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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 4

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Charleston, West Virginia The Charleston Gazette pupc4 vol.98 9-28-70 no. 231 readers9 forum project sea ii City needs help id nudge project clean by Continental Oil s senior vice president c. Howard Hardesty the Petroleum Industry to join with some target City in attacking All forms of pollution. The assault on air water and solid waste pollution would be total and would utilize All of the selected City s resources and talents leaders of existing Industry business , plus Law yers doctors economists engineers and private citizens. In addition government at All Levels would join the attempt to demonstrate that an american City is Able to provide its residents a pollution free Environ ment plan presumes that if through a Mammoth team Endeavor one Urban area is capable of accomplishing such a coup any Community by using methods already tried and proved could achieve similar Success. Unfortunately according to Hardesty the Federal government so far has t responded to his proposal which is per haps not surprising in View of the myriad problems confronting the president and his administration. To get the presidential attention might it not make sense for Congress to allo Cate the funds necessary to implement smiles stilettos to West Virginia senators ran Dolph and Byrd and the u. S. Senate for passing an air pollution control Bill that requires the Auto Industry to produce a nearly pol Lution free car by 1975. To the Nixon administration for resuming full scale Arm Ament shipments to Greece once a free society now ruled by a Soltish military clique. To Neda b. Hildenbrand for her 20 years of service As assistant City manager to the citizens of Char Leston. To those a a officials and employees who use taxpayers Money to Fly first class. To James b. Cresce formerly of St Albans who last week made his International debut As a concert pianist in new York City s town Hall to the Nixon administration for opposing sen. Edward m. Kennedy s proposed Cradle to grave Federal health cars program. To the Myca for getting rid of the weeds and grass that were crowding out shrubs on its property. L John and Martha the los Angeles times Washington has become the setting for several new television programs. The bold starring Hal Holbrook Fea Tures a United states senator dealing with the problems of legislating for the country. Nancy is about a president s daughter who lives in the White House and is in love with a veterinarian. Another one in the planning stage and written by a Hollywood Friend of mine is titled John and the Story of a simple attorney general of the United states named John and his simple fun Loving wife Martha. My Friend said in John and Martha he Hopes to answer the question of whether a Man and woman who hate students professors educators and sen. J. William Fulbright can find happiness in Washington. We re working on the Pilot my Friend said. It s really a lot of laughs. We open with the attorney general John attending his fourth cocktail party of the evening. He s talking to a woman and tells her professors arc stupid bastards who arc ruining the educational institutions. He Calls Henry Kissinger the president s assistant in egocentric maniac who likes to have his picture taken with Jill St John and be blames the democrats for All the woes in the coun try. Well what John does t know is that the woman he s talking to works for women s Wear and everything he s told her is printed in the paper. John reads it in bed the next morning with an ice bag on his head. You can imagine the my Friend said chuckling on the phone. The John decides to do is deny he spoke to the reporter. But Martha has a better idea. While John is putting More ice in his ice bag Martha sneaks to the upstairs bathroom of their watergate apartment duplex and Tele phones a United press reporter and tells her the women s Wear daily Story is i started to chuckle myself. Now Here is. Where it really gels funny. After denying what John said Martha makes matters worse by saying the academic society is responsible for All the troubles in the country and is destroying the United states. She tells the reporter that professors make her sick to her stomach and they re a Bunch of sidewalk diplomats and they Don t have any right to say my fond was roaring with laughter. It s pretty funny so i admitted. My Friend continued in the next scene Martha has the ice bag on her head and she s Reading what she told the United press. John does t know what to do so he sneaks up into the bathroom of watergate and he Calls his office and tells them to deny everything. But while John is on the Telephone in the bathroom Martha starts calling other reporters confirming what she said. The John has the ice bag on his head and he reads All the things Martha has added to the Story. Here s where the thing really takes my Friend said. Guess who comes to visit John while he s in John Kenneth i asked. No stupid. Henry Kissinger and Jill St. John they announce that thanks to John they re going to get married. Mar tha gets so excited when she hears the news that she rushes upstairs to her bathroom and Calk the associated that s i said truthfully. But what arc you going to do for the next i Don t know my Friend said. But John and Martha will think of cartoon. Reality Don t match editor the Gazette your Dent cartoon of sept 10. Showing a Torch bearing dynamite carrying wild eyed degenerate hippie scaring project clean Why indeed could t senators ran Dolph and Byrd and representatives Slack Hechler staggers Mollohan and acc introduce legislation to execute the proposal Hardesty is a native West virginian and it would be a Nice gesture if this state s congressmen gave his imaginative idea a gentle nudge. For various reasons it s not very Likely that the greater Kan Awlia Valley would Ever qualify As the target City for project clean but that in itself is not a Good reason the Effort. The magnitude of pollution throughout this area is so great that any Campaign to clean tip the environment will dictate the sort of All out Effort Hardesty envisions the longer the Campaign is delayed difficult it will be to provide our citizens with clean air pure water and an uncluttered landscape. It should be self evident that the team approach that enlists the support of the entire Community promises the Best and the most results. 