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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Charleston, West Virginia The Charleston Gazette the state newspaper Charleston weal Virginia monday morning september 20 edition no sweat despite rapidly approaching hot fire is the Way this weary fireman tackled his assignment in the Santa Monica mountains West of los Angeles. He is trying to keep the flames away from the Home that goes with his chair. Story on Page 5. A wire photo Cairo King Hussein of Jordan guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat and eight Arab chiefs of state signed a peace agreement sunday night in an Effort to end the jordanian civil War. The pact called for immediate withdrawal from Amman of both government troops and guerrilla forces and set up a three Man Arab committee to see that the terms were met. While the conditions were being worked out in Cairo a five nation Arab military Mission arrived in Amman in an attempt to Stop the fighting which continued sporadically in its Lith Day. The jordanian military strongman Field marshal Habis maj Ali reimposed a curfew on two of Amman s seven Hills. Amman radio claimed guerrillas had fired on government troops in the two areas. Arafat s Al Fatah guerrillas said through their office in Beirut that their men in Amman and Zarqa still were being shelled although they adhered to the cease fire agreement and refrained from Premier ban Langham of Tunisia Heads the three Man committee provided for in the agreement. The other two members were to be appointed by Hus Seta and Arafat. The Cairo agreement appeared to give Langham s committee virtual custody of Jordan s sovereignty until further notice while permitting Hussein to keep his throne. Since it also called for an end to military Rule in Jordan maj Ali s position seemed Uncertain. Principal item in the 14-Point agreement provided for a speedy withdrawal of jordanian armed forces from Amman to their Normal Barracks Cou pled with a pullout of All palestinian guerrillas from the capital to posts Best suited to their that apparently meant to positions facing Israel across the Jordan River cease fire line. An official egyptian spokesman said Arafat Hussein and the eight other signatories Shook hands following the Sig nature of the the plan was drafted and signed in two sessions of Arab leaders during the Day following Hussein s arrival from Amman sunday morning. The Sig notaries were the leaders of Egypt Tunisia saudi Arabia Kuwait Yemen Libya Sudan and Lebanon As Well As Hussein and Arafat. Syria Iraq Morocco and Algeria did not attend the conference or not participate in the agreement a Delegate from South Yemen took part but left Cairo sunday morning. The egyptian spokesman said the emergency Summit talks had officially ended but that Hussein Arafat and the other leaders would remain a Cairo sunday right and continue informal consultations. Both Hussein and Arafat who met Lull truce face to face sunday for the first time since before the fighting began backed Down from their earlier demands. The key Hole assigned to the mod Erate pro Western Langham appeared to give Hussein some guarantee against palestinian extremists taking Over his kingdom by Force. The agreement also represents a Victory for the relatively moderate Arafat Over such marxist rivals As or. George Habash Leader of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine which organized the Masr. Aircraft hijackings earlier this month. 32 american hostages hours away from Home asians gifted at innuendo by Dennis Bloodworth the London observer since asians do not regard life As a theorem of Euclid there is no set formula and in sequence their reasoning and objectives arc sometimes mysterious. Will Yoy get off this yelled an a infuriated woman who Hod mistakenly called our number a Singapore three times a succession under the impression that it was Fiat of a Friend. The minister of information a Viventi import Ned by correspondents who complained they were receiving conflict ing reports of what was happening to the laotian War remarked with asperity if you will talk to different officials naturally you get different another minister asked if it were really True that seven North vietnamese ninth of series briefly state forecast partly Cloudy. Highs in upper 60s and 60s. Details on Page 2. C wat Tow fires now threatening towns. Ecology Factor a elections. Weakened Greta Breaks up. By s no visit blamed on Nixon. S 13 16 20 Moore gets Beauty school fuss 3 write on.13 Berkeley Berkeley. Tough new classroom guidelines will be in effect and police recently Given riot training will be standing by when students begin returning to the University of California today. The very guidelines designed to control Radical activity could spark new confrontations observers say and the Campus Roth rising rents poverty racism and the War remain volatile issues. Blame Moscow Tiv the soviet Union refrained sunday from joining some Arab