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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1957, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Charleston, West Virginia It i a close Gridiron action 6-7 the Charleston Gazette the state newspaper Charleston w. Va., saturday morn in september 21. 1957 18 cents i Valley edition i forecast Cloudy Possi ble thundershowers. High 75 10. Faubus Calls off guard will argue court order missile believed to be the _ intercontinental Thor rises majestically from its launching pad at Cocoa Beach. Fla., where it was fired yes verday. The huge is shown upper left As it bursts upward from the pad. Then it gains Altitude travel ing vertically cupper after ascending straight up for 15 to 20 Miles the missile veers away on a Southeast horizontal path trailing a Long vapor Trail lower a first step in anti rocket weapon Ike mum on Ark. I Defiance new port r. I., sept. Obviously elated president Eisen Hower s Headquarters to night declined comment on the order of Arkansas gov. Orval Faubus withdrawing National guard troops from Central High school Little Rock. There will be no comment to i press Secretary James c. Hagery said. J earlier Eisenhower kept mum publicly after being informed that Faubus counsel Hud walked out of the Little Hock Federal court. Fal by s attorneys walked out of court today after challenging the right of the Federal court to question the judgment and Dis of the governor in his. Use of National guardsmen to bar j negroes from Little Rock s Cen j iral High school. I Hagerty parried questions j Little Rock Case with a Standard answer that the Davies outlaws integration bar from wire dispatches Little Rock Ark., sept. Gov. Orval e. Faubus was ordered by a Federal court today not to use National guardsmen to prevent school integration in Little Rock and Early this evening a directed the troops to with Case is before the court and i think the Only tiling i can say is that the government is proceed ing legally and will continue to do u. S. Has super radar Able to track missiles Washington. Sept. 20 w the air Force explained this launching or even to identify the. The air Force today revealed this statement by underlining hitherto missile. But added significance Telephone for about 20 minutes on test firing the situation. He said the presi walking out. Of a Federal courtroom in Little Rock after Arkansas gov. Orval e. Faubus decided to Appeal the court order Are these two lawyers who showed up to represent Faubus in the racial Inte Gration injunction they Are Walter Pope left of Little Rock and Thomas Harper of fort Smith. Teamster voting faces court test Hagerty said Eisenhower and j Tion in atty. Gen. Brownell talked by j Hoff a. Country s first major break Little noted congressional Testi was Given through in efforts to set up a de Mony by Dep. Secretary of de cause of Quarles presence sense against intercontinental bal sense Donald Quarles that such a Secretary of defense Wilson has Listic missiles. It is a super radar j radar detection system would give been relying h e a v i i y upon system capable of detecting Iden j about 15 minutes warning of the s Quarles an Engineer with Long exit flying and figuring the precise approach of a missle hurtling Prience in missiles to help de of a weapon speeding through space at Miles Axcide whether the air Force Thor or the army Jupiter or a combi nation of the two will go into pro Tiffin course through space Miles away. Hour. Gen. Thomas d. White air Force chief of staff disclosed the new development in space War Cape canaveral fla., missile test fare and linked it directly to Center where he presumably Sian claims of having successfully watched what was to be test fired a ballistic rocket Capa ble of reaching any target on Earth. White declaring communist progess in Airpower does not ecu Tralie our retaliatory Cap Abil Quarles today was at the ducti0n As this country s first in saic1 the complicated and radically new radar system will be operating in the near future. The air Kokeck then said it is probable that the first of the Nile Ranjee radars would be in stalled in Alaska and that North contral Canada and either Labra Dor or Greenland could serve As locations for two More sets. To i Flint these could cast an elec tronic detection screen Over the most Likely approaches of any space missile from Russia. Neither the air Force nor its four Star Chiel hold out imme Diate Hope that the revolution Ary radar would Lead to rapid development of a missile to de stroy ballistic missiles. But White said it is now Worth while to keep the strategic air command s big b52 bombers standing on Alert to take off at a moment s notice. The first successful firing of the j air Force Thor. J the missile was launched this morning. Observers said the launching appeared to be Success Ful and thai the missile disappeared rapidly out of sight. In conformity with defense de part ment policy. Pentagon officials declined to discuss the term Date Range ballistic missile. Secretary of the army Wilber Brucker already has pronounced the Jupiter a spectacular Suc the army which for months has pressed its conviction that a weapon can be developed to Knock Down b a 1 1 i s tic missiles said through its chief of staff that if does t belittle the problems involved but thai these problems can be Washington sept. 20 w the International brotherhood of teamsters and its officers were ordered the White House also declined today to appear in Federal court Here sept. 27 to answer to express any opinion on the a Charfles that Thev have conspired to Rig the Union s elections of Faubus. 