11 College sign Woid help cars leaving 1-64 at the Institute inter change Are channelled onto w. A. 25. At the Point of intersection Drivers confront signs telling them which Way to turn to reach communities to the East and West but there is no sign telling them which Way to turn in order to reach West Virginia state College. They should turn left it is reasonable to assume that Many persons leaving the interstate at Institute wish to reach West Virginia stale col lege. A directional sign would be helpful America losing another treasure every month a few Hundred More substantial american families leave the country to take up residence in other lands notably Canada. In most cases they Are families unwilling to Send their sons to die in a War they Beliva to be grotesquely pointless. Others leave because they cannot conscientiously remain in a country where students Burn Campus buildings and Are themselves shot by militiamen where Freedom is the watchword of repression and where individuality and dissent Are equated with treachery. In the fatter group is s. J. Perelman one of the most accomplished writers of comedy in the English language very possible the funniest Man alive. If Ever a Man should be considered a National treasure that Man is s. J. Perelman. Yet America must watch him too leave for foreign shores. Perelman is saddened and bitterly Hurt by the state in which America finds itself after 20 years of irrational cold War. At g6, he is Selling his Pennsylvania farm and. Will leave oct. 21 to live in England. In he explained they still have the taste for just Don t Tell me qua you replanting the daylights out of a complacent mid dle class citizen was provocative to say the least unfortunately it does t correspond to reality. For one thing those cases of military sabotage that have been solved indicate thai the culprits or patriots which Ever your May be weren t degenerate hippies As or. Dent apparently believes but rather straight looking Middle class Young men and women. By painting this distorted picture of Young people who have become alienated by our War Loving society you Are doing them a great injustice. After All it is they who Are dying right How can we As Spiro Calls us Tell Young people that they should t bomb Roth buildings and army research installations when we have done so Little to Stop the War How Many of us have refused to pay our War taxes How Many of us have helped a Young Man to escape to Canada to avoid killing or being killed in How Many of us have spoken out against the High death rate of West virginians in Viet Nam How Many Gazette writers except for Ray Brack bothered with the subject. Before we criticize Young people for using excessive let us Check out our own motives for refusing to use any moral Force. And we should know by now moral Force will not. Stop the War. Jack Frazier 103 annunciation new Orleans la. Antrony Lewis letter to Agnew James Reston misjudging of ways new York times serum cd Washington something very Seri Ous and dangerous is now happening Between the leaders of the United states and the soviet Union. They Are clearly misjudging one another in Southeast Asia the Middle East and Cuba and this could be tragic for them and for the peace of the world. These last two weeks have been a quiet Hight Marc of misunderstanding be tween Washington and Moscow. The fortnight started with soviet approval of the invasion of Jordan by soviet made tanks in Syria brought both the u. S. And Israel to the very verge of military intervention into an expanded Middle East War and ended with the disclosure by the White House that the russians May now be on the Point of building a base for their nuclear submarines at Cienfuegos on the South coast of Cuba. The importance of All this has not been widely understood by the general Public in America because the emergency movements of the u. S. Sixth Fleet into the Middle Eastern Battle zone were made in the jordanian army fought very Well the syrians upheld the Arab tradition of confusion and military incompetence and in the end the soviets the syrians and the Arab guerrillas with Drew and agreed to a cease fire. Still the struggle goes on. The main thing is what is happening Between Washington and Moscow. They have not passed from the Era of confrontation to the Era of As president Nixon prophesied i his inaugural address but seem to be Back in the old Power game of intimidation in both the Middle East and the Caribbean. The soviets Are misreading the temper of America and misunderstanding Nixon. They do not seem to understand the maj esty of the presidency and what it does to a Man s philosophy. It is True that Nixon Rose to Power As an anti communist a Hawk on Vietnam and an opponent of the new Deal but once he assumed the responsibilities of the presidency he be Gan moving toward peace in Vietnam coexistence with the communist world of Moscow and peking and despite All his political reservations even toward advocacy of the welfare state at Home. This the leaders in Moscow have clearly not understood. Nixon s policies toward social Security welfare payments arms control and co existence with the communist world arc quite different from the policies he sup ported when he was a congressman a senator and a vice president under Eisenhower. He has been struggling be