leaders a accusing King Huckin of personal responsibility for the bloodshed a the jordanian civil War. In Stead it continued to pin primary blame for the conflict on the United states and Israel inside today amusements .16 Bridge .5 television .20 comic Page .9 the gazetteer .20 crossword.9 Tho women .10-12 editorials .4 want ads .16-19 obituary .6 your Horoscope 17 battalions were attacking Phou Khoun As officially announced replied readily enough Well it s Only partly prop Tho Viet Cong have twisted the Mallea ble truth of Asia into their own form of Folk Art i Learned a Saigon that Viet Cong units were being further encouraged to file false returns by instructions from above which Laid Down minimal killing quotas in february the division will eliminate of Tho enemy shoot Down 50 american Back came the same figures from below at the end of the month proving that All quotas had been fulfilled. It is asian to Tell a Man what he wants to hear or to refrain from telling him what he does not want to hear. The courteous malay who docs not want to answer your inconvenient request with a brusque and final negative replies be and it is understood that this vague and elastic euphemism spans All future time from not just yet to the White Man who accuses the asian of double talk is simply failing to under stand Wlms he is being told a Plain straight Forward innuendo. Southeast Asia is a polite subcontinent in which you say a Man has Short legs by calling Bun tall a the Saddle. In the East words Are often uttered Only because without them it would be More difficult to read Between them whereas in the West one is actually expected to take them at their face value. What is a Subtle guide at one end of the world therefore May become an unsubtle disguise at the other. Unlike the asians the americans do not spell out their fantasies a words of four letters but pad Cut their truths with the pol Syl Nixon arrives in Rome. Vows to Block War Rome president Nixon arrived a Italy sunday night amid scattered leftist pretests and declared it was America s policy to maintain a the Mediterranean a sufficient Force to avoid any he noted he would visit the u. S. 6th Fleet which he reinforced during the height of the jordanian civil War last week and said the Mediterranean is the Cradle of Many civilizations and we Are deter mined that it shall not be the starting place of a great War to the Nixon made the remarks at an official reception a Quirinale Palace after flying aboard a u. S. Military helicopter to downtown Rome from clamping Mili tary Airport to Start his european tour. President Giuseppe Sara Gat Italy s first socialist president thanked Nixon in his welcoming speech for being a Italy and the Mediterranean on a Mission of Justice and please turn to Page 2, col. 1 Laboc Falsis a which their National Lan Guage is so Rich. In their distorted five o clock Shadow of the Vietnam War failure to catch the enemy is a Pursuit operation terminated with negative and raining napalm on Viet namese peasants by mistake is an Acci dental delivery of ordnance which impacted on an inhabited a communique dated March 16, 1968, reads in an action today american divisional forces have killed 128 enemy near Quang Gal that s the Mas Sacre at my Lai that was. Next civilizing the natives a Laos. Copyright 1970, Dennis blood Jorth. From the Book an Eye he dragon Southeast Asia observed 1954-1970." published by Farrar Strauss and Giroux inc. Nicosia Cyprus thirty two americans held As hostages by pales Tinian guerrillas for three harrowing weeks arrived cheering on this Mediterranean Island sunday in route Home at last they told of living alternately a fear and High spirits As Jordan s civil War thundered around them. Six More remain a Amman Jordan s capital but diplomatic sources a Beirut Lebanon reported they too had been freed and were turned Over to the egyptian embassy serving As go Between for the International red Cross. The departure for borne of those last six would bring an end to one of the most dramatic episodes a the history of travel. It began on sept 6 with the hijacking of three airliners a Europe and the attempted hijacking of a fourth an israeli Al Al flight a fifth plane was hijacked Over the Middle East on sept. 9. In All about 800 a passengers and Crew were involved. The Lone death was that of the male guerrilla Hijacker of the Al Al plane Over Britain. About 400 passengers and airlines were taken to Jordan where All but 34 hostages were released by the hijackers the popular front for the liberation of Palestine before Jordan s civil War broke out on sept 17. All four planes were destroyed on Tho ground by the guerrillas for a loss of around million. They were a pan american 747 jumbo Jet blown up in Cairo a trans world airlines 707, a Swissair pcs and a vc10 of the British overseas airways corp., All blasted to pieces on a desert Airstrip a Jordan. The guerrillas demanded As Ransom for the hijacked passengers and Crew members the release of