6 _ _ to favor of James the defendants before sept. 25. The defendants Are the Union Hoffa Beck and All teamsters executive Board members except Thomas l. Hickey of new York. Hickey who is opposing Hoffa for the presidency was one of those who opposed Hoffa s establishing a set of phantom team sters locals in new York in 1956. Most of the defendants Are now in Florida preparing for the convention. Dent knew of the lawyers walkout . Dist. Judge f. Dickinson Letts directed them to show cause to i. T. Why the election scheduled for the before talking with Brownell convention at Miami was in Washington. The president did t let the a Kansas Case however. He spoil his Holiday had a wonderful time on the Golf course today playing with four Rhode Island teen agers who did t let the thrill affect their game. Each of the youths sent Boom ing drives Down the fairways chipped to the Green accurately and Sank several Long putts As delayed by Tion. A temporary injun the 82-year-old judge a former Republican congressman from Iowa acted on a petition filed for a group of rank and file team sters in the new York area by attorney Godfrey p. Schmidt. Schmidt sought court appoint ment of a referee whose Job it would be to determine when new r n j. J it convention delegates have been the president watched in obvious ment. Successfully staved Oft hot-1 chosen democratically admiration. A s attempt to swing a new j Schmidt Sald ther Council election two Schmidt former counsel for the new York state labor depart first successful launching of Lior is believed made Puzzle shoots in to Liere were no winners among the 10.463 entries in lat week s Gazette Cross word Puzzle contest. Thus tomorrow s Puzzle for the discerning knowledge Able untangle of tangles will be Worth missile test Center. Cape canaveral. Fla. Sept. 20 huge flame trailing missile was launched from Here today in what was believed to be the first successful firing of the air Force Thor. Authorities confirmed Only that a missile had been fired the third in two their tone indicated they were satisfied with the performance. The projectile Rose with a Flam ing Tail travelling upward on an even keel for perhaps 15 or 20 Miles before turning in a More horizontal direction. At this Point a burst of White smoke indicated a Booster had been fired. The gleaming White missile still travelling evenly on its path left a string of smoke like that from a skywriting air plane. It moved away toward the East. A Trail of vapor like hat Hipfl by a Jet. Air plane followed it. Far out Over the Atlantic. Observers three Miles away heard the sound 20 to 30. Seconds after the missile airborne at . It came As a heavy Roar like the sound of bombers flying High overhead. Windows rattled in downtown Cocoa 15 Miles away. Yesterday s firing believed to be of a snark was made in Cloudy weather. The missile was visible Only briefly. It vanished in a Bank of heavy rain Clouds. A snark is essentially a pilotless bomber. Today s missile launched from the same spot where three pre Vious firings of the Thor reportedly had been made climbed straight up and was clearly vis Ible for two minutes before it be came a Dot on the horizon. Eisenhower after the 18-Hoie teamsters round said he and pro Norman years ago. Palmer of the Newport country 1" is court appearance to club were tied by two of the boys Schmidt claimed Midwest teamsters vice presi Dent and leading contender for the presidential Post being relinquished by Dave combined with Bock and others to Rig the Miami Beach balloting. The convention starts sep. 30. With the elections due on oct. 4 asked it the president was still deeply disappointed at the Little Rock developments. Hagerty replied if you mean the presi Dent or anybody in the White House is taking Back the state on the first nine. The president and Palmer scored a close Victory Over the other youths on the Sec Ond nine. I Al the 18th Hole the president j smilingly told the boys i had a i wonderful time sincerely. 1 would t have missed it ment of or. Wayne Hawks yesterday the answer is j or Schmidt referring to the team sters o f r i c i a is As a swindle told judge Letts they exercised dictatorial control Over the i a million member Union. He said the convention delegates Nave been handpicked. Selected Schmidt said there was no Point in appealing to the convention credentials committee because he alleged Hoffa and Beck control the convention machinery. The attorney presented judge Letts with a Batch of affidavits from teamsters members most of them in new York locals. He said they backed up the Contention that convention Dele Gates had been illegally selected. Schmidt said More affidavits would soon he filed from team sters members in Hoffa s Home state of Michigan. Schmidt asked the court to take judicial notice of the proceedings against Hoffa. Beck and other at thursday s news ence Hawks acting press Secre tary said the president was deeply disappointed that Volun tary Means have not been found 5 j to comply with the court s Little Rock integration order. Quire by the Tion. He alleged this was typical of the teamsters practice of depriving rank and file members of duty scene a voice in either conventions or local Union affairs. Letts conditioned the sept. 27 hearing on Schmidt s succeeding in serving today s court order on Motorist intently Reading football parlay cards while driving along Dickinson St. During evening Rush hour. Big Charleston dats sales close today bargains still wait shoppers today s your last Chance shop pers to take advantage of the bargain offerings of West Vir Ginia s biggest sales promotion Charleston Days. I despite the line turnout yesterday there still Are lots of items at Low prices Letl trom the inventory thai was put on Sale. Stores wore crowded yester Day despite some area Rains with shoppers responding to i the Sale and be Chance i of winning one of a ranging in value up to winners will be announced Early next week. It looks very Good we be had Nice traffic considering the one City merchant said late afternoon of the first Day of the sales Eveni. Ours has been Heller than another slated i think we had a pretty Good buyers were reported enthusiastic about the offerings. To h e y v e got some swell one reported. I be got a Dollar one housewife commented after leaving one of the 66 participating stores with packages clutched in both arms. Shoppers from an estimated 13 counties poured into town yesterday to take part in the Semi annual Salo. Entry Blanks for Hie priv drawings May be obtained in any of the stores displaying offi Cial Charleston Day signs. While gov. Kauri s defied Federal authority