tween his political prejudices of the past and his responsibilities As president and he has moved in the last two years toward an accommodation with his old adversaries both at Home and abroad. This has not been easy. He is still torn Between his old anti communist cold War and his new presiden tial duties. He has been arguing for control he has been supporting the non proliferation of nuclear weapons he has been supporting the reconciliation of the West germans and the soviets he has been approving More Trade Between the Western and the communist worlds most of the time against the prejudices of m o s t of the conservative republicans who supported his bid for the presidency in the first place. At least this is what he thought he was doing and then the soviets rejected his Compromise proposals on the Middle East and As he sees it began moving their submarines into Cuba. The effect of this is fairly Clear. It is reviving old anti communist instincts. Having failed to win the support of Kosygin and Brezhnev for an embargo on arms shipments into the Middle East having succeeded in Stop Ping the fighting in Jordan by military movements and threats he is now going to the Eastern Mediterranean in the next few Days to dramatize the Power and Mission of the u. S. Sixth Fleet and going from there to visit marshal Tito of Yugoslavia the principal critic of mos cow within the communist world. This clearly is the old cold War game and the soviet leaders by their military movements in the Middle East and Cuba have provoked it but there is no future in this process for Washington Moscow or the peace of the world. The likelihood is that Nixon is going to be president for the next six years. He is at a critical Point in his career. He has been trying to liberate himself from his conservative and anti communist past and work toward a progressive policy at Home and a policy of reconciliation with the communists abroad. But recently this has not been working and he is being told that the old Way is the Best that Agnew is right at Home and Power politics is the Only Way abroad. Maybe it was inevitable. The soviet leaders have not understood his dilemma his confusion Between old prejudices and new progressive yearnings and by their actions in the Middle East and Cuba they arc now driving him Back his old instincts. It is a tragedy mainly because it was avoidable yet one wonders Why he does not talk to Kosygin and Brezhnev about the future which lies in Moscow and Washington rather than concentrating As he is now doing on Madrid Belgrade Rome and London. York times service dear or. Vice president congratulations on your coolness and Quick articulation under fire from the four student critics on the David Frost show. I watched you tape the program and i was impressed. You kept bringing the discussion Back to the subject Likely to arouse the television viewers emotions student violence. Most effective judging by the reaction of the studio audience was your comment that violence has existed in this country because of the disgusting and permissive attitude of the people in command of the College As a political Sally that was great stuff. American parents love hearing that someone band of conspiratorial responsible for the rebellion of their children. But there is always the danger that a politician May begin to belie to what to says. In this Case i think it would be unfortunate if you did. The real reasons for the restless Ness of the Young in America Are not obscure. They Are brought up on the Creed of Possession sold hard by the advertising message that goods Are happiness. But they soon find that possessions do not assure human satisfaction. They know Beauty they have read about it. But they Likely live in an aesthetically arid suburb and All around them they see the most Beautiful of countries wantonly destroyed for reasons of private greed. Their nation is the richest in history but they see that it allows its poor to go its cities to decay that its tax system encourages life on expense accounts and favors personal consumption Over urgent social needs. They see that the United Stales cannot bring itself to do As Well As relatively impoverished Britain in providing a de cent system of medical care they read about Large numbers of american Doc tors the most prosperous anywhere fiddling their tax returns. They hear much about Law and order intercepted message sept 28, 1970 dear John at least they be still got rhythm. Yours John Morris Young old timer Ivydale but they know that corruption is wide spread among american politicians and Law enforcement officers. They Are told that violence is evil but they know that guns can be bought and sold in the United states Ashi no other civilized land. And they observe the president of the United states photo graphed happily with Union leaders some with criminal members have just made news by beat ing up Young people opposed to the Vietnam War. They have into them from childhood the Appeal of sensuality assured that this cigarette or that car or deodorant will bring them sexual Suc Cess. They see on every hand evidence of their elders exploitation and commercialization of sex. Yet their own possibly naive efforts to express sexual feelings in an open easy Way Are met by moral izing outcry and repression. Those among them who have tried marijuana Are lectured on inadequate facts about the potential danger some Are sent to jail. But they see billions spent legally to promote the use of the proven narcotic killers alcohol and to Bacco. They Are told by their political leaders that the Vietnam War was necessary to save the South vietnamese from communist savagery. But however real that threat was in 1954 or 1964, they know that even Lyndon Johnson or. Dean Rusk would not have considered the Price of american Price in dead vietnamese a ravaged culture a polarized paying if it had been known in Advance. And