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Cherokee Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1969, Page 1

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Cherokee Courier (Newspaper) - April 4, 1969, Cherokee, Iowa Is this �?T65 All again it 9 that time again a in n grades met Skolkt and i Iii i in. I \ 59 Bridge heft Stream up Ali Etui Mir a Iii a Scott Park is Waters of it Rose steadily during night. Swelling Ift or Fin tie Sioux River Wash Fri area near South slag. No sightseers Iii flood area mood i i ones the Little Sioux is no longer Little a i ight eight year old John Julius a resident of the Lowling Bouch Street Loo i Thiol of Ned Aren in Cherokee watcher Little Sioux River using this morning. This seen is near Smith second Street Bridge flooded Park areas Are in background. Stream is expect cd to continue upward and May eventually Crest in 2s4not Ami. Hut time of a rest is vet unknown sightseers and motorists can do flood workers a favor by staying out of potential flood areas in Cherokee chief of police Norman Hill and Cherokee flood committee officials mild heavy i raffle thursday night interfered with patrols by flood Crews. I Here have also been re a it its of youngsters hanging Over Lite South second Steed Bridge. Parents Are urged to caution their children at once because of the extreme danger involved. Precautions against disease in flood areas h or evacuation hed Choss off e-225-4507 flood cont hol i South Side 225-5507 flood cont hoi. 2 East Side 225-4602. For food lodging had Cross off1c e-225-4507 please note. There will be sound trucks or boats in your area l tetanus a Hist typhoid no cause Foh Ala us a. Anybody particularly people working to combat an emergency could suffer puncture wounds or deep cuts or scratches. Such injuries could result in tetanus lockjaw. If you Are so injured seek medical Atten Tention. If you have been immunized with tetanus toxoid a Booster is indicated. If you have not been previously immunized you May need tetanus anti toxin. A physician is the one to decide. See a physician if you Are wounded. B. There is no valid reason for typhoid immunization at the time of a flood. Routine typhoid immunization in the United states during Normal times is not indicated and immunization administered at the time of flood will not be effective because of the delay in development of the immune state. There is virtually no danger of contracting typhoid solely because of a flood. Other diseases May appear As a result of flooding notably infectious hepatitis and possibly dysentery or diarrhoea. There is no Good immunization against these diseases. Excellent personal Hygiene and the avoidance of eating or drinking contaminated foods Are the prime preventive measures. Ii. Safeguard drinking water a. Drinking water contaminated by flood water May carry disease producing germs diary Hea dysentery enteritis infectious hepatitis and other water borne diseases. Public water supplies will usually not be contaminated and should be used whenever possible. All drinking water from Wells or Springs which May have been contaminated by flood water should be boiled at least two minutes. A b. To restore a flooded Well 1. Pump from tile Well As much dirty water As possible Drain the Complete piping system. 2. Disinfect the Well with a chlorine solution of compound such As 4 Pound of chlorinated Lime not Quick Lime or hydrated Lime or one gallon of Clorox i Lex or similar laundry bleach mixed with two or three Gallons of water before pouring into the Well. Pump the chlorine solution through piping system and leave in for at least 24 hours before pumping it out. After All chlorine has been pumped from Well no chlorine taste or odor in water test purity of water. Simple a be sent to state hygienic Laboratory Iowa City. T olfaction bottle and mailing Container must be secured from the Laboratory. In. Safeguard against i on laminated and spoiled food a. All milk for human consumption should be properly pasteurized. Of pasteurized milk is not available raw milk should be heated to the boiling Point before used. B. All canned foods meats and vegetables stored in flooded areas should be treated As follows 1. Throw away food in containers showing signs of leakage. 2. Destroy the contents of corked bottles and screw top Glass containers if they have been covered by flood Waters. 3. Carefully Wash with soapy hot water All canned goods which have been covered with flood water. Sterilize the end of the washed can to be opened by dipping it into boiling water for 3 seconds or by wiping top with full strength chlorine bleach. Be sure can opener is clean. 4. Destroy All Root and Garden vegetables or foods in cardboard or similar containers in Contact with flood Waters unless Uliey will be thoroughly cooked before eating. In. Refrigerated foods failure of Home refrigeration facilities for one Day or More May Lead to food spoilage foods most Likely to be affected include Cream filled pastries Tongue Ham luncheon meats salads Etc. Kept a refrigerated such foods Are not Safe and should be destroyed. Cooked foods such As stews or leftovers stored in deep freezers should not be used if thawed. Thawed foods should not be re Frozen. V. Clean up your Home when the flood water has left the Home scrub All affected surfaces with soap and water then rinse with a chlorine solution of ii cup household chlorine laundry bleach to each gallon of water. Do not mix chlorine with ammonia or other cleansers containing ammonia. I. Personal Hygiene Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling contaminated articles or working in flood cleanup. The scrambler select words meaning the opposite of the word Quot above the squares arranging the letters in the Len word Quot to form a new word which Means place or part u Here two thing Are United write at length inn olt the scrambler word is answer la a previous scrambler sap the opposite of Vine person m an a Lite opposite of Quot woman Quot the scrambler word a Sampan pm Rekee Icahn times every evening except sunday offi Cio county and City doily the r tines to oui in to Wjk Fittery eighth t ear Cherokee Iowa Friday april 4, 1969 til the Hemler. Tit. A a Chook. Chirt Cherokee Democrat. journal vol. 41 number 145 City braces for flood Waters Cherokee flood gauge by Frank Buckingham floodwaters of the icy Little Sioux River began washing into Cherokee s Lowling areas Early today and a Strong Crest of perhaps 24 to 25 feet appeared imminent. There had been no family eve a citations this morning. But of the River rolling at a 20.1-foot Pace continues its steady Rise some families will be forced to leave Hie or Homes. Cherokee flood committee officials said rises on Hie Little Sioux at Spencer indicate this City will not get that water for two to three Days. W Ith this As a basis High water could continue Here for at least several Days with Hie Crest not yet reached. Office moves out the Cherokee county Extension office at 500 East main has evacuated and moved to Hie Moon bldg on main. The c Cherokee county farm Bureau however Quot has shored up Quot All items with planks and will stick it out. The Cherokee sewing Center on East main has evacuated. B amp b motor were Quot shoring up Quot parts areas in preparation for possible High water. Flood committee workers and volunteers Are on duty around the clock. Residents and officials of firms will be notified if there is any urgent need for leaving Low areas. The River Rose steadily thursday from 15.2 feet to 18 feet at 12 40 . Today. The Little Sioux hit flood stage of 17.6 at 10 50 . And passed it with 17.7 feet at 11 30 . Water began flowing into the Wescott Park and luring Lake Park areas last night. Park roads blocked officials blocked off roads in the Parks and water soon washed deeply Over them. Strong rises on the River and key tributaries were seen As Hie major factors in Hie swollen River Here along with the growing thaw. Silencer registering i Eli feet at la o clock last night was getting heavy water from creeks pouring into the Little Sioux there. But dikes there were holding Back any serious flood onslaught. There was a 5-Lnch Rise from 6 . To 9 . A Rise of la inches was reported on Mui Creek from yesterday morning to to o clock last night. Hie Creek Dis gorging More ice retained a Strong flow during Hie night and today. At Brasch Bridge there was a lie Fly four Inch leap in two hours late thursday. Brasch is North of Cherokee near Larrabee. Gauge broken at stoners Bridge there was a reported one foot Rise in three hours although one gauge was reported broken and submerged under water. Sandbagging Ope rations lie Gan late last night at Randall s Stoper Valu and King Kohl Launderette Ort South second and at Gibson a discount Center on East main. All three Are in Lowling areas usually subject to Early overflow from the River Bab motor co. Officials were reported moving cars out of their lots. The River was dotted with chunks of ice throughout Hie nighttime hours. I loud committee leaders said residents in Iio Tennial Hood areas will lie Given ample warning by sound truck of necessary. Control centers Liere Are two flood control centers Here flood control i is located at b a la hatchery of South second and 59 flood control 2 is at Booth electric at Sioux and Maple. The can Roskoe county red t roes went on duty 24 hours last night in its offices in the basement of the Post office on North second Street. Red Rosa officials said Uliey have made arrangements for eating and sleeping facilities for from 5b to 60 flood refugees. Rating facilities will be at i w Hall and sleeping areas at Hie mental health Institute. Volunteer workers for the red Rosa were on duty last night at Hie Opportunity Center american i leg Ion bldg preparing sandwiches and Coffee for flood workers. 3 4 4 5 3 6 7 to. 9 9 to to to i i 12 12 m. M. In. In. 30 p. Of p. 45 p. 05 p. 45 p. In. 45 p. In. P. In. P p in. In. 15 05 of 30 00 30 p. In. 30 p. In. 30 p. In. Midnight 30 a. In. P. A. I p. A. I 5.2 3.4 57 5.9 6.2 6.5 6.6 6.8 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.9 7.95 12 40 a. A. 18.0 1 10 a. In. 18.1 1 50 a. M183 2.30 a. A. 18.5 3 10 a. M187 4.00 a. A. 189 5 00 a. In. 19.1 5 20 a. A. 19.2 6 00 a. In. 193 6 45 a. In. 19.5 7 50 a. A. 19.7 8 30 a. A. 19.8 9 00 a. A. 19.8 9 30 a. A. 19.9 10 00 a. A. 20.1 3 into frat three Trokee youths Jim Quinn Geoffrey Torpin and Jolt Allison have been activated into the Sigma no fraternity at the University of South Dakota. Injured expected to gain beef men to gon acne copyright iwo it Armill to Rai Urr synodical 162 Cleghorn beef producers from Cherokee county and surrounding areas arc invited to the Spring cattle feeders meeting at Cleghorn on april 8 at 8 . At the school gym. Ray Switzer from Sioux City stockyards will speak on a using beef cattle futures in the beef Earl Mobley Extension livestock specialist from Sioux City will also be on the program and talk on Quot feeding whole shelled Corn is. A racked shelled come and Quot High concentrate rations a. High silage there will also to a report on feed costs plus non feed costs in High concentrate and High silage rations. These reports will come from the feeding lot business records of Yards using computer record service at Iowa state University. The Cleghorn state Bank and Cherokee county Extension Council Are sponsoring this event. A lunch will he served Fol living the meeting. Officials at the Sioux Valley memorial Hospital said this morning that Carl e. Peterson 77, of Forest Lake minn., suffered serious internal injuries from a collision but that his condition should improve. His wife Kathleen also admit ted from a two car collision at Hie intersection of highways to and 59 is reportedly being checked for possible fractures. Tom Nelson 23, Sutherland who was also involved in the Accident is under observation and in Good condition. The mishap which occurred wednesday involved mrs. Ber Niece Jones atop the courthouse Hill on West main Street. Her condition remains Good. Choirs will give Messiah Morningside College and Sioux City Union concert choirs will present part 11 of handels Quot Messiah Quot at 2 30 . F Aster sunday Over Tiv Channel 4, under the direction of or. Charles Mcclain. Two area students participating in Hie presentation will be Suzanne sins daughter of or. And mrs. Joseph sins of Cherokee and Bonnie Mittelstadt of storm Lake. Flood Check a Mirk Burkhart right checks floor gauge on Little Sioux Piv it r during night. Observing is Ralph Wolf Man. Both Are members of a i in Raker flood committee a Volunteer group sandbagging duty at Randall so Bill Carson loft manager of Randall a super Valu and Bill Moore put sandbag in place in front of supermarket on cherokees flood Thi on South Side Early Friday morning. A Ned

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