt 9th, Emmet Wolf 10th, Merlin Cosgrove Lith Darrell Franklin 12th, Forrest Kohl 13th, Billie Mummer 14th, jell Wolf 15th, Roger Campbell 16th, Don Tietgen 17th, Bob Parrott 18th, Randy Tietgen 19th, Scott Wolf 20th, Steve Tietgen 21st, Lyle Weatherman 22nd, Mike Tietgen. Others were Joel Smith Donald Smith Donald Rogge Russell Campbell Gerald Campbell and Roger Weatherman. Cattle feeders Outlook next week on tuesday sept. 16, we will hold the annual fall cattle feeders Outlook meeting at Aurelia. The meeting will be held in the Community Center at 8 . The program will consist of looking at general business for 1970, feed Grain Outlook livestock Price expectations and a discussion of buying and handling feeder cattle. The Banks of Aurelia the Farmers National and the first Trust and savings will again sponsor this meeting along with the Cherokee county Extension service. The Banks will also furnish a lunch following the meeting. Everyone is Welcome. Later viewed carcasses at the Wilson cooler. Ii Bowen of Aurelia is doing the Barbecue honors with beef furnished by the four county Coop elevators. A staff photo save up to 40% with our unique responsible Driver policy. Young male Drivers under age 25 who can qualify will be rewarded and encouraged to continue their Good records. Let us Check the qualifications with you. It May mean substantial Sav Ings. We Promise you personal local service and prompt fair claim settlements. Eau ret my who want me in my farm Bureau office
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