guerrillas held a Britain West Germany Switzerland and Israel. None freed but a London British officials said they would free Leila Khaled 24, the female commando seized on Board the Al Al flight after her com Panion was killed. A West German spokesman said it will killings unjustified decide what to do with the guerrillas it has a custody a concert with the British and Swiss governments. In new York a Twa spokesman said the released hostages would arrive at John f. Kennedy International Airport at 6 . Today if All goes according to plan. Use greater leadership Scranton urges Nixon Washington the chairman of he president s commission on Campus unrest said sunday Tho rhetoric of administration that of vice president Spiro to moderated since the Campus bloodshed last Spring. Chairman William Scranton said the episodes on Tho Jackson state and Kent state campuses Hod a very deep effect on the Nixon administration. I think there is quite a change Al ready this summer a the wording and rhetoric that has come out of some of the High officials a the government the former Pennsylvania Republican Gover nor said. Scranton made his comments on Abc s meet the also inter viewed on the television radio program were two other commission members James ahem 38, chief of police a new Haven conn., and Joseph Rhodes jr., 22, a Junior fellow at Harvard University. Scranton said he is confident that Tho president will act on the commission s Appeal that he exercise greater Leader ship and to bring this nation together. Scranton said he would to bitterly disappointed if the various recommendations were ignored. Of the vice president s oratory Scran ton noted that Agnew while on the Campaign Trail has not made Tho kind of comment that to was making before about i Don t think the president is going to Tell the vice president to to quiet. I think he is going to use him Asho already is a Tho Scranton said. Ahern and Rhodes said the commission concluded that Tho use of deadly Force by Law enforcement authorities at Kent state a Ohio and Jackson state a Mississippi which resulted a student deaths was completely unjustified. Old and Young lovers of Moun Tain music do their thing at the annual Clay county weekend dedicated to pre serving the fiddle Banjo guitar voice heritage of the appalachians. In the Center is John Morris of Ivydale one of two Brothers who sponsored the event. At left is mrs. Laura Drake of Otter lick Clay county. At right is Nimrod Workman a Coal Miner from Mingo county. Photos by Jack Kern picking fiddlin9 rookies steal Clay county show by James a. Haught staff writer Ivydale it s treason to say it but Here goes Young College students from the better performers of Mountain music than old timers from the Hills. That was apparent during the an Nual Morris Brothers three Day boo Mcnanny that Drew More than clapping stomping fans to the Morris family farm in a Green Valley of Clay county. The Young zealots were the hit of the weekend. When they were on the homemade wooden platform at the end of Tho Garden they delighted everyone with pick a and fiddling that was strictly faithful to Mountain style but still full of exuberant Energy. Perhaps the biggest Delight was the rollicking Banjo of a shaggy haired Young ohioan who is a real life an anthropology professor. His name is Art Sac and he was hilarious As Well As a roaster of his instrument in contrast the genuine Mountain musicians oldsters from the West Virginia Hills seemed squawk stiff and less rhythmic. John Morris one of the sponsoring Morris Brothers admitted that it s True. He pointed out that Mountain music nearly died out As a performing Art before Young new adherents began pumping life Back into it you be got to remember that some of these old timers Haven t touched their fiddles for years. You ought to have heard them when they were Young. The Young arc always the ones who get carried away with things and stay up All night also Morris argued Many of to Day s new players even though col lege educated were born somewhere in the appalachians and grew up hearing Square dance reels of ancient origin. Nearly 100 musicians of All including a girl fiddler from London to Ivydale for this year s festival. If the size of Tho event is any indication old Timo Mountain music definitely has been saved and u making a healthy comeback. The Little Clay county hollow occupied by Tho Morris farm was jammed almost beyond capacity. Several Hundred cars lined both sides of . 1c for nearly a mile. Three Hayfi ils were full of tents and camper trucks. Tho Garden beside the Morris House could t hold All Tho listeners and they spilled Over to nearby Banks and creeks. Most of Tho younger fans were of hippie orientation. Beards Granny glasses and braless bosoms were everywhere. The rest of the crowd was straight both longhair and Short hairs got along Well together listening to music that is old enough to Havo bridged a dozen generation gaps

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