and announced that l. S. Jurisdiction did not apply to him As Grovernor p r e s i d e n t Eisenhower played Golf at his vacation Headquarters in Newport k. I. Here he uses the Hack of one of the Newport teen agers he invited to play with him As a writing support to Mark his score. The boy is William Mcguinnis. Faubus later changed his a wire Holo draw. The Small Force of militiamen left the grounds of Little Rock Central High school at . Edt just As the embattled governor went on television to announce his decision to comply with the court order while appealing it to the u. S. Circuit court. J Faubus announced that he has i instructed his attorneys to exhaust every Legal remedy to a peal the injunction order of fed eral District judge Ronald n. Davies issued at . Edt today. Faubus told his audience that in View of the judge s decision he must temporarily at least abide by the ruling. He said he issued orders that All of the National guard stationed at the. School should withdraw As soon As that can be accomplished. He added Are now Sone or Are moving from the school the governor s Appeal is expected to he filed in Federal court tomorrow morning. His attorneys walked out of judge Davies injunction hear ing this morning after asking leave to be excused when the North Dakota Jurist in lightning like decisions knocked Down a series of their Legal Maneu vers to set aside the Case and disqualify the judge himself from sitting in the historic dispute Over fed eral state rights. The next deadline in the integration crisis now will come monday when segregationists May put on some kind of display in an Effort to prevent nine negro students cleared for acceptance at Central High by the school Board and the Federal court from making their second try at entering 12th Grade classes. Faubus in his address appealed for reason and urged parents of the negro students and the National Assn. For the advancement of coloured peo ple not to Send the nine teen agers Back to Central High monday. Faubus spoke Over a nation wide radio Hookup fobs in addition to appearing Over local to. He told his radio to Audi ence now is not tie time for animosity or he made no reference 1o whether he would provide state police Protection at the High school or ask City authorities to take Over. Little Rock mayor Woodrow Wilson Mann called use of the militia a hoax and said he was prepared from the he ginning to maintain order with City police. The governor concluded i address with these words i will her All other Means within my command to preserve the peace and sincerely Hope All will cooperate in this at the outset of his speech. Faubus complained that the Justice department did not want the court to hear certain wit Nesses. He said that of a list he had Given to the Fri Only two persons were subpoenaed. But in surrendering under the Impact of judge Davies Swift decision the governor told his constituents so Long As i am in office and until there is a certain reversal of this order on Appeal i will the governor bitterly chastised various news Media whom he accused of distorting and slanting reports on the Little Rock Situa Tion. He singled out former gov. Sid Mcmath for what he labelled coloured slanted and falsified reports on the school Faubus told reporters following his radio to address he now please turn to Page 10 coi. 3 i inside today Page amusements 1 Church Page 2 comic pages 8-9 crossword columns 4 want ads 1m7 Market report 5 obituary. Fun Rais 1" radio to 12 sports pages 6-7 phone men May reject new contract new York. Sept. Rank and file revolt was threatened today Over a new contract that ended a four Day strike of Telephone equipment installers. As the installers withdrew heir picket lines in 44 states and the District of Columbia thousands of switchboard operators who had stayed off the car jobs in sympathy returned to work. In a matter of hours Telephone service was re ported Back to Normal in most of the nation. However Here were rumblings of discontent Over a 13.2 cents hourly package won by the strikers. John Flanagan a Leader of the communications workers of America strike in new York predicted the installers would reject the proposed new tract agreed to Early today by Union negotiators. He added that he had received reports of Dis Content from other sections also. In Indianapolis Cwa Leader Kenneth a. Silvers went even further. He said the new contract would be voted Down and predicted that the strike would a renewed within 10 Days. A Cleveland Ohio Cwa representative Christy Nicholas said he would recommend to his Mem Bers that they reject the contract. He called it the same package the Union turned Down before the strike. The installers struck against the Western electric co., the manufacturing of the american Telephone Telegraph co. Dial phone systems Are not affected by the strike and most americans suffered no inconvenience from it. However there were some delays at times in Long distance Calls that Are handled manually. Supervisory employees took Over posts left vacant by operators who refused to Cross the installers picket lines. In South some operators were suspended for refusing to Cross picket lines set up where there were no Western electric installations. For a time there appeared a possibility that the sus pensions would Lead to the strike j being prolonged in that area. However later it was decided to handle the suspensions As grievances and the return to work got j under Way. Torbay s definition frustration a bitter disappointment like the Man who built a belter Mousetrap than his neighbor but All it did for him was to catch mice. Phones. Want a-04111 display i 4-0651 All 2-6161. And the phones continued to ring it was 1 p. M. Saturday afternoon the deadline for want ads yet the phones rang on and on. The Gazette and takers took the ads but they were too late for the big sunday Gazette. Once again about two dozen advertisers who had put it off too Long found they were unable to Start their ads sunday. Don t let this happen to you. Phone your and now before you forfeit it want ads i 6-0611

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