still we profess the same objectives. It is the values of american life sir and the hypocrisy that make the Young so uneasy. What intelligent Parent including you has not found his child troubled by those values and challenging them violence is wrong. But if there is violence it is hardly to be Laid to College faculties. You re not you Wens told on the Frost show by Eva Jefferson that appealing negro girl from Northwestern you All right but to the prospective mass television audience not to her and the other students in the studio. And of course in political terms you were so right in the Short run even the medium run you Are Likely to profit by tuning out Eva Jefferson and those like her. But one need have no purple glasses to recognize that Many american College students these Days have an extraordinarily Clear and Loving perception of this country. To , to jeer at May be profitable for you today. But it will be misery for America unless some one in Power starts listening soon. Yours faithfully. Joseph Kraft Mideast offers Index on big two Washington the struggle in the near East provides a new Index of the state of big two relations. And the Reading is that this country will have to become far More astute i its diplomacy if the Era of confrontation is to give Way to an Era of negotiations. For the soviet Union has shown itself More than Ever inclined to take risks to jeopardize Good relations with the United states. And this country has shown itself less Able than Ever to deter risky soviet moves by Mere Force. Probably the Best gauge of russian behaviour was the action of Syria. On sept 20 Over 200 syrian tanks crossed into Jordan in obvious support of the palestinian commandos fighting to in seat King Hussein. On sept 23 the syrian tanks retreated. Soviet diplomatic officials Here in Washington ostentatiously claimed that the tanks turned around because Russia exercised its Good offices in Damascus to restrain the syrians. But that claim is not accepted by the leading american intelligence officials. They think that the russians and syrians were acting in cahoots All along. They believe the russians pave the syrians some kind of Green Light before the attack on Jordan. They think that the syrians withdrew Only when they met Superior jordanian Force. They conclude that the russians were prepared to have the syrians take a cheap shot at King Hussein in order to raise their own prestige at the expense of this country and its closest ally in the Arab world. Similar judgments Are made with respect to soviet behaviour just after the american peace initiative resulted in the aug. 7 cease fire along the Suez canal. Soviet and egyptian violations of the cease fire Accord have been flagrant and frequent american intelligence officials have to ask themselves not Only Why there were violations but Why they took place so visibly. The answer seems to be that the russians wanted the Arab world to know they were constantly stepping up Mili tary pressure. If the peace initiative led to an israeli withdrawal from the canal it would then seem to the arabs that Israel and the United states cached Down because of russian muscle. Improving their own prestige at Ameri can expense apparently appealed to the russians so much that they were even willing to cast into the balance their most important dealings with this coun arms control negotiations. For the cheating in the canal zone raises doubts about soviet willingness to Ren ounce the taking of unilateral advantage which is the necessary base of an arms agreement these gloomy forebodings arc rein forced when considering what the United states had been doing while the russians were trying to make Hay at american expense. On sept 15 the White House announced the president s Mediterranean trip with special emphasis on his visit to the sixth Fleet two Days later in Chica go the president told a group of editors that he knew the soviet Union was putting him to the test and that he would be prepared to react militarily if there was intervention in Jordan by either Syria or Iraq. That warning though garbled in the american press was immediately picked up and broadcast to the world by the United Stales information Agency and in the next couple of Days american forces in Europe were alerted and the sixth Fleet was moved eastward in the Mediterranean. These measures however did not have the desired effect of deterring the rus sians. The syrian move came after the president s explicit warning and in retrospect it is not surprising that his missile rattling had so Little effect. In sober fact a presidential visit to the sixth Fleet is an unimpressive Ges Ture. It is hard to see How the Fleet could intervene in a civil War in Jordan. Even As the president issued warnings More Over the Senate was making soothing noises which were known to Echo the feelings of both Secretary of state Wil Liam Rogers and Secretary of defense Melvin Laird. Set against previous crises in the set against president Johnson s stand at the time of the six Day War not of mention president Eisenhower s Lebanon landings the american response this time was weak. The deterrent Force was exerted not by the United Stales buc by Hussein s bedouin warriors and the threat of israeli intervention. This to say that the United states is a poor helpless giant nor that the general direction of the peace Initia Tive was wrong. On the contrary there is now fresh evidence that this country cannot achieve its objectives by unilateral use of Force in the near East any More than in Southeast Asia. Diplomacy is required More than Ever and the president will rightly be stressing the diplomatic role in his european trip. But the diplomacy has to be much More Schnaus in Conception and much More skillful in execution than the peace initiative which set the near East agog this fall. Copyright 1970

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