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Charters Towers Northern Miner Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Charters Towers Northern Miner (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Charters Towers, Queensland National Library of Australia Stacey & Stacey otome i Ridie will visit Telb Excelsior hotel at a Date to be arranged obtainable at Reardon s 1 caledonian houb1 the House of Quality 43 x 55 Floral plastic table cloths 14/11 each qui Street Charters towers phone 55 . Box 67 overhaul of teacher training Brisbane plete re Organ ration of teach or training in Queens und mat urged bar or i. F. Diplock us Condi Milne in parliament. He described this As one if four needs facing the Edu cation department. Others were More country High schools Central schools to replace one teacher and two teacher schools a sub department to meet the educational needs of physically and mentally handicapped children. Or Diplock said that his 40 years in the education department during which he had risen from the lowest to the Lilg Hest rung in the teaching ladder enabled him with some degree of. Authority. A teachers training col lege was needed that would be an inspiration to trainees throughout their teaching career he continued it should provide residential accommodation and sporting activities far the Young men an women from All parts of the state seeking to enter the department. This probably would Cost �750,000 to �1,000,000, but if big amounts could be afforded for training and accommodating nurses a compar Able outlay should be made for teach Tig. First need in Inland areas wat i re and better High schools that provided a full Battery of _ courses or dip lock mid. Search for ship Sljva Friday an austra Lian Avro York in route to Fiji has a dined Cottier civil airliners in the search i for the Island molar vessel Monique misting since last Friday with 120 Pas seng Eraena �5000 cargo. Anew zealand Catena Hai to a the Neil Cale Donia area tace monday. Personal at the recent municipal elections in new South Wales or Earl Jack Williams n Chi Inlet was elected member of the Blacktown Council Moln from Sydney or Rev Era tone division of 8000 elec tors defeating the sitting roembcr., or w Llama is the Soh of or end or 8. N. Wil Liams Olla St fact Charters towers and is Well known locally. Open Golf championships Over the weekend approximately 100 golfers will be taking part in the Charters towers open Golf championships. Visiting players from Bowen Collinsville Ayr Home Hill Townsville and Hughenden will be competing at the meeting. The b afternoon the mixed foursomes championship will be conducted Over eighteen holes commencing at 1.30 . Last year is winning Combina Tion George Tuxworth and mrs toll of Ayr Are again competing and Are expected to win the event for the Sec Ond time. Other pairs with chalices Are Syd Hutchinson and mrs Tredrea Charters towers or and mrs Alio Way Hughenden ,. And a Lewis and mrs Michael. The draw Tor this event i As follows mixed foursomes Champion ship 1.30 pm. G. Tuxworth and mrs toil s. Hutchinson and mrs tred Rea. 1.j5 . W. Nesbit and mrs be sell w. Thomasion Jar and b. Guthrie. pow. It. Tall. And mra Nellsen it. Barron Atad miss Harris. . Or and mrs Ballon c. Holier and mrs Halter. . A Corby and mrs Tandoi Boh j. Sloth no and mrs Totham. 1.55 pm. To Henderson and mrs an Thony a. Lewis and mrs Mohel. B pal w. Daniels and mrs Camp 1 Bell d. Bowater and mis Heron. 2.05 . Or and mrs Winn or atari mrs Alloway. 2 .10 . A. Jensen and mrs Jensen d. Ryan and mrs Watson. 2 .15 . W. Heller and mrs Duggan a. Anderson and mis Huxley. 2.20 . Or end mrs Bert or and mrs Marriott. 12 25 i . Sparks and miss Allong Ham j w. J. Nesbit and mrs to. Henderson. 2.30 . Or end mrs Keene a. An Thony and mrs Webb. 2.25 .or and mrs Reynolds or i and mrs Schrock. 2.40 pint / d. Modt Flold and Ming hath or and mrs a still. 2.45 . A. Cahill and j. Duvall or and mrs Byrnes. Commencing at 8.30 . On sunday members will tee off in the open championship re he has been for a week. During to lift Totne he Lias done no work. J det. Morrisson said the defendant obtained Money by imposing on people that his car was broken Down Tad he wanted to feed ills wife and or sell Wood he is a single i Man in t be det. Morrisson yes. In concluding det. Morals son said that during the course of inquiries it had been found out that the defendant had been turned out of two houses in the City but do complaints bad been made. He said the defendant Hod been making a general nuisance. Or so Wood to the defendant have you anything to say for yourself defendant if i tried to say anything in my favor i would be charged with false pretences. Of the last 12 months i have spent six in Hospital. Or so Wood but go Tig for liquor won t improve you defendant it Bucks you v p for a while. You forget for b moment and take to liquor. Or Sellwood you Are Lucky a charge of breaking and entering which is a More serious charge was not Laid against you. You have a Money defendant to Dot morals son i have enough to pay for the Iron Haven t i det. Morrisson yes. Or Sellwood you have been in court Many times Haven t you. Defendant Yob. Or so Wood in the past it appears that you have been to enter leniently. You arc convicted and sentenced to two month imprisonment on the first charge Sevohl Days on the second charge and one month on the third. The sentences will be served concur entry. Murray Mode a dirty appearance in court wearing san shoes the shirt and the trousers he had stolen Allol we tech were in a filthy Slie and unlit to be returned. Senior sergeant e. W. Con tray conducted the poll of prosecution for Pic Case. Seek copter i ambulance Brisbane. Friday. A helicopter rambutan cd service j to cover remole areas of Queensland was proposed to Day by the Queensland local authorities association. A motion adopted seeking this was submitted by the Wangaratta Shire Council which asked thai the Commonwealth and state govern ments be asked to provide Tho service. I or j. H. Crowley Wangaratta Shofe clerk said that his Council had proposed before that a helicopter ambulance service be provided and the Commonwealth government i i had replied that a helicopter i would be stationed in Bris 1 Bane. You know How useful a helicopter in Brisbane would be to Deal with Accident cases in towns such As Hugh Ndon and Cloncurry he said. Or Crowley said an important consideration was the fact that during Rainy Wea ther Road communication to Many Inland Queensland a reus was Cut. Many of these place had no Aerodromes for conventional planes. People in Inland Queens land areas contributed to the common Pool of taxation the same As City dwellers who had adequate ambulance and Hospital facilities. It was Only common Justice that Inland people should have satisfactory services also. State s food problem Brisbane Friday. Tir food problem would hermetically solved if the state major irrigation projects were completed the lands Al Ststa air t. A. Foley claimed in parliament yester i Day. He said generous common wealth assistance plus the state s own resources would enable this to be done. Or Foley listed the main projects As those of the Bor Der Rivers the Dawson no Goa and Burdekin Rivers and the Makeeba dim Bulah scheme if half the area covered by these projects Werp put under fodder he said there would be on annual turn off of 1,100,000 steers apart from fat lambs and other products. Or Foley speaking on the appropriation Bill debate was replying to criticism of the government irrigation program by or h. B. Taylor lib., Clayfield. I Story by . 1 airman i Memphis. Friday the Leader of the . Navy s Blue Angels precision Aero Batic team told How he exploded himself from the cock pit of his stricken Jet plane while travelling fester than the Speed of sound. He was Well beyond the sound Barrier when he was ejected into the open and lived to make a Parachute Landing. The Pilot Ray Hawkins said he blacked out after using his ejector seat and parachuting from the plane while flying at 35,000 feet. Haw. Kins who was flying a new Type of Jet said he got into trouble at 40,000 feet and from the position he was in could not open his cockpit Hood. He decided to use his ejector seat to eject himself out into the open. I i was going some 750 to 760 Miles an hour he ejector seat exploded me out into the open air. I went right through the canopy. The Slipstream Tore off my helmet glasses oxygen mask and bottle. I was Well beyond the sound Barrier when Hawkins said he undid Hli seat harness and opened his Parachute. He blacked out through oxygen Lack but re covered at about is,000 feet and landed safely in a Field. Hope on Egypt new Delhi Friday the Indian prime minister ear in All Phass of life and we want Young christians fighting for Australia " Rev. Walker continued that no one is too Young to do duty towards god. He sold we must not leave it too late when we will be helpless and will not be Able to work for " in this country old and Young alike should take up the task to build a Christian Australia. Religion was Given a bad Start off in Australia As you All know. " we should Realise How much god Means in National life As in Britain. God should be put in his Olgh Tull place. He has Given us his pattern and if the nation obeys the principles set Down by him the nation will live and find peace but if the nation does not take notice of theae principles then trouble can be expected. I the human race is one equal family no matter what nationality or color they May be. If people persist in the White Australia policy and other similar i allies we can expect trouble we Mist nor neglect the need of the age.1, the poor and the can live Only one by successfully and that s god s Way. The Mission to the nation is calling on All australians to place god supreme. We must acknowledge the fact that Beis Superior in a ways. Are asking a it Trad an everywhere to turn Back to god. Many have not let god place his hands upon them and we Are ask ing them to do their duty. \ " we Are asking to let christianity to come into your hearts. And bring this Challenge of the Mission to the nation to let god in your life thro Tigh Jesus " the Rev. C. D. Alcorn the principal of Thorris Burgh col lege supported Rev. Walker in Hub remarks. The address was followed by a Short religious ceremony. Prince sees locomotive London Friday Prince Charles insisted. On seeing he Noyal train s engine be fore leaving London with ids Mother for Scotland where Urey will spend their Holiday at Balmoral Castle. Prince Charles took the Queen and Princess Ann the whole length of the platform to see the gleaming engine City of London.". The Young Prince talked with the engine Driver and his fireman walked to the front and scrutinized the wheels and connecting rods. Content he returned with the Queen to their Carriage. The Duke of Edinburgh who 1b yachting at Cowes is expected to Fly North to join the Queen tomorrow. Collinsville Coal for Korea the Price charged for col Linsville Coal for Export would be the same As that charged to local Consumers the min ister for mines or Lordan said in parliament yesterday. He had been asked by or Aikens . Labor Munding Burra what would be the Price charged for Colllns Volle Coal supplied to Korea or Japan. The minister said that thei present Selling Price of col Linsville Coal was 58/6 a ton for run of mine and Slack Coal and 60/ for screened Coal. The it Mulligan Price was 90/6 for All grades. He added that As a result of the Basic wage increase in May on August an increase in these prices was being considered. He said that the accumulated losses on the it Mulli Gan state Coal mine up till june 30, 1652, was �49,943, which had been borne by the state As a whole. 1 it the it Mulligan mine was closed he said the Cost of Coal to All North Queens land Consumers must necessarily be higher than the prices now paid and with consequent increases in All other costs. End of jeep Seoul Friday the traditional jeep which hits bucked and bounced millions of soldiers in two wars is disappear ing ram Korea. But the men who once cursed its hard springing and inconvenience Are now mourn ing its passing. They say the old jeep with All its faults was a much bet Ter combat vehicle than the elaborate new version which is replacing new jeep is known by the official designation of the m38, 4x4. It costs 2600 dollars �1150 and weighs. 280blb. The old Cost around 1100 dollars �484 and weighed Only 345d b. But infantry trying to sneak along Forward roads under observation complain that it makes More noise and is a bigger target and has less / Power than the old vehicle. Special Manchester reductions at Reardon s caledonian House the House of Cauti 34in. Unbleached Calico. 3/11 cd special. 3/4 cd 22 x $2 Multi coloured bordered Linen Tea Towel i 6/5. Pectal 6/6 a. 55to. Club Check Bungalow cloths 11/3. Special 9/11 cd 24 x 48 Multi coloured Stripe Bath towels 11/5. Special 0/11 a. 18 x 28 taped unbleached Pillow cases 4/1. Special. 3/9 a. 80 x 100 White Marcella quilts 128/9. Special. 105/ Gill Street Charters towers phone 55 . Box 57 evidence of commission Brisbane Fri. Queens land United graziers association policy on a Tosca land settlement will be that contained in the evidence it gave to the Royal commis Sion on pastoral land Settle ment in 195l Thia has been decided by the association s executive Council. The association s evidence to the commission on closer settlement was set out in detail to cover various parts of the state. Yesterday s decision emerged after lengthy discussion on a Marana District motion asking that the policy of the i association be one of closer settlement where practicable and setting out conditions covering the Sze of blocks and tenures. This Motif to was defeat cd after several delegates had stated thex. Accepted that closer settlement must come in certain a Rte of the state but that a general policy could not be applied to tlk1 whole of Queensland. Record loss by . Brisbane Friday the Queensland Cricket association last season lost �3200, its biggest loss Wyr ecord. This is disclosed in the Fin Ancial report. To be tabled at the annual Inlet Long next thursday night the . President or j. Hutch on Aid last night that he loss w6s partly due to patronage at big mat in he added that another Rea san a administration particularly on a Auto Upun a tuft Tolj receipts in Bris Bane Tutaj Ltd tip,789/1/1 and expense3 � t/8/6. Seek changes. Brisbane Friday the tool authorities conference yester dded to tee i system Orical authority Fin Ance. A it a agree to seek 10% allocation 0r in Corpe tax collected in a local authority area Back to the local authority. ,. Seek a referendum to alter the Constitution fit the aus Trian loan you Cir is that Oppi authorise could be re Irenen Ted 100th grandchild Brussels Imlay a 78 year old Wetlow mrs Van of Felen of Rotterdam yesterday celebrated the birth of her 100th grandchild. She has 13 children All mar ried and the smallest family numbers six. Better Security London. Friday Britain has sent dossiers to washing ton to convince. The United states government that her atomic Security measures arc As Good Asir hot better than those endorsed in America. Bars son k0llyw00d, Friday comedian Charlie Chaplin who made a Fortune in motion pictures has forbidden his son to impersonate him in. A projected film. Studio plans had called Tor Charlie Chaplin Jar to do